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									                                             ACI Committee Meeting
                               Minutes of the Quarterly Meeting held on 05/02/2008

        Roy Daniels - (President) – Standard Bank                RD
        Rashida Motala (Treasurer) – Standard Bank               RM
        Brigid Taylor – RMB                                      BT
        Konrad Rodrigues – MicroMega Securities                  KR
        Michelle Havelaar – (Minutes)                            MH

        Russell Farrer – Standard Bank                           Julian Wilson – Citi Bank
        Justin Kightley - Nedbank                                Lee Naisbitt - RMB

                                                                                             Resp.   Date
Approval of Minutes
1.         Approval of Minutes
 1.1.      Minutes approved by Roy Daniels
2.         WELCOME
 2.1.      Roy welcomed everyone to the first quarterly ACI Committee Meeting of
3.         2007 HIGHLIGHTS
 3.1.      Over R38,000.00 was raised for Kids Haven at the ACI Charity Golf Day
           held on 08 November 2007.
 3.2.      The ACI Dealing Certificate finally received FSB recognition.
4.         MEMBERSHIPS
 4.1.      ACI SA requires a dedicated committee member to approach a list of                BT/KR
           authorised dealers who are currently non-members.
 4.2.      Currently people who are in the market for 10 years and longer are
           required to write the ACI examination. We are waiting for SARB’s sign-off
           for people with less than 10 years service in the market to be eligible to
           write the ACI examination.
 4.3.      In order to maintain accredited members, we need to ensure that meetings
           are attended by members when they arise.
 4.4.      A letter from SARB is required whereby they approve our plans for future
           ACI accreditation and membership.
 4.5.      We need to make people aware of ACI’s global presence as many do not
           know what ACI is all about, especially before the 2009 ACI Congress
           where we will especially need their buy-in.
 4.6.      ACI members should include every person involved in Foreign Exchange,
           Financial Institutions dealing with us – trading, fixed income groups,
           money market, etc. They should all be compliant.
 4.7.      KR to obtain a list of all traders and collate it with who is registered on ACI     KR
           and get them to become ACI accredited (members).
 4.8.      We need to get an ABSA person onto our committee – Andrew Dickens,
           Jacques du Preez? ACI require dedicated, willing committee members.
5.         PANEL MEETING
 5.1.      BT to set up a panel discussion meeting in order to forecast what will be           BT
           happening for the rest of the year in terms of ACI.
6.         ACI COMMITTEE
 6.1.      RD will be up for re-election as ACI SA President.
 6.2.      RM will remain as ACI SA Treasurer.
 6.3.      We require a Vice-President to assist RD and stand in for him when he is
           away or unable to attend to certain ACI issues.
 6.4.      Justin Kightley is the current ACI SA Secretary. This role is a stand-in for
           the Vice President and requires someone who is dedicated and able to
           arrange necessary meetings and someone who is familiar with the people
           in the industry.
 6.5.      MH is the admin assistant for ACI SA in terms of database maintenance,
           invoicing, follow-ups, emails etc.
 7.1.      All 2007 membership fees are now up to date.
 7.2.      2008 membership fees are due by 31 March 2008. Invoices have been
           sent out on 01 February 2008.
                                          ACI Committee Meeting
                            Minutes of the Quarterly Meeting held on 05/02/2008

 8.1.    The DSP is coming up from 10 – 14 March and we need to organise
         several sponsorships.
 8.2.    We also require sponsorships for the 2009 ACI Congress being held in SA       BT
         and perhaps draw up different sponsor packages (i.e. Platinum, Gold,
         Silver, Bronze and Nickel).
 8.3.    Lee Panos will be handling the logistical side of the congress for us and
 8.4.    Roy will be meeting with PCO this Friday at 14h00 and we are waiting for
         the cost estimates for assisting with the event management of the
         congress along with Scatterlings of Africa event managers.
 8.5.    We need to host a sponsors lunch.
 8.6.    A treasurer is required to fun with the financial time line of the congress
         and a draw down of sponsors and where we need to be at certain stages
         of the planning. A meeting to be set up with Chris when he is in SA in
9.       GENERAL
 9.1.    We need to find an education officer and BT suggested Teresa Wilson           BT
         who will be joining RMB.
 9.2.    We need to arrange another golf day or event and perhaps a social
         committee needs to be chosen.
 9.3.    MH to send out reminders to all current ACI members regarding the AGM         MH   ASAP
         on 28 February 2008.
10.      Next Meeting
 10.1.   The next committee meeting will take place on 17 April 2008. Venue to be      MH

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