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									                          John Williams
6 Ralph Street, Alexandria NSW 2015 TEL: (02) 9700 9855   FAX: (02) 8338 1165   E-MAIL:
Goodjon Pty Ltd trading as John Williams Auctions         ACN: 003 899 929

              Two Day Antique & Collectable
                           at 6 Ralph St, Alexandria

                                      SALE 1103
                   Saturday                                                     Sunday
    26 March 2011 at 12 Noon:                                  27 March 2011 at 12 Noon:
       Ceramics, Glass, Jewellery,                               Art, Furniture, Lighting
        Clocks, Plate & Silver                                        & Miscellany

                    Friday 25th .................................... 2 p.m. - 6 p.m.
                    Saturday 26th ................................ 9 a.m. - Noon
                    Sunday 27th .................................. 9 a.m. - Noon

                                 Approximate Starting Times
    Saturday                                       Sunday
    12 Noon          Ceramics, p. 1                                12 Noon           Art, p. 12
    2:40 p.m.        Glass, p. 6                                   1:15 p.m.         Furniture, p. 15
    3:30 p.m.        Jewellery & Clocks, p. 8                      4:00 p.m.         Lighting, p.20
    4:35 p.m.        Silver Plate, p. 10                           4:25 p.m.         Miscellanea, p. 20
    5:30 p.m.        Silver, p. 11                                 6:45 p.m.         Sale ends, delivery
    5:45 p.m.        Sale ends, delivery for 1 hour                                  for 1 hour
                   CONDITIONS OF SALE
1. In these conditions “Auctioneer” means the person conducting the sale and Good-
jon Pty Ltd, their servants and agents acting as agent for the Seller. “Seller” means a
consignor of property.
2. The Buyer shall be the highest bidder acceptable to the Auctioneer and the Auc-
tioneer shall have absolute discretion to settle any dispute.
3. Payment is by cheque (with identification), cash, Eftpos, Mastercard or Visa.
4. The property in a Lot shall not pass to the Buyer until he has paid the purchase
price in full.
5. No lot may be taken away during the auction, nor may any Lot be taken away
until the purchase price has been paid in full. The Buyer shall remove at his expense
any Lot purchased by him within one hour after completion of the sale or within two
(2) working days after the date of the sale between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.
6. Lots not removed by the Buyer within two (2) working days of the auction may
be placed into storage at the Buyer’s risk and the Buyer shall be responsible for all
removal, storage and insurance charges on any such Lot.
7. All bidders shall, if required by the Auctioneer, complete and sign a Registration
Form and provide identification before making any bid at the auction.
8. Descriptions and estimates in the catalogue are meant as a guide only. It is the
purchaser’s responsibility to inspect the Lots before purchasing. No claim for dam-
age, misdescription, genuineness, authenticity or errors of any description will be
9. The Buyer of any lot shall pay the hammer price plus a premium. The premium
shall be calculated at 16.5% of the hammer price including GST and is payable by
all Buyers.
10. The auction will be conducted on a GST-inclusive basis.
11. All Lots become the responsibility of the Buyer immediately upon the fall of the
12. The Auctioneer shall have the right at its absolute discretion to refuse admission
to its premises or attendance at its auctions by any person.
13. The progression of the bidding is as follows:
     $5 bids to $100         $50 bids to $1,000      $500 bids to $10,000
     $10 bids to $200       $100 bids to $2,000      $1,000 bids to $20,000
     $20 bids to $500       $200 bids to $5,000      &c.
     Split bids will not be accepted.

          • A BUYER’S PREMIUM OF 16.5% APPLIES
Lot                                              Description                                             Estimate ($)
      CERAMICS - at Noon Saturday
C1    Impressive Rosenthal group of a satyr with two conquests                                            140-200
C2    Four large boxes of china                                                                            50-75
C3    Collection of jugs, vases etc.                                                                       30-55
C4    Royal Worcester vase                                                                                150-200
C5    Rex Spanish figurine                                                                                 35-55
C6    Collection of English porcelain including Crown Ducal, Ridgeways etc.                                25-40
C7    Small collection - Royal Worcester egg coddler, Spode pin dish and a Wedgwood vase                   25-40
C8    Royal Doulton figurine 'Lynne'                                                                       70-100
C9    Three piece Japanese Satsuma tea set                                                                 40-60
C10   Collection of mainly Australian pottery                                                              50-75
C11   Antique Adams and Co meat platter                                                                    40-60
C12   Two Villeroy & Boch plates                                                                           25-40
C13   Collection of mixing bowls - Bakewells Sydney and a Woods Ware jug                                   60-80
C14   Antique black jug/pewter lid                                                                         30-50
C15   Japanese eggshell porcelain coffee pot , demi-tasse and saucer circa 1910                            35-50
C16   Vintage German ewer style vase                                                                       40-60
C17   Three Japanese Kutani vases                                                                          90-120
C18   Lidded Japanese Satsuma koro                                                                         35-55
C19   Unusual antique continental trinket box in the form of a child in a highchair                        30-50
C20   Chinese floor vase                                                                                   80-120
C21   Five Bells Whisky royal Commemorative decanters-unopened in original boxes                          100-200
C22   Large Chinese Famille Verte bowl                                                                     30-55
C23   Chinese ginger jar - dragon decoration                                                               20-40
C24   Two Japanese Imari platters                                                                          15-25
C25   Three boxed Mason Ironstone plates- Christmas 1975/1976 & 1977                                       30-50
C26   Large Chinese vegetable form lidded bowl                                                             80-120
C27   Six 'Westminster China ' collectors plates depicting Impressionist Paintings                         40-60
C28   Noritake dinner set for 6 plus spares
C29   Collection including Tuscan tea set, Royal Worcester                                                  50-75
C30   Pair of Compton ware vases with sterling silver rim together with a pair of German Höhr vases
C31   Small green Art Nouveau jardinière                                                                    25-40
C32   Shelley trio together with a boxed Aynsley cake plate                                                 30-50
C33   Continental porcelain part tea set with later painting of West Australian wild flowers signed F.
      Candells                                                                                             35-50
C34   Antique dessert comport with 3 matching plates                                                       25-35
C35   Three English cups, saucers and plates with matching cake plate                                      25-35
C36   Antique Royal Crown Derby vase, date code for 1909                                                   30-50
C37   Set of 12 white Coalport place card holders and an Aynsley coloured example                          30-45
C38   Attractive Chinese lidded jar                                                                        50-75
C39   Chinese vase with floral and butterfly decoration                                                    40-65
C40   Chinese blue and white jardinière                                                                    45-65
C41   Chinese pale celadon vase with subtle bird decoration                                                25-35
C42   Chinese hexagonal vase                                                                               30-45
C43   Pair of Chinese figures                                                                              35-50
C44   Chinese jardinière with continuous river scene                                                       20-35
C45   Lladro figure of a clown                                                                             40-65
C46   Large Chinese lidded pot                                                                             50-75
C47   Impressive antique Naples, (Capo Di Monte) porcelain ornamental ewer and tazza                      400-650
C48   Havilland Limoges plate                                                                              15-25
C49   Miniature Coalport Indian Tree, cup saucer and plate, New Hall trinket box and a Villeroy and
      Boch trinket box                                                                                      25-40

                                                     Page 1
Lot                                                Description                                      Estimate ($)
C50    Royal Doulton figurine 'Rose' HN 1348                                                          60-80
C51    Royal Doulton figurine 'Darling' HN 1885                                                       40-60
C52    Royal Doulton 'basket of roses' and a royal Doulton cup saucer and plate                       25-40
C53    Royal Doulton series twin handled vase                                                         15-30
C54    Gouda jug                                                                                      60-80
C55    East German seagull figurine together with two other figurines                                 35-55
C56    Lladro figurine of a girl with a hat                                                           80-100
C57    Lladro figurine of a girl with a bird                                                          60-80
C58    Lladro figurine of a girl with a pig                                                           45-60
C59    Wade Irish porcelain vase                                                                      15-25
C60    Lidded antique English soup tureen and spoon                                                   60-80
C61    Royal Doulton part tea set for 6 ( one cup deficient )                                         45-60
C62    Nine Bing and Grondahl commemorative plates                                                    60-90
C63    Six Royal Copenhagen plates                                                                    40-60
C64    Coalport trinket box, pin dish and vase together with 2 Wedgwood 'Children's Story' plates     35-55
C65    Collection mainly Shelley plates and saucers                                                   40-60
C66    Two Berlin plates                                                                              15-25
C67    Blue and white lidded Chinese tureen                                                           25-40
C68    Noritake part dinner service                                                                   50-75
C69    Royal Doulton rose bowl with metal grille                                                      45-65
C70    Early Carlton Ware vase                                                                        40-65
C71    Set of 8 pink and white plates                                                                 25-40
C72    Royal Albert 'Memory Lane' part dinner , tea and coffee service with serving dishes           200-300
C73    Set of 6 demi-tasses and 2 cup, saucers and plates                                             15-25
C74    Royal Doulton miniature toby                                                                    5-10
C75    Collection of china including set of 6 bird plates                                             25-40
C76    Royal Doulton model of a chow dog 'Shibu Ino' ( K15 )                                          45-65
C77    Box of china                                                                                   15-25
C78    Large Capo di Monte casket                                                                     80-120
C79    Royal Worcester Medici pattern dinner set for 6                                                60-80
C80    Bavarian 'Thomas' coffee set for 6                                                             15-25
C81    Shelley part coffee set 'blossom' design                                                       80-120
C82    Royal Doulton nursery cup and saucer plus a Royal Doulton miniature toby                       60-80
C83    Four English cup and saucer sets                                                               25-40
C84    Australian 1930's vase MCP Sydney                                                              55-80
C85    Wade B.O.A.C. water jug and Copeland Spode B.O.A.C. ashtray                                    40-60
C86    Large Grimwades 'Garden Wall' basket                                                           80-120
C87    Three green Wedgwood salad crescents                                                           60-100
C88    Sterling (London 1888) rimmed sugar and creamer
C89    Collection including pot pourri, Limoges, Royal Doulton etc.                                   20-40
C90    Collection of pin dishes including Wedgwood, Limoges, Royal Copenhagen etc.                    40-60
C91    Pillivuyt asparagus drainer/ dish                                                              20-40
C92    Antique continental biscuit barrel, Imari palette                                              15-25
C93    Boxed Lot - Vases, part German dinner set etc.                                                 20-40
C94    Mikasa cream and gold dinner set for 6 including tureen                                        60-80
C95    Antique German KPM cup and saucer                                                              25-40
C96    Large antique Continental porcelain twin handled vase                                         180-280
C97    Set of 6 Bradford Exchange plates                                                              25-45
C98    Two Hilditch cups and saucers, Oriental pattern and a similar cup c1825                        60-80
C99    Hilditch gilded cup and saucer and a Hilditch trio c1825                                       40-60
C100   Large 19th century ironstone stand                                                             35-55
C101   George Jones and Sons earthenware biscuit barrel                                               20-40
C102   Two Charlotte Rhead bowls and a Charlotte Rhead jug                                            40-60

