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					                                                       Antique & Collectors Auction
                                                       Date: 19th August 2009
                                                       Location: Mackworth Hotel, Derbyshire
                                                       Further details available at:
Lot Item Description                                                                                                       Estimate
     Silver & Plated Items
1    A 19th century crested travelling spoon and fork and assorted plated items and silver napkin ring, parcel                  20-30

2    A silver engraved commemorative trowel, under glass dome on circular hardwood base, circa 1890                            80-100

3    A good pair of William IV silver salts, in Regency style, together with a pair of silver salt spoons, London, 1831       150-200

     A Continental silver four piece tea set, comprising coffee pot and cover, teapot and cover, milk jug and sugar bowl
4                                                                                                                             200-300
     with cover (4)

5    A Continental silver sugar castor and cover                                                                                60-80

6    A George V silver sauceboat, Walker and Hall, Sheffield                                                                    50-70

7    An early 20th century plated pepperette and mustard pot with liner                                                         10-15

8    A good mid-Victorian silver pierced basket with swing handle, London, 1871                                               250-300

     A pair of cased plain silver napkin rings, Birmingham, 1930, a silver christening mug, Birmingham, 1922 and seven
9                                                                                                                               60-80
     aesthetic design mother of pearl handled knives

10   A pair of Edwardian rococo style silver bon-bon dishes, Birmingham, 1919 (2)                                               40-60

     A rectangular Art Nouveau style silver picture frame, Birmingham, 1915, an unusual miniature silver frame,
11                                                                                                                             80-100
     Birmingham, 1908, a leather cased miniature portable frame and another (4)

12   A cased set of six silver teaspoons, Birmingham, 1904                                                                      20-30

     A neo-classical style silver sugar basket with pierced swing handle and opaque glass liner, London, 1899, 17cm w
13                                                                                                                             80-120
     x 9 cm h
     A George V silver four- piece dressing set comprising a hand mirror, large brush, and two-hand brushes.
14                                                                                                                              40-60
     Birmingham 1918, along with a later hand comb Birmingham 1988 and another hand brush London 1937
     A good Edwardian silver kettle on stand, with semi-reeded decoration, with an ebonised handle and ebonised finial,
15                                                                                                                            200-300
     on four claw feet, surrounding a silver burner. Chester 1908

16   A George V silver bon-bon dish with pieced decoration, Birmingham 1933                                                     20-30

17   An Edwardian oval silver vanity box, decorated with a relief of flowers in a vase, London 1907                            70-100

18   A George V silver purse hallmarked for Birmingham 1924 and another good silver plated purse                                20-30

19   A pair of Edwardian silver spill vases, Birmingham 1907                                                                    20-30

     A miniature late Victorian silver photograph frame, London 1895, along with a Charles Rennie Mackintosh style
20                                                                                                                              20-30
     pewter frame and another small one

21   A George V silver salver with gadrooned border, Birmingham hallmarks, rubbed,                                              70-90

22   An Art Deco style silver plated cocktail shaker                                                                            20-30

23   A cased set of silver teaspoons, Birmingham 1958                                                                           20-30

24   A George V cased set of silver cake forks, Sheffield 1931                                                                  20-30

     A good Art Deco silver cigarette box, on graduated stepped lid, above a silver and blue enamel border, Birmingham
25                                                                                                                            100-150

26   Four silver plated tankards                                                                                                20-30

27   A large William IV silver Fiddle pattern serving spoon, London 1837                                                        30-40

28   A George III silver Old English pattern ladle, London 1787                                                                 30-40
Lot Item Description                                                                                                        Estimate
29   A large silver plated tureen                                                                                                20-30

30   A George V silver inkwell, with a thread border, Sheffield 1917                                                             40-60

31   A George V silver three piece tea set to include teapot, sugar bowl and cream jug, Birmingham 1922                        120-200

32   Novelty Interest - An Edwardian silver menu stand in the shape of owl, Chester 1904                                         30-50

33   A silver plated Art Nouveau oval shaped bowl, decorated with flowers and central figure of a lady                           20-30

34   A George III silver serving spoon, Dublin 1797, and silver table spoon, mid-18th century, marks rubbed                      40-60

35   A silver cigarette case, Birmingham 1936                                                                                    20-30

36   A pair of George V silver salts, Birmingham 1922                                                                            20-30

     An Edwardian silver vase in the form of tulip, Birmingham 1908, along with silver pair of cufflinks, button hook and
37                                                                                                                               20-30
     baby's rattle (4)

38   A George V silver dish, Birmingham 1923 and another silver dish, boxed                                                      20-30

39   A pair of silver napkin rings, London 1977 and two others                                                                   10-20

40   A silver handled carving set and carving knife, Sheffield 1975                                                              20-30

41   An Edwardian silver mustard pot and spoon, Birmingham 1907, a silver cream jug and two silver pepper pots                   30-60

42   An Edwardian silver cigarette case, Birmingham 1905                                                                         20-30

43   A George V silver cigarette case, Birmingham 1922 and continental silver cigarette case                                     20-30

44   A George III silver serving spoon, London 1806, a silver plated ladle and another                                           20-30

     A pair of silver plated candlesticks, decorated with berries around the base, a plated cake basket and assorted
45                                                                                                                               10-15
     plated flatware

46   A Victorian style three piece silver plated tea service                                                                     15-20

     A silver plated wine funnel with ivory stopper, a plated twin handled bowl, plated candlestick and snuffer and
47                                                                                                                               20-30
     candelabra and plated items, parcel

48   A pair of Victorian silver plated bon-bon dishes and an Art deco tray and other items                                       15-20

49   A collection of silver plated items including pepper grinder with ivory handle                                              20-30

50   Two silver vesta cases, marks rubbed                                                                                        10-15

     A silver sovereign holder, Birmingham 1904, a silver button hook, a pair of salad servers and two other plated
51                                                                                                                               20-30
     boxes (6)

52   A silver plated coffee pot and a claret jug with silver plated top                                                          15-20

53   A glass and silver topped sugar sifter, Birmingham 1961                                                                     10-15

54   A modern cased canteen set                                                                                                  20-30

55   A boxed set of fish knives and fork along with three other boxed items of cutlery                                           15-20

     A silver 18th Century two-handled bowl, the handles in the form of two birds, the inner bowl decorated with fish,
56                                                                                                                               30-40

57   A Chester silver vesta case                                                                                                 20-30

58   A case of plated dessert spoons and cased teaware                                                                           10-20

59   Cased bean spoons, assorted spoons and six plated goblets                                                                   15-20

60   A set of six silver cased spoons and pair of sugar nips, London,1900                                                        20-30
Lot Item Description                                                                                                          Estimate
61   An 18ct gold and diamond ring                                                                                                 50-70

     An 18ct white gold Omega lady's wristwatch, with diamond bezel and small silvered dial with roman numerals,
62                                                                                                                               400-600
     ribbon 'sapphire shoulders', in original Omega case

63   A 9 ct gold watch, and a cocktail watch, 1920's (2)                                                                           40-60

64   An 18ct gold and three stone diamond ring and a diamond and sapphire crossover ring (2)                                       30-40

65   A 9ct gold cross on 9ct gold chain                                                                                            30-40

66   A George III silver-mounted crown brooch, two pendants and a brooch                                                           20-30

67   Three 9ct gold rings and two pairs of earrings                                                                                15-20

68   An Art Deco period18ct white gold diamond pendant, inset with 26 rose cut diamonds                                          200-300

69   An agate stick pin, two agate and silver brooches, an agate necklace and a coral necklace (5)                                 60-80

70   Yellow and white metal ring set with sapphire to centre, surrounded by eight brilliant cut diamonds                           30-40

     Circa 1920, yellow and white metal ring set with five antique brilliant cut diamonds, in bezel settings, total diamond
71                                                                                                                               200-300
     weight approx 1ct (stamped 18ct/plat)

72   Circa 1860, 15ct ring set with five shallow claw set facetted garnets                                                         30-50

73   Yellow metal diamond set gypsy ring set with three antique brilliant cut diamonds (has been re-shanked)                       20-40

     Deco white metal blue zircon and 18ct diamond dress ring, rectangular step cut blue zircon with stepped shoulder
74                                                                                                                                 60-80
     each with three grain set diamonds

75   Platinum diamond set marquise shape ring set with fifteen grain set diamonds                                                120-200

     Deco white metal square emerald and diamond flat bed cluster ring. Central grain topped bezel emerald
76                                                                                                                               200-300
     surrounded by twelve millegrain set diamonds
     Yellow and white metal diamond set round cluster ring. Central grain set diamond in star motif surrounded by eight
77                                                                                                                                 50-80
     diamonds (stamped 18ct)
     15ct Birmingham 1861, yellow gold ring, set with pearls, emeralds and garnets in a closed back setting with
78                                                                                                                                 30-50
     openwork shoulders and engraved shanks (complete)

79   Silver 1935 hollow hinged bangle with Greek key and scroll engraving                                                          10-20

80   White metal (rhodium plated) and paste set hinged bangle with baroque millegrain paste set front section                      15-20

81   Victorian white metal hinged bangle with gold appliqué work to front section                                                  20-30

     Three base metal and paste set rhodium plated deco style bracelets and one silver Birmingham circa 1890 watch
82                                                                                                                                 20-30
     chain style bracelet with t-bar (new padlock)
     White metal, circa 1880, cairngorm hardstone bracelet with matching padlock. 8" long, four rectangular sections of
83                                                                                                                                 50-80
     various hardstones with connecting oval banded agate cabochons
     15ct Birmingham 1888. 6mm wide square section hinged bangle with intricately hand engraved ivy leaf detail to
84                                                                                                                                70-100
     front section . 10.9gm

85   A 9ct solid slave bangle with heavy embossed details all over, 3mm wide 6.3gm                                                 30-40

     A 9ct 1901 hollow hinged bangle with tapered front section, central ivy leaf engraving, twisted edge and ball detail,
86                                                                                                                                 30-50
     A Victorian yellow metal crossover torque bangle, in the Etruscan Revival style with fine detail wirework and ball
87                                                                                                                                 60-90
     terminations. 9./1gms

88   A 9ct rose gold hollow charm bracelet, with curb links and padlock (no charms attached) 10.4gm                                40-70

