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									    AWJH NEWSLETTER
     FEBRUARY 2011
                                   Mr. Pfefferle, M. Ed., Principal
                                  Mr. Haas, M. Ed., Assistant Principal

                                    *** IMPORTANT DATES ***
  DATE                                           EVENT                          TIME           PLACE

Feb. 11                        Student Council Dance                6:00-8:00 pm       JH Gym
Feb. 14                        Board Meeting                        6:00 pm           Waterville
Feb. 18                        Spirit of Giving Fest                               High School
Feb. 21                        Presidents’ Day – No School
Feb. 25 & 26                   Jr. High Choir presents Music Man Jr. 7:00 pm     H.S. Auditorium
March 25                       End of Third Quarter – Last Day Before Break
April 4                        Professional Development Day – No School for Students
April 5                        Classes Resume
April 22                       Good Friday – No School
May 30                         Memorial Day – No School
June 1                         Last Student Day – End of Fourth Quarter

                                          SAVE THE DATE
                 What: 10th Annual Kids' Carnival and Channel 13 Basketball Game

                                    When: Friday March 11th, 2011

                            Where: Anthony Wayne High School Gymnasiums

                               To Support: AWHS Girls’ Softball Program

       Why: There will be Plenty of Fun Family Activities with Something for Everyone including:

                     – Kids' Carnival from 5:30pm-8:00pm with fun games and prizes.

 – Pre-Game Foul Shooting Contest among the Schools from 6:45pm-7:15pm so come support your
                         teachers and win the spirit stick for your school!

– Basketball Game with Channel 13 All Stars and A.W.s very own Lee Conklin vs. the AW Faculty
            begins at 7:30 pm with AW Cheerleaders to provide the halftime entertainment.
Discounted game tickets will be available for sale in advance beginning February 21th - watch for details.
                                All paying adults receive a door prize entry.

               – Silent Auction runs throughout the evening with some great items to bid on.

           – Concession Stand will be open all evening for your dinner or snack enjoyment.
                       Five Star Junior General
                                    Anna Bolone

                         Students of the Month
The Anthony Wayne Junior High selects Students of the Month based on attitude, effort and
improvement. Each department of teachers and several special areas teachers select Student of the
Month winners. A student may win the Student of the Month award for excellent academic
performance and/or by working extremely hard and achieving up to or beyond his/her ability. A
student may also win the Student of the Month award for displaying an excellent, positive attitude,
being a good role model for all students, or by assisting a student, teacher or the school as a whole in
some extraordinary way.

                      DEPARTMENT                              STUDENT

                  7TH SOCIAL STUDIES                        Emily May
                       7TH SCIENCE                         Ammar Abidi
                  7TH LANGUAGE ARTS                      Chris Rumbaugh
                         7TH MATH                    Elizabeth Mackner-Brunk

                  8TH SOCIAL STUDIES                       Meredith Ash
                       8TH SCIENCE                         Connor Moore
                  8TH LANGUAGE ARTS                       Jessica Sucheck
                         8TH MATH                           Anna Rowe

                        FRENCH                             Andrea Raabe
                    INDUSTRIAL TECH                         Jacob Bores
                        DRAMA                              Daniel Waldeck
                      MULTI-MEDIA                           Tyler Franklin
                      PHYSICAL ED.                          Andrew Klatt
                     GENERAL MUSIC                            Nick Pool
From the counselors: During the winter month many of us begin to feel the “winter
blues”. The days are cloudy and our bodies are not receiving the amount of sunlight and serotonin
that we need. In some cases this can lead to a condition called seasonal affective disorder. Many of
the 8th grade students are learning about the signs and symptoms of depression, as well as, how to
help a friend who might be suffering. In general, some symptoms of SAD (seasonal affective disorder)
or depression can include depressive feelings, irritability, lack of energy, increased need for sleep,
craving for sweets, overeating, weight gain, difficulty concentrating, and decrease of interest in social

Educating oneself, eating nutritiously, using higher-wattage bulbs, exercising, asking for help with
schoolwork if having a hard time concentrating, and keeping a routine are all ways to help your child
stay healthy through these winter months if they seem to be experiencing some of these symptoms. If
it persists, however, it is important to talk to professional about these feelings and to learn healthy
ways of coping. And keep in mind, the light is just around the corner and if you are not able to get
somewhere warm, spring break is not too far away.

