Silent Auction Items 2010 by nuhman10


									    Summer Salsa Luncheon
             Silent Auction Items
Name              Item                           Value        Donated/Obtained By
Coby Nathanson    Coach Red Leather Wallet       $80          Coby Nathanson
Mike Nathanson    Classic Coach Red Leather Zip Wallet        Mike Nathanson

Basket Bandits    CMN Goodie Pack                  $50        Basket Bandits

Brittney Ford     A Midsummer Night’s Sweat $100           Brittney Ford
                  Large Nike Track Shorts, Workout Gear, Water Bottle and More.

Basket Bandits    A Towel for All Seasons         $25      Basket Bandits
                  Large Tub Full of Tea Towel and Dish Towels for All Seasons

JoNell Ault       Vintage Garden Plates           $50       JoNell Ault
                  Plate Rack with Vintage Garden Princess House Flower Plates

Joyce Barbazzet   Going to the Beach             $65
                  Large Insulated Beach Bag with Water Noodles, Splash Ball,
                  Sun Spray SPF 50, Swim Ring, Beach Towels, Goggle, Kickboard
                  and More

Jeri Plat         Lady Bug Picnic                  $35        Jeri Platt

Baskets Bandits   Boxing Day Boxers                $20         Jeri Platt
                  Relax the day after Christmas with Santa Slippers, Boxers,
                  Teddy Duo, Christmas Button and Snowman Socks

Jeri Platt        Art Glass Floral Display       $25        Jeri Platt
                  Beautiful Green Blown Glass Leaf Vase with Three Flowers

Roberta           Pretty in Pink                   $30        Roberta
McGovney          Pink Art Glass Earrings with Satin Bag      McGovney

Jessica Smith     No More Wining                   $45
Brittney Ford     Six Slot Wine Rack, Wine Filter and Saver, Waiters Cork Screw,
                  Three Wine Glasses, DueUve Pinot Grigio/Sauvignon Blanc

JoNell Ault       Strawberry Surprise             $25         JoNell Ault
                  Beautiful Hand Painted Margarita Glass

Pam Barrett       Romantic Evening               $75        Pam Barrett
                  Silk Night Gown Large, Chocolates, Wine and Wine Glasses, Red
                  Rock Merlot 2007

Janice Terrell    Flamingo Fun                     $30        Janice Terrell
Roberta           Get the Flamingo Party Started              Roberta
McGovney         with All These Goodies                    McGovney

Kate Weaver      Let’s Scrapbook                 $75       Kate Weaver
                 Huge Tote Filled with Everything You Need for Scrapbooking

Pam Barrett      Deck the Halls                  $20       Pam Barrett
                 Stockings, Ornaments, Bear in Rocking Chair

Liz Furman       How to Host a Murder           $60        Liz Furman
                 Party Game – How to Host a Murder,
                 Clos Du Bois 2008 Pinot Grigio

Basket Bandits   No More Blues                     $45       Basket Bandits
                 Fantastic Serving Tray with a Set of Blue Wine Glasses

Brittney Ford    As Time Goes By                 $135      Brittney Ford
                 Pulsar Watch with Interchangeable Bands
                 in Silver, Pink and Mint Green

Basket Bandits   Friday Night Fix              $50       Basket Bandits
                 Mikasa Wine Stopper, Huntington Chardonnay 2008,
                 Wine Glasses and Wine Charms in Hammered Copper Bucket

Candace Turner   Let Us Serve You                 $75      Candace Turner
Pam Barrett      Eight Gorgeous Multicolored               Pam Barrett
                 Dessert Plates with Serving Pieces
                 in a Lovely Hat Box

Basket Bandits   Pampered Princess               $30       Basket Bandits
                 Shower Caddie, Catherine Miller Design Etched Blue Vase,
                 Moisture Gloves and Bluebonnet Soap

Pam Barrett      Jasper & Freshwater Pearls      $50       Pam Barrett
                 Beautiful Earring and Necklace Set

