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                       Distance Learning

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                                   Managed UNIX Workstations

                                                       MIS News


    keynotes             V o l u m e 2 5, N u m b e r 3     From the Editor
                                                            Chris Joy explains the procedures by
    contents                                                which the Computing Service is able
                                                            to manage UNIX workstations on
                                                            behalf of users, removing this burden
    news in brief                                           from them. Turn to page 2 for more
         Windows 95 Login Problems                      1   details.
         King's Manor Update                            1
         New National Service Computing                                     yyy
         Resources                                      1
                                                            On page 6, Gareth Johnson writes
    news                                                    about RALPHY, the Library's
           Managing UNIX Workstations                   2   electronic reserve project, which is
           Distance Learning                            3   providing students, on and off
                                                            campus, with improved access to a
    mis                                                     range of publications.
           York Skills Management System                4
           Postgraduate Degree Certificate Production   4                   yyy
           New Tuition Fees: New Software               5
                                                            Opposite, John Robinson details the
           Syllabus Plus                                5
                                                            national computing services
    library                                                 available to academics within
          RALPHY                                        6   higher education.


                                                            Finally, best wishes for the New
                                                            Year. And keep an eye on the
                                                            Millennium Countdown...

                                                            Joanne Casey
                                                            Information Officer

                                                               millennium countdown
                                                                        51 weeks to go!

                                                               Are you prepared? See http://
                                                               y2k.htm for further information.

                                                                                                                             news in brief

Since the start of last term, we have     vicinity, could you please report it to    (network,filestore,etc), itsometimes
hadanumberofproblemswithusers             the Infodesk. It is a simple matter to     takes a while to diagnose a fault
not being able to login to an office or   pickupthephoneandleaveamessage             report which may initially point to a
classroom Windows 95 PC. It has           on the answer phone (ext 4343) at any      PC problem.          On detailed
been very difficult to trace this         time of day or night. In order to help     investigationitmaybefoundthatitis
problem as the fault never occurred       diagnosetheproblemcouldyoureport           one of many of the integrated
during the working day. We believe        the following information to the           componentsthatareusedtoprovide
we have now found the source of the       Infodesk:                                  the Windows 95 PC service. This
faultbutarenotabletoprovidea“fix”                                                    investigation may involve any
until the next version of the software       Yournameanduserid                       member of the Computing Service
controlling the logins is released. In       Name and location of PC                 and not just the Personal Systems
ordertominimiseanyinconvenience              Time and Date                           Group.
we are automatically monitoring the          Detaileddescriptionofproblem
Windows 95 logins and will restart
theloginsoftwareifanyfailureoccurs.       For the detailed description of the        King’s Manor
The downside to this is that if the       problem,pleasecouldyoureportyour
software fails (outside of working        observation of the behaviour. For          Developments
hours)theremaybeadelayofupto15            example, if you can not login, it is       DougMoncur
minutesbeforeanyonecanlogin. We           difficultforustodiagnosetheproblem
hope to receive a fix for the software    ifyoujustsay“Icannotlogin”. Amore
soon.                                     accurate report would give the             AdedicatedserverfortheWindows
                                          approximate wording of any error           95 service in the King’s Manor was
We are sorry that the fault was not       messagethatappearsonthescreen.             successfullyinstalledmid-November,
diagnosed and fixed sooner. One           We would appreciate your patience          resultinginincreasedperformance.
causeofnotbeingabletodiagnosethe          when there are problems with the
problemisthatwehavehadverylittle          Windows 95 Service. We do not              A34Mb/snetworklinkhasalsobeen
feedback from users informing us of       regularly work late into the night or at   orderedtoreplacethecurrentpaired
the problem. In future if you are         weekends, and are thus unable to           megastream link, and once in place
unable to login to an office or           observe first hand the nature of any       should further improve access to
classroom PC, and it looks to be a        faults. Due to the highly integrated       resources and filestore situated at
generic problem with all PCs in the       nature of the computing services           Heslington.

