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Regional Overview

What       is   Charlotte Usa?
The Charlotte region continues to strengthen its position as one of the most dynamic and diversified locations in
North America. This 16-county region – 12 in North Carolina and four in South Carolina – is home to more than
850 foreign-owned firms, eight Fortune 500 company headquarters and a growing population of over 2.6 million
  •	 16	counties	spanning	North	Carolina	and	South	Carolina
  •	     Equidistant	between	Miami	and	New	York	City	on	eastern		
         U.S.	seaboard
  •	     Population	2.6	million;	workforce	1.5	million
  •	     Second	largest	financial	center	in	U.S.
  •	     Eight	Fortune 500	headquarters
  •	     Heart	of	I-85	Corridor;	highest	concentration		
         of	manufacturing	in	Carolinas
  •	     Core	urban	engine,	Charlotte,	17th	largest	U.S.	city
  •	     Largest	concentration	of	international	business		
         in	the	Carolinas
  •	     Nation’s	ninth	busiest	international	airport
  •	     Cost	of	living	currently	94%	of	the	U.S.	average		
         and	among	the	lowest	in	the	South	(ACCRA	2010,Q1)
  •	     Charlotte	metro	area	ranked	seventh	fastest	growing	urban	area

       “Charlotte and its sister communities are one region, one economy, one environmental area, one society.”
                  - The simple premise for the foundation of Charlotte’s regional success, The Pierce Report 1995.

                                                                         77                                                 85
                                                                             Winston-Salem Greensboro
                                                                                                                         Durham      95
                                                          Statesville           High Point
                                     Asheville       40                                                                                    Greenville

                                                                                                                                                New Bern

                              Greenville                                          Rockingham
                                                 Spartenburg                                                                             Jacksonville

                               85                                  77                                                                             Morehead City

                                                                                               Florence                     Wilmington

                                                                                                          Myrtle Beach

                                                                                     26                                                             Major	cities
                                                                        95        Charleston


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    Regional Overview

    BUsiness strength
         •	    Home	to	eight	Fortune	500	headquarters
         •	    Second	largest	financial	center	in	nation;	home	to	Bank	of	America,	largest	U.S.	bank
         •	    Lowest	unionization	rates	in	country;	North	Carolina	and	South	Carolina	have	3.5%	and	3.9%	membership	
               rates	respectively
         •	    Diversified	economy	with	strengths	in	manufacturing,	corporate	services	and	logistics
         •	    More	than	850	foreign-owned	firms	operating	in	the	region,	representing	nearly	50	countries
         •	    Electricity	rates	among	lowest	in	Southeastern	U.S.,	with	the	Carolinas	averaging	8.31	cents	per	kWh	across	
               all	sectors	while	U.S.	average	is	9.75
         •	    Highest	concentration	of	medical	device	manufacturers	in	the	Carolinas
         •	    90%	of	all	NASCAR	motorsports	teams	located	within	50	miles	of	Charlotte
         •	    More	than	1,000	DoD	contractors	operating	within	region	since	2000

          “Connextions has been in Concord as of three years this October, and since our opening we have grown from 350
            people to today just under 1100 people. Approximately six months ago we worked very very closely with the
          Regional Partnership and the Cabarrus Economic Development folks in order to expand beyond even the building
             that we’re in today. Six months ago we opened up a secondary building. We are now officially a campus…”
                                                             - Tracy Ayers, Connextions

        Cost per SF: Downtown Office Space                                         Cities with five or more Fortune 500 HQs
        Washington, DC          $49.13       Los Angeles, CA     $31.20            New York, NY          43        Cincinnati, OH      6
        Boston, MA              $47.09       Miami, FL           $30.67            Houston, TX           25        Los Angeles, CA     6
        New York, NY           $42.95        Houston, TX         $23.63            Dallas, TX            12        Milwaukee, WI       6
        San Francisco, CA      $35.91        Charlotte, NC       $23.27            Chicago, IL           12        Pittsburgh, PA      6
        Chicago, IL            $32.64        Dallas, TX          $19.18            Atlanta, GA            9        Richmond, VA        6
                                                                                   St. Louis, MO          8        San Francisco, CA   6
        Source: CB Richard Ellis, 2009 Q 1
                                                                                   Charlotte, NC          8        Seattle, WA         6
                                                                                   Columbus, OH           7        Cleveland, OH       5
                                                                                   Minneapolis, MN        7        San Antonio, TX     5
                                                                                   Philadelphia, PA       7

                                                                                  Source: Fortune 500 Magazine, 2008

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Regional Overview

reCent annoUnCements
    •	   Apple	locating	a	$1	billion	data	center	in	Charlotte	USA,	the	largest	capital	investment	project	in	the	state’s	
         history.	The	500,000-sf	facility	will	be	the	company’s	only	East	Coast	operations	center.
    •	   Daimler	North	America	relocated	its	corporate	marketing	and	sales	functions	to	a	300-acre	campus	in										
         Fort	Mill,	SC,	bringing	300	jobs	and	investing	more	than	$10	million	in	a	new	facility
    •	   Toyota	Racing	Development	constructed	an	engineering	chassis	manufacturing	center	in	Salisbury,	NC,	citing	
         proximity	to	motorsports	community,	level	of	R&D	support	and	quality	of	transportation	infrastructure	as	key	
         drivers	for	decision
    •	   Toshiba	Nuclear	Engineering	building	national	engineering	center	in	Charlotte,	NC,	citing	presence	of	emerging	
         energy	hub,	strength	of	corporate	community	and	depth	of	available	talent	as	key	drivers	for	decision
    •	   Connextions,	a	call	center	facility	located	in	Concord,	NC,	has	expanded	twice	since	opening	in	2005	to	
         accommodate	an	additional	600	employees;	the	facility	now	employs	900	workers
    •	   Target	has	constructed	the	largest		
         logistics	facility	in	the	region	in		
         Hickory,	NC,	spanning	1.5	million		              CNN Money’s Best                            CEO Magazine’s Best
         square	feet	and	employing	more		                 Place to Live & Launch                      States to do Business
         than	500	workers                                  1       Bellevue, WA                        1       TX               6        NV
    •	   GMAC	expanding	an	existing	back		                 2       Georgetown, TX                      2       NC               7        VA
         office	operation	to	add	250	employees		           3       Buford, GA                          3       FL               8        AZ
         in	financial	services	positions                   4       Marina Del Ray, CA                  4       GA               9        SC
                                                           5       Bethesda, MD                        5       TN             10         CO
                                                           6       Portland, OR
                                                                                                      Source: CEO Magazine, April
                                                           7       Denver, CO
                                                           8       Charlotte, NC                      2009
                                                                                                      543 CEOs evaluated their states on issues
                                                           9       Ft. Worth, TX
                                                                                                      including education and infrastructure.
                                                          10       Franklin, MA                       CEOs were also asked to grade each state
                                                          Source: 2008
                                                          Ranks towns on great business environment
                                                          combined with alluring leisure offerings
                                                          and economic conditions such as low local
                                                          tax rates.

