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									                                                   N E W S   SUMMER 2010

 Farewell to Mr Bowen

    I’ve really enjoyed GCSE History. It’s good
    finding out about past times compared to
    modern day. I found it interesting learning
    about the history of Germany and the
    USA, rather than just British history.
    Mr Bowen always has a Powerpoint to
    explain a topic which makes it more
    fun. He also brings his own experiences
    when he is teaching which helps us learn
    better and remember things. I’ve enjoyed
    History so much I have decided to study
    it at A Level. We couldn’t have been
    luckier than to have a teacher like Mr
    Bowen and I hope he finds his retirement
    non-stressful and fun! I’m sure he will be
                 greatly missed by all the staff
                 and students at Maidenhill.
                Aleasha Rennolds

I N S I D E T H I S E D I T I O N : M O R E A B O U T M R B OW E N
       MA IDE NHI L L NE W S : SU M M ER 2 0 1 0

               Headteacher’s Update
                                                          I find it incredible that we are rapidly approaching the end of
                                                            my second year at Maidenhill. It gives me huge satisfaction
                                                          to see so much continuing to be achieved by our students in so
                                                          many different areas.
                                                          Many of those successes are highlighted in this newsletter. During this term alone,
                                                          amongst many other things, I have had the pleasure of witnessing our students excel
                                                          at the Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts, seeing them receive awards at Stroud
                                                          College for their contributions to vocational courses and presenting a variety of
                                                          certificates to our Year 10 and Year 11 students for academic achievement.

                                                          This edition of our newsletter will showcase many such achievements. What it does
                                                          not necessarily draw to your attention are the efforts of a fantastic group of dedicated
                                                          staff who underpin these remarkable achievements. I am indebted to all our members
                                                          of staff who continue to strive for the very best for our young people and to the
                                                          parent body for their continued support. I am particularly pleased to be supported
                                                          and challenged by an increasingly strong and effective governing body in addition to
                                                          a highly professional and committed leadership team. They, too, play a crucial role in
                                                          pushing the school forward at pace.
    This term sees the end of an era with the departure of Mr Bowen after 29 years of loyal service. Mr Bowen will, I am sure, be fondly
    remembered by all those he taught, both of this generation and the previous two. His dedication and sense of humour will be sorely missed. I
    am sure you would like to join me in expressing our thanks for his efforts over the years and in wishing him well for the future.

    I am confident, once again, that our Year 11 will be rewarded by excellent examination results this Summer, heartened by the increased intake
    in our new Year 7 in September and excited at the prospect of new sports and drama facilities coming into use in the new year.

    Thanks to Mrs Walker for compiling such a splendid record of the achievements of our students, which I trust you will enjoy reading. Check out
    our website for more news. www.maidenhill.gloucs.sch.uk

    Mr G M Watson

                                                                              Why did you want to be a governor?
                                                                              Just to help the school improve.
                                                                              What do you have to do as a governor?
                                                                              Help Mr Watson and the school staff to plan for the future.
                                                                              Governors make sure that plans and policies are in place but
                                                                              Mr Watson is in charge of what happens in the school every
                                                                              What do you enjoy most about it?
                                                                              Meeting up with the other governors and the visits in to
                    Mrs Thomson                                               school.
                                                                              Is there anything you would like to change
           PARENT GOVERNOR                                                    at Maidenhill?
                                                                              Nothing at the moment as I am still finding out about the
    How long have you been a governor at Maidenhill?
    Since September 2009 when they sent out a letter asking for               What are your hobbies or interests?
    new governors.                                                            Keeping fit by running. I recently took part in a charity run
                                                                              along the Cotswold Way which goes through Stonehouse.
    Have you been a governor at other schools?
    Yes, but never in Gloucestershire.                                        By Taylor Wilson 7RWA
                                                                                   MA ID E N H ILL N E W S : S U MMER 2010

  Governors                                                            Our Governors
  are special!                                                           David Drew
                                                                         Julie Goble
                                                                         David Hauser
Governors represent all sections of the school                                                    Chair of Governors
community including parents, teachers, staff, local                      Sue Weall                Community
government and local businesses. All governors have                      Lesley Williams          Local Authority
something in common... they are prepared to give
their time to help support their school. Everyone                        David Dale               Parent
takes part in the main meetings at which the aims                        Alison Loveridge         Parent
and policies of the school are discussed and agreed.                     Simon Pickering          Parent
                                                                         Paul Stephens            Parent
Together with the Headteacher, governors decide                          Wendy Thomson            Parent
how the budget is spent, how many staff are needed                       John West                Parent
and what we can afford to spend on the upkeep
of the buildings and the equipment in them.                              Eric Dawson              Partnership
Most importantly, we need to understand what the                         Claire Squire            Partnership
students are learning and whether they are reaching                      Gary Watson              Staff Governor
the targets set for them. To give more time for                                                   Headteacher
discussion of important issues, we have committees                       Richard Pender           Staff Governor
with particular responsibilities – School Development,                                            Teaching
Resources and Curriculum.                                                Ian Jones                Staff Governor
We have recently increased the number of governors                                                Support
and we need more parent representatives. If you have                     Vicki Walker             Staff Governor
time to attend about one evening meeting per month                                                Support
and would like to get involved with the development                      Sue Hunt                 Clerk to the Governors
of the school, please contact us about becoming a
governor. You will be given training and support from
other governors to help you learn how it all works!
Vicki Walker Staff Governor

                     Mr West
Mr West has been a parent governor at the school
for just over a year. He had experience in governing
nearly 30 years ago in the 1980s, when he was on
the Town Council. He was Chair of the governors
at Maidenhill.                                                     parents to choose it for their children.
He used to work at Stroud College helping children and adults      Mr West lives in Stonehouse with his wife and son. His
who were unsuccessful at school or had special needs but           hobbies include biking, camping, holidays and outdoor
now he has retired. Since he had the time and interest, when       activities. He is also a scout leader. He decided to send his
the school asked him to be a governor again, he accepted with      son here and when asked why, he replied, “I had visited other
great enthusiasm. Mr West also works at the school as an           schools and looked around but none of them were a patch on
exam invigilator and as a volunteer helper taking students on      Maidenhill. When I walked round the other schools it didn’t
trips and visits.                                                  feel right, but at Maidenhill everyone was polite and helped me
His role as a governor involves going to regular meetings to       find my way. When I asked them questions they would answer
discuss how to improve the school further, deciding on school      truthfully and didn’t try to hide anything! I think Maidenhill is
policies and helping the children get involved and be interested   a fantastic school and as a governor I want to promote the
in the future of their school. His main aim is to try and make     school in every way I can.”
Maidenhill School the best it can be and to encourage more         By Sian Clements and Jade Tomkins 9KSI
    MA IDE NHI L L NE W S : SU M M ER 2 0 1 0

       Farewell to . . .
      Mr Bowen
      Mr Bowen, our History teacher, is leaving
      Maidenhill School after teaching here for 29 years.
      He started at the school in 1981, after previously working at
      two other schools. He came to Maidenhill as ‘Head of House’
                                                                        files collapsed, leaving him buried! Another amusing incident
      and also Head of History, which was his post for 20 years.
                                                                        was being in an assembly being taken by the head teacher,
      Next, Mr Bowen became Head of Lower School (Years 7 &
                                                                        when someone came in dressed as a gorilla! They sat down
      8) which then led on to being Head of Key Stage 3 (Years 7,
                                                                        and pretended to take nits from a student’s hair. No one knew
      8 & 9). For the last two years he has been a Head of Year 10
                                                                        who it was and the assembly turned into chaos!
      and Year 11, so he’s been all through the school! Currently,
      he is also the Work Experience Coordinator, which means           He has always enjoyed his students’ achievements at whatever
      he helps Year 10s with sorting out their work experience.         level. He has been especially proud of the students who have
      Throughout his time at Maidenhill, Mr Bowen has taught            gone on to study History at university. Another achievement
      History, Religious Studies and PE. He was also responsible for    was when Mr Bowen taught a student who had never played
      the tutor programme for many years and organised the Year         rugby before how to play and they then went on to be an
      7 Residential Trip to Plymouth and later Exeter for over 10       England International! A future achievement that Mr Bowen
      years. He thought the Residentials were always fun! Mr Bowen      would like to happen is being able to talk like Donald Duck –
      was a member of the Senior Leadership Team for 5 years            he has always wanted to, but can never do it!
      or so.
                                                                        When he finishes his time at Maidenhill, Mr Bowen is going
      Mr Bowen has enjoyed his time at Maidenhill, especially the       to retire. His wife thinks he is going to redecorate the house
      relationships. He thinks one of the greatest things is the way    from top to bottom! Mr Bowen is going to enjoy gardening
      the relationships between staff and students are so friendly      and read all the books that he’s never had time to read before.
      and warm. He has very much enjoyed helping students enjoy         He’d also like to develop an interest in photography and is
      History and develop skills within the subject. Also, helping      going to prepare for his daughter’s wedding. Mr Bowen does
      students to overcome general problems has been very               not really have any ambitions for the future – he just wishes to
      satisfying. When the National Curriculum came in, Mr Bowen        enjoy good health and spending time with his family.
      was selected to work with teachers from all over the country
                                                                        Mr Bowen has been a fantastic History teacher who has
      to produce training materials for other teachers.
                                                                        made GCSE History an enjoyable time and I am now going to
      The programme lasted for two years and he felt privileged to
                                                                        study it at A Level. The way he incorporates his own personal
      be a part of it.
                                                                        experiences into the lessons makes the learning fun and
      Mr Bowen says that there are too many amusing things to           breaks it down, which makes it easier! Mr Bowen will be a sad
      mention and that the funniest ones cannot be printed in this      loss to Maidenhill School and will be greatly missed by staff
      newsletter! However, one of the funniest things for others        and students! Good luck!
      was when he was sitting at his desk and a shelf of books and      By Bethany Eager 11DWA

