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Dear Name

Thank you very much for confirming your interest in the one year intensive Oral
Implantology training course at The Tatum Institute.

As you are aware, one of our key strengths is the high volume of clinical implant
training under supervision. In order to expedite the process of your implant training
we would like to encourage you to identify potential implant patients from your
practice to be presented to your mentors.

In order to highlight important information needed for your preliminary patient
evaluation, you will receive via e-mail a Powerpoint template which you could use to
either e-mail or present your patient data to your mentors. The process of preparing
these presentations may appear time consuming at the beginning, but with practice it
should not take more than 30-45 minutes to complete them (including taking of
clinical photographs).

At the end of each implant training year, patient presentations of those treated during
the course plus intraoperative photos and radiographs are pooled together and
distributed to everyone as the portfolio of your clinical activity during the course.
Such a portfolio is essential in demonstrating your supervised clinical training if the
need arises in future e.g. demonstration of clinical competence before GDC.
Furthermore, new examinations set by the Royal College of Surgeons would require
submitting your cases in a professional format as part of the examination process.
Please find enclosed the following:

       1) Frequently asked questions related to clinical training
       2) Guide to your dental implant treatment (handout to be given to patient)
       3) Patient fee guide
       4) Information on University of Warwick and Royal College diplomas
       5) Module 1 programme schedule
       6) Car parking map (please note that parking spaces at the Institute are for
          patients & escorts only)
       7) Information on Hotels within walking distance of the Institute

Due to unforeseen circumstances there has been a change to Module 10 dates. Instead
of 10th – 13th June the module has been brought forward 1 week to 3rd – 6th June.

I would be grateful if you would provide me with a copy of the following:

       1)   Curriculum Vitae
       2)   GDC registration certificate
       3)   Insurance indemnity
       4)   Any dietary requirements

With regards to insurance indemnity, your mentors accept responsibility for the care
of your patients. You need to explain to your insurance providers that you are
performing dental implant operations under supervision.

Please note that the first instalment of your course fee (£3691.25) is due on arrival.

I look forward to receiving your registration & please do not hesitate to call me
should you need any further details.

Kind regards

Ben Aghabeigi
Academic Director, Tatum Institute

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