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					                Fundraisers Toolkit

Welcome to Spinal Research s step-by-step guide to
                  raising funds.
This kit contains ideas, advice and useful information on how to
     raise funds for Spinal Research s much needed work.

                        ABOUT SPINAL RESEARCH
It takes courage to think about it, but spinal cord injury could happen to any one of us. We are
all vulnerable to unexpected events like a serious fall, a road accident or a sports injury. Spinal
Research focuses on finding ways to repair damaged spinal cords. The ultimate aim is to relieve
the world of the terrible threat of paralysis caused by spinal cord injury.

                          SPINAL RESEARCH FOR ME IS HOPE.
                               HOPE FOR THE FUTURE
                    Gemma Quinn, paralysed in a car accident when she
                                        was 7

Spinal Research raises money to research into the repair of spinal cord injury and funds
pioneering projects at scientific and medical institutions around the world. These projects have
made revolutionary progress over the last ten years. Recent successes in the laboratory open
the way to treatments that will repair damaged spinal cords and restore sensation and
movement in paralysed people. We aim to launch clinical trials of new treatments with
paralysed volunteers in the next few years.

The typical victim of spinal cord injury is a young, active person, often the victim of a road
accident or a fall. More than 40,000 people in the UK are paralysed as the result of damage to
the spinal cord, and many hundreds more are injured each year.

Like the brain, the spinal cord is part of the central nervous system. When damaged in an
accident, it cannot repair itself unaided. Spinal cord injury is not just about paralysis of the arms,
legs and torso: it also affects sensation, the body s control systems (including breathing,
temperature, bladder and bowel) and sexual function. The psychological impact is also, clearly,
devastating, on the paralysed person and on everyone around him or her.

For further information about our research programme, please contact Dr Mark Bacon, Head of
Research, on 01483 898786.

We have reached a crucial stage in our search for treatments to repair damaged spinal cords.
Your support will play an important part in helping us win the fight against paralysis.

We hope that you would like to keep in touch with Spinal Research and hear about our research
and fundraising activities. If we haven t already done so we will add your name and contact
details to our mailing list. If, at any time, you no longer wish to receive mailings from Spinal
Research, please do let us know contact details below.

Thank you.

Each year many volunteer fundraisers and supporters organise their own fundraising activity
and raise money to help the research progress funded by Spinal Research. The fundraising
team at Spinal Research provide ideas, practical support, expertise in event management and a
constant flow of encouragement. The supporters take it from there, organising events and
raising sponsorship.

In 2007 we have already seen our supporters raise money from Art in the Garden exhibitions,
quiz nights, charity of the year at a golf club, country dancing event, Masonic lodge donations,
fundraising balls, fashion shows          .

Organising your own event can be very rewarding, seeing all the time and effort you devote to a
project raising funds for a cause that you are passionate about.

          I don t want to sit back and wait for a cure for paralysis to just happen. I
          want to play an active part by fundraising - I want to make a difference.
                       Colin Javens, paralysed in a diving accident aged 20

It might take some organisation, but it s worth it when you see the result: a sum of money that
will make a difference to the future for paralysed people. Spinal Research believes that a cure
for paralysis can be found with enough research. So our dedicated fundraisers tirelessly raise
amazing amounts of cash to support this research. Your fundraising could make the
difference ..

                             PLEASE REMEMBER TO                     .

   · Fill in your event registration form (download from our website or call to
     receive one via the post), detailing any materials you would like - and the
     Gift Aid form if appropriate - and send back to us
   · Take pictures of your event and email or send to us in the office
   · If your event is sponsored by individuals, please make sure EVERYONE fills
     in the form correctly so we can claim as much Gift Aid as possible
   · Not manipulate the Spinal Research logo in anyway
   · HAVE FUN!!!!

Spinal Research has built a number of fundraising campaigns that leverage the energy and
commitment of special-interest groups people who have a particular risk of spinal cord injury
and its impact or who have suffered an injury but have been lucky enough to walk away.

