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					                                     Leicestershire County Council
           SV2 Taxi Tender Framework Agreement - Questions and Answers

Questions raised before the operator meeting on 10th February 2011

                                                                  These are references to licences used by the
 1     What is section 19 and 22?
                                                                  voluntary/non-profit sectors.

                                                                  You are able to tender with a 14 seat vehicle,
                                                                  however under the SV2 Framework, you will only
                                                                  be offered contracts that will carry a maximum of 8
       Am I able to tender for the Framework if I                 passengers. If you have a PSV Operator’s licence
       operate a 14 seat vehicle?                                 that allows you to operate smaller vehicles (usually
                                                                  were not the main part of your business) you can
                                                                  operate contracts under this framework. Please
                                                                  note your PSV licence in Q1 on the tender form.
                                                                  Bank details are requested in advance so that we
       Do I need to attach my bank details at this                can get our financial system in place in order to
       tender stage; I would prefer to provide my bank            process and pay contract invoices promptly, this will
       details once I have been awarded any                       ensure there is no delay in any potential payments
       contractual work?                                          should your tender be successful and you are
                                                                  awarded a contract in the future.
                                                                  Leicestershire County Council is looking to widen its
       I am based and operate outside of
                                                                  supplier market and offer contract work
       Leicestershire, why have I been notified of
 4                                                                opportunities to taxi operators who are based and
       Leicestershire   County    Council's    new
                                                                  operate in the bordering areas of neighbouring
       Framework Agreement?
                                                                  Unfortunately not, all operators need to be accepted
       Can my details be entered directly onto your               through the formal SV2 tendering process; also a
 5     operator database with my mobile number and                mobile number would be insufficient as the details
       call me if any suitable jobs come up?                      for all contract work are sent to operators via email

SV2 Taxi tender Framework Agreement – Questions and Answers           Leicestershire County Council              February 2011
Questions raised at the operator meeting on 10th February 2011

                                                              Leicestershire County Council is working to an
                                                              Environmental Procurement Policy, in order to
                                                              conform to that policy we need to ensure that goods
                                                              and services that are bought meet certain
       Why is the tender asking to declare the use of         environmental standards. In the case of the SV2
       vehicles over 10 years old?                            tender, a simple question regarding the age of the
                                                              vehicle has been used as an approximate measure
                                                              of its environmental impact, i.e. the older the vehicle
                                                              the more likely its negative impact in terms of
                                                              Carbon emissions etc..
                                                              There is no need to list all of the licences
       We have numerous Section 19 licences for               individually, but you should make it clear that you
       individual vehicles, do we need to list them all?      are an organisation that operates through the
                                                              Section 19 permit system.
                                                              No, all of the details that need to be completed on
                                                              the BACS form relate to the operator, therefore we
       On the BACS form, is it asking for the fax             are looking for the operator's contact details such as
       number and email address details of the bank?          telephone number, fax number and email address.
                                                              This will help us address any queries relating to the
                                                              setup of a BACS payment.
                                                              There will be some scheduled around the Easter
       Are there any more Helping Hands courses               and Summer period, further information will be
       coming up?                                             made available when these courses and dates have
                                                              been confirmed.
       There are operators who are based outside of
       Leicestershire who will have received training
                                                              Yes, training provided by other companies /
 10    for drivers and escorts that was not provided
                                                              authorities will be acceptable.
       by Leicestershire County Council, will this
       training still be acceptable?
       We are one company that operates in 3
                                                              Yes, you can decide to submit one tender or 3
 11    different areas under different names, are we
                                                              separate tenders.
       ok to submit a tender?
       We are a Private Hire Operator, however the            Yes it will be acceptable, however we will require
 12    licensing authority did not issue a licence            details of the licensing authority and we will be
       number, will this be acceptable?                       carrying out any necessary checks with them.
                                                              All drivers operating under our contract conditions
                                                              have to go through the same checks e.g. CRB. In
       Are volunteer drivers subject to the same
 13                                                           view of the nature of ‘volunteering’ these drivers are
       stringent checks as taxi drivers?
                                                              likely to have gone through very stringent checks
                                                              and training with their Volunteer Service.

SV2 Taxi tender Framework Agreement – Questions and Answers        Leicestershire County Council               February 2011
                                                                   Annually, Leicestershire County Council spends
                                                                   approximately £7m on taxi contracts and the
                                                                   voluntary sector is a minute proportion of the
                                                                   transport provision in Leicestershire. The voluntary
       Will there be an unfair advantage for the                   sector is a finite and diminishing resource and is
       voluntary sector when tendering as they will                very unlikely to affect the demand for taxi operators,
       not have the same costs and overheads as taxi               however we need to be fair and all sectors should
       operators?                                                  be given the opportunity to tender. It should also be
                                                                   noted that taxi operators themselves differ with
                                                                   regard to their cost bases. It was suggested that
                                                                   this topic be discussed further at the next Taxi
                                                                   Operator Meeting if required.

                                                                   Yes, all drivers and escorts need to be registered
       Do all drivers        and    escorts     have    to    be
 15                                                                with the Quality Team in the Passenger Transport
                                                                   Yes, but they also need to be registered with us. We
       Is it ok to use escorts that are registered with
 16                                                                would issue an LCC badge provided the escort
       other authorities?
                                                                   satisfies our requirements.
                                                                   Yes, we plan to be able to write to operators in the
       Will all successful and unsuccessful tenderers
 17                                                                first week of April 2011. The timescales are shown
       be notified?
                                                                   in the Invitation to Tender document.
                                                                   Voluntary Bodies operate on a non-profit basis
                                                                   under section 19 or 22 permits; they are therefore
                                                                   not subject to exactly the same hire and reward
                                                                   regulations as those licensed under PSV, PHO or
                                                                   Hackney rules. However the same County Council
       Are volunteers subject to the same Hire and
 18                                                                contract conditions apply to all in the sense of being
       Reward regulations as taxi operators?
                                                                   legally licensed operators, having drivers and
                                                                   escorts vetted and operating to the same level of
                                                                   duty of care. Under section 22 permits voluntary
                                                                   bodies may run local bus services and charge
                                                                   separate fares.
                                                                   Yes, there is the Large Bus framework for all
       Is there a similar framework for 9 – 16+ seat
 19                                                                vehicles over 8 seats. However, this framework will
                                                                   not be renewed for at least 12 months.
                                                                   It really depends on which circumstances change.
                                                                   For example change of address, vehicle types in
                                                                   your fleet etc can easily be accommodated.
                                                                   Fundamental changes e.g. the licensing status of
       What if there are any changes to circumstances
 20                                                                your company or any disciplinary proceedings
       after the tender closing date has passed?
                                                                   instigated would need to be considered individually.
                                                                   However in all cases, operators are advised to
                                                                   inform the Passenger Transport Unit as soon as
                                                                   circumstances change.
                                                                   Through the SV2 framework, small vehicle
       Will there be Mainstream contract work through
 21                                                                operators will be notified of all contracts including
                                                                   Mainstream, SEN and Social Care.

SV2 Taxi tender Framework Agreement – Questions and Answers             Leicestershire County Council              February 2011

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