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 New Summer Session guidelines
          Procedures and
 Simplified Personnel Action Form
              Summer Session 2011
     There are several updates, so be sure to review the Guidelines

   Summer Session Office in the Office of the Provost will
    handle both SS resident courses and Distance Learning
    taught in summer
   Summer Session Task force developed new guidelines
    for Summer 2009, tweaked them for 2010 and 2011
       Incorporates revenue sharing model for the colleges
       Updates course classifications
       Provides for a wide range of session dates
       Incorporates Distance Learning taught in Summer
   Guidelines are posted on Office of the Provost’s web site
    (APR #19):
                   Summer 2011
   New Summer PAF and Procedures for use
    Summer 2011 are located on the HR Forms web
       Incorporates Faculty summer appointment contract
        for any faculty not on currently active contract (no
        longer require contract piece on full time TT and FixT
        on active multi year contract)
       Use for resident credit courses AND Distance
        Learning to be taught in Summer
                            Summer PAF
 “TYPE” section on PAF – to indicate if this is a new appt
  or additional pay for permanent faculty on active contract
 Combines resident and distance learning for summer
       One process during summer and
       one process during rest of academic year
       Must be sure to include appropriate position #’s for each
   Includes drop down menu’s and comment boxes for
    clarification and ease of use
   Dept does NOT fill in dollar amounts nor pay dates for
    Summer Session courses
   Dept does fill in fund acct codes and position #’s
                  Summer 2011
 Department        fills out the PAF on-line
     The initial PAF will be zeroed out for dollars
       • Lists classes to be taught, fund/acct #, position #’s
         to pay from, but not dollar amounts to pay
       • This form gets the new instructor access to the
         classes in banner and includes a contract for any
         faculty not on current contract
       • Departments are responsible for loading the
         courses and instructors into Banner
                Summer 2011
 Dept prints out PAF and sends through
  signature process to Department Head and
 If not on currently active faculty contract, the
  Dean’s office sends PAF/Contract to Faculty
  member for signature on the contract
 When Dean receives back PAF and signed
  contract - sends it to Summer Session office
                           Summer 2011
                       Summer Session Office
   For New adjunct appointment, Summer Session Office will make a
    copy of the zeroed out PAF and send original to HR to do intake,
    compliance and establish identity in Banner – original contract filed
    in personnel file
        Remember your pre-requisites
           • background screening requirement
           • credentialing
   For additional pay for permanent faculty – SS will keep original
    zeroed PAF– nothing goes to HR on these
   SS retains zeroed PAFs and determines dollar amounts to confirm
    pay with departments once final enrollment is established and
    configurations completed.
        College will know compensation amounts 1 week prior to payroll deadline.
        QUICK TURN AROUND – College will confirm amounts within 48 hours
                       Summer 2011
                   Summer Session Office
   Once compensation is reconciled with the College,
    Summer Session office submits a pay EPAF
    electronically and the information is loaded into Banner
    for payment.
   Payment is made according to pay calendar distributed
    from the Office of the Provost. Terms lasting 4.5 weeks
    or longer will have multiple pay periods. (See APR 19
    for pay schedules per term.)
       Payments are made at the end of the month

    NOTE: After drop add date, if there is no payment for a class, the
      PAF is voided for that class and faculty access is removed as
                   Key Points
           Accuracy in every blank is essential!

   Contract piece no longer needed for permanent
    faculty on active contract
   All SS PAF’s go to SS office – due by March 25th
   DL and resident taught in summer session all
    processed on one SS PAF for each instructor
   Funding for DL teaching is responsibility of the
    College (no longer Ed Outreach)
   Cross listed Distance courses must be indicated
    as such on PAF – these are paid by Dept DL
    funding (not Summer Session)
                         Key Points
    Information on your PAF MUST match the information in Banner for
                      pay calculations to be correct!

   Degree earned affects AMOUNT of pay
   Type of employee (FT, PT, Retired) affects
    AMOUNT of pay
   Session dates MUST be accurate because
    dates directly affect WHEN the person is paid!
   Course classification (must be approved by the
    Dean) affects AMOUNT of pay
   Pay attention to your position #’s and budget
    codes - contact budget office if have questions
 Course   classifications must be loaded into
  Banner with the course – Banner Contract
 PAF’s with missing or incorrect information
  will be put aside and will likely delay pay to
  the next pay cycle or later.
   Distance Learning Budgets
 Position  numbers for distance learning will
  probably be changing. All fund and
  position numbers will be sent to the dean’s
  assistants prior to March1st.
 Any questions, please contact the budget
  office or the Provost’s office.
                     Final notes
   Guidelines are on the Office of Provost’s web site:

   Forms are on HR Forms web site:

   Send all input, questions and suggestions about forms
    and process to

   Contact the Summer Session (Office of the Provost) for
    questions about Summer Session courses and
    guidelines - Ann Green:

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