                                  PAM/SAM ACCOUNTS
The Parent Assist Modules and Student Assist Modules are available for
parents and students to monitor grades from any computer with Internet
access. The purpose of this tool is to communicate about student progress
between teacher, parent and student.

Accessing PAM/SAM:

1. Go to: http://anthonywayneschools.org
2. Select Anthony Wayne Junior High from the “Schools” drop down menu.
3. Click on the Parent Assist-Student Assist Login icon.
4. Enter the secured login information (the usernames and passwords are the
same as last year)

                   Attention All Baseball and Softball Players!
      Anthony Wayne Area Baseball Softball Association
                  2011 AWABSA Registration
          for Summer  Boys & Girls Baseball & Softball leagues!
                              Boys ages 5-18
                             Girls ages 5-16
To   register   on   line   now   or   for   more  information  go to
www.awabsa.org or you can register directly www.awcommunity.com  
No Walk-in Registration at this time.  If you do not have
internet access please contact Kerri Haas at 419-878-0562.
                      Waterville and Monclova Elementary Buildings
                                    Open For Walkers
Anyone who is a resident of the Anthony Wayne Local School District is welcome to walk inside
Waterville Elementary from 4:30-8:30 p.m. and/or Monclova Elementary from 6:45-7:45 a.m.
beginning Tuesday, January 18 and continuing through Friday, April 29. Monclova Elementary will be
open for walkers in the mornings Monday through Friday and Waterville Elementary will be open for
walkers in the evenings Monday through Thursday.

Individuals walking at Waterville Elementary should park in the south parking lot and enter through
the south Community Room doors. Walkers should circle the gym area in the hall. A calendar,
walking map, and directions will be posted on the school's web site and at the building.

Individuals walking at Monclova Elementary should park in the Community Room lot and enter
through the Community Room doors in front of the building. Walkers will use the perimeter of the
Community Room. A calendar, walking map, and directions will be posted on the school's web site
and at the building.

All individuals who enter the building to walk will be asked to sign in on the sheet that will be available
at the entrance to be used in each building.

Walking will not be available on President's Day (February 21), during Spring Break (the week of
March 28-April 1) or Good Friday (April 22). All additional schedule changes that are necessary due
to events going on in the building will be posted on the web site and in the Community Room above
the sign in sheets.

                                       PALS NEWS
                      PALS meetings for the 2010-2011 school year are:
Monday, March 14                                         7:00 pm Fallen Timbers Media Center
Monday, May 9                                            7:00 pm Fallen Timbers Media Center

                        Washington, D.C. Trip: June 13-18, 2011
Due to the amazing response to this trip, registration has been extended until the end of
January, 2011! If you are in need of a packet of information and registration material, please
have your student see Mrs. Eubanks in room 105.

                   Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Park Trip 2012
Students interested in traveling to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Park for a 5-day
adventure: (June 23-27, 2011), please plan on attending a meeting with your
parent(s)/guardian(s) on Thursday, February 24th in the Anthony Wayne Junior High Media
Center at 6 PM. Trip brochures will be available in the office by February 14th. By registering
early, you can lock in the 2011 price. If you have any questions, please contact Laura
Eubanks (7th grade Science - AWJH) at 419.877.5342.

                                        Seventh Grade Intervention
                                          Hoen - Intervention Specialist
                                          Reading, Language Arts, Math

                                           CHANGE of ADDRESS
                                          Daily Homework List Online
                           Mrs. George, Mr. Varga, Mrs. Eubanks, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Becker
 he new address for the Homework website is
You can also access the homework list from the webpage

 hen... Click on Daily Homework List

     Mrs. Hoen’s Math          students will be learning about the equivalence of percents, fractions, and
     decimals and apply this to real world problems. Information is often given in percents. Students need
     to be able to find the percent of a number to determine what the sales tax is on a purchase or what
     the savings is during a sale.

     Mrs. Hoen’s Language Arts              students will continue to improve our writing skills through many
     different activities. The main goal this month is to improve writing detailed sentence and increase the
     accuracy of editing rough drafts.

