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Demonstration problems for Week by nikeborome


									Demonstration problems for Week-6
Problem #1
Problem #2. Sketch the intensity of the shear-stress distribution acting over the beam’s
cross-sectional area, and determine the resultant shear force acting on the segment AB.
The shear acting at the section is V=35kN. Show that INA=872.49 cm4.
Additional solved problems:

Problem #3. Determine the maximum shear stress at the section a-a of the cantilevered strut.
Problem #4. A beam is constructed from three boards bolted together as shown.
Determine the shear force developed in each bolt if the bolts are spaced s=250 mm apart
and the applied shear is V= 35kN.
Problem #5 The aluminum strut is 10 mm thick and has the cross-section as shown. If it is
subjected to a shear of V=150 N, determine the maximum shear flow in the strut.
*Problem #6. Determine the location e of the shear center, point O, for the thin-walled
member having the cross section shown. The member segments have the same thickness

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