     A 9ct gold bracelet with plain patterned links(tagged 9ct but with hallmarked modern end lines(padlock 9ct and
89                                                                                                                                 60-90
     14ct) 16.2gm
     A 9ct solid linked ribbon bracelet 1/2" wide, 7 1/2" long with geometric engraving to entire front face of box catch,
90                                                                                                                               100-150
Lot Item Description                                                                                                             Estimate
91    A yellow metal costume bangle with coral set rose motif to front and back                                                        5-10

92    A Victorian Whitby jet expanding bracelet, central oval jet motif with hand painted portrait of a lady with a closed fan        30-40

93    Three white metal Victorian Cairngorm brooches set with agates                                                                  30-50

94    An eight lobed white metal Victorian cairngorm circular brooch with scallop edge                                                20-30

95    An oval white metal Victorian cairngorm and smokey quartz set brooch 1" x 1 1/3"                                                20-30

96    Four white metal cairngorm set brooches, (three Victorian) (4)                                                                  30-50

97    A good Victorian white metal citrine set ring brooch with intricate hand engraving 2 1/4 x 1 5/8 w                              40-70

98    A Birmingham silver double headed thistle bar brooch set with citrine and amethyst                                              10-20

99    A Victorian white metal circular openwork Celtic brooch, with jasper, bloodstone and cabochon citrines                          40-70

      A pair of Edwardian gold and cabochon turquoise hat pins, with scroll terminals, marked 9ct, within fitted Vickers
100                                                                                                                                  70-100
      case, 17.5cm l

101   Novelty Interest - A brass vesta case, circa 1920, embossed with golf clubs, 5cm l                                              20-30

      A Lalique blue glass scent bottle with disc shaped stopper, mid 20th century, moulded with female figures, in oval
102                                                                                                                                  60-100
      outline, 8.5cm h

103   A 13/4" d eight lobed white metal Victorian circular brooch set with agates/bloodstones and jaspers                             20-30

104   A 2" d eight lobed white metal Victorian circular brooch set with various red agates and jaspers                                20-40

105   A silver Birmingham 1890 brooch set with agate/jaspers and facetted citrines                                                    20-30

106   A Bavarian carved pine desk tidy, modelled as an owl, with glass eyes, 16cm l                                                   20-30

107   A silver Edinburgh 1950 sword brooch with large smokey quartz central to the shield                                             20-30

108   A 2" d circular Victorian brooch with one banded orange agate disc mounted in engraved inner and outer collars                  20-30

109   A bag of costume jewellery                                                                                                      20-30

110   A selection of seven brooches in white metal (four Victorian)                                                                   50-70

111   2" x 1 7/8 oval Whitby jet brooch with central portrait of a young girl holding a white dove                                    30-40

      A white metal brooch of an anemone in pink and green enamel and a white metal brooch of a bluebell in blue
112                                                                                                                                   15-20
      enamel (2)
      A white metal Austro Hungarian brooch, circa 1890, set with three cabochon garnets and four natural pearls with
113                                                                                                                                   30-40
      Baroque detail surround

114   A white metal and enamel brooch, Royal Warks Regiment                                                                           10-20

115   A William IV rosewood tea caddy, circa 1830, of small sarcophagus form, inset with mother of pearl                              50-80

      A George V silver arched shaped time piece, embossed with floral swags, on stepped rectangular base, early 20th
116                                                                                                                                   50-70
      century, 13.5cm h

117   Cecil Aldin - three humorous animal prints, within ebonised frames, 20 x 21.5cm                                                 30-50

118   A silver marcasite sea horse brooch and a marcasite and enamel toucan brooch                                                    10-20

      A white metal circa 1900 white paste set floral spray brooch and a white metal paste set elephant and palm tree
119                                                                                                                                   10-20

120   An assortment of six Victorian yellow metal brooches                                                                           60-100

      An early 19th century Staffordshire pearlware blue and white printed Willow pattern segmented supper dish and
121                                                                                                                                   30-50
      cover, with knop finial, circa 1815

122   2 1/2 " x 2 oval yellow metal cameo set brooch, circa 1880, with engraved openwork scroll surround                              50-70
Lot Item Description                                                                                                        Estimate
      An oval cameo brooch in yellow metal mount, circa 1900 and a well carved oval cameo brooch of a female with
123                                                                                                                             60-100
      floral hair, fine scrollwork detail with hand engraved framework

124   An assortment of five yellow metal brooches                                                                              100-150

      A Victorian yellow metal eight point star brooch, set with eight Dutch rose cut facetted garnets and Dutch rose cut
125                                                                                                                              30-40
      round garnets

126   Three Victorian yellow metal bar brooches                                                                                  20-30

      A yellow metal brooch, circa 1900, with central three part leaf set with seed pearls and a diamond with scroll work
127                                                                                                                              20-30
      terminations and a suspended pear-shaped facetted pink tourmaline (stamped 15ct)
      A Victorian yellow metal of brooch, with two turquoise and seed pearl hearts, surmounted with a lovers knot,
128                                                                                                                              20-30
      stamped 15ct

129   A yellow metal circa 1900 shamrock spray brooch set with seed pearls throughout, stamped 9ct                               20-30

130   A small yellow metal 1880 brooch, with enamelled blue and white forget-me-knot and a single central diamond                30-40

131   A 1" d crescent brooch, circa 1900 set with graduated alternating pearls and turquoise, stamped 15ct                       30-50

      An oval yellow metal Edwardian brooch set with four seed pearl flowers an d four round facetted amethysts,
132                                                                                                                              30-40
      stamped 15ct

133   An 1860's yellow metal and carved coral brooch, in a cushion stamped framework                                             20-30

      A George III garnet yellow metal brooch with central oval closed back facetted garnet surrounded by eight square
134                                                                                                                              20-30
      cut closed back garnets
      A Victorian rosewood and maple inlaid writing slope, circa 1860, with foliate decoration and mother of pearl inlay,
135                                                                                                                              40-60
      41cm l
      A matched pair of Edwardian silver salt cellars, in Art Nouveau cast style, on four paw feet, one marked Walker and
136                                                                                                                              30-50
      Hall, Sheffield, 1902 (2)
      Three early 20th century pencil signed engravings of local scenes, including Whitby Harbour and a North Lincs
137                                                                                                                              30-50
      view (3)

138   A George III garnet and seed pearl set sweetheart/memorial brooch with central clear glass compartments 1" x 7/8"          20-40

139   An Edwardian round yellow metal brooch with central blush toned cameo                                                      10-20

      An 1880's oval yellow metal brooch set with central oval closed back facetted amethyst surrounded by twelve
140                                                                                                                              30-50
      pearls and enhanced with twelve rose cut diamonds

141   A Bavarian carved desk blotter, early 20th century, modelled as a walking bear on a rocker base, 9cm h                     20-30

      An 1890's yellow metal six point star pendant/brooch set with central diamond and six others of equal size, the
142                                                                                                                            120-200
      openwork of the star arms and lobes are set with seed pearls in grain settings

143   A 1900 yellow and white metal brooch set with rose diamonds to the head and the tail grain set in white metal              30-60

      A 1900 yellow and white metal scroll brooch set with five round sapphires in claws entwined with grain set diamond
144                                                                                                                            100-150
      An Art Deco white metal diamond set double bow brooch with central square motif and two diamond set tails to
145                                                                                                                            180-250
      either side, (stamped PLAT and 18ct)
      A 1 1/2" d round 1880's yellow and white metal ornate star pendant brooch set with antique brilliant cut and
146                                                                                                                            200-300
      diamond rose cut diamonds. Note: the yellow metal fittings are removable to alter brooch to a pendant

147   A wooden box and a row of graduated malachite round beads                                                                  10-20

148   A continuous strand of same sized facetted button-shaped amethyst beads, 30" l                                             20-40

149   A row of graduated facetted amber coloured beads, 30" long                                                                 20-40

150   A row of graduated oval amber coloured beads, (opaque), 32" long                                                           30-50

151   A row of graduated oval mid-colour amber/orange beads, (opaque), 29" long                                                  20-40

      A row of graduated round ivory coloured beads, turned barrel catch, 29" long and a row of same sized round cream
152                                                                                                                              20-30
      coloured agate beads, 22" long (2)
      A row of French jet facetted beads on wires, mixed shades, 29" long and a row of French jet ovoid facetted beads
153                                                                                                                              20-30
Lot Item Description                                                                                                          Estimate
      A row of same sized round facetted French jet beads, 16" long and a row of small sized round Royal blue and gold
154                                                                                                                                15-20
      glitter beads (2)
      Chester Interest - An Edwardian silver cased enamel pocketwatch, with subsidiary seconds dial, Chester, circa
155                                                                                                                                30-50
      1905, 5cm d

156   Novelty Interest - A 1920's silver baby's rattle, in the form of an apple, hallmarked Birmingham                             20-30

157   A Scottish brass oval coal bucket and cover, embossed with thistles in Arts and Crafts style, on hoof feet, 35cm h           40-60

      A row of 4mm d round garnet beads 17" l and a row of same sized green aventurine beads, 30" long and a purple
158                                                                                                                                10-20
      glass and white metal necklace (3)

159   A bag of period costume bead necklaces in various colours and lengths (8)                                                    15-25

160   A box of six rows of fashion pearls and a box of two paste set suites                                                        10-20

161   An Edwardian brass aneroid desk barometer, 6.5cm d                                                                           30-50

      A mixed bag of assorted beads and box of twelve pairs of costume clip and screw back earrings, in tooled leather
162                                                                                                                                10-20
      A pair of 9ct yellow gold marquise shaped lapis lazuli drop earrings and two pairs silver pierced earrings and a pair
163                                                                                                                                10-20
      of enamel Nouveau style drops and a pair of mother of pearl studs

164   Two pairs of 9ct yellow gold earrings, pair of studs and drops, a Parker pen and miscellaneous items                         15-20

165   A row of graduated cultured pearls, 20" and a black leather jewel box                                                        30-40

166   A pair of silver Georg Jensen round studs                                                                                    20-30

167   Three pairs of 9ct yellow gold studs                                                                                         20-30

168   Assorted pairs of 9ct gold earrings, parcel                                                                                  20-30

169   Two pairs of Victorian yellow metal earrings, parcel                                                                         20-40

170   Five pairs of Victorian and Edwardian earrings                                                                               20-30

      An Edwardian white metal pendant with blue and white enamel, with central enamel oval depicting a rose, on
171                                                                                                                                15-20
      chain, stamped sterling
      An 1890 period yellow metal heart shaped locket, with central grain set diamond, on green emaille guilloche ground
172                                                                                                                                30-50
      and barrel catch chain