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    Regional Overview

        •	     Reach	60%	of	U.S.	market	in	24	hours
        •	     Central	location	on	eastern	seaboard
        •	     Charlotte	Douglas	International	Airport	(CLT)	is	nation’s		
               ninth	busiest	airport
        •	     Intersection	of	I-85,	I-77	and	I-40	provides	convenient	
               highway	access	to	points	north,	south	and	west
        •	     CSX	and	Norfolk	Southern	run	43,000	track	miles	of	rail	and	
               service	600	trains	weekly;	short	rail	lines	service	rural	areas.	
               New	speed	train	projet
        •	     All	major	trucking	companies	represented
        •	     Port	access	to	Charleston,	Wilmington,	Morehead	City	
               accessible	via	rail	or	truck	within	four	hours
        •	     Foreign	Trade	Zone	(FTZ)	#57	operates	locally	to	reduce	taxes	
               and	fees,	and	expedite	customs	process	for	imports/exports
        •	     Two	inland	intermodal	terminals	operated	by	the	NC	State	
               Ports	Authority	with	service	to	Wilmington
        •	     Over	300	logistics	firms	and	more	than	100	distribution	
               centers	call	the	region	home
              “When we realized that we had this magnificent core laboratory in which we could do our one-off
             experiments here, it just became a natural fit for us to build our facility near this campus, near this
              laboratory in particular. And also the collaborations with Duke University and the UNC University
                                    System are just a perfect fit for what we needed to do.”
             - Dr. Andrew Conrad, chief scientific officer at LabCorp’s National Genetics Institute, which recently opened a new facility
                                           at the North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis, NC.

    Foreign Trade Zone #57 Economic Benefits:
        •	     Merchandise	may	be	manipulated,	used	                                                                   77                                                 85
                                                                                                                           Winston-Salem Greensboro
               in	a	manufacturing	process,	inspected,	                                                                                                                 Durham      95

               combined	with	other	materials,	displayed	                      26                        Statesville           High Point
                                                                                   Asheville       40                                                                                    Greenville
               for	sale	and/or	re-exported	without	                                   CLT Intermodal

               payment	of	duty.	                                                                                             Charlotte
                                                                                                                                                                                              New Bern

        •	     Savings	on	personal	property,	sales	                         Greenville

               and	use	taxes	are	possible	since	state	                       85                                  77                                                                             Morehead City
               and	local	governments	generally	do	not	                                          26

               impose	such	taxes	on	items	in	an	FTZ.	                                                                                        Florence                     Wilmington

                                                                                                                                                        Myrtle Beach
        •	     Additional	savings	on	interest,	labor	and	                                        20

               shipping	costs	may	also	result.	
        •	     The	FTZ	is	subject	to	Customs	                                                                                                                             CharlotteUSA
               supervision	and	security	procedures,	                                                                            Charleston
                                                                                                                                                                          Major	cities
               saving	the	FTZ	users,	expenses	for	                                                                                                                        Ports
               security	and	insurance.	                                                                                                                                   CLT	Intermodel	Facility

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Regional Overview

Charlotte DoUglas international airport (Clt)
 •	    Ranked	ninth	busiest	in	the	U.S.                                   •	   Fixed	base	operator	located	on	site
 •	    Nonstop	service	to	134	destinations	including	direct	              •	   10	major	airlines;	7	regional	carriers
       international	service	to	London,	Frankfurt,	Munich,	               •	   Over	500,000-sf	of	warehouse	space	in	Charlotte	
       Paris,	Toronto,	Mexico	City,	and	Rio	De	Janiero	                        Air	Cargo	Center
       service	recently	applied	for	and	pending
                                                                          •	   20	cargo	carriers
 •	    644	daily	departures
                                                                          •	   Domestic	freight	and	international	freight	services	
 •	    Largest	U.S.	Airways	hub	airport	&	American	HQ”s                        to/from	Europe,	Middle	East,	Far	East,	South	
 •	    Intermodal	facility	currently	under	construction;	                      America	and	Mexico
       when	complete	will	double	capacity	of	existing	                    •	   Major	hub	for	small	package	express
       facility;	lift	capacity	increased	to	350-390K	per	year
 •	    Construction	of	3rd	parallel	runway	expected	to	
       be	completed	early	2010,	allowing	CLT	to	be	third	
       airport	in	U.S.	with	simultaneous	landing	capacity

                                  Daily Non-stop and Single Plane Air Service from Charlotte

Largest U.S. Airports, ranked by total operations
1     Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Intl Airport      6    Las Vegas McCarran Intl Airport
2     Chicago O’Hare Intl Airport                  7    George Bush Intercontinental-Houston Airport
3     Dallas/Fort Worth Intl Airport               8    Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl Airport
4     Los Angeles Intl Airport                     9    Charlotte Douglas International Airport
5     Denver Intl Airport                          10   Philadelphia Intl Airport

Source: Bureau of Transportation Statistics 2008

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    Regional Overview

    QUality         of   life
         •	   Mild	four-season	climate	with	average	of	214	days	of	sunshine	each	year
                                                                                                                  Charlotte USA Sporting Events
         •	   37	colleges	and	universities	with	50+	campuses	spread		                                             Carolina Panthers                                                                              Sept-Dec
              throughout	region
                                                                                                                  Charlotte Bobcats                                                                              Sept-Dec
         •	   Cost	of	living	94%	of	national	average                                                              NASCAR All Star Race                                                                           April
         •	   Top	healthcare	amenities,	including	Carolinas	Healthcare		                                          Coca-Cola 600/Speed Street                                                                     May
              System,	third-largest	public	healthcare	system	in	the	U.S.                                          Quail Hollow Golf Tournament                                                                   May
                                                                                                                  Charlotte Knights/AAA Baseball                                                                 Oct-June
         •	   Average	housing	cost	for	4	bedroom,	2	bath	home	listed		
              at	$252,303	(Accra	2008A)                                                                           Charlotte Checkers/Hockey                                                                      Oct-Feb
                                                                                                                  CIAA Tournament/Basketball                                                                     March
         •	   Beaches	and	mountains	accessible	within	3	hours
                                                                                                                  Meineke Car Care Bowl                                                                          Dec
         •	   Never	more	than	one	plane	change	away	from	any		                                                    Thunder Road Marathon                                                                          Dec
              global	destination                                                                                  Queen’s Cup Steeplechase                                                                       April
         •	   25+	galleries	and	bimonthly	gallery	crawls                                                          NASCAR Bank of America 500                                                                     Oct

         •	   Variety	of	restaurants	fueled	by	graduates	of	the	Charlotte-based	Johnson	&	Wales	University

                    “Charlotte is a great place to live… I can drive downtown in 15 minutes from our office.
                                                You can’t do that in other cities.”
                    - Scott Carr, president of Biotage, a Swiss company which moved its headquarters to Charlotte in 2009.