Basket Bandits   Angel Spa                       $70        Pam Barrett
                 Feng Shui Candle Set, Lipstick Case from China, Wallet, Angel Spa
                 Lotion, Angel Spa Bath & Shower Gel from Tuscany, Aromatherapy
                 Body Lotion, Relaxing Booties and Bracelet

Pam Barrett      Midnight Retreat               $80        Pam Barrett
                 Jones New York XL Silk Night Shirt, Crochet Pillow,
                 Midnight Feet Warmers, Vanilla Coconut Candle, Berringer Merlot
                 2007, Two Zebra Wine Glasses, Lavender Body Lotion and
                 Cherry Blossom Body Lotion

Basket Bandits   Let’s Play                     $25        Basket Bandits
                 Foam Balls, Piggy Socks, Coca Cola Tin, Panda Coin Purse,
                 Panda Magnet from China, Hair Scrunchies, Moose Loofah Sponge
                 and Penguin Pal

Basket Bandits   Pink Powder Room                $40      Basket Bandits
                 Precious Pink Soaps, Frame and Phi Mu Soap Bar

Basket Bandits   Pink Lady                      $25        Basket Bandits
                 Fashion Watch in Sassy Hat Box

Jeri Platt       J.G. Durand Cut Crystal Vase $30          Jeri Platt
                 Beautiful Cut Crystal Vase

Pam Barrett      Easter Party in a Basket        $15       Basket Bandits
                 Easter Eggs, Bunnies, Chicks and More
Linda Bush       Kitchen Gourmet                 $40        Linda Bush
                 Gourmet Jellies and Jams paired with
                 Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolates

Basket Bandits   Christmas Characters            $20        Basket Bandits
                 Penguins and Animal Friends
                 All Dressed Up for the Holidays

Pam Barrett      Murano Glass Jewel Set           $45       Pam Barrett
                 Blue Art Glass Necklace and Earrings
                 in a Beautiful Glass Bowl

Basket Bandits   Pink in Bloom                   $25        Basket Bandits
                 Pink Flower Glasses
                 2005 Merlot, Cocktail Napkins

Basket Bandits   This and That                   $25        Basket Bandits
                 Vera Bradley Cell Phone Case
                 and Other Fun Goodies

Basket Bandits   Christmas Spirits               $30        Basket Bandits
                 Wine Charms, Wine Stopper

Pam Barrett      Something that Glitters         $35        Pam Barrett
                 Red Crystal Cross and Rhinestone Bracelets

Basket Bandits   Bath Extravaganza               $20      Basket Bandits
                 Vanilla Hand Cream, Slice of Life Hand Wash
                 with French Vanilla Candle

Louise Huck      Rainbow Mug Set                 $30        Louise Huck
                 Multicolored Mug Set in a Great Display Stand

Basket Bandits   Lavender Fields                $40       Louise Huck
                 Everything Lavender from Crabtree & Evelyn

Pam Barrett      Bangles Galore                     $25       Pam Barrett
                 Six different Bracelets in Oriental Jewelry Box

Basket Bandits   Birthday Bash                  $60       Basket Bandits
                 Celebrate Carafe with Matching Wine Glasses
                 NEEDS BOTTLE OF WINE

Pam Barrett      Evening in Paris              $50        Pam Barrett
                 Merlot 2007, Two Cobalt Blue Wine Glasses
                 and Scented Candle

Basket Bandits   Pink Pleasures                   $15      Basket Bandits
                 Pretty Pink Picture Frame, Note Cards & Body Lotion

Basket Bandits   A Touch of Green              $15       Basket Bandits
                 Green Bag with Ireland Ornament,
                 African Rain Honey Dew Melon,
                 Angel Clover Leaf Ornament and Monet Palm Tree

Basket Bandits   Crested Pink                   $40         Basket Bandits
                 Crested Wine Glasses and Lion Creamer

Basket Bandits   Daily Bread Basket with Tray $40            Basket Bandits
                 Scriptures Daily Bread Porcelain Tray with Stand
                 and Basket of Inspiring Goodies.
Basket Bandits   Garden Party                   $25    Basket Bandits
                 Hummingbird Feeder and Bunny Wind Chime Frog Pot, Candle and
                 Picture Frame with Sun Glasses

Basket Bandits   Gilded Gold Jewels             $20       Basket Bandits
                 Gold Dangle Earring and Necklace with Green Stones,
                 Golden Candle with Lovely Gold Trim Picture Frame

Pam Barrett      Jewelry Box Bling              $25       Pam Barrett
                 Jewelry Box with Multistone Dangle with White Earrings
                 in Their Own Jewelry Box

Basket Bandits   Sleigh Full of Goodies         $20         Basket Bandits
                 Hallmark Ornaments in Sleigh with Bear.