     Mrs. Hoen’s Reading         students will begin preparing for the Ohio Academic Achievement Test
     by practicing and reviewing reading materials, which are similar to those, used on the OAA. The
     emphasis will be on applying the R.U.N method of answering extended response questions. (Read,
     Underline, Number)

     Seventh Grade Language Arts & Reading Includes: Mrs. George, Mrs. Keener,
     Mrs. Kronmann, Mrs. Williamson & Mr. Varga

     Mrs. George’s Language Arts classes will be using more elaboration techniques in their
     compositions. Grammar instruction will focus on: compound subjects, predicates, and sentences.

     Mrs. George’s Reading classes will be starting research on Civil Rights, they will present the
     information in the form of an outline, and write works cited in the correct format.

     Mrs. Keener’s Language Arts students will be working on finishing up their studies on works
     cited notation, paraphrasing, summarizing, and in text citation. They'll also complete and mail their
     business letters. Students will also be working with Mrs. Barbour, identifying some possible career
     choices for their future. This collaboration with Mrs. Barbour will introduce students to the start of their
     career research paper. Look for more details to come. Weekly word origins will continue as normal.
Mrs. Keener’s Reading students will complete their final historical research newsletter. What a
nice job they've done so far. Students will also use some reading time to research their career choice,
work on OAA review, and begin identifying the different point of view used in texts.

Mrs. Williamson’s Language Arts classes will finish up their weekly word origin quizzes
during the month of February. Classes will also focus more on various writing assignments to inform,
entertain, and persuade their audience. Students will look closely at propaganda techniques in print
and television advertisements during the month of February. Also in February, students will welcome
Miss Henry into the classroom! Miss Henry will be a long-term substitute for Mrs. Williamson during
her maternity leave.

Mrs. Williamson's Reading               classes will continue reading various myths and fables at the
beginning of the month. By about mid- February students will begin reading a class novel titled The
Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963. This entertaining historical fiction novel follows Kenny Watson
and his family as they travel from Flint, Michigan to Birmingham, Alabama.

Mr. Varga’s Language Arts               classes will begin February with the next unit on word origins
vocabulary. These lesson plans will change slightly from past assignments as students will have
choices as to what words they learn. This will make grading tests more difficult, but the teachers hope
that it will provide more relevant learning for the students. Parents should encourage the students to
choose words and roots with which they are unfamiliar. Language Arts classes will also wrap up the
prepositional phrases unit with a major test before the end of the month. In addition, students will be
revising their graded persuasive essays, taking these assignments from a final copy product to a
polished, publishable form. This will include the rewriting of all closing paragraphs, using teacher-
provided conclusion strategies. Ms. Butler and Mr. Varga will be working together on the start of the
major research unit. Parents should look for information on this large assignment to come home by
the end of the month.

Mr. Varga’s Reading           Ms. Butler will begin taking over teaching and grading duties with the
next classroom novel, The Outsiders. There will be reading assignments during class time as well as
at home. By the end of February, Ms. Butler will be teaching both the Reading classes as well as
Language Arts. From time to time this semester, classroom lessons and units will involve team
teaching. January's Socratic Seminar was pushed back because of inclement weather, but this
seminar will now take place sometime near President's Day. Mr. Varga and Ms. Butler would like to
thank all parents for the support of Socratic Seminars. Any parent interested in chaperoning the field
trip in early March should contact the teachers before the end of February.

Seventh Grade Social Studies Includes: Mr. Keller, Mr. Robinson & Mrs. Young

Mr. Keller’s Social Studies         As January winds down, The students will be finishing up a unit
on Ancient African kingdoms. Throughout February, the students will be exploring the following
topics; Feudalism, the church, the crusades, plague, the hundred years' war, and the beginning of
modern government. Towards the end of the month the students will start a unit that discusses the
importance of the Renaissance and the Reformation.

Mr. Robinson’s Social Studies             February lessons will cover ancient Rome. Students will
learn about the origins of the Roman Empire, features of Roman life, and the eventual decline and fall
of Rome.
Mrs. Young’s Social Studies           classes will be discussing Ancient African kingdoms and the
Ancient dynasties of China during the month of February. Students will complete a one-day weaving
project to learn the techniques of the African tribes as well as discuss the importance of the Great
Wall. Please review the AWJH Homework calendar for more information regarding Mrs. Young's

Seventh Grade Science Includes: Mr. Borcherdt, Mrs. Eubanks & Mrs. Butcher

Mr. Borcherdt’s Science          Human beings have an instinct to categorize and group things. In
science class this unit that is what we are studying....classification. We will look at the Linnaean 7
level system, talk about why we use Latin for scientific names as well as how to use a dichotomous
key to identify an unknown organism.