        Charlotte USA Attractions
        Carowinds Amusement Park                                                    Carolina Thread Trail

        NASCAR Hall of Fame
        Discovery Place Interactive Science Museum                                                                                                  NC Transportation Museum

        3 NC and 5 SC State Parks
        ImaginOn                                                                   321                Lake Norman State Park

        Carolina Thread Trail                                                                                                                                          Carolina Thread Trail

        Charlotte Film Festival                                                                        Carolina Raptor Center

        NC Transportation Museum                                                                   U.S. National
                                                            74                                   White Water Center                                                                            Morrow Mountain State Park

        U.S. National White Water Center                                         85
                                                                                             Daniel Stowe

        Mint Museum of Art
                                                                                           Botanical Gardens
                                                                               Crowder’s Mountain
                                                                                   State Park                                      Mint
        Carolina Raptor Center                                           King’s Mountain
                                                                            State Park                Carowinds
                                                                                                                                   of Art
                                                                                                    Amusement Park
        Blumenthal Performing Arts Center                                                                                       Andrew Jackson
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Pee Dee National
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Wildlife Refuge
                                                                                                                                  State Park

        Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens                                   Carolina Thread Trail                                    Landsford Canal State Park

        Afro-American Cultural Center                                             Chester State Park
                                                                                                                      NASCAR Hall of Fame
                                                                                                                      Discovery Place Interactive Science Museum

        The Knight Theater                                                                                            Blumenthal Performing Arts Center
                                                                                                                      Afro-American Cultural Center
                                                                                                         77           Spirit Square Center for the Arts
                                                                                                                      Children’s Theater of Charlotte
        Spirit Square Center for the Arts                                                                             Charlotte Film Festival
                                                                                                                      The Knight Theater
                                                                                                                                                                                   Carolina Sandhills National          Cheraw State Park
        Children’s Theater of Charlotte                                                                                                                                                  Wildlife Refuge

                                                                                                                                                     Carolina Thread Trail
        Two National Wildlife Refuges

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Regional Overview

QUality            of     life

 America’s Best Places to Live                                                                       Best Cities for Singles
   1         Charlotte, NC                         6           Stevens Point, WI                       1         Atlanta, GA
   2         San Antonio, TX                       7           Asheville, NC                           2         San Francisco. CA
   3         Chattanooga, TN                       8           Albuquerque, NM                         3         Dallas, TX
   4         Greenville, SC                        9           Huntsville, AL                          4         Minneapolis, MN
   5         Tulsa, OK                            10           Seattle, WA                             5         Washington, DC
                                                                                                       6         Seattle, WA
 Editors review local nominations, along with key data regarding education, employment,
                                                                                                       7         Boston, MA
 economy, crime, parks, recreation and housing.                                                        8         New York, NY
                                                                                                       9         Orlando, FL
                                                                                                     10          Phoenix, AZ
 Newsweek’s Top U.S. High Schools in Charlotte USA                                                   11          Chicago, IL
                                                                                                     12          Denver, CO
     38        Myers Park HS                                   Charlotte, NC
                                                                                                     13          Miami, FL
   134         Harding University HS                           Charlotte, NC
                                                                                                     14          Austin, TX
   177         Providence HS                                   Charlotte, NC
                                                                                                     15          San Antonio, TX
   193         North Mecklenburg HS                            Huntersville, NC
                                                                                                     16          Los Angeles, CA
   424         Butler HS                                       Matthews, NC
                                                                                                     17          Houston, TX
   480         East Mecklenburg HS                             Charlotte, NC
                                                                                                     18          Charlotte, NC
   543         Hopewell HS                                     Huntersville, NC
                                                                                                     19          San Diego, CA
   557         Northwest School of the Arts                    Charlotte, NC
                                                                                                     20          St. Louis, MO
   622         South Mecklenburg HS                            Charlotte, NC
   793         Salisbury HS                                    Salisbury, NC                         Source: Oprah Magazine 2008
   902         Renaissance at Olympic                          Charlotte, NC                         Results based on: The ratio of unmarried
                                                                                                     men to unmarried women, divorce rates,
  1124         Weddington HS                                   Weddington, NC
                                                                                                     fitness level, philanthropy, education level
 1255          Int’l School of Bus/Comm                        Charlotte, NC                         and attraction.

Source: Newsweek 2008, Top High Schools
Schools ranked according to the number of Advanced Placement, Intl. Baccalaureate and/or Cambridge
tests taken by all students at a school in 2007 divided by the number of graduating seniors.

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    Regional Overview

    QUality        of   life

                            Average                                                   Average                                                Average              Average
                         Apartment Rent                                              Home Price                                           Apartment Rent         Home Price
    New York                   $3,500                                                  $1,234,540                     Atlanta                     $777             $278,735
    Los Angeles                 1,878                                                      744,381                    Memphis                       694             216,843
    Philadelphia                1,342                                                      435,100                    Detroit                       854             327,234
    Boston                      1,440                                                     442,000                     Cincinnati                    760             262,280
    Chicago                     1,451                                                     365,380                     Charlotte                     666             254,155
    Minneapolis                 1,185                                                      352,151                    Phoenix                       829             305,315
    Denver                       829                                                      338,862                     Dallas                        733             212,693
    Newark                      1,357                                                     505,364                     Salt Lake City                835             319,756
    Washington, DC              1,809                                                      652,116                    Houston                       821             220,344
    Van Nuys, CA                1,878                                                      744,381                    Las Vegas                     859            395, 500

    Source: ACCRA 2008 Cost of Living Survey                                                                          Source: ACCRA 2008 Cost of Living Survey

                                                                                                                Affordability of Top 20 Major Hub Airport Cities, 2009
                                                                                                                100=U.S. average

                                                                                       Memphis, TN (MEM)
                                                                                          Houston, TX (IAH)
                                                                                       Charlotte, NC (CLT)
                                    Top U.S. Airports (ranked by movement)

                                                                                       Cincinnati, OH (CVG)
                                                                                 Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport, TX
                                                                                           Atlanta, GA (ATL)
                                                                                    Salt Lake City, UT (SLC)
                                                                                           Detroit, MI (DTW)
                                                                                         Phoenix, AZ (PHX)
                                                                                          Denver, CO (DEN)
                                                                                  Las Vegas, Nevada (LAS)
                                                                                          Chicago, IL (ORD)
                                                                             Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN (MSP)
                                                                                     Philadelphia, PA (PHL)
                                                                                         Newark, NJ (EWR)
                                                                                          Boston, MA (BOS)
                                                                                      Washington, DC (IAD)
                                                                                        Van Nuys, CA (VNY)
                                                                                     Los Angeles, CA (LAX)
                                                                                        New York, NY (LGA)
                                                                                                                0              50         100              150    200         250
                                                                                                                Source: ACCRA 2008 Cost of Living Survey

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  Regional Overview

      •	   Eight	Fortune	500	headquarters
      •	   21st	largest	regional	U.S.	economy
      •	   18th	largest	regional	manufacturing	GDP	in	nation	
      •	   Charlotte	metro	area	is	the	seventh	fastest	growing	U.S.	metro
      •	   Workforce	of	1.5	million	people
      •	   Average	production	salary	2%	lower	than	national	average
      •	   Average	housing	costs	20%	lower	than	national	average	(ACCRA	2010,	Q1)
      •	   38	colleges,	universities	and	community	colleges	service	50+	campuses	throughout	the	16-county	region
      •	   High	marks	consistently	cited	among	recently	relocated	firms	for	favorable	business	climate

