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                          THERE OF UNDER NESCO

           Safety in power distribution system means prevention of loss of life, property, avoiding accidents
    and free from danger of self, co – workers, equipments and consumers. Lack of safety can lead to
    accidents and accidents lead to loss of property and life. All of us should put out sincere efforts to
    improve safety and implement safety measures to stop accidents. It is not one man’s job but it’s the
    collective responsibility of the management and its employees.
            NESCO is getting power supply from three 220 KV interface points i.e. Duburi, Joda and PGCIL
    S/S at Kuchie.There are thirteen nos. of GRID S/S under NESCO and it cover supply area of 28,000
    Km2.Total population covered by NESCO is above 90 Lakhs covering 5 nos. of districts,36 nos. of
    Tahsils,68 nos. of admin blocks,1430 nos. of Gram Panchayats,12131 nos. of villages,16 nos. of
    NAC/Municipality,4 nos. of distribution Circles,14 nos. of Distribution Divisions,41 nos. of Distribution
    Sub – Divisions & 141 nos. of Distribution Sections.
             Maximum Demand of NESCO is 620 MVA with Power Transformer installed capacity of 704 MVA.Total
    nos. of 33/11 KV S/Ss in NESCO is 124 nos. with 260 nos. of Power Transformers.NESCO has 18,148 nos. of
    Distribution Sub – Stations with Distribution Transformer installed capacity of 876.85 MVA.Total length of 33 KV
    line is 2045.2 Kms, total length of 11 KV line is 14098.5 Kms and total LT line length is 17,398.85 Kms.
   Reported nature of accident of NESCO area :-
   Sagging of line due to stay folding.
   Snapping of conductor.
   Tree branches touching with line.
   Conductor falling on cross arm.
   Earth faults due to damage of insulation etc.
   Hooking of line.
   Unauthorized use of electrical supply.
   Age old conductor with lengthy LT lines.
   Construction of buildings in Rural and Urban areas without having proper information and consultation
    with the Licensee regarding line and ground clearance.
                 PREVENTIVE MEASURES:-

   NESCO as a responsible licensee is taking best care of implementation of preventive maintenance
    rather than forced maintenance for proper maintenance of lines and S/Ss in order to supply un
    interrupted power supply to its consumers ensuing maximum safety of its employees and
   NESCO has a full fledged HT Maintenance Unit having five nos. AMs, five nos. of JMs. and ten
    nos. of ITI personals, taking care of the maintenance work of the Power Transformers, Breakers
    and Batteries of all 33/11 KV S/Ss.
   Regular tree branch cutting, restringing of conductor, Pole straightening work is carried out in
    order to avoid accident and ensuing steady power supply.
   Various types of supports & cross arms for distribution lines, Insulators & fittings on overhead
    linesStays,Guys,AB Switches & fuse Units, Lightening Arrestors,33 KV ,11 KV Cable & Cable
    Boxes are installed for maintenance of the HT and LT line network.
   Earthing lead of all metal supports, their tightness and firm connections are periodically checked.
   Load balancing of LT lines of distribution transformers is regularly done.
   Routine inspection of LT,11 KV and 33 KV lines,premonsoon maintenance and breakdown
    maintenance is carried out in daily,weekly,monthly,quarterly,half yearly and yearly basis.
   Last but not the least all the workers, line man and Engineers are provided with good training of
    safety measures and safety equipments while working with electrical line and equipments for
    increasing their efficiency along with ensuing their safety.
   In the last quarter the enclosed list of materials were released for ensuing proper maintenance of
    lines and S/Ss leading to build up of a healthy network.
   (Annex – I)
Steps taken by NESCO to Prevent Electrical Accidents-                   Annesxure - I

    Replacement of 763.988 km of ageing conductor with new one under System Improvement
     and O&M head.
    2025 Nos. of PSC poles have been utilized for interposing, replacement of damaged poles
     and new lines.
    743 Nos. of damaged stays have been replaced by new one.
    Inspection of LT/HT lines, Tree branch cutting, repairing of tilted poles, replacement of
     damaged poles is under progress.
    1736 Nos. of Earthing devices issued to all the divisions.
    Installation new 13 nos. of 33 KV and 27 nos. of 11 KV VCBs have been completed
    Boundary wall and gate for 161 nos. of sub-stations have been completed.
    Other items like 11 KV LA -1382 nos.,
                      33 KV LA – 52 Nos
                     33 AB switches – 28 Nos.
    11 AB Switches (2 pole and 3 pole) – 352 Nos.,
                      33 KV HG fuses - 6 Nos. have been installed
    425 Nos. Hand Gloves have been issued for safety of Electrical personnel.
    Replacement of 132.215 km of bare conductor by A B Cable.