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					                                                             Nomenclature Table and Dictio
                     Standard                      Acronym

Current Procedural Terminology                    CPT®

International Classification of Diseases          ICD

Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes   LOINC®

Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities      MedDRA
National Drug Code                                NDC
Systemized Nomenclature of Medicine               SNOMED®
Unified Medical Language System                   UMLS
World Health Organization Drug Dictionary         WHODRUG
                           Nomenclature Table and Dictionary Source Links for Various Health Data Standards
Medical service and procedure codes commonly used in public and private health insurance plans and
claims processing.

International standard for classifying diseases and other health problems recorded on health and vital
records. ICD-9-CM, a modified version of the ICD-9 standard, is used for billing and claims data in the
United States. ICD-10 is in use in many parts of the world, but has not yet been implemented in the
United States.

Concept-based terminology for lab orders and results.
Terminology covering all phases of drug development, excluding animal toxicology. Also covers health
effects and malfunctions of devices.
Unique 3-segment number used as the universal identifier for human drugs.
Mapping of clinical concepts with standard descriptive terms.
Database of 100 medical terminologies with concept mapping tools.
International drug dictionary
Health Data Standards
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             American Medical Association      

             World Health Organization         

             Regenstrief Institute for Health Care

             International Conference on Harmonisation
             U.S. Food and Drug Administration 
             College of American Pathologists  
             National Library of Medicine      
             World Health Organization