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ExclusivE AccommodAtion for Kings & QuEEns

                           Presidents, prime ministers and
                           other important statesmen are
                           often in need of comfortable
                           and presentable accommoda-
                           tion. visit David Citadel Hotel
                           in Jerusalem, US Grant Hotel in
                           San Diego or even the famous
                           versailles Palace.
                              HERITAGE   Exclus i v e A c c o m m o d a t i o n f o r K i n g s & Q u e e n s

                      us grAnt HotEl:
                 A HotEl fit for A PrEsidEnt
                                                        Few places in America have stood long enough
                                                        to celebrate a 100-year anniversary, but this
                                                        fall season, the US GRANT Hotel of San Diego
                                                        does just that.
                                                                   PrEsidEntiAl History
                                                          In 1910, the son of President Ulysses S. Grant
                                                        opened the landmark hotel in the middle of
                                                        metro-chic San Diego, and it’s remained a top
                                                        destination for America’s bigwigs ever since.
                                                        out of the nation’s 44 presidents, 14 have
                                                        stayed in the historic hotel, including John F.
                                                        Kennedy and legendary scientist Albert Ein-
                                                        stein. Renowned for its unparalleled opulence
                                                        and hospitality, the US GRANT Hotel has earned
                                                        its ranking as not only a presidential destina-
                                                        tion, but also as a corporate and leisure one.

                                                             More than a dozen commanders in chief have
                                                             checked into this hotel, including Wilson, Frank-
                                                             lin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson
                                                             and both George Bushes. The hotel has also
                                                             tucked in Albert Einstein, Charles Lindbergh,
                                                             Anthony Hopkins and Christina Aguilera. More
                                                             recently, celebrities like Demi Moore, Bruce Wil-
                                                             lis and pre-gubernatorial Arnold Schwarzeneg-
                                                             ger have stayed at the hotel, all impressed by
                                                             its grandeur and unparalleled hospitality.

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                                                                          HERITAGE       Exclus i v e A c c o m m o d a t i o n f o r K i n g s & Q u e e n s

      todAy still fit for A King                                  crown jEwEl
  The foundation and reputation may be 100            Still known as “The Crown Jewel of Down-
years old, but the hotel’s interior has recently    town San Diego,” the US GRANT Hotel is
enjoyed a facelift. Following a $58 million reno-   an Exxon-mobil Four Star Hotel, a winner
vation in 2006, The US GRANT now boasts 270         of HotelWorld’s “Best Luxury Guestroom
classic guestrooms, including 47 suites, each       Design Award” for 2008, and was named one
exquisitely appointed with original artwork,        of The Robb’s Report’s “Top 100 Hotels in
marble baths and Italian linen bedding.             the World.”
  The hotel's Grand Lobby, adorned with spar-         The hotel’s restaurant, The GRANT Grill, fea-
kling crystal chandeliers, hand-loomed silk         tures California-fresh seasonal cuisine, offered
carpets, and artwork gives guests a preview of      in conjunction with handcrafted cocktails from
modern and elegant guest rooms and 22 dis-          a top-notch artisanal bar. The unmatched
tinctive meeting rooms.                             quality of ingredients and precision from the
  Each of the guest rooms and suites feature        kitchen earned the hotel a “Best Hotel Dining”
such stunning details as a custom yves Clem-        award in 2008 from San Diego magazine.
ent drip-painting headboard, adding a modern
touch to classic Empire-style furnishings in a
contemporary setting                      

Januar y, 2011                                                         —6—
                                                                  HERITAGE     Exclus i v e A c c o m m o d a t i o n f o r K i n g s & Q u e e n s