173   A Victorian oval yellow metal locket with central embossed detail, on 32" oval belcher yellow metal chain, 22gm             70-100

174   Two 1920's bead and rolled gold necklaces                                                                                    10-20

175   A Murano glass bowl, with iridescent finish, circa 1960, 41cm d                                                              20-30

176   An Art Nouveau gold and blue topaz pendant on chain, marked 9ct                                                             70-100

177   A 19th century lacquered brass four drawer telescope, with mahogany sleeve, 61cm l extended                                  50-80

178   A late Victorian oval white metal locket, engraved to front, on fixed 24" white metal solid rope chain                       20-40

      A late Victorian yellow metal bracelet heart locket, with central cartouche engraved ABS, on 21" belcher chain,
179                                                                                                                                30-50
      stamped 9ct, 9gms

180   A 1920's rolled gold four section triangle with wirework and faux pearl drops                                                10-20

181   A Rupert the Bear child's puzzle, Hayter and Co, 1982                                                                        10-20

182   A late Victorian oval white metal locket with engraved ivy detail, on 16" white metal double belcher chain                   20-40

183   A late Victorian oval yellow metal locket with engine turned and engraved front, on 17" fancy link belcher chain             30-50

      Two 1920's rolled gold and paste bead necklaces and a white metal necklace set with five facetted garnet set oval
184                                                                                                                                15-20
      clusters, graduating in size
      A late Victorian yellow metal 3/4 d round pendant with central claw set almandine garnet ball edge detail to
185                                                                                                                                20-40
      concave mount and bracket top, on yellow metal 17" chain (stamped 9ct)
Lot Item Description                                                                                                       Estimate
186   Two 9ct yellow gold chains, one rope 15" l, one fancy, 16" 24gm                                                          80-120

187   A Georg Jensen silver necklace with sixteen crescent shaped segments and t bar fastener, number 276, 51gm                80-120

      A Georg Jensen silver pendant, with four petal hammered flower set with single lapis lazuli stone in oval ball
188                                                                                                                             50-80
      surround, on marked Jensen chain, 24" l
      An Edwardian silver Chester Charles Horner pendant, in Art Nouveau design with central blue and green enamel
189                                                                                                                           100-200
      oval and pear dropper, all on double chain, central lozenge enamel, on 19" chain
      An Arts and Crafts white metal round pendant, with central two tone blue Ruskin plaque surrounded by a
190                                                                                                                             30-40
      framework of four roses and four natural pearls, on 14" fancy rope chain (stamped 925)

191   A Victorian yellow metal engraved hollow cross, on 9ct yellow gold oval belcher chain, 5.1gm                              20-30

      A 9ct yellow gold necklace with central blister pearl in wirework freeform design mount flanked by four freshwater
192                                                                                                                             20-30
      pearls, on fixed rope chain, 3.8gm
      An Edwardian yellow metal fixed negligee necklace with central drop of two freeform turquoise matrix stones
193                                                                                                                             30-40
      (stamped 9ct)
      A Belle Époque fine yellow and white metal negligee pendant on fixed chain with central aquamarine drop on two
194                                                                                                                             30-50
      segment diamond and pearl drop (stamped 14k)

195   Chester Interest - A George V silver plain hipflask, of concave outline, early 20th century, 10cm h                       50-80

196   A four-drawer brass and leather bound telescope, with London maker, Newbold and Bulford, London, 45cm l                   40-70

197   A late Victorian set no 1 FMC marked mahogany cased set of rulers, circa 1880                                             40-70

198   A white metal chain, 27" long together with a white metal chain of over 30" l, 25.8gm                                     15-25

      A white metal chain of 50" l guard chain, 1.5 l of round belcher with round filigree balls at equal intervals,
199                                                                                                                             15-20
      continuous length, 22.2gm

200   A 1930's white metal marcasite set fixed necklace, paperclip lineage chain and various costume jewellery, parcel          15-20

      A 1937 shield shaped silver buckle, cast with a Viking ship, incised Ratim Dirice Cursom, hallmarked London, 6cm
201                                                                                                                             40-70

202   A silver charm and a marquisite ribbon brooch                                                                             20-30

203   An Arts and Crafts silver citrine brooch                                                                                  20-30

204   A 9ct gold gate bracelet                                                                                                  40-70

205   A 9ct gold bracelet, curb link and 9ct gold long curb link bracelet                                                       50-70

206   A George V silver bracelet and a plated bracelet (2)                                                                      20-30

207   A late Victorian cameo brooch, carved with three maidens and an amethyst style pendant and bar brooch                     30-50

208   An amethyst pendant crucifix                                                                                              20-30

209   18ct gold pocket watch                                                                                                  400-600

210   A 9ct gold fob pendant on a plated chain                                                                                  40-60

211   A good early 20th century lady's high carat gold and diamond bezel brilliant cut inset dial wristwatch                  350-450

212   An Edwardian silver pocketwatch with key, Thos Ward, Ipswich, London, 1914                                                40-60

213   A gentleman's Edwardian 18ct gold pocket watch, maker "Muret", Switzerland, with key on leather strap                   150-200

214   A gentleman's Edwardian gold plated pocket watch with seconds dial in working order                                       40-60

215   A 19th century Bohemian blue flashed glass small oval vase, circa 1890, swagged with flowers, 8cm h                       20-30

      A stylish rectangular specimen wood tray, circa 1920, inlaid with a female figure in Art deco style, parquetry
216                                                                                                                             30-50
      ground, 48cm l
Lot Item Description                                                                                                          Estimate
217   A modern plated flute, in black case, 41cm l                                                                                 30-40

218   An Accurist lady's' 9ct gold cocktail watch with link bracelet, 1960's                                                       50-70

      Circa 1920 Diamond set round faced lady's wristwatch on black leather strap. Clear dial with black numerals 7/8"
219                                                                                                                              120-200
      diameter. Total with Millegrain set diamond bezel (working)
      Circa 1920 9ct yellow gold lady's wrist watch on black leather strap. Mother of pearl dial, black numerals, 7/8"
220                                                                                                                                20-40
      diameter. Total with octagonal engraved bezel (working)

221   Novelty Interest - A pinchbeck pendant fob seal, probably circa 1900, modelled as a cricket bat and stumps, 2cm h            40-60

      Circa 1910, 1" diameter, 9ct yellow gold lady's wristwatch on brown snakeskin strap. Bi-colour engine turned face
222                                                                                                                                20-40
      with black numerals and broad bezel (working)
      Circa 1910, 1 1/8" diameter, 9ct yellow gold lady's wristwatch on 9 ct expanding double width strap of same period.
223                                                                                                                                40-60
      Clear face with black numeral '12' in red wide bezel (working)
      Circa 1920, 1" diameter silver lady's wristwatch on silk expanding strap of same period. Clear white enamel dial
224                                                                                                                                10-20
      with black numerals '12' in red (not working)
      Circa 1910, 1" diameter, 9ct yellow gold lady's wristwatch on 9ct expanding 'panther' strap of same period. Clear
225                                                                                                                                50-70
      white enamel dial with roman numerals '12' in red (working)
      Circa 1925, 9ct yellow gold 'Bernex' cushion shaped gent's wristwatch on brown leather strap. Clear white round
226                                                                                                                                40-60
      dial with black numerals and second sweep (working)
      Circa 1925, Rolex Oyster gent's cushion shape wristwatch on black leather strap. Clear dial with black and gold
227                                                                                                                               70-100
      numerals and second sweep, 1 1/4" diameter (not working)
      Circa 1930, base metal, Rolex Oyster hexagonal gent's wristwatch on black leather strap. Clear white dial with
228                                                                                                                                50-80
      silver numerals and second sweep (not working)
      9ct yellow gold lady's wristwatch with square dial by Helix. Measures 1/2" at head with gold hour markings and
229                                                                                                                              100-150
      integral mesh strap (working) 25gm
      Yellow metal his/hers wristwatch by Strad. Clear dial with black roman numerals on rectangular face with integral
230                                                                                                                                15-20
      strap and a Smith's stopwatch (2)
      Silver rotary 5/8" diameter, lady's wristwatch 1997 with integral panther strap. Clear white face with hours marked
231                                                                                                                                10-20
      in silver (boxed with papers) (quartz)
      White metal wristwatch gent's on black leather strap, stainless steel, black dial/silver hour markers and date marker
232                                                                                                                                15-25
      (automatic) and another gent's wristwatch (2)

      Collectors' to include Militaria and Miner's Lamps
      A 30 inch Pedigree walking doll, 1960's, with original dress, petticoat, underwear and shoes, long blonde hair, open
233                                                                                                                                60-70
      mouth and closing eyes, marked "Pedigree" to base of neck

234   A cast metal mystical figure, painted, wearing helmet, probably 1920's                                                       50-70

235   Novelty Interest - A fruitwood walking cane, the handle carved with dog of foe, circa 1900, 35cm l                           40-60

236   A 19th century mahogany cased pocket compass and sundial                                                                     30-40

237   A Derby porcelain fluted teabowl, gilt dentil rim and blue ornament, puce mark, circa 1795, 5.5cm d                          20-30

238   A leather case of assorted cameras                                                                                           10-20

239   An Amplion, leather cased camera and Bell and Howell Filmosound (3)                                                          10-20

240   A 1920's black full length sequined dress                                                                                    40-60

241   A marble bust of John Milton, on later socle base, 30cm h                                                                    50-80

242   A smoker's cap, sequined evening bag and lace items                                                                          10-20

243   Eleven pairs of Victorian and later evening gloves                                                                           20-30

244   A Victorian jacket top, along with linen tops                                                                                50-70

245   A wooden box containing Victorian and later coinage and tokens (quantity)                                                    10-20

246   A French bow, late 19th century, 74cm l                                                                                     80-120
Lot Item Description                                                                                                    Estimate
      Mining Memorabilia - my collection of mining lamps began over twenty years ago. Born in Nottinghamshire, mining
      was in my blood. My fist purchase was a miniature miner's lamp following a visit to a miner's museum in Keswick
      Lake District. My lamps are all very original and I found great interest in the variety of internal locking and
      ventilation methods and wick shapes and sizes - Mr B Porter

247   A Hailwood and Ackroyd limited miner's lamp and an unknown number 626 miner's lamp with three brass pillars            30-40

