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Tranquility TMW - R410A Water-to-Water Series
Tranquility TMW - R410A Water-to-Water Series
                                                                     The Tranquility TMW Water-to-Water series offers high efficiency and high
                                                                     capacity with advanced features, quiet operation and application flexibility at
                                                                     competitiveprices.TheTMWseriescanbeusedfor avarietyof hot water applications,
                                                                     the most common beingradiant floor heating. Radiant floor heatingis the ultimate
                                                                     in comfort and practicality. It reduces fluctuations in temperature, resulting in a
                                                                     more comfortable home environment. Studies have shown radiant heating to be
                                                                     the most efficient way toheat your home. TheTMWcan alsoprovide a large portion
                                                                     of your home’s domestichot water heatingneeds.

                                                                     ATranquility TMW Water-to-Water series can be packaged with our Tranquility
                                                                     ForcedAir series toprovide you with a true, on demand,“triple function”solution for
                                                                     all your home heating, cooling and hot water needs. The efficiencies and capacities
                                                                     of a geothermal systemincreasedramaticallywhenthefunctions of bothTranquility
                                                                     systems are combined.

Tranquility TMW System Advantages                                                                                             Heating System Cost Comparison

Homeowner Satisfaction:         Independent consumer surveys rate
geothermal systems as havingthe highest customer satisfaction comparedto                                              5000
                                                                                   Estimated Annual Operating Cost*

conventional heatingsystems.                                                                                          4500
Comfort: Providing great comfort, the Tranquility TMW geothermal
system delivers efficient radiant infloor heating, eliminating hot and cold                                           3500

pockets in your home while keeping the heat near the floor, where it’s most                                           3000
needed.                                                                                                               2500
Safe and Clean: Geothermal systems have no flame, no flue, no odours, and
no danger of fire or fumes. Using EarthPure Ozone Safe R410A refrigerant,                                             1500

the Tranquility TMW provides you with unprecedented environmental                                                     1000

protection.                                                                                                            500
Savings: Geothermal systems offer the lowest operating costs of any home
                                                                                                                             Tranquility High E .   Electric     Oil Furnace    High E .
heating system, with annual savings of upto 75% over conventional systems.
                                                                                                                             Geothermal Natural Gas                             Propane
Y monthly utility bills will be lowered dramatically to give you maximum
savings for your family.

Reliability: Geothermal systems last much longer than traditional systems.                                                                Heating System
Since they contain few moving parts, these heating systems can operate                          *Operating costs based on 2009 energy prices and typical 2000 sq. ft. Ontario house with four occupants.
efficiently for many years with little maintenance.

                                                              NextEnergy Inc. The National Leader in Geothermal.
                                                              NextEnergy Inc. is the national leader in the marketing and distribution of geothermal
                                                              heating and cooling systems. O geothermal experts combine many years of experience
                                                              in the advancement of geothermal technology to meet the demands of our C       anadian
                                                              climate. NextEnergy heat pumps are custom-made by ClimateMaster, which has spent
                                                              more than forty years in the research and development of geothermal heat pump tech-
       35 Earl Martin Dr., Elmira, ON N3B 3L4                 nology, and are installed by a Canada-wide network of Authorized Dealers. NextEnergy
     Phone: 1-800-367-9810 Fax: 877-684-3112                                                    e
                                                              is committed to excellence. W assure you that through the installation of our
                                                              Tranquility TMW W         ater
                                                                                  ater-W Series your home will have an efficient geothermal system
                                   with an unmatchedoperatingcost that will keepyour family in total home comfort.