Mrs. Eubanks’ Science             classes have begun their study of classification. Students have
learned about the 7-level system of classification, the fact that all organisms are divided into
kingdoms, and how to correctly write a scientific name. During the month of February students will
learn about the characteristics of each kingdom, and then focus on the various body plans from the
simplest to the more complex of animals.

Mrs. Butcher’s Science            students have finished their practice with lab equipments just in time
to put it to good use. They will be measuring and measuring some more as they dissect the
Conservation of Mass and Energy. This will easily lead into the different forms of energy.

Seventh Grade Math Includes:                     Mrs. Becker,          Mr. Rutherford & Mrs.

Mrs. Becker's Integrated Math classes will be collecting, displaying, and analyzing data
(chapter 7).

Mrs. Becker's Advanced Math               classes will be completing a unit on probability (chapter 9).

Mr. Rutherford’s & Mrs. Buckenmeyer’s Integrated Ma t h                            students will use
proportional reasoning to describe relationships between similar and congruent figures. They will also
use the properties of similar shapes to find missing side lengths and angel measurements.

Mr. Rutherford’s Advanced Math                  students will be graphing and interpreting linear
functions. They will also use equations and inequalities to represent situations and solve problems.
Eighth Grade Language Arts & Reading Includes: Ms. Bauer, Mrs. Risner, Mrs.
Schoonmaker & Mr. Bolone

Ms. Bauer's Language Arts classes will be finishing their definition essays on Freedom while
studying Direct and Indirect Objects and later, completing a comprehensive overview of all parts of
speech. Then, students will read Orwell's Animal Farm and write a persuasive essay on the novel.

Ms. Bauer's Reading Literature             classes will be learning Narrative Elements and literary
techniques while studying John Steinbeck's The Pearl.

Mrs. Risner’s Language Arts & Reading This month, students will continue to explore the
story behind the sinking of the Titanic. Students will research a passenger on the ship, the class
system, the sinking, and the construction of this magnificent ship. Finally they will use the researched
information to construct a research paper. Holocaust research presentations, that were completed
last quarter, gave students a glimpse of the research process, and they will now work more
independently to gather, summarize, and organize information for their essays. Students will be given
plenty of time in class to conduct their research and to construct their papers. Revision will be a
central step in the writing process for this assignment, so peer editing and parent editing will be
required. Students will also be submitting this paper to turnitin.com to check for plagiarism.

Mr. Bolone’s Reading 8             class will begin a unit on poetry appreciation with an emphasis on
skills building as related to verse. Skills included in this unit will include making inferences, drawing
conclusions, reasoning, literary analysis, and persuasive writing.

Mr. Bolone’s Reading Literature            classes will begin a unit on poetry, including an emphasis
on free verse, rhythmic works, and lyrics. Students will also explore the works of William
Shakespeare, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Emily Dickinson, Maya Angelou, Edna St.Vincent Millay,
Robert Frost, and other noted writers from around the globe. In addition to studying poetry for its
language and content, students will engage in the appreciation of the development and general
terminology of verse. To conclude the unit
students will perform original or borrowed works, followed by a related interpretation essay of their
chosen work.

Eighth Grade Social Studies Includes: Mr. Beakas, Mrs. Hamilton & Mr.

Mr. Beakas’ Social Studies              students will be completing the Constitution Unit and begin
examining the creation of our government. We will focus on how the founding fathers established a
democratic system of government. Our class will analyze the importance of the founding fathers and
their quest to include natural and individual rights as a part of our Constitution. Students will also be
studying the Battle of Fallen Timbers and the impact it had on our countries expansion and survival.

Following our Fallen Timbers unit, students will begin examining the purchase of the Louisiana
Territory and the importance of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
Mrs. Hamilton's Social Studies        students just finished a unit on the American Revolution and
will now be taking a look at the young developing country of the United States. They will be
completing a variety of activities and projects about the Constitution and the newly forming

Mr. Robinson’s Social Studies               students are studying the early years of our nation. The
results of the Revolutionary War, The Articles of Confederation, as well as the Constitution itself make
up our current course of study.