      dAvid citAdEl HotEl: A focAl Point
         for HistoricAl EncountErs
                                                                                              medina Pearl, the peripatetic Public Relations
                                                                                              Director who not only have tended to the per-
                                                                                              sonal whims and needs of ms. Rice, but also to
                                                                                              a long and growing list of foreign dignitaries,
                                                                                              celebrities, business moguls and Israeli politi-
                                                                                              cians who are rapidly making the architectur-
                                                                                              ally stunning David Citadel Hotel, their "home
                                                                                              away from home."
                                                                                                When Israeli real estate and hotel mag-
                                                                                              nate, Alfred Akirov built the 384 room David
                                                                                              Citadel Hotel with the help of internationally
                                                                                              renowned architect moshe Safdie in the mid-
                                                                                              1990's, mr. Akirov was determined to offer a
                                                                                              new standard of service to guests who wished
                                                                                              to luxuriate in the beauty of Jerusalem.
                                                                                                Located just outside the walls of the old City,
                                                                                              the glass and stone edifice has become the
                                                                                              focal point between ancient & modern Jerusa-
                                                                                              lem. These elements have also made it a mag-
                                                                                              net for headliners such as President Bill Clin-
                                                                                              ton, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, U.S.
                                                                                              Senator Hillary Clinton, Republican Presidential
                                                                                              Candidate Rudy Giuliani, UN Secretary General
                                                                                              Kofi Annan, Russian President vladimir Putin,
                                                                                              high-ranking government officials from Asian,
                                                                                              Eastern and European nations, billionaire busi-
With a phalanx of international TV networks   Hotel in Jerusalem to conduct another round     ness moguls including oracle Chairman Larry
recording her every move, U.S. Secretary of   of middle East diplomacy in 2008.               Ellison, celebrities like actress valerie Harper
State Condoleezza Rice whisked Palestinian      At that moment, a smile of satisfaction       ("Rhoda") and of course leading Israeli politi-
President Abu mazen into an elegantly deco-   creased the faces of both moshe Sand, the       cians such as Prime minister Ehud olmert and
rated conference room at the David Citadel    hotel's venerable General manager and           Knesset Speaker Dalia Itzik.

Januar y, 2011                                                 —7—
                                                                            HERITAGE      Exclus i v e A c c o m m o d a t i o n f o r K i n g s & Q u e e n s

   "We are hosting world leaders at least once
a month. They tend to come in waves depend-
ing on which way the political winds are blow-
ing in the region. It's also not unusual for us
to host politicians, especially from the USA,
who are looking to spend a few days relaxing
and conducting many off-the-record meetings
with Israeli officials, as well as friends and fam-
ily in our Executive Business Lounge," mr. Sand
   mr. Sand, who has helmed some of Israel's
finest hotels, insists that the David Citadel's
staff tends to every detail, whether it's for a
visiting foreign dignitary or a tourist from the
USA, Europe etc. The "personal touch" is para-
mount. "When a high-ranking politician, busi-
nessman or celebrity visits a particular country
they always seek out the best hotel. The David
Citadel is recognized on an international level
for offering a top facility and premium services.
We take great pride in offering a real personal
touch," he maintained.
   When the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv alerts the
hotel about an impending visit from Secretary
of State Rice (she's stayed at the David Citadel
at least 10 times during the past two years),
ms. Pearl springs into action. "Prior to her
arrival (ms. Rice), I have a meeting with U.S.        a major role in why these people keep coming       of the hotel's boardrooms, ms. Rice likes to
Embassy staff to find out what's on her sched-        back to stay with us. We are trained to pre-       return to her suite late in the evening to relax
ule, as far as which meetings will be conducted       serve their privacy and dignity."                  and enjoy a good meal.
in the hotel, what foods she might like to eat          Secretary of State Rice has been known to          While ms. Pearl is acutely aware of the fact
and what other amenities she might enjoy              hold 'hush-hush' meetings with Abu mazen           that historical decisions are being made in the
in her suite," ms. Pearl revealed. "The hotel         and Israeli Prime minister Ehud olmert on the      meeting rooms and suites of the David Citadel
could be very busy but ms. Rice or any other          large flower-laden terrace in her hotel suite,     Hotel, she particularly enjoys the off-beat and
dignitary would never have to interact with the       which boasts a spectacular view of the old         very 'human' encounters she has with impor-
hotel's guests because we protect their privacy       City. After headline-making decisions are made     tant dignitaries that take place before and after
in many different ways. All of these issues play      either in the Prime minister's office or in one    sensitive diplomatic meetings.

