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Straight talk
                                           Fall in the glass
                                                                 from         GlasWeld…
                                                                        This month we are launching the next generation Gforce Scratch
                                           business is trade            Removal System. Building on our proven performance, the
                                           show time, and               Gforce2 offers greatly expanded content and functionality and
                                           GlasWeld has been            will enable you to resolve even more glass damage issues with
                                           very busy, not just          greater ease and speed. Add our Abrading and Graffiti modules
                                           with our well staffed        to the base system and you will be in a position to greatly
                                           booths displaying and        expand your offerings and business opportunities.
                                           demonstrating our
                                                                        As always, all of our products are supported by clear and
                                           products and
                                                                        effective training programs either on a DVD, at our Gconnect
                                           services, but also
                                                                        online training center or through personalized onsite sessions.
                                           traveling to the shows
                                                                        All in all, this is a great time to be in the glass restoration
to stay abreast of the competition, looking for additional profit
                                                                        business. With the steady growth of solar energy, as well as
centers and products for you, our valued customers.
                                                                        electric power in the automotive segment, more glass and
We received terrific attention at GlassBuild
                                                                                                more sophisticated glass, is being used
America, glasstec in Düsseldorf,
                                                                                                   everywhere we turn. These products
Germany and at the NACE Show in Las
                                                                                                    are very expensive to replace and are
Vegas. As you will read further on in
                                                                                                    creating strong demand for quality
this newsletter, our products were used
                                                                                                    restoration companies and technicians.
by a broad range of competitors in national
                                                                                                 We at GlasWeld are proud to lead the
and international glass repair competitions, including
                                                                                          way with the tried and true tools, and leading
the World Champion at the Windshield Repair Olympics
                                                                                    edge technology, to help all of us succeed in the
and a number of finalists at the International Master
                                                                                     years ahead.
Fitter Competition.
                                                                                     Thanks for being a member of the GlasWeld family.
The solid performance of our line of Windshield Repair
                                                                                     Your business and ideas are greatly appreciated.
equipment has been expanded greatly with the introduction
of the ecoVac products, which provide top notch repairs using
our patented ProVac technology, and packaged with everything
a technician needs to get started at a price point for every
                                                                                     Dennis Garbutt
                                                                                     General Manager

fall        10                                 Reflecting Excellence in Glass Repair                  800.321.2597
                                          GlasWeld Customers Take Top Honors
                                                    at National and International
                                               Auto Glass Repair Competitions
                                                                              tRandy OlsOn Of Bend, OR
                                                                               w i n s G O l d at w i n d s h i e l d R e pa i R
                                                                               O ly m p i c s i n l a s V e G a s

  GlasWeld is proud to announce that two of our customers
  have taken top honors at national and international auto
  glass repair competitions using GlasWeld windshield repair
  equipment. Randy Olson of Chip Medic in Bend, Oregon
                                                                               Randy Olson of Chip Medic focuses intently on his repair at the
  took home the Gold medal at the 5th Annual Walt Gorman                       Windshield Repair Olympics.
  Memorial Windshield Repair Olympics held in Las Vegas during
  the NACE Show in early October. In his first windshield repair
                                                                               The Windshield Repair Olympics competition is designed to
  competition ever, Olson edged out last year’s second and third
                                                                               find the auto glass repair technician who completes the best
  place competitors to take home the top prize of $1,000, a
                                                                               auto glass repair. Judging covers six major areas, including
  Gold medal, a trophy, and bragging rights as the “World’s
                                                                               customer interaction and technician comportment, as well as
  Best Windshield Repair Technician.” Olson used GlasWeld’s
                                                                               safe and proper repair practices following the ROLAGS standard
  G3 ProVac Injector and ProCur Curing Lamp to repair
                                                                               for windshield repair. GlasWeld was the platinum sponsor of the
  damaged windshields during the two-day competition. He
                                                                               Windshield Repair Olympics for the fifth consecutive year.
  is a retired Bend Fire Department captain and has been in
  the windshield repair business for five years.
                                                                               Jeff Olive of Glasspro in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina earned
                                                                               the Bronze medal at the 2010 International Master Fitter
                              “We knew Randy would be a
                                                                               Competition held during the glasstec show in Düsseldorf,
                                    contender at the competition. He
                                                                               Germany in late September. Olive has over 20 years experience in
                                          takes his business very seriously
                                                                               the auto glass industry and was the first U.S. Master Auto Glass
                                           and is the consummate
                                                                               Technician Champion in 2006, the 2005 Gold medal winner of
                                            professional,” stated Lori
                                                                               the Windshield Repair Olympics and the Silver medalist in 2006.
                                            Patch, Marketing Director
                                                                               In 2008, he was crowned the U.S. Champion Master Auto Glass
                                            for GlasWeld. “He was
                                                                               Technician and then went on to win the International Master
                                           calm and collected under
                                                                               Fitter Competition. The international competition includes a
                                          the pressure of the judges,
                                                                               series of auto glass tests, replacing a door window, rear window,
                                    spectators, and media who
                                                                               repairing a windshield, and replacing a windshield. Olive also
                              were watching his every move.”
                                                                               uses GlasWeld’s G3 ProVac Injector and ProCur Curing Lamp
                                                                               when performing windshield repairs.

