The handicap

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					The handicap.
We needed him so much
He was the only one who could help us
He developed a super-decease, the disease that can never be healed
Time is running out, we need him for the human survival,
We cannot afford to lose him, no matter what it takes

We need all of our human knowledge and experience to keep him alive
Keep him talking, keep connected to his thoughts and his inner being
Ooh poor guy just look at him all the machine connected to him
Just to keep him alive, he is connected to more machines than the size of the hospital
room, he stayed for more than a hundred years he has lived more than the ordinary people
His body is probably too old for now

Thanks to the parapsychology
They have been able to transform his consciousness to the machines so that we could still
Get in touch with him.

And this is the new order of life thanks for the situation that all humans can transform
their consciousness to any type of machine or computer,
A new order of life has risen now we could have any types of form, they can have any
type of experience beyond the human perception.

What will happen if a man is only brained function? I mean all the outer senses don’t
work but the brain is fully functioned.

About I have been reading and researching on the subject of human potential. I am constantly learning and reasearching on different topics like personal development, spirituality, parapsychology, metaphysical, philosophy, religion, power of mind and many more. I have discovered that we truly have this unlimited power within us only we have to discover how to connect and apply it in everyday life, I have decided to share this knowledge to everyone who has desire to change. I personally believe that every individual should live the life they are meant to live, and it is every one's birthright to enjoy their life to their fullest.