Januar y, 2011                                                           —8—
                                                                          HERITAGE      Exclus i v e A c c o m m o d a t i o n f o r K i n g s & Q u e e n s

  She is particularly fond of one encounter        and celebrities. He added, "one of our regu-
she had with the Chinese Ambassador to             lar guests is a prominent American business-
Israel.                                            man and philanthropist who took the time to
  "I escorted him to our outdoor terrace by the    tell me one afternoon, 'moshe, you should be
pool that overlooks the ancient walls of the old   very proud of your hotel staff. I regularly stay
City. As he stared out at the beautiful scenery,   at some of the best hotels around the world in
I remarked, 'you have your wall and we have        manhattan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Europe.
ours!'"                                            And, I want to tell you that the David Citadel
  mr. Sand's office is adorned with photos and     ranks with the best.' This is what we are striv-
endearing 'thank you' notes from his grow-         ing for every day of the year."
ing number of professional encounters with
world leaders, international business moguls

Januar y, 2011                                                         —9—
                                                                        HERITAGE       Exclus i v e A c c o m m o d a t i o n f o r K i n g s & Q u e e n s

                    tHE PortmAn ritz–cArlton:
                      viPs HEAd to sHAngHAi
                                                                                                              VIPs Staying in The Portman
                                                                                                          michaëlle Jean, Governor General of Canada
                                                                                                          madeleine Albright, Former United States Sec-
                                                                                                          retary of State
                                                                                                          Gavin Newsom, Mayor of San Francisco
                                                                                                          Pratibha Devisingh Patil, President of India
                                                                                                          Werner Faymann, Austrian Federal Chancellor
                                                                                                          Lee myung Bak, President of the Republic of
                                                                                                          Jawahir Bint Naif Al Saud, Princess of Saudi
                                                                                                          Nora mohammed Bin Fahad Al Saud, Princess
                                                                                                          of Saudi Arabia
                                                                                                          Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of United
                                                                                                          Barack Hussein obama, President of The United
                                                                                                          States of America
                                                                                                          megawati Soekarnoputri, Former Indonesian
                                                                                                          Robert J. Hawke, Former President of Australia
                                                                                                          Colin Powell, Former Secretary of State The
                                                                                                          United States of America
Located in the heart of the city’s historical     a contemporary décor enriched by touches of             George W. Bush, Former President of The
past and the modern-day buzz is The Portman       Asian influences.                                       United States of America
Ritz-Carlton, Shanghai – a contemporary world       Located on the famous Nanjing xi Lu, the              Jimmy Carter, Former President of The United
of personalized luxury built on the foundations   hotel offers guests convenient access to the            States of America
of service excellence. Following an extensive     city’s finest shopping, cultural attractions and        Bill Clinton, Former President of The United
US$40 million transformation, guests are wel-     entertainment options. After a day spent sight-         States of America
comed to 610 spacious rooms and suites with       seeing, guests can indulge in a soothing spa

Januar y, 2011                                                      — 10 —
                                                                           HERITAGE     Exclus i v e A c c o m m o d a t i o n f o r K i n g s & Q u e e n s

treatment, enjoy an exceptional meal at one        an extremely tight x-Ray security check for all
of the six on-site restaurants or simply take in   the people who work in the hotel and all other
the skyline views from their luxurious accom-      hotel guests.
modations.                                           The 500 square meters Ritz-Carlton Suite,
  Awarded “Best Hotel in Shanghai” by Institu-     where the president stayed, is the largest pres-
tional Investor magazine, the hotel has been       idential suite in the city, making it the accom-
recognized by Conde Nast Traveler as the           modation of choice to host royalty, heads of
"2010 Top 100 Best Hotels In The World” and        state, celebrities, heads of multi-national cor-
the China National Tourism Administration as       porations and their accompanying entourage.
Shanghai's only Platinum Five-Star Award win-        Setting the standard for hotels in Shanghai,
ner–the highest hospitality award in China.        The Portman Ritz-Carlton offers an array of
  The award-winning hotel has accommo-             luxurious amenities to ensure a memorable
dated numerous presidents and head of              stay, not only for vIP and statesmen. The hotel
states, including President obama, US Secre-       features 610 well-appointed guest rooms and
tary of States–Hillary Clinton, President Lee      suites, 6 restaurants and lounges serving Chi-
myung Bak…During obama’s Shanghai visit,           nese, Italian, Japanese and Western favorites,
the security was understandably tight as it was    an extensive health club with outdoor and
his first time state visit in China and the trip   indoor swimming pool, gym, squash and rac-
has attracted lots of media reporting in China     quetball courts, convenient access to world-
and all over the world. Since obama’s security     class shopping, cultural opportunities and
contingent and staff comprised a huge num-         entertainment.
ber, a lot of rooms in the hotel were booked.
The National Security Bureau also requested

Januar y, 2011                                                        — 11 —
                                                                             HERITAGE       Exclus i v e A c c o m m o d a t i o n f o r K i n g s & Q u e e n s

                         PArt of vErsAillEs PAlAcE
                          to bEcomE luxury HotEl
Preparations are underway for a Belgian
company to turn part of the Chateau de ver-
sailles into a luxury hotel. But the handing
over of a chunk of treasured public heritage
to a private operator is an unusual occurrence
in France.
   It’s a sumptuous historical monument, a
wildly popular tourist attraction, and a symbol
of French monarchy and decadence. Now the
Palace of versailles is getting ready to add to its
list of functions: preparations are underway for
a Belgian company to turn The Hotel du Grand
Controle, traditionally home to the palace’s
treasurers, into a luxury hotel.
   The initiative is meant to spur a two-pronged
plan to exploit the economic potential of cer-
tain valuable, but expensively maintained and
often damaged buildings while simultaneously
pursuing their renovation. But the handing
over of a chunk of treasured public heritage to
a private operator is an unusual occurrence in

         A PionEEring initiAtivE
  The project is expected to transform the
Hotel du Grand Controle into a 23-bedroom               Jean-Jacques Aillagon, president of the Cha-       hotel “a pioneering initiative”. He added that
hotel scheduled to open in late 2011. Some of         teau de versailles, has said that without the        his mission was to save the building, which was
those rooms will overlook the “orangerie”, an         arrangement he would not have the budget             “in a very dilapidated state”.
elaborate greenhouse featuring lemon trees            necessary to renovate the building. Speaking           According to the initiative, Belgian company
and orange trees.                                     to reporters, Aillagon called the creation of the    Ivy International SA will renovate the 1,700

Januar y, 2011                                                           — 12 —
                                                                          HERITAGE        Exclus i v e A c c o m m o d a t i o n f o r K i n g s & Q u e e n s

                                                   Department that was intended to boost the
                                                   economic development of French historical
                                                   and cultural landmarks.
                                                     To achieve that goal, the Centre for National
                                                   monuments has asked the Atout France agency,
                                                   in charge of developing tourism, to consider a
                                                   proposal to similarly convert 20 other listed
                                                   heritage sites, including French royal palace
                                                   Chateau de Fontainebleau.
                                                     French Senator Albéric de montgolfier, of
                                                   President Nicolas Sarkozy’s centre-right UmP
                                                   party, presented Sarkozy with a favourable
                                                   report on the project. He pointed to what he
                                                   framed as the economic necessity of the initia-
                                                   tive, saying that in this context, plans to con-
                                                   vert part of the Palace of versailles into a hotel
                                                   “must be supported”.
square-metre Hotel du Grand Controle —                                                                   tion. “once again, it’s economic logic that wins
which was built in the 1680s by architect Jules      montgolfier concluded his report by rec-            out. In the name of profitability and lack of
Hardouin-mansart. Ivy will lease the building      ommending the creation in France of hotels            finances, they’re gambling with a public pos-
from versailles over the next 30 years. The        located in converted monuments, inspired by           session, which by definition is inalienable and
renovation, headed by Frederic Didier, chief       the luxury “paradors” in Spain that are usually       must remain accessible to all citizens”, Revault
architect for historic monuments, is expected      set up in monasteries or castles.                     said.
to cost roughly 5.5 million euros — or 7.3 mil-                                                            The Palace of versailles, once a spectacular
lion dollars.                                             gAmbling witH A Public
                                                                                                         setting for French state affairs, is a particularly
  Ivy will then pay back a percentage of the                                                             cherished cultural landmark beloved by visi-
hotel’s profits as “rent” to the Chateau de ver-     But the financial motivation is not reason          tors who flock to its famed Hall of mirrors and
sailles. The amount will vary in proportion to     enough for everyone to justify entrusting one         lush gardens; the UNESCo World Heritage Cen-
how much money the hotel makes.                    of France’s most prized cultural possessions          tre has named it one of the greatest achieve-
  The construction of the hotel is made pos-       to a company. In an interview with France24.          ments of 18th-century French art.
sible by an agreement signed in 2009 between       com, Philippe Revault, a professor at the Paris
the French Culture ministry and the Tourism        School of Architecture, expressed his indigna-

Januar y, 2011                                                        — 13 —

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Description: Presidents, prime ministers and other important statesmen are often in need of comfortable and presentable accommodation. Visit David Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem, US Grant Hotel in San Diego or even the famous Versailles Palace.