page 2    GlasWeld Re f l e c t i o n s
                                                                            Training Update
                                                                            New Curriculum
                                                                            Available for
                                                                            Windshield Repair
                                                                            & Scratch Removal
 “We are very proud of Jeff in representing the United States in
 this international venue for auto glass repair. He continues to
                                                                            GlasWeld’s world-class Gconnect online training center
 shine at these competitions and represents the best in the glass           is undergoing constant improvement. We have recently
 repair industry,” stated Dennis Garbutt, General Manager of                added ecoVac training for users of the new ecoVac
                                                                            injector. The ecoVac training also applies to users of the
 GlasWeld. “We wish him continued success at Glasspro and
                                                                            ProVac 2000 injector. Here is a list of some of the new
 look forward to seeing him make a top finish again.”                       training modules on the way:

                                                                                          • Long Crack Repair
q J e f f O l i V e O f m t. p l e a s a n t, s c                                         • Drilling – is it ever necessary?
                                                                                          • Re-filling pits
ta k e s B R O n z e at i n t e R n at i O n a l
      masteR fitteR cOmpetitiOn                                             And recently we added our best Gforce scratch Removal
                             in GeRmany                                     training ever. This training covers all basic aspects of using
                                                                            the Gforce. It also has a very important section entitled,
                                                                            “Three Warnings.” This section is critical to the proper
                                                                            use of the Gforce. You will also learn a number of
                                                                            advanced techniques such as how to deal with steel
                                                                            cutting overspray, abrading, working with mirrors, and
                                                                            much more.

                                                                            To learn more about our online top-notch training
                                                                            offerings, go to:

                                                                            Also, all of our training material is available via DVD. Just
                                                                            check out our store at or call
                                                                            800.321.2597 ext. 0 to order.

                                                                            If you have already been through various Gconnect
                                                                            training modules, be sure to occasionally log back in to
                                                                            your account to see all of the new training available.

 Jeff Olive from Glasspro (right) takes third place at the International
 Master Fitter Competition in Germany.                                       Certified Windshield Repair
 GlasWeld equipment was also used at the International Master
 Fitter competition by Masaru Sasaki of Dounan Glass Co, Ltd.              ILLINOIS                          MISSISSIPPI
                                                                           hernando arguez                   Rick dunaway
 in Japan and Nuno Reis of Express Glass in Portugal. “I was
                                                                           Gerber Collision                  Dunaway Glass
 very proud to see our equipment being used so prevalently                 Elmhurst, IL                      Bay St. Louis, MS
 during this international competition,” said Garbutt. “When
 all of those ProCur lamps were lit up on the windshields, it              KANSAS                            SOUTH DAKOTA
                                                                           dalyn diercks                     tony Buehlmann
 was quite a sight to see.”                                                Heston, KS                        Glass Doctor of Sioux Falls,
                                                                                                             Sioux Falls, SD

            Congratulations to                                             LOUISIANA
                                                                           danny dube                        UTAH
         Randy, Jeff, and the rest                                         Dube’s                            warren cook

          of the competitors on
                                                                           Alexandria, LA                    Cook’s Glass Repair
                                                                                                             Riverton, UT

              their success!                                               To see all of our Certified Windshield Repair Technicians, go to

                                                                                                        page 3       G l a s We l d Reflections
 Windshield Repair…
                                     It’s Not Just for Windshields Anymore
  Are you looking for ways to expand
  your windshield repair business? Are you
  walking away from potential business?