TheResearchCouncilsandJISCfund            machine and the datasets is free. Staff    Cray T3E-1200E, and Fermat, a 16
a number of national computing            or students wishing to register for this   processor Origin2000, will be
services for use by academics in all      service should contact John Robinson       physically situated at the University
higher education institutions. These      to complete the registration form and      of Manchester. The Cray T3E
are services (access to large datasets,   be given a username. In addition,          configuration is one of the largest
high-performancecomputing)which           accesstomanyofthedatasetsrequiresa         computersintheworld,andcertainly
couldnotfeasiblybeprovidedbyeach          further registration with the data         themostpowerfulcomputercurrently
institution’slocalcomputingfacilities     provider, often the Data Archive at        in use in academia in Europe. The
andsupportstaff.                          Essex(       service is called CSAR (Computing
                                          somedatasetsyoucanregisteron-line.         ServicesforAcademicResearch)and
New National Datasets service                                                        youcanfindmoreinformationabout
system                                    New High Performance Computer              itat
MIDAS(                                                    Large projects which need these
accesstoavarietyofdatasetscovering        The consortium, Computation for            resources can be given a ‘Class 1’
thesocialsciences,economicsandthe         Science (Cray/SGI, CSC and the             access after a peer-review process.
physicalsciences. Itiscurrentlyhosted     UniversityofManchester)waschosen           Smaller projects of less than 1 year
on a Cray CS6400, a multi-processor       to run the EPSRC’s new national high       can be authorised through the
Sun system. This has been in service      performancecomputingservice. Two           Computing Service - contact John
for some years, and will be replaced      machines - Turing, a 576 processor         Robinson, jsr1, for details.
during the spring term. Access to the
unix   ManagingUnixworkstations

       Introduction                                Managing your workstation                 Operating system updates and
                                                                                             security fixes to the system will
       In recent years, the Computing              TheDerwentclassroomnowcontains            be performed when the relevant
       Service has been able to manage             workstations running Irix 6.5 and the     maintenance streams have been
       Silicon Graphics workstations on            Computing Service is in a position to     released by Silicon Graphics and
       behalf of departments. This service         extend this environment to                properly tested by the Computing
       removes the burden of computer              departmentalsystemswhichmeetthe           Service.      The regularity of
       systemadministrationfromtheusers            followingrequirements:                    upgrades will be at the discretion of
       andhasmanydirectbenefits:                                                             the Computing Service but it is
                                                   • R4000 generation CPU or later           anticipatedthatatermlyupgradewill
       • A carefully configured user                                                         be required to fix software bugs and
       environment                                 • 32MB minimum                (64MB       add new functionality. The
                                                   recommended)memory                        department will be charged a
       • Access to all centrally provided                                                    compulsory annual fee of £150 for
       applicationsandcompilers                    • 2GBsystemdisk                           softwaresupportandupgradeswhich
                                                                                             covers the staff time necessary to
       • Accesstotheuser’shomedirectory            Unfortunately,oldersystemssuchas          completethetask.
       • Regularoperatingsystemsupdates            bemanagedbecausetheyarenotable            Individual backup of workstations
       andsecurityfixes                            to run the Irix 6.5 operating system.     will not be required because the
                                                                                             system disk configuration can be
       The final point is particularly             Tobeginmanagingaworkstation,itis          readilyreproducedbytheComputing
       important because external users or         necessary to upgrade the operating        Service in the event of system failure.
       ‘hackers’ have been known to gain           system to the standard Computing          However,adepartment maywishto
       unauthorised access to workstations         Service configuration of Irix 6.5. This   use a secondary disk on the
       which have not been properly                providesauserenvironmentmatching          workstation for storage of additional
       configuredfromthe insecure ‘out-of-         the Derwent classroom where users         software or as user filestore. The
       the-box’environment.                        can run all the centrally provided        departmentwillbechargedanannual
                                                   applications and gain access to their     fee of £50 per Gigabyte of specialist
       In accordance with the                      home directory. No additional             disk backup. This cost covers staff
       recommendationsoftheComputing               softwareorunapprovedmodifications         time and the provision of backup
       Servicereview,anewservicehasbeen            can be made to the system disk in         media.
       definedforthemanagementofSilicon            ordertoenableafastsystemrebuildin
       Graphics workstations. This service         theeventoffailure. Thisconfiguration      In summary, the cost of managing a
       willbedulycoveredbyaservicelevel            processischargeablethroughasingle         SiliconGraphicsworkstationsis:
       definition and is described in this         feeof £100which coversthestaff time
       article.                                    necessarytocompletethetask.               Configuration              £100