Saddle Up - for the equestrian community:

                             Over the past 5 years, Spinal Research and the equestrian community
                             have been working together to fight paralysis. Thanks to everyone
                             involved, the Saddle Up Campaign has raised nearly £300,000 since its
                             launch in 2000 to help pioneer the repair of injuries to the spinal cord.

There are Saddle Up events happening all across the country and even some for 2008 already
planned including another series of demonstration days with various top equestrian sportsmen
and women who support Spinal Research. This year Ginny Elliot, Andrew Gould, Mary King,
Jeanette Brakewell, Nick Skelton and others have helped or will help us. Volunteers are always
needed for organising committees and stewarding or, of course, taking part in the rides and
raising sponsorship.

Saddle Up events have also included Dressage events, Horse Shows, Photo Competitions,
Race Nights, Equestrian Brick-A-Brack sales, Stables Open Days and Quiz Nights. Events
packs to help with your fundraising are available by contacting Isabel on 01483 898786 or email

Ride Out - for the motorcycling community:
                             The Ride Out Campaign was launched to raise funds and awareness
                             from the motorcycle community who are at risk of a spinal cord injury.
                             Although we do not like to think about it, many motorcyclists know of
                             people who have had a near miss or serious accident on a motorcycle,
                             and each year in the UK approximately 10% of all spinal cord injures are
                             as a result of motorcycle injuries.

2007 has already seen Hove Motorcycle Club support Spinal Research, and we are Curvy
Riders Bike Club s charity of the year too. We will also be the beneficiaries of the Western
Beach Race event in October.

If you have a motorcycling idea that will help raise funds for the charity, please contact Isabel on
01483 898786 or

For the people who have narrowly missed Spinal Cord Injury: Near Miss

The Near Miss Club is exclusively for people who could have potentially had a debilitating spinal
injury, but walked away and now want to help other who weren t as lucky.

                     To become a member of the Near Miss Club, you don t have to pay a fee or
                     make a donation. All we ask is that, just once a year, you devote some time,
                     talent or energy to helping Spinal Research.

                     Join the Near Miss Club to celebrate your lucky escape and give hope to
                     people who were not so lucky and who are now paralysed. Help us to turn
                     every accident that causes spinal cord injury into a near miss. For more
                     information, contact Carol on 01483 898786 or

             I believe that in general we go through life achieving far less than we
            are truly capable of, through raising money for Spinal Research, I am
                   helping some of those who haven t been as lucky as me."
                        Andy Cummings, member of the Near Miss Club

Contact Details
Tel: 01483 898786                                      Fax: 01483 89 87 63


General Enquiries
Please contact Michelle Marsh

Saddle Up enquiries  
Please contact Isabel Robinson

Ride Out enquiries
Please contact Isabel Robinson

Near Miss Club enquiries
Please contact Carol Borwick

Address:     Spinal Research
             Bramley Business Centre
             Station Road
             Bramley, Guildford
             Surrey GU5 0AX


Try to follow these keys points when organising your own event.
· Keep it manageable don t aim too high too soon, keep your event simple, then move on to
   more ambitious events when you are more experienced
· Team work the best events are organised by a great team, having the right people on
   board means everything will run more smoothly and everyone will know what they are doing
· Plan make sure you have every eventuality covered, i.e. a risk assessment, insurance,
   legality etc. Also planning the date is paramount, make sure it doesn t clash with anything
   else happening in your area, you may wish to piggy-back on an existing event
· Marketing       tell as many people you can! Put up posters, think about getting the media
   involved and try to get some free advertising
· Budget make sure you start your event with a budget, and stick to it! This way you will
   keep costs down and ultimately raise more funds for the charity
· Ask whoever said there s no harm in asking was right! Try to get as much as you can for
   free, from local companies to peoples time. But make sure you can offer them something in
   return, like tickets for your event, or in the case of a company, free advertising or
   sponsorship opportunities
· Evaluation       make sure you follow up your event with thank you letters, maybe letting
   everyone know how much you ve raised

      Please remember the Spinal Research Fundraising Team are here to help
      you every step of the way, with production of materials, media lists,
      speakers, data lists or anything else you feel would help your event raise
      more money.