      Fortune 500 HQs

      Note: Headquarters of Fortune 1000 companies include Belk, Commscope, Ruddick, Carlisle and Piedmont Natural Gas

                              Metropolitan Area GDP, Southern Metro Areas

Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta, GA (MSA)
Charlotte-Gastonia-Concord, NC-SC (MSA)
      Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News
                 Memphis, TN-MS-AR (MSA)
                       Jacksonville, FL (MSA)
                         Richmond, VA (MSA)
                     Raleigh-Cary, NC (MSA)
                                                 0                  $200,000,000,000
                                                  Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2006

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     Regional Overview

      INC’s 5,000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies                                                                 Top States for Favorable
      in Charlotte USA                                                                                              Business Climate
            17      Red Ventures                                                         Indian Land, SC               1            North Carolina
            73      FireFold                                                             Concord, NC                   2            Tennessee
        246         nGroup                                                               Fort Mill, SC               T3             Alabama
         476        Red F                                                                Charlotte, NC               T3             Texas
        561         Alliance Plastics                                                    Fort Mill, SC                 5            Indiana
        608         Gnu-Co                                                               Matthews, NC                  6            Florida
        688         WebsiteBiz                                                           Charlotte, NC                 7            Ohio
        793         Transportation Insight                                               Hickory, NC                   8            Virginia
        861         T2 Products                                                          Mooresville, NC               9            Illinois
      1050          Walling Data Systems                                                 Claremont, NC               10             Georgia
      1094          Red Moon Marketing                                                   Charlotte, NC               11             New York
       1100         Hendrick Construction                                                Charlotte, NC              T12             Kentucky
       1158         Integra Staffing                                                     Charlotte, NC              T12             Missouri
       1208         Independent Healthcare Staffing                                      Charlotte, NC               14             South Carolina
       1292         Banister Homes                                                       Charlotte, NC               15             Pennsylvania
       1513         Southern Prestige Industries                                         Statesville, NC
                                                                                                                    Source: Site Selection magazine 2008
       1538         Monaghan Group                                                       Charlotte, NC              Rankings determined 50 percent by new and
      1665          Holland Transportation Management Services Statesville, NC                                      expanded business facility activity and 50 percent by
                                                                                                                    a survey of 152 corporate real estate executives.
       1917         Jafrum International                                                 Charlotte, NC
       1937         Verigent                                                             Mooresville, NC
       1985         Queen Associates                                                     Charlotte, NC
      2038          Byrum Heating & A/C                                                  Marshville, NC
       2078         JHE Production Group                                                 Harrisburg, NC             North American Cities
                                                                                                                    of the Future
      2392          Sealing Agents Waterproofing                                         Indian Trail, NC
       2401         AccruePartners                                                       Charlotte, NC                 1            New York, NY

       2423         ORCS Web                                                             Charlotte, NC                 2            Chicago, IL

       2528         LogoNation                                                           Mooresville, NC               3            Houston, TX

       2819         MedExpress Pharmacy                                                  Salisbury, NC                 4            San Francisco, CA

       2851         Access Family Services                                               Charlotte, NC                 5            Austin, TX

      2905          Cash Cycle Solutions                                                 Charlotte, NC                 6            Tampa, FL
                                                                                                                       7            Los Angeles, CA
      Source: INC magazine 2008
                                                                                                                       8            Miami, FL
      A comprehensive listing of the fastest-growing companies in America
                                                                                                                       9            Charlotte, NC
                                                                                                                     10             San Jose, CA

      2009 Metro Economic Strength Ranking                                                                          Source: fDi magazine 2009/2010
                                                                                                                    Cities scored in seven categories: economic potential,
        1         Houston MSA                                   6           Madison MSA
                                                                                                                    human resources, cost-effectiveness, quality of life,
        2         Washington, DC MSA                            7           Denver MSA                              infrastructure, business friendliness and FDI promotion
        3         Charlotte MSA                                 8           San Diego MSA                           strategy.

        4         Dallas MSA                                    9           Kansas City MSA
        5         Nashville MSA                                10           Salt Lake City MSA

     Source: Policom Corporation 2009
     POLICOM addresses the condition of an economy from the viewpoint of its impact upon the “standard of living”
     of the people who live and work in an area.

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Regional Overview

Center          of   finanCe
                                                                                                   Nearly 850 Foreign-Owned
     •	    Second-largest	banking	capital	in	U.S.                                                  Firms in Charlotte USA
     •	    Bank	of	America,	the	nation’s	largest	bank,	is	headquartered		
           in	uptown	Charlotte
     •	    White	collar	jobs	outnumber	blue	collar	jobs	2	to	1
     •	    25	percent	of	all	IT	workers	in	the	Carolinas	are	located		
           in	Charlotte	USA
     •	    Restructuring	of	nation’s	top	banks	allows	opportunity		
           for	new	employers	to	tap	into	skilled,	available	talent	base
     •	    Operating	costs	below	the	national	average;	urban	amenities		
           and	downtown	location	at	fraction	of	cost	of	major	U.S.		
           banking	cities
     •	    Attractive	quality	of	life	that	rivals	larger,	urban	markets
     •	    Local	universities	specialize	in	e-commerce	and	Internet	security,		
           partnering	with	the	business	community	to	meet	growing	needs		                          Source: Charlotte Regional Partnership
                                                                                                   and Charlotte Chamber of Commerce
           of	finance	and	insurance	sector

            “The people are welcoming. And everyone always compliments how green the city is and how
                                  wonderful the trees are. That has an appeal.”
          - Gerhardt Forstner, president of German-based Huber Technology which expanded its Huntersville facility early 2009.

Center          of   international BUsiness
     •	    Largest	concentration	of	foreign-owned	firms	(850+)	and	international	community	in	Carolinas
     •	    Highest	concentration	of	foreign	firms	owned	by	German,	British	and	Japanese	parent	companies
     •	    If	the	Carolinas	were	a	country,	it	would	be	the	17th	largest	economy	in	the	world
     •	    More	than	40	languages	found	spoken	in	the	region
     •	    45+	business	and	cultural	organizations	developed	to	support	local	international	community
     •	    K-12	language	immersion	programs	in	French,	German,	Mandarin	Chinese,	Spanish	and	Japanese
     •	    Active	Sister	City	programs	with	cities	in	the	EU,	Asia	and	South	America
     •	    Eleven	honorary	foreign	consuls	located	in	the	region	
     •	    655	daily	departures	to	134	destinations	with	non-stop	daily	flights	to	29	international	cities	from	Charlotte-Douglas		
           International	Airport,	including	Frankfurt,	London,	Munich,	Paris,	Rio	de	Janeiro,	Toronto	and	Mexico	City
     •	    Active	Foreign	Trade	Zone	#57	with	16	subzones	throughout	the	region	
     •	    NC	ranked	ninth	in	the	nation	with	226,000	employees	at	foreign	U.S.	affiliates	

                     For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |                                             11
     Regional Overview