     Mr Beecher                                                         The project is still going
                                                                        on and he is looking
     Mr Beecher is leaving Maidenhill School to                         forward to seeing the
                                                                        finished film.
     move on to another job which is only 15
     minutes away from his home.                                        We asked Mr Beecher
     The job he will be taking up is Leader of Media in Isambard        what he liked best
     Community School in Swindon. This enables Mr Beecher to            about the school and he
     spend more time with his family but it is also an excellent step   said “What I like best
     up in his career.                                                  is that it is small, which
                                                                        enables you to get to
     We asked Mr Beecher if he enjoyed his time working at              know the students and teachers well. It’s also been nice to
     Maidenhill School. His response was, “Maidenhill has been          have a tutor group as you get to spend regular time with them
     fantastic, as I have been able to introduce a new subject,         and get to know them as individuals.”
     IMedia, to the school.” Mr Beecher’s favourite memory of
     Maidenhill School is the friendly environment that he has          Mr Beecher worked at Maidenhill School for almost three
     been working in and he has enjoyed looking at the creative         years, teaching English and Media Studies, and is extremely
     work completed by the students. One of the projects he             sad to leave as he would have liked to have seen his tutor
     has enjoyed most was taking his class to work with Wycliffe        group through to the end of Year 11.
     College students, making a film about Stonehouse.                  By Charlotte Taylor 9AME and
                                                                        Mackenzie Bradford 9LCO
                                                                                     MA ID E N H ILL N E W S : S U MMER 2010

                                      Miss                                                              Mr Clarke
                                      Davidson                                                          Mr Clarke has been
                                                                                                        teaching at Maidenhill
                                      Miss Davidson
                                                                                                        for nearly a year.
                                      started teaching at
                                                                                                         He has taught Drama, English
                                      Maidenhill School in                                               and Media Studies while
                                      September 2008.                                                    Miss Machers has been on
                                       She has been working                                              maternity leave. He is now
                                       at this school for two                                            moving back to Basingstoke
                                       years, teaching English.     and looking for a new job. His ambition is to work in the USA
Miss Davidson has been a tutor for 7DDA, she has done a BBC         for a couple of years. His favourite event was We Will Rock You
School Report with the Year 9s and she has been to ‘Nature          which was tremendous for the whole school and his favourite
In Art’ with the Year 7s. She has also played the main parts        lesson was 8CST’s Got Talent with Neil Bond’s comedy act.
of Cinderella and Princess Jasmine in two of the school staff       He has really enjoyed teaching the students at Maidenhill.
pantomimes. These are only some of the things she has done!         Mr Clarke says, “This is the first school I have taught at and I
Miss Davidson enjoyed working with the students, and helping        couldn’t have asked for a more interesting and exciting start to
them to excel and enjoy English. An achievement that Miss           my professional career. It’s been emotional!”
Davidson said she was proud of was teaching the Year 11s            By Neil Bond 8CST
through their GCSE exams. One particular event Miss Davidson
has enjoyed was taking Year 9 students to work with reception
children at Eastington Primary School; the reception children
said that they really enjoyed meeting new people. An amusing
thing that Miss Davidson mentioned was this interview; she
found it funny because we were sitting there trying to think of
                                                                                                        At the end of July
questions and laughing!
                                                                                                        Mr Goodbrand will be
Miss Davidson is moving to Newcastle to teach English and                                               leaving Maidenhill.
Drama in a new school (St Thomas More). She is looking
forward to being near her family, and moving into her new                                                 He first came here in
house which she thinks is gorgeous and big!                                                               September 2007 and
Miss Davidson would like to be the Head of an English                                                     worked here until July 2008.
Department one day and she would also like to go travelling.                                              He then returned in
                                                                    September 2009. Mr Goodbrand has always taught English but
We wish her the best of luck in her new school and hope she
                                                                    for the past six months he has been a One to One literacy tutor
lets us know how she is getting on.
                                                                    and the Lead Teacher for Achievement For All (a government
By Harriet Wright, Rebecca Smith
                                                                    strategy designed to help children achieve). He hasn’t always
and Wednesday Pegler 7LBE
                                                                    been a teacher though; he has worked as: a roofer, an order
                                                                    picker, fork-lift truck driver, postman, delivery driver, technical

Mr                                                                  support and a health & safety manager. Mr Goodbrand is unsure
                                                                    about what he will do in the future; he might go back into health
Peyroutou                                                           & safety.

We interviewed Mr                                                   His favourite lesson when he was at school was Art and he also
Peyroutou and asked                                                 enjoyed Metalwork (now known as DT). The lesson that he
                                                                    hated the most was Maths. His best friend at school and still is,
him some questions
                                                                    is Joe, who is now working as a lawyer in London.
about his time here.
He started working at                                               Mr Goodbrand has always wanted to write a book but would be
Maidenhill three years ago,                                         content with winning the lottery. The thing that he has enjoyed
in September 2007. His                                              most about working at Maidenhill School is working with
job is to teach French and to cover for absent teachers. He also    fabulous students and supportive members of staff.
goes on the trips to France organised by the Modern Languages       By Kelvin Woods 7RWA
department. Mr Peyroutou is French and now he is going to
move back to the sunny South of France. He is looking forward
to spending time with the friends and family who he has missed      part in an African drumming assembly for Year 8s last term.
over the years. He will also enjoy a break from work and seeing     The most amusing thing that has happened is when he has to
the beautiful French scenery and being in the sunshine again. His   take PE lessons and join in with the students. The best thing about
ambition for the future is to start his own business, although he   his job has been motivating students to learn. His final words to
wouldn’t reveal his ideas yet!                                      us were, “I’ll be back to visit!” We wish him all the best in his
At Maidenhill he has enjoyed working with the friendly staff and    new life and hope he does find time to come and see us.
students. A particular event that he enjoyed was when he took       By Laura Wells and Lauren Chandler 9DFO
      MA IDE NHI L L NE W S : SU M M ER 2 0 1 0

                                        Year 11 Futures
    O     ur Year 11 students always think carefully
          about their future intentions as they
    have so many options to choose from.
                                                                Tanya Lowe
                                                                                   When I leave Maidenhill, my
    We encourage them to aim for the best they                                     intention is to go to Cirencester
    can achieve and staff advise them of the                                       College to study A Levels.
                                                                                   The subjects I have chosen are all
    best way forward. Nearly all students choose
                                                                                   related to law and I would like to
    further education as a preparation for work,
                                                               carry on to higher education and get a law degree.
    whether it be A Levels, vocational college                 I’ve had this ambition since I was young. I want to
    courses or an apprenticeship. We often                     prove that I am capable of going to university and
    receive news of students who have gone on                  benefiting greatly from the experience. In the future I
    to university and been very successful, for                hope to have a career in law, possibly in criminal justice.
    example, Emily Dennis who achieved a First
    Class degree in Mathematics this summer.                    Thomas Quick