248   An R Johnson Clapham & Morris topless bonnet miner's lamp and a Thomas & Williams miner's lamp (2)                     20-30

249   A Thomas & Williams L M & Co miner's lamp, six brass pillars and an Ackroyd & Best miner's lamp (2)                    25-30

250   The Wolf safety miner's lamp and an Ackroyd & Best miner's lamp (2)                                                    20-40

251   A Hailwood & Ackroyd miner's lamp, and a Premier lamp (2)                                                              25-35

252   An E Thomas & Williams miner's lamp and Hailwood & Ackroyd miner's lamp (2)                                            20-40

253   A Willheim Seippel miner's lamp and a John Davies & Son miner's lamp (2)                                               25-30

254   A John Davies & Son Derby miner's lamp, and Ackroyd & Best miner's lamp (2)                                            20-40

255   An E Thomas & Williams miner's lamp and another (2)                                                                    20-30

256   An oil brass miner's lamp and a John H Naylor miner's lamp (2)                                                         20-40

257   A John H Naylor's miner's lamp and a Protectors miner's lamp (2)                                                       20-30

258   A Protectors miner's lamp and John Mills miner's lamp (2)                                                              20-40

259   Two Protectors miner's lamp                                                                                            20-30

260   A W E Teal & Co lamp, and another (2)                                                                                  15-20

261   An E Thomas & Williams miner's lamp and a Naylor lamp (2)                                                              15-25

262   A Protector lamp and a Bexandale & Co lamp (2)                                                                         20-30

263   A CEAG miner's lamp and a Premier lamp (2)                                                                             20-30

264   A CEAG lamp and a Premier lamp (2)                                                                                     30-40

265   A CEAG lamp and a Premier lamp (2)                                                                                     30-40

266   A mini-helmet lamp and a Premier lamp (2)                                                                              30-40

267   A hand lamp and a tanker inspection lamp (2)                                                                           20-30

268   A Paterson lamp, gas detector's lamp and another lamp (3)                                                              30-40

269   An Alfa Romeo promotional roundel                                                                                      50-70

270   A miner's lamp, apt no 4562 and a Protector lamp, Eccles, Manchester (2)                                               20-30

271   A medieval style puzzle jug and three prints                                                                           10-15

272   A Corgi toy, 208s Jaguar, 2.4 litre saloon, boxed                                                                      30-40

273   A Corgi toy, 247 Mercedes Benz, 600 Pullman and 245 Buick Riviera, boxed (2)                                           30-40

274   A Corgi toy 238 Jaguar Mark X, and 239 VW 1500 Karman Ghia, boxed (2)                                                  40-60

275   A Corgi toy 228 Volvo P1800, boxed                                                                                     30-40

276   A Corgi toy 227 Morris Mini Cooper, boxed                                                                              60-80
Lot Item Description                                                                                                       Estimate
277   A Corgi toy 213 2.4 Jaguar Fire Service car, boxed                                                                        25-35

278   A Corgi 251 Hillman Imp and 229 Chevrolet Corvair, boxed (2)                                                              30-40

279   A Corgi toy 218 Aston Martin DB4, boxed                                                                                   30-40

280   A Corgi toy 230 Mercedes Benz 220 SE and 231 Triumph Herald Coupe, boxed (2)                                              40-60

281   A Corgi toy 224 Bentley Continental Sports Saloon and 241 Ghia L 6.4, boxed (2)                                           40-50

282   A Corgi toy 232 Fiat 2100 and 252 Rover 2000, boxed (2)                                                                   30-40

283   A Corgi toy 151 Lotus Mark 2 Le Mans and a 1x4 Ferrari Formula One, boxed (2)                                             25-35

284   A Corgi toy 309 Aston Martin competition, boxed                                                                           30-40

285   A Corgi toy 307 E type Jaguar and 310 Chevrolet Corvette String ray, boxed(2)                                             40-50

286   A Corgi toy 303 Mercedes Benz 300 SL, boxed                                                                               30-40

287   A Corgi toy 314 Ferrari Berlinetta, boxed                                                                                 30-40

288   A Corgi toy 416 RAC radio rescue Landover, boxed                                                                          25-35

289   A Corgi toy 417, Landover breakdown truck, boxed                                                                          30-40

290   A Corgi toy 419, Ford Zephyr motorway patrol, boxed                                                                       30-40

291   A Corgi toy 406, Landover and 4204 Thames airborne caravan, boxed (2)                                                     30-40

292   A Corgi toy 437, Superior ambulance, boxed                                                                                30-40

293   A Corgi toy 50 Massey Ferguson tractor and Dinky toy 140 Morris 1100, boxed                                               40-60

294   Dinky toy 263 Superior ambulance, boxed                                                                                   30-40

295   A collection of seven unboxed Corgi toys, to include MGA and TR3, some over-painted (7)                                   30-50

296   A Victorian ivory corkscrew and another corkscrew (2)                                                                     50-70

297   A late 19th Century ebonised handled wine screw and two other cork screws (3)                                             40-60

298   Military brass badges, citrine crucifix and a wooden bowl etc, parcel                                                     10-20

299   A 1966 World Cup signed team photograph                                                                                 100-150

300   A George III valentine card, dated 10th February 1814, sent to Betsy Killesley, from an unknown sender                  200-300

301   An 1814 Valentine letter                                                                                                200-300

302   A quantity of BDV silks to include flags of the world, flowers and regiments                                              10-20

      A segment of the original telegraph cable laid between Holland and England, laid August, 1858 and picked up July
303                                                                                                                             10-20
      A Victorian stoneware jar, a Victorian copper rose sprayer, a crumb tray, a Victorian wooden handled clamp, a pair
304   of vintage spectacles, a plated photo frame, an AA badge and a "Little Betty" vintage child's sewing machine              30-40
      An Edwardian Crumpsall Biscuits' tin containing a quantity of various pub optics including Wade and other
305                                                                                                                             20-30
      interesting items

306   A Derby bank note, 22 May 1814, signed John Bromley, for Bellairs and Co                                                 70-100

      A small Armand Marseille bisque head doll in original outfit, dressed in an orange full length dress and matching
307                                                                                                                           140-180
      headscarf with petticoats, dark brown long hair, open mouth and closing eyes, 30cm l
Lot Item Description                                                                                                       Estimate
      An album containing 43 promotional photographs of films stars from the 1940's, some with original autographs to
308   include a signed letter from Bing Crosby dated 31st March, 1947, Gracie Fields, Merle Oberon, Margaret                   80-120
      Lockwood, Betty Hutton, Barbara Stanwyck etc.

309   A good 1840's silk dress, with lace collar, hand stitched, turned back cuffs                                              50-80

310   A pre-World War I kimono, crepe silk with hand screen print pictures                                                      30-50

311   A late Edwardian silk velvet cape                                                                                         15-25

312   An Victorian jacket, embellished with jet and sequins, with whale bone stiffeners, circa 1890                             30-50

313   A Victorian jacket with leg of mutton sleeves, lace edged and jet beading, circa 1880                                     30-50

314   A Victorian black taffeta skirt with edging and good pleating, circa 1880                                                 20-30

315   An Edwardian blouse, circa 1900,                                                                                          15-20

316   A late Victorian taffeta skirt, two layers with knife pleating                                                            15-25

317   A collection of silver coins including shillings etc                                                                      20-30

318   A large collection of silver coins and plated cutlery                                                                     20-30

319   A Victorian cape and shoes, possibly worn by Lily Langtry                                                                 30-40

      Northfield silver Masonic lodge badge, Jubilee 1914 - 1917, Imperial Lodge badge, a gilt brass enamel independent
320                                                                                                                             20-30
      Druids badge and 1939 Exeter ribbon (5)
      A 1919 Founder Masonic badge, a United Ancient Order of Druid's Masonic badge, Life Member lodge badge, two
321                                                                                                                             20-30
      silver Lodge medallions (5)

322   RMI boys- five lapel badges                                                                                               20-30

      Two silver gilt and blue enamel Unity Masonic badges, 1942 Manchester badge and a Lancashire gilt brass enamel
323                                                                                                                             15-20
      badge (4)

324   A Nottingham Imperial Order Star and another, together with a Manchester Unity badge (3)                                  15-20

325   A Merit silver badge with a hallmark for Chester and Sheffield silver badge (2)                                           10-15

      A High Court meeting 1893 badge, together with a cased Italian Masonic medallion, together with a Warwickshire
326                                                                                                                             20-30
      steward medal and a silver gilt Royal Masonic boys medal (4)

327   A Lodge 4622 silver napkin ring and two Laurence Lodge George V silver shoe horns (3)                                     20-30

328   A London gilt oval Masonic medallion, a Madras gilt medallion, together with a gilt and red enamel medallion (3)          10-15

329   An 1835 Salford Unity badge and silver Masonic triangle (2)                                                               10-15

330   A Victorian silver star, a Sutherland Lodge of Unity medal 1839, a Masonic Victory medal 1920-21 (3)                      30-40

331   Ensor silver Drury medal, a silver Independent Order of Rechabites U.S medal and another similar (3)                      30-40

332   A Manchester Odd fellows District medal, Benevolent Institution 1931 medal, Russell Lodge R.A.M.N. no 23 (3)              30-40

      A Hanliensian 1936 Lodge medallion medal, a High movable conference for Portsmouth 1936 and another similar
333                                                                                                                             15-20

334   A Salford Order medal, AOD Benevolence medal, 56th Conference 1936 and silver medal (4)                                   15-20

      Order of ancient Shepherds, another similar for Ashton Unity, IFLC cross medal and order of Ancient Shepherds
335                                                                                                                             15-20

336   Two silver gilt order of Foresters medals and two Ancient Orders of Foresters medals (4)                                  30-40

      An 1887-1937 Jubilee silver gilt Unity Mark Lodge, another similar for 1921-1971 and another silver gilt medal and
337                                                                                                                             20-30
      Masonic medals (7)

338   An Aden medal and 3 GLE medals (4)                                                                                        20-30
Lot Item Description                                                                                                         Estimate
339   A Rhyl & District silver medal, a RAOR silver gilt coronation jewel, a silver GOB medal and another silver medal (4)        40-60

      A 1945 Liberty Medal, a Lodge no 8414 medal, a silver gilt medal for Sir Henry Pearce GLG no 30, a silver medal
340                                                                                                                               30-40
      for South Eastern Countries Equitable Friendly Society