     Center           of   logistiCs
         •	     Logistics	industry	includes	100+	distribution	centers	representing	nearly	24	million	square	feet	of	distribution	space	
         •	     Convenient,	reliable	access	to	highway,	air	and	rail	transportation	without	the	hassles	of	weather-related	closings
         •	     Charlotte	Douglas	International	Airport	(CLT)	
                can	be	reached	from	anywhere	in	the	16-county	region	within	one	                                      Proximity to Major U.S. Markets
         •	     75%	of	industrial	parks	within	5	miles	of	an	interstate

         •	     Availability	of	skilled	workforce	in	low	

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Detroit                  New York City

                unionization	environments

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Washington, D.C.
                                                                                                                                   Denver                                                         Cincinatti

         •	     Two	inland	intermodal	terminals	operated	by	the	NC	State	Ports	
                                                                                                         2000 Miles
                                                                                                                           1500 Miles
                                                                                                                                                        1000 Miles
                                                                                                                                                                                    500 Miles

                Authority	with	service	to	Wilmington                                            Los Angeles
                                                                                                                 Phoenix                                                                                Atlanta

         •	     Five	truck	driving	schools	and	300+	trucking	companies	in	the	                                                                            Dallas                                                  Savannah

                region                                                                                                                                          Houston


           “The new Newton distribution facility will help us better serve existing stores and prepare for future
         growth... The location will be a beneficial one because of the transportation infrastructure, high-quality
                              workforce and quality of life that North Carolina has to offer.”
              - Mitch Stover, senior vice president of distribution services at Target, commenting on the announcement of Target’s 1.5 million
              square-foot regional distribution facility that will employ more than 500 people in Newton, NC, and which opened in June 2009.

     Center           of   manUfaCtUring
         •	     Concentration	of	manufacturing	employment	in	the	Carolinas,	
                representing	16	percent	of	total	employment;	far	above	the	national	
                average	of	10	percent	
         •	     Center	of	I-85	manufacturing	corridor	with	interstate	frontage	
                property	still	available                                                                                                                                77

         •	     Former	textile,	tobacco	and	furniture	industries	have	transformed	to	                                                                     40

                advanced	manufacturing	economy;	value-added	GDP	higher	than	                                                                                                                         40

                                                                                                                                              85             26                          95
                national	average
         •	     North	Carolina	and	South	Carolina	are	Right	to	Work	States;	lowest	
                unionization	rates	in	the	U.S.                                                                              8.64¢                  16

                                                                                                                                                                                   Average Electricity
         •	     Average	wage	for	production	occupations	2%	below	the	national	                                                           75
                                                                                                                                                                                   Rates for All Sectors,
                average                                                                                                                                                            by Southeastern States
         •	     Centers	of	research	at	Charlotte	Research	Institute	and	the	Polymers	                                                                                              Source: Energy
                Center	of	Excellence                                                                                                                                               Information Administration,
                                                                                                                                                                                   January 2009
         •	     On-site	custom	training	available	through	local	community	colleges                                                                            4

         •	     NC	fourth-	and	SC	fifth-ranked	States	With	Best	Work	Force	Training	
                Program	by	Expansion	Management 

12                          For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |
Regional Overview

Center         of   entertainment
    •	    Home	to	professional	sporting	events	for	motorsports,	football,	hockey,	golf,	baseball,	whitewater	rafting,	
          basketball	and	swimming
    •	    SpeedChannel,	ESPN,	Inspiration	Network,	and	NASCAR	media	produce	TV,	radio,	Web	segments	and	shows	
          from	local	production	studios
    •	    NASCAR	Hall	of	Fame	selected	to	be	built	in	Charlotte;	projected	to	open	2010
    •	    Economic	impact	of	local	film/TV	production	activity	estimated	at	more	than	$100	million	over	past	five	years
    •	    Annual	film	festival	held	in	Charlotte	to	showcase	independent	filmmakers
    •	    Entertainment	venues	include	performing	arts	centers,	museums,	art	studios,	concert	halls,	arenas,	public	
          parks	and	outside	amphitheaters
    •	    Carolina	Thread	Trail	system	being	created	to	link	15	counties	and	over	2	million	people	with	hundreds	of	miles	
          of	hiking,	biking	and	running	trails	throughout	region
    •	    Cultural	arts	centers	include	Mint	Museum	of	Craft	+	Design,	Harvey	Gantt	Cultural	Center,	McColl	Visual	Arts	
          Center,	Blumenthal	Performing	Arts	Center,	Spirit	Square	and	Knight	Theatre
    •	    Johnson	&	Wales	Uptown	campus	provides	a	culinary	hub	for	young	chefs;	25	new	restaurants	spun	off	since	
          campus	constructed	in	2004

     “Getting into and out of the airport is very easy... Air service was something we looked at pretty hard.”
         - Steve Huggins, senior vice president at Goodrich Corp, on relocating its headquarters to Charlotte from Ohio in 1999.

                     For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |                                    13
14   For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |
Workforce & Industry


Boasting a population of over 2.6 million, a regional unemployment rate above the national average and a workforce
of 1.3 million strong, the Charlotte region offers a highly skilled, labor force within states that posses the lowest
unionization rates in the nation.

World-class companies such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Duke Energy, Goodrich, General Dynamics and
Lowe’s have benefited tremendously from a competitive regional workforce and continue to invest heavily in local
educational institutions and associated training programs respective to their industry.

While many areas in the U.S. are struggling with population loss, population growth in the Charlotte region is
estimated to grow at double the pace of the nation. Each year, Charlotte USA welcomes nearly 100,000 newcomers
to the region, many attracted by the variety of well-known employers, low cost of living with urban amenities that rival
larger cities and an ever growing population in their 20s and 30s.

Charlotte USA Fast Facts
  •   Labor force projected to grow 14%, from 1.35 million workers to 1.5 million workers by 2013
  •   North and South Carolina are Right to Work States; 1st and 3rd least unionized states in the U.S. at 3.1%
      and 4.5% respectively
  •   Largest concentration of international firms in the Carolinas employing more than 25,000 workers
  •   More than 275 corporate headquarters call the region home
  •   Nationally recognized state training programs in both
      Carolinas; custom training can be implemented on-site
  •   37 institutions of higher education, with 50+ campuses
      located throughout the 16-county region

Manufacturing Expertise
  •   Concentration of manufacturing employment in the
  •   Eight out of 16 counties exceed 20% manufacturing
  •   Advanced manufacturing initiatives between universities
      and industry have produced collaborative breakthroughs
      in precision metrology, nanotechnology, CNC machining,
      advanced materials and optoelectronics
  •   Home to 90% of NASCAR teams, NASCAR Technical
      Institute, NASCAR R&D Center, three wind tunnels, World
      Racing Group Inc., Lowe’s Motor Speedway and NASCAR
      Hall of Fame
  •   More than 1,000 local companies are Department of
      Defense contractors since 2000
  •   Highest concentration of medical device manufacturers in the Carolinas

                For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |                                 15
     Workforce & Industry

     Proven Corporate Talent Pool
      •         White collar jobs account for 58% of total employment; more than 60,000 workers employed in the financial
                services sector alone
      •         One of every four IT workers in the Carolinas employed in IT sector in Charlotte USA
      •         25-45 age group growing faster than national average, as the largest metropolitan region in the Carolinas
                attracts talent from top universities in the Southeast
      •         One out of every four residents, age 25+ holds at least a bachelor’s degree; the city of Charlotte ranked
                seventh among the “Smartest Cities in the U.S.”