  Have you ever turned down a job because the customer said
  that it was on the side glass, back glass or the sun roof,
  thinking that is was not repairable? Well, you may
  have walked away from a repairable damage that
  could have put money in your pocket. Today,
  laminated glass is being used in more than just

  More and more vehicles are coming out with
  laminated safety glass for areas on the vehicle
  other than the windshield. For example, Volvo
  has joined Mercedes, BMW, and other European
  automakers with the introduction of Enhanced
  Protective Glass (EPG), a technology developed by
  Solutia Inc., a St. Louis-based chemical company. Available
  as an option on the Volvo S80 sedan and the new V70 wagon        Laminated side and back glass is made the same way as
  and sport wagon, EPG has a number of benefits over traditional   windshields only thinner, 3.8 mm, whereas windshields are
  automotive shatter-proof glass, such as:                         usually 4-5 mm and sometimes more, so the repair process is
                                                                   the same as with windshields.
     • reduced weight
     • protection from ultraviolet light                           The list below shows some of the automobiles that currently
     • theft deterrence                                            use laminated glass in the side, back and roof glass, but you
     • protection from occupant ejection during accidents          should always check the glass to be sure. A good rule of
     • protection from outside projectiles                         thumb is that if there is damage, especially Bulls-Eye, Star or
     • reduction of unwanted traffic and highway noise             Combo breaks then you can be sure that it is laminated glass.
                                                                   If it were tempered glass then the damage would have caused
  With these benefits, we can expect to see more automakers        a catastrophic failure (a pile of millions of tiny pieces of glass
  join in using this technology in their products.                 where the window used to be).

  partial list of automobiles that utilize laminated glass for the side, back or roof glass:

  Audi A8 W 12 Quattro                         Ford GT                                       Mercedes AMG S65
  Bentley Continental Flying Spur              GMC Envoy                                     Mercedes GL
  Buick LaCrosse                               Jaguar XJ                                     Mercedes R 350
  Buick Lucerne                                Jeep Cherokee Laredo                          Mercedes S-Class
  Buick Rainier                                Jeep Cherokee Limited (roof)                  Porsche Cayenne
  Buick Rendezvous                             Jeep Cherokee Overland                        Range Rover (roof)
  Cadillac DTS                                 Jeep Cherokee SRT 8                           Rolls Royce Phantom
  Cadillac STS                                 Jeep Commander Wagoneer                       SAAB 9-7X
  Cadillac STS V                               Land Rover                                    Subaru Forester
  Chevy Trailblazer SS                         Land Rover LR3                                Subaru Outback (roof)
  Chrysler Aspen                               Lexus 460                                     Volkswagen Phaeton
  Denali                                       Lincoln Navigator                             Volvo XC70
  Dodge Ram 1500                               Maserati Quatroporte
  Dodge Ram Mega Cab                           Maybach 57

   So be on the lookout for repairable damage on the side, back and
             roof glass, and increase your bottom line!

page 4   GlasWeld Re f l e c t i o n s
              scratch Removal                                        When working on mirrors, we recommend

             tech tip – mirrors                                      using a 3” polishing disk with our original

                                                                     polishing compound. Run the disk flat

                                                                     on the surface with light pressure while

                                                                     polishing. It is critical to monitor the

                                                                     temperature of the mirror while you are

                                                                     working with an infrared thermometer and

                                                                     follow the temperature guide. Annealed

                                                                     glass should not be heated above 135 º F.

