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									                                       AUTOMATIC DEBIT SERVICE

       Duke Properties, Inc. has available an automatic debit service for your monthly
rental payment. This service will ensure your rent is paid on time each month. Your
rent payment will automatically be deducted from your account each month.
       All residents must have an account in good standing with us to participate. We
must be notified in writing of any changes to your bank account. Any inaccurate
information may result in the automatic debit being rejected. If your payment is
rejected, we will be charging the standard fees of $25 for NSF and the late fee.
       Please complete the form below and return with a VOIDED check.


                              Authorization for Automatic Debit of Account

I (we) hereby authorize DUKE PROPERTIES, INC. and my financial institution to automatically
deduct from my checking account each month’s rent payment on the 1 st of the month. In the
event there is a scheduled rent increase, the deduction amount will be adjusted accordingly. All
other fees or charges must be paid directly by the resident.
                                               PLEASE PRINT VERY CLEARLY
Complete Account Name

Apartment Address

Transit/ABA Number                                       Account Number

This authority is to remain in full force and effect until Duke Properties, Inc. or Resident has
received written notification from either party of its termination.

A 30-Day Notice is required for cancellation.

Date signed__________________                    Start month ________________________

Print name ____________________________________________

Signature _____________________________________________


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