     CHARLOTTE USA EMPLOYMENT                       BY   TYPE       OF   OCCUPATION

                                                               Source: ESRI, 2009

     Unemployment Insurance:                         Average Workers
     UI Tax Cost per Employee                        Compensation, 2008
     Georgia                    $133.54              North Carolina            $2.17
     South Carolina             $151.00              South Carolina            $2.50
     Texas                       $175.10             Georgia                   $2.02
     Ohio                        $227.12             Florida                   $3.32
     North Carolina             $350.94              New York                  $3.15
     Pennsylvania               $402.99              California                $4.13
     Michigan                   $424.87
                                                     Source: Oregon Workers
     Illinois                   $455.68              Compensation Study, January 2007
     Massachusetts              $502.60
     New Jersey                 $561.12

     Source: American Institute for Full
     Employment, November 2008

16                       For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |
Workforce & Industry


Service Occupations, Average Hourly Wage:
Office and Administrative Support                       $15.43
Executive Secretaries                                   $18.46
Bookkeeping Clerks                                      $15.89
Customer Service Representatives                        $15.81
Legal Secretaries                                       $19.81
Retail Sales                                            $11.60
Bank Tellers                                            $12.37
Telemarketers                                           $15.31
Source: NC Employment Security Commission, SC Employment Security
Commission, OES 2008

Blue Collar Occupations, Average Hourly Wage:
Machinists                                              $16.14
Computer-Controlled Machine Tool Operators              $16.37
Electricians                                            $18.92
Power Plant Operators                                   $27.38
Sheet Metal Workers                                     $15.74
Industrial Machinery Mechanics                          $22.08
Team Assemblers                                         $12.92
Tool & Dye Makers                                       $19.38
Welders                                                 $16.79
Crane & Tower Operators                                 $19.85
Source: NC Employment Security Commission, SC Employment Security
Commission, OES 2008

White Collar Occupations, Avg Annual Wage:
General and Operations Managers                      $123,210
Sales Manager                                        $100,230
Human Resources Managers                             $110,900
Accountants                                           $62,750
Architects                                             $48,160
Industrial Engineers                                  $69,800
Civil Engineers                                        $76,770
Chemists                                              $68,470
Chemical Technicians                                   $41,230
Computer Programmer                                    $82,510
Computer Systems Analyst                               $77,490
Financial Analysts                                    $78,020
Loan Officers                                          $56,190
Registered Nurses                                      $57,670
Healthcare Support                                    $24,590
Source: NC Employment Security Commission, SC Employment Security
Commission, OES 2008

                  For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |   17
     Workforce & Industry

     New residents to Charlotte USA primarily from along the East Coast (55%+)
     One out of every five newcomers to the Carolinas moves to the Charlotte region
     Newcomers tend to hold at least a bachelor’s degree, are single and in their 20s and 30s

                Annual In-migration, 2005-2007


                                                                                        Atlanta CSA
     150,000                                                                            Charlotte CSA
                                                                                        Raleigh CSA
     100,000                                                                            Cincinnati CSA
                                                                                        Nashville CSA
                                                                                        Greensboro CSA
            0                                                                           Greenville-Spartanburg CSA
                       2005                2006                 2007
                    In-migration        In-migration         In-migration

                 Source: American Community Survey, 2005-2007

                                                   ORIGIN       OF   NEWCOMERS             TO   CHARLOTTE USA
      Where are they
      moving from?
       1     Florida
       2     New York
       3     New Jersey
       4     Virginia
       5     California
       6     Maryland
       7     Georgia
       8     Pennsylvania
       9     Ohio
      10     Massachusetts
                                                       New England                   Mid Atlantic             South Atlantic
      Source: IRS, 2006-2007
      Tax Return data                                  East North Central            East South Central       West South Central
                                                       West North Central            Mountain                 Pacific

                                                       Source: IRS, 2006-2007 Tax Return data

18                        For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |
Workforce & Industry

                                       Charlotte MSA Population Growth vs Carolinas vs US
          Percent Increase

                              40.0%                                                                                            Charlotte MSA
                              20.0%                                                                                            Carolinas
                               0.0%                                                                                            United States
                                               Historical               Projected              40-year Total
                                              1989-2009                2008-2028                1988-2028

                                      Source: North Carolina State Data Center, South Carolina Office of Research & Statistics, Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia MSA
                                      (Consists of Mecklenburg, Gaston, Union, Cabarrus and Anson counties in North Carolina and York County in South Carolina

 “We had a base of talented professionals on board in Charlotte and were convinced that Charlotte was
         the best place to grow our business so we moved our corporate headquarters here.”
          - Dave Schroeder, president of operations, Quint Events, which moved to Charlotte from Atlanta in 2008.


 •   In last 10 years, North Carolina and South Carolina ranked among top
     10 State Training Programs each year, by Expansion Management                                                       Top 10 State
     magazine                                                                                                            Training Programs
 •   Ten community colleges across 15 campuses provide instruction to                                                      1     Alabama
     130,000+ students annually; Central Piedmont Community College in                                                     2     Georgia
     Charlotte, NC, is the largest institution.                                                                            3     Virginia

 •   BioNetwork, a North Carolina-based program focused on biotechnology                                                   4     S. Carolina
     training in community colleges, incorporates programs in five community                                               5     Kentucky
     colleges across the region – Rowan-Cabarrus Community College,                                                        6     Maryland
     Gaston College, Central Piedmont Community College, Cleveland                                                         7     New York
     Community College and South Piedmont Community College                                                                8     N. Carolina
 •   Technical training programs that emphasize precision production,                                                      9     Indiana
     engineering technologies, mechanics and repair are offered at York                                                  10      Oklahoma
     Technical College, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College, Catawba                                                        Source: Expansion
     Valley Community College, Cleveland Community College, South                                                        Management magazine
     Piedmont Community College and Mitchell Community College
 •   Call Center training programs newly developed by York Technical College
     and Central Piedmont Community College offer in-depth, customized,
     on-site training for companies with back office operations needs; newly
     constructed Customer Service Training Center developed by York
     Technical College offers one-of-a-kind training specific to employers

                             For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |                                                          19
     Workforce & Industry

     Charlotte USA Community Colleges

                                               Valley CC
                                              Taylorsville                            77

                                                                 40     Mitchell CC
                                          Catawba                                                             North Campus
                                          Valley CC
                                                                  NASCAR Tech.             Mitchell CC
                                                                    Institute              Mooresville
                                          321                                                              RCCC
                                                                                                         R3 Center
                         Gaston College                                                         RCCC
                           Lincolnton                                                       South Campus             RCCC Cloverleaf Ext. Center