     Kieran Morgan                                                                I am intending to go to Duchy
                                                                                  College in Cornwall to study for a
                       I hope to go to Rednock Sixth                              BTec Diploma in Football Studies.
                       Form to study A Levels in Music,                           This qualification will enable me
                       Music Technology, Computing                                to pursue a number of sporting
                       and History. After I have completed     careers including being a PE teacher or sports
                       this I hope to go on to university      therapist. I chose this because I have a great interest
    to study History or Computing. Not too sure yet!           in all sports, especially football. I chose to go to
        I don’t know what made me decide to study              college in Cornwall as I want to take a huge step up
    history or computing, I just find the subjects very        in terms of my career. Any job in sport will suit me.
    interesting! These subjects could also lead me into
    teaching or a job in ICT. My ambition in life is to
                                                                 Dannielle Stephens
    become a well known tuba player. I am thinking of
    going around the country, playing for different bands.
                                                                                   I am going to Cirencester College
    I also hope to take my HGV licence so I can drive
                                                                                   to study A Levels in Maths,
    trucks for my uncle.
                                                                                   Photography, Business Studies
                                                                                   and 3D Design. I am interested
     Melissa Prosser                                                               in designing buildings so I hope to
                                                               study architecture at university and become an architect.
                         I am going to Stroud College to do
                         a BTec National Diploma Level 2
                         in Multi-Media. This is a practical     Sam McMurtrie
                         course learning how to design
                         computer games. Later I would                            I am going to Hartpury College
    like to go to university to take a more advanced                              to do a BTec National Diploma in
    course. I enjoy working on computers and software. I                          Animal Management. I enjoyed my
    play a lot of games such as WOW and Perfect World                             work experience at Teckels Animal
    online. I find the environments, detail and gameplay                          Shelter and I would like to work
    very interesting. I would like to be a games designer      with animals in the future. I might be a dog handler
    and tester and in the future start my own company          in the Army or the Police or possibly an RSPCA
    creating games.                                            inspector.
                                                                        MA ID E N H ILL N E W S : S U MMER 2010

   Richard Parnell                                            Rachel Watkins

                   I am going to Cirencester College
                                                                                I will be attending Gloucestershire
                   to do A Levels in Maths, Physics,
                                                                                College at Cheltenham to do a
                   Computing and Business Studies.
                                                                                Level 2 Catering and Hospitality
                   I have always enjoyed these
                                                                                course for two years. After that I
                   subjects and been successful in
                                                                                hope to continue to level 3 and
them. Business Studies seemed fun and an interesting
                                                            gain a chef’s diploma. When I have my qualifications I
challenge. I hope to go on to university later and
                                                            would like to join the army as a chef as I think this will
decide on my career from there.
                                                            help me gain confidence in life. I am not an academic
                                                            person, I enjoy practical work so I think the army will
 Rachael Hill                                               suit my personality. In the future I would like to be a
                                                            chef in a restaurant or open my own cafe which I will
                     I am going to Gloucestershire          name “House of Cake”!
                     College to study for a National
                     Diploma Level 3 in Performing Arts       Aleasha Rennolds
                     (Musical Theatre). It is a two year
                     vocational course. Then I would like                       I’m going to Rednock Sixth Form to
to stay on at college to do a HND in Performing Arts                            study A Levels in English Literature
or try to get into university or RADA. I love performing,                       and Language, History and two
acting and singing and would like to continue doing                             from Drama and Theatre Studies,
courses that I enjoy. My ambition is to have a career                           Psychology and Religious Studies.
on stage, maybe in a London theatre.                        I’m hoping to become a secondary school teacher of
                                                            either English or History. This has been my ambition
                                                            since Year 7, when my Maths teacher told me, “Stick
  Jack Ponting
                                                            to what you want to do and try to do your best to
                                                            achieve it.” I have worked my hardest to be able to
                  I intend to go to Cirencester
                                                            choose the career that I want.
                  College to study Journalism,
                  Drama and Theatre, Photography
                  and Psychology. I think all these
                  subjects will link together well           Bryony Loveday
towards a career in the media which I hope will be
fun and enjoyable as well as well-paid! I hope to                               I’m planning on going to Filton
go on to study Journalism at university and have a                              College and learning to be an
career as a newspaper or television journalist.                                 air hostess. I will do a Diploma
                                                                                in Travel and Tourism and also
                                                                                a certificate in the Air Industry
  Annie Pickering                                           Service. The course prepares you to work as part of
                                                            airline cabin crew and helps you to learn how to help
                      I am going to Downfield Sixth         passengers. On successful completion of the course
                      Form to do A Levels in French,        I am guaranteed an interview with BMI and Thomas
                      Drama, Politics and Economics. I      Cook Airlines, provided I can meet their minimum
                      enjoy travelling and learning about   entry requirements. I hope I will have a career in this
                      different parts of the world so I     and plenty of opportunities to travel the world.
would like to have a gap year to do this before going
to university. To be fluent in another language will be
important to me as I would like to work abroad either
in politics or for a charity. I would like to help people
and make a difference to their lives.
       MA IDE NHI L L NE W S : SU M M ER 2 0 1 0

                                                                                              Maths at Maidenhill is good because we learn a lot and

      Maths at Maidenhill                                                                     if we don’t understand what is being taught, we can ask
                                                                                              the teacher for help. I think that Maths is quite easy to
                                                                                              understand although it can be confusing at times.
    Congratulations to Jordan Jones and Alex                                                  The good thing about Maths is that once you understand
    Morley for achieving full marks in their recent                                           it, it’s like riding a bike, you never forget. I am very pleased
                                                                                              with my Maths grades at the moment because I got full
    Maths GCSE exam. They are on track for A*s!                                               marks on one of my Maths exam papers and they added up
    Here’s what they think of Maths at Maidenhill.                                            to an A*. Maidenhill is a good school for Maths and I would
                                                                                              recommend it to any Year 6s deciding on secondary schools.
                                                                                              By Jordan Jones 10ROD

                                                                                              I like Maths at Maidenhill a lot. It is one of my favourite
                                                                                              and strongest subjects. The teachers who teach the
                                                                                              subject make it easy to learn and they are always keen to
                                                                                              help if you don’t understand. As I enjoy Maths so much, I
                                                                                              am looking into studying Maths at university and further
                                                                                              develop my knowledge and understanding of the topic.
                                                                                              By Alex Morley 10RPE

                                                                                              In Maths we have been doing our end of year tests.
                                                                                              Mr Watson has been helping us with some revision lessons.
                                                                                              We cover lots of different topics in our lessons. My favourite
                                                                                              topic is shapes and angles. Mr Watson is a great teacher
                                                                                              and I hope I get him next year.
                                                                                              By James Lapidge 8SFR

     GCSE Revision Days                                                                     Maths Enrichment
    In addition to the internal revision days held by the Maths department,
    many Year 11 students also took advantage of the opportunity of
    further support, via two Maths revision days… with a difference!
    The first external revision day took place at the Wilderness Centre at Mitcheldean.
    The day was organised by the county’s Maths advisors. Maidenhill students found
    the day to be extremely valuable and worthwhile. They responded really well to the
                                                                                            On June 24th, Year 10 went on a trip to the University of
    different learning environment and enjoyed the outdoor activities. Here are some
                                                                                            Gloucestershire to a Maths Enrichment Day for gifted
    comments made by Year 11 students:                                                      and talented Maths pupils from many different schools.
    “The best thing about it was that everything was explained to us in lots of detail.”    The maths was challenging and we learnt a lot of new skills,
                                                                                            such as how to make an unbreakable code. We also did
    David Holder 11KBU
                                                                                            other Maths-related activities in the Maths Road Show. At
    “I learnt a lot about Maths in different ways! All of it was good.”                     the end of the day we did a quiz using remote voting and
    Emma Tyror-Taylor 11CEM                                                                 the people with the highest scores won a prize. No one from
                                                                                            Maidenhill won a prize; Liam Jones thought he did but was
    The second day took place at the University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol.      swiftly turned away! The day was run by Maths lecturers at
    This day was organised to support revision during the week prior to the final Maths     the University and it gave us a real flavour for the University.
    GCSE exam. Year 11 students had the opportunity to work in small groups, revising       We all enjoyed doing Maths in a different environment and it
                                                                                            made us appreciate how useful and relevant the Maths that
    key topics for their Maths exam with lots of varied activities and support from Maths
                                                                                            we learn in school actually is. The day was really good fun,
    specialists at the University. Once again, this was an extremely successful day which   especially the code breaking, and I hope more trips like it will
    was very well received by Maidenhill students.                                          be organised in the future.

