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					Name:                                                                   Period:                    Due Date:
                                           One Point Perspective Drawing
Project Objective(s): My job for this project is to apply one point perspective and color value scale drawing techniques by
Project Due Date: interlocking geometric shapes that appear to burst from the vanishing point.
creating a design of

Materials/Tools:                                                         Assessment: 10pts Each
Color Pencils                         12 X 18 White Drawing Paper
Eraser                                 Light Value Pencil (HB to 4H)
Ruler                                  Colorless Pencil Blender          Work Grade:                                 ___/50
                                                                        _____ Assignment was completed on time
Linear Perspective- A technique for representing three-                 _____ Student followed all directions
dimensional space on a flat surface.
One Point Perspective- A form of linear perspective in which            _____ Used correct materials and project procedures
all lines (describing straight edges that go from points
nearer to points farther) appear to meet at a single point on           _____ Class time was used effectively
the horizon.
                                                                        _____ Student conducted him/herself in an expected
Procedures:                                                                   way – hard working, dedicated, creative, polite,
Step 1: Choose your shapes
                                                                              and supportive
Decide on what kind of geometric shapes you want to include in
your design
                                                                        Project Grade:                          _____/100
Step 2: Draw a horizon line                                             Objectives met:
Turn your paper horizontal. Use a light value pencil to lightly draw    _____ Successfully created geometric shapes that
the horizon line in the middle of your paper. Make sure your line is
                                                                              appear to burst from the vanishing point
parallel to the top and bottom edges of your paper.

Step 3: Add a vanishing point                                           _____ Demonstrated an understanding of perspective
Decide on where you want to place your vanishing point on your                and color value
horizon line. Lightly draw your vanishing point on your horizon line.
                                                                        _____ Successfully created a design that fills the page
Step 4: Add your shapes                                                       with a variety of simple interlocking geometric
Add the geometric shapes of your choosing. Place your shapes                  shapes
above, below, and on the horizon line. Fill the page with
interlocking geometric shapes.
                                                                        Formal/Expressive Concerns:
Step 5: Add orthogonal lines                                            _____ The rendered values are well executed (not
Lightly draw the orthogonal lines from your shapes’ corners to the            messy or rushed and flow from one value to the
vanishing point. (All diagonal lines intersecting at the vanishing            next without looking like stripes!)
point on the horizon)
                                                                        _____ The shapes are smaller the closer they are to the
Step 6: Add horizontal                                                        vanishing point and larger the further away from
Lightly draw a horizontal line inside the orthogonal lines to end
                                                                              the vanishing point
your form. (All horizontal lines are parallel to the horizon, never
intersecting with the horizon.)
                                                                        _____ Knowledge of the Elements & Principles of
Step 7: Add vertical lines                                                    Design are apparent (Ex: value and perspective)
Lightly draw a vertical line inside the orthogonal lines to make the
form’s side. (All vertical lines are perpendicular to the horizon or    _____ Project is rendered so that the geometric shapes
will form a 90 degree angle when intersecting the horizon.)                   appear to burst from the vanishing point

Step 8: Add color value                                                 Craftsmanship:
Assume the light source is the vanishing point. Add color value to
                                                                        _____ The appropriate amount of time was taken to
each shape.
                                                                              work on and complete this project
Step 9: Eliminate Outlines
Make sure your values eliminate all remaining outlines in your          _____ Project was well executed (clean, crisp, bold,
drawing.                                                                       straight lines)

Step 10: Name                                                           Degree of Difficulty:
Make sure your NAME and period are on the back of your artwork          _____ Student presented his/herself with an adequate
and this rubric.
                                                                              challenge when planning and executing this
Step 11: Turn In; Project goes on the “To Be Graded Shelf” and                project
rubric goes in the period “In Box”
Student Reflection:

1. List a strength and weakness of your One Point Perspective drawing. (This should only address your technical abilities
not your lack of time management)



2. How would you correct your weakness?


3. How does a color value scale help make a linear perspective drawing appear 3D?


4. Why does linear perspective make a work of art appear 3D?


5. What did you learn about the medium color pencils and colorless blenders by making a one point perspective


Teacher Comments:

__ Kept for Art Show            ___ Ok to Take Home              ___ Re-Do Project