         Contact Spinal Research on 01483 898786 or

                                 FUNDRAISING IDEAS
You may already have your own ideas about how you want to raise money for Spinal Research, but we
thought you might appreciate a few more.

~    COLLECTING TINS Distribute some collecting tins to your local shops, pubs and schools and
challenge each one to raise at least £20 within 4 weeks.

~COMPANY SUPPORT           Approach 20 colleagues and get them to persuade the company they work
for to adopt Spinal Research, perhaps as Charity of the Year . Encourage your company to establish a
Give as You Earn scheme [if you don t already have one], which employees can sign up for (read on to
find out more about corporate support)

~A SPONSORED cycle ride, walk, swim         The choice is yours. Whatever kind of event you choose,
the Spinal Research team can help with sponsor forms, banners, balloons, press releases. Or why not
join in one of our own sponsored events?

~ENCOURAGE        COMMITTED GIVERS OR FUNDRAISERS Help spread the word about Spinal
Research and see if you can encourage your friends to commit to a monthly direct debit by joining the
Millennium Group, or helping you with fundraising (please log to our website for more information on the
Millennium Group)

~SPORTING TARGET              If you play sport regularly, set yourself a target this year for the number of
goals, tries, runs, points etc. that you want to achieve. Get sponsorship for each target you reach

~ABSTAIN FOR A WEEK!                Are there things that you do too much of? If you ve been meaning to
change your life, then why not give it a trial run for a week. With the support of friends and colleagues
you ll not only change your life for the better, bu t also raise lots of money for Spinal Research.

~QUIZ       Hold your own Who Wants to be a Millionaire? competition with 20 questions to reach the
goal or prize. You could get your local pub involved and ask them to hold it for you

~PUB      CRAWL Make your way around your local pubs and (with the pub s permission) hold a
collection in each one

~NEWSPAPER COMPETITION                   Get your local rag to run a comp with Spinal Research as the host

~WEDDING or BIRTHDAY GIFTS IN LIEU                Many youngsters are already set up with houses when
they decide to get married so as well as, or instead of a wedding list, suggest your wedding guests make
a donation. This can work for birthdays too

~UNWANTED       GIFTS? In celebration of a mature birthday or at retirement suggest friends and
colleagues make a donation instead of giving you gifts (as above)

You could be inspired by one of these ideas, or you could have your own fabulous idea!
Whichever, we ALWAYS want to hear about your fundraising! Please contact the office
and tell us all about it on 01483 898786 or email

                            MARKETING YOUR EVENT
Marketing to your target audience            the guest list
You will undoubtedly have your own list of contacts, but we can also make contact with those on our
database in your area that may be willing to help out or support the event. We also have a list of very
experienced fundraisers across the country who are all willing to pass on their expertise. If you would
like to be put in contact with these people, please contact the office on 01483 898786.

Depending on your event, your guest list could include some or all of the following people:
                                                                            If you want to have 100
        ·   Existing or potential supporters                                guests at your event, you
        ·   VIPs (MPs, MEPs, councillors, celebrities)                      should invite 450 expect
        ·   Media contacts                                                  150 to agree to attend and
        ·   Corporate Sponsors or supporters                                100 to turn up. This rule
        ·   A representative from Spinal Research                           assumes you have sent
                                                                            your invitations out well in
A standard rule of thumb sugges ts that about a third of those you          advance (at least six weeks)
invite will reply positively. Not all those who accept will actually turn   and you have followed up
up on the day. Experience suggests that about a third will not arrive.      all non-responders with a
                                                                            phone call.
Invitations, promotional material and displays
Invitations, posters (A5, A4 and A3), good luck/thank you postcards and flyers for the event can be
provided and printed by Spinal Research depending on numbers. Otherwise we can email you our logo
to put on your marketing materials.

