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									About Mercury Insurance

                              About Mercury Insurance

Mercury Insurance is both an insurance company and an insurance agency
headquartered in California. It prides itself on offering great insurance coverage at an
affordable price. Because it is both an agency and a direct provider of insurance,
customers can purchase policies directly from Mercury or from other reputable insuran ce

   o            Mercury Insurance was formed in 1961 in California. Since then, the
       company has grown to become the third largest provider of private passenger
       insurance in the state. In 2008, it was the fastest-growing automobile insurance
       company in the United States. In 2009, Mercury's assets were more than $4

   o           Mercury is most known for its auto policies, but it dos offer other products.
       Customers can purchase homeowners insurance, commercial auto and
       mechanical breakdown policies. Mercury also offers umbrella policies. Umbrella
       policies provide additional coverage protection over and above your current
       policy. While many people never need an umbrella policy, you never know when
       your liability expenses may outgrow your current policy.

States Available
   o           While Mercury originated in California, it also writes policies in other
       states. Mercury Insurance is available in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois,
       Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas and

Website Navigation
  o            The website for Mercury Insurance is user friendly. Mercury customers
      can make a payment, obtain a quote, locate a local agent's office and search for
      job openings. Claims can also be made 24 hours a day, seven days a week by
      calling the toll-free claims number on the website.

Investor Information
  o           Mercury Insurance is a publicly traded company. Investors desiring to find
      out more about Mercury's financial standing can do so on the Mercury website.
      Financial filings, SEC filings and annual reports are all available for download
      from the website. Investors can also submit an online form requesting an investor

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