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									    GORILLA 2011

    An 8 day life changing experience
    perfect for naturalists and photographers


    Mountain Gorillas
    Life in the Virunga Mountains
           Mountain gorillas are the rarest of the   getting up to no good. Sharing time with
    three subspecies of gorillas. They live in       gorillas is a special experience and your
    family groups with the Silverback being the      first sighting of a silverback gorilla in the
    undisputed leader. The rest of the group is      wild (weighing three times more than the
    comprised of young males (called                 average man) is something that you will
    blackbacks), females and playful                 never forget.
    youngsters. They are highly intelligent and
                                                            But Rwanda is more than just the
    expressive - within a few minutes you will
                                                     Mountain Gorillas; it is an incredibly
    realise that you are being observed as
                                                     friendly country with a laid back
    closely as you are watching them!
                                                     atmosphere and people who always wear a
           The group dynamics are fascinating        smile. Money raised by Gorilla tourism go
    to watch as the Silverback attempts to retain    directly to either protecting the gorillas and
    control of all his females and keep them         their habitat, as well as for local community
    within reach at all times – of course they       projects in the area. Therefore your money
    sometimes have other ideas. The youngsters       makes a real difference to the future of
    are great fun, jumping around and generally      these amazing great apes.

    THE TREKS                                       walk time for a trek is 3 hours return and
                                                    sometimes it might be as much as 10 hours
    Our Gorilla trips spend 4 days tracking         round trip. The terrain is generally uphill, the
    Gorillas. This is to maximise your chance of    pace is quick and there will be difficult bits
    getting several great encounters with           where you will be fighting through dense
    different groups. Encounters are strictly       jungle. There will be little time to rest on the
    limited to 1 hour per day, which is to          way up - this is for good reason. The good
    minimize the chance of transmitting a           news is that you will not have to carry your
    potentially fatal disease. When that hour is    rucksack; the local porters will do this for
    up it will be the worst 23 hours of your life   you for a reasonable charge of $15 per day.
    until the next one comes around!
                                                    If you have any kind of heart or respiratory
           Spending 4 days with mountain            condition, or if you are naturally unfit then
    gorillas should ensure that we have the best    please be honest enough not to apply as this
    chance to get the quality encounters. As we     trip will not suit you. It is essential that you
    have said this tour is designed to maximise     commit to having a good degree of fitness
    the time spent with mountain gorillas so is     with no excuses when you are there as we
    perfect for animal lovers as well as            will not make any allowances. In 2010 we
    photographers.                                  had incredibly fit groups and because of this
           The trekking can be arduous and you      we were able to visit the incredible Susa
    will need to be physically fit to be able to    group twice in the high slopes of the
    last 4 days of trekking. Andy trains for his    mountain. It was a real Gorillas in the Mist
    tours and in his experience most clients will   experience and everyone agreed it was an
    have to improve their physical fitness to get   experience worth getting fit for!
    the most from the experience. The minimum

      We will be taking 7 clients plus Andy on this trip so that we can take out a whole
      tracking group. This means that we will know everyone in the group and will not
      have any other tourists who do not share out interests or who will cause us any
      problems. From experience this is VERY important and allows us a lot of flexibility
      which we would not have got otherwise. The group dynamic is very social in nature
      and when picking the participants Andy will be looking for people who will mix
      well with others and who are looking for a fun time. This is vital as we will be
      spending so much time together. Here is the second tracking group from last year on
      their final trek. Later that evening they participated in the legendary Bad Shirt night,
      a must for all Andy Rouse tours and now eagerly contested.

    We are deliberately going in late March / April to try to get the best of the weather.
    Hopefully it will be slightly overcast and a pleasant 15/16 C during the day but it can feel
    cold as it will always be damp everywhere. In fact you will be damp the whole trip and
    will be putting on damp clothes everyday as nothing ever dries in the mountain climate
    that we are in. It can rain when we are trekking but usually the really spectacular storms
    are reserved for the afternoons. There are many reasons why we choose this time of year
    specifically for our photography and these will become apparent once you are on the
    ground in Rwanda, right now you have to trust that Andy knows what he is doing.

    After an early breakfast and a briefing from our guides we will begin the trek. This can
    last between 2 and 5 hours depending on the location of the group that we are allocated
    to visit for that particular day (they are found each morning by trackers). The walk can be
                                              arduous, through thick jungle on muddy tracks or
                                              up a 60-degree incline! When we find the Gorillas
                                              we will get 1 hour with them, which will be strictly
                                              controlled by Andy and the guides. Usually we
                                              arrive back at the hotel around 1 p.m., just in time
                                              for a welcome lunch! Then the rest of the
                                              afternoon and evening is at your leisure to chill-out
                                              and relax. One afternoon will be spent at a local
                                              cultural village to see some dancing and listen to a
                                              guide who will introduce us to Rwandan village
                                              life. Then try your hand at archery, drink banana
                                              beer and dance with the kids. It is a great afternoon
                                              and all the groups last year loved the experience so
                                              much we are happy to go back. Additionally one
                                              afternoon we may be privileged to arrange a talk
                                              by the Veterinarians who are responsible for the
                                              gorilla populations. You should take plenty of
                                              books too and be prepared to spend your
                                              afternoons not doing much at all!