Pam Barrett      Mother of Pearl & Onyx          $35        Pam Barrett
                 Beautiful Mother of Pearl and Onyx
                 Reversible Earrings and Necklace
                 STAND NOT INCLUDED

Basket Bandits   Country Garden                 $40        Basket Bandits
                 Porcelain Lamp and Heart with Teddy Bear and Candles

Pam Barrett      Gold & Black with Heart Boxes $20          Pam Barrett
                 NEEDS BACK TO EARRING

Basket Bandits   A Blue Christmas              $20        Basket Bandits
                 Tear Drop Ornaments, Sage Green and Sparkle Ornaments
                 and More

Pam Barrett      European Elegance               $30        Pam Barrett
                 Elephant Tote, Table Runner, Electric Lamp
                 and Two Small Decorative Boxes

Basket Bandits   Vegas Party Pack           $20        Basket Bandits
                 Texas Hold „Em Game Champagne Flutes with Palm Stirrers, Book
                 Lamp, Alter Ego Frame

Pam Barrett      Christmas Around the World $30         Pam Barrett
                 Holiday Ornaments from Alaska, Croatia and China
                 in a darling Christmas Tree Box

Basket Bandits   Festive Kitchen                 $20        Basket Bandits
                 Quatrefoil Tote, Two Glass Canisters, Flower Shop Picture Frame,
                 Vanilla Bean and Honey Dew Melon

Basket Bandits   Golden Goodies                  $20        Basket Bandits
                 Gold Picture Frame, Gold Candles,
                 Gold Earring and Necklace with Tri Circle Drop

Basket Bandits   Flower Power                    $25        Basket Bandits
                 Stuffed Animal, Candle, Bar of Soap, Flower Pot

Basket Bandits   Country Easter                 $40        Basket Bandits
                 Janell Bettyman‟s Pumpkin Seed Folk Art Figures,
                 with Easter Eggs and Basket

Coby Nathanson   Brandon Crystal Hurricane $75              Coby Nathanson
Mike Nathanson   Perfect for Florals and/or Pillar Candle    Mike Nathanson

Coby Nathanson   Sea Side Summer                   $60      Coby Nathanson
JoNell Ault   Kate Spade Make up Bag, Monet Tiffany Box,       JoNell Ault
              Candle and Hanging Frame

Coby Nathanson     Cooking Delight                 $30     Coby Nathanson
                   Julie and Julia DVD with Casserole Dish
                   and Roster Trio of Candles
                   and Chantal Lance Armstrong Tea Mug with Diffuser.

Basket Bandits     Jewels for All                  $50        Basket Bandits
                   Jewelry Box with Men‟s Sterling Sliver Ring
                   and Frog Necklace

Basket Bandits     Scents for All Seasons            $50      Basket Bandits
                   Oil of the Month Diffuser, Picture Frame,
                   Change Purse and Wallet, Magnet, Little Decorative Box

Basket Bandits     Potpourri                    $20        Basket Bandits
                   Cat Box, Goebel Hand Made Candle Holder
                   and Decorative Ornaments

Pam Barrett        Mother of Pearl and Onyx          $30       Pam Barrett
                   Necklace and Earrings
                   STAND NOT INCLUDED

Basket Bandits     Easter Décor                   $20       Basket Bandits
                   Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies and More Bunnies

Hair Spa           Full Set Acrylic Solar Nails       $30        Cathy Neben
                   with Chris. Hair Spa is located at Wilcrest and 59S.