                                                       Page 2
Lot                                              Description                                            Estimate ($)
C103 Charlotte Rhead tube lined jug together with a small Charlotte bowl                                   30-50
C104 Two Carlton Ware 'rock garden' jugs                                                                   30-50
C105 Carlton Ware vas, 'crinoline lady' serviette ring and a cup                                           30-50
C106 Art deco ceramic and metal mounted Continental tray                                                   15-25
C107 Shorter & Sons ashtray                                                                                15-25
C108 Wedgwood boxed May Day plate                                                                          15-25
C109 Four Imari style cruet pieces                                                                         35-55
C110 Pair of Irish Wade urn shaped vases and an English Wade 1953 coronation dish                          40-60
C111 Five James Kent serving plates 'Eastern Glory' pattern                                                50-75
C112 Extensive Quimper France, hand painted dinner terracotta dinner service including serving plates
     teapot cups and saucers etc.                                                                        200-300
C113 Quimper hand painted pair of vases and a pair of candlesticks                                        35-55
C114 Two matching Italian green glazed terracotta jugs                                                    25-40
C115 Antique English blue and white meat platter c1840's together with a Grindley ironstone platter
C116   Set of 7 Italian faïence bowls                                                                     80-120
C117   Antique English 1840's blue and white meat platter 'Asiatic Pheasant' pattern                      60-80
C118   Pair of celadon brush pots                                                                         20-40
C119   French terracotta green glazed serving platter and four matching plates                            80-120
C120   Set of 8 faïence plates                                                                            40-60
C121   Three French and Italian oven dishes                                                               35-55
C122   Pillivuyt asparagus drainer/dish                                                                   40-60
C123   Collection including large bowls, terracotta dishes, emu egg cups, etc.                            30-50
C124   Graduated set of three Italian 'chicken' jugs                                                      25-40
C125   Antique English jug                                                                                15-25
C126   Set of 9 Japanese udon bowls                                                                       40-60
C127   Two modern Chinese vases                                                                           25-40
C128   Extensive 'Thomas - Bavaria' white and gold dinner set for 12 including lidded tureens serving
       platters, gravy boat etc.                                                                         100-200
C129   Set of 7 royal Doulton demi-tasses and saucers                                                     20-30
C130   Miniature tea set on tray                                                                          10-20
C131   Two Delft - Royal Inter-ocean Line 'Straat Florida' cup and saucers                                10-20
C132   Two matching unusual vintage English vases                                                         25-40
C133   Norwegian 'Lotte' tray and bowl                                                                    20-40
C134   Two Worcester 'Evesham' casseroles and two dishes                                                  70-100
C135   Crown Staffordshire coffee pot with 6 matching demi-tasses                                         35-50
C136   Set of 6 Maddox demi-tasses                                                                        20-30
C137   Antique Copeland and Garrett trio
C138   Two antique English blue and white Willow pattern plates 1820-50                                   30-45
C139   Antique Hilditch porcelain sugar and creamer 1822-30                                               30-45
C140   Gibson & Sons lustre tea pot 1950's                                                                20-30
C141   Lord Nelson pottery plate, central cat motif                                                       10-20
C142   Japanese coffeepot, sugar and creamer and 6 cups and saucers                                       25-40
C143   Vintage continental jardinière                                                                     50-75
C144   Antique Pirkenhammer cabinet plate                                                                 25-40
C145   Chinese vase and two ginger jars                                                                   25-40
C146   Collection including large ornamental Italian tray                                                 80-120
C147   Two Italian chargers                                                                               60-80
C148   Royal Doulton stoneware vase - leaf decoration                                                     45-60
C149   White Herend figure - Peasant Madonna                                                              35-50
C150   Six Herend drink coasters together with Hungarian ashtray and cigarette holder                     25-40
C151   Small collection of Limoges, Rosenthal, antique etc.                                               60-80
C152   Celadon double gourd bowl                                                                          30-45

                                                     Page 3
Lot                                               Description                              Estimate ($)
C153   Two dishes Ginori and Rosenthal                                                       20-30
C154   Royal Doulton 'Koala' cabinet plate                                                   20-35
C155   Pair of antique bisque figural vases                                                  30-45
C156   Antique Japanese Kutani bowl                                                          45-65
C157   Vintage stoneware trough                                                              40-65
C158   Vintage stoneware planter                                                             30-45
C159   Volume - Royal Doulton figures                                                        25-40
C160   Volume - medieval English pottery                                                      5-10
C161   Two volumes on Wedgwood                                                               35-60
C162   Doulton Burslem 'Willow' salad bowl                                                   25-35
C163   Antique lustre jug                                                                    15-25
C164   Collection including Spode and Crown Staffordshire                                    30-45
C165   African terracotta mask with stand                                                    20-30
C166   Set of 3 glazed pottery wall panels                                                   30-50
C167   Royal Doulton figure 'Blithe Morning' Hen 2021 ( introduced 1949 withdrawn 1971 )    140-200
C168   Royal Doulton figure ' The Ballerina HN 2116 ( introduced 1953 withdrawn 1973 )      140-200
C169   Royal Doulton figure ' La Sylphide' HN 2116 ( introduced 1953 withdrawn 1965 )       140-200
C170   Royal Doulton figure ' Giselle' HN 2139 ( introduced 1954 withdrawn 1969 )           140-200
C171   Royal Crown Derby model of Noah's Ark                                                 45-65
C172   Peggy Davies Ceramics 'aspen Girl' limited edition 22/200

       Collection of Royal Doulton Character Jugs
C173   General Montgomery D6202                                                               60-85
C174   Sir Henry Doulton D7054                                                                60-85
C175   Merlin D7117                                                                           60-85
C176   Romeo D6670                                                                            60-85
C177   Claude Monet D7150                                                                     60-85
C178   Henry VIII D6642                                                                       60-85
C179   Friar Tuck D6321                                                                       60-85
C180   Anne of Cleaves D6653                                                                  60-85
C181   King Arthur D7055                                                                      60-85
C182   Sairey Gamp D5451                                                                      60-85
C183   Captain Bligh D6967                                                                    60-85
C184   Aramis D6441                                                                           60-85
C185   Oscar Wilde D7146                                                                      60-85
C186   Albert Einstein D7023                                                                  60-85
C187   Queen Victoria D7152                                                                   60-85
C188   Toby Philpots D5736                                                                    60-85
C189   Captain Scott D7116                                                                    60-85
C190   Tchaikovsky D7022                                                                      60-85
C191   H G Wells D7095                                                                        60-85
C192   Alfred Hitchcock D6987                                                                 60-85
C193   Old Charley D 5420                                                                     60-85
C194   King John D7125                                                                        60-85
C195   Lord Kitchener D7148                                                                   60-85
C196   Leprechaun D6847                                                                       60-85
C197   Vincent Van Gogh D7151                                                                 60-85
C198   Count Dracula D7053                                                                    60-85
C199   Robin Hood D 6998                                                                      60-85
C200   Mine Host D 6613                                                                       50-75
C201   Auld Mac D 5824                                                                        50-75
C202   The Lumberjack D 6613                                                                  50-75
C203   The Jug Collector D 7147                                                               50-75

                                                      Page 4
Lot                                                  Description            Estimate ($)
C204   Michael Doulton (signed ) D 6808                                        50-75
C205   Charlie Chaplin D 7145                                                  50-75
C206   John Shorter D 6880                                                     50-75
C207   Old Salt D6554                                                          50-75
C208   The Mad Hatter D 6602                                                   50-75
C209   Winston Churchill D 6934                                                50-75
C210   Albert Sagger The Potter D 6745                                         50-75
C211   Fagin D 6042                                                            40-65
C212   Pied Piper D6514                                                        40-65
C213   Gone Away D6545                                                         40-65
C214   Auld Mac D 6253                                                         40-65
C215   Sairey Gamp D6146                                                       40-65

C216   Volume - Royal character and Toby Jugs                                  20-30
C217   Sandeland Ware character jug 'Mr John Bull'                             30-45
C218   Burleigh character jug 'Oliver'                                         30-45
C219   Sylvac character jug 'Colonel'                                          20-30

       Collection of Royal Doulton Cabinet Plates
C220   Persian D4551                                                           30-45
C221   Persian D3087                                                           30-45
C222   The Justices' Late Meeting                                              45-65
C223   Shakespeare                                                             40-65
C224   Spirit of the Australian Bush                                           45-65
C225   Falstaff                                                                40-65
C226   Isaac Walton (designed by Noke )                                        50-75
C227   Coaching Days                                                           50-75
C228   Shylock                                                                 40-65
C229   The Hunting Man                                                         45-65
C230   The Doctor                                                              45-65
C231   The Major                                                               45-65
C232   The Parson                                                              45-65
C233   The Squire                                                              45-65
C234   The Bookworm                                                            45-65

C235   Collection including Winton and Carlton                                25-40
C236   Royal Doulton bowl 'Trolly Veek'                                       20-35
C237   Contemporary pottery 9 piece dessert set                               25-40
C238   Antique English blue and white 'Cockfighting' meat plate               45-65
C239   Royal Crown Derby salts, peppers, mustard and pair of napkin rings     40-65
C240   Set of 8 Coalport place card holders                                   25-40
C241   Pair of Doulton Australian Federation beakers 1901                     65-90
C242   Interesting English WWI period vase with flag decoration               30-45
C243   Crown Ducal biscuit barrel                                             20-30
C244   English WWI Watson's whisky decanter                                  100-150
C245   Royal Doulton Dewar's whisky decanter 'Highland Piper'                 45-65
C246   Wedgwood green jasperware plate                                        20-30
C247   Antique Doulton Lambeth jug, plated mount                              65-90
C248   Swedish pottery bowl                                                   15-25
C249   Antique Japanese fish platter and tureen                               60-85
C250   Pair of antique Continental porcelain vases                            15-25
C251   Toilet jug and antique meat plate                                      35-50
C252   Mason's ironstone tea caddy and jug                                    30-45
C253   Three lidded pots                                                      30-45