    Efforts Help
   Support your
  Business Brand
Even though the economy is still making things difficult,
GlasWeld is committed to our marketing efforts which in
turn will help build your business as well. We are proud of the
products and services that we offer and through our marketing
efforts industry-wide in publications, at trade shows, and on the    publicly support the highest level of professionalism among glass
Internet, we are building a brand that we know will help build       repair technicians. We also regularly distribute press releases to
confidence among your customers. GlasWeld has always stood           the media in order to constantly keep our brand top of mind
for excellence in glass repair products. We invite you to leverage   when it comes to all things glass repair and protection.
our marketing efforts by linking your Website to ours, linking
to articles from our blog, and sharing information with your         We are confident that our efforts to promote glass repair in a
customers and friends via Facebook and Twitter.                      professional, positive light will help to raise awareness among
                                                                     consumers, insurance companies, and the entire glass repair
In the last year, GlasWeld has advertised in monthly publications    industry.
including US Glass Magazine, AGRR Magazine, DWM – Door
& Window Manufacturer Magazine. We have also included                If you would like to use the power of GlasWeld’s branding efforts
a heavy online presence with banner ads on GlassBYTES and            to support your business, email
USGNN daily e-newsletters and their respective Websites. Each        and request a “powered by GlasWeld” logo to use on your
year GlasWeld attends industry trade shows, such as GlassBuild       Website along with a Web address to link it to. If you are a
and NACE, with a professional display to visually showcase           GlasWeld Certified Windshield Repair Technician, be sure to
our products and demonstrate the equipment. We have been             check online at to review your
the platinum sponsor of the Walt Gorman Windshield Repair            listing information and email us to request our “GlasWeld
Olympics for the five years that the event has existed in order to   Certified Technician” logo to use in your marketing efforts.

                                                                                                  page 5      G l a s We l d Reflections
  GlasWeld                                   Launches
                                                                          ect !
                         New             Website!                       n
                                                                    Conh Us

                                                  Blog! Online
                                                       GlasWeld’s website has been completely overhauled
                                                       and features new content, easier navigation, blog
                                                       articles, press releases, links to our social media and
                                                       YouTube channels, and our new online store.
                                                       We are especially excited about the find a tech
                                                       page. There you will find GlasWeld Certified
                                                       Windshield Repair Technicians sorted by state and
                                                       then by city with each business’ contact information.
                                                       We have optimized this page to be found by general
                                                       consumers searching for windshield repair and
                                                       have made it easy for them to contact you with
                                                       active email and web address links as well as the
                                                       phone number.
                                                       We have also launched our new Online store.
                                                       You will now be able to easily order our products
                                                       online at any time of day or night at just the click
                                                       of a button. It works pretty well on mobile devices
                                                       too. We hope that you will find this an easy way to
                                                       order the products you need when you need them.
                                                       The new website has links to all our social media
                                                       channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,
                                                       and YouTube. These link icons are located in the
                                                       top right corner of our website. We hope you will
                                                       connect and share with us on your favorite Social
                                                       Media site.
                                                       A new Blog has been launched as well. Here you
                                                       will find articles designed to help you build your
                                                       business with marketing ideas, staying motivated
                                                       and current in the field of glass repair, tips and
                                                       techniques to improve your skills, what GlasWeld is
                                                       working on behind the scenes, and featured articles
                                                       about our customers and their success stories. We
                                                       hope that you will subscribe to our Rss feed for the
                                                       latest updates. Just go to and
                                                       click on the orange RSS button in the top right hand
                                                       corner of the page.

                                                       Check out the new and let us

                                         Find a
                                                       know what you think!

