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					       OUR VISION

       Consolidating position as a
    Premier Public Sector Bank with
      increased global outreach

    Emerging as a Strong, Vibrant
   Responsive competitive Bank

   Embracing state of art technology
    Harnessing human potential and
Effectively participating in the process of
             Nation Building

       Serving its constituents
        and Stakeholders as a
     Faithful & friendly financial partner
                                             Our Mission
The Mission articulated for each of the functional area of the Bank is highlighted below:

Resources: To achieve global deposits of Rs.76 thousand crore by March 2007 with emphasis on low cost
resources by planned strategic initiatives including branch expansion, aggressive marketing and active
involvement of each and every employee of the Bank.

Advances: To build a qualitative asset base of around Rs.51 thousand crore by March 2007 to augment the
income portfolio of the Bank.

Business: To achieve global business of Rs.127 thousand crore by March 2007 and attain Rs.240
thousand crore by 2010.

Profitability: To make every branch a profit centre to earn a net profit of minimum Rs. One thousand crore
by March 2007 and ensure best possible returns to the stakeholder’s value.

Management of Assets: To focus on improving the quality of asset portfolio by avoiding slippage of assets
to NPA and to strive to upgrade the existing non-performing assets to performing assets, bringing down
gross NPA level below 2% and Net NPA below 1%

Human Resources & Organization structure: To mould and strengthen the organizational structure to
meet the future Business requirements and challenges. To redefine and redevelop peoples’ management
techniques so as to unleash human potential, drive growth and nurture leadership of high quality corporate

Customer Relationship Management: To fine-tune our marketing strategies to meet the ever-growing
market demands, to ensure that our products and services adapt to the changing needs and expectations of
the customer, to provide the customer the ideal banking ambience, to reorient our publicity so as to provide
increasing visibility to our Brand, to get our branches / offices ISO 9000 compliant.

Risk Management: To continuously upgrade the Risk Management systems & processes, imbibe risk
management in business activities and implement Basel II requirements for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Information Technology: To bring minimum of 80% of the Bank’s business under Centralized Core
Banking network by March 2007 spanning minimum of 1500 branches across the country, supplemented by
additional delivery channels with 800 ATMs, backed by a comprehensive fail safe Business Continuity Plan.

Forex and Treasury: To profitably manage the forex and investment assets of the Bank to achieve a
dealing room turnover of Rs.535 thousand crore by March 2007 and a net profit exceeding Rs.105 crore.

Para Banking: To achieve insurance premium collection of nearly Rs.180 crore with a commission income
of Rs.20 crore, a credit card base of 1 lakh that brings in net earnings of a minimum of Rs.3.50 crore and a
debit card base of 15 lakh fetching a net revenue of Rs.25 crore.

Inspection: To migrate progressively from the present transaction oriented inspection system to a risk
based audit exercise enhancing the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

                      Perpetual fusion of Vision and Mission will be our Passion