                                                                    Cleveland CC North Campus                     Cabarrus College
                                                                                     CPCC                        of Health Sciences
                                                                                                                                                Stanley CC
                                                                                                               RCCC Cabarrus Business           Albemarle
                                                                Strayer University                                and Tech. Center
                              Gaston College                   N. Charlotte Campus
                                  Dallas                                                            Brookstone College of Business
               Cleveland CC                      NC Center for Applied
         74                                          Textile Tech.
                                                                                                     Cato Campus – CPCC            Stanley CC
                                     85                                                    CPCC                                      Locust
                                             Harris Campus - CPCC                             King’s College
                                            West Campus - CPCC                          Carolinas College
                                           Art Institute of Charlotte
                                                                                        of Health Sciences   485
                                                      ITT tech. Institute             Devry University Charlotte
                                                                                                           Levine Campus – CPCC

                                                               Harper Campus – CPCC                                                    South Piedmont CC
                                                                                                                                            Polkton                South Piedmont CC
                                                                                             South Piedmont CC
                                                       York Tech.                                 Monroe                              74
                                                 Clinton Jr.

                                          York Tech. College
                                                                                                    York Tech. College                                       Tech. College

20                For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |
Workforce & Industry


North and South Carolina offer extensive workforce development programs ranging from recruitment assistance to
worker training in new and expanding industries.

  •   Job Development Tax Credits available for qualifying firms
  •   South Carolina ranked No.1 State Training Program in U.S. (2001)
  •   Center for Accelerated Technology Training (CATT) provides recruiting, screening, and training for new and
      expanding businesses statewide

Centralina Workforce Development Board serving both Carolinas in the region is dedicated to bridging the gap
between local employer needs and existing educational resources.

  •   Specialized training programs tailored to meet needs
      of new and existing industries such as:
      –   Occupational continuing education
      –   Human Resources Development
      –   Specialized Industrial Training
      –   Workforce and Training initiatives

Right To Work States (dark blue)                                                 Lowest U.S.
Both North and South Carolina have Right to Work laws, which permit              Unionization Rates
individual workers to choose whether or not they wish to join a labor union.      1     NC, 3.1%         6     MS, 4.8%
                                                                                  2     AK, 4.2%         7     TX, 5.1%
In 2009, both North and South Carolina experienced the 1st and 3rd lowest         3     SC, 4.5%         8     TN, 5.1%
unionization rates in the country.                                                4     GA, 4.6%         9     SD, 5.5%
                                                                                  5     VA, 4.7%        10     UK, 5.7%
  •   NC - 3.1% union membership (2009)
                                                                                Source: Current Population Survey (CPS)
  •   SC - 4.5% union membership (2009)                                         Outgoing Rotation Group (ORG) Earnings
                                                                                Files, 2009

                 For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |                               21
     Workforce & Industry


     Engineering Programs

     UNC Charlotte, Lee College of Engineering
     Located in Charlotte, NC, the Lee College of Engineering is the largest engineering school in the Charlotte region. The
     2007 fall acceptance rate was 46%, and the university was rated ‘selective’ by U.S. News & World Report. Approximately
     20,000 students are enrolled in bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degreed programs each year. Disciplines include
     civil, computer, electrical, mechanical and industrial engineering. The college also includes a motorsports engineering
     program, recently added due to the increase in demand for highly skilled motorsports engineers.

     Johnson C. Smith University
     Located in Charlotte, NC, Johnson C. Smith University is the first historically black college/university to become
     an IBM ThinkPad University. Each student receives an IBM laptop computer equipped with the latest software and
     Wi-Fi capabilities. The 2007 fall acceptance rate was 46%, and the university was rated ‘selective’ by U.S. News & World
     Report. Engineering concentrations include computer engineering and information systems engineering.

     Information Technology

     UNC Charlotte, College of Computing and Informatics
     Located in Charlotte, NC, it is the fourth largest university of the University of North Carolina system and the largest
     university in the Charlotte USA region. Nearly 200 students graduated from the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral
     degreed programs in computer and information technology.

     Johnson C. Smith University
     Located just outside the central business district of Charlotte, NC, with a total enrollment of 1,400 students, Johnson
     C. Smith University offers bachelor’s degrees in computer and information technology.

     Wingate University
     Located just south of Charlotte, NC, in Wingate, NC, with a total enrollment of 2,000 students, Wingate University
     offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in computer and information technology. Wingate is ranked 18th
     among southern comprehensive colleges and universities in U.S. News and World Report: America’s Best Colleges
     and was named a Best College in the Southeastern Region by The Princeton Review.

     Winthrop University
     Located just south of the North Carolina state line, in Rock Hill, SC, with a total enrollment of 6,300 students,
     Winthrop University offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer and information technology. U.S. News and
     World Report ranks Winthrop one of the top 10 Southern regional public universities

22                   For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |
Workforce & Industry

Lenoir-Rhyne University
Located in the Hickory metropolitan area, with a total enrollment of 1,600 students, Lenoir-Rhyne University offers
bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer and information technology.

Gardner-Webb University
Located west of Charlotte, NC, in Boiling Springs, NC, with a total enrollment of 3,800 students, Gardner-Webb
University offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer and information technology.

Pfeiffer University
Located in suburban, Misenheimer, NC with a satellite campus in Charlotte, NC, and a total enrollment of 2,000
students, offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer and information technology.

Gaston College
Located in rural, Dallas, NC, with a total enrollment of 5,700
students, offers certificate programs in computer programming,
information technology and systems networking/management.

Belmont Abbey College
Located in rural Belmont, NC, with a total enrollment of
1,300 students, offers bachelor’s degrees in computer and
information technology.

Business Administration

University of North Carolina at Charlotte 
University of North Carolina at Charlotte is the region’s
largest liberal arts college with a total enrollment of more than
22,000 students. The university offers bachelor’s, master’s
and doctoral degreed programs in accounting, business
administration, management information systems, finance,
international business, marketing and operations management.

Queens University of Charlotte 
Queens University, located in Charlotte, NC, is a four-year,
co-educational, liberal arts college with a total enrollment of
2,200 students. The university offers bachelor’s and master’s
degreed programs in accounting, business administration
and management information systems.

Pfeiffer University 
Founded in 1885, Pfeiffer University is a private, four-year, co-educational, liberal arts institution affiliated with the
Methodist Church. Total enrollment exceeds 2,000 students. The university offers bachelor’s and master’s degreed
programs in accounting, business administration, management information systems, international business and
operations management.

Belmont Abbey College 
Founded in 1876 by the order of St. Benedict and located 15 minutes from downtown Charlotte, Belmont Abbey
College is North Carolina’s only Catholic college. Total enrollment exceeds 1,300 students. The university offers
bachelor’s and master’s degreed programs in accounting, business administration, management information
systems, marketing and international business.

                 For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |                                  23
     Workforce & Industry

     Gardner-Webb University 
     Gardner-Webb is a private, coeducational university affiliated with the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
     with a total enrollment of 3,800 students. The university offers bachelor’s and master’s degreed programs in
     accounting, business administration, finance, management information systems and international business.