The promotional materials should be clear, simple and include details of speakers, RSVP contact,
deadline and, where appropriate, the logo of any event sponsor. It may be a good idea to include a reply
card or tear off strip to make responding to your invitation as easy as possible. Make sure you include as
much information about practical arrangements as you can e.g. travel, parking, security etc.

After the event
Any decent photos taken on the day along with a write up of the event can be placed on our website so
people can find out what happened at the event and how much money was raised. You might want to
do a follow-up press release which you can send along with the best photos to the local press. Make
sure the photos are clearly labelled stating from left to right, who is in the picture. For ease, email them

Evaluation and follow up
Events provide an ideal opportunity for networking with existing and prospective supporters. In order to
maximise the possible benefits and follow up any interesting discussions, it is important to gather details
at one central point and to co-ordinate responses. This also avoids any repetition when sending out
information or advice after the event. Evaluation of your event if done well should enable you to see how
effective you have been and learn lessons for the future. This can be done by gathering views of the
people involved, partners and sponsors.

Saying thank you
To ensure that good will continues it is important to              Follow up mailings may also be a
thank all those involved in the event including staff and          good idea depending on the
volunteers. It may be appropriate to send small gifts or a         nature of the event. They can be
bouquet of flowers to key speakers. Spinal Research can            useful for informing people of
offer postcard size blank thank you cards for you to use           future fundraising activities they
or we can print on your behalf with your message.                  may wish to support.
                                     PRESS RELEASES

See below for an example of a press release, if you add in your own details and send off to all
relevant press before your event, you will hopefully get some exposure. Remember who, what,
why, where and when.

                                                                                             PRESS RELEASE
                                                                                                   July 2007

              Woody Vs Woody polo match for Spinal Research

The International Spinal Research Trust are having their first foray into the world of polo. On
Wednesday 22 nd August, the Beaufort Club are hosting a day of polo in aid of Spinal Research.

The event is the brainchild of champion jump jockey, Richard Dunwoody. Dunwoody, who is a
key supporter of Spinal Research, decided to challenge Malcolm Woody Woodcock, from
Channel Four s Faking it, to a grudge match aptly named Woody Vs Woody!

The match will take place at 3pm before the main club match and local celebrities invited
include         It is hoped that £5,000 will be raised for the charity which will be used to fund
research into spinal cord repair.

Refreshments will be available but why not bring a picnic there is plenty of space to enjoy the
day and . Parking is included in the ticket price. Tickets are costed at £xx per car (maximum of
5 people).

                                                    - - end - -

For more information, please contact: Jo Bloggs on 0118 901 * *** or ************

About Spinal Research
·   Spinal Research focuses on finding ways to repair damaged spinal cords something long thought impossible.
    Established in 1980, the charity raises money for groundbreaking projects at scientific and medical institutions
    around the world. Recent successes in the laboratory open the way to treatments that will repair the spinal
    cords of paralysed people. The regeneration of just four centimetres of spinal cord could significantly improve
    a paralysed person s sensation and mobility, making a huge difference to his or her life.
·   The typical victim of spinal cord injury is a young, active person. More than 40,000 people in the UK are
    paralysed through damage to the spinal cord, and hundreds more join them each year. Spinal cord injury does
    more than paralyse arms, legs and torso: it also affects sensation, the body s control systems (including
    breathing, temperature, bladder and bow el) and sexual function. The psychological impact is also, clearly,
·   In every aspect of its activities, whether in raising funds or in allocating funds to research projects, Spinal
    Research works in accordance with the highest scientific and ethical principles.
·   The charity has provided funding of over £17m to this highly specialised field of research.

                                    SAFE AND LEGAL
When you organise charitable events, you MUST be aware of the legalities involved, or it could
mean your event being cancelled if you are breaking regulations. You must ensure that any
event you are organising on Spinal Research s behalf is safe and complies with the law. Spinal
Research cannot and does not accept any liability for events run in its name except by prior

Below is a list of does and don ts, but if you have a question that isn t answered here, please
contact the office and we will endeavour to help you. There are a lot of sources of information
that you may try as well. For instance your local council should be your first port of call, as they
will have information concerning events run in their district. Also your local Police, Fire Brigade
and trading standards are also useful.