                                                         Page 5
Lot                                               Description                                         Estimate ($)
C254 Good antique Ming celadon bowl                                                                    800-1200
C255 Two Wedgwood trinket boxes                                                                         30-45
C256 Collection of 10 Wedgwood pin dishes                                                               60-85
C257 Three Wedgwood vases                                                                               30-45
C258 Five Wedgwood trinket boxes                                                                        80-120
C259 Collection of Wedgwood 'Pennine' cups saucers and plates                                           60-80
C260 Green pot                                                                                          20-40
C261 Two ornate Chinese lidded urns                                                                    100-200
C262 Blue and white Chinese lidded pot                                                                  60-80
C263 Four Chinese ceramic plaques                                                                       25-40
C264 Framed Chinee ceramic plaque                                                                       40-60
C265 Four Bradford Exchange plates- Bygone Trades by d'Arcy Doyle - The Baker, The Bottle Merchant,
     The Pie Cart, The Big Ring                                                                        100-150
C266 Seven antique Victorian tiles                                                                      25-40
C267 Box of china including a cheese keep                                                               35-50
C268 Antique Sang de boeuf vase                                                                        200-300
       GLASS - at 2:40 p.m. approx. Saturday
G1     Pair of ewer style yellow and white frilled top vases                                            35-50
G2     Boxed lot - stemware, vases, bowls, trinket box etc.                                             40-60
G3     Small collection including crystal bowl 5 pieces                                                 45-60
G4     Impressive vintage Murano style pink vase                                                        80-120
G5     Collection including vases etc.                                                                  25-40
G6     Etched decanter 'Robertson's Whiskey'                                                            60-100
G7     Contemporary clear crystal vase                                                                  15-25
G8     Pair of modern vases                                                                             20-30
G9     Set of 6 Waterford crystal goblets                                                               35-50
G10    Five Stuart crystal whiskeys                                                                     35-50
G11    Swedish glass owl together with Swedish glass doves and a Hoya crystal plate                     40-60
G12    Vintage pink glass centrepiece, gilded metal base                                                45-60
G13    Mary Gregory decanter                                                                           120-180
G14    Etched crystal decanter 'Possum Brandy'                                                          45-65
G15    Antique sterling mounted decanter London 1893                                                    90-140
G16    Pair of decanters                                                                                25-40
G17    Box of glass                                                                                     10-20
G18    Signed Rosenthal vase together with a Murano style vase                                          35-55
G19    Vintage amber glass bowl together with a pair of bud vases                                       15-25
G20    Art glass 'horse head' paper weight
G21    Small collection to include decanter, perfume bottle etc.                                        25-40
G22    Vintage cranberry cut glass vase on silver base                                                  25-40
G23    Sterling mounted decanter and a sterling mounted perfume bottle                                  25-40
G24    Boxed lot - stemware etc.                                                                        20-30
G25    Unusual green glass claret jug with plated mounts                                                60-80
G26    Multi-coloured vase                                                                              15-25
G27    Boxed lot including vases, bowls etc.                                                            40-60
G28    Orrefors crystal perfume                                                                         10-20
G29    Pair of vintage inkwells                                                                         20-35
G30    Stuart crystal decanter                                                                          80-120
G31    Pair of Victorian turquoise overlay glass vases                                                  80-120
G32    Two vintage crystal decanters                                                                    25-40
G33    Japanese blue crystal carafe and two cups                                                        35-60
G34    Two modern decanters                                                                             25-40
G35    collection - vases and plates                                                                    15-25
G36    Collection decanters, glasses etc.                                                               15-25

                                                      Page 6
Lot                                               Description                                               Estimate ($)
G37   Vintage Whitefriars vase                                                                                 35-60
G38   Large amethyst vase                                                                                      20-40
G39   Bohemia dressing table set together with a large bowl                                                    30-50
G40   Four paperweights including Murano                                                                       35-55
G41   Collection of perfume bottles (14) including Murano                                                      60-80
G42   Pair of antique sterling mounted perfume bottles Birmingham 1899                                         40-60
G43   Suite of vintage Venetian table glass - 9 each champagne and wine, 8 cognac and 6 sherry. In all 32
      pieces, all with the initial S in gold                                                                 120-180
G44   New Zealand glass plate by Darryl Fagence                                                               45-60
G45   Deco frosted green bowl                                                                                 20-30
G46   three small crystal cruets                                                                              10-20
G47   Two crystal cruets                                                                                      15-25
G48   Crystal cruet                                                                                           10-20
G49   Antique 'amberine' pickle jar                                                                           35-50
G50   Orrefors bowl                                                                                           15-25
G51   Two crystal swans                                                                                       10-20
G52   Antique American revolving 4 bottle cruet                                                              120-200
G53   Antique 4 bottle cruet, plated stand                                                                    40-65
G54   Two pharmacy jars (carboys)                                                                             25-40
G55   Two Polish Krosno ice buckets and a carafe                                                              25-40
G56   Set of 6 Webb crystal sherries                                                                          30-45
G57   Bristol blue vase signed NJM'92                                                                         30-45
G58   Antique American celery vase                                                                            50-75
G59   three vintage pickle jars                                                                               35-50
G60   Set of 5 vintage green tumblers                                                                         30-45
G61   Two goblets - amethyst and lime green bowls                                                             25-40
G62   Nine Orrefors tumblers and 6 brandy balloons                                                            45-65
G63   Crystal spirit decanter                                                                                 30-45
G64   Crystal decanter                                                                                        30-45
G65   Set of 8 Galway red wine goblets                                                                        35-50
G66   Two "Glug - Glug' decanters blue and clear                                                              35-50
G67   Set of 15 crystal dessert/ ice cream bowls                                                              50-75
G68   Crystal decanter                                                                                        30-45
G69   Crystal decanter                                                                                        30-45
G70   Crystal jug                                                                                             25-40
G71   Holmegaard footed bowl and 3 goblets, cocktail shaker, vine pattern carafe and decanter                 40-65
G72   Lidded dressing table jar and blue cut glass vase                                                       10-20
G73   Volume - Waterford                                                                                       5-10
G74   Lalique quail menu holder                                                                               50-75
G75   Lalique duck                                                                                            80-120
G76   Lalique swallow diving                                                                                 100-150
G77   Lalique swallow flying                                                                                  75-100
G78   Lalique swallow resting                                                                                 60-85
G79   Lalique Pelican                                                                                         70-100
G80   Lalique comport                                                                                        120-180
G81   Pair of Murano style clown bowls                                                                        30-45
G82   Good heavy crystal vase c.1960                                                                          40-65
G83   Antique green and gilt jug                                                                              50-75
G84   Set of 4 Stuart crystal goblets and a set of 4 Stourbridge crystal goblets                              40-65
G85   Collection including decanters, pickle jars and salad bowl etc.                                         50-75
G86   Johnny Walker whisky decanter                                                                           25-45
G87   Punch set                                                                                               15-30
G88   Black glass bowl                                                                                        10-20

                                                      Page 7
Lot                                             Description                         Estimate ($)
      JEWELLERY, WATCHES & CLOCKS - at 3:30 p.m. approx. Saturday
 J1   Chanel dress ornament from the collection of Mrs Betty McInerney                20-30
 J2   Vintage greenstone. Enamel and silver gilt brooch                               25-40
 J3   Attractive and unusual antique rectangular silver locket                        50-75
 J4   Gold mounted tiger claw pendant                                                 25-35
 J5   Gold 'golf stick' brooch                                                        20-30
 J6   Three silver mounted natural stone pendants                                     15-25
 J7   Small Collection including ivory stick pin and unset stones                     10-20
 J8   Collection including marcasite brooch                                           20-35
 J9   Boxed gent's Seiko wrist watch                                                  20-35
J10   Gold chain with white stone pendant                                             25-40
J11   Yellow gold an garnet ring                                                      20-30
J12   Vintage diamond 18 ct yellow gold platinum engagement ring                      80-120
J13   Antique American shelf clock in need of a small repair                          60-85
J14   Jaeger Le-Coultre Atmos clock                                                 1400-1800
J15   Collection of costume jewellery including silver and sun glasses                20-30
J16   Antique Seth Thomas wall clock with calendar hand
J17   Vintage Dutch wall clock                                                       200-300
J18   Vintage 15 ct gold Albert, 24 grams approx.                                    400-650
J19   Antique sterling Rotherham's hunter pocket watch, key wind, Birmingham 1904    160-240
J20   'Four hundred day' clock                                                        50-75
J21   Two yellow 9 ct gold bracelets, 24 grams approx.                               240-360
J22   Two fine gold chains and a pair of gold studs                                  100-150
J23   Silver bangle, locket and a metal lady's wrist watch                            35-50
J24   Pair of sapphire, diamond and 18 ct white gold studs                           150-200
J25   Deco wall clock                                                                120-180
J26   Green and black marble mantel clock with brass lion atop                       200-340
J27   Antique Ansonia shelf clock                                                    120-180
J28   Three sterling bangles                                                          35-50
J29   Smart lady's Zenith 18 ct white gold and diamond wrist watch with case         800-120
J30   Box of costume jewellery                                                        20-40
J31   Gent's chronograph wrist watch                                                 100-150
J32   Turquoise and onyx necklace                                                     60-85
J33   Antique gold, pearl and red stone crescent and star brooch                      35-50
J34   Gent's 9 ct gold and onyx ring                                                  20-30
J35   Gent's silver gilt and lapis ring                                               10-20
J36   Lady's Citizen wrist watch                                                      10-20
J37   Jade bracelet                                                                   10-20
J38   Sterling abacus pendant and chain                                               10-20
J39   Red stone and 9 ct gold ring                                                    20-30
J40   Interesting Oriental buckle ,sliding action                                     25-40
J41   Vintage timber cased mantle clock                                               35-60
J42   Volume - Camerer Cuss 'Antique Watches'                                         30-45
J43   Volume - Timepieces                                                             10-20
J44   Pair of solid opal and white stone studs                                        15-25
J45   Emerald and jasper necklace                                                     20-30
J46   Bronze freshwater pearl choker                                                  60-85
J47   Charming vintage compact in the form of a grand piano (folding legs)            60-85
J48   Effective white stone and sterling pendant and fine chain                       30-45
J49   Gold plated matchbook cover dated 1927                                          25-40
J50   Attractive 3 strand 'peacock' coin pearl and onyx necklace                      90-140
J51   Collection of sterling rings                                                    30-45

                                                    Page 8
Lot                                                 Description                                         Estimate ($)
J52    Two sterling pairs of earrings and a bracelet                                                      30-45
J53    Four 9 ct gold bracelets and a pair of earrings, 18 grams total approx.                           200-300
J54    Collection of sterling charms                                                                      40-65
J55    Garnet and 14 ct yellow gold gent's ring                                                          120-180
J56    Volume - Clocks and Watches                                                                        20-30
J57    Cabochon ruby and yellow gold ring                                                                 50-75
J58    Pierre Cardin lady's wrist watch (with guarantee), wallet and pen set                              65-90
J59    Box of oriental pieces                                                                             80-120
J60    Blue stone and silver necklace and earrings                                                        45-65
J61    Intricate silver link chain                                                                        35-50
J62    Bone ' playing cards' bracelet                                                                     30-45
J63    Cornelian bracelet                                                                                 30-45
J64    Pale blue topaz 4.5 ct approx. and sterling ring                                                   50-75
J65    Citrine ( 35 ct approx. ) and sterling pendant and chain                                           40-65
J66    Two small pendants ruby and pink sapphire and opal and pink sapphire both with sterling mounts
       and chains                                                                                          10-20
J67    Grey jade angle                                                                                     20-35
J68    A smaller grey jade bangle                                                                          15-25

       Collection of Unset Stones
J69    Citrine 41 ct approx.                                                                              50-75
J70    Drilled briolette amethyst 18.5 ct approx.                                                         30-45
J71    Drilled briolette Citrine 18.5 ct approx.                                                          25-40
J72    Ametrine 15ct approx.                                                                              25-40
J73    Mystic topaz 37 ct approx.                                                                         30-45
J74    Amethyst 17 ct approx.                                                                             50-75
J75    Smokey quartz 4.5 ct approx.                                                                       20-35
J76    Set of three rubies 4.5 ct total approx.                                                          120-180
J77    Pair of rubies 2.5 ct total approx.                                                                75-100
J78    Ruby 2.5 ct approx.                                                                                50-75
J79    Ruby 1.5 ct approx.                                                                                40-65
J80    Red zircon 1.5 ct approx.                                                                          25-40
J81    Pair of amethysts 1 ct total approx.                                                               30-45
J82    Blue zircon 3.5 ct approx.                                                                         25-40
J83    Blue topaz 1.5 ct approx.                                                                          20-35
J84    Tear drop amethyst .5 ct approx.                                                                   15-25