       TheOperatingSystem                          The core Irix 6.5 operating system        Licensing                  £140
                                                   only includes the basic functionality
       SiliconGraphicssystemsrunavariant           required to run the workstation.          Support                    £150
       of Unix called Irix. The latest release     Additionalsoftwareproductssuchas
       of the Irix operating system is Irix 6.5.   the compilers and graphical tools are     Total (year 1)             £390
       This is termed an all-platform release      available under a master ‘Varsity’        Recurrentannualcost        £290
       because it can run on all systems with      licensing agreement between the
       an R4000 generation CPU or later.           Computing Service and Silicon             If you have any questions regarding
       Therearemanyoperationaladvantages           Graphics UK. The department will          this new service, then please contact
       to running Irix 6.5 on a workstation,       be charged an annual fee of £140 for      Chris Joy ( The
       includingimprovedmanagementand              theprovisionofVarsitysoftware. This       Computing Service is also able to
       security. Fromauserperspective,the          cost covers the annual charges of         advisedepartmentsonthepurchaseof
       ability to run the latest software is a     SiliconGraphicsUKandcomparesto            Unixsystemsorupgrades.
       significantbenefit.                         an individual cost of £330 for

Distance Learning
Joanne Casey

Held on 18th November, the Open          resources. Optionsincludeproviding        information about projects set up
ForumforDistanceLearningprovided         single photocopies of materials for       elsewhere, including the Merlin
a preliminary opportunity for staff to   individual users,or providingcopies       Project at Hull, and Scottish
share their thoughts, concerns, and      electronically: GarethJohnsonwrites       Knowledge, a consortium of Scottish
current progress in the provision of     elsewhere in this issue on RALPHY,        universities. Ofequalinteresttomany
DistanceLearning. DistanceLearning       the Library’s electronic document         was information about web based
isbecomingincreasinglyattractiveto       reserve. Copyright issues, and the        teaching softwares such as WebCT,
students, and is an issue which the      complexity of administering postal        Top Class and Learning Space.
University is recognising a need to      loans,ensurethatphotocopiesarestill
considerindetail.                        the simplest way of catering to the       A wish for central support, and
                                         information needs of such students,       perhapsevenguidelinestosettingup
Around35peopleattended,variously         andasaconsequence,providingcore           suchcourses,wasacommontheme. A
representingacademicdepartments,         materials can be difficult.               concernwithmaximisinginvestment
central administration, and service                                                wasalsoevident;startupcostsforsuch
departments. The meeting was             Wayne also noted that Teaching            courses can be high, and
chaired by Mike Jinks of the             Committee is already looking at           disproportionate to early income
Computing Service; presentations         distancelearningissues,andwillmake        expectations.
were given by Martin Forster             them a priority in the coming term.
(Economics), Steve King (Computer                                                  It has become clear that this is a
Science) and Wayne Connolly              Theroleofcentralservices,suchasthe        burgeoning area; it is increasingly
(Library).                               Library and the Computing Service,        common for customers within and
                                         was considered, both during Wayne         outsidetheUKtorequestcoursesona
Martin Forster outlined the proposal     Connolly’spresentation,andthrough         distancelearningbasis,andthefeeling
for a Diploma in Health Economics        laterdiscussion. Offsitestudentshave      of the meeting was clearly that the
commencingin Summer 1999. It will        similar expectations, and rights, to      University cannot afford to be left
beatapre-masterslevel,andaimedat         support as those on site, but these are   behind in this respect. Areas of the
studentsstudyingathomeoratwork.          presentedinamuchmoreconcentrated          University are already working on
Delivery will bemainly by hardcopy       way, for instance during short            suchprojects,andthemeetingfeltthat
material, posted to the student,         residentialvisits.                        the opportunity to share experiences
supplemented by some material on                                                   andexpertisewasvaluable.
theweb,andanelementofresidential         Members of the Computing Service
study. He was the first person to        were able to give more information,       For more information on progress so
highlight a need for central support,    both on the potential of developing       far, please contact Mike Jinks (kmj1).
particularly apposite in this case, as   technologies in supporting distance
there is only one person working on      learning, and of potential problem        For other information, please contact
theproposal.                             areas which need to be addressed,         Alison Kennell (ajk8), who is
                                         particularlyissuesaroundsecurityand       SecretarytotheTeachingCommittee
Steve King spoke on behalf of a team     access.                                   WorkingGrouponDistanceLearning.
from Computer Science. They are          Anumberofstaffinformedthegroup            Usefulwebaddresses:
preparingtoprovidecourses,marketed       of their own experiences both as
to industry, and delivered at the        providers and customers of distance
company’slocation,viatheweborvia         learning courses. This included           ‘webassistedassessment’.
CD ROM, with email contact.                                              
involved in supporting distance                                                    features Hot Potatoes, a piece of
learners,whohavesimilarinformation                                                 freeware designed for language
needs to full time students, but often                                             teaching.
find accessing information more
difficult. The library has already
and produced a guide to available

