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					                                                                                              CV, Ok-Ho Shin

                                            CURRICULUM VITAE
                                               Ok-Ho Shin

                                                            Work Addre ss
                                                            Department of Neuroscience & Cell Biology
                                                            University of Texas Medical Branch
                                                            Galveston, TX 77555-1069
                                                            Office: 409-772-1188/Lab: 409-772-1566

Profe ssional experience
09/2008 - present:     Assistant Professor
                       Dept of Neuroscience & Cell Biology, UTMB
10/2000 - 08/2008:     Assistant Instructor/Postdoctoral Researcher, laborat ory of Thomas C. Südhof, MD
                       Dept of Neuroscience, UT Southwestern Medical Center
09/1996 - 07/2000:     Postdoctoral Fellow, laboratory of John H. Exton, MD, PhD
                       HHMI/Dept of Molec ular Physiology & Biophysics, Vanderbilt University

08/1992 - 12/1996:       PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
03/1987 - 02/1989:       MS, Seoul National University, Korea
03/1983 - 02/1987:       BS, Seoul National University, Korea

Review articles
1. Zeisel S H, da Costa KA, Albright CD, Shin OH (1995) Choline and hepatocarcinogenesis in the rat. Adv. Exp.
  Med. Biol. 375, 65-74.
2. Albright CD, Liu R, Mar MH, Shin OH, Vrablic AS, Salganik RI, Zeisel SH (1997) Diet, apoptosis, and
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4. Shin OH, Exton JH (2005) Assays and properties of arfaptin 2 binding to Rac1 and A DP -ribosylation factors
  (Arfs ). Methods Enzymol. 404, 359-367.

Peer-reviewed research articles
1. Shin OH, Mar MH, Albright CD, Citarella MT, da Costa KA, Zeisel S H (1997) Methyl -group donors cannot
  prevent apoptotic death of rat hepatocytes induced by choline -deficiency. J. Cell. Biochem. 64, 196-208.
2. Shin OH, da Costa KA, Mar MH, Zeisel S H (1997) Hepatic protein kinas e C is not activated despite high
  intracellular 1,2-sn-diacylglycerol in obese Zucker rats. Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1358, 72-78.
3. Zeisel S H, Albright CD, Shin OH, Mar MH, Salganik RI, da Costa KA (1997) Choline deficienc y selects for
  resistance to p53-independent apoptosis and caus es tumorigenic transformation of rat hepatocytes.
  Carcinogenesis 18, 731-738.
4. Shin OH, Ross AH, Mihai I, Exton JH (1999) Identification of arfophilin, a target protein for GTP -bound class II
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6. Shin OH, Couvillon AD, Exton JH (2001) Arfophilin is a common target of bot h class II and class III ADP -
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7. Fernandez I, Arac D, Ubach J, Gerber S H, Shin OH, Gao Y, Anderson RGW, Südhof TC, Rizo J (2001) Three -
  dimensional structure of the synaptotagmin 1 C2B-domain: synaptotagmin 1 as a phospholipid binding machine.
  Neuron 32, 1057-1069.

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                                                                                          CV, Ok-Ho Shin

8. Sugita S, Shin OH, Han W, Lao Y, Südhof TC (2002) Synaptotagmins form a hierarchy of exocytotic Ca -
  sensors with distinct Ca -affinities. EMBO J. 21, 270-280.
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10. Fernandez-Chacon R, Shin OH, Konigstorfer A, Matos MF, Meyer AC, Garcia J, Gerber SH, Rizo J, Südhof
  TC, Rosenmund C (2002) Structure/function analysis of Ca -binding to the C2A-domain of synaptot agmin 1. J.
  Neurosci. 22, 8438-8446.
                                                                               2+                2+
11. Shin OH, Rhee JS, Tang J, Sugita S, Rosenmund C, Südhof TC (2003) Sr binding to the Ca binding site of
  the synaptotagmin 1 C2B domain triggers fast exocytosis without stimulating SNARE interactions. Neuron 37,
12. Shin OH, Maximov A, Lim BK, Rizo J, Südhof TC (2004) Unexpected Ca -binding properties of
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13. Dai H, Shin OH, Machius M, Tomc hick DR, Südhof TC, Rizo J (2004) Structural basis for the evolutionary
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14. Shin OH, Han W, Wang Y, Südhof TC (2005) E volutionarily conserved multiple C2 -domain prot eins with two
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15. Rhee JS, Li LY, Shin OH, Rah JC, Rizo J, Südhof TC, Rosenmund C (2005) Augmenting neurotransmitter
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20. Pang ZP, Shin OH, Meyer A C, Rosenmund C, Südhof TC (2006) A gain -of-function mutation in
  synaptotagmin-1 reveals a critical role of Ca -dependent soluble N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor attachment
  protein receptor complex binding in synaptic exocytosis. J. Neurosci. 26, 12556-12565.
21. Maximov A, Shin OH, Lui X, Südhof TC (2007) Synaptotagmin-12, a synaptic vesicle phosphoprot ein that
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