 J85   Antique style figural mystery clock                                                                80-120
 J86   Cartier steel and gold unisex wrist watch with spare link                                        1600-2600
 J87   Vintage Omega gold gent's wrist watch                                                             700-950
 J88   Seiko oak cased wall clock                                                                        100-200
 J89   Antique slate and marble clock by Stewart Dawson London                                           200-300
 J90   Antique black slate mantle clock                                                                  200-300
 J91   Walnut Art Deco mantel clock                                                                       40-60
 J92   Diamond an 14ct yellow gold bangle                                                                280-400
 J93   Elephant skin purse                                                                                35-50
 J94   Two jade pendants                                                                                  35-50
 J95   Jade and gemstone pendant                                                                          50-75
 J96   Collection of cufflinks                                                                             5-10
 J97   Cased antique set of cuff links and gold studs and another pair of gold studs                      65-90
 J98   Antique brooch with miniature                                                                      25-40
 J99   Seven gold stone set rings                                                                        140-200
J100   Six gold and silver stone set rings                                                               120-180
J101   Antique 15 ct yellow gold and diamond brooch                                                       50-75

                                                        Page 9
Lot                                                  Description                            Estimate ($)
J102   Two cultured pearl and sterling brooches                                               10-20
J103   Small collection of silver jewellery and a money clip                                  30-45
J104   Jade and high carat yellow gold necklace                                              500-750
J105   Natural pearl and gold stick pin                                                       25-40
J106   Costume jewellery, buckle and leather purse                                             5-10
J107   Two rows of freshwater pearls                                                          35-50
J108   Blue stone and silver ring                                                             10-20
J109   Antique lapis brooch with hair locket to back                                          30-45
       PLATE - at 4:35 p.m. approx. Saturday
       Collection of Antique Sheffield and Close Plate
P1     Salver with wire mount and inset piece for crest 1785-1800                             60-85
P2     Chamberstick with elaborate mounts 1825-1835                                           90-140
P3     Close plate lobster and nut crackers and pair of knife rests 1840-1880                 40-65
P4     Close plate stilton scoop with ivory handle 1830-1860                                  45-65
P5     Oval pierced border snuffer tray 1775-1790                                             20-35
P6     Baluster tankard 1½ gill 1820-1840                                                     15-25
P7     Baluster tankard 1 pint 1820-1840                                                      45-65
P8     Pepperette, gilded interior 1800-1820                                                  25-40
P9     Egg shaped pepperette 1800-1820                                                        30-45
P10    Circular taper stick 1800-1820                                                         25-40
P11    Pair of oval based candlesticks 1780-1800                                              80-120
P12    Boat shaped oval salt 1790-1810                                                        25-40
P13    Wine coaster wit satinwood base                                                        80-120
P14    Close plate fish slice by John Gilbert 1820-1840                                       25-40
P15    Pair of candlesticks with circular bases 1820-1835                                    100-140
P16    Chamberstick with elaborate mounts and extinguisher 1820-1835                         100-140
P17    Square Chamberstick 1825-1835                                                          15-25
P18    Chamberstick marked DS with sun 1820-1830                                              80-120
P19    Chased and tinned snuffer tray 1825-1840                                               40-65
P20    Candle lamp 1820-1830                                                                  60-85
P21    Black painted steel chamberstick snuffer                                               20-30
P22    Close plate meat skewer                                                                30-45
P23    Three caddy spoons                                                                     15-25
P24    Pair of decanter labels (one chain deficient) Port & Madeira                           15-25

P25    Cayenne pepper patent sifter                                                           10-20
P26    Cayenne pepper stopper with scoop                                                      20-30
P27    Double burner (food warmer) by Daniel and Arter, Birmingham                            50-75
P28    Antique magnetic plate (MP) meat skewer by William Hutton                              20-30
P29    Pair of antique magnetic plate (MP) dessert forks by J. Prime                          10-15
P30    Pair of decanter labels - Gin and Whisky                                               40-65
P31    Attractive pair of antique candlesticks                                               100-200
P32    Antique 6 bottle cruet set                                                             80-120
P33    Salver, coaster, vase and 3 serviette rings                                            15-30
P34    Collection - souvenir spoons, sugar tongs etc.
P35    Twin handled vintage loving cup                                                         15-25
P36    Trinket box, bowl and pin dish
P37    Two Robur 'Perfect' tea pots (with infusers), a hot water pot and an ice water jug     90-140
P38    Collection including entrée dishes                                                     35-50
P39    Pair of antique Sheffield candlesticks                                                 30-45
P40    Antique storm candlestick with etched blue shade                                       30-45
P41    Three piece Paramount tea set                                                          25-40
P42    Collection - wine coaster, frit knives, spoons etc.                                    30-45

                                                        Page 10
Lot                                                Description                                             Estimate ($)
P43   Walker & hall meat dome                                                                                  25-40
P44   Sugar castor                                                                                             20-40
P45   Christofle bread basket                                                                                  60-80
P46   Christofle boxed serving spoon                                                                           40-60
P47   Christofle boxed bottle opener                                                                           20-40
P48   Christofle boxed pepper grinder                                                                          80-120
P49   Christofle boxed salt shaker                                                                             60-80
P50   Pair of reproduction old Sheffield plate tongs                                                           60-80
P51   Collection - gravy boat, teapot etc.                                                                     30-50
P52   Antique three branch candelabra                                                                          20-40
P53   Classic twin handled wine coaster                                                                        45-65
P54   Christofle salt                                                                                          25-40
P55   Collection - 3 piece tea set, 6 goblets and a serving tray                                               60-80
P56   Hot water kettle and two bottle coasters                                                                 40-60
P57   Gallery tray, shaped rectangular outline                                                                 80-120
P58   Superb cased vintage Christofle canteen of cutlery complete for 12 - dinner, entree, fish and salad or
      cake forks, dinner, entrée and fish knives, soup & dessert spoons, carving knife and fork, pairs of
      fish, salad and vegetable servers, soup and sauce ladles. In all 118 pieces                            2000-3400
P59   Small collection of candlesticks                                                                         10-20
P60   Antique Sheffield warming dish, ceramic top
P61   Sugar hod and part cruet with 4 bottles
P62   Canteen of English cutlery for 8 plus spares and serving pieces together with a sugar and creamer
P63   Antique curling tongs spirit heater                                                                      45-65
P64   Large collection of napkin rings                                                                         30-50
P65   Collection to include cutlery, trays etc.                                                                30-50
P66   Edwardian Dutch tea caddy and an American plated creamer on stand                                        45-60
P67   Antique Sheffield candle snuffer and tray by J. Gilbert, early 19th century                              80-120
P68   Antique shaped circular salver                                                                           30-45
P69   Pair of vintage grape shears - fox and grape motif                                                       30-45
P70   Pair of vintage /antique candle snuffers                                                                 15-25
P71   Stewart Dawson menu holder - boomerang, kangaroo, emu and gumleaf design                                 30-45
P72   Cased vintage pairs of nut crackers and picks                                                            20-30
P73   Meat cover                                                                                               60-85
P74   King pattern soup ladle                                                                                  35-50
P75   Attractive oval entrée dish                                                                              40-65
P76   Bread board and 6 coasters in two sizes                                                                  30-45
P77   Canteen of cutlery for 6 plus many serving pieces                                                       120-150
P78   Patent handle for holding a hot plate                                                                    10-20
P79   Pair of Elkington meat skewers                                                                           10-20
P80   Pair of meat skewers                                                                                     10-20
P81   Revolving top butter dish                                                                                10-20
      SILVER - at 5:30 p.m. approx. Saturday
S1    Set of 6 antique teaspoons London 1875                                                                  60-85
S2    Antique sterling sugar tongs London 1875                                                                25-40
S3    Pair of antique sterling salt spoons London 1837                                                        40-65
S4    Pair of antique Georgian sterling tablespoons London 1828                                               35-50
S5    Cased Stuart Devlin sterling, silver gilt and enamel Easter egg London 1978                            300-500
S6    Continental silver (800) sweets dish                                                                    40-60
S7    Sterling bowl                                                                                           75-100
S8    Russian Art Nouveau silver tea glass holder                                                             60-85
S9    Antique Georgian sterling goblet London 1790                                                            75-100
S10   Antique Russian silver beaker c1900                                                                     45-65

                                                      Page 11
Lot                                               Description                                         Estimate ($)
S11   Sterling shooting trophy of new Zealand interest                                                  25-35
S12   Sterling Port label                                                                               10-20
S13   Pair of sterling serviette rings Birmingham 1904                                                  20-40
S14   Small sterling vase Birmingham 1968                                                               20-40
S15   Cased set of 6 Indonesian tea spoons                                                              10-20
S16   Three sterling napkin rings                                                                       30-50
S17   Collection of sterling items                                                                      80-120
S18   Three sterling decanter labels whisky, sherry & rye, London 1969                                  30-50
S19   George Jensen sterling pickle fork                                                                75-100
S20   Pair of American sterling squat candlesticks                                                      50-75
S21   Volume - Silver                                                                                   10-20
S22   Cased set of 6 antique 'Onslow' tea or coffee spoons with matching tongs London 1900 /1901        70-100
S23   Pair of antique Georgian sterling cauldron salts c.1770                                          120-180
S24   Pair of antique sterling napkin rings Chester 1905 and a sterling napkin ring Birmingham 1918
S25   Two pairs of antique Georgian sterling sugar togs by Thos Streetin, London 1805 and Crispin
      Fuller, London 1811                                                                               40-65
S26   Selection of books and catalogues on silver                                                       55-80
S27   Album of sterling medals 'History of Medicine' limited edition 23/125                            200-300
S28   Cased set of 12 sterling Royal Horticultural Society 'Flower Spoons'                              80-120
S29   Cased set of 12 sterling Royal Horticultural Society 'Flower Spoons'                              80-120
S30   Cased set of 12 sterling 'Bird' spoons                                                            80-120
S31   Sterling hip flask Birmingham 1917                                                               140-180
S32   Sterling cigarette case                                                                           50-75
S33   Set of 9 antique Scottish sterling tea spoons Glasgow 1856                                        80-120
                                 sale ends at 5:45 p.m. approx. Delivery for 1 hour