mis   MIS News


      There are a number of
      supplementaryskillscoursesavailable          At the beginning of 1998 the MIS          Records system. Until this new
      tostudentsoutsidetheacademic                 officewereaskedbyDebraFayter              systemwasintroduced,registration
      curriculumsuchasLanguagesforAll              (ILIAD), Dr Margaret Ferguson             detailsforYorkSkillscourseswere
      (LFA) and Information Literacy in            (LFA) and Dr Robert Partridge             heldinlocalParadoxdatabasesor
      All Departments (ILIAD). These               (YorkAwardCo-ordinator)to                 spreadsheetswithno linkto the
      coursescanbeundertakenby                     designandwriteaYorkSkills                 MAC Student Records system. The
      members of staff or by members of            Managementsystemthatcouldbe               newsystemoffersmanyadvantages
      the public as well as by York                usedbyallcourseco-ordinatorsto            overtheoldsystems,particularly
      students. Somestudentsmaychoose              recordandmonitorapplicants                speedonentryofregistrationdetails
      to enrol for some of these courses as        participating in this scheme. The         because of the link to MAC. There
      part of the York Award. The York             systemwascompletedinJuneand               areseveralmanagementinformation
      Awardisaqualificationearnedin                hasbeenactivelyusedsincethe               reportsavailableandweexpecttobe
      additiontoastudent’sdegreewhich              beginning of October.                     makingenhancementsoverthe
      includeslanguageandinformation                                                         comingyearasfeedbackfromthe
      literacyskills,togetherwith                  ThesystemiswritteninPowerhouse            usersisobtained.
      involvementincommunityactivities             4GL and makes use of certain data
      andvoluntarywork.                            items held on the MAC Student