                                                                                            By Sam Knight 10RPE
                                                                                                              MA ID E N H ILL N E W S : S U MMER 2010

                                                                                                CHARLIE YOLLAND-JONES
                                                                                                                      After leaving Maidenhill in 2003, I took
                                                                                                                      a BTEC National Diploma in Sports
                                                                                                                      Exercise Science at Hartpury College.
                                                                                                                      This was a great place for me as
                                                                                                                      everything was so practical and allowed
                                                                                                                      me to play sport and also learn how to
                                                                                                                      coach. I had the opportunity to complete
                                                                                                                      many certificates in coaching such as the
                                                                                                                      Step Into Sport Award, achieving Gold
                                                                                                                      for over 250 hours of voluntary coaching,
                                                                                                                      RFU Level One award, working with
                                                                                                                      Prince Harry to organise a Tag Rugby
                                                                                      festival and the Higher Sports Leader Award, working with a range of
                                                                                      age groups in the local community. This was where I made brilliant links
                                                                                      with the local primary school who later accepted me as a student teacher.
 Year 10 Chemistry students excelled in their recent modular
                                                                                      After achieving a Distinction for my National Diploma I studied for
 tests, scoring marks that were well above their target
                                                                                      a degree in Sports Education. Many experiences with sport for the
 grades. These included Sam Knight who gained 48/50                                   disabled and more work with primary school children made my mind up
 and Megan Bullock who scored an amazing 50/50! Both of                               about studying for a PGCE in Primary Education, rather than Secondary PE.
 these marks were grade A*. Each of the students received                             I studied for a year up at Worcester University and had an
 a £5 gift voucher from Mr Watson in recognition of their                             amazing time. I taught a wide range of ages and gained invaluable
                                                                                      experience. Having worked for what was, at the time, the most
                                                                                      relentless year of my life, I took a much needed break on the other
 We enjoy Science because there is a great variety of interesting and exciting        side of the pond, visiting Boston, New York and Washington. It was an
 experiments to do. We also have fascinating debates on modern scientific             unbelievable few weeks that were filled with baseball, sight-seeing, sky
 dilemmas. The teachers seem really enthusiastic about teaching us                    scrapers and rowing boats in Central Park.
 which rubs off on the students. Many of us are thinking of pursuing a                After completing my PGCE, I was given a teaching post in a small
 career involving Science.                                                            school in Woodchester called St Dominic’s Catholic Primary School,
 Sam Knight and Patrick Edwards 10 RPE                                                teaching Year 3 and 4. There are thirty three ‘wonderful’ children in
                                                                                      my class who are full of energy; even on a Friday afternoon after six
 I also enjoy Science a lot, especially the experiments. Mr Wade is always            weeks of hard work! I was very fortunate to land on my feet here, as I
 coming up with new ways for us to learn things, which makes it more                  am surrounded by some very supportive colleagues that will help at a
                                                                                      drop of a hat, but I would never have been here if my family, friends and
 enjoyable. All the Science teachers encourage us to do our best which is
                                                                                      girlfriend were not so amazing. Trust me, a student teacher or an NQT
 reflected in our grades. It is because of the enthusiasm and attitude to
                                                                                      is not a pleasant person after a long day and with ninety nine pieces of
 learning that I am considering a career in Science as a GP or similar.
                                                                                      maths work to mark!
 By Megan Bullock 10GAP

                             Maths success
                                         for      Emily
                         This summer, we were delighted to
                         hear that one of our ex-students,
                         Emily Dennis, had achieved a First
                         Class MSc degree in Mathematics.
Emily writes:                                                                         This photograph from the school archives shows Emily Dennis with her Gold certificate and
                                                                                      Charlie Yolland-Jones with his Bronze certificate in a Junior Mathematical Challenge in 2000.
   After leaving Maidenhill in 2004, I went to Cirencester College to study
French, Maths and Further Maths at A Level. Further Maths A Level is useful if        The education that I got at Maidenhill was everything that I needed to
you enjoy it and want to continue studying it further. I also took AS Level Biology   be in the position I am today, giving me a solid base to build on and
and Chemistry. I then took a gap year. After working for several months, I went       develop the skills I need to have fun in my classroom. Special thanks
travelling the world, starting in Europe and continuing through Singapore,            go to the PE department for instilling the enthusiasm I have for sports,
Australia, New Zealand, America and Canada.                                           giving me the knowledge I needed to pass both my Diploma and
   I then went to Exeter University to study for a BSc in Maths. Last summer          Degree; but also for the extra time they took to answer questions for
I worked as a placement student at the Meteorological Office. This was a
                                                                                      my dissertation, classes they allowed me to lead and advice they gave
                                                                                      me throughout my training.
good experience and I got to use Maths to study climate change. This project
contributed towards my final degree. I am planning to do a Masters Degree and         I am having a ball here at St Dominic’s but still have brilliant chats with
perhaps a PhD one day. I am interested in the environment and would like to use       my two brothers and sister reminiscing about our days at Maidenhill
my Maths in research.                                                                 School.
Recently Emily won a competition for the best completed application form.             A message I would like to get across is that as long as you work hard
Emily is pictured receiving her cheque for £250 from Ian Hodges, Head of the          and aim high, you can achieve whatever you want.
Careers and Employment Service at Exeter University. Emily was judged to have
                                                                                      Yours sincerely
submitted the best entry to the competition which is run to encourage students
                                                                                      Charlie Yolland – Jones
to practise completing application forms.
                                                                                      Year 3 and 4 Teacher at St Dominic’s Catholic Primary School
                                                                                      Former Maidenhill School Pupil
        MA IDE NHI L L NE W S : SU M M ER 2 0 1 0

     Shadowing the Carnegie Medal
                                                                             ur Library Book Group has been shadowing the Carnegie
                                                                             Medal again this year. The medal is awarded by children’s
                                                                        librarians to the best children’s book of the year. We have
                                                                        been reading the eight books on the shortlist and deciding
                                                                        on our favourites. We have put some of our reviews on the
                                                                        Carnegie Shadowing website for other students to read.

                                                                        The winner was announced on 24th June: “The Graveyard
         Mrs Walker and Mrs Heggie with the Library Book Group
                                                                        Book” by Neil Gaiman.

                         The Graveyard Book                                                        Chains
                         Neil Gaiman                                                               Laurie Halse Anderson
                           The winner this year is “The Graveyard Book”                          “Chains” was a good book because it is really interesting
                           by Neil Gaiman. Miss Davidson was looking                             and it makes you want to read on. Its all about slaves. If you
                           for a special book to read with her English                           like books about slavery you will want to read this one.
                           group, 7LBE, and the Stonehouse Schools’                              The main characters are two girls who face a big
     Trust kindly gave us a grant towards buying a new class set for the      challenge of trying to get free from slavery. It must be good because my
     group. 7LBE have really enjoyed studying the book and looking            mum read it as well!
     at the illustrations. The story is about the adventures of a normal      By Sarah Hoskins 9KSI
     boy who has been adopted by the ghosts in a graveyard. Each
     ghost has his or her own advice and help for Bod as he tries to
     escape the clutches of the man who murdered his parents.
                                                                                                   Marcus Sedgwick
                         Nation                                                                   Sig’s father dies and he is left alone to protect his family
                                                                                                  in the frozen Arctic wastes. His father has left a Colt
                         Terry Pratchett                                                          automatic revolver in the cabin and Sig thinks he may
                                                                                                  have to use it. The book gradually reveals the story of his
                           “Nation” is about diversity in different           father’s past which leads a desperate man to their door. This book is sharp,
                           countries, focusing on the battle between          cold and thought-provoking. Not a relaxing book but brilliantly written.
                           knowing who you can call friends and who
                                                                              By Mrs Walker
                           are your enemies. The main character is a
     boy called Mau who is from a small collection of islands similar to
     the Caribbean. His country has many rituals and whilst he is away                             Fever Crumb
     completing one of them, there is a huge wave that seems to cover                              Philip Reeve
     his whole world. When he gets back to his island everything
     is in shreds and there is no-one there to meet him. Mau gets                                  “Fever Crumb” will be interesting to all those people who
     messages from his ancestors telling him to return the island back                             have enjoyed the “Mortal Engines” series because this is
     to its normal state but he isn’t sure what to do until he meets                               the exciting prequel. I found “Fever Crumb” an interesting
     Daphne. She is a rich English girl who has been shipwrecked on                                book because although it is set in the future, the world
     the island. They fall in love without knowing it and have to face a      it describes is not more advanced than ours. In fact, lots of technology has
     high price to be together forever. Will they pay it?                     been lost so that the characters are coping without things we take for granted.
     This book is fantastic and a real page turner. It gave me a new view     It’s an exciting read with an escape in a hot-air balloon, a chase through an
     on the world and showed you the future. I highly recommend it            underground tunnel and a fire which threatens to destroy London. This is
     to anyone who likes reading.                                             certainly a different book but one that’s fast-paced and highly imaginative.
     By Siân Clements 9KSI                                                    By Mrs Heggie
                                                                                              MA ID E N H ILL N E W S : S U MMER 2010

