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					       Communicating better together

ECHO-Partners seminar, 28 September 2009

Air Transport Advertising
      Example: Portugal
When: 2nd semester 2007

Political environment: Portuguese Presidency
of the EU

ECHO organized an “NGO Event” focusing on
humanitarian actors and political stakeholders

We felt the need to spread our main
messages to a wider audience
            Actual campaign
A combined campaign in airports and planes.

Some simple messages related to ECHO’s
recent funding in a Portuguese-speaking
country: Mozambique

Choice of tools:
- Portugal’s 4 biggest airports: Lisbon, Porto,
Faro and Funchal
- Portugal’s main carrier: TAP

245 advertising positions (1.8 x 1.2m) in the
4 airports

Length of the campaign: 10 weeks

Flow of passengers at the 4 airports during
the concerned period: Around 5 million

Length of the campaign: 3 months

Double spread in TAP’s in-flight magazine with a total
of 210,000 copies AND a 30-second video spot was
shown in all flights

TAP’s fleet: 52 planes

Number of passengers carried by TAP in the period:
Around 2 million
Commission’s Humanitarian aid

        Thank you !