      Until recently, the method of                and, if successful, their award. If       well as MAC data. If all are present
      producingDegreecertificatesfor               thesedataitems,together withthe           and correct, the certificates can be
      postgraduatestudentswasamanual               dateoftheceremonyandfixed                 printedonasuitablepostscript
      process. It consisted of passing a list      certificatetext couldbeformatted          printerloadedwithblank
      ofnames,awardsandprogramtitles               with the correct font and size, then      certificates.
      to the Print Unit where these data           theonlymanualinterventionwould
      itemswerekeyedinandcertificates              be to select the desired batch of         Thissystemhasbenefitedthe
      printed, one by one. To simplify             students.                                 PostgraduateOfficebyallowing
      matters, the Print Unit had set up                                                     them to producethecertificates
      templatesofknownawardsand                    With this aim, a system within MAC        without reliance on the Print Unit.
      titles, but this still left the labourious   wassetuptoallowthePostgraduate            Duplicatedataentryhasbeen
      task of entering the name of every           Office staff to select successful         eliminatedandthereforetyping
      successfulpostgraduatestudent,               studentsaccordingtotheirawardor           errorshavebeenreduced.
      approx 750 each year.                        program of study. Thesystem also          Certificatescanbeproducedwithin
                                                   allowsforthemaintenanceofaward            minutesoftheawardsofsuccessful
      It seemed logical to automate this           descriptionsandceremonydates. A           studentsbeingenteredinto MAC.
      process as much as possible. The             check list of the selected students can
      MACsystemholdsdetailsofall                   beproduced;thisallowsforcross
      students,theirprogramsofstudy                checkingagainstdepartmentallistsas

MIS News


In order to comply with the recent        RegistrationsystemwithinMAC;            acceptedinearlySeptemberand
legislationthatrequiresallnew             populatinganewcustomised                wasfullyoperationalalongwith
Home and EU students to make a            database,processingthisdatainto         the Registration System at the
means tested contribution to their        MAC and using the current SBS           end of that month. Apart from
Tuition Fees (to a maximum of             software to build as much of the fee    minorglitchesassociatedwith
£1000) the University has had to put      dataaspossible. Thegovernment           studentwithdrawalandcourse
in place a suite of programs that can     anticipatedthat thefundingsplit         changes,thewholeprocesshas
recordwhoispayinghowmuch(the              wouldbeevenlybetween“Fully              gone smoothly. To date we have
studentand/ortheLocalAuthority).          Student”,“LEA”and“partstudent/          processed over 1550 new tuition
Astheprevioussoftwarewouldonly            part LEA” so no more than one third     records, for all but 88 of which
handle the building of fees for one       wasexpectedtocreateadditional           writtenverificationwasprovided
sponsor at a time and could hold          work. As it turned out the York         by the student, and £1.5M worth
only the most basic fee history, MIS      division was more like 50:30:20.        ofinvoiceswillbescheduledfor
wascommissionedtowritethe                 Furthercomplicationswerethatthe         paymentunderthisschemeas
softwarethatcouldhandlethe                LEA funding has to be officially        you read this article. The
conceptof“MultipleSponsors”and            verified and a large number of the      softwarewasdeliveredontime,
record fee application data. The          new“unitary”authoritieswouldbe          withinbudget(inevitablythere
input had to be simple, fast, efficient   funding fees for the first time. New    were no funds for this) and to
andadaptableasthemethodology              conceptsandnewbodiespromised            specification. Another
thatindividualLEA’sweregoingto            atbestDeliaSmithscrambledeggs!          “Yorkshire”Universitywithin
adoptwasunclear. Followingseveral         (a lot of effort followed by an         three weeks of the beginning of
planningmeetingsbetweenthe                unpalatableresult).                     theirtermhadbarelystarted,had
Registryand Finance Department it                                                 severalstaff-monthsof
was decide to “hang” the Tuition Fee      However,tomixone’smetaphors,            programming to do, and no time
Input Screen off the In-house             weappeartohavecomeuptrumps!             to test!