      ART - at Noon SUNDAY
A1    Set of 3 framed Gould bird prints                                                             60-85
A2    A. DATTILO-RUBBO oil on canvas 'Study of a Man Smoking a Pipe' signed lower left             300-400
A3    A. DATTILO-RUBBO oil on canvas 'Study of and elderly European woman' signed and inscribed
      Sydney lower left                                                                            300-400
A4    Two B. NASH framed bush scene watercolours                                                    40-60
A5    Douglas Pratt etching 'Pioneers Club'                                                         45-60
A6    Antique engraving 'Melbourne Post Office'                                                     30-60
A7    Unframed etching 'St Pauls College'                                                           30-60
A8    Brayleys Londiniana' 'The Savoy, in 1736'                                                     30-60
A9    Unframed etching 'Medical School, Sydney University'                                          60-80
A10   The antique framed fox hunting prints and a matching frame                                    60-90
A11   Two antique lithographs of ships J. B. Virtue c1860                                           40-60
A12   JAMES R JACKSON oil on canvas 'Mighty Macedon, Vic' signed lower right and titled verso     1800-2800
A13   A. REYNDERS pair of oils on canvas 'Dutch rural homesteads' both signed and dated '49 lower
      right                                                                                        600-850
A14   Set of Picasso postcards dating to 1971                                                        5-10
A15   Framed horse-riding print on canvas possibly George Moore riding                              10-20
A16   JUDY ROSS EDWARDS oil on board 'The Hayshed Gulgong NSW'                                      40-60
A17   Antique print of 'Syston' English manor house                                                 40-60
A18   Miniature of an Indian Prince                                                                 25-40
A19   ALLEN HANSEN watercolour 'North Perisher Valley'                                              75-100
A20   Collection of 10 prints and originals                                                        100-200
A21   Two 1920's fairy paintings on glass                                                           80-120
A22   Two, 'Paris Scenes' oils on canvas signed lower right                                         30-50
A23   Collection watercolours, oil etc. (4)                                                         25-40

                                                     Page 12
Lot                                            Description                                          Estimate ($)
A24   Two antique hunting prints                                                                      60-80
A25   Collection of 13 prints and one oil                                                             60-80
A26   ANITA BAILEY signed print 'Gum Blossom'                                                         50-75
A27   Six framed pictures                                                                             30-50
A28   Collection of 13 antique unframed steel engravings                                              50-75
A29   Collection of framed antique engravings of Colonial interest                                    65-90
A30   LEONARD LONG oil on canvas 'The Old Hayshed (Tumut ) signed lower left and titled verso        100-150
A31   JOHN ROWELL oil on canvas 'Early Morning on the Farm' signed lower left                        100-150
A32   DAVID PERKS oil on board 'Flowers in a Stone Jar' signed lower left and titled verso            75-100
A33   ROBERT EMERSON CURTIS watercolour 'Katherine Gorge, N. T.' signed and dated '75 lower
      right and titled verso                                                                         100-150
A34   PAUL ATROSHENKO monochrome 'Rain forest' signed and dated '69 lower right                      300-500
A35   Framed oil on board 'Riverscape'                                                                20-30
A36   Framed coloured antique engraving 'Hummingbird'                                                 15-25
A37   JOHN ROWELL oil on board 'Morning light' signed lower left and titled verso                    400-650
A38   SUSAN SHERIDAN oil on board 'Light Play- shadows' signed lower left and titled verso           120-200
A39   Volume - The Art of ancient Greece and Rome                                                     35-55
A40   J.THOMAS HARVEY watercolour 'Hawkesbury River' signed lower right and titled lower left        120-180
A41   Two framed Chinese calligraphy by local artist in Xian China                                    40-60
A42   Three piece of stretched Finnish Marrimekko fabric                                              25-40
A43   MARION PURVIS framed etching 'Mechanical Bird' signed lower right                               20-40
A44   ROBYN McCOY oil on board 'Still life' together with a framed watercolour                        30-50
A45   KEN DONE acrylic on canvas 'Shangri - La '1962 signed and dated verso                          150-280
A46   ALBERT SHAMALEY 1973 framed print                                                               35-50
A47   CEDRIC EMANUEL etching 20/90 'On The Slips' signed and titled                                   70-100
A48   CEDRIC EMANUEL etching 90/90 'A Barn at Pitt Town' signed and titled                            70-100
A49   Unsigned oil on board 'Buildings'                                                               25-40
A50   WILLIAM (BILL) GRUNSTEIN oil on canvas board 'Row of Houses' signed and dated '85 lower
      right                                                                                           75-100
A51   Pair of framed antique coloured engravings 'Fish and Native Fauna'                              50-75
A52   Volume - Chinese Monumental Art                                                                 25-40
A53   Volume - The Art of Indian                                                                      15-25
A54   Two boxes of art books                                                                          35-50
A55   Volume - Prints and Printmaking                                                                  5-10
A56   JOHN SALVANA watercolour 1931                                                                  150-200
A57   Limited edition Pro Hart print signed lower right                                               80-120
A58   Framed oil on canvas 'Clown'                                                                    20-30
A59   Set of 4 mounted GEORGE CHINNERY drawings together with the Volume - George Chinnery           600-850
A60   ROBERT CORKERY oil on board 'Between Meetings, Boorowa' signed lower right and titled verso
A61   OFFORD watercolour ' The Prospectors' signed and dated '79 lower right                          60-85
A62   MYLES BIRKETT FOSTER style watercolour 'The Young Harvesters'                                  100-150
A63   L. CUTHBERT watercolour 'Cattle by a highland Stream' signed lower right                       100-150
A64   Framed Japanese woodcut 'The Bridge'                                                            40-65
A65   GEORGE PODMORE watercolour/gouache 'Waves and Rocks on Shoreline' signed and dated (18)
      95 lower right                                                                                 100-150
A66   Framed watercolour of a three masted sailing ship, signed and dated lower right                 60-85
A67   H.S. SINCLAIR watercolour 'Fishing Vessels' signed lower right
A68   LEONARD SQUIRREL dry point 'The Monte Carlo Road' signed and titled                              40-65
A69   Set of 3 framed antique DAVID ROBERTS hand coloured lithographs - North African/ Egyptian
      scenes                                                                                          75-100
A70   Collection of pictures including originals                                                      60-85
A71   DOUGLAS DUNDAS oil on canvas 'Mountain Home' signed lower right                                400-650
A72   DOUGLAS DUNDAS oil on bard 'Town in Tuscany' signed lower right                                400-650

                                                  Page 13
Lot                                                  Description                                    Estimate ($)
 A73   REMBRANDT etching 'Charity' dated 1648 in the plate (recent impression)
 A74   Volume - Donald Friend 'Bumbooziana' signed limited edition 146 of 150 published in 1979     2000-3000
 A75   LOUIS FRANK oil on canvas 'Bush Pool & Waterfall' signed and dated 1884 lower left            500-850
A75A   Three art books, Streeton, Roberts and McCubbin                                                60-80

       Collection of Signed Pro Hart Prints
A76    'Near Surfers Paradise'                                                                        45-65
A77    'Near Surfers Paradise'                                                                        45-65
A78    'Near Surfers Paradise'                                                                        45-65
A79    'Stephens Creek Picnic'                                                                        60-85
A80    'The Football Match' *signed near the drawn in football, Pro omitted to paint the football     60-85
A81    'The Turnstile'                                                                                50-75
A82    'The Lights of Cobb & Co'                                                                      50-75
A83    'The Cattle Dogs Death'                                                                        50-75
A84    'The Blade Shearers'                                                                           50-75
A85    'The Football Match' (framed) * and again signed near the drawn in football                   100-160

 A86   Two Volumes - New Zealand Art                                                                  20-30
 A87   Five framed prints and a framed photo                                                          30-45
 A88   JAMES B MOORE watercolour 'English Country House' signed and dated '28 lower right             50-75
 A89   Pair of framed antique ancestor portraits                                                     800-1200
 A90   Unframed oil on canvas 'Horse & Grooms'                                                       100-150
 A91   Unframed oil on canvas 'Contemplation'                                                        100-150
A91A   Oil on canvas 'Young Girl with Dog'
 A92   Oil on canvas 'Coachman and Horses'                                                            60-85
 A93   Oil on canvas 'Carriage Ride'                                                                 100-150
 A94   Oil on canvas 'Horse and Carriage'                                                            100-150
 A95   Oil on canvas 'Equestrienne'                                                                   80-120
 A96   Oil on canvas 'Still Life'                                                                    100-150
 A97   Oil on canvas 'English Country House'                                                         100-150
 A98   HELEN BLOOMFIELD oil on canvas 'Hunter Valley Landscape' signed and titled lower right         50-75
 A99   Oil on canvas 'Florence'                                                                       75-100
A100   Oil on canvas 'Duck Pond' signed lower right                                                   75-100
A101   Collection of pictures                                                                         50-75
A102   Pair of oil on canvas portraits of ladies                                                     140-200
A103   Pair of oil on canvas 'Still life's'                                                          140-200
A104   Set of 4 framed original l prints 'Landscapes'                                                 75-100
A105   Oil on canvas 'The Holy Family'                                                                45-65
A106   Oil on canvas 'Rider Leading a Horse'                                                          50-75
A107   DONALD FRASER oil on board 'Beach Scene' signed lower left                                     80-120
A108   Framed prints 'Tea Pots, Cups & Jugs'                                                          35-50
A109   Framed Ken Done print 'Sydney'                                                                 15-25
A110   Set of 6 framed watercolours suitable for kitchen, sun room etc.                               50-75
A111   Oil on canvas 'Horse Versus the Car'                                                           45-65
A112   Pair of framed prints of sailing ships                                                         20-30
A113   Collection of pictures                                                                         35-50
A114   Collection of pictures                                                                         35-50
A115   Oil on canvas portrait of a lady                                                              100-150
A116   Oil on canvas 'Gentlemen Riding'                                                               80-120
A117   Oil on canvas 'Abstract'                                                                       50-75
A118   Oil on canvas 'Young Lady'                                                                     30-45
A119   Framed oval watercolour 'Fortune Telling'                                                      60-85
A120   Framed set of prints of flowers                                                                60-85
A121   Set of 4 framed prints of fruit                                                                50-75