Eighth Grade Science Includes: Mrs. Hale, Mr. Nekoranec & Mrs. Butcher

Mrs. Hale's Science        students will continue their study of space science in February. Students
will compare the composition and orbits or comets, asteroids, and meteoroids. Students will also be
able to explain what happens when meteorites enter the Earth's atmosphere and strike the Earth's
surface. By the end of this unit, students will be able to explain the arrangement of the universe from
the smallest moon to the largest galaxy. Students will also be able to predict the next likely stage of
the life cycle of a star!

Mrs. Butcher’s Science          February will be an in depth look at the surface features of the Earth
and what causes these changes. The students will be researching volcanoes, mountains,
earthquakes and plate boundaries. The end of the month will see the students putting this knowledge
to good use through the reading and interpreting topography maps.

Eighth Grade Math Includes: Mr. Hugueley, Mrs. Buckenmeyer & Ms. Williams

Mr. Hugueley’s , Mrs. Buckenmeyer’s & Ms. Williams’ Integrated Math
This month students are finishing up the topic of probability and will be moving into more types of
situations where they have to solve equations and inequalities. This information can be found in
Chapter 10 of the textbook.

Mr. Hugueley’s Algebra 1               This month Miss Vest from BGSU will be starting her student
teaching experience. WIth regards to the topics we will be covering they will be working with
exponents and polynomials, and we will begin factoring as well. First semester exams overall went
well, please feel free to contact Mr. Hugueley if you have any concerns.

                                        SPECIAL AREAS
                                   Mr. Bolone & Ms. Schaller
Students first project will be oral interpretations of children’s books. Classes will engage in the
appropriate use and management of voice in presentation while also effectively interpreting and
responding to a selection for a live audience. Students will follow a rubric designed specifically for the
project to ensure the best possible performance and outcome.
                                     INDUSTRIAL TECH
                                         Mr. Beach
Industrial Tech students are starting the drafting unit. Students will be exposed to orthographic
projection, isometric drawing and other single view drawings. Students will be taught on the use of
the t-square, triangles, ruler, French curve, and other drafting equipment. There will be a heavy
emphasis on reading the ruler.

                              PHYSICAL EDUCATION
                  Mr. Bridges, Ms. Connelly, Mr. Nell and Mrs. Euler
Students in Physical Education classes will be starting off the semester with a few cooperative
games. The first unit students will be participating in is badminton. Students will be learning
badminton skills and rules and then will compete in a badminton tournament. Students will also have
at least one fitness day a week where they will work on different areas of fitness.

                  Mr. Bridges, Ms. Connelly, Mr. Nell and Mrs. Euler
To start the new semester, the students will be learning about what health and wellness is and how to
take responsibility for their own health. They will also learn about the muscular and skeletal systems
and how they work together to move the body. Ms. Nofzinger will also be coming into all of the
classes to discuss the Red Flags program. This is mental health program that teaches the students
about depression and suicide.

                                            Mrs. Densel
During the first week of the new semester, students in art will be learning the steps to creativity and
how to evaluate it. Students began discussing ways artist communicate an idea by using the
Elements of Design (Line, Shape, Form, Value, Color, Space & Texture). Throughout the semester
students will focus on each of these elements as well as continually incorporating the 4 basic steps to
the creative problem solving. Students are discovering ways that artist communicate through their
work. This knowledge will be used to design a composition that incorporates their names onto the
covers of their sketchbooks as well as expanding their understanding of one-point perspective.
                                           SPANISH I
                                          Mrs. Gierhart
This month, students will be learning their family vocabulary and will be learning about typical family
life in Spanish-speaking countries. They will also be learning emotions and activities vocabulary.
Conjugating regular -ir verbs in the present tense and possessive adjectives will be the focus of the
grammar instruction. Students will also learn how to construct sentences to discuss their likes and
dislikes. The country highlighted this month will be Puerto Rico and student will learn about its unique
relationship with the United States.