341   Six various Masonic medals                                                                                                  10-15

342   A silver Equitable Friendly Society medal, another silver medal and four others of Masonic interest (6)                     20-30

343   A collection of Masonic medal and similar items (qty)                                                                       10-20

344   An Australian thaler, dated 1780 and other medals (6)                                                                       10-20

345   A Prima maroon sash and two other sashes (3)                                                                                15-20

346   Assorted Masonic sashes and ribbons                                                                                         10-15

347   Boer war interest - an early 20th Century heart shaped cushion beaded with badges                                           20-30

348   Boer war interest assorted postcards, silks etc                                                                             30-40

349   Masonic paper booklets etc                                                                                                  10-15

350   Medal - Senior grand warden - Cheshire, 1875                                                                                20-40

351   Medal- Past masters, 1858                                                                                                   20-30

      Boer War- The Illustrated London News Record of the Transvaal War, Boer War Handkerchief, two Orange River
352                                                                                                                               20-30
      Documents and eleven printed cards and eight coloured lantern slides

353   Boer War Interest - Rations and bible                                                                                       50-80

      Six early 20th century postcards, a memory card from Lord Kitchener, two silk handkerchiefs and a Boer War
354                                                                                                                               20-30
      stevengraph and four silver leaves
      Assorted silks, small selection of cards and a pin cushion together with a chain badge and a snuff box and a
355                                                                                                                               20-30
      measuring tape

356   A Boer War whistle and pouch and two riding sticks and assorted badges                                                      20-30

      A fireguard, Sovereigns of England handkerchief, Victorian photograph album, firescreen and boxed Lledo die cast
357                                                                                                                               10-20
      model Thrust

358   A Victorian photograph album                                                                                                10-20

359   A small collection of snap shots of various locations                                                                       20-30

360   An Edwardian broderie anglaise christening gown with decorative collar                                                      20-30

361   A quantity of vintage linen, lace and tatting to include a crochet linen tablecloth                                         40-60

362   A quantity of Victorian and later marbles                                                                                   10-20

363   A French cased torpedo Panhard motor car model, boxed, J de P manufacturers                                               100-150

364   A quantity of Britains and horse farm figures, early 20th century                                                           20-30

365   A Warwickshire regiment swagger stick                                                                                       20-30

366   A good and extensive Art Nouveau postcard album, circa 1890                                                               100-200

367   Major R F H Ross WW2 interest medal group, The 1939-45 star and two war medals (3)                                          30-40

368   A 1937 red morocco cased specimen coin set                                                                                  60-80

369   Assorted coinage, some modern                                                                                               20-30

370   A good collection of cigarette cards, various, early 20th century                                                         100-150
Lot Item Description                                                                                                       Estimate
371   A collection of Edwardian christening dresses                                                                             20-30

372   A collection of Edwardian christening dresses                                                                             20-30

373   A union jack and multi-national flag and another, parcel lot                                                              10-20

374   Two school pictures from King Edwards School, Birmingham 1924 and 1931                                                    15-20

375   A King Edwards school cane along with other walking sticks etc                                                            10-20

376   A German regimental dagger, Nazi crest                                                                                    50-80

377   A small dress bag, compact, opera glasses etc                                                                             10-20

378   A collection of LPs                                                                                                       10-15

379   A collection of architect and surveyors items etc                                                                         10-15

380   A Masonic leather bag, two other Masonic ceremonial pieces along with Masonic calendar etc                                20-30

381   A 19th Century architects set in mahogany case                                                                            20-30

382   A 19th Century architects set in mahogany case                                                                            20-30

383   An interesting surveyor's tool, probably 19th Century by Troughton & Simms, London, in leather                            20-30

384   A Russian Vega radio and Ecko lamp                                                                                        10-15

385   A boutique mink fur hat from Canada and three other hats                                                                  10-20

386   A collection of 1970's cameras, along with photography books and magazines                                                20-30

387   A 3/4 length Moorland's sheepskin coat and a 3/4 length mink fur coat (2)                                                 20-40

388   A Kadix evening dress, a two piece red velvet suit by Feminella and pink evening dress by Jean Varon                      20-30

389   A collection of letter and documents, various subjects circa 1900                                                         10-15

      A collection of early 20th Century postcards contained in one album including military and various other subjects,
390                                                                                                                             30-50
      along with a Victorian photograph album

391   A large collection of 20th Century postcards, various subjects                                                            20-30

392   A pair of brass candlesticks, along with a brass stand                                                                    20-30

393   A collection of home farm series animals, various condition, some boxed                                                   40-50

394   A good collection of cigarette cards and related books, mostly sets and in good condition                                 30-50

395   A good collection of cigarette cards and related books, mostly sets and in good condition                                 40-60

396   A collection of Royal Mail Special Stamps, each contained in an album                                                     15-20

397   A large collection of stamps to include stamps from various countries, several album etc                                  40-60

398   A collection of Royal Warwickshire badges, books and other items                                                          30-50

399   Six Matchbox ' Models of Yesteryear'                                                                                      40-60

400   A collection of modern boxed cars                                                                                         20-30

401   A Torpedo boxed tin plate car                                                                                             30-50

402   A quantity of Meccano etc                                                                                                 10-20
Lot Item Description                                                                                                         Estimate
      A pair of Art Nouveau Royal Doulton stoneware vases on a dark green ground with floral motif, artist "LW", 27cm h,
403                                                                                                                               50-70
      impressed marks

404   A pair of Staffordshire pottery sheep spill vases, circa 1880 (2)                                                           20-30

      A Moorcroft Golden Jubilee ginger jar and cover, 2002, of ovoid baluster outline, painted and tubelined with floral
405                                                                                                                               60-80
      sprays, printed and impressed marks, 16cm h

406   A Denby green heart teaset for two                                                                                          20-30

407   A Beswick green glazed coffee pot and water jug etc                                                                         15-20

      A Coalport cased set of six blue ground cabinet cups and saucers with silver sleeves, circa 1930, in original black
408                                                                                                                             160-200
      morocco case
      A Samuel Alcock and Co The Royal Patriotic Jug, January 1 1855, printed in black monochrome with a battle
409   scene on one side, the reverse with a mother ad daughter in mourning below title Royal Patriotic Fund, gilt and            80-120
      orange enamel handle and lion head scroll handle, printed mark. G Eyre Design
      A large and impressive Chinese Cantonese porcelain bowl circa 1870, vibrantly decorated with exotic birds,
410                                                                                                                             150-200
      alternating with figures and birds in each scene, 41cm d

411   Royal Doulton, "Pretty Lady", HN70, issued 1916-1938, 24.1cm h                                                            600-800

412   Royal Doulton, "Catherine Howard", HN3449, issued 1992 in a limited edition of 9,500, 21cm h                              100-150

413   A Lladro figure of a girl sitting on a rocking chair clutching a doll                                                       30-40

414   Royal Doulton, "Anne Boleyn", HN3232, issued 1990 in a limited edition of 9,500, 20.3cm h with box                        100-150

415   Royal Doulton, "Anne of Cleves", HN3356, issued 1991 in a limited edition of 9,500, 20.3cm h with box                     100-150

416   Royal Doulton, "Catherine Parr", HN3450, issued 1992 in a limited edition of 9,500, 15.9cm h with box                     100-150

417   Royal Doulton, "Jane Seymour", HN3349, issued 1991 in a limited edition of 9,500, 22.9cm h with box                       100-150

418   Royal Doulton, "Catherine of Aragon", HN3233, issued 1990 in a limited edition of 9,500, 16.5cm h with box                100-150

419   Royal Doulton, "Henry VIII", HN3458, issued 1994 in a limited edition of 9,500, 23.5cm h with box                         100-150

420   Coalport, "Queen Victoria", The Royal Bride, limited edition figurine, boxed with certificate                               40-60

421   Coalport, "Diana, Princess of Wales", to celebrate her marriage, limited edition figurine, boxed with certificate           40-60

422   Coalport, "Queen Elizabeth II", from the Royal Brides collection, limited edition figurine, boxed with certificate          40-60

423   Coalport, "Sarah, Duchess of York", to celebrate her marriage, limited edition figurine, boxed with certificate             40-60

424   Coalport, "Queen Mary", from the Royal Brides collection, limited edition figurine, boxed with certificate                  40-60

      Coalport, "Her Royal Highness, Princess Margaret", from the Royal Brides collection, limited edition figurine, boxed
425                                                                                                                               40-60
      with certificate

426   A Staffordshire pottery young girl on goat and Staffordshire pottery lady and gentleman (2)                                 20-30

      A pair of Staffordshire pottery figures of a lady and gentleman holding flowers in their rights hands, cobalt blue
427                                                                                                                               20-30
      jackets (2)

428   A Staffordshire pottery group of a lady and gentleman seated with a dog and a Staffordshire arbour group (2)                20-30

429   A pair of Chinese style yellow ground parrots, probably early 20th century (2)                                              20-30

430   A Staffordshire pottery group of two dogs with spill and pen rest and a Beneagles Scotch Whisky flask (2)                   15-20

431   A Staffordshire pottery figure group of a gentleman in highland dress and companion clock group, circa 1880                 20-30

432   A pair of Staffordshire pottery figures depicting Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, circa 1880 (2)                          20-30
Lot Item Description                                                                                                        Estimate
433   A pair of Minton pierced ornithological bird plates, pierced yellow enamel borders, impressed marks, circa 1870 (2)        20-30

434   Three Staffordshire pottery Prattware pot lids, The Harbour Margate, Wimbledon, 1860 and Count Cavour (3)                  20-40

435   A collection of Royal Commemorative pottery items etc                                                                      10-20

436   A Michael Sutty Skinner Horse figure and a porcelain figure of a Bishop (2)                                                10-20

      Two early 19th century Staffordshire porcelain tankards, one moulded with hens in Japanese style, the other with
437                                                                                                                              30-40
      procession (2)

438   Assorted ceramics including Victorian teaware and Dresden saucers etc                                                      10-20

      A Staffordshire pottery figure of Napoleon, circa 1880, 42cm h and a Staffordshire pottery arbour group of a lady
439                                                                                                                              20-30
      and gentleman (2)

440   A Chinese Cantonese porcelain vase, converted to table lamp, onyx box and cover                                            15-20

441   A Royal Albert dish etc (8)                                                                                                10-20

442   A set of four Wade championship dogs                                                                                       20-40

443   Three Wade terriers and another dog                                                                                        20-30