                                                        Page 14
Lot                                                Description                                              Estimate ($)
A122   Signed framed print 'Collage Art II'                                                                   80-120
A123   Three framed picture - Fox Hunting, Fruit and Sweet Peas                                               30-45
A124   Volume - Vietnam Art                                                                                   15-25
A125   Two framed oils on canvas 'Flowers and Fruit'                                                          80-120
A126   ROBERT EMERSON CURTIS - collection of art, letters, etching and news clippings                         40-65
A127   Four framed pictures                                                                                   30-45
A128   Framed oil of a sailing ship                                                                           30-50
       FURNITURE - at 1:15 p.m. approx. Sunday
F1     Two volumes - Edwardian Furniture and Encyclopaedia of Antiques                                        15-25
F2     Volume -1988 Commemorative Collection of Colonial Furniture                                            15-25
F3     Volume - Fine Furniture                                                                                25-40
F4     Antique Regency mahogany cheval mirror                                                                480-650
F5     Antique mahogany tea poy                                                                              480-650
F6     Antique walnut work table                                                                             440-650
F7     Superb antique walnut rising top davenport                                                           1800-2800
F8     Antique side chair                                                                                    100-150
F9     Large elaborate gilt overmantel mirror                                                               1500-2000
F10    Antique salon table with marquetry oval and frieze drawer                                             600-850
F11    Antique elm stool                                                                                     170-240
F12    Pair of antique mahogany carvers                                                                      600-850
F13    Antique mahogany tea table                                                                            400-650
F14    Edwardian Sheraton inlaid mahogany hanging corner cabinet * with English receipt £650 in 1993
F15    Early French style fruitwood side table with drawer * highest bidder to have choice of this and/or
       next lot                                                                                              500-750
F16    The matching table                                                                                    500-750
F17    Antique tapestry upholstered high back armchair                                                       500-750
F18    Black faux suede 3 piece lounge suite                                                                 300-500
F19    Pair of Georgian style cane seated carvers                                                            150-200
F20    Antique marquetry and parquetry top occasional table                                                  340-500
F21    Attractive Persian rug- burgundy and cream tones                                                      200-300
F22    Set of 4 antique upholstered back dining chairs                                                       400-650
F23    Antique Australian Colonial cedar circular dining/occasional table                                    140-200
F24    Nest of tables                                                                                         50-75
F25    Nest of 3 tables                                                                                       45-65
F26    Pair of antique ebonised pedestals                                                                    400-650
F27    Antique two drawer Canterbury                                                                         300-440
F28    Antique pale oak bureau bookcase                                                                      700-1000
F29    Antique mahogany bow fronted chest of 3 drawers                                                       500-750
F30    Empire style circular salon table with ormolu mounts                                                  300-440
F31    Handsome French style settee/day bed                                                                  900-1400
F32    Antique extension dining table                                                                        200-300
F33    Brown leather 2 ½ seater settee                                                                       500-750
F34    Antique oval walnut loo table                                                                         500-750
F35    Set of 4 antique continental mahogany dining chairs                                                   400-650
F36    Pakistani rug                                                                                         120-180
F37    French style parquetry top sideboard with 3 cupboards and a pair of drawers                           500-750
F38    Georgian style bow fronted chest of drawers                                                           280-400
F39    Small regency style sofa table with drawer                                                            100-150
F40    Antique mahogany dressing table with pair of candle sconces                                           300-440
F41    Tall narrow bookcase with drawer below                                                                100-150
F42    Pair of gilt Empire style mirrors                                                                     180-280
F43    Louis style armchair                                                                                   80-120

                                                      Page 15
Lot                                                  Description                                   Estimate ($)
F44   Wine table 'rope' edge                                                                         35-50
F45   Wine table 'pie crust' edge                                                                    30-45
F46   Antique Georgian mahogany drop side dining table, 6 legs                                     1000-1400
F47   Antique grandmother chair                                                                     200-300
F48   Marble top Louis XVI style console table                                                      180-280
F49   Self stripe Baker 2½ seater settee * highest bidder to have choice of this and/or next lot    400-650
F50   The matching settee                                                                           400-650
F51   Two camel bags                                                                                100-150
F52   Small scale antique dressing table, possibly for a child                                      240-360
F53   Georgian style tea table with drawer                                                          140-200
F54   Bedside chest of drawers                                                                      180-280
F55   Small inlaid cabinet, pair of drawers above a cupboard                                        100-150
F56   Antique mahogany chiffonier                                                                   300-460
F57   Vintage/antique Chinese jardinière pedestal                                                   200-300
F58   Green ceramic cylindrical umbrella stand                                                       50-75
F59   Partnership desk with 9 drawers front and back . Tooled burgundy leather top                  750-1000
F60   Pair of antique Australian colonial cedar dining chairs                                        75-100
F61   Antique adjustable desk chair                                                                  60-85
F62   Antique late Victorian bookcase                                                               800-1200
F63   Comfortable Louis style lounge chair                                                          340-500
F64   Antique toilet mirror                                                                         100-160
F65   Antique cedar chest of 2 small and 3 long drawers                                             500-750
F66   Antique toilet mirror                                                                         140-200
F67   Antique pine chest of 4 drawers                                                               380-500
F68   Antique tilt top occasional table                                                             180-280
F69   Square contemporary coffee table                                                               90-140
F70   Set of 4 Regency style dining chairs                                                           80-100
F71   Antique mahogany enclosed sideboard                                                           900-1400
F72   Large Pakistani wool rug                                                                      200-300
F73   Small antique glass doored cabinet with interior shelf                                        200-300
F74   Antique Chinese chest                                                                         100-150
F75   Chinese cabinet with drawers                                                                  120-180
F76   Chinese 2 door cabinet                                                                        120-180
F77   Spanish style entertainment unit                                                               90-140
F78   Comfortable vintage Sanderson upholstered lounge chair                                        300-440
F79   Circular pale timber chest of 2 drawers                                                        80-120
F80   Antique chaise longue                                                                         480-650
F81   Antique French circular table                                                                 400-650
F82   Set of 8 antique elm rush seated dining chairs                                                800-1200
F83   Antique Australian Colonial cedar two leaf extension dining table                            1200-1800
F84   Set of 4 antique Australian Colonial cedar dining chairs                                      800-1000
F85   Antique Northern Chinese Yumu armchair                                                        300-500
F86   Antique English oak mule chest                                                                650-900
F87   off white painted French style sideboard - pairs of cupboards and drawers                     400-650
F88   Oval gilt mirror                                                                               45-65
F89   Nine drawer pedestal desk, tooled green leather top                                           400-650
F90   Antique mahogany toilet mirror with drawer                                                    100-150
F91   Chippendale style glass doored china cabinet                                                  300-400
F92   Jackson 3 door display cabinet with interior light, drawers and cupboard below                200-300
F93   Antique bamboo and lacquer hallstand                                                          400-650
F94   Pair of Indonesian display cabinets                                                           160-260
F95   Antique Dutch Colonial two drawer side table                                                  200-300
F96   Indonesian extension dining table and 6 chairs                                                200-300

                                                        Page 16
 Lot                                                Description                                            Estimate ($)
F96A    Long footstool                                                                                         60-85
 F97    Pair of Indonesian side chairs                                                                         60-85
 F98    Indonesian display cabinet                                                                            120-180
 F99    Antique Dutch Colonial cupboard                                                                       200-300
F100    Regency style drop side occasional table with drawer                                                  100-150
F101    Chippendale style mahogany two leaf extension dining table and 8 matching side chairs, drop in
        green draylon upholstery                                                                              600-850
F102    Vintage glass chrome framed counter/ showcase                                                         200-300
F103    Good antique Australian Colonial cedar partnership desk                                              1200-1800
F104    Antique mirror back hallstand with drawer and marble shelf                                            480-650
F105    Antique Georgian mahogany bureau                                                                     1200-1600
F106    Contemporary hand woven wool rug (Llama Motif)                                                         60-85
F107    Antique Spanish bench                                                                                 300-400
F108    Pair of antique cast iron verandah cornices * highest bidder to have choice of this and/ or next two
        lots                                                                                                   50-75
 F109   The matching pair                                                                                      50-75
 F110   The matching pair                                                                                      50-75
 F111   Pair of antique school bench ends * highest bidder to have choice of this and /or next 2 lots          30-45
 F112   The matching pair                                                                                      30-45
 F113   The matching pair                                                                                      30-45
 F114   New Guinea story board                                                                                200-300
 F115   Large European wooden bowl                                                                            140-200
 F116   Marble top metal patio table                                                                          140-200
 F117   Pair of Oriental ceramic 'dragon' jardinières                                                         200-300
 F118   Persian carpet red and black tones                                                                    200-300
 F119   Large Persian carpet, cream and blue tones - with Tehran receipt for 3,200 rials in 1973              750-1000
 F120   Attractive 5 piece outdoor /patio setting - table and four armchairs                                  120-180
 F121   Pair of seagrass armchairs                                                                            100-150
 F122   Three piece seagrass patio suite                                                                      150-200
 F123   Clam shell                                                                                             80-120
F123A   Inlaid marble table top                                                                               750-1000
 F124   Marble urn                                                                                            140-200
 F125   Carved Italian wooden bed head                                                                        240-360
 F126   Majolica jardinière with bromeliad                                                                    120-180
 F127   Toucan style child's rocker                                                                            45-65
 F128   Smart palisander rectangular coffee table                                                             200-360
 F129   Outdoor/patio dining set in steel and wood - table and 4 chairs                                       260-400
 F130   Oregon rectangular table with drawer                                                                  140-200
 F131   Large yellow ceramic pot with metal liner                                                              50-75
 F132   Metal garden chair                                                                                     25-40
 F133   Antique American dry sink with lift top, original paint                                               300-460
 F134   metal meat safe                                                                                        20-35
 F135   Three vintage wooden boxes                                                                             45-65
 F136   Open 4 shelf bookcase                                                                                  90-140
 F137   Collection of 5 woven baskets                                                                          40-65
 F138   Vintage silky oak dressing table                                                                       50-75
 F139   Large green metal hat box                                                                              50-75
 F140   Unusual storage cabinet, probably for shoes (disguised as a chest of 3 drawers)                        60-85
 F141   Teak rocking chair                                                                                     80-120
 F142   Contemporary lounge chair                                                                              60-85
 F143   Contemporary red and black desk chair
 F144   Tapestry with wooden pole                                                                              80-120
 F145   Antique tin trunk                                                                                      15-25

                                                       Page 17
 Lot                                                  Description                           Estimate ($)
 F146   Cedar foot for a single bed                                                            5-10
 F147   Vintage blue and cream carpet                                                         40-65
 F148   Louis Berczi large copper mural                                                      500-750
 F149   Three Louis Berczi copper plaques ( table tops)                                       60-85
 F150   Low open 2 shelf bookcase                                                             60-85
 F151   Electric trouser press                                                                25-40
 F152   Vintage clothes (laundry) basket on metal trolley                                     50-75
 F153   Contemporary wool rug                                                                 40-65
 F154   Persian rug - red and black tones                                                    150-200
 F155   Long refectory type dining table - the recycled timber from Luna Park               1000-1500
 F156   Set of 8 French rush seated dining chairs                                            500-750
 F157   Classic library open bookcase, detachable pediment                                   900-1500
 F158   Persian rug - red and black tones                                                    160-240
 F159   Wooden framed mirror                                                                  40-65
 F160   Large twin handled copper pot                                                        200-300
 F161   Copper pot                                                                            90-140
 F162   Oriental copper pot                                                                   65-90
 F163   Off white painted kitchen dresser                                                    300-440
 F164   Set of 4 antique Australian Colonial cedar dining chairs
 F165   Rustic hardwood table                                                                400-650
 F166   Indian pure wool hand woven carpet - blue and cream tones                             50-120
 F167   Pair of yellow lounge chairs                                                          80-120
 F168   Colefax and Fowler green satin damask two seater settee                              400-650
 F169   Long narrow fire stool                                                                50-75
 F170   Vintage bedroom chair                                                                 10-20
 F171   Oval occasional table                                                                 60-85
 F172   Low pine two drawer table                                                            200-300
 F173   Cane chest of 4 drawers                                                               40-65
 F174   Cane single sleigh bed                                                                40-65
 F175   Contemporary wool rug                                                                 60-85
 F176   Vintage child's high chair                                                            25-40
 F177   Brass framed wall mirror                                                              90-140
 F178   Pale timber side table with two drawers                                              140-180
 F179   Stylish French double bed                                                            400-650
 F180   Deco cocktail cabinet                                                                200-300
 F181   Pair of cane armchairs * highest bidder to have choice of this and/or next 4 lots     90-140
 F182   The matching pair                                                                     90-140
 F183   The matching pair                                                                     90-140
 F184   The matching pair                                                                     90-140
 F185   The matching pair                                                                     90-140
 F186   Pine mirror doored cabinet                                                            25-40
 F187   Grey entertainment stand                                                              20-30
 F188   Pine dining table with drawer to one end                                             600-850
F188A   Antique narrow bench                                                                 200-300
 F189   Strong set of 8 pine dining chairs                                                   600-850
 F190   Metal towel rail and rack                                                             30-45
 F191   Modern roll top desk                                                                 100-150
F191A   Large square occasional table                                                        120-180
 F192   Towel rail                                                                            45-65
 F193   Rectangular wall mirror                                                               10-20
 F194   Twin pedestal nine drawer desk, tooled green leather top                             500-750
 F195   Antique bedroom chair                                                                  5-10
 F196   Set of 8 ( 6 + 2 ) admiralty back dining chairs                                      300-400

