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									Renewable Energy Transmission
Planning Process

Keith Casey
Vice President, Market & Infrastructure Development

Southwest Renewable Energy Conference
May 21, 2010
CAISO New Transmission Planning Process

  ISO Board of Governors approved Revised Transmission Planning
     Process (RTPP) on May 18, 2010
        State-wide planning approach
        New criterion for “policy-driven” transmission (e.g., 33% RPS)
        Whole system planning instead of single-project approach
        FERC Order 890 compliance
    Final proposal addresses the following
      Opportunities for independents to build transmission
      ISO decides when competing proposals apply to different siting
      Expedient processing of generation interconnection agreements
  FERC filing planned for June 1, 2010

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 CAISO Transmission Planning Process

   Proposal will create an annual three-phase planning
1/1/10                    3/31/10                               12/31/10                       3/31/11

     2010/2011 cycle –         2010/2011 cycle – Phase 2                                                 2010/2011 cycle –
          Phase 1              April 2010 – March 2011                                                       Phase 3

  ISO unified planning        Comprehensive Planning for ISO Balancing Authority Area               ISO receives and
 assumptions & study                                                                                evaluates proposals to
 plan                                                                                               build designated plan
                                            Renewable Access          2010/2011 Comprehensive       elements
  Regional & sub-                          Plan for ISO Area         ISO Transmission Plan
 regional collaboration

                                                                           2011/2012 cycle –             2011/2012 cycle –
                                                                               Phase 1                       Phase 2
                                                                      January – March 2011          April 2011 – March 2012

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CTPG Conceptual Renewable Energy Transmission

                                  Source: California
                                   Transmission Planning
                                   Group Phase 2 Final
                                  Identified 13 Bulk
                                   Transmission Need

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     Major Elements of Conceptual Renewable Energy
     Transmission (CTPG Phase 2 Report)
No.      Bulk Transmission Need                            Major Transmission Element Additions
 1     San Diego Area                     500/230kV transformers, new 230kV transmission lines

 2     Imperial Valley                    500/230kV transformer, new 230kV substation and transmission lines

 3     Haskell Canyon/Barren Ridge        New 230kV line, line reconductoring

 4     Owens Valley/North of Lugo         New 230kV substation and lines, new 500/230-kV substations and 500kV lines

 5     Path 15                            New 500/230kV substations and 500kV lines, reconductoring existing 230kV lines

 6     Path 26 (PG&E – SCE)               New 500kV transmission line, added reactive support, 500/230kV transformers

 7     California Oregon Intertie (COI)   Upgrade existing 500kV lines, 500kV series caps, upgrade underlying 230kV line

 8     San Francisco Bay Area             Implement run-back generation SPS under contingency conditions

 9     West of Devers                     Upgrade existing 230kV lines

10     South Nevada / East of Lugo        Upgrade existing 500kV line series capacitors

11     North of L.A.                      New 230kV transmission line and 230/66kV transformer

12     East of Palm Springs               Reconductoring existing 230kV lines

13     L.A. Basin / Orange County         Reconductoring or building new 230kV transmission lines               Slide 5
    Status of major ISO-approved transmission projects
    that are needed for delivery of renewable generation
       Transmission           Permitting          Added TX            Primary           Constructi     Planned
          Projects              Status            Capacity            Type of           on Status      Completi
                                                                    Renewables                         on Date
1   Tehachapi                    CPUC-              4,500 MW              Wind           Completed     Completed
    Transmission Project       approved;          (for entire 11                        segments 1 –
                              Pending final        segments,                                3A
                             approval from       segments 1-3
                               U.S. Forest       only: 700 MW)                             Begins        2011 -
                                Svc. for                                                segments 3B,     2015
                               remaining                                                   4 – 11
                             segments 4-11
2   Sunrise Powerlink            CPUC-           1,000 – 1,700        Geothermal,          Not yet     June 2012
                               approved;             MW*              wind, solar          started
                              Pending U.S.
                               Forest Svc.

3   Devers – Palo Verde         CPUC-            1,200 – 2,500            Solar            Not yet     June 2013
    No. 2 (California        approved with           MW*                                   started
    portion only)              conditions

                           *Lower number represents PTO-proposed WECC simultaneous path rating,
                           higher number represents potential maximum level of renewable connection    Slide 6
Transmission Project


 Tehachapi Trans. Project

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                            Courtesy SCE
Sunrise Powerlink Project (Southern route)

                                  Courtesy SDG&E      Slide
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Devers – Palo Verde No. 2 (California Portion Only)

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