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					LaBounty MWS40 Wood Shears Double the Productivity of Wood Demolition and
           Recycling for Conkle Tree Service of Lovejoy, Georgia.
Lovejoy, Georgia - The LaBounty MWS Mobile Wood Shear attach-
ments, with weld-in replacement, hardened steel cutting blades,
demolish all types of wood materials including tree stumps, logs,
railroad ties, wood demolition debris and other over sized wood
products. These attachments replace the excavator bucket and op-
erate with the same controls so no additional hydraulics are required.
The LaBounty design maximizes cutting force and reach with mini-
mum weight; consequently, the base machine movement is reduced,
which improves the operation safety and lessens wear and tear on
the excavator.

Conkle Tree Service

Conkle Tree Service specializes in land clearing, wood waste recy-
cling and mulch removal throughout all of Georgia. President and
founder of Conkle is Ellis N. Conkle. His son, Charles N. Conkle, is The MWS 40’s forte is to downsize wood materi-
Vice President. The company currently employees 15 full-time work- als while at the same time removing much of the
ers.                                                                 contaminants like dirt and rock.

When Ellis Conkle first opened the business in 1954, he ran a res-
idential tree care service. The company eventually evolved into a
commercial grinding contractor.

“My dad started with a couple of trucks and chain saws,” stated C.
Conkle. “As the business grew, he added chip trucks, chippers, and
pulp wood trucks. Then, as the business became more successful,
bucket trucks, crane trucks and skid steer loaders were added.”

Conkle’s current fleet of equipment includes four 1300 Morbark tub
grinders, six 963C Caterpillar loaders, four 320 CL Caterpillar exca-
vators, one 325 CL Caterpillar excavator, and three 50 ton Lowboys
with road tractors.

Today’s equipment improves work force

“As our business moved from chain saws to superior equipment, we not only increased productivity and created a safer work
environment, but also reduced our need for manual labor - replacing it with skilled equipment operators; thus, improving our
overall work force,” stated C. Conkle.

Georgia Open Burning Rules revise clearing methods

From the 1950’s through the mid 1990’s Conkle disposed of the cleared wood by burning it; however, in response to the
implementation of the 1995 Georgia Open Burning Rules, Conkle begin making efforts to recycle the cleared wood.

According to Tom Atkinson, Environmental Specialist, Georgia Environmental Protection Division, the burning rules were
implemented in order to reduced the amount of smoke and emission from fires, which contribute significantly to the pollut-
ants that form ozone. At the ground level, ozone is detrimental because it (and the particulate matter from burning) contrib-
utes to respiratory diseases such as asthma.

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“Instead of burning the cleared wood, the wood can be recycled for sedimentation and erosion control, fertilization, and
landscaping projects, or as fuel in the heavy-duty broilers of paper mills and other industries dependent on coal firing gener-
ating units,” said Atkinson. “Furthermore, a promising future use of recycled wood is in the development of cellulose based

Conkle purchases the LaBounty MWS40 wood shear

In 1998 Conkle purchased their first LaBounty MWS40 wood shear to process the wood waste for recycling. The attach-
ment weighs approximately 3000 pounds (1360 kg), has a jaw opening of 30-40 inches (762-1,016 mm), depending upon
what excavator it is mounted to, a jaw depth of 29 inches (736 mm) and a reach of 4.5 feet (1.4 M.). The shear attaches to
a 40,000-60,000 ton excavator. Conkle now owns five LaBounty MWS 40 Mobile Wood Shears and recycles all the wood
and stumps left on site by the timber harvesters.

C. Conkle explained, “To quicken the grinding process, the large stumps are split using LaBounty MWS40 shears, which
are mounted on 320 CL Caterpillar excavators. The shears also remove 90% of the dirt and rock. The grinding process is
quickened by cutting the large treetops into small pieces and cutting the logs to 7 or 8 foot lengths. After the wood has been
split or cut into smaller pieces, it is ground through a hammer mill (located within a 1300 Morbark tub grinder). The ground
wood can then be used for many purposes: to heat pulp and other lumber products at burner plants, in erosion control, or
in coloring and bagging facilities for the public to use.”

“The use of LaBounty Shears has greatly increased the efficiency in which we clear land,“ C. Conkle stated. “Before the
shears, we ground approximately 2 acres of land a day; with the use of the shears, we now grind approximately 3 to 4 acres
a day. This increase in productivity has lowered the cost per hour to run and maintain the equipment. In addition, the com-
ponents of the shears are replaceable, which simplifies maintenance of the equipment.“

“An additional safety benefit to utilizing the shears is that our employees no longer use chain saws in a dangerous environ-
ment,” emphasized C. Conkle.

“However, the main reason we have continued to purchase LaBounty shears over other brands, is that they are very du-
rable,” stated C. Conkle. “The LaBounty equipment operated without failure for over 8000 hours. With other brands, we only
got 1500 working hours before equipment failure.”

For more information on the LaBounty Shears visit or contact Uwe
Kausch, LaBounty Product Line Manager (218-834-2123). For more information on Conkle Tree Service visit “http://www.”.

         Model        Excavator Weight         Attachment             Jaw Opening                   Jaw Depth
                     Lbs.     Metric Tons      Lbs.   Kg.       Inches       Millimeters     Inches     Millimeters
       MWS 40       40-60,000#     18-27      3,000    1,360     30-40        762-1,016        29           736
       MWS 80       70-100,000#    32-43      5,100    2,313     50-60       1,270-1,524       41           1,041

                               Stanley LaBounty, 1538 Hwy 2, Two Harbors, MN 55616
                                           218-834-2123 or 800-522-5059
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