                                                         Page 18
Lot                                                Description                                   Estimate ($)
F197   Cane armchair                                                                               40-65
F198   Empire style two seater settee                                                             300-400
F199   Green two seater settee                                                                    100-150
F200   Rectangular gilt framed mirror                                                             200-300
F201   Harlequin set of 6 antique pine dining chairs                                              500-750
F202   Long rectangular oregon table used for wine with a drawer for corks                        180-280
F203   Elm occasional table                                                                       100-150
F204   Coffee table with undershelf                                                               100-150
F205   Set of 3 antique mahogany side chairs                                                      120-180
F206   Single sleigh style bed (complete)                                                          80-120
F207   Green rocking chair                                                                         60-85
F208   Dark stained queen size bed (complete)                                                      50-75
F209   Pair of contemporary chrome and leather armchairs                                          240-360
F210   Large Indian coffee table                                                                  100-150
F211   Leather panelled double bed                                                                 60-75
F212   Geoff hardy 4 door wardrobe                                                                100-140
F213   Pair of cream painted plaster chairs                                                       200-300
F214   Pair of teak planter chairs                                                                200-300
F215   Vintage A shape wooden ladder                                                               75-100
F216   Slab timber occasional table                                                                90-140
F217   Mahogany circular coffee table                                                              75-100
F218   Antique Swedish pine church pew * highest bidder to have choice of this and/or next lot    200-300
F219   The matching pew                                                                           200-300
F220   Wooden boot holder                                                                          30-45
F221   Square black leather coffee table with 4 matching stools                                   200-300
F222   Pale timber inlaid circular table and 4 chairs                                             240-380
F223   Pale timber stool with lift up sewing compartment                                           25-40
F224   Contemporary lounge chair                                                                   80-120
F225   Three piece vintage cream upholstered lounge suite                                         100-150
F226   pair of square painted side tables                                                          50-75
F227   Chippendale style demi lune mahogany console table                                          80-120
F228   Vintage maple wardrobe                                                                       5-10
F229   Two easels                                                                                  80-120
F230   Antique walnut loo table                                                                   100-150
F231   Set of 6 antique cameo back salon chairs                                                   300-400
F232   Pine open 5 shelf bookcase                                                                  90-140
F233   Antique bobbin turned d armchair                                                           150-200
F234   Vintage caned armchair                                                                      75-100
F235   Set of 4 wooden bar stools                                                                  30-45
F236   Small oak framed bevelled wall mirror                                                       15-25
F237   Pale timber stool                                                                           10-20
F238   Campaign chest of drawers with later attached wing mirror                                  300-400
F239   Vintage bedside cabinet                                                                     20-30
F240   Glass topped cane circular casual dining table with 4 cane chairs                          180-280
F241   Vintage cane basket                                                                         90-140
F242   Gilt wall mirror                                                                           140-200
F243   Set of 6 vintage oak dining chairs with leather upholstery                                 100-150
F244   Two drawer table                                                                            40-65
F245   Handsome Chippendale style 2 door china cabinet                                            480-650
F246   French style pine and painted base two drawer table                                        240-360
F247   Recycled pine rectangular dining table and 6 chairs                                        300-400
F248   Open three shelf bookcase                                                                   30-45
F249   Pair of 3 drawer bedside chests                                                             90-140

                                                      Page 19
Lot                                                Description                   Estimate ($)
F250   Two bedside cabinets                                                        40-65
F251   Black painted urn                                                           45-65
F252   Pale timber bedside cabinet, black marble top                              100-150
F253   French style bedside cabinet, marble top                                   100-2150
F254   Cream hand painted chest                                                   120-180
       LIGHTING - at 4:00 p.m. approx. Sunday
L1     Small oriental carved and pierced bone lamp                                 25-35
L2     Antique style five branch candelabra                                        45-60
L3     Painted timber table lamp, cream shade                                      25-40
L4     Pair of brass side lamps black shades                                       80-120
L5     Pair of attractive cane side lamps - no shades                             100-200
L6     Pair of green pottery based table lamps                                     60-85
L7     Urn shaped alabaster lamp base                                              20-30
L8     Marble lamp base - cream shade                                              25-40
L9     Vintage Bohemia glass table lamp                                            35-50
L10    Art Nouveau style table lamp                                                25-40
L11    Middle Eastern inspired brass standard lamp                                 80-120
L12    Murano table lamp base                                                      35-50
L13    Pair of brass wall brackets                                                 25-40
L14    Bell shaped shade, frosted and clear glass                                   5-10
L15    Two 'Alex Noble creations' lamps and another side lamp                      25-40
L16    Pair of milk glass shades                                                    5-10
L17    Pair of timber table lamps, tan shades                                      80-120
L18    Pair of vintage bronzed cavalier table lamps                               480-650
L19    Antique marble column based oil lamp                                       300-460
L20    Fancy clear glass antique                                                   35-50
L21    Clear glass antique oil lamp                                                25-40
L22    Ceramic based antique oil lamp                                              30-45
L23    Antique style table lamp                                                    40-60
L24    Contemporary metal and glass up light                                       80-120
L25    Contemporary black standard lamp                                            80-120
L26    Two vintage blue metal shades                                               40-60
L27    Two candlestick style lamps with black and gold shades                      60-80
L28    Box of venetian chandelier parts                                            40-60
L29    Antique opaque fairy light                                                  60-80
L30    Antique amethyst fairy light                                                60-80
L31    Five arm chandelier
L32    Five arm brass crystal chandelier                                           80-120
L33    Brass crystal chandelier                                                    40-60
L34    Four table lamps                                                            40-65
L35    Pair of brass 'pineapple' candle brackets                                   25-40
L36    Pair of table lamps                                                         25-40
L37    Onyx based table lamp                                                       30-45
L38    Cherub based table lamp                                                     30-45
       MISCELLANEA - at 4:25 p.m. approx. Sunday
M1     Japanese lacquer ware supper set with mother of pearl inlaid lid
M2     Brass ornamental horse                                                      45-60
M3     Antique brass Russian Samovar                                              100-200
M4     Antique Japanese brass plate with dragon decoration                         60-80
M5     Antique horn handled butcher's steel                                         5-10
M6     Interesting collection of antique /vintage photographs - Mainly Russian
M7     Folio of Russian sheet music                                                 15-30

                                                       Page 20
Lot                                              Description                    Estimate ($)
M8    Collection of shells                                                        60-80
M9    Plaster bust of a woman                                                     20-40
M10   Large collection of boxed sets of records of Classical music                15-30
M11   Ladies fox jacket                                                           40-60
M12   Ladies summer hat 'Hat Studio London'                                       20-40
M13   Edwardian plated cigarette case in the form of a rifle magazine             30-50
M14   Combination vintage vesta and stamp box in book form                        30-45
M15   Pair of antique Japanese cloisonné vases                                    80-120
M16   Pair of red ground cloisonné vases                                          60-80
M17   Four vintage brass vases together with a pair of brass candlesticks         40-60
M18   Pair of Chinese lacquer ware lidded containers                              60-80
M19   Art Nouveau brass cigar box                                                100-200
M20   Chinese brass cigar box                                                     35-50
M21   Pair of antique spelter figures                                            120-180
M22   Copper planter                                                              10-20
M23   Collection to include binoculars cigar box pipes etc.                       40-60
M24   Antique inlaid walnut writing slope - in need of some attention             20-40
M25   Two Chinese cork pictures                                                   10-20
M26   Large quantity of vintage playing cards                                     35-55
M27   Oriental circular brass tray                                                15-25
M28   Brown crocodile purse                                                       75-100
M29   Snakeskin purse                                                             30-45
M30   Oroton brown leather unisex document bag/carry-all                          60-85
M31   Pair of Oriental lacquer vases and stained green coral dish                 15-25
M32   Collection of Trobriand Island figures                                      25-40
M33   Collection of aboriginal artefacts possibly from Bathurst Island            40-65
M34   Cased Minolta camera with 2 zoom lenses                                     25-40
M35   Collection of geological specimens                                          20-35
M36   Hand carved Indonesian chess set                                            25-40
M37   Pair of Balinese puppets                                                    15-25
M38   Miniature set of leather bound books (26)                                   40-60
M39   Two volumes - Byron's Poetical Works 1862 & The Poetical Works of Blake
M40   Two hard stone and shell wall plaques                                       15-30
M41   Pair of framed plaster dioramas                                             80-120
M42   Art Nouveau bust                                                           100-200
M43   Art Nouveau spelter figure signed L & F Moreau                             200-300
M44   Collection of art magazines                                                 15-30
M45   Hillview Lane porcelain doll                                                10-15
M46   Four volumes - Art related                                                  25-40
M47   Four volumes - Antiques                                                     25-40
M48   Collection of playing cards                                                  5-10
M49   Pentax camera                                                               15-25
M50   Bronze of a horse and rider                                                180-280
M51   Bronze of a toreador and bull                                              240-360
M52   Bronze of an exotic dancer                                                 200-300
M53   Bronze of cupid                                                            200-300
M54   Bronze of an exotic dancer                                                 100-150
M55   Bronze of an exotic dancer                                                 100-150
M56   Pair of carved Chinese hard stone pillows                                   40-60
M57   Cooke, Troughten & Sons timber cased architectural drawing set              60-80
M58   Vintage timber cased Sikes hydrometer                                       60-80
M59   Vintage technical drawing set                                               25-40
M60   Vintage English distance meter in original timber case                      40-60