CurrentlytheUniversity’steaching          MIS are currently involved in the       parallelwiththemanualpreparation
timetableisproducedmanually,on            implementationofSyllabusPlusat          ofthetimetableduringthesummer
a termly basis, by staff in the           York. Information from the student      term. The 1999 autumn term
ExaminationsandTimetabling                recordssystem,suchasstudent             timetable will be the first to be
Office. Manual production of the          modulechoices,hasbeenloadedinto         producedusingSyllabusPlusalone.
timetablehasbecomean                      the timetable database. Other           In the future, the production of the
increasinglydifficultandlengthy           informationhasbeenloadedfrom            teachingtimetableshouldbealess
processdueinparttogrowing                 the MAC Spacerecord(teaching            arduousprocessforthe
student numbers and in part to the        rooms) and from the MAC                 ExaminationsOfficeensuringaclash
rangeof combined courseson offer.         Personnelrecord(teachingstaff).         freetimetablewithmoreeffectiveuse
SyllabusPlusisasoftwarepackage            Further information is to be collated   ofteachingresources.
whichisspecificallydesignedto             andmanuallyenteredintothe
produceplannedtimetablesfor               system. The aim is to produce a
highereducationinstitutions.              timetableusingSyllabusPlusin

library   RALPHY - The J.B. Morrell Electronic Reserve Project
          Gareth J Johnson

          RALPHY or the Remote Access
          RALPHY,                                   in copyright clearance for print           Itseemsthatatleastthreemonthslead
          LibraryProjectHostedatYorktogive          materialsheldinaprintedformatbya           time is needed in order to properly
          its full name, is an Electronic Reserve   University. Thisunfortunatelymeans         provide for a course’s reading list
          (ER) project.         ER are digital      that in order to use full text materials   needs.
          collectionsofarticlesorbookchapters       electronically every single item must
          that can be accessed through a            beclearedwithitsright’sownerbythe          RALPHYhassofarachievedagreater
          computer network. Most often ER           projectteam. Acopyrightagreement           than60%copyrightclearancesuccess
          schemes are run by individual             acceptable to most publishers took         rate on journal articles, though
          Universitiesandaccessisprovidedvia        some time to develop, aided through        unfortunatelyitseemsthatvirtuallyall
          theWorldWideWeb. Generally,like           consultation with other ER projects,       publishers are unwilling to clear the
          the Library’s short loan reserve          such as Project ACORN at                   duplication of book chapters in this
          photocopy collection, ER material is      Loughborough.                              waywithoutsubstantialfees.However,
          intended to support undergraduate                                                    this hasn’t stopped the project from
          teaching needs. Due to some of the        Discovering the range of materials         providing access to some 30 articles
          copyright considerations providing        that would be cleared for electronic       electronically to date for a range of
          material for postgraduate use can be      reproduction also took time. This is a     courses. So far, feedback from users
          problematical.                            complexissueasmanypublishersare            hasbeenextremelypositive.
                                                    uneasy about granting electronic
          The major advantage of an ER is that      permissions, suffering nightmares          In the future major nationwide large-
          therearenophysicallimitationsonthe        overthepotentialrevenueloss,andso          scale services such as theHERON &
          period of access or the                                                                         JSTOR projects, as well as
          number of users of an article                                                                   thecontinueddevelopment
          atanyonetime. Usersarealso                                                                      ofelectronicjournals may
          able to print articles on                                                                       well shift the onus of work
          demand in the same way as                                                                       fromindividualinstitutions
          they would print any                                                                            tothemselvesandprovidea
          document from a computer.                                                                       much more streamlined
          This increased availability of                                                                  service.        However,
          access to items in heavy                                                                        developmentslikethistake
          demand that users of the                                                                        time and money, whether
          various ER services                                                                             or not they prove to be
          particularlyfavour.                                                                             effective; for the next few
                                                                                                          years, RALPHY offers a
          Electronic documents held                                                                       viable low cost alternative.
          on the RALPHY Web site are stored                                                               Anydepartmentsinterested
          in Adobe Acrobat Portable Data            flatlyrefusetograntpermission. This        in just how the project could
          Format (PDF). This format has a           hasbeenparticularlyseeninattempts          potentiallybenefitthemarewelcome
          numberofadvantageswithrespectto           toprovideERssetupforpostgraduate           to contact me at any time to discuss it,
          download time, security, browsing         use. Undergraduateteachingmaterials        or alternatively to browse the URLs
          ease,andelectronicdocumentcreation.       are not seen as a major market and         belowformoreinformation.
          Print material to be digitalised are      therefore are more likely to be
          scanned in a page at a time, using a      acceptable to publishers. Some             RALPHY
          flatbed scanner and then converted        publishersemploytheratherannoying
          into the PDF format. On average an        tacticofgrantingcopyrightpermission,       library/reserve.yrk/index.htm
          electronic copy of an article takes       provided a fee of several hundred          ProjectACORN
          around 30 minutes to create, so the       poundsispaidperarticle. Inpractical
          processisnotovertlytimeconsuming.         terms this means it is more cost           HERON
          However,whilethetechnologicalset          copies of an item, rather than attempt     JSTOR
          up takes only a short time, the major     to electronically duplicate them. All
          obstacle to providing an ER is            this takes considerable time and           ElectronicJournals
          obtainingcopyrightpermission. Asit        frequently reminder letters have to
          currently stands the Copyright            follow the initial request to gently       library/ejournal/home.htm
          LicensingAuthority(CLA)onlydeals          nudgepublishersintherightdirection.

