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Steps on Becoming a Texas State Trooper


									Steps on Becoming a Texas State Trooper

      Texas State Troopers serve and protect the highways throughout the state.
Texas State Troopers are commissioned by the state and the Department of Public Safety to protect and serve while ensuring the safety of
highways and rural roadways. These individuals receive competitive salary and benefits, but are faced with lots of pressure and responsibility.
To become a Texas State Trooper, you must meet a v ariety of qualif ications and complete a series of steps.

      o                   1
                  Take a physical exam f rom a state-approved physician, taking weight, age, body fat, physical readiness and v ision into
                  consideration. Y ou must meet most requirements to move on to the next step.

      o                   2
                  Earn an associate's degree or complete at least 90 hours f rom an accredited college or university. Prior law enforcement
                  experience can take the place of collegiate credits. If exceptions are made to this rule, hired troopers are placed on
                  probationary employment for a year and must be 21 y ears old.

      o                   3
                  Fill out all required Texas Department of Public Safety and State Trooper applications available from the Texas Department of
                  Public Safety's website at At least six documents must be completely f illed out before consideration. Mail
                  your application to the DPS Human Resources Bureau at 5805 North Lamar Blvd, Austin, Texas 78773.

      o                   4
                  Take and pass a written and verbal test to display your knowledge of the law and the responsibilities of a Texas State Trooper.

      o                   5
                  Attend the State Trooper Training Academy, a 28-week course in Austin that requires prospectiv e troopers to live on-site
                  during the training. To pass the training, you must show good physical perf ormance, good classroom performance and pass a
                  drug test at the end of the course.

      o                   6
                  Graduate from the course and receive y our job assignment f rom the DPS. The academy has 100 percent job placement for
                  troopers who perform well in training.

Tips & Warnings
             Applicants will not be approved if they have a histor y of drug use, criminal acti vity and/or c haracter and integrity inconsis tencies.

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