Internalizing Water Literacy by dwiawen


									    Internalizing Water Literacy Among
           Students In Semarang
     Through Participatory Film-Making
               (A Lay Person Approach)
Dwi Prabowo,
Tjahjono Rahardjo
Rahmad Djati Winarno
    The problem
    Why It’s an interesting problem
    It’s an unsolved problem
    Here is my idea
    Research aim: research questions
    How My idea works (details, data)
Geography of Semarang
                    SMP KARANGTURI

                     SMP KARTIYOSO
    Why It’s an interesting problem

 We can see that conventional approach already
  occur like technological approach, regulation
  approach, market mechanism approach but no
  have significant result to solve this problems.
 It’s like an unsolved problem
 We need other approach effectivelly to solve this
 Internalizing water literacy became a key

         Combine children participation
         + film is a new one
         Here is the idea

     Human Bahaviour must be changed

We need Internalize Water Literacy
                                                  Lay person Approach

              Children + Film                     Participation

 Solving the unsustainable water resourches in urban area

            Toward Green Cities
    Research aim: research questions

 We want to introduce and evaluate the
  participatory film making process to
  junior high school students focusing on the
  internalization water literacy
 How…..???
       How the idea works
 The seventh grade students from two Junior High
  School in Semarang, Karangturi and Kartiyoso, were
  chosen as participants in this study
 Children are involved in the film making processes
  that consist of four step
    ◦ First, formation of four groups of students
    ◦ Second, every group discusses two issues of water
      literacy(sustainability and access).
    ◦ Third, training the participants about the basic of movie
    ◦ Fourth step, the movie production
Waching Water Movie (Water War)

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