Should I Use an Insurance Company's Auto Body by bettysampson


									Should I Use an Insurance
 Company's Auto Body?
When you are involved in an accident, it can be a stressful time. For years, the common procedure for getting your insurance company to pay
for repairs was to get multiple body shop quotes and then submit them to the insurance company. One of the services that insurance carriers
are adding is preferred auto body shops. According to, you can still legally choose your own auto body shop, but it may be easier to
work with your insurance company on repairs.

      o                  A preferred auto body shop has a history with an insurance company that you can research. The body shop must
            complete a pre-qualification program to become a preferred provider, and according to, some of the pre-screening
            procedures can be rigorous. When you use an insurance company's preferred body shop, the insurance company pays the bill
            directly and all you are responsible for is your deductible. If the insurance company wants to inspect the vehicle before authorizing
            payment, it has a pre-existing relationship with the body shop that simplifies the process. The body shop works directly with the
            insurance company to develop a quote and get the repairs done, and you do not need to set up anything to get your car repaired.

Your Choice
      o                  Ask the insurance company if you can speak to its preferred auto body shop before making a commitment for repairs.
            Find out what the auto body shop says about the insurance company, and be sure you are comfortable with the way the body
            shop's customer service people speak to you. You have a choice and can decline to use the insurance company's auto body shop.
            But before you decide to take on the extra work of getting estimates and getting your car repaired by your own body shop, you
            should talk to the preferred shop and get a feel for how it does business.

      o                   One of the advantages of working with an insurance company preferred body shop is that the shop and the insurance
            company can work together to ensure you receive the services promised in your policy. If you are entitled to a rental car, then it may
            be possible to have it waiting at the body shop when you drop off your car. If you need towing, the insurance company can work
            with its preferred auto body shop to make sure your car is brought to the shop in a timely manner without any extra cost to you.

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