     ·   Keep it safe and legal if in doubt contact your local Police station and they will be more
         than happy to help
     ·   Contact your local council for all information on licenses, permits and health and safety
     ·   Consider first aid requirements, it is always good to have a first aider on site, or if your
         event is larger, maybe consider St John s Ambulance
     ·   Consider insurance implications
     ·   For more information, please look at the following sources
                The Institute of Fundraising
                Directory of Social Change
                Remember all your publicity materials must state the following phrases

          All proceeds/profits will go to Spinal Research
          Spinal Research is a UK registered charity (no 281325)
         and our strap line Spinal Research Fighting Paralysis             and winning

Don t
  · Do anything unsafe or illegal
  · Allow anyone under the age of 16 to collect sponsorship monies without the
        accompaniment of an adult
  · Make street collections without a permit

          Sending in your donations or sponsorship monies

          To assist processing and keep admi nistration to a minimum please adhere to the
          following guidance. This enables us to keep track of all incoming money and to be
          able to thank you and you r supporters effectively. Do not send cash through the
          post. Encourage people to write cheques made payable to Spinal Research but if
          you do receive cash or cheques payable to yourself, please bank them and send us
          one cheque made payable to Spinal Research for the total amount. Please send all
          cheques with your completed Gift Aid form and any sponsorship forms. If you wish to
          bank directly, please contact us for our bank details. Send to: Spinal Research, 8a
          Bramley Business Centre, Station Road, Bramley, Guildford, Surrey GU5 0AZ

                             CORPOR ATE SUPPORT
How employers can support Spinal Research (SR)

Give as you earn (GAYE) companies can encourage employees to support Spinal Research tax-
effectively through their payroll. They can do this by:
     · Offering and promoting GAYE to employees
     · Offering to pay the administration costs on behalf of employees
     · Matching employees donations

Matched Giving - is an ideal way to support employees' generosity. Companies may offer to match their
employees' gifts to Spinal Research or sponsorship raised as a result of completing a mara thon pound
for pound or up to a certain limit.

Gifts in Kind   instead of giving money, companies can donate products, goods and services to Spinal

Hold an awareness day is a great way to introduce employees to Spinal Research. Why not set up a
stand or information display board in a communal work area where employees can find out more about
our aims and objectives.

Charity of the Year Why not nominate Spinal Research for your company s Charity of the Year? Our
fundraising team can help develop a tailor made programme for your partnership with us, aiming to
develop a wide range of activities that staff can get involved with and work on together.

Staff fundraising events There is a wide range of fundraising events held in aid of Spinal Research,
which take place all over the UK, all year round. Employees can join in by volunteering on a one-off
basis or they can even organise their own such as a dress down day or a sponsored walk.

Win a day s holiday Any office can take part and it s simple to organise. Get your boss to donate a
day off to raffle among your colleagues for up to £2 each. All proceeds will go to Spinal Research and
one lucky person will be given an extra day s holiday. This is a great idea around Christmas.

Sell Christmas cards - If you want to spread some festive cheer while supporting Spinal Research, why
not encourage staff to buy and sell our charity Christmas cards? (If you would like to order Christmas
cards, please contact us on 01483 898786).

Corporate event sponsorship Spinal Research holds several high profile fundraising events every
year and is often looking for corporate sponsorship. The charity can offer an excellent detailed and
comprehensive package in return for financial backing for all or part of an event.

                          Corporate Social Responsibility      the benefits
 Choosing to support Spinal Research:
    · Improves the morale, motivation and commitment of employees
    · Supports a cause which employees care about and publicly acknowledges their
       importance to the company
    · Improves customer perception
    · Philanthropic Involvement. Any partnership with Spinal Research provides a fitting
       channel for investing in the future of spinal cord injury repair and those affected by it.