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									NEA                                              National Engineers Association
                                                 2477 E. 42nd St Washington D.C. 50066
Dear sound & light production helper,
           To better understand the abilities and personal profiles of sound companies, their employees, and more directly, those
who lend a hand from time to time, West Coast Sound & Light has graciously agreed to participate in this national NEA survey.
Please fill out this questionnaire honestly and to the best of your ability. Return it to an employee of the participating production
company, and he/she will return it postage paid to our headquarters in Washington. Thank you for your input in this survey and
in tonight’s show.

1.      Name:                                     2.         Age:                  3.         Sex:
4.      Years spent professionally working in the sound industry: [] none [] under 10 [] 10-20 [] over 20
5.      Was our engineer courteous when you interrupted him?                       [] yes     [] no
6.      Rate your level of house engineer experience:                   [] none [] novice         [] professional [] advanced/gifted
7.      Check all degrees that apply to you:      [] none [] sound science [] acoustician               [] audio analyst
                                                  [] transducer technology         [] wave summary
8.      Years spent as a licensed sound engineer: [] none [] under 10              [] 10-20 [] 20-30 [] 30-40 [] over 40
9.      Do you practice consai’ engineering? [] yes          [] no
10.     Highest level of education:               [] none-Sr High       [] basic sound science          [] advanced sound science
                                                  [] master sound science [] grand master sound science            [] sound engineer
11.     Personal tour miles logged annually: [] none [] under 20K                  [] 20-100K           [] over 100K
12.     Please provide us with some simple information on tonight’s venue:
           Resonate frequency:             Phase co-efficiency rating:                Decay time:         Dampening factor:     @
13.     List the five most challenging acts that you engineered for in the past year:
        1.                   2.                   3.                    4.                    5.
14.     When Engineering a national act I usually contain my console inputs used to….
        [] Under 56          [] 57-80 [] 81-160 [] Over 160             [] I do not know what a national act is
15.     On a scale of 1-10, How would you rate your input on the outcome of tonight’s show? 1 being the most informative not
        only correcting a serious problem that could have possibly caused bodily injury or death, and 10 being a total
        distraction to an accomplished engineer doing his job with numerous factors to consider and delicately balance, while
        wasting time being annoyed and interrupted by over zealous audience members bent on pointing out the obvious.
16.     Check all that apply:                     [] the engineer I interrupted seemed more interested in pleasing me and my
                                                      opinion, than in taking all other factors into consideration.
                                                  [] the engineer I interrupted has probably engineered more concerts this year
                                                       than I will attend in my lifetime.
                                                  [] the sound engineer I interrupted showed a great deal of respect for my
                                                       credentials and abilities as an accomplished engineer.
17.     When you offered the events engineer a suggestion tonight, how many of the following factors applied to your
comment? Check all that apply:                    [] The sound pressure level of the instruments on stage
                                                  [] The acoustic characteristics of the room
                                                  [] The saturation point of the room         [] The R factor of the room
                                                  [] The wants and needs of the promoter and/or musicians
                                                  [] I do not understand the question but I interrupted anyway
18.     How often do you send food back at restaurants?                 [] seldom [] often [] always
19.     Have you ever been convicted of a felony?                       [] yes     [] no
20.     Have you ever gotten away with one?                             [] yes     [] no
21.     Have you ever done any of the following:                        [] made suggestions to an airline pilot in flight
                                                                        [] performed a surgical procedure without a license
                                                                        [] interrupted a sound engineer during a live performance

Thank you for your time in completing this survey. Other than the scrutiny of other sound engineers in the industry, your survey
will remain completely anonymous.

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