Hair Spa           Deep Cleansing Facial              $50         Cathy Neben
                   with Felicia. Hair Spa is located at Wilcrest and 59S.

Children’s Museum Four Guest Passes             $32     Eva Imperial
         – The Children‟s Museum of Houston.
                  Valid until October 30, 2009.

Natural Science     Two Sets of Four Tickets      $80       Eva Imperial
          , Two of Each -
                    General Admission, Butterfly Center, IMAX, Planetarium

Houston Zoo         Family Membership            $80        Eva Imperial
          , Free Admission for Two Adults
                    and Three Children. Redeem by January 31, 2011.

Gringo’s            Fabulous Tex Mex                 $25       Eva Imperial
                    Gift certificate for $25 to Gringo‟s.

Texas Children’s    Kariko Kid Doll                $75     Camille Landry
Hospital            with a Book of Adventures and CMN Goodies

Texas Children’s    “Why is the Blue Dog Blue?”     $20      Camille Landry
Hospital            autographed book dedicated to TCH with CMN Goodies
    Summer Salsa Luncheon
               Live Auction Items
Name             Item                            Value     Donated/Obtained By
Texas Children’s   “Flower at Night”               $150     Camille Landry
Hospital           autographed book dedicated to TCH with CMN Goodies

Roberta              Texas Basket                               Roberta
McGovney                                                        McGovney

Museum of Fine       Day at the Museum               $65     Eva Imperial
Art Houston          Two General Admission Passes with MFAH goodies
                     and a Café Express $30 Gift Card.
            Tickets Valid through December 31, 2010.

Houston Ballet       Body, Soul & Gershwin          $280       Eva Imperial
                     Two Orchestra Seats. Featuring Stanton
                     Welch‟s Tu Tu, Jiri Kylian‟s Forgotten Land and The Core with
                     music of George Gershwin, Choreographed by Stanton Welsh.
                     Very Specific Dates in September.

Hair Spa             Mani & Pedi                      $35     Cathy Neben
                     Whirlpool pedicure and basic manicure with Chris.
                     Hair Spa is located at Wilcrest and 59S.

Hair Spa             One Hour Swedish Massage $60               Cathy Neben
                     with Sandy. Hair Spa is located at Wilcrest and 59S.

Lee Midyett          Wine Basket                              Lee Midyett

Room Redo            Basket                                   Pamela O’Brien

Pam Sonnier          Vera Bradley

Control Solutions    Summer Fun                               Kristin Ripple

Ernst & Young        Four Astros Tickets            $200       JoNell Ault
                     Sunday, July 26 at 1:05, Astros vs. Mets,
                     Section 118, Row 21, Seats 1-4

Brittany             Doggie Daze                              Brittany
Chenevert                                                     Chenevert

Lori Franzen         Big Dog Day Out                          Lori Franzen

J. Hilburn          Custom Made Men’s Shirt        $79        Ellen Caldwell-Ng
                    Custom Make Blue Label J. Hilburn Shirt
                    for that Special Guy in Your Life

Caldwell Assoc      Image Consulting and CAbi         $200      Ellen Caldwell-Ng
CAbi                and CAbi Clothing
                    Ellen Caldwell-Ng of Ellen Caldwell Associates will provide one
                    and a half hours of image consulting along with some fantastic CAbi

Coby Nathanson        Cut Glass Trifle Bowl        $40         Coby Nathanson
Mike Nathanson      Gorgeous Trifle Bowl Along with            Mike Nathanson
                    Other Dessert Goodies.

           Other Ways to Contribute to CMN
                          for $10,000 in 2010
We would love to have a generous donation of $50 to CMN. We will show our
appreciation with a gorgeous Pottery Barn Quatrefoil frame.

Raffle – Tickets are $1.00 or $5.00 for Six Tickets.

Marketplace – Frames, Photo Albums, Jewelry and more.

Take me Home for $15 – You aren’t going to believe the super cute centerpieces we
have this year.

Make a Change with Your Change. Bring your loose change to make a change for
CMN. Pick up your pink piggy banks at the luncheon to start saving for 2011.

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