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									                                                   Assignment Front Sheet
                                           No assignment will be accepted without these sheets

Programming Concepts
Assignment No: 1                                Student name
Date Commenced: 08/11/10
Submission Date: 31/01/11
Date received by assessor:

Re-submission date:                             Date re-assessed:                       Final Grade:

Assessment Objectives:

            Design and develop code using structured programming methods
            Use modularisation appropriate to the chosen programming language
            Produce appropriate documentation for a given program application
            Create and apply appropriate test schedules.

Questions                                     Page   Achieve                                           Page   Achieve
1      Declare variables and use                                 10       Explain the differences
       some of these data types in                                        between semantic and
       your program – String,                                             syntax errors – produce
       Integers, Date, currency                                           illustration from your
       Use input/output operators
       Such as; =, +, -, /, <, > in your                                  Produce test plan for
       program code and comment                                           your program
       on its purpose
                                                                 12       Explain logic errors and
3      Use appropriate selection
                                                                          produce illustration of
       structures such as
                                                                          logic errors from your
       If…then…and loop in your

       Attach comments and use                                   13       Produce evidence to
       indentation in your coding to                                      show you used VB
       show high standard internal                                        debugging techniques to
       documentation.                                                     detect program errors

5           Produce a flow chart design for                                                        14           Produce an accurate flow
            a specific function of the                                                                          chart design that reflects
            program such as registering,                                                                        2 specific functions of
            booking, or invoicing.                                                                              your program
6           Explain the difference between                                                                      Produce a database
            local and global variables. Use                                                                     capable of adding new
            examples from your program                                                                          customers and

7           Pass data effectively between                                                          16           Your database should be
            modules in your program                                                                             capable of deleting old
            allowing data on one form to                                                                        customers and
            be output on another form                                                                           destinations from your

8           Produce user guide for your                                                            17           Your database should be
            programming application show                                                                        able to search for a
            step by step approach on how                                                                        destination or customer.
            to use your program.
                                                                                                   18           Produce a log book from
            Develop documentation such                                                                          8/11/10 to 31/01/11
            as storey board for your                                                                            showing how you
            program application                                                                                 planned, and organised
                                                                                                                this project.

                                                                                                   19           Produce the assignment
                                                                                                                in a report format and a
                                                                                                                Harvard style
                                                                                                                bibliography using at
                                                                                                                least 3 books and the
                                                                                                                internet in your

You are reminded that Plagiarism (unacknowledged copying) is not acceptable. Students found to have plagiarised
another person’s work will have their assignment graded a Fail and may face disciplinary action. Please sign below
to indicate that this is your own original work.
Where an assignment was given by the tutor as group work, all of the group are to sign below.

Student Signature................................................................................................

A piece of course work is always to be considered an ‘individual’ assignment, unless specifically
stated otherwise on this document.

Please attach these sheets to your submitted work
It is the student’s responsibility to make and keep a copy of this assignment, in case of loss

Case Study/Assessment Method

Attached to assignment front sheet
Software in VB on a pen drive or CD.
Report showing evidence of assessment criteria

The Assessment ‘Evidence’
Required for submission:
Design documents, screen dumps, code, testing results, evaluation and
A disk with the working software on it PLUS the password to access the application
See pass criteria on assignment front sheet

Assessment Criteria:

Assessor Guidance / Action Plan
Feedback/ Comment:

Action Plan:

Candidate comments:

Internal Verification
  Assessment Decision Agreed         Not agreed       Grading decision agreed      Not
I.V. Feedback:

I.V. Signature                                       Date:


Wandsworth Travels Tours based at wandsworth has always boasted that they offer the
cheapest fares to Europe, North America, the Caribbean, and other exotic destinations to
School Teachers, University and college Lecturers, Nurses, Students and Council staff.
The average return fare to most European cities is £105.00 and £650.00 for trips to some
selected Caribbean Islands. The European destinations they currently operate includes the
following cities:
         1. Amsterdam
         2. Berlin
         3. Oxford
         4. Madrid
         5. Paris
The Caribbean destinations include islands such as;
         1. Antigua
         2. Barbados
         3. Dominica
         4. Guadeloupe
         5. Jamaica
The company also operates limited Tours to some exotic destinations such as;
         1. India
         2. Sri Lanka
         3. Ghana
         4. Pakistan
         5. Nigeria
         6. Bangladesh
The company’s cheap fares are available only to registered members. These members
have their details such as; (member no, member name, D.O.B., Address, Contact number,
job title, Job Location, Dept) stored in the company’s database. In addition to cheap fares
the company also offers rebates of 10% in rates to members with families.
The Table below shows how the fares are calculated for a customers’ booking.

The company offers the following rates for hotel accommodations in all the destinations it

 1. 3 star for 1 night =£75.00
 2. 4 star for 1 night=£150.00
 3. 5 star for 1 night=£250.00
 Destination         Fare                 Family         Package            Total Fare
                                          Package        Rebate             Travel ***
                                            (A)             (B)
          - Paris   £105.00           £105.00 * Nos.     A - 10%            B + £75.00

          -            £650            £650*Nos.          A - 10%             B + £75.00
          - India      £650            £650*Nos.          A - 10%             B + £75.00

1. The company has commissioned you to investigate, design, implement, and test a
     System that can carry out calculations providing a quote for customers, store, search
     and retrieve customer and destination details in a database. The company requires the
     system to have authentication log – in and a menu or switch board. The system
     should be able to display customer details, destinations, booking and an invoice bill.
2. Produce a test plan with screen outputs evidence that the system can perform the
     tasks required.

3.   Show how you used debugging tools in VB to identify errors and rectified the errors.


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