World Cup Fever!                                                                    Mini-Sagas
                                                                           I n April, all Year 8 students entered a Young Writers
                                                                             Mini-Sagas competition. They had to write a short story on
                                                                           a theme of their choice in 50 words. They discussed ideas in
                                                                           their English lessons and produced a great range of stories.
                                                                           55 of our entries were chosen to be published in a book to
                                                                           be on sale next September. To find out more go to www.
                                                                           youngwriters.co.uk - Here are some of the winning stories.
                                                                           Catching stars
To celebrate the World Cup Football competition,
Mrs Walker invited the Stroud Football Poet,                               Ally and Jack gaze at stars. Ally wants a star. Jack’s making a
Crispin Thomas, to visit the school library to                             spaceship. Ally cries, “Goodbye,” as Jack shoots into space. Jack
perform some of his poems and lead two poetry                              catches the star but breaks it. He gets back in. Jack sobs, thinks and
workshops. 7LBE came to the library during                                 flies back to earth. He hugs Ally. He’s Ally’s loveable star.
                                                                           By Molly Yeomans
lessons 1 and 2, followed by a group of Year 8
students during lessons 3 and 4. In lesson 5 7RWA                          Where’s Jenna?
and 7DDA met Crispin and also heard some of the                            Boom! The window exploded out, struck the car; glass everywhere.
poems written during the workshops.                                        He opened his car door, grabbed Jenna and pulled her in. Gunshots
“On Tuesday 15th of June, a world famous football poet visited Maid-       flew past them. Wheels screeched as Torrert tried to catch them.
enhill School. Crispin Thomas has the most famous football poetry          He wanted the love of his life back. Roman and Jenna drove off into
website in the world. He arrived at the school willing to show us a few    the sunset.
of his poems. We saw him first in the library during lessons 1 and 2.      By Philip Aylmer
For the first 5 -10 minutes he introduced himself and told us what
he had done. He has been performing poems to people at Forest              I’m doing this for them
Green Rovers and his latest appearance was at Nottingham Forest            200 down, 700,000 to go. I’m doing it for them, the people that
Football Club.                                                             died y’know. Everyone I kill is 100 lives saved. People respect me
                                                                           wherever I play, part behind our lines or behind enemy lines. I can’t
He amused us with his attempt at playing the vuvuzela, and then
                                                                           mourn my friends. War is upon us. Till the end I fight.
performed his football rap (Football Stuff) to us on his 1980’s portable   By Blake Squibb
keyboard. Then we composed a group poem from our feelings about
the World Cup from “greatest ever” to “an expensive piece of metal”.       The Three Little Pigs
A little while after that he made us sit down and think about what the     Three pigs built houses. One out of straw. A wolf blew it down.
World Cup meant to us, then write a poem about it. At the end he           Pig ended up as a bacon butty. Next pig built it out of wood.
asked some of us to read our poems out to our tutor group. Also Miss       Wolf came and blew it down. Pig ended up a sausage sandwich. Last
Davidson asked us if any of us wanted to go to the library lesson 5 to     pig used stone. Wolf couldn’t blow it down and died.
perform our poems in front of the other tutor groups.                      By Tom Jarman

The workshop was funny, and very entertaining! Hopefully he will come
back next year, to do some more poetry with us.”
By Beth Graham 7LBE

An Expensive               Find it fun
                                                                                     Billy Danter               We are very proud of
                           Screaming at a stranger
Piece of Metal             I’ve never understood                                                                Billy Danter in 7RWA
I’ve never understood      And probably never will                                                              who is the first student
And probably never will    Why millions around the world                                                        at Maidenhill School to
Why footballers            Are enticed                                                                          be awarded a Travellers’
Get paid so much           By an expensive piece of metal
                                                                                                                Award for his excellence
For kicking a ball         By Poppy Knight 7LBE                                                                 in English. This is the
I’ve never understood
And probably never will                                                                                         opening paragraph
Why people                                                                                                      of Billy’s sequel to the
                                                                            short story, “Rikki-Tikki-Tavi.” Students had been asked
                                                                            to try to copy Rudyard Kipling’s style of writing and Billy
                The crowd are going        Their country,
                crazy,                     Their cultures,
                                                                            coped admirably.
                I hear them,               All together as one.             The sun rose over the creamy caramel horizon. All was quiet
                People screaming,                                           except for the croaking of frogs, the singing of birds and the rustle
                Vuvuzelas sounding,        A Mexican wave,
                                           Passed across the crowd,         of leaves in the wind. Suddenly, a song filled the air. It was Darzee,
                All around me.
                                           Means only one thing…            the tailor-bird singing his morning song.
                The whistle blows,         Screams, shouts and cheers,
                                                                            “Morning to all the garden!” he sang. “Everyone sing their song!”
                Chaos erupts,              England has scored.
                Men in kits,                                                He flew throughout the garden singing, singing and singing. Then
                Sprinting after a ball,    One nil,
                                           And the whistle blows,           he suddenly stopped in mid-air in complete shock when he looked
                Two teams in a battle.
                People from all around     We have won,                     at the melons in the melon-bed, former nest to the cobras, Nag
                the world,                 That’s three points for us,      and Nagaina. They weren’t touching the ground but floating in
                Come to see them play,     C’mon England!                   water, two feet above the floor!
                                           By Amelia Ribbens 8RFI
       MA IDE NHI L L NE W S : SU M M ER 2 0 1 0

                                              Summer Concert
                                          This                         F    resh from their success in coming 2nd at the
                                                                            Cheltenham Festival, the school choir sang
                                         summer                        “Adiemus” and “Electricity,” the latter featuring a solo
                                                                       by Billy Perry who also impressed with his version of
                                         an appreciative               “Can you feel the love tonight”. The choir also sang
                                        audience of                    “Pie Jesu” with the solo part being sung by Kimberley
                                       family and                      Steele. It was Kimberley’s last performance at
                                                                       Maidenhill as she is now going on to study Performing
                                      friends were                     Arts at Cirencester College. Kimberley also sang a
                                        treated to one                 duet with Jessica Weaver, “Letter Duet” from “The
                                        of the best ever               Marriage of Figaro”, the song which won them 1st
                                                                       prize at the Cheltenham Festival. Jess and Kim joined
                                     musical concerts                  with singing teacher, Mrs Jackie Jones, for a stunning
                                     at Maidenhill.                    performance of “Send in the clowns”. The concert
                                                                       also featured many of the singers who had received

                                                                       Honours and Distinction at the Festival. Two Year 7
                                                                       girls, Megan Hobson
                                                                       and Harriet Wright,

            at the Globe                                               showed themselves to
                                                                       be stars of the future
                                                                       with their confident

                                                                       As well as singing
                                                                       there were a variety
                                                                       of instrumental
                                                                       items. The concert
                                                                       was opened with a
                                                                       rousing drumming
     At the May Fair in Stonehouse on 1st May, a
                                                                       exhibition from the
     crowd gathered on the Green in front of The Globe
                                                                       Samba Ensemble and
     Inn to watch seven of our Year 10 Drama students                  continued with drum solos from Alex Allcock and Greg
     put on the Scottish play with great effect.                       Bonnette. The Jazz Ensemble played “Summertime”
     Luckily the rain held off and the performance went ahead          followed by individual performances by Ryan Morgan
     without fear of electrocution from the sound equipment! The       (Trombone), Kit Page (Saxophone) and Kerry Robbins
     actors had microphones which generally allowed them to be         (Tenor Horn). Several students were playing their own
     heard above the passing traffic. They did very well to hold the   compositions including Lewis Brain (piano) and Alex
     attention of the audience in an open air situation with people    Lake, Jordan Jones and Michael Thompson (guitar
     and cars passing by and the bustle of the May Fair. It was        and vocals). Accompanying the choir on piano as well
     amazing to see a performance of this type taking place on         as playing solo was talented pianist, Year 10 student
     the Green following on from many years of tradition of street     Harry Vallender.
     entertainment in Stonehouse.
                                                                       The audience were entertained and impressed by
     “I enjoyed doing the play “Macbeth” in Stonehouse on 1st
                                                                       the quality and enthusiasm of the students. Special
     May. It was a bit nerve-racking, but we pulled through in the
                                                                       thanks must go to Mr Kevin Howlett, Performing Arts
     end! We put together the piece of Shakespeare for our BTec
                                                                       Technician, who organised the sound and lighting
     Performing Arts course and had lots of rehearsals in school,
                                                                       and made sure all the equipment worked perfectly
     and after school. It was a good performance, it didn’t rain,
                                                                       throughout the performance. The Headteacher,
     and we all enjoyed ourselves. We messed up a few times, but
                                                                       Mr Watson, thanked everyone for their dedication,
     nobody noticed. We did another performance of Macbeth at
                                                                       especially Music teachers Mrs Ball and Mrs Jones for
     school as well, which went really well.”
                                                                       their hard work.
     By Jade Cook 10GAP
                                                                     MA ID E N H ILL N E W S : S U MMER 2010


