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Automotive Electrics
                                                                                                 Typical practical tasks include:

                                                                                                   Identify and investigate the operation of
                                                                                                   battery and fuse circuits.
                                                                                                   Perform battery state-of-charge test,
                                                                                                   capacity test, and slow/fast charge.
                                                                                                   Inspect, clean, fill and replace battery.
                                                                                                   Inspect and clean battery cables,
                                                                                                   connectors, clamps, and hold-downs.
                                                                                                   Start a vehicle using jumper cables and a
                                                                                                   battery or auxiliary power supply according
                                                                                                   to manufacturer’s specifications.
                                                                                                   Inspect and test fusible links.
                                                                                                   Measure and diagnose the cause(s) of
                                                                                                   abnormal key-off battery drain.
                                                                                                   Inspect and test switches, connectors,
                                                                                                   relays, and wires of electrical/electronic
                                                                                                   Diagnose incorrect horn operation.
                                                                                                   Identify the operation of bulbs and vehicle
                                                                                                   park, tail, and headlamp circuits.
                                                                                                   Diagnose the cause of brighter than
                                                                                                   normal, intermittent, dim, or no light.
                                                                                                   Inspect, replace, and aim headlights and
                                                                                                   Inspect and diagnose incorrect turn signal
                                                                                                   or hazard light operation.
                                                                                                   Identify the operation of stop, backup, and
                                                                                                   interior light circuits.
EES4 is a computer-based instructional         Simulator panel trainer
module that has been designed to teach                                                           Competence-based reporting
                                               The panel trainer provides a complete
the fundamentals of automotive electrical
                                               simulation of a typical vehicle electrical
systems.                                                                                         Each on-screen assignment is designed
                                               system. It provides realistic fault finding
                                               facilities using automotive style schematic       around a list of performance objectives.
The module incorporates both hardware                                                            These include academic, technical, and
                                               diagrams. An easily understood schematic
and curriculum materials.                                                                        occupational objectives.
                                               system representing the basic electrical
                                               components of an automobile is screen-
The hardware is provided in the form of a                                                        The assignments are written in such a way
                                               printed on the panel front.
computer-linked simulator panel trainer.                                                         as to enable a student to attain the
                                               From this the student are able to see the         performance objectives, with the assessment
The curriculum materials provided in the                                                         questions linked to these in order to provide
                                               exact operation of the various circuits and
module are divided into a series of on-                                                          a measure of true competency.
                                               can gain a hands-on introduction to each
screen, interactive assignments.
                                               of the components and devices found in
                                               typical systems. All practical activities are     The performance objectives are used by the
All assignments incorporate continuous                                                           ClassAct management system to generate a
                                               carried out using the electrical / electronic
assessment through questions. When used                                                          comprehensive portfolio of student
                                               circuits and devices mounted on the panel
in conjunction with a ClassAct networked                                                         competency reports.
                                               trainer together with a digital multimeter
management system, this provides instant
                                               and oscilloscope.
feedback of student performance.                                                                 The module includes a default competence
                                               Curriculum material topics include:               report addressing the latest NATEF
On-screen assignments may be theory-                                                             standards.
based or practical-based.                        Vehicle wiring.
                                                 Battery and fuses.                              Instructor Materials
Theory-based assignments provide
                                                 Starter and solenoid.
essential knowledge of automotive                                                                A range of instructor materials is provided,
electrical systems. They are supported by        Horn and relay.                                 including:
standard automotive textbooks.                   Light circuits – high, low, park, tail, turn,
                                                 backup, stop, hazard, vanity                      An Instructor Guide, containing full
Some practical-based assignments direct          and interior lights.                              installation instructions, health & safety
students to carry out tasks in the               Electrical circuit diagrams.                      guidance, typically completed work, and
laboratory using the supplied hardware.          Electrical components.                            correct answers to all questions.
Others require students to perform tasks         Electrical circuits.                              A checklist that identifies how the
in an auto shop on real vehicle systems.         Electrical circuit faults, short circuits,        assignments address NATEF requirements.
                                                 bad components.                                   Student assessment sheets (allowing
Students are guided through their                Electrical components and their symbols.          student tasks to be assessed against
laboratory and workshop tasks by                                                                   specific NATEF statements), plus assessor
                                                 Troubleshooting method.
printable jobsheets.                                                                               marking sheets.
                                                 Automatic fault insertion and
                                                 malfunctioning repair practical exercise.         Student response sheets (allowing
                                                                                                   students to record their question
                                                                                                   responses if the ClassAct management
                                                                                                   system is not available)
                                                                                                   Health and safety sheets.             Ref No. P4978-D                                                                                        Page 1 of 2
Automotive Electrics
The items supplied with this                 NATEF 2005   task list areas addressed:
instructional module include:                   VI-A2      P-1
     EES4 Instructor’s Guide                    VI-A3      P-1
     EES4 On-Screen Multimedia Manual           VI-A5      P-1
                                                VI-A6      P-1
     Autolab Instructor’s Resources
                                                VI-A7      P-1
     Test & Measuring Equipment                 VI-A8      P-2
     Interactive Instructor CD-ROM              VI-A9      P-1
     Book – Auto Electricity and                VI-A10     P-1
     Electronics Technology by James E.         VI-A11     P-1
     Duffy                                      VI-A12     P-2
     Book – Automotive Technology a             VI-A13     P-1
     Systems Approach by Jack Erjavec           VI-A14     P-1
     Health and Safety Sheet
                                                VI-A15     P-1
     PT7.1 Panel Trainer
     PT7.1 Accessory Kit                        VI-A16     P-1
     Digital Multimeter                         VI-B1      P-1
                                                VI-B2      P-1
Additional items required:                      VI-B3      P-1
    Computer                                    VI-B4      P-1
    Access to Printer                           VI-B5      P-2
    Abrasive Cleaning Materials -               VI-B6      P-1
    Carborumdum Paper, Wire Brush,
                                                VI-B7      P-1
    etc. (Consumable Item)
    Battery Charger                             VI-E1      P-1
    Battery Hydrometer                          VI-E2      P-2
    Battery Jumper / Booster Cables             VI-E3      P-2
    Battery Lifting Strap                       VI-G1      P-2
    Battery Load Tester                         VI-H2      P-2
    Booster Battery or Auxiliary Power
    Cleaning Fluid (Consumable Item)
    Cleaning Rags (Consumable Item)
    Code Saver Device (if required)
    De-ionized Water (Consumable Item)
    Drip Tray
    Electrical Probe Tester
    Headlight Aimer or Screen
    Petroleum Jelly / No-code
    (Consumable Item)
    Personal protective equipment (PPE)
    Test Light
    Vehicle Service Manual
    Plus various Hand Tools

                                                                                  Order as:
                                                                                  EES4      Automotive Electrics

                                                                                                            No.     Average
                                                                                   Assignments               58    25 minutes
                                                                                   Shop Activities
                                                                                   (minimum activities       7
                                                                                   under instruction)
                                                                                                          Total     38 hours           Ref No. P4978-D                                                                          Page 2 of 2

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