                                                                                                                        contact information
Computing Service Address

Computing Service                         Telephone:   Switchboard (01904) 430000
University of York                                     Direct dialling (01904) 43 followed by ext no.
Heslington                                Fax:         (01904) 433740
YORK YO1 5DD                              Email:

Also, try the World Wide Web:

Information Desk

                      Telephone:     ext 3838
                      Email:         infodesk

The Information Desk is open from 9am to 5.15pm Monday to Thursday, and 9am to 4.15pm Friday (closed for training
Wednesdays 2pm-3pm), for problem solving, advice and information, fault reporting, network connections, file conver-
sion, sales, course bookings, registration and documentation. Printed output can be collected from the lobby entrance
which is open from 8am to midnight.

Computing Service Staff:

                      Director:                           Mike Jinks             3801   kmj1
                      Deputy Director:                    Peter Roberts          3802   pdr1
                      Departmental Secretary:             Lorraine Moor          3801   lsm1

                      Head of Technical Services:         Dave Atkin             3804   dla1
                      Head of User Services:              John Illingworth       3803   jji1
                      Head of Personal Systems:           Doug Moncur            3815   dgm1
                      Operations Manager:                 Brian Souter           3814   bs1
                      Information Officer:                Joanne Casey           3805   jmc8

    Steve Bennett                  3832    sgb8                         Sue Hodges                      3800   sh32
    Sue Bolton                     2102    sjb28                        Jenny Jackson                   4455   jj5
    Mike Brudenell                 3811    pmb1                         Chris Joy                       3807   cj8
    John Byrne                     3812    jcb1                         Bob Marriott                    4454   bdm2
    Paul Conacher                  4346    pac1                         John Marsden                    3832   jpm1
    Mark Cook                      3897    rmc12                        John Mason                      3813   jrm13
    Robert Demaine                 3808    rld1                         Darren Munday                   3821   dam6
    Debra Fayter                   3839    daf3                         Helen Parker                    3800   hp7
    Ken Finch                      4452    kf1                          Colin Rea                       3817   cr9
    Rob Fletcher                   3816    rpf1                         John Robinson                   3833   jsr1
    Kevin Gardner                  3739    pkg4                         Kay Robinson                    2101   kr7
    Chris Gowland                  3823    cg1                          Andrew Smith                    3809   abs4
    Peter Halls                    3806    pjh1                         Timothy Willson                 2123   ftmw1
    Vivienne Hemingway             3818    vwh1                         Michael Woodhead                3825   mw28