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					                             Karnataka Power Corporation Limited
                                Raichur Thermal Power Station

                                     Tender Notification

No.: SEMM-2 / RTPS / AHP-1 /                               Date: 05. 04. 2010

            Sealed tenders in English are invited from reputed agencies / contractors for
the works of
I. Replacement / rotation / descaling of ash disposal pipes and elbows /
  bends of unit 1and 2.
II. Replacement / rotation / descaling of ash disposal lines and elbows / bends
  of unit 3 and 4. of Raichur Thermal Power Station.

            The interested bidders may collect the bid notification free of cost from this
office for the above tender which contains pre qualification criteria, scope of work and
other conditions of tender at the address given below. The tender documents will be
issued the bidders to meet the stipulated pre qualifying requirements.

            Last date for receipt of applications for issue of bid notification is 04. 05.
2010 further details can be had from:

Superintending Engineer (Mechanical Maintenance -2)
Karnataka Power Corporation Limited,
Raichur Thermal Power Station,
Shaktinagar – 584 170
Dist.: Raichur (Karnataka)
Phone: 08532-246130
Fax: 08532-246108 / 246118
                               Raichur Thermal Power Station

No.: SEMM-2 / RTPS / AHP-1 / OH / 2010-11 /                            Date :   05 - 04 - 2010
                                                                            Office of the
                                                                       Superintending Engineer
                                                                     (Mechanical Maintenance -2)
                                                                            RTPS / KPCL,
                                                                       SHAKTINAGAR - 584 170.
                                                                           Dist: RAICHUR

                                   TENDER NOTIFICATION
Sealed tenders super scribing the name of the work are invited from contractors for carrying the
following works at EE (AHP)-1 division, Raichur Thermal Power Station, Shaktinagar. The work is
to be carried out according to overhauling schedule (i.e. from June 2010 to March 2011) at any
time from the date of work order.

                                      Approximate    Cost of blank     EMD amount
Sl.                                   Amount put      tender form        Rs. [ % of
            Name of work                                                                   period
No.                                   to tender in       [Non -         amount put
                                           Rs.        refundable]       to tender ]
 1     Replacement / rotation /        690245.00         260.00          17260.00        From the
       descaling of ash                                                   [2.5%]        date of work
       disposal pipes and                                                                 order to
       elbows / bends of unit 1                                                         March 2011
       and 2.
 2     Replacement / rotation /        952899.00         260.00          23830.00
       descaling of ash                                                   [2.5%]
       disposal lines and elbow                                                            -- do --
       / bends of unit 3 and 4

  1. The contractors who have minimum two years experience in similar type of works shall only
     need to quote. The requisition for issue of blank tender documents shall accompany the
     experience certificate obtained from the officers of the rank of Chief Engineer and above of
     reputed thermal power station.
     2. The agency should be a KPCL registered contractor class-III and above. The agency should
        produce copy of valid registration along with the application.
     3. The contractor should have their own independent PF code number.
     4. The contractor should have registered themselves with central excise department for
         remittance of service tax.
     5. The contractor should furnish copies of IT PAN / TIN Number, VAT / Service Tax
     Application without sufficient proof for fulfilling the PQR conditions will not be considered
1. Blank Tender documents can be had from the office of the under signed on payment of
   Rs. 260/- (inclusive of tax) (Non refundable) for the above work Rs.100/- extra for the above
   work tender document, if required by post.


2. The cost of blank tender document is to be paid by way of DD or Pay order drawn in favour of
   Assistant General Manager (Finance) T / Karnataka Power Corporation Limited, Shaktinagar,
   payable at SBM / Syndicate bank / PGB Shaktinagar. Raichur District.

3. The application for issue of blank tender documents shall be sent to Superintending Engineer
    (Mechanical Maintenance -2) indicating the tender notification number and tender specification
    number along with requisite experience certificate on or before 04. 05. 2010 during office hours.
4. The bid documents will not be issued to such agencies / contractors whose contract have been
   terminated or closed in KPCL ans also elsewhere in last ten years.
5. The blank tender document will be issued to the eligible applicants from 10. 05. 2010 to
    13. 05. 2010.
6. Sealed tenders duly subscribing tender specification number and due date shall be submitted
   so as to reach this office on or before 17. 05. 2010 up to 16.00 Hrs.
7. Each tender should be accompanied by EMD at @ 2.5% of the tender amount in the form of
   TDR / FDR / CDR drawn in favour of AGM (F) T, RTPS, KPCL, Shaktinagar, on any
   Nationalised Bank should be submitted along with tender in a separate cover. Tender without
   EMD are liable for rejection.
8. No Telegraphic / Fax quotations will be accepted. No claims for postal delay shall be
9. Rates quoted by contractors shall be inclusive of all charges, PF, Taxes and duties, and Levis
   of GOI and GOK. KPCL shall recover statutory levis like IT. WCT. Service tax at applicable
10. The tender will be opened on 17. 05. 2010 at 16.30 Hrs. in the presence of available contractor
   or their authorized representatives.
11. The decision of screening committee in pre qualification of contractors for issue of tender
   document is final.
12. The right to accept or reject any or all the tenders without assigning any reasons thereof rests
    with the undersigned.
13. The contractor should have their own independent PF code number and they would abide by
   the provision of provident fund act.
14. For any other details the office of the under signed may be contacted during office hours.

                                                        SUPERINTENDING ENGINEER
                                                       (MECHANICAL MAINTENANCE -2)
                                                         KPCL, RTPS, Shaktinagar.

CC to : ED (T) for kind information.
        CE (O&M) T / CCET / CEFM / CE (INSTRUMENT) for kind information.
        All SE’s / SE (TA) for information.
        DGM (HRD) T for information.
        DGM (F) IA for information
        All Executive Engineers of RTPS for arranging wide circulation.
        AGM (F) T for information along with 4 copies of Notification to depute
        the staff at the time of tender opening.
        President / Secretary, KSCA Raichur, for information.
        President / Secretary, KPCL Contractors Association, Shaktinagar for information
Notice Board.