At Maidenhill it’s a                                    Time passed and lots of different schools came up
                                                        and took their place on stage. All of the schools
tradition to enter the                                  were really good and talented and before we knew
Cheltenham festival every                               it, it was our turn to go on. As we stepped up onto
year, and this year was no                              the stage, I turned to Kim Steele - she looked pretty
exception.                                              relaxed, she gave me a smile that made me feel more
The choir entered and also some individual students.    calm and relaxed. We sang our first song, “Adiemus”,
It was Wednesday the 5th of May, the day of our         it was great! Everything about the song was great, we
competition, we were all so nervous, our hands were     sang like winners, and then we sang “Electricity”, that
shaking and our stomachs were aching. Everyone          was even better because we more relaxed. In the
got to the Cheltenham Town Hall early, so that we       end we came 2nd - it’s not 1st, but we are all very
could rehearse our songs with Mrs Jones our singing     proud of what we achieved and we hope next year
teacher. As a whole choir we were singing “Adiemus”     that we can make it 1st. The competition was a lot of
and “Electricity”. This year we were all so much more   fun for the choir and the soloists, and it has been a
nervous because last year we came in 3rd place and      memorable moment we will never forget.
this year we hoped to get maybe 1st or 2nd.             By Vanezza Avinante 8SFR

We came into the huge hall where we were to
perform. Everyone was excited and scared at the         Choir members were Jess Weaver, Hannah Jones,
same time, including Mrs Ball. As we took our seats     Natasha Webb,Vanezza Avinante, Katie Robbins, Sian
everyone was whispering how excited they were,          Gardiner, Kirby Young, Kim Steele, Jordan Tiley, Lucy
we all had sweaty hands and the people who had to       Steele, Janneke Bax-Pratt, Shannon Burford, Chloe
sing a solo were pretty scared too. Looking round we    Hornsby, Molly Yeomans and Aisha Williams. Other
could see a lot of schools; most of them were really    singers were Willow Driversharp, Perdie Ashenford,
posh and looked like they had more experience than      Charlotte Rigley, Rebecca Crabb, Brogan Roche,
us but we were determined to not let that get to        Julianne Thomson, Abbie Platt and Billy Perry.
us. However, a few minutes before the show started,
we found out that one school had the same song as       Many students won Honours, Distinction and Merit
us; that frightened us so much because it looked like   for their singing.
they could sing it much better than we could.
       MA IDE NHI L L NE W S : SU M M ER 2 0 1 0

          ATHLETICS                                                                   SPORTS DAY
                                                                                                                              n Thursday
                                                                                                                              8th July we
                                                                                                                       held a very successful
                                                                                                                       sports day involving
                                                                                                                       students from Years 7
                                                                                                                       – 10 competing in new
                                                                                                                       Houses. The Houses
                                                                                                                       were each led by a
                                                                                                                       member of staff with
                                                                                                                       the support of student
     In this year’s Stroud District Athletics Championships, held at                                                   captains. The overall
                                                                                      The captains from Dean House
     the Prince of Wales stadium in Cheltenham, our most successful
     group was the Year 8 boys, (pictured) who won their section.
                                                                                              with Mr Watson           winners on the day
        Ryan Hampson 8RFI – 200m, 400m– new school record                         were Dean House followed by Baker in 2nd, Cline in 3rd
        Lewis Quigley 8SFR – 100m, Long Jump                                      and Marley in 4th place. Many school records were broken.
        Shaun Grange 8RFI– 800m
        Lance Rennolds 8FRI– Shot putt                                            Details of these will be published on the website.
        Harry Widdowson 8RFI – High Jump, Javelin (new school records in both)
        Oliver Osborne-Shill 8CST – 1500m
        Brad Powell 8CST - Discus

            ROUNDERS                                                              SPORTS RELIEF
                                                                                                                        Maidenhill students made a
                                                                                                                        wholehearted effort to raise
                                                                                                                        money for Sport Relief on Friday
                                                                                                                        19th March. Head of PE, Laura
                                                                                                                        Bell, encouraged every student
                                                                                                                        in Years 7, 8 and 9 to run a mile
                                                                                                                        around the school grounds. No
                                                                                                                        exceptions were made, even if
                                                                                                                        they had forgotten their sports
                                                                                                                        kit, students still made the effort to
                                                                                                                        run the mile!

                                                                                  Simon Clements, Head of Year 11 and
                                                                                       Kevin Day, Assistant Head.
                           Year 8 Team                                           Staff also took part, with
                                                                                 teachers Simon Clements and
                                                                                 Kevin Day leading the fray
                                                                                 dressed as the characters from
                                                                                 the 118 advert (pictured).

                                                                                 T h e eve n t w a s t a ke n ve r y
                                                                                 seriously with competitors being
                                                                                 given a slip telling them their
                                                                                 position in the race. First over
                                                                                 the line for the Year 9 girls were
                                                                                 Kirby Young, Stephanie Chapman
                                                                                 and Naomi Dyer (pictured)
                                                                                 and the Year 9 boys’ winners
                                                                                 were Tom Young and Ben Jones
                                                                                      Many students were sponsored and hope to raise lots of money
                           Year 7 Team                                           for this good cause.

                                                                                             MA ID E N H ILL N E W S : S U MMER 2010

   We have started boxing lessons at school with John from the Fight
   Factory in Gloucester. John teaches us all the exercises, punches
   and defence techniques. He helps us learn fitness and self-discipline.
   We start with skipping and then do press ups and other exercises.

                                                                                 Horse Riding
   We can use our skills for self defence in a sensible way – not to
   show off to mates or to look big. Mrs Halliday organised it for Year
   10s and now some Year 9s have joined and we have a laugh and a
   joke as well as learning. Boxing is really fun. John gets us to do the
   “ton up” which is ten of each exercise and I struggle to do that.
   I think boxing is a great idea to help us learn self-discipline and I
   hope more students will be able to get involved soon.                       I have been going horse riding for about a
   By Daniel Baldwin 10DBE                                                     year now. I go to the Summerhouse Equitation
                                                                               Centre at Hardwick every Thursday.

Tom Moore Award
                                                                               I ride different horses and I enjoy it because I like trotting,
                                                                               it’s fast. I would like to do jumping. My favourite horse is
                                                                               Porthos, because it is very big and black.

E    very year the PE
     Department awards
a prize in memory of
                                                                               I went to a competition at Bristol. It was very hot, and there
                                                                               were a lot of people there. I did Dressage and the Country
                                                                               Challenge. I had to ride around obstacles and pick up objects.
Tom Moore who died                                                             In Dressage I won 1st place and qualified to go to Hartpury
while he was a student                                                         College for the Riding for the Disabled National finals in July.
at Maidenhill in 1995.                                                         By Taylor Johnson 9AME
This award is for a boy

                                                                                                   Tae kwon do
who has taken part in
a variety of sports in
school, is a committed
team player and sets a good example for others. This year it was a very                          Hi, my name is Stephanie Chapman and I do
difficult choice as there were quite a few excellent sportsmen, so the                           Tae Kwon Do. It is a good sport to get into;
award is shared between Tom Birch and Charlie Novoth.                                            I have been doing it for seven years. I have
Both Tom and Charlie studied BTec Sport at Maidenhill and are hoping                             made so many friends from it. I do it at Cashes
to progress to the BTec National Diploma at Hartpury College.               Green school from 6 to 8 on Wednesday and Friday. Also I do it at
Tom has played for the school at football, cricket and rugby. Out of        Thomas Keble School from 7 to 9 on the Monday and Thursday.
school he has played football for Ebley Youth from U12 to U16. He           In Tae Kwon Do I do many tournaments, just this month I have done
has also attended Cheltenham Town Development Team for fitness              three! I find tournaments so much fun because you meet new people
and coaching. His favourite sport is cricket and he is a fast bowler        and sometimes I win my events. I am a 2nd Dan Black Belt in the
for Frocester on a Saturday and Chalford on a Sunday! When he has           Under 16 category. In the European Championships in May, I got
                                                                            3rd in Patterns and 2nd in Continuous Fighting but in the second
finished his course at Hartpury, Tom hopes to attend university and
                                                                            tournament I didn’t do as well. There were people from
become a PE teacher or a sports coach. He enjoys helping others to
                                                                            the USA there and they were so good it was unbelievable. In the
benefit from sport.                                                         Welsh tournament I got 1st in Patterns and 2nd in Point Stop and
     Charlie started playing football for Ebley Youth teams. Then he        3rd in Continuous Fighting. In the most recent tournament I got
played for Bristol Rovers FC for 6 years. He moved on to Forest             3rd in Point Stop, 2nd in Continuous Fighting and 3rd in Patterns.
Green Rovers Youth where he will be moving into the U18 side
next season. Charlie will be taking part in Excellence in Football at       I really enjoy my sport and I am proud of the successes I
Hartpury and hopes to become a professional footballer. He would            have achieved.
also like to become a PE teacher or coach.                                  By Stephanie Chapman 9SBL
       MA IDE NHI L L NE W S : SU M M ER 2 0 1 0

     Pembroke Trip                                                   In May the Year
                                                                     10 Geography
                                                                     students spent a
                                                                     number of days
                                                                     in Pembrokeshire,
                                                                     South Wales.
                                                                     The purpose of the trip was to collect information on tourism in order to
                                                                     judge whether people visiting this beautiful area of Wales are good or bad for
                                                                     the county.
                                                                     The students carried out questionnaires in Tenby with the local people as
                                                                     well as those visiting the town. They also visited some of the beautiful coastal
                                                                     sites in the south of the county including Freshwater West, The Green
                                                                     Bridge of Wales, and St Govan’s Head to assess the impact of tourists on the

                                                                     The students enjoyed lunch on the beach at Freshwater West, as well as
                                                                     visiting Oakwood Park for some exhilarating white knuckle rides.

