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									                 GN Netcom Jabra GN9120 battery
       Sunpow proudly releases the replacement battery for Jabra GN9120 wireless headset

Sunpow proudly announce the releases of replacement battery(CP-GN9120) for Jabra
GN9120 wireless headset. Rated at 350mAh, the CP-GN9120 adopts advanced li-polymer
battery technology which ensures high degree of safety. The CP-GN9120's capacity is
50mAh higher than original battery, it can offer more than 8 hours of talk time.

Specifcation of CP-GN9120
Part Number:CP-GN9120
Type: Li-Ion
Voltage: 3.7V
Capacity: 350mAh
Original Battery Code: 26-02180, AHB602823, SG081004
Compatible with GN Netcom/Jabra Wireless Headset GN9120 Duo, GN 912030, GN912048,
GN 912028

About Sunpow Industrial Limited:

Sunpow is a leading power solutions provider in China that offer one-stop source for all of
portable electronic devices. Its range includes rechargeable battery for the PDA, digital
camera, camcorder, notebook, professional camcorder, cell phone, cordless phone, GPS,
MP3, DVD, barcode scanner, bluetooth headset, XM radio
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