Auto Insurance Companies That Offer Health Insurance

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					Auto Insurance Companies That
    Offer Health Insurance

  o                 The laws and conditions vary, but most states require that car owners have auto insurance before the car can be driven
      legally. Cars without insurance may not be registered, renew tags or pass state inspection. Drivers without insurance may be
      subject to fines. Since health insurance is also a major concern with many Americans, people may find it convenient to purchase
      their auto insurance and health insurance from the same company. This makes it easier to keep track of payments, benefits and
      claims, and allows customers to purchase several products from a company they trust.

State Farm
  o               State Farm offers many kinds of insurance, including auto, health, life, home and disability. It is one of the oldest
      insurance companies in the U.S. and was started by George Mecherle on his birthday in 1922. State Farm began as an auto
      insurance company, but eventually added more types of coverage. State Farm has agents located all over the country, and
      customers can make payments, manage policies and report claims online on the company website. Potential customers can obtain
      an auto insurance quote online, but must talk to an authorized agent in order to purchase any insurance.
      State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co.
      One State Farm Plaza
      Bloomington, IL 61710

  o                USAA (United Services Automobile Association) offers banking, investing and mortgage services in addition to offering
      health, auto and property insurance. USAA auto insurance can be bought online. Customers can get a quote, purchase and print
      out insurance information all from their own computers, without having to make a trip to an agent's office. Policy owners can make
      claims, view policies or make changes online or by phone. USAA offers health insurance through Assurant Health, which offers
      several kinds of plans, including family, student and individual.
      9800 Fredericksburg Road
      San Antonio, TX 78288

Alfa Insurance
  o                 Alfa Insurance, part of the Alabama Farmers Federation, offers health, auto, life and dental policies. Originally formed
      in 1946 to provide fire insurance to Alabama farmers, Alfa now does business in 13 states. Alfa has auto insurance policies for
      collision, uninsured/underinsured motorists and liability. You may also buy policies that cover medical expenses incurred from a car
      accident. Alfa health plans are open only to customers in Alabama, Georgia or Mississippi. The health plan covers inpatient and
      outpatient services, and major medical problems, with discounts for nonsmokers, wellness benefits and prescription benefits.
      Alfa Insurance
      2108 East South Blvd.
      Montgomery, AL 36116

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