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We all know what prosperity means. To most of us prosperity only means huge wealth
accumulation. A person who is rich and famous is prosperous. That’s what most of us think. It is
not our fault, because we have been made to believe that prosperity is linked only to wealth.

However, before getting into how to achieve prosperity, we should first know what is meant by
prosperity. One of my friends is a multi millionaire, however he is chronically ill. He feels very
diffident about himself and approaches life meekly. Can we call him prosperous just for the fact
that he owns millions of money? Almost all of us will answer a big “NO” to this question. This is
proof enough for the fact that money alone does not mean prosperity. Prosperity has many
components. Some of them (strictly in order of priority) are good health, peace of mind,
optimism, enthusiasm to work, confidence, mutual love for fellow humans and finally money.

Prosperity is a very broad term comprising of all these. Only when one has atleast some of all
these components, one can claim to be prosperous. The website
gives a list of various kinds of software available for mind power and happiness. There is
software for prosperity as well, that is advertised in this website. This software can be easily
downloaded at a very reasonable price. It contains certain frequency recordings at particular
beats. When downloads the software, he will be able to listen to these beats clearly. These waves,
when heard frequently tend to give utmost optimism levels to the brain helping us to face life

Prosperity is achieved effectively due the positive energy of these sound waves. We sometimes
fall sick or tend to lose our confidence because of the blockages in our brain. These frequencies
mainly aim at clearing off these blockages. These, when cleared, frees the brain and gives it
enough space to store positive thoughts. The length of our lives does not matter at all. It is how
we live, that makes a big difference. People should feel happy to approach us. We should spread
happiness where we go. That defines prosperity and it is got by listening to these soothing waves

As prosperity increases, the quality of life increases proportionately. At the workplace, one tends
to exhibit more enthusiasm and energy. He becomes more open minded to learn new things and
accepts changes as they come. Accepting change, and knowing that change is the only permanent
thing in life, is also prosperity. Once this realization happens, nothing can affect us. Similarly
prosperity reduces hatred among people. We learn to love and respect people as they are and we
do not expect them to change for us. Our tolerance level increases and we learn to live in
cooperation with one another. Money is the final part of prosperity. People who have money are
rarely diffident. This confidence comes due to prosperity of other factors. Confident people can
achieve anything in life. We just have to take the first step to learn to live in prosperity.

About I have been reading and researching on the subject of human potential. I am constantly learning and reasearching on different topics like personal development, spirituality, parapsychology, metaphysical, philosophy, religion, power of mind and many more. I have discovered that we truly have this unlimited power within us only we have to discover how to connect and apply it in everyday life, I have decided to share this knowledge to everyone who has desire to change. I personally believe that every individual should live the life they are meant to live, and it is every one's birthright to enjoy their life to their fullest.