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Q. Why is the District offering Health Screenings and Personal Wellness Profiles for $5?
A. The District is committed to creating and encouraging a culture of health among its teachers, staff and
retirees. The Health Screenings give you information about your current health status and suggest specific
actions that you can take to improve your health over time.

Q. Is there an incentive for participating?
A. Yes. The JIC has approved discounts on physician office co-pays and a 50% discount on medical
deductibles to recognize those members who participate in the health screenings and PWP’s. These
discounts are included on the “Wellness Plan”. The Standard Plan is available by default for those who choose
not to participate.

Q. Why is the District providing health screening participants the incentives of the Wellness Plan?
A. If we are going to impact the health of the entire District, we need to achieve high levels of participation.
Research has shown that incentives similar to the District’s Wellness strategy are an effective way to do so.
Research has also shown that high participation in wellness programs, starting with health screenings and
health questionnaires achieved through the use of incentives, also generates cost savings for the organization
and its employees. Given these tough economic times, and the District seeing steady increases in health care
costs, savings are being continually sought to sustain affordable and quality health care for plan members.
That is why the District has made a long-term commitment to the health and well-being of its teachers and staff
to first improve our health, but also tame the rise of health care costs that compete with our budgets and
Q. How do they determine what questions are important to ask on the PWP?
A. Wellsource’s Personal Wellness Profile is one of the highest regarded health risk assessments in identifying
health risk factors that have the most impact on health and critical lifestyle areas. The survey questions collect
information on both risks and readiness to change with regard to age and gender on the following items.
            • Medical conditions
            • Health perceptions
            • Medical risk factors
            • Lifestyle risk factors

Q. Why should I participate?
A. By understanding your current health status and knowing your risk factors, you can take action to minimize
or even prevent future health problems. Even healthy individuals may discover areas of concern through a
health screening. If your results do not indicate a problem, it shows your lifestyle is working for you. Your
proactive approach to good health helps support colleagues and students in making positive lifestyle changes.

Q. I’m healthy, I’m active, I eat right. Why should I have to participate to qualify for the incentive?
A. Federal laws (HIPPA & EEOC regulations) require that all employees in a group plan, with some
exceptions, be subject to the same requirements and conditions for participation and/or eligibility in a plan.
Furthermore, a program cannot discriminate in eligibility, benefits, or contributions based on a health
factor. Incentives to meet a standard to obtain a group health plan-related reward are permissible.

Q. I participated last year, why do I have to repeat the health screening this year?
A. For the best outcomes, it is recommended that the health screenings and PWP’s be conducted each year.
In doing so, you will have an ongoing account of your personal health status that includes key numbers for
health and an inventory of risky behaviors that can impair good health.

Q. Am I required to participate?
A. No. The Health Screenings and PWP’s are voluntary for those who choose to obtain the Wellness Plan

Q. Do family members have to participate in order for me to qualify for any incentive?
A. Not yet. Your participation qualifies any eligible family members for incentives. If both parents work for the
District, the incentive goes with the employee who pays for the family member(s).

Can my doctor provide my health screening information?
Q. Yes. You may be preparing to visit your doctor and may undergo the same basic screening assessment.
A. Or, you may have had a Wellness visit and your doctor obtained the equivalent health screening
information. If so, please submit a completed and signed Health Verification Form, with the copies of the lab
values for lipids and glucose taken after February 1, 2010 to St. Luke’s Health Solutions. St. Luke’s will
respond by mail with a confirmation and instructions on completing the on-line PWP questionnaire. All need
to be completed by January 31, 2011.

Q. Can I participate if it’s unadvisable or I am undergoing treatment for a health condition?
A. Yes. If it’s unadvisable to participate in a health screening, please submit a completed and signed Health
Screening Exemption Form to St. Luke’s Health Solutions. St. Luke’s will respond by mail with a
confirmation of receipt and instructions on completing the on-line PWP. All need to be completed by
January 31, 2011.

Q. Where are the forms located?
A. The forms and additional information on Employee Wellness can be found

Q. Where do I send my health screening information?
A. St. Luke’s Health Solutions
Attention: Corporate Account Manager
190 E. Bannock St.
Boise, Idaho 83712
Fax: 208-381-7138

To hand deliver:
St. Luke’s Health Solutions Office
102 W. Jefferson
(Corner of 1st and Jefferson, across from the hospital)

Q. I already see my personal health care provider, why should I participate?
A. This program is focused on prevention and not meant to substitute medical care. It provides educational
materials, referrals, and personal support for health improvement. The information is tailored to individual's
personal health risks and healthy habits. Participants are encouraged to share their report with their health
care provider.