     Johnson C. Smith University 
     Johnson C. Smith University, founded in 1867, is one of the nation’s oldest and strongest historically Black Colleges
     and Universities (HBCU’s), with a total enrollment of 1,400 students. The university offers bachelor’s degree
     programs in business administration and management.

     Wingate University 
     Founded in 1896, Wingate University is a private four-year co-educational institution with a total enrollment of
     2,000 students. The university offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degreed programs in accounting, business
     administration, finance and marketing.

     Catawba College 
     Catawba College is located in Salisbury, NC, with a total enrollment of 1,300 students. The college offers bachelor’s and
     master’s degreed programs in accounting, business administration, management information systems and marketing.

     Lenoir-Rhyne College 
     Lenoir-Rhyne College is located in the Hickory metropolitan area with a total enrollment of 1,300 students.
     The college offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in accounting, business administration, finance,
     management information systems, international business and marketing.

     University of South Carolina at Lancaster 
     University of South Carolina at Lancaster, located in rural Lancaster, SC, is a public co-educational institution with
     a total enrollment of 1,200 students from six surrounding counties, offering pre-baccalaureate students courses in
     business administration, technology support, management training as well as liberal arts degrees.

       “This region is developing into an energy hub, nationally. You take a look at the number of companies,
        energy-related companies, that have migrated into this region and one can realize that this region is
                        transforming from potentially a banking center into an energy center.”
                            - Dhiaa Jamil, chief generation officer and chief nuclear officer for Duke Energy


     University of North Carolina at Charlotte
     University of North Carolina at Charlotte is the fourth-largest university of
     the University of North Carolina system and the largest university in the
     Charlotte USA region. Enrollment exceeds 21,500 students and seven
     professional colleges that offer 18 doctoral programs, 60 master’s degree
     programs and 85 bachelor’s degree programs.

       •    Ranks first nationally in number of patents issued
       •    Ranks second nationally in number of new patents applied for
       •    Ranks third nationally in number of new start-ups                                  UNC Charlotte’s main campus includes more
                                                                                               than 21,000 students

24                    For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |
Workforce & Industry

UNC Charlotte: Specialties
Lee College of Engineering offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in civil, environmental, electrical,
computer, mechanical and systems engineering
    •   Enrollment increased 42% since 2003 to 2,787 students in 2008
    •   New research projects in biofuels, water quality, advanced engine design, precision engineering, power system
        stability, fire science, sustainability and biomechanics
    •   Energy Production and Infrastructure (EPIC) recently broke ground, will house $76 million facility to advance
        energy-related academic and research programs

College of Computing and Informatics offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in computer science,
bioinformatics and genomics, and software and information systems
    •   Graduates are hired by local firms such as MetLife, TIAA-CREF, Bank of America, Vanguard Group, Wells
        Fargo, U.S. Army, DoD, Raytheon and others
    •   Institutes include the Charlotte Visualization Center, Diversity in Information Technology Institute (DITI) and
        eBusiness Technology Institute (EBTI)

Belk College of Business, with 2,500+ undergraduate students,
500 graduate students and 87 full-time faculty members, Belk
College is one of the largest business programs in the Carolinas
    •   New 12-story Uptown Charlotte campus to be completed in
        2011, will link students directly with the businesses in the
        central business district
UNC Charlotte:
Research and Development Assets
The Charlotte Research Institute (CRI) was conceived as
a partnership between the UNC Charlotte and the corporate and
entrepreneurial communities of the region. CRI exists to facilitate
collaborative research and to build intellectual capital. The CRI is
                                                                            UNC Charlotte’s planned uptown Charlotte campus
committed to the development of intellectual capital through global         to be operational by 2011
collaborations with industry, government and academia.
Center for eBusiness Technology Institute is currently focused on the financial industry. The center is partnering
with Bank of America and Wells Fargo/Wachovia to solve industry issues pertaining to technology applications.
These applications include information privacy and security, intelligent data analysis, systems integration and
information visualization. The Center is expanding into research in Bioinformatics and Homeland Security.
Center for Precision Metrology is focused on precision engineering and measurement including: research in
manufacturing processes and quality assurance for mechanical parts to within a millionth of a meter. New state-of-
the-art facilities will include clean rooms and multiple metrology labs,

                  For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |                                  25
     Workforce & Industry

     Center for Optoelectronics and Optical Communications includes research areas in: design and fabrication
     of photonic devices, integrated optical circuitry, assembly and packaging of optical systems, optical materials,
     methods for precision optical metrology, and optical imaging and inverse methods for wavefront synthesis. The
     center has successfully allied with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Duke University, The Carolinas
     MicroOptics Triangle, and the North Carolina Photonics Consortium.

     Center for Bio Informatics is a joint effort by scientists within the departments of chemistry, biology, computer
     science, and mathematics, and in the research division of the Carolinas Healthcare Center. The focus of the program is
     on genetic factors in disease and gene regulation, although we define bioinformatics more generally as the discovery,
     development and application of powerful computational tools to extract knowledge from complex biological data.
     Energy Production and Infrastructure Center (EPIC)—expected to open in the summer of 2011, EPIC will be
     lead by Dr. Steve Patterson, an SPX Distinguished Professor. Facility will focus on workforce training and research
     and development initiatives for the energy sector. Industry-driven; collaborative support from Duke Energy

          Polymers Center of Excellence, Charlotte, NC
          Focus on areas of polymers processing, physical testing, educational
          products and testing
          •      PI National Certification Program (28 hours) (Certificate)— Extrusion
                 and/or Injection Molding Concentrations available
          •      Product Design and Engineering Capabilities for use with local industry
          •      Injection Molding Lab, Extrusion Lab and Testing Labs
          •      Partnered with University of North Carolina at Charlotte, NC State
                 University and North Carolina Industrial Extension Service to carry
                 out projects
          •      Local industry research and development

          Ben Craig Center
          Established in 1986, non-profit business incubator in partnership with
          UNC Charlotte, provides incubation, education and advisory services to
          the region’s small manufacturers, distribution and service companies.
          To date, the Ben Craig Center has created :
          •      1,100 jobs
          •      98 companies
          •      $104 million in annual economic activity
          •      $149 million in venture capital

         “Specifically, the skill level of our Salisbury workforce has been outstanding. Our electronics industry
          customers require superb quality and responsiveness, and the Salisbury site has been able to meet
          those expectations largely as a result of our dedicated, focused and committed workforce. We look
                  forward to further building the Salisbury team as we move forward with this project.”
              - Michael Reilly, Ph.D., Henkel vice president of global operations, upon announcing a $23.7 million expansion at their
                                                          Rowan County facility mid-2009.

26                       For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |
Workforce & Industry


Workforce Development Boards:
Centralina Workforce Development Board
(704) 348-2717

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Workforce Development Board
(704) 336-3952

Western Piedmont Workforce Development Board
(828) 485-4218

Region C Workforce Development Board
(828) 287-0262

Gaston County Workforce Development Board
(704) 862-7931

Catawba Workforce Investment Area
(803) 327-9041

Pee Dee Workforce Investment Area                