page 6   GlasWeld Re f l e c t i o n s
  GlasWeld adds to sales team and
        creates a customer-focused service model.
At GlasWeld, we are constantly striving to provide the utmost
                                                                                      Brad Plumb,
in customer service, quality products and technical support.
                                                                                      Business Development Manager
With that in mind, we know you and your business will benefit
by the new additions of Sam Gammond and Seth Schuepbach
                                                                                      Outside Sales - Commercial Development/
to our sales team. Even though each member of the team is
                                                                                      Facilities Management Market
well-versed in all areas of our business, our products and our
                                                                                      Extension: 110;
customers, each one is assigned a market focus enabling them
to provide the best service and support possible. We know you     Brad’s experience in the building industry runs deep as the
will enjoy working with and getting to know them. Please do       owner of his own construction company and as a project
not hesitate to let us know how we can serve you better.          manager at one of the nation’s largest home builders. He
                                                                  understands the business, budgets and deadlines developers
                                                                  are up against and works to create a solution tailored to each
                                                                  individual project or building. With almost two decades worth
                    Sam Gammond,                                  of experience in major project management, he has a wealth of
                    Business Development Manager                  expertise on the design and construction side. Brad has worked
                    Focus:                                        extensively with architects and commercial builders up and
                    Outside Sales - Window and Door Market        down the West Coast, and is very experienced at conducting
                    Extension: 123;              large training sessions and working hands-on with large-scale
                                                                  projects. He enjoys providing solutions to our commercial
Sam comes to GlasWeld with years of experience in the building
                                                                  customers and demonstrating the financial and environmental
products and window and door industry. He spent several years
                                                                  benefits of glass repair.
in sales for a building supply company focusing on millwork
window and door products. He also worked as a Group                                   Ruth Sayers,
Manager with Jeld-Wen overseeing production of specialty                              Account Manager
high-end products. Sam will focus primarily on supporting door                        Focus:
and window manufacturers in the United States and Canada.                             Inside Sales - International and Domestic
He looks forward to working directly with manufacturers to                            Customer Service
streamline their workflow procedures to ensure quality and                            Extension: 112;
reclaim damaged materials. He is a graduate of Eastern Oregon
University with a degree in Literature.                           Ruth has been with GlasWeld for over a decade. Anyone that
                                                                  has spoken with her on the phone knows she exemplifies
                    Seth Schuepbach,                              professionalism and customer service. She has a tremendous
                    Business Development Manager                  knowledge of our products and the glass repair industry as a
                    Focus:                                        whole. She delivers quick, accurate service to our customers
                    Outside Sales - Automotive, Fleet and         on a daily basis with a smile and personal attention that can’t
                    Transportation Market                         be beat.
                    Extension: 127;
                                                                                      Dan Sayers,
Seth brings a broad range of technical experience to GlasWeld.                        Account Manager
He is a Navy veteran with stints in the Western Pacific as a                          Focus:
fire controlman specializing in shipboard warfare electronics.                        Inside Sales - International and Domestic
He is a graduate of Oregon State University in Business                               Customer Service
Administration and is currently working on his MBA specializing                       Extension: 109;
in Business Development. Seth has worked in diagnostics and
manufacturing engineering for Planar, owned his own flooring      Dan has been with GlasWeld since 2008 and brings a wealth
and commercial restoration business, and has spent time as a      of experience in sales and customer service to our team. He is
production manager on the glaze line with Jeld-Wen. He sees       always willing to go that extra mile to help our customers in
tremendous opportunity with GlasWeld and looks forward to         identifying their needs and providing a solution to them quickly.
developing close working relationships with our automotive        He is a seasoned professional and makes doing business with
market customers.                                                 GlasWeld a seamless and pleasurable experience.

                                                                                               page 7      G l a s We l d Reflections
  Connect with GlasWeld and Win!

In August, we gave away a Road                                               In October at the NACE – International
trip Grill and a $200 Glasweld                                                  Autobody Congress & Expo, we met
gift certificate to Bruce walker                                                    Brandon smith of Clear & Safe
of Guardian Glass in Webster,                                                    Headlight Restoration in Mapleton,
Massachusetts for all his fall                                                   Utah who won our drawing for the
tailgating needs!                                                            new ecoVac mini windshield Repair
                                                                                          kit and Online training.

                                   Congratulations to Russell Bohan,
                                   president of Potomac Glass in Stafford,
                                   VA. He visited us in September at our
                                   booth at GlassBuild in Las Vegas and
                                   won our brand new Gforce2 scratch
                                   Removal kit and Online training.

          Congratulations to each of these lucky customers and
                       thank you for your business!

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