    This is not a trip for pure photographers who just want to get a few trophy pictures to
    take home. The ethic of the trip is very much on learning about Mountain Gorillas and
    experiencing them in the wild. All are welcome on this trip, from the most accomplished
    photographer to the gorilla hugger, you will all benefit equally from Andy’s experience
    on the ground. Photographic opportunities, if the gorillas are in the right place, can be
    amazing or equally they can be frustrating. You will need every bit of Andy’s knowledge
    to make the most of this trip and he will ensure that everyone gets the help and advice
    that they need.

    You will not need any specialist equipment other than a zoom lens. Andy will provide
    full details before the trip. A good compact and a video is also most acceptable! No geeks
    or camera bores please and you must have no intention of selling your work from this
    trip (prints and your own website are acceptable, no agency photographers or wannabees
    please). This is to ensure that the trips maintain their social and fun nature, an essential
    element for you to get the maximum enjoyment from your time in Rwanda.

    Many people run tours to see the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda and so you may wonder
    why Andy Rouse tours are special? Well for a start Andy is a veteran of 34 treks and so
    has great experience at how to get the most out of the trip plus ensuring that you make
    the most of your opportunities. He works closely with, and has the respect of, the local
    national park authorities, rangers and trackers. This trust has been built up over years and
    last year all the groups agreed that their experience would not have been the same quality
    and their gorilla encounters would not have been as good without this.

                                                             Of course the photographic side
                                                             goes without saying. Gorillas can
                                                             be very difficult to photograph as
                                                             the conditions can be tough.
                                                             Luckily Andy will always be on
                                                             hand to get you in the right place
                                                             at the right time and help you
                                                             overcome any photographic
                                                             issues so that you get the best
                                                             images you can. Before the trip
                                                             he will provide you will a
                                                             comprehensive pre-departure
                                                             guide which details everything
                                                             you need to take with you,
                                                             photographic and otherwise.

                                                             Andy has a proven track record
                                                             in making a positive contribution
                                                             to the Gorillas and the Rwandan
                                                             people. His recent Generations
                                                             limited edition donated 100% of
                                                             its proceeds to the United Nations
                                                             Year of the Gorilla and he is
                                                             becoming more involved with the
                                                             local people and providing
                                                             assistance to them.

    So in conclusion an Andy Rouse tour will provide you the best chance of getting quality
    encounters with the Mountain Gorillas, making a positive contribution to the local
    community and learning about one of the most friendly countries in Africa.

    Accommodation in Rwanda is variable and so we have decided to offer two different
    trips, one is Gorilla Luxury and one is Gorilla Explorer. The only difference between the
    two trips is the standard of hotel and therefore the price.


    For the Luxury trip we will be staying at the Sabinyo Silverback Lodge. This is the best
    in the area, boasting a remote location, great views of the Virunga Volcanoes, stunning
    rooms(including en-suite bathrooms) and service to match. This is a very peaceful,
    quiet and stunning location and the only sound you will hear will be the silence at night.
    It is approximately 20 minutes drive to the Gorilla HQ. The camp is run with a low
    carbon footprint so electricity is from a generator, this means charging of camera
    batteries and laptops only at certain hours. This will not be an issue but we want to you to
    be aware of it. Please click here to see the hotel website, this is a view of the mountain
    and one of the rooms.


    For every one of his 34 treks Andy has stayed at standard class hotels and we are using
    the same 3 star hotel we used for last years tours for Gorilla Explorer. The hotel is very
    friendly, with great service and only 10 minutes drive from the Gorilla HQ. The food is
    good, the beer is cold and it has a nice bar and dining area. The rooms are clean, safe and
    have showers with hot water. The hotel is situated in the centre of town so there can be
    some noise at night but nothing that kept anyone awake. There is no worry about
    security, Rwanda is a wonderful country full of friendly smiles and a genuine “good
    morning” from all that you meet. For those of you based in the UK these rooms are
    comparable with a Travel lodge.
    We will be running the Luxury and Explorer trips back to back. The departure date for
    Explorer is 27th March 2011 and for Luxury is 1st April 2011.. Here is the itinerary for