                                                    Page 21
Lot                                                Description                                           Estimate ($)
M61 Two English timber cased drawing sets                                                                   40-60
M62 Antique postcard album together with a collection of reproduction of limited edition tobacco
    posters and 'Wimbles Ink' printing catalogue                                                           60-80
M63 Antique Chinese tea caddy together with a cloisonné bowl                                               35-60
M64 Bronze statue - female nude                                                                            80-120
M65 Six volumes on antiques and oriental carpets                                                           40-60
M66 Boxed Lot - Italian trays, marble grapes, pewter teapot etc.                                           60-80
M67 Paper shredder                                                                                         10-20
M68 Antique style bust of Beatrice                                                                         40-65
M69 Antique spelter figure of a lady                                                                       90-140
M70 Framed oval miniature of a lady wearing pearls                                                         75-100
M71 Vintage bisque miniature baby doll                                                                      5-10
M72 Brown velvet retro telephone cover                                                                      5-10
M73 Canadian canvas back decoy swan, carved initials to base                                               45-65
M74 Wooden decoy duck with glass eyes                                                                      30-50
M75 Four volumes - Wedgwood, Glass, Art Nouveau and Millers                                                30-45
M76 Box of books on painted finishes                                                                       30-50
M77 Box of books - general                                                                                 25-40
M78 Two boxes of kitchen items including juicer                                                            30-50
M79 Two pairs of 1930's ladies silk pyjamas as well as a small quantity of vintage lace and other silk
    items                                                                                                   35-60
M80 Two boxes of paperbacks                                                                                 30-50
M81 Box of books art related                                                                                40-60
M82 Collection of books on WWII (mainly written in Dutch)                                                   30-50
M83 Set of 10 framed Wills cigarette cards 'Australian Wild Flowers'
M84 Box of books on antiques                                                                                15-25
M85 Carved Chinese greenstone and pewter bowl                                                               20-30
M86 Vintage Leitz- Germany projector
M87 Boxed lot including model yacht                                                                        15-25
M88 Carved cameo shell                                                                                     10-20
M89 Two Pentax cameras                                                                                     25-40
M90 Vintage ladies sheepskin coat                                                                          35-60
M91 Vintage picnic basket                                                                                  10-20
M92 Olive wood box 'N C R'                                                                                 10-20
M93 Two framed vintage maps - NSW & England and Wales                                                      30-45
M94 Two framed vintage map of the world showing an unfinished North America & New Holland                 100-150
M95 Five branch brass candlestick together with a pair of brass vases and an enamelled copper dish
M96    Pair of Chinese soapstone vases                                                                     25-40
M97    Ship's compass                                                                                      35-50
M98    Cased Surveyor's site square                                                                       100-150
M99    Chinese bone carving of a sage                                                                      20-30
M100   Chinese wooden carving of a fisherman                                                               15-25
M101   Antique ivory oval miniature of a young man c1840, original leather case
M102   Antique profile miniature on card of Catherine Wright (née Applequest) 1759 - 1829 (see verso)      45-65
M103   Antique gilt framed oval miniature of a lady signed Adulphus Wing 1850 (see verso)                 180-280
M104   Circular miniature after Raphael                                                                    40-65
M105   Antique oval miniature of a young lady 1820's                                                      200-300
M106   Antique Battersea enamel box, 18th century                                                         120-180
M107   Tasco celestial telescope & lenses                                                                 100-200
M108   Chinese soapstone carving                                                                           15-25
M109   Cast iron model of Pegasus                                                                          60-80
M110   Marble chess set in fitted case                                                                     40-60

                                                      Page 22
 Lot                                           Description                                    Estimate ($)
M111   Plaster bust of a child                                                                  35-55
M112   Three carved wooden crocodiles                                                           25-40
M113   Brass model of a seated female                                                          200-300
M114   Four porcelain dolls                                                                     80-120
M115   Brass circular tray -wall hanging                                                        45-60
M116   Interesting vintage/antique advertising medallion - COOK IN OUR WINDOW TODAY, N° 211
       PITT ST - VISIT HORDERN BROTHERS FOR ALL YOU WANT                                        40-65
M117   Vintage Sydney tram destination roll - Leichhardt, Balmain, Glebe, Lilyfield areas      200-400
M118   Marble and brass smokers stand                                                           35-55
M119   Box of Books - Golf                                                                      40-60
M120   Two boxes of cooking books                                                               40-60
M121   Box of Books - Travel                                                                    40-60
M122   Box of children's books                                                                  40-60
M123   Two boxes of general books                                                               60-80
M124   Two boxes of art catalogues                                                              35-50
M125   Two boxes of cushions, flokati and curtains                                             100-200
M126   Three turntables, amplifier, 2 speakers and a pair of speaker stands
M127   Two wooden African stools                                                                10-20
M128   Two three piece cruets                                                                    5-10
M129   Pair of vintage bronze musicians - cellist & violinist                                   25-40
M130   Vintage 3d 'Magic Pocket Savings Bank'                                                    5-10
M131   Collection of vintage bottle openers                                                     25-40
M132   Three vintage photograph albums                                                          30-50
M133   Cinnabar trinket box, copper bowl and agate dish                                          5-10
M134   Collection to include marble bowls, earthen ware pots etc.                               25-40
M135   Set of 7 copper skillets                                                                 80-120
M136   Vintage framed Thai embroidered picture                                                  25-40
M137   Large box of shells                                                                      50-80
M138   Box of vintage cookbooks                                                                 25-40
M139   Two books on Australian Women                                                            10-15
M140   Three Danish 'Capo' saucepans ( 2 lids) and a French enamel baking dish                  60-80
M141   Small collection- horse related items                                                    10-20
M142   Vintage lac tablecloths and serviettes in a tapestry bag
M143   Two vintage leather briefcases                                                           15-30
M144   Pair of coopered wooden ship's canisters - possibly for salt                             75-100
M145   American Indian canoe paddle                                                             40-65
M146 Boxed 'Matchbox' king size N° 1 Wetherill Hydraulic Shovel                                 25-40
M147 Boxed 'Matchbox' Major N° 5 'Massey Ferguson Combine Harvester'                            25-40
M148 Aboriginal Taringa or message stick                                                        25-40
M149 Pair of Oriental caved bamboo brush pots                                                   30-45
M150 Pair of 1960's anodised aluminium drinks trays                                             20-30
M151 Vintage brass cornet                                                                       25-40
M152 Trobriand Island carving 'Crocodile Hunters'                                               40-65
M153 Hornby LMS 7 piece train set 1930's                                                        60-85
M154 Vintage fireman's serge coat with red collar and brass buttons                             40-65
M155 Vintage leather automobile cap by Stagg Melbourne                                          30-45
M156 Set of 4 vintage tea kitchen canisters                                                     30-45
M157 Set of 6 Huon pine plates                                                                  30-45
M158 Bronze of an exotic dancer with lift up skirt                                             150-200
M159 Volume - Melba                                                                             10-20
M160 Volume - The Store on the Hill (Georges- Melbourne)                                         5-10
M161 Volume - Snuff Boxes                                                                       15-25
M162 Three volumes - Jaguar                                                                     10-20

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Lot                                              Description                            Estimate ($)
M163   Volume - Arts and Crafts Style                                                      15-25
M164   Volume- Architecture on Australia                                                    5-10
M165   Volume - Folk Art                                                                   10-20
M166   Two volumes - Antiques                                                              10-20
M167   Box of books                                                                         5-10
M168   Volume -Australian Coins                                                             5-10
M169   Collection of 19 volumes - Franklin Library (attractive bindings)                   30-50
M170   Good Deco pokerwork crumb tray and brush
M171   Antique copper jelly mould
M172   Vintage child's sailor 'box' which contains two wooden boats
M173   Tin box of model cars and trucks etc.
M174   Box of books                                                                       10-20
M175   Box lot including glass, padlock and cigarette case                                10-20
M176   Carved Chinese amethyst lidded censor with wooden stand                           300-400
M177   Carved Chinese jade dragon                                                        140-200
M178   Set of 4 carved Chinese wooden panels                                             120-180
M179   Two unframed French diplomas 1940's                                                10-20
M180   Volume - Antiques in Australia                                                     15-25
M181   Signed Japanese boxwood netsuke of a pig                                           35-50
M182   Brass twin handled tray, jardinière dish                                           30-45
M183   Pair of spiral column brass candlesticks                                           40-65
M184   Copper preserving pan                                                              30-45
M185   Pair of vintage/antique plaster figures                                            25-40
M186   Bronze censor                                                                      90-140
M187   Bronze lion dog censor                                                             75-100
M188   Heavy oval bronze pot                                                              90-140
M189   Lidded circular bronze pot                                                        100-150
M190   Bronze double sided plaque                                                         40-65
M191   Four tapestries                                                                    20-40
M192   Diorama of the interior of a boat shed                                             40-60
M193   Antique cast iron boot scraper                                                     80-120
M194   Vintage inlaid cigarette box                                                       20-40
M195   Oriental scroll                                                                    40-60
M196   Vintage wind up toy                                                                40-60
M197   Vintage leather hat box                                                            40-60
M198   Vintage snakeskin handbag                                                          60-80
M199   Copper ewer                                                                        40-60
M200   Military cap                                                                       20-40
M201   Vintage small carpet bag                                                           40-60
M202   Greek traditional hat                                                              20-40
M203   Antique table winder                                                               60-80
M204   Set of 18 Hermitage museum videos                                                  20-40
M205   Two boxes of hard bound books                                                      40-60
M206   Six fountain pens                                                                  25-40
M207   Signed bronze model of a sleeping wombat by M. E. Michelmore (South Australia)     30-45
M208   Vintage singer sewing machine                                                      60-80
M209   Box of fabric and linen                                                            35-60
M210   Four ladies hats                                                                   40-60
M211   Large box of shells                                                                60-80
M212   Five vintage skin handbags/cosmetic case                                           35-50
M213   Two lather bags                                                                    10-20
M214   Collection of copper and brass items                                               45-60
M215   Two bird baths                                                                     80-120

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Lot                                               Description                             Estimate ($)
M216   Carved horn sceptre                                                                  80-120
M217   Three boxes of LP records                                                            35-50
M218   Vintage Chinese calligraphy                                                          40-65
M219   Five Chinese silver coins                                                            25-40
M220   Japanese cigarette case                                                              10-20
M221   Seven brass light switches                                                           10-20
M222   Small bisque kewpie doll                                                              5-10
M223   Horn gramophone                                                                      90-140
M224   Hand clippers                                                                         5-10
M225   Collection of 7 jewellery boxes                                                      80-120
M226   Vintage leather collar box                                                           40-60
M227   Antique wooden stamp box                                                             15-25
M228   Millinery block, glass ware, telephone and framed print                              25-40
M229   Painted metal figure 'Exotic Dancer'                                                 40-65
M230   Beam balance                                                                         90-140
M231   Pair of wood and metal masks                                                         30-45
M232   Pair of carved wooden panels                                                         30-45
M233   Indonesian wooden frame, carved panel of horses and mother of pearl inlaid panel     30-45
M234   Two leadlight panels                                                                 30-45
M235   Beam balance                                                                         90-140
M236   Framed antique Sydney sepia photograph 'Horse Team'                                  40-65
M237   Small oval convex mirror                                                             20-30
M238   Collection of mainly Oriental items and a lamp shade                                 35-50
M239   Collection of stamps and post cards                                                  20-30
M240   Collection of bow ties and silk squares                                              20-30
M241   Basket of four potted ornamental cabbages                                            35-50
M242   Two terracotta figures -Central American                                             40-65
M243   Antique Russian enamelled plaque                                                    200-300
                                     sale ends at 6:45 p.m. approx. Sunday
                           Delivery for 1 hour & 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday & Tuesday

                                  Acceptances for the April sale from Tuesday

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