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					                                   Weather Assignment - Weather Instruments
                                    Due Date: _________________________
   Outcome 5: Use weather instruments effectively and accurately for collecting local weather data and collect and
                integrate weather data from regional and national weather observat ional net work s

For this assignment, you are going to choose one weat her instrument to research and build. You may choos e to
create a device that meas ures t emperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind speed or wind direction. Y our
assignment will be in 3 parts:

Part I: Model
You are going to build a rudimentary model of the instrument that you have chos en. You will need to do a bit of
research to find a pattern to follow – check the int ernet and your textbook. Y ou MUS T be able to get RECORDABLE
DATA, as discussed in class.

Part II: Report
You will write a report about your weat her instrument. Your report must include:
                  a) Title page
                  b) The type of weather data your instrument collects
                  c) How YOUR instrument works – give instructions for someone who has never used it before
                  d) How a REA L version of your instrument works
                  e) At least 2 sources, cited APA style

Part III: Data Collection
You will actually use your devic e to c ollect dat a for 1 week aft er t he project is due. Practice using your instrum ent
at home before bringing it to school. The teacher will be discussing wit h you how y our instrument works, so be

                               4                       3                   2                      1                      0
                                            The model may not
                      The model works       completely work
    The weather                                                   The model works
                      appropriately and     (too light, heavy,                          The model does
   instrument will                                                appropriately, but
                      the student can get   etc.) but the                               not work and does       Model not
   effectively and                                                only qualitative
                      quantitative          student can get                             not measure             submitted
 accurately collect                                               measures are able
                      measurements          quantitative                                quantitative data.
local weather data                                                to be collected
                      from it               measurements
  (Point value x2)
                                            from it
                                            The student
                      The student
                                            describes the use     The student
      Report          describes the use
                                            of their own model    describes how to
   Use weather        of their own model                                                The student gives       The student does
                                            in a way that         use the model, but
   instruments        in a way that                                                     directions that are     not describe how to
                                            someone with          chunks of important
  effectively and     anyone can pick up                                                not easily followed.    use their model
                                            some background       information is
     accurately       the model and use
                                            knowledge can use     missing
                                                                  The student
                      The student fully     The student                                 The student
      Report                                                      somewhat
                      describes how a       describes how a                             vaguely describes       The student does
   Use weather                                                    describes how a
                      real instrument       real instrument                             how a real              not describe how a
   instruments                                                    real instrument
                      works – from the      works – from the                            instrument works –      real version of the
  effectively and                                                 works – from the
                      structure to it’s     structure to it’s                           from the structure      instrument works
     accurately                                                   structure to it’s
                      function              function                                    to it’s function
                                                                                        Included with a
                                                                  Included with a                               Does not include a
                                                                                        minimum of 2
  Bibliography                                                    minimum of 2                                  minimum of 2
                                                                                        sources, not APA
                                                                  sources, APA style                            sources
                      The student is able
                                            The student is able
 Data Collection      to use the
                                            to use the
   Use weather        instrument
                                            instrument            The student is able   The student is able     The student is not
                      effectively and
 instruments …                              accurately to         to use the            to collect data, with   able to use the
                      accurately to
   for collecting                           collect data, and     instrument to         help and support        weather instrument
                      collect data, and
  local weather                             can mostly            collect data          from the teacher.       to collect data.
                      can describe what
        data                                describe what they
                      they are doing and
                                            are doing and why
                                                  TOTAL                                                                      /22
Name: _______________________________________      Dates: _____________________________

                                                         Wind                                Cloud
                          Precipitation   Wind Speed                Pressure    Cloud Type
                                                       Direction                             Height

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