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					What Is SR-22 Car Insurance?
SR-22 is a common term in auto insurance when it comes to high-risk drivers. If you have ever been caught driving without insurance or have
had your license suspended, the state where you live may require you to have an SR-22.

What is it?
      o                    It is a common misconception that an SR-22 is a type of auto insurance. The SR-22 is not a type of auto insurance but
            rather a filing that is attached to the auto insurance policy. This filing sends notification to your state about your insurance policy's
            status. Specifically, the filing notifies the state when your policy begins, renews and cancels. Cancel notifications are issued
            regardless of reason.

Why Get One?
      o                   If you have failed to acquire and maintain acceptable proof of insurance while operating your vehicle, your resident
            state may require you to carry an SR-22. In most cases, this filing is required from drivers who have failed to verify insurance after a
            violation, accident or random verification request. The average length of the SR-22 filing is three years, though some states can
            request longer durations.

How to Get One?
      o                  SR-22s can only be issued by insurance carriers, and not every carrier offers them. If you are insured with a carrier that
            does not offer the SR-22 filing option, you will be forced to insure with a carrier that can provide one. Insurance carriers generally
            charge a small processing fee for the SR-22, which is added to your insurance premium total.

      o                  Individuals who require an SR-22 are often considered high risk because of the history of driving with no insurance.
            Additionally, these drivers often carry license and registration suspensions that have resulted from the insurance lapse. As a result,
            insurance carriers often rate these high-risk drivers in a nonstandard market, resulting in higher insurance premiums.

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