Power Transformer Diagnostics

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                             “Power Transformer Diagnostics”

               ENGINEERING & PRACTICES” HELD ON 23-25 OCT.2009

Three  days  Short  Term  Training  Program  (STTP)  w.e.f.  23  Oct,  09  to  25  Oct,09  on  “Power 
Transformer Engineering & Practices” was inaugurated by Prof I.K .Bhat,  Director NIT Hamirpur on 
23  Oct,09  in  the  seminar  hall  of  EED.  23  No.  students  of  final  year  electrical  engineering  diploma 
from Govt. Polytechnic College Hamirpur attended the STTP. This programme was organized under 
the aegis of TIFAC‐CORE NIT Hamirpur.  During the three days training programme both theoretical 
and  practical  aspects  of  transformer  Engineering  will  be  covered  along  with  power  transformer 
diagnosis.  The  program  contents  have  been  designed  so  that  the  students  will  certainly  be 
benefitted by doing this course.   


              Some snapshots of the programme during its inaugural function
Details of Lecture and hands on practical sessions is given as under:
       In total 10 lectures were delivered by the distinguished speakers and about 08 hours
       demonstrations on various transformer diagnostics equipments were conducted.
       The inaugural speaker was Er. B.R. Sharma, Assistant-Executive Engineer from HPSEB. He
       highlighted the power transformer practical aspects mainly transformer foundation design, detailed
       functioning of internal parts of transformer and then grounding /earthing connections etc. Engineer
       B.R. Sharma has also clarified many points by taking participants to the field and sharing various
       parts of the transformer there itself.
       The basic of Power Transformer, e.m.f. equation & equivalent circuit of Transformer was
       explained by Ms. Bharti Bakshi in her lecture.
       General overview of Power Transformer incipient fault diagnosis was elaborated by
       Prof.R.N.Sharma and various important routine tests for Power Transformer diagnostics were
       discussed by Mr. Jashandeep Singh.
       The hidden chemistry involved in Transformer oil and cellulose paper insulation was covered in
       detail by Dr. Pamita Awasthi. The root cause for the insulation degradation due to temperature,
       moisture and environmental factor were thoroughly explained through chemistry, molecular
       structure of cellulose and oil (mineral).
       Due to prolonged loading and sometimes overloading of a transformer, a lot of heat is generated
       with in the transformer, therefore cooling of Power Transformer becomes an essential part. various
       cooling methods were explained by Dr. Ashwani Chandel.
       Seven no. of key gases are generated and dissolved in the transformer oil during operation of
       Power Transformer and the analysis of these gases is very important to assess the incipient faults
       in the Transformer. This analysis was elaborated by Dr. R.N. Sharma in his lecture on Dissolved
       Gas Analysis (DGA)
       Important topics on Load Tap-Changer, Transformer Bushing and their diagnostics procedures
       were taken up by Prof. Sushil Chauhan on third day of this training program.
       Sweep Frequency Response Analysis is the special test for the assessment of mechanical integrity
       of Power Transformers, fundamental of SFRA and how forces i.e. both radial and axial are
       generated in the transformer windings. Importance of SFRA and detection of Power Transformer
       winding movement by SFRA was explained by Dr. Ravinder Nath Sharma.
       Besides this, lab demonstrations were conducted on various diagnosis equipments like C&Tanδ of
       transformer oil by Dr. Sushil Chauhan, Breakdown Voltage Test by Dr. Veena Sharma, DGA
       Analysis by Dr.R.N.Sharma, SFRA and Moisture Test by Dr. Ravinder Nath Sharma. The TIFAC-
       CORE staff members Sh.Ajay Kumar, Sh. Parvinder Kumar and Sh. Anil Kumar extended
       technical support while performing practicals.
       Group Photo of Participants and Resource Persons with Director NIT Hamirpur

After the lecture and practical sessions were over, the valedictory function of the programme was
organized on 25th October, 2009. Director NITH Prof I. K. Bhat was the Chief Guest during this function.
Participants were invited to express their views and they spoke about the benefits they have gained by
taking part in the STTP. In the course of his speech Director NITH called upon the participating students
to use the knowledge and training gained by them in the larger service of society. The certificates were
presented to participants & resource persons by the Chief Guest. The technical supporting staff involved
in the organization of the programme was also honored in the valedictory function