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					                                       Adreana Langston

                                                                       Celebrate Me Home
                                                                                                                                                Bringing	the	spa	
                                                                                                                                                    home	to	Ma

      A sp         a gift for Mother’s Day (just five weeks
                   away on May 8th) is sure to be popular.
But what about bringing the spa home to Mom? There
                                                               to explain the advantages of a holistic spa treatment
                                                               over all the hi-tech treatments promoted by the beauty
are plenty of in home spa treatments from which to                             Jeremy on holistic spa treatments
create a Mother’s Day gift basket. While it is certainly the          Giving Mom an in home spa day does take a little
“thought that counts” creating a gift basket of at home        more preparation than just going online and making her
spa treatments that Mom would actually use would               an appointment at the spa. When asked what one needs
require knowing a lot about Mom’s skin type and what           to do to prepare to turn a part of one’s home into a spa
products Mom is already using. After Mom receives the          for a day, Jeremy made it sound uncomplicated.
gift there is always the chance that months later she’ll                     Jeremy on preparing for in home spa
have never taken the time out of her busy schedule to                 If Mom loved her Mother’s Day in home spa
use it.                                                        day so much that she wanted to make her in home
       If you send Mom to the spa she gets to enjoy the        spa permanent, that can be arranged. Spa Grace, for
feeling of getting away as well as the luxury of being         example, does entire spa installations. This can be as
pampered and waited on by spa staff. Getting an                simple as changing your old room into Mom’s private
appointment in the spa during the beginning of the             spa with a massage bed and perhaps some simple
prom and bridal season might be a challenge. If your           paint and ambient adjustments. An installation like
mom is past a certain age, just getting her out of the         that would range between $500 and $1,000.00. For a
house and to the spa might be the thing that causes the        full fledge installation that can include a steam shower
stress for which she needs the spa treatment.                  or a hydrotherapy bed or the professional equipment
       To give Mom the feeling of getting away while           a client’s preferred treatments might require, the price
never requiring her to leave the house, you could bring        range is anywhere from $10,000.00 and up.
the spa experience to Mom rather than bringing Mom                       Jeremy on how having a built in spa enhances
to the spa. Mobile spa services do that just that. I spoke                         your spa experience
with Jeremy Grace, the owner of Spa Grace. Spa Grace
began in downtown Long Beach as a skin care studio                HEAR FULL INTERVIEW WITH JEREMY GRACE
with Jeremy doing all of the treatments. The focus of Spa
Grace is really mastering home treatments and offering         READ GRAY, GRAY, GO AWAY - BUYING A MELANIN
permanent installations that act as private sanctuaries                       JOB FOR MAMA
for clients to enjoy all varieties of spa services in their
home.                                                               The hyperlinks in this document may
       Now, when I imagine a spa, I imagine an esthetician     not work properly in all browsers if you are
that has a lot of, well, machinery in her office. Perhaps      viewing this article at the docstoc website.
a tattooing machine for doing permanent makeup and             If this occurs, download the article PDF
maybe a photo facial machine as well as other beauty           file and open it on your desktop in Adobe
contraptions. I asked Jeremy how he incorporates what          Acrobat Reader.
most people think of as a spa into the clients home spa.
       Jeremy on what to incorporate in a home spa.
       The way Jeremy described it sounded as if it would                                                                 	
be relaxing and quite lovely for Mom. But the beauty                                                                                                    Adreana Langston
industry trains people to believe that a spa treatment                                                                         has been a resident of Long Beach, CA since sixth
has to mean being worked on like a car at the mechanic                                                                        grade at Longfellow Elementary. She now resides
                                                                                                                              in downtown Long Beach where she freelances in
shop with all the technical equipment. I asked Jeremy                                                                                                               1
                                                                                                                                     Graphic Art, Web Design and Photography.

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Description: Adreana Langston interviews Jeremy Grace, the owner of Spa Grace, about creating a spa sanctuary inside a client's home.