Use IE within FireFox, Great ease for Migrating to FireFox by TBari


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									Browse using IE Engine from FireFox!!!
Mozilla Fire fox also acknowledges the fact that since many people have been using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to surf they net the users must be now more comfortable with it. This would make it very difficult for many people to shift from their old web browser to a new one without any problems what so ever.

It is a known fact that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has many flaws while Mozilla Fire fox has a lot of fantastic advantages to offer in terms of easier web browsing experience. End users of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer would not prefer to shift to a new web browser like Mozilla fire fox for the simple reason that they are already used to web browsing using IE and have become familiar with it. This will be a cause of concern as people would be under the impression that if they shift to a new web browser then they would have to start all over again. But they fail to realize that Mozilla Fire fox has so much to offer in terms of web browsing experience. Here comes the IE Tab, a fire fox add-on, running IE engine within FireFox.

See the screenshots ..after the screen shots steps to be followed are mentioned

Steps for installing IE Tab in FireFox
1. In FireFox menu, Go to Tools Add-onsGet Add-OnsBrowse all Add-Ons. Now when clinking ‘Browse all Add-Ons’ link, it will open FirFox Add-ons repository page. 2. Search for ‘IE Tab’ add ons. Follow the on-screen instructions. 3. You are done..Now you will find a new item in Tools menu –“IE Tab Options”. Look at the above screenshots, you will find those..some may vary because of version of IE Tab. 4. Enjoy browsing!!!

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