                                          Mrs. Heacock
This month the French students will be continuing their study of regular -ER verb conjugations and
basic French sentence structure. They will begin studying about the family and learn possessive
adjectives (my, your, his/her...). They will get to express their artistic and linguistic creativity on
Valentine's Day while making cards for friends and family. Towards the end of the month they will
learn their second irregular verb, AVOIR, which along with ÊTRE, which they learned last semester,
make up the two most important verbs in the French language.

                                             Mr. Jones
In February, German students will be discussing free-time activities, learning how to ask others to join
them in a fun activity, specifying when and where, etc.~ February is also time for the German
Fashing-or Karnevalfest, a time of merriment that coincides with what we know as Mardi Gras.

                                   FINANCIAL LITERACY
                                        Ms. Schaller
Consumer & Financial Literacy students will learn the term "philanthropy" and will research and report
on a well-known American philanthropist. Research will be completed in pairs, however each student
will receive an individual grade on their own paper submitted in class. Midway through the month we
will begin the Real Money, Real World life simulation. In this classroom project students will
"become" 25 years old with a job or career, family, and monthly bills to pay. Students will work to
balance their budget with the many monthly financial obligations most families experience.

                                      HEALTHY FOODS
                                        Ms. Schaller
In Healthy Foods, students will learn the foundation of the class, nutrients, their functions and good
sources of each nutrient. By the end of the month, there will be a test on nutrients, and students will
be able to access their notes for a small portion of the test. Encourage your child to maintain an
organized and complete spiral notebook.

                                           Mr. Yunker
The new 7th grade computer students are off to a good start. They will be using a number of different
applications during the first part of the class; these include Pages, Numbers, Seashore, and Keynote.
They are in the process of creating a Business Simulation. They have been asked to come up with a
business name, create a logo and a slogan for their business. They are using Seashore to show off
their creativity for this assignment. It should be a fun and exciting semester in computer class.

                                       GENERAL MUSIC
                                         Mrs. Wilson
We have begun our semester talking about the science behind sound production and how an
instrument's size, shape and materials dictate the quality of sound it produces. We will be working on
aurally identifying instruments in the string, woodwind, brass and percussion sections. We will then be
doing a unit on world music, focusing on the music of China, Western Africa and South America.

                                  Mr. Young & Mrs. Wilson
The band is preparing for our next concert performance on Tuesday, March 1st. Students will also
begin to prepare for solo and ensemble contest, which takes place in April. Three of our AWJH band
students were chosen to participate in the OMEA District I JH Honors band this month as well.
Congratulations to Rebecca Bolich, Madison Enderele and Hannah Schyllander.
                                   Mrs. Gelsone & Mrs. Donald
The AWJHS Choirs will present THE MUSIC MAN, JR. on Friday, February 25 and Saturday,
February 26, in the high school auditorium. The 7th grade choir will perform on Friday, February 25
and the 8th grade choir will perform on Saturday, February 26. Tickets may be purchased in advance
from choir members and will also be available at the door the night of the show. Ticket prices are
Adults $6 and Students/Children $5. The cast includes

THE MUSIC MAN, JR.                           CAST

Harold Hill                                 Tyler Strayer
Marian                                      Kaitlyn Wertzbaugher
Mrs. Paroo                                  Hannah Schyllander
Eulalie MacKecknie Shinn                    Ebere Okoro
Alma Hix                                    Claire Barker
Maud                                        Morgan Alberts
Mrs. Squires                                Kelsea Bostelman
Ethel Toffelmeier                           Callie Drage
Pick a Little Ladies                        Chloe Beeler
                                            Maddy Taylor
Amaryllis                                   Kristen Rockwell
Zaneeta                                     Maddie Feeley
Gracie Shinn                                Adrienne Copley
Marcellus                                    Kaiden Atkinson
Tommy                                        Brendan Fitzpatrick
Mayor Shinn                                 JoJo Porter
Charlie Cowell                               Taylor Weghorst
Constable Locke                              Drew Whitehurst
Winthrop                                     Alex Hartzell

                      NOTES FROM THE NURSE… Mrs. Beach
Vision (7th graders), Scoliosis and Body Mass Index (7th & 8th graders) screening for students who have
physical education second semester will be Wednesday, February 16th. Referrals for failed screenings will be
mailed later February/early March. Please have them completed by either the eye doctor or your family doctor
and return them to the Junior High office.
                   Remember – GOOD VISION ALLOWS GOOD LEARNING!

                                                 Think Spring

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