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					                    IAHS Bureau, Paris – 16 June 2002

           International Commission on Surface Water of IAHS

                                Status Report June 2002

Commission membership        Alan Gustard          President             1999-2005
                             Eric Servat           Vice President        1999-2003
                             I. Shiklomanov        Vice President        1999-2003
                             Michiharu Shiiba      Vice President        1999-2003
                             Siegfried Demuth      Secretary             1999-2003

1.     Activities 2001 – 2002

The last bureau meeting took place at the 6th Scientific Assembly at Maastricht, the
Netherlands, 18 - 27 July 2001. At this meeting the ICSW agreed to endeavour to strengthen
activities in developing countries and would welcome proposals to organise IAHS workshops
in these countries.

ICSW has supported several scientific meetings and publications, including:

     A New Hydrology for a Thirsty Planet (18-27 July 2001, Maastricht,)
     Fifth International Symposium on Hydrologic Applications of Weather Radar –
      Radar Hydrology (Kyoto, Japan, 19 - 22 November 2001).
     FRIEND 2002: Forth International Conference on FRIEND – Bridging the Gap
      between Research and Practice, (Cape Town, South Africa, 18-22 March 2002)
     Hydrology and Poverty Alleviation workshop, (Cape Town, South Africa, 22 March
     van Lanen, H.A.J. & Demuth, S. (eds) 2002. FRIEND 2002-Regional Hydrology:
      Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice, Proc. Int. FRIEND Conf., Cape
      Town, South Africa, March 2002, IAHS Publ. no. 274
     Gustard A. & Cole, G.A. (eds) (2002) FRIEND – A Global Perspective 1998–2002,
      Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, Wallingford, UK. ISBN I 903741 03 3

2.     Activities 2002 – 2004

ICSW will support the following scientific meetings:

     FRIEND/AMIGO Workshop on drought in Mesoamerica and the Caribbean,
      Panama – 11-15 November 2002.
     Information from Weather Radar and distributed hydrological Modelling
      (workshop), (part of the XXIII General Assembly of the International Union of
      Geodesy and Geophysics), Sapporo, Japan, 30 June – 11 July 2003.
       International Conference on Hydrology in the Mediterranean and Semiarid
        Regions, Montpellier, (organised by Centre IRD Hydrologie, 7-10 April 2003)
       British Hydrological Society International Symposium on “Hydrology: Science
        and Practice for the 21st Century”, London, July 2004.
       HeadWater 2004 (Norway, 2004)

3.      FRIEND 2002 – Regional Hydrology: Bridging the Gap between Research and
        Practice, Cape Town 18-22 March 2002

The FRIEND (Flow Regimes from International Experimental and Network Data) research
programme is an international collaborative study in regional hydrology. It has been a major
contribution (Project 1.1) to the fifth International Hydrological Programme of UNESCO. Its
primary aim is to develop, through a mutual exchange of data, knowledge and techniques, a
better understanding of hydrological variability and similarity across time and space. This
will advance knowledge of hydrological processes and flow regimes and improve practical
design methods and techniques for analysing scenarios for environmental change. Capacity
building, especially in developing countries, is an important part of the project.

Every four years international FRIEND conferences are convened to bring together
international hydrologists working across the FRIEND programme and scientists working in
related fields. The fourth International FRIEND Conference took place in Cape Town, South
Africa from 18-22 March 2002, the first time it has been held outside of Europe. The
conference attracted 140 delegates from 36 different countries, including a large
representation from the African subcontinent. A significant number of young scientists
attended the conference; therefore the conference did not only bridge the gab between science
and practice but also between the generations. Professor Denis Hughes chaired the Local
Organising Committee and, with his colleagues from Rhodes University, did an excellent job
in the logistics of organising the meeting and providing a hospitable welcome to FRIEND
2002 participants. He was supported by the International Hydrological Programme of
UNESCO, the South African IHP national Committee, the International Association of
Hydrological Sciences (IAHS), through the International Commission on Surface Water
(ICSW) and the Operational Hydrological Programme (OHP) of the World Meteorological
Organisation (WMO). Financial support was given by UNESCO, IAHS, WMO, the UK
Department for International Development, the Dutch and German IHP National Committees,
the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture,
Sport, Technology and Science (MEXT).

The theme of the FRIEND 2002 conference was "bridging the gap between knowledge,
research and practical applications”. The conference topics included:

       Hydrological Data – policy, international rivers, databases, real time, dissemination
       Managing hydrological risk – floods, surface and groundwater droughts
       Water scarcity – overexploitation and poverty reduction
       Sustaining water-related ecosystems – definitions, methodology and operation
       Continental hydrology – regimes, water sharing, teleconnections, snow, ice,
        international basins.
The conference provided an opportunity to present and discuss the achievements of FRIEND
in IHP V and develop a strategy for implementation of FRIEND in IHP VI. The fourth
FRIEND report, “Gustard A. & Cole, G.A. (eds.) FRIEND – A Global Perspective 1998–
2002, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, Wallingford, UK”, was published in March 2002 and
distributed to conference delegates. The report provides the reader with an overview of the
different hydrological challenges faced by the eight regional FRIEND groups and how these
are being addressed through research and capacity building activities, especially through
cooperation with national and international programmes. The annexes list FRIEND
participants; recent meetings and over 450 publications produced by FRIEND members since
1997 and illustrate the vigour and wide ranging nature of FRIEND research worldwide.

The Conference proceedings were pre published by IAHS Press as Publication No. 274
FRIEND – 2002: Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice (Edited by H.A.J. van
Lanen & S. Demuth). The 63 selected papers demonstrated how advances in hydrology can
be used for the development of integrated river basin management to ensure the sustainable
development of water resources. Furthermore, examples are given for incorporating research
results in operational hydrology and water resources planning, including numerical and
statistical models and visualisation techniques. In addition to the FRIEND proceedings and
the FRIEND report, poster contributions were published on CD-ROM. Finally it can be
concluded that the conference achieved its main objective to enforce the dialogue between
researchers and practitioner. The ability for a dialogue and exchange of knowledge is a
prerequisite to solve future problems in the field of hydrology.

A number of FRIEND technical and administrative meetings (e.g. NE FRIEND Low Flow
Group meeting, South African FRIEND group meeting) were also held in Cape Town, in
addition to an IAHS sponsored workshop on “hydrology and poverty”. The workshop
identified a number of key areas where poverty can be reduced by improved management of
water resources and presented success stories of where this had been achieved. The FRIEND
Inter-Group Coordinating Committee (FIGCC) held before the conference discussed future
FRIEND activities in IHP-VI and how FRIEND might link more closely with the HELP
programme and new WMO initiatives. Key future activities reported included publishing a
textbook on low flow and droughts by Northern European FRIEND, a Drought Workshop
organised by Caribbean and Mesoamerican FRIEND in Panama in November 2002,
publication of a science plan for the second phase of Asian Pacific FRIEND and a 4th volume
of a Catalogue of Rivers in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, and development of a
METADATA Catalogue of global FRIEND data by the Global Runoff Data Centre (GRDC).

                                                       Siegfried Demuth (ICSW Secretary)
                                                           Alan Gustard (ICSW President)