      A pair of Doulton Art Nouveau style vases, of bulbous outline and long slender necks, blue ground, impressed
444                                                                                                                            100-120
      marks, 40cm h (2)

445   A pair of Doulton waisted vases, blue ground, ribbon tied ornament, impressed marks, 33cm h                               60-100

446   A pair of Victorian decorative vases and an aesthetic vase (3)                                                             10-20

      A comprehensive Staffordshire blue and white printed dinner service, with tureen and ladle, marked Davenport
447                                                                                                                              40-70

448   A Guinness Carltonware Toucan                                                                                             80-120

449   A Royal Crown Derby Red Aves plate, two crown Derby trinket dishes (3)                                                     15-20

450   A Burleighware ceramic service                                                                                             20-30

451   A Copeland Spode Italian pattern part dinner service, parcel                                                               30-40

452   A pair of pottery Larry the lambs                                                                                          20-30

      Three Beswick Beatrix Potter figures, Foxy Whiskered Gentleman, Peter Rabbit Gardening and Jemima
453                                                                                                                              30-40
      Four Beswick Beatrix Potter figures, including Taylor of Gloucester, Jeremy Fisher, Timmy Tiptoes, Johnny Town
454                                                                                                                              30-40
      Mouse and Tailor of Gloucester
      Three Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figures including Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail, John Joiner black dog and
455                                                                                                                              30-50
      Benjamin Bunny
      Three Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figures including Jeremy fisher Digging, Foxy Reading News and Jemima
456                                                                                                                              30-50
      Puddleduck with Foxy Gentleman
      Four Beatrix Potter figure, one Beswick and three Royal Albert to include Mr Drake Puddleduck, Mr Benjamin
457                                                                                                                              30-40
      Bunny, Jemima Puddleduck and Little Black Rabbit

458   Three Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figures including Mr Tod, Babbitty Bumble and Miss Moppet                                20-30

459   Three Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figures including Rebecca Puddleduck, Peter Rabbit and The Little Pig                    20-30

460   Three Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figures, including Tom Thumb, Benjamin Wakes Up and Tiggy Winkle                         30-40

      A twin handled large mug, small dish and 10 " plate, Staffordshire jug, General Buller paperweight and Radcliffe on
461                                                                                                                              10-20
      Trent cup

462   A collection of Hammersley ceramics to include large water jug and plates, parcel lot, approx 16                           30-40

463   A collection of Hammersley shell dishes and assorted Hammersley items , parcel lot                                         30-40

464   Assorted Aynsley Pembroke items and mixed trinket items, parcel lot                                                        15-20
Lot Item Description                                                                                                        Estimate
465   A collection of four Coalport Mother's Day plates 1978-81 inclusive and four thimbles and a cup and saucers                10-20

      A collection of Everill and Smith ceramics including a twin handled vase, miniature teaset and assorted dishes,
466                                                                                                                              20-30
      parcel lot

467   A Crown Derby imari pattern teacup and saucer, together with two Crown Derby dishes and one other shell dish               30-40

468   An interesting Sunderland type pottery lustre jug, circa 1820, of Masonic interest                                       100-150

      Masonic Interest - A large Sunderland type pottery lustre jug decorated with various Masonic scenes and
469                                                                                                                            150-200

470   A 19th Century German majolica jug, Italian dish, miner's strike mug, dragon plate, two pink glass jugs etc                15-20

471   A pair of large early 20th Century Japanese imari vases, stoneware bid jug vase and assorted items                         20-30

472   A late 18th century Staffordshire pottery twin handled cup for commemoration of Royal appointment, circa 1787              50-70

      A Sunderland reproduction lustre jug with Masonic inscription, together with a lustre cup and saucer with masonry
473                                                                                                                              20-30
      scenes and three toby jugs, a Crown Derby dish and another dish

474   An interesting Staffordshire Masonic pottery jug, 19th century with inscriptions and various scenes                      100-150

475   A collection of ceramics                                                                                                   10-20

476   Two silver-backed pottery items and two Poole items                                                                        20-30

477   Three Beswick animals and other animals                                                                                    15-20

478   A Beswick cat                                                                                                              20-30

      A miniature blush ivory jug and bowl decorated with birds and flowers in the aesthetic style, circa 1880, jug 7cm h
479                                                                                                                              15-20
      and bowl 4cm h (2)

480   A Lladro style figure of a kneeling boy with a lamb, printed marks, 25cm h                                                 20-30

481   A pair of Staffordshire pottery figures with sheep, circa 1880, in cobalt blue jackets, (2)                                30-40

482   A Staffordshire green jardinière and stand                                                                                 20-30

483   A boxed ice bucket, silver topped sugar bowl and a Coalport server (3)                                                     10-15

484   Thirteen items of modern Royal Staffordshire ceramics, to include vegetable dish and dinner plates etc                     20-30

485   Twelve piece modern Minton pieces to include dinner plates etc                                                             20-30

486   A Carltonware vase of ovoid form, decorated with trees and yellow background                                               15-20

      A large water jug decorated with flowers, along with another water jug, a Dutch vase and modern Wedgwood jug
487                                                                                                                              20-30

488   A large Staffordshire blue and white water jug, decorated with stylised flowers and plants                                 20-30

489   A large collection of modern commemorative ceramic mugs, including Wedgwood etc                                            10-20

490   A large collection of modern commemorative ceramic mugs including Wedgwood etc                                             10-20

491   A large modern Wedgwood mug, boxed and a Royal Worcester milk jug in box                                                   15-20

      Four early 20th Century commemorative mugs, all for commemoration of King George V and another mug to
492                                                                                                                              15-20
      commemorate peace, 1919

493   Two commemorative mugs, a commemorative beaker and Minton pin dish, all for Coronation of 1937                             15-20

      A Doulton commemorative beaker for the Jubilee of Queen Victoria 1837-1997, dated on the reverse June 24
494                                                                                                                              30-40
      1887, Scarborough, along with Queen Victoria mug celebrating sixty years of Victoria's reign
      A 19th Century mug decorated with farming tools and farmers, inscribed and entitled 'God feed the Plough' along
495                                                                                                                              30-40
      with an early 19th Century coffee cup of a county scene

496   A collection of studio ceramics including Lancastrian etc                                                                  20-30
Lot Item Description                                                                                                  Estimate
497   A Cornishware milk jug, and Adams jug and four other modern jugs                                                     10-15

498   A Crown Ducal water jug and Honiton milk jug                                                                         10-15

499   A Doulton Lambeth harvest Pattern jug, impressed the base                                                            20-30

500   A Royal Doulton tankard decorated with hunting scenes                                                                20-30

501   A Doulton Lambeth jug, with a silver rim, marks for Birmingham 1899                                                  30-40

502   A Doulton Lambeth jug, with a silver rim, marks for Birmingham 1899                                                  30-40

503   A Royal Doulton figurinel of a short haired cat, a flambé duck and Poole lidded dish                                 15-20

504   An Art Deco ginger jar, a Coalport clock, a Nao dove and other ceramic items                                         20-30

505   A 19th Century Staffordshire figure of a dog, a Staffordshire model of house and bookend in the form of a bed        15-20

506   A pair of 19th Century figures of boy and girl, each decorated with lamp jumping up to them                          40-60

507   A West Germany Hummel figure of a girl and two geese                                                                 10-15

508   A 20th Century Toby jug of gentleman and two others, along with a moon flask (4)                                     20-30

509   An art deco figure of lady, along with figure of man in middle eastern dress                                         10-15

510   A modern part service by Susie Cooper                                                                                10-20

511   A collection of modern Wedgwood items to include an urn along with modern wine glasses etc                           10-20

      An early 19th Wedgwood plate, decorated with classical figures of male and female playing music, impressed on
512                                                                                                                        20-30
      the reverse and printed 'Wedgwood, Etruria, England'

513   Three Royal Doulton figures of Earl Mountbatten D6851, Viscount Montgomery D6850 and Churchill D6849                 20-30

514   Two Royal Doulton figures of Mandy HN2476 and Rose HN2123                                                            20-30

515   A Royal Doulton figure of Katie HN3360                                                                               50-70

516   A Royal Doulton figure entitled 'Home again' HN2167                                                                  30-50

517   A Royal Doulton figure entitled 'Happy Birthday' HN3095                                                              30-50

518   A Royal Doulton figure of Belle HN3703                                                                               50-70

519   A Royal Doulton figure of Rebecca HN4041                                                                             50-70

520   A Royal Doulton figure entitled Vanity HN2475                                                                        20-30

521   A Royal Doulton figure entitled Affection HN2236                                                                     20-30

522   A Royal Doulton figure of Emma HN3168                                                                                30-50

523   A Royal Doulton figure of Phyllis HN3180                                                                             50-70

524   A Royal Doulton figure entitled Spring Serenade HN3956                                                               50-70

525   A Royal Doulton figure of Jessica HN3850                                                                             30-50

526   A Royal Doulton figure of Deborah HN3644                                                                             30-40

527   A Royal Doulton figure of Mary HN903                                                                                 30-40

528   A Royal Doulton figure of Meg HN2743                                                                                 30-50
Lot Item Description                                                                                                        Estimate
529   A pair of Royal Dux figures of fisherman and fisherwoman, each with the triangle mark to base                              50-70

530   A large modern Royal Doulton Larchmont tea and coffee service                                                              60-80

531   A pair of Beswick turquoise cathay, along with a Royal Standard part service                                               20-30

532   A 20th Century Royal Doulton vase, decorated with stylised roses on a blue and white background                            30-40

      A mid-19th Century bisque figure of a seated man on chair, the base stamped 'Published by Sam Alcock & Co,
533                                                                                                                              60-80
      June 18, 1852, Alfred Creowquill'

534   A Victorian Staffordshire dog                                                                                              15-20

535   A 19th Century figure of a Staffordshire group, with the inscription '"Rival"                                              30-50

536   A Victorian Staffordshire figure of a man and his dog, entitled "Dog Tray"                                                 30-50

537   A 19th Century white glazed figure of Mary and Child, on a square plinth base                                              40-60

538   A large collection of ceramics including Poole, Wade etc                                                                   20-30

539   A Halcyon Days musical box                                                                                                 20-40

540   An early Victorian blue and white plate, along with a blue and white teapot and jug                                        15-20

541   A Royal Staffordshire meat platter and smaller platter both by Clarice Cliff, along with three blue and white items        40-60