Q. How do I know I have been added to the Wellness Plan with incentives?
A. Those that have completed both requirements should be able to log-in and view their completed Personal
Wellness Profile report. Also, starting in January, 2011, those who have completed both a Health Screening
and a Personal Wellness Profile questionnaire will be receiving a post card by mail confirming your eligibility for
the Wellness Plan 2011/12.

Q. I have received my information from St. Luke’s, but I am having problems logging-in to complete
   my on-line Personal Wellness Profile, who may I contact?
A. Please contact St. Luke’s at 381-4294,

Q. Who do I contact with further questions regarding Employee Wellness?
A. Isabel K. Snell, Boise School District Employee Wellness Coordinator, 208-854-4083


Q. Who administers the health screenings and wellness information?
A. To protect your privacy, the District has contracted with St. Luke’s Health Systems, a local and recognized
provider of health services. The team at St. Luke’s Health Solutions will administer the District’s health
screening and information associated with the screenings. St. Luke’s is a licensed user of Wellsource, a
provider of health improvement systems that includes the electronic Personal Wellness Profile questionnaire.
Wellsource’s sole purpose is to integrate data and prepare necessary reports to its licensed user for its clients.

Q. Why do I need to provide my Employee ID number?
A. We have provided St. Luke’s with a list of all plan members who are eligible to participate in the District’s
health screenings. Your Employee ID number is required to confirm your eligibility to take advantage of the
incentives associated with the Wellness Plan. It is the way to link your eligibility to the approved incentives.

Q. What happens to the results from my assessment?
A. To protect your privacy, you determine what happens with the results from your Health Screening and
PWP. We hope that you will share them with your health care provider and use them to guide you in your
health improvement efforts.

Q. How will my Wellness information be used?
A. St. Luke’s, a licensee of Wellsource, will use the health information provided to advise you on health
improvement strategies. St. Luke’s will provide the District only aggregate (group) data, with no personally
identifiable information. This data will be used to help the District better understand the collective health of its
plan members and to assist in planning programs that supports the health improvement of its plan members.

Q. Will I be penalized if I don’t participate?
No, participation is voluntary. However, Wellness Plan incentives are only available to those who opt to
complete the Health Screening and PWP questionnaires.

Q. Will the results of my Health Screening affect my insurance coverage?
A. No, the confidentiality of your personal health information is protected by federal HIPAA laws. Your results
will not affect your insurance coverage or benefits nor will they be disclosed to your insurance company or your
employer without your permission.

Q. Will any of the information obtained through my health screening be shared with my employer or
A. Your personally identifiable wellness assessment data will not be shared with the District, or your
Administrator, nor will it be added to District staff files. Data will only be shared in aggregate (group) form to
assist the District in future program planning and to provide programs and services that match the needs and
interests of the group data.

Q. Will any of the information obtained through my Wellness Assessment be shared with my health
care provider?
A. Your health care provider will only see your wellness assessment information only if you share it with him or
her, which we encourage you to do

Q. Will Regence BlueShield profit from this?
A. No. Regence BlueShield administers our plan for a fee that will not change as a result of this incentive

Q. How is the health insurance funded and how does it impact the District’s budget?
          o The District pays the premium for eligible employees.
          o The employee pays for their eligible spouse and/or children.
          o Retirees under the age of 65 pay their premiums from their PERSI retirement check or from
              their accrued sick leave benefit upon retirement.

Should the plan not spend its budgeted “pool” of money (the money that all participants pay into the plan) in a
given year, the excess is available to offset expenses for the next plan year. Should the plan spend more than
is in the pool and/or costs go up, then (i) the District, employees covering eligible dependent(s) and retirees
under the age of 65 have to put more into the pool, and/or (ii) benefits will be reduced (i.e., higher premiums
for those who pay them, as well as higher deductibles, higher co-pays, etc.) Typically both strategies are used
to keep the Health Plan solvent.

The rising cost of benefits significantly impacts the District’s ability to increase salaries, fund programs and
retain classified and certified employee positions. In addition to paying for health benefits ($6,756 per eligible
employee), a fully funded position in the District includes the employee’s salary/wage, plus 21% of salary/wage
for payroll taxes and PERSI. Rising costs in any one area impact all others.

Q. Who determines what is covered, premium costs, deductible amounts etc. ?
A. The specific Plan benefits (coverage, premiums, deductible, etc.) have been established over the years by
the Joint Insurance Committee with the guidance of a consultant, Regence BlueShield and with input from plan
members. A multitude of factors must be researched to provide benefits that are: affordable, meet accepted
medical practices, have an oversight component, provide protection from catastrophic health events, etc. Much
time is put into researching plan design(s), medical health, cost trends, and data analysis. Given the
complexity of insurance, the Master Contract designates the JIC to determine the premiums and plan benefits
in an environment removed from controversy and politics.
Updated 1/11/11

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