      French Students visit Maidenhill

                                                                                   French Play
                                                                           In April, Year 9 students, along with some
                                                                           Year 8 and Year 10, were treated to a comedy
     A    t the beginning of June a group of 45 students and
          teachers from our partner school in Issoire, France
     were staying with host families in Gloucester and came to
                                                                           in French called ‘La Chambre de Jean-Paul’.
                                                                           The two French actors worked hard to create
     Maidenhill to experience a slice of English school life.              a convincing story of a boy looking for a
     After a brief tour of the school led by some of our Year 9            girlfriend and being advised by a range of
     and 10 students, there was time for a lively game of                  different ‘super girls’.
     handball/softball in the sports hall organised by Mr Day              There was a happy ending to the story, but not before some
     and Mr Peyroutou, followed by a demonstration of French               fantastic participation from audience members, including
     kick-boxing and break-dancing! The afternoon was rounded              Alex Lake, Jack Rochford, Aaron Eagles and Jack Young –
     off with a picnic tea, complete with delicious cakes from the         some superb playing, dancing and cool walking, guys, well
     catering group, conversation and lots of exchanges of e-mail          done! We hope to have Onatti theatre group back again next
     and Facebook addresses. Everyone had a good time, and we              year with a new production in French. Your language teacher
     hope to see another group of students here next year.                 will let you know if we have been able to book them again.

        Linguists of the Term - for excellent effort in language lessons
               CHLOE SMITH 7DDA       LEANNE WOODS 9DBA                        AMY HARCOURT 7RWA                CHELSEY PECK 8CST
      TERM 4

                                                                                                                                               TERM 5

               MEGAN HOBSON 7RWA      LEWIS BRAIN 10RPE                        SOPHIE BERRY 8RFI                SCOTT HARRIS 9DFO
               NATASHA WEBB 8RFI      ABIGAIL GLENDINNING 11EWE                KELLY PROSSER 8SFR               ALICE ORGAN 10GAP
               AMBER STANLEY 8RFI     BETHANY EAGER 11DWA                      ADAM CHANDLER 8SFR
               LUCY DAVIS 8ASM        KIM STEELE 11DWA
               BEN D JONES 9DBA       ANNIE PICKERING 11CEM
                                                                                               MA ID E N H ILL N E W S : S U MMER 2010


H      i, I’m Alex Lake and last term I won the opportunity
       to become Student President, meaning I would lead a
team of people to help and change the school for the better. I
                                                                                      Peer Mentors
                                                                       Back left to right: Daniel Baldwin, Jordan-Eva Tiley, Amy Long, Georgina Moore
                                                                       Front left to right: Mrs Weiss, Amelia Glendinning, Janneke Bax-Pratt, Kaya Underhill
stood for election because ever since I was in Year 7 I wanted
                                                                       Peer Mentors are a group of students who help others in school who are
to see changes in the school that never happened, so when I
                                                                       worried about bullying. The scheme was set up by Mrs Weiss and Mr Day to
had the chance to change the school I jumped in and grabbed            help students who could be vulnerable to people picking on them. Mrs Weiss
the opportunity. So far we have produced an idea for the KS4           set up a training session with Mandy James who arranged some activities to help
students to have a new journal with more space for coursework          us learn to be peer mentors. We also met up with Year 7 and 8 students to talk
                                                                       about what we can do and where help is needed. We have regular meetings to
and homework. We have made lockers into a long term project
                                                                       see how things are getting on and make sure everyone is OK. I think that peer
which will end in the students being able to have access to            mentors are a good thing because we can help students speak to someone if
lockers to store their PE kit and books, to make it easier to          they have any worries.
look after their personal things. We have very recently agreed         By Daniel Baldwin 10DBE
the idea of outside seating areas and would hope to have               I wanted to be a peer mentor because of my past experiences with bullies. I’d
them this term or by the start of the next school year. We are         hate to know other people were going through bad experiences like me and
                                                                       some of my friends. Becoming a peer mentor was interesting and fun. We had
also working on a space on the Maidenhill website for the              a few training sessions and are now talking to and helping students who need
school council latest updates on what we’re doing. As Student          our support. I enjoy being a mentor because I am helping people, which makes
President I feel all the ideas the school council and students         me proud of myself. I would recommend other students to consider becoming
                                                                       a mentor. It is enjoyable, helpful, fun and makes you feel special by helping
come up with are possible and I would like to explore them as
                                                                       others. If anyone would like to find out more, ask Mrs Weiss and she will tell you
deeply as I can and hope to achieve them.                              everything you need to know!
By Alex Lake 10ROD                                                     By Jordan-Eva Tiley 10GAP

    YEP Project                                                        At the moment our school is at the bottom of the energy rating chart,
                                                                       meaning we are not very energy efficient. To improve this we need to
                                                                       consider options such as installing double glazing and more insulation in
                                                                       the roof and walls. Also we need to stop wasting energy when it is not
                                                                       needed, like leaving on lights when no-one is in a room.
                                                                       We looked at the energy bill for our school from October 2008 –
                                                                       September 2009. This showed we spent £23,624 on energy at the day
                                                                       rate. We also spent £3,202 at the night rate which is cheaper. We need
                                                                       to try to reduce this. We found that even in August when we’re not in
                                                                       school energy is still being wasted, so we needed to find the reason for
                                                                       this and try to stop it.
YEP stands for Young Energy                                            We have produced a report of our findings and our recommendations
People. Our job is to research                                         and will be presenting this to the governors at the end of term. After
                                                                       this our review will be on the website for everyone to see.
energy use around the school.                                          We have enjoyed going to these meetings because we are learning a
Natasha Iannaccone is our project supervisor; her job is to train us   lot, and are able to have positive input on how the school can improve
to be a ‘School Energy Management Team’ teaching us basic skills       and change. If what we have done in our school is successful it will help
of surveying the energy situation and instigating a programme of       reduce CO2 released into the atmosphere, and help to cut back on
improvements on the basis of our observations.                         global warming. Next year we hope to continue the project to make
Our Energy Team is: Rebekah Teixeira- Energy Team Manager,             Maidenhill a “green” school.
Leanne Woods- Marketing Manager, Eve Uzzell- Project Manager, Jess     By Leanne Woods, Eve Uzzell, Rebekah Teixeira
Jones- IT Manager.                                                     and Jess Jones Year 9
       MA IDE NHI L L NE W S : SU M M ER 2 0 1 0

                                       Celebrating Education
                                       We were asked if we would like to represent the school at the Celebrating Education exhibition
                                       at St Lawrence Church in Stroud. This is a huge display of the best work from schools all over the
                                       Stroud area. Mrs Furnival, our Art technician, created a brilliant display of art work from our
                                       students. There was a display of the set design work by Year 10 Art students for ‘We Will Rock You’
                                       and also the Year 10 project on ‘Faces’, featuring masks and skulls. There were also examples of our
                                       students’ work from the Japanese workshop held at Stroud College.
                                       By Kit Page and Perdie Ashenford Year 10

                                                                            BTec Art and Design
       Hospitality                                                         Staff and visitors alike were very impressed
                                                                           with the creative work of our BTec Art and Design

       Diploma                                                             students. Their final project work ranging from shoes,
                                                                           landscapes and architecture to sculptures and models,
                                                                           was exhibited in the hall and Art rooms.
     Earlier this year Maidenhill
     was successful in our
     bid to offer the new
     Hospitality Diploma.
     From September
     2011 students
     will have the
     opportunity to                                                                 Tavis Glynn                         Ellishia Francis
     study for the Hospitality Diploma at Foundation                             ‘My Natural World’                  ‘My Man-made World’
     (Level 1) or Higher (Level 2)