542   A modern Royal Worcester gilt-coloured part dinner service                                                                 20-30

543   A modern Moorcroft vase, stamped Moorcroft on the base and initials WM                                                     50-80

544   A collection of Wade items including a set of monkeys etc                                                                  30-40

545   A collection of Wade items including animals etc                                                                           20-30

546   A Royal Doulton part snowman service, along with a Royal Grafton part service                                              15-20

547   A Royal Worcester figure entitled 'Thursday's child has far to go', along with a Worcester coffee cup and saucer           20-30

548   Royal Worcester collectors plates, all boxed and one other                                                                 15-20

      A Royal Crown Derby posies pattern tea service, comprising teapot, sugar bowl, cream jug, serving plate and six
549                                                                                                                              60-80
      tea cups and saucers, and six other plates

550   A Royal Crown Derby sugar bowl and six other Victorian sugar bowls                                                         20-30

551   A Royal Tuscan tea service                                                                                                 10-20

552   A blue and white Victorian teabowl and other ceramics                                                                      20-30

      A Minton ceramic tile of a boy and girl, circa 1895, the young boy seated with badminton racquet, stamped Minton
553                                                                                                                              40-60
      on the reverse

554   A Doulton ceramic tile of lady selling fish, late 19th century, in Dutch dress with cat,   Doulton Lambeth                 50-70

555   A Mason's potato dish and cover, along with other ceramic items                                                            15-20

556   A Halcyon Days enamel box and Aynsley bowl, both boxed                                                                     20-30

557   A small collection of ceramics including Spode etc                                                                         10-20

558   Two Royal Doulton ceramic money boxes and a Royal Doulton book                                                             10-20

559   Three Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures including Sailor Bunnykin, Little Miss Muffet and Shopper Bunnykins                  20-30

560   Three Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures including Sundial, Goodnight and Mother and Baby                                     20-30
Lot Item Description                                                                                                         Estimate
561   Three Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures, including Stopwatch Bunny, Sands Time Bunny and Little Bo Peep                       20-30

562   Three Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures including Fireman Bunny, Little Boy Blue and Seaside Bunnykins                        20-30

563   Three Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures including Tennis, Strawberries and Goodnight                                          20-30

564   Three Royal Doulton Bunnykins including, Tennis, Strawberries and With Love                                                 20-30

565   Five Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures, including Father, Mary, Sweet Dreams, Eskimo etc and Egg Cup                          30-40

566   A small collection of boxed Corgi Classic Cars, and other boxed Corgi cars                                                  30-40

567   A collection of modern boxed Corgi cars                                                                                     20-30

568   A cut glass globe table lamp, decanter and stopper and glass jug (3)                                                        20-30

569   Three cut glass decanters with labels and two plated turned wood inset coasters (8)                                         20-30

570   Five pieces of studio glass to include an art deco flower vase                                                              10-20

571   A glass oil lamp, along with a collection of 1950's decanters and other glass items                                         10-15

572   A 1937 Coronation plate and other cut glass items                                                                           10-20

573   A cut glass water jug and cut glass items                                                                                   10-20

574   A collection of cut glasses and other items                                                                                 15-20

575   A pair of table chandeliers, each with glass drops and cut glass top                                                        30-50

576   A cut glass table lamp, along with other glass items                                                                        30-40

577   A 20th Century cut glass fruit bowl and another glass fruit bowl (2)                                                        15-20

578   A collection of glass and ceramic items, including a glass cake plate, Royal Chelsea items, piggy banks etc                 20-30

579   A small collection of cut glass items including glass and other items                                                       20-30

580   A small collection of decorative glass items including paperweights and cut glass items                                     10-20

581   A yellow Art Deco ashtray and another, along with a red glass bowl and Galle style vase                                     20-30

582   An Art Deco trio of lime green moulded glass bowls                                                                          15-20

583   Culpepper's English Physician and Complete Herbal                                                                         150-200

      "From the Great Deep", an unpublished handwritten Edwardian novel by an anonymous writer telling a romantic
584                                                                                                                               60-80
      story with "Betty" as the heroine

585   A collection of books, mining interest                                                                                      20-30

      Hateley Waddell, P, "The Life and Works of Robert Burns", enriched with portraits and numerous illustrations in
586                                                                                                                               15-20
      colour, published by David Wilson, 1867, half calf binding

587   A box of books including David Copperfield, parcel                                                                          20-30

      Barrett Browning, Elizabeth, Poetical Works in five volumes, 1880, five other poetry volumes, a commemorative
588                                                                                                                               15-20
      New Testament, in memory of Queen Victoria and a Dickens's Dictionary of London, 1879 (12)
      Shakespeare, William, an 18th century copy of the first editions of Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Othello, King Leir and
589   Sonnets, bound together in original half calf binding, written note to front endpaper: "Shakespeare Reading Society         60-80
      - to A.J. Cash, from J. ??? Derrick??, Feb 7/89 and other handwritten notes
Lot Item Description                                                                                                    Estimate
      A collection of vintage comics to include: "The Lion" from 1968 and 1969 and "Rover" and "Wizard" from 1968 and
590                                                                                                                          20-30
      1969 (83)
      The Three Years War book, by C.R.D.E Wet- 1st Edition, With Roberts to Pretoria G A Henty and Nelson and his
591                                                                                                                          15-25
      The Leaguer of Ladysmith, by Eyre & Spottiswood, London, The Boer War 1899-1900 RE King, With the Flag to
592                                                                                                                          15-20
      Pretoria, H W Wilson, History of the Boer War, Cassells illustrated and R Kipling, The Absent Minded Beggar

593   Elaine, by Alfred Tennyson (illustrations by Gustave Dore) and assorted books, parcel                                  15-25

594   Boer war related articles and newspapers, and other Military newspapers and assorted papers                            20-30

595   Mrs Beeton's book of Household Management, circa 1890                                                                  20-30

596   A collection of modern art books                                                                                       20-40

597   A large collection of cookery books                                                                                    10-15

598   Volumes of 1-8 encyclopaedias                                                                                          10-15

599   Volumes of 1-12 of Everyman's Encyclopaedias                                                                           10-15

600   A collection of books on various countries and places                                                                  20-30

601   A large collection of books including English literature etc                                                           10-20

602   A collection of antiques books, various subjects, including silver, ceramics and collectables etc                      20-30

603   A collection of antiques books, various subjects, including silver, ceramics and collectables etc                      20-30

      Graphology for Everyman, along with the Graphologist's Alphabet, both by Eric Singer, along with others on
604                                                                                                                          10-15

605   A collection of books on various subjects including poetry etc                                                         10-15

606   A large collection of books on various artists including Monet and Manet etc                                           20-30

607   A large collection of books on Psychology                                                                              30-40

608   A small collection of books by Sigmund Freud                                                                           20-30

609   A collection of travel books                                                                                           20-30

610   A small collection of gardening and royalty books                                                                      20-30

611   A small collection of jewellery books                                                                                  20-30

612   A good collection of cigarette cards and related books, mostly sets and in good condition                              30-40

613   Four Wade collectors books                                                                                             10-15

614   A small collection of car related books                                                                                20-30

      The Teachers Assistant by Mrs Trimmer, Dublin, 1822, 4th Edition, consisting of lectures with questions for the
615                                                                                                                         80-120
      instruction of children

616   A book 'Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam' and a Waverley novel, a projector and candelabra                                     20-30

      Works of Art
617   A cased Italian mandolin with butterfly tortoiseshell panel                                                            30-40

618   A 19th century cello, 183cm h, 64cm w                                                                                200-300

619   An unusually large late 19th century silver lustred witches ball, with Art Nouveau bronzed socket surmount             30-40
Lot Item Description                                                                                                         Estimate
      An interesting 1930's pond yacht, titled "Orleen", with sails. Provenance: built by Derby born, Mr Memory in circa
620   1934 at around the age of 12. Made up from his father and sister's names, Gordon and Eileen. The boat raced on             200-300
      Alvaston Lake.

621   A mounted display of butterfly moths                                                                                         30-40

      A 19th Century burr walnut box with floral decoration and silk interior, with original key, along with an early 20th
622                                                                                                                                40-60
      Century chequers boards inlaid with mother of pearl (2)

623   An 18ct gold top malacca waking cane                                                                                       100-150

624   An early 20th Century bird handle walking cane                                                                               20-30

625   A pair of early 19th century lady's' pistols, maker H Nock, London, 16 cm l                                                  60-80

626   An early 20th century copper plated pierced serving tray                                                                     60-90

627   Three pairs of brass candlesticks                                                                                            20-30

      A good Liberty's Tudric twin handled floriform vase, cast in Art Nouveau style, the lobed bulbous body with swept
628                                                                                                                              500-800
      cast handles, impressed Tudric, number 026, circa 1903
      A large WMF style Art Nouveau oval centrepiece, circa 1900, cast in organic naturalistic form with swept handles,
629                                                                                                                              400-600
      associated glass liner
      An impressive Austrian 22ct gold plated lead crystal Arab mounted falconer, seated on a camel with separate
630                                                                                                                              250-300
      wooden base, boxed with certificate, 10" h

631   A Napoleonic prisoner of war ivory pendant, Masonic, early 19th century, in gilt oval frame                                 60-100

632   A bronzed set of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, all on one plinth                                                         20-30

633   A quantity of mother of pearl gaming counters , highly decorated                                                             40-60

634   Eight Victorian tortoiseshell and silver inlaid roundels of varying sizes                                                    40-60

635   A Black Forest spill holder depicting a bear going to chop wood with a basket on his back, 14cml x 13cm h                    20-30

636   A telescope, probably 19th Century, together with a Meerschaum pipe                                                          30-40

637   A 19th Century mahogany box, a pewter tea caddie and another and brass figure of a pig                                       20-30

638   A small collection of modern figures to include a figure of a seated lady                                                    10-15

639   A late Victorian aesthetic painted mahogany wall bracket circa 1900, with painted flowers on a gold background               20-30

640   A good 19th Century bronze of a Greek man, seated on a rock, unsigned                                                        60-80

641   A 19th Century bronze bust in typical dress, signed on the reverse 'E. Guillomy'                                             40-60

642   A 19th Century bronze of an Oriental man, on a fitted plinth base, signed ' G. Haucheconze'                                  30-40

643   A modern enamel box and a Limoges box                                                                                        15-20