    Day 01: Depart London Heathrow early evening on Kenya Airways flight
    Day 02: Arrival in Kigali, Rwanda – 3 hour transfer via 4x4 vehicle to hotel
    Day 03: Gorilla trekking - o/n hotel.
    Day 04: Second gorilla trekking - o/n hotel.
    Day 05: Third gorilla trekking - o/n hotel.
    Day 06: Fourth gorilla trekking - transfer to Kigali hotel, group meal o/n hotel.
    Day 07: Kigali visit (the excellent and moving Genocide museum) & departure for home
    Day 08: Arrive home

    The Gorilla 2011 Luxury and Explorer tours are being organized by ABTOT and ATOL
    (number 9826) bonded WorldWide Safaris Ltd. in partnership with Andy Rouse. Andy
    and Worldwide Safaris have been running tours together for several years and have
    always given top quality service as well as a superb product. Please note that it is a
    requirement of this tour that all flights must be booked through WorldWide Safaris Ltd
    (please see below).

    GORILLA 2011

    The cost are as follows:                    hold any dates in advance without
                                                payment. So, once accepted onto the trip,
    Gorilla Explorer - £4350 per person with we will need an immediate payment of
    a single room supplement of £295.           £2000 to allow us to get the permits. In
                                                the unlikely event that we are not
    Gorilla Luxury - £4999 per person with a successful in getting the permits we will
    single room supplement of £425.             offer the group an alternative date that is
                                                available, or refund your money in full.
    Prices include everything except your
    flights (approximately £650), alcoholic Once booked please note that this deposit
    drinks, tips (guide, driver and porter) and is totally non-refundable under any
    items of a personal nature.                 circumstances as permits are not
                                                transferrable. So no matter what the
    Operators are reluctant to offer tours such eventuality we cannot refund this deposit
    as these because of the strange booking and advise you to take out adequate
    conditions to get gorilla tracking permits. insurance to cover it should something
    To get them for this length of time we unforeseen happen. Please see the terms
    need to pay for the permits as we are and conditions at the end of this brochure.
    requesting them and we are not allowed to

     GORILLA 2011

     Booking your place
     So wanna come and have the experience of a lifetime? Then simply click here to
     email to us with details of which trip you would like (Luxury or Explorer), your
     primary interest for going on the trip and what you expect to get from it. The more you
     tell us about you the better your chances of success, don’t just write a few lines as
     demand is such that you will not get on. Priority will always be given to members of
     the Andy Rouse Explorers Club and those who have travelled with Andy before. If you
     are successful then we will reply to you immediately with full booking details, you
     will have to respond and pay the deposit by return.

     We are sorry but owing to the sheer number of request we receive we will only be able
     to respond to those who are successful. We look forward to welcoming you on the trip!

     Rwanda is easy to get to, Kenya Airways have an excellent service thru Nairobi to
     Kigali. We have learnt however over the past few years that there can be flight changes
     between Nairobia and Kigali and for this reason we insist on all flights being booked
     through Worldwide Safaris Ltd. All classes can be booked and local departures are
     available but this is a condition of the booking. It will save you stress - and us!

                        GORILLA 2011

                        Terms and Conditions
                         1. Once your permits have been booked and confirmed the £2000 deposit is totally
                            non-refundable under any circumstances. Similarly once you have paid your final
                            balance the total amount is non-refundable as permits cannot be transferred from
                            one person to another. By paying your deposit you agree to these conditions.
                         2. In any dispute the decision of Andy Rouse Wildlife Photography Ltd and
                            WorldWide Safaris Ltd will be final and no discussion will be entered into.
                         3. Prices are quoted on current rates from our ground agents and we reserve the right
                            to apply a surcharge should an unexpected local rate increase occur. We will of
                            course try to avoid this at all costs. By committing to the trip and paying the
                            deposit you agree to this surcharge if it is necessary, if you decide not to pay it and
                            pull out then you will not be entitled to any refund.
                         4. All materials and photographs within this brochure are the copyright of Andy
                            Rouse Wildlife Photography Ltd and this may not be printed or distributed in
                            anyway without prior written consent from Andy Rouse or his representatives.
                         5. Payments by credit card are subjected to a 2% additional fee which will be advised
                            by WorldWide Safaris Ltd at booking time.
                         6. In order to cover yourself for an unfortunate change of personal circumstance or an
                            unforeseen medical condition we strongly suggest that you take out sufficient travel
                            insurance to cover this eventuality. In the event that you have to cancel we will
                            provide you with the necessary documentation necessary to claim this back from
                            your policy.
                         7. All flights for this trip must be booked through WorldWide Safaris Ltd and this is a
                            requirement of this booking.
                         8. You will be sent a full set of terms and conditions during the booking process.


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