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									                                      Abc company
                                  Joint Venture Agreement

The following, when accepted by both parties indicated by their signatures below will confirm this
agreement as of March 9, 2011, between ____________ (xx) located at _____________ and
xxxxxxxxxxxxx located at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, for the development, production and
distribution of specific bodies of work identified in Exhibit A, as well as development, production,
and distribution of individual artists, and performers identified on Exhibit B.


XX are not aggregates. Aggregates require acceptance and approval from an Apple Producer (in
house or one as XX) prior t o plac ement into the iTunes retail store. XX having the technology
provided by Apple place all cont ent under their direction into iTunes for sale directly forgoing any
content screening. XX is a final aut hority for all content its licensed to upload.

XX sends in content and once received, only the metadata, which determines the reporting
contacts, accuracy of UP C codes and applica ble International tracking devices ensuring accuracy
worldwide is verified for records.    XX places all cont ent they accept into iTunes for immediate
sale without any approval required.

Record labels, Television Networks, and Independent artists who are not under t he c are of an
Apple Producer must go through official Apple Aggregat es for iTunes retail consideration and or
placement and may be available for sale after Apple evaluations and determinations are made.

SE is licensed to place content in every territ ory, worldwide, wherever iTunes or its affiliates are
doing business now, and in the future, in perpetuity.

XX content partners/providers under this agreement will be referred to as “ XX”. Where ever the
word artist appears here within or in future documents in lower case or with an apostrophe, the
same definition is not implied.

The term "records", as used in this Agreement, shall be deemed to mean all transcriptions,
duplications, encoding or any other method, now known, unknown, or to be later utilized, us ed to
duplicate the performance specifically as content for sale as a download only through A pple, its
subsidiaries namely iTunes worldwide.

In accordanc e with the following t erms and conditions XX is pleased to offer t he following
providing that:

1.       XX represents and warrants that they are free to enter into and abide by the terms of t his
         Agreement and that you are the sole owner of the master rec ordings embodying the
         following compositions or XX has absolute aut hority over it:

                                                                                      Arti st
                                Copyrights            Label – Producer
          Title                                                                      Author
                                  Granted             Digital Publisher

        Example                 John Smith                    XX               John Smith Band
     Place additional
       Titles below

     (Hereinafter referred to individually and collectively as the Master") and all performances
     embodied therein;

2.       XX have the right to grant to XX the distribution rights and to make each and all of the
         grants herein made to XX; and that no other person, firm or corporation has any right, title
         or interest in the Master, or any copy or duplicate thereof, inconsistent with your rights
         therein, except as are specified herein, and that you have not heretofore done or
         permitted to be done, nor will you hereafter do or permit to be done, any act or thing
         which is or may be inconsistent with our absolute distribution of said Master and said
         performances or which may impair and/ or curtail any of the rights given or grants made in
         this Agreement.

3.       That, in connection with the recording of the Master, all costs of recording, musicians
         fees, and royalties to any Artist, arrangers, and copyists, if any, have been paid in full by
         you; that you will be solely responsible for all above stated royalties and will indemnify XX
         and hold us harmless against any losses, damages, costs or claims of any parties
     resulting from the services of the XX and musicians whose performances are embodied
     on said Master recordings.

4.   That there are no liens, encumbranc es and/or obligations upon or in connection with the
     Master or with the performance not specifically set forth herei n.

5.   XX hereby assigns, transfers and grants to XX for t he t erm of this A greement, the entire
     digital rights to distribute in the United States and the world without any limitation, not
     specifically set forth hereinafter in or to the Master and all copies thereof. These rights
     apply t
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