      Golfing Interest - Two pen and ink sketches by Tom Webster, Daily Mail Cartoonist, each dated 1934, Titled, ''Truth
644   is stronger than fiction' and companion study 'Very gallant gentleman', 20 x 29.5cm. Provenance, Given as a                200-300
      present by Tom Webster to our vendor's relation in the 1930's

645   Watercolour 'Little Johns' landscape                                                                                         40-70

646   An early 20th Century oil on canvas depicting woodland path                                                                  30-40

647   19th Century, British School, a lady before a stile, church steeple in distance. Signed D Cox lower left                   100-150

      Herbert Schmall (Herbert Schmalz) 1856-1935, a shoulder length portrait of 'Mrs Alec Tweedie'. Signed and dated
648                                                                                                                            2000-3000
      in the top right corner 'Mr Herbert Schmall 1894', oil on canvas, H 94cm W 81cm

649   A set of four maple framed soldiers, 32 x 47cm (4)                                                                           30-40
Lot Item Description                                                                                                        Estimate
650   A watercolour, titled The First Day in the School room on the First lesson and a print (2)                                 30-40

651   Padwick, Shoreham Sussex and a street scene, oil on board (2)                                                              20-30

652   P H Padwick, circa 1939, an inn, oil on board and a view of Pulborough, oil on board, 50 x 33cm (2)                        20-30

653   A Boulter, Deal Kent, oil on board, 60 x 61cm                                                                              20-30

654   20th century British School, a landscape view, oil on board, 60 x 46cm                                                     20-30

655   Continental School, early 19th century, Italianate scene, oil on board, 26 x 21cm                                          40-60

656   Lena Bourbel, Seascape, oil on canvas, 90 x 50cm                                                                           30-50

657   Mrs Beatrice Vickers, her work, a good woolwork, unframed                                                                  30-40

658   Eight signed sporting personality black and white photographs and six assorted autographs                                  30-40

659   Three large coloured prints The Imperial Bodyguard, The Kings Own Regiment and The King as Field Marshall                  15-20

660   A pair of 18th century miniature portraits of gentlemen, framed in black ebonised frames (2)                               50-70

661   An 1889 silk opera poster                                                                                                  20-30

662   A 18th Century map of Leicestershire                                                                                       20-30

663   A 18th Century map of Warwickshire and surrounding counties, and a map of Paris                                            30-50

664   A watercolour of an Officer, signed Irene Welburn 1943 and another oil on board                                            40-60

665   A 20th Century watercolour of cottage and river scene, along with a framed oil on board                                    20-30

666   A 19th Century print entitled "The Ale House Door" and two other prints                                                    15-20

667   A collection of prints                                                                                                     20-30

668   An art nouveau print of children playing and two other prints                                                              15-20

      A 20th Century watercolour of a street in Venice, a pencil drawing of a nude and Victorian portrait print of a lady
669                                                                                                                              30-40
      and oil on canvas of street scene
      A good pair of Victorian watercolours of a female and gentleman in typical dress, signed on the reverse P. Devine,
670                                                                                                                              60-80
      in rosewood frames 1848
      A 19th Century watercolour of cottage scene, signed E. Welburn and along with another watercolour of country
671                                                                                                                              30-40

672   An Elizabeth Walsh water colour, Winter shore                                                                            100-200

      Clocks and Barometers
673   An early 20th century oak cased mantle clock                                                                               10-20

674   A cased Swiss travelling clock                                                                                             20-30

      An American eight day clock with key (probably from a motor car of the period), mounted on a wooden frame,
675                                                                                                                              15-20
      made by the New Haven Clock Co., New Haven, Connecticut, circa 1920

676   A small late Victorian brass carriage clock, enamelled dial                                                                30-50

677   A late Victorian black slate mantle clock                                                                                  20-30

678   Two oak wall dial barometers and an oak mantle clock                                                                       20-30

      A George III oak and mahogany crossbanded longcase clock, circa 1780, the stepped hood with pillars enclosing
679   a brass dial with roman numerals, subsidiary seconds dial and date aperture, 30 hour movement, signed Thos.              600-800
      Traunter, Salop, H 210cm

680   A George IV mahogany and inlaid wheel barometer, circa 1830, with silvered dial H96cm                                    150-200
Lot Item Description                                                                                                         Estimate
681   A late Victorian davenport, circa 1890                                                                                     80-120

682   A 19th century ebonised pine blanket chest, hinged lid with candle box                                                      20-30

683   A late Victorian oak over-mantle mirror back                                                                                30-40

684   A 19th century mahogany drop leaf rectangular dining table                                                                  30-50

685   A Bakelite radio and two other radios (3)                                                                                   10-20

686   A set of four late Victorian upholstered dining chairs (4)                                                                  15-20

      An 18th century oak dresser, the plate rack with three shelf tiers, the planked top with three geometric short
687                                                                                                                             200-300
      drawers, drop brass pear handles, on square reeded supports with plate rack undertier, 162 cm w 206cm h

688   An early 19th century mahogany occasional tripod table, 70cm h                                                              15-20

689   A George II style acanthus red ground wall mirror, 39 x 58cm                                                                20-30

690   A late Victorian mahogany corner wall cupboard, 62cm l                                                                      20-30

691   A George III mahogany occasional table, on three splayed swept supports, 73cm h                                             20-30

      A Victorian walnut and parquetry chequerboard inlaid sewing table, circa 1860, the octagonal top on three cabriole
692                                                                                                                               30-50
      carved supports, 29cm h

693   An oak book stand and South Goodwin kit trawler boat (2)                                                                    10-20

694   An Arts and Crafts period oak upholstered duet footstool, 108cm l                                                           20-30

      A pair of fireside screen wood cut figures, titled Royal Artillery Office 1815 and 5th Regiment of Foot Office 1836,
695                                                                                                                               20-30
      painted, each 98cm h and a drum (3)

696   A mahogany framed stand inset with three painted tiles, 19th century                                                        20-30

697   A mahogany towel rail and slat wood luggage stand (2)                                                                       10-20

      A small William IV octagonal mahogany occasional table, on dished base, raised on three claw carved feet, 73cm
698                                                                                                                               50-80
      h, 37cm d

699   A Victorian mahogany swing toilet mirror and an oak book stand (2)                                                          20-30

700   A 19th century shield arched mirrored swing toilet mirror, the bowed front inset with three drawers, 46cm w                 20-30

701   A Victorian circular upholstered footstool                                                                                  10-20

      A late Victorian mahogany and leather inset single drawer desk, with single drawer, raised on baluster supports,
702                                                                                                                               30-40
      70cm h

703   A Victorian burr walnut and mother of pearl inset and ebonised writing box, circa 1870, 32cm w                              40-60

704   A late Victorian oak fall front desk, circa 1900, 113cm h                                                                   30-40

705   An Edwardian mahogany rectangular occasional table                                                                          20-30

706   An early 20th century oak cased mantle clock, the enamel dial with roman numerals, eight day movement, 29cm h               20-30

707   An early 19th century mahogany box with hinged lid                                                                          20-30

708   An Edwardian mahogany duet stool, with hinged tapestry lid, on carved cabriole legs and scroll feet, 93cm w                 30-50

709   A narrow mahogany bowed chest of six graduated drawers, early 20th century                                                  30-50

710   A George III style mahogany wall mirror, probably early 19th century, 52 x 94cm                                            30-509

711   Two oval wall mirrors and an oak rectangular mirror (3)                                                                     20-30
Lot Item Description                                                                                                      Estimate
712   An interesting Persian rug, with stylised red and blue gull border                                                       30-50

713   Three red ground runners                                                                                                 20-30

714   Two runners                                                                                                              20-30

715   An Edwardian oval inlaid mahogany tray                                                                                   20-30

716   A well detailed Persian rug                                                                                              30-40

717   Two Persian rugs, one pink ground, the other with blue scroll centre (2)                                                 30-50

718   Two Persian rugs, one with yellow ground, the other pink and yellow pattern (2)                                          20-30

719   A Persian rug, early 20th century                                                                                        20-30

720   A narrow mahogany bow front chest of six graduated drawers                                                               30-40

721   An early 20th century mahogany china cabinet, astragal glazed doors, 98cm w                                              20-30

722   A mahogany commode, with hinged lid                                                                                      30-40

723   A late Victorian mahogany open bookcase, 136cm h 115cm h                                                               100-150

724   A Victorian mahogany chiffonier, 109cm w                                                                                 60-80

725   A four-fold leather screen, early 20th century                                                                           20-30

726   A four-fold leather decoupage screen, early 20th century                                                                 20-30

727   A four-fold leather decoupage screen, early 20th century                                                                 20-30

728   An oak gateleg table                                                                                                     20-30

729   A cobbler's stool and six iron shoes                                                                                     15-20

730   A Victorian mahogany extending dining table, the rectangular rounded top on reeded supports, 73cm l 103cm h            100-150

731   A Victorian mahogany bookcase, 209cm h 48cm w                                                                          150-200

732   A set of four Victorian mahogany dining chairs, circa 1870, Crown backs, on turned front supports, 86cm h 43cm w         30-40

733   A Victorian mahogany breakfast table, on central column support with dummy drawer, 72cm h 103cm w                        30-40

734   A pair of Regency rosewood Crown back dining chairs, on reeded legs, 81cm h 42cm w                                       30-50

735   A late Victorian pine dresser, the rack above three drawers and a cupboard base, 200cm h 61cm w                         80-100

      An early George III oak bureau, circa 1760, the front opening to reveal a series of pigeon holes and recesses and
736                                                                                                                          400-500
      secret drawers, with well, and above two short and two long drawers, on bracket feet, 91cm h 97cm w

737   A Regency style table                                                                                                    10-20

738   Two wall mounted display cabinets, picture shelf and corner display bracket                                              20-30

739   An oak display case and another                                                                                          20-30

740   An oak display case                                                                                                      20-30

741   An Afghanistan ochre and blue rug                                                                                        30-50

742   A Caucasian red madder ground rug                                                                                        50-70

743   Two Persian rugs                                                                                                         50-70
Lot Item Description                                          Estimate
744   Two Persian red madder ground runners                        20-30

745   A copper warming pan                                         10-15

746   A collection of modern blankets                              10-15

747   A brass coal bucket                                          10-15

748   Early 20th Century cast iron umbrella stand                  20-30

749   A large brass plant pot, along with other brass items        30-40

750   A brass lantern on a brass chain fitting                     10-20

751   A brass three branch chandelier                              15-20