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									Chapter Four Los Angeles – 2004 “What do you mean we’re all going to die?” Jin asked, thinking of the death threat he’d received before they had arrived to see Hawkings. “What Jack did had consequences.” Ms. Hawkings explained. “Things are now out of sync and they must be put back in sync. When your plane crashed life went on out here without you, just as life went on for all of you on the island. Those two realities must now mesh together. What happened can not be changed, because Jack decided to try to change what happened to a plane load of people. People died and they will die again. Jack may have made the plane not crash on the island, but otherwise nothing is unchanged. What happened to your people on the island, will now happen here. The deaths may not be the same as the ones they had on the island, but they will die all the same. ” “Says who?” Locke was starting to rapidly see the island in an entirely new light; and ugly light. “The island?” “No, Mr. Locke.” She glared at him. “Course correction deems it so. It doesn’t matter if you land on the island or in Los Angeles, your course has been set and one way or another it will happen. Those people on the plane appear to have escaped their preordained fate, but it will just happen in another way. You’re living proof of that.” “What is that supposed to mean?” Locke asked in confusion. “When your father pushed you out that window you were supposed to die,” she told him. “But Jacob brought you back so you could come to the island and do what you were supposed to do there. When you left the island, you were murdered by Benjamin Linus, because your destiny was to be murdered. And that, Mr. Locke, is course correction in action.” She added. “All those people who died on the island would have died if the plane had never crashed. It was there time. Jack saved no one. They’re all going to die all over again, just like you will die all over again.”

“Why have only some of us remembered,” Locked wanted to know, “while some of us have no memory of what happened when we crashed on the island?” He reminded her. “You said Claire and James memory of everything that happened to them on the island has been erased, yet Jack and I and the others remember everything. Why?” “Maybe the island feels you deserve to remember.” She suggested. “It doesn’t matter how Boone Carlyle dies, this time. It doesn’t change the fact you sacrificed him up to this grand destiny you thought was yours for the taking. Maybe the island wants you to remember that and make you watch him die all over again. You were given a choice between saving him and doing what the island wanted you to do, and we both know what you chose. Maybe the island wants you to try and save him and to fail, because you didn’t save him when you should have saved him.” She added. “You did it all over again with James Ford. You sacrificed him up for your own selfish goals, and once again expected to reap your reward. Well, you’re now reaping what you sowed. Is it all you hoped it would be? And it’s the same for the rest of you. Jack thinks he’s saved everyone on the plane, and he was willing to murder everyone on the island to achieve that goal, only he’ll find out he saved no one. He just made them have to die all over again.” “What about Sun.” Jin had had enough of this back-and-forth between Locke and Hawkings. “How do I find my wife?” “You don’t.” She told him coldly. “But don’t worry. You won’t suffer long. Very soon you’ll be dead. You should have died when that freighter exploded, but you needed to play out your role in the past, so the island saved you. Just like it saved you when the raft you, Michael and James was on got attacked.” “What about Sun.” He didn’t care if he was going to die or not. All he cared about was Sun. “You told her she had to go back to the island when she didn’t have to. It’s your fault she’s back on the island.” “She didn’t care about anything I had to say.” Hawking shrugged off any guilt she had in Sun’s fate. “She only agreed to go back to find you. Unfortunately, she failed in her goal.” “You have to help me get back to the island.” He demanded. “You have to help me find Sun and get her off the island.”

“I don’t have to do anything, dear.” She showed him her nasty side. “And I’m not going to. The island has had enough of you people, and so have I. You can show yourself out.” “Don’t, Jin.” Locke grabbed Jin, when he was going to follow after Hawking. “It won’t do any good. She won’t help us.” “What are we going to do, John?” Jin turned to him in desperation. “How am I going to find Sun?” “We need to find out how she got the others back to the island.” Locke stared at the door she disappeared behind. “And then we’ll do what they did and get back to the island, whether she helps us or not.” “And how do we do that?” Jin wanted to know. “We’re going to have to get one of them to tell us.” Locke told him. “Although, if they’re anything like they were when I tried to get them to go back to the island, it isn’t going to be easy.” Kate was sitting in her cell, wondering if Kevin had done what she’d asked of him. Sawyer had to help her. If he didn’t, she didn’t know what she was going to do. By the way Jack walked by her like she didn’t exist on the plane, she knew she wasn’t going to get any help from that quarter. She looked up when she heard someone coming into the cell block and got the shock of her life when she saw who it was. Ana-Lucia was put in the cell across from her. “What are you doing here?” She couldn’t stop herself from asking, forgetting she wasn’t supposed to know her. “The same thing you are.” Ana-Lucia fired back at her. “Do I know you?” “No,” Kate quickly answered. “We’ve never met before.” “You just acted like you knew me,” Ana-Lucia eyed her suspiciously. “Wait a minute, I do know you. You were on 815, weren’t you?” I remember seeing you escorted off the plane in handcuffs. Small world, isn’t it? What are you in for?”

“You tell me first.” Kate couldn’t help wondering if this was some cop trick and she was going to try and get her to admit to everything she did to use it against her at her trial. She wouldn’t put it past Edward Mars to pull something like that. The man was obsessed with seeing her put behind bars for the rest of her life. “The same thing you did.” Ana-Lucia replied. “Only I didn’t blow him up, I shot him.” She added. “I recognize you from your wanted poster. They even did a reenactment of your crimes on America’s Most Wanted. You had quite a crime spree before they finally brought you down.” “I didn’t do what I’m accused of.” Kate lied. “This is all some big mistake.” “Save it, sweetie.” Ana-Lucia told her. “I’ve read your file. You’re as guilty as I am. Only I have the guts to admit what I did and take my punishment for it. You’re still trying to weasel your way out of paying for what you’ve done.” She added. “If you’re going to try and beat the rap, maybe you’d better try and sell that you were the victim of some man who forced you into doing the things you didn’t want to do, but you’ll need to act like you regret the things you did and are sorry for them, and something tells me you’re not sorry about a thing you’ve done in your life.” “You don’t know me.” Kate glared at her. “Don’t be so sure of that.” Ana-Lucia smirked back at her. “I’ve met a million little princesses like you who think they can get away with murder, literally. If they play the victim card, some of them actually pull it off.” “Austen,” the guard came over to Kate’s cell. “You’ve got a phone call, and from Miami, no less.” Kate smiled. Kevin must have gone to Juliet, after all. She wondered if it might actually be Sawyer calling her back, hearing what happened to her. “Hello.” She eagerly said into the telephone receiver. “Who are you?” Juliet asked from the other end of the phone. “What do you want from me?”

“Juliet.” Kate could tell from the tone of her voice she didn’t remember her. She was one of the lucky ones who’d gotten their memory wiped clean of what happened on the island. “You don’t remember me, but I do know you.” “I sincerely doubt that.” Juliet got a snobbish tone in her voice. “You and I don’t run in the same circles. I don’t even know why I’m calling you. I guess the curiosity of how a criminal in LA County lock-up thinks I’m going to be able to help her got the better of me.” “Has a man named James or Sawyer came to see you, yet?” Kate asked. “If he has, I need you to tell him that Kate needs him.” “Which is it?” Juliet wanted to know. “James or Sawyer? He sounds like another criminal just like you. I don’t deal with criminals, Ms. Austen, I deal with lab specimens. And for your information no James or Sawyer has tried to contact me, and if he does, I’ll do the same thing I’m about to do to you.” She slammed the phone down in Kate’s ear. The Island – 2007 “What is it?” Claire stayed behind Sawyer as the bear bared his teeth at them and looked like he was readying to attack them. “It’s polar bear.” Sawyer could barely believe it himself. “But that’s impossible.” Claire replied. “We’re on a tropical island. Polar bears belong in the arctic.” “Maybe someone should tell him that.” He snarked back. “Must everything that comes out of your mouth be sarcastic?” Claire complained. “If we survive this,” he threw back at her. “We can talk about my lack of interpersonal communication skills.” “What are we going to do?” The bear looked like he was going to attack them at any minute.

“I’m going to get him to chase me.” Sawyer told her. “And then you’re going to run in the other direction.” “Are your crazy?” Claire shrieked. “He’ll tear you apart.” “He’s going to do that, anyway.” He put it in basic terms for her. “If we just stand here and do nothing. We don’t have a weapon to defend ourselves. It’s the only choice we have.” “If you do this,” she warned him. “And he catches you, he’s going to tear you apart.” “In case you hadn’t notice it.” He retorted. “He’s already planning to do that, and once he’s done having me for dinner, he’s planning to have you for dessert.” “I don’t want to be alone, here.” Claire finally voiced her real objections to the plan. “You’re all I have.” “I’ll meet you back on the beach where we first met.” He promised. “Look, I’m smarter than the average bear, and if I can’t outrun Yogi, I deserve to be served up on a platter for his dinner.” Then he took the decision out of her hands by picking a rock up off the ground and throwing it at the bear. “Are you crazy!” She shrieked. “You just made him angrier.” “Then he should really want to chase me then.” He risked a quick look at her over his shoulder. “On the count of three you run. One! Two! Three!” On the count of three he picked up another rock and threw it at him and made noises and hand gestures to put the bear’s attention on him. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Claire was still standing where he’d left her. “I said run!” She took off and he saw the bear was doing the same thing. He was making a charging run towards Sawyer. Sawyer took off into the jungle in the opposite direction that Claire went and prayed he could actually run faster then the lumbering bear nipping at his heels. On the beach, Ilana and her crew returned to shore. Ben and Samuel were long gone. Ilana and the rest of her crew dragged a seriously injured Bram from the boat. “You’re going to be all right.” She promised him.

“No, I’m not.” Bram smiled sadly. “I’m dying. Maybe I’m lucky.” “How can you say that?” Ilana was appalled by such a thought. “Jacob is dead.” He told her in the tone of a true believer. “What Samuel will do now Jacob isn’t around to stop him, I don’t want to see.” His eyes suddenly glazed over and his body went limp. “Bram!” She shook him but she got no response. “It’s no use, Ilana.” One of the other members of the team told her. “He’s gone.” “If it’s the last thing I do,” Ilana vowed. “I’m going to find Samuel and kill him and I’m going to kill that blonde bitch who killed Bram. Bram will be avenged.” “What do we do now?” The same man asked. “We bury Bram.” She told him. “And then we go hunting. We find the ones who did this to Bram and we kill them all.” Samuel and Ben cowered in the bushes near the entrance to the temple. “We’re here.” Samuel announced unnecessarily. “So, have you come up with a way to convince them you should be there leader again?” “I always have a plan.” Ben told him. “So, I guess this is where we part ways.” The sooner he got away from this man, the better. “Do you take me for a fool?” Samuel laughed. “Consider us attached at the hip from now on. You murdered you own father in cold blood so you could be leader of the Others. Do you think I’m going to trust you out of my sight?” “You plan to go inside the temple?” Ben was shocked. “Isn’t that forbidden?” “You mean like the devil isn’t supposed to go inside a church?” He laughed. “How pedestrian not to mention provincial of you. I had no idea you believed in good and evil. I hope you like horns and pitchforks, because we both know you won’t be hanging out in the place with angel wings and harps.”

“How can you go inside the temple?” Ben just couldn’t wrap his mind around it. “Is it because Jacob is dead?” “Your people have credited everything that’s happened inside that temple to their little tin god.” Samuel declared bitterly. “But everything that has happened in that temple has been me. The temple belongs to me.” “Why haven’t you let them know?” Ben didn’t understand him. If it had been him, he’d have been blowing his own horn. “Why should I?” He threw back at Ben. “So they can worship me instead of their little tin god, Jacob. I prefer to stay in the shadows. Speaking of which, that means I’ll need to take on a new form. The only two people who have seen my true form are you and Jacob and Jacob’s dead.” That remark put Ben on his guard. Was he planning to kill him like he killed Jacob, because he knew what he really looked like? Ben’s eyes bugged out as he watched Samuel transform before his eyes until he took on the face and form of Caesar, the man he had shot point blank in the chest. The transformation was stunning as his skin pigmentation changed, his facial features warped into something totally different from what he was and his body took on a different musculature and height. It was the most shocking thing Ben had ever witnessed in his life. “I killed him.” “I know.” Samuel even sounded like Caesar. “Remember. I was there.” “How is it possible you can do something like this?” Ben wanted to know. “He’s dead,” Samuel explained. “And he wasn’t buried. He was left to rot where he dropped. If the body isn’t buried or destroyed I can absorb the essence of the person who died and become him.” He added, “That’s what I did with Yemi, Christian Shephard and John Locke, among many others.” “Like a vampire?” Ben was appalled at the very thought of it. “I suppose,” Samuel said in an offended tone. “Look, if my being Caesar offends you so much, since he’s a fresh kill, I could always transform myself into your father. His corpse is still rotting around here somewhere. Although, I thought my becoming your father might disturb you even more, considering

what you did to him. You didn’t seem too happy when I transformed myself into Alex, either. I’m afraid those are your only choices.” “There are other choices.” Ben insisted. “You’re just doing this to make me feel uncomfortable.” “Am I supposed to feel bad for you because you feel uncomfortable?” Samuel threw back at him. “After all you’ve done, you’re lucky all I’m doing is making you feel uncomfortable.” He gave Ben a shove in the back. “Let’s go.” Things were still strained between Jack and his mother. It seemed that since he hadn’t disappeared in a plane crash, his mother wasn’t all that happy to have him back. She was still blaming him for his father’s death, but what else was new. She’d always put his father first for as long as he could remember. Jack couldn’t wait until the gathering at his parents’ house was over so he could leave and get away from his mother’s stifling presence. When he got home he put on the local news. Thankfully, there was no news that Oceanic Flight 815 had disappeared somewhere over the Pacific. No matter what happened no one could take away from him the fact that he had stopped that plane from crashing. While there was no news about 815, there was some news about a couple of passengers from Flight 815. It was all over the news that fugitive murderess and bank robber Kate Austen had finally been apprehended and would soon be facing trial. There was also news that Ana-Lucia Cortez had turned herself in for the vigilante killing of the man who’d shot her when she was pregnant. Jack tried to assure himself Ana-Lucia was better off in jail than dead. About Kate, he refused to think about. He was about to make himself something to eat when the phone rang. It was the hospital. There’s been some terrible accident at a wedding. Some fancy structure the wedding consultants had erected for the reception had collapsed on top of several people injuring them. All available personnel were needed in the emergency room as soon as possible to help care for the injured being brought in. Jack said he’d be right there. When he arrived at the hospital he got a report on what he was dealing with. “It seems that most of the injuries are relatively minor.” The ER nurse told him. “But there’s one man who is very seriously injured and needs immediate

surgery. His leg got crushed and he’s got internal bleeding. Someone needs to get in and fix it or he’s going to bleed to death.” “I’m a spinal surgeon.” Jack reminded her. “I’m not an internist.” “You’re a surgeon.” She told him. “The only one we’ve got at the moment. This night has been insane. There was a ten car pile-up on the freeway with massive injuries. All our other surgeons are taking care of the victims. It’s you or nobody.” “Fine,” Jack wasn’t happy about it. “Where is he?” “He’s in here.” The nurse told him. “His name is…” Jack walked off before she could tell him his name, not that Jack would need it. He would recognize him on sight if a hundred years passed. He still haunted his dreams at night. Jack walked in and stopped dead in his tracks. His stomach fell to his knees and his world tipped on its axis. He looked exactly the same as he did that day Locke had dumped him on him before taking off into the jungle. “Boone?”

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