     This is an exciting opportunity for staff and students.
     Levels I and 2 will be taught at Maidenhill for pre-16
                                                                           Cooking with Y 3
     students, including students from other secondary schools
     in the Stroud area. Archway School will be delivering                 O       n Friday the 14th May, four Year 9 students, Siân Gardiner, Olivia
                                                                                   Aylmer, Siân Clements and Ellie Hayward helped out in a cooking
     post-16 Level 2 and collaborating with the Royal                      project with some Year 3 children from Lakefield Primary School in
     Agricultural College for Level 3 courses.                             Frampton. They have visited our school on two other occasions for Miss
                                                                           Fry to talk to them about food hygiene and healthy eating. Miss Fry
     Plans for the course involve lots of practical activities             and Miss Scotford also visited the primary school to do some practical
     and projects linked with local industries. We hope to run             work with them there. As part of their project, they came to Maidenhill
     hospitality events inside and outside school to give the              to make some healthy, appetising sandwiches with a choice of fillings.
     students real experiences to extend their knowledge and               There were all different types of fillings such as tuna, sweetcorn, ham,
                                                                           salami, mixed salad, tomato, cucumber, cheese and some of the pupils
     understanding of the industry. We are presently in the
                                                                           had crispy duck or chicken. They also
     process of furthering our links with our local industry
                                                                           had some potato wedges and seasoned
     and are seeking funding for an ‘internet café’ that the
                                                                           them with seasoning of their choice.
     hospitality students will run as a business as part of the            At their school, they were given
     course.                                                               homework to produce a
                                                                           poster about hygiene and
     We are also offering the Creative and Media Diploma.
                                                                           cross-contamination. They
     To find out more about Diplomas visit the website at                  are all enthusiastic children
     http://yp.direct.gov.uk/diplomas/                                     and I had a great time
     www.hospitalitydiploma.co.uk/learners/                                working with them. I think
                                                                           they all enjoyed it too.
                                                                           By Olivia Aylmer 9LCO
                                                                                          MA ID E N H ILL N E W S : S U MMER 2010

                                                           Learning in a Vocational Environment
                                                          A small group of our students attend Stroud College every week
                                                          accompanied by Mr Cook. They take a variety of vocational courses
                                                          and are often very successful. This year was no exception and we were
                                                          proud of the number of our students who scooped the Outstanding
                                                          Student Awards at the presentation evening on 15th June.

                                                          OUTSTANDING STUDENT AWARDS (Maidenhill Students)
                                                              Y10 Brickwork - Michael Chapman
                                                              Y11 Plumbing - Nico Gardner
                                                              Y11 Carpentry - Daniel Harris
                                                              Y10 Electrical work - Jake Rimmer
                                                              Y10 Electrical work - Daniel Baldwin (Progress)
                                                              Y10 Hairdressing - Roxanne Day
                                                              Y10 Beauty - Lauren Merrett
                                                              Y11 Hair and Beauty - Georgia Mann and Emma Bateman
                                                              Y11 Hair and Beauty - Jessica Spring (Progress)
                                                              Y11 Early Years - Nicole Snell (Progress)
                                                              Y11 Health and Social Care - Jessica Byrne (Progress)
                                                              Y11 Health and Social Care - Katy Anns and Leanne Williams
                                                              Y10 Uniform Services - Jamie Walker (Progress)
                                                              Y11 Uniform Services - Kelly Stojek (Progress)
                                                              Y10 Uniform Services - Jack Hynes
                                                              Year 10 Student of the Year 2010 - Jack Hynes

In Year 10, I chose to do the LIVE course at Stroud College. I go all day every Tuesday to study Uniform Services. This involves learning
about police work and the armed forces. We have done army drill and a lot of out door activities such as rope work and fitness.
I was very pleased in June to find that I was awarded Outstanding Student in Uniform Services and the Year 10 Student of the Year overall.
I will be carrying on with the LIVE course in Year 11. In the future I hope to join the Royal Marines Commandos and become an
assault engineer. By Jack Hynes 10MMA

  YOUNG PERSON                                                                                              MOCK
                  Victoria Millross                                                                         T   his term all Year 10
                                                                                                                students had mock
                                                                                                            interviews from local business

                                       A  t the Stonehouse
                                          Town Council
                                     Civic Awards this May,
                                                                                                             people. Their interviewers’
                                                                         feedback was very positive. Our students came across as
                                                                         honest, friendly and happy to express themselves. Many of the
                                     the Young Person of                 application forms were of a high quality and students have
                                     the Year Award went to              clear visions for their future. The whole day was well-organised
                                     Victoria Millross. Vicky            and calm.
                                     set up the Dynamic                  “When Mrs Halliday told us about our mock interviews, we had
                                     Dance Club for Year 5               to complete an application form as if we were applying for a real
  children at Park Junior School and has been running this               job. It was quite scary going into an interview not knowing what
  every Friday for the past two years. She is also a member              you were going to be asked. I was interviewed by a lady called
  of the Itchy Feet Dance Group. Vicky has been involved                 Hilary. She asked me what sort of skills I have and if I work well
  in performing arts activities throughout her time at                   as a member of a team. I was asked what my life’s ambitions
  Maidenhill and intends to go on to Cirencester College                 are and what sort of job I hope to go into. I hope to join the
  to study BTec Performing Arts with a view to becoming                  Navy and become a submariner. The mock interview was useful
                                                                         practice for the real thing!”
  a professional dancer.
                                                                         By Jack Lewis 10GAP
  MA IDE NHI L L NE W S : SU M M ER 2 0 1 0

                                                            Visit to

  Charity Money                                                  St Rose’s School
 The list is as follows:
 HELP FOR HEROES                      £105.05
 BIKES FOR LIBERIA                    £532.65
 KILAMANJARO PROJECT                  £372.00
 ROTARY CLUB - POLIO                  £428.26
 ST ROSES SMILE APPEAL                £340.00
 SPORT RELIEF                         £614.60
 HAITI APPEAL                         £169.22
 WINSTONS WISH                        £40.70
 COTSWOLD HOSPICE                     £26.81
                                                         S   t Rose’s is a special school that the ASDAN group
                                                             visited on the 30th March. The age group ranges
                                                         from 4 to 19 year olds. There are two sites: one for 4 to
 KIDS INSPIRE                         £27.50             16 year olds and one for 16 to 19 year olds. The people
 GLOUCESTERSHIRE YOUNG CARERS         £209.95            who go there have physical disabilities.
                                      Totals £2,839.24   They have amazing technology like doing maths on interactive whiteboards.
                                                         One child had this computer that if he looked at a certain place on the

Year 11 Leavers' Ball
                                                         screen the mouse would follow it, and if he kept his eyes there for a certain
                                                         amount of time then it would click on it.
                                                         On our tour we went into the main building
                                                         which was the school. There was an
                                  We had a               occupational bed downstairs and only James
                                                         and I went on them. The bed gave you a

                                  lovely, sunny          massage. It felt very weird. The children use
                                                         it so it relaxes their muscles.

                                  evening for            Then we went to the adult section and
                                                         they had a Nintendo wii. Their kitchen

                                  our Year 11            units are moved down to the height of the
                                                         wheelchair users so they can reach dishes
                                                         and cook and other kitchen stuff.
                                  Leavers’ Ball.         We gave them a cheque for £436 for a
                                                         hydrotherapy pool which we raised by doing a non-uniform day.
                                115 students             Altogether the school has raised over £1000.
                                attended which           I felt really guilty because to me it feels like I take everything for granted.
                                                         I just do certain things without thinking about it and they can’t even do
                                was the largest          some of the things that I do. To me it looked like they loved everyone and
                                                         everything around them, even though they haven’t got such a good quality
                                group ever.              of life as I have.
                                                         By Mason Chapman 10MMA
                                To match the
students, there was also a record number
of staff joining in with the celebrations.
The event was held at the Barn at Cattle
Country and everyone enjoyed a meal and
                                                             Have you got
dance. The girls were more beautiful than                    green fingers?
ever in their special dresses and the boys
                                                             W      e are starting a new Gardening Club in school. It
                                                                    will start in September and we are hoping that lots
had suddenly grown up into handsome                          of students will get involved in growing produce to use in
                                                             catering and food lessons. We are hoping for support
young men. There was the usual variety of                    from local garden centres and if there are any
                                                             keen gardeners out there who could offer
interesting, quirky and stylish means of                     some help we would love to hear from you.

transport to arrive at the ball. Mr Clements,                The club will be organised by Miss Fry,
                                                                Mr Burns and Ms Scotford from the
Head of Year 11, declared it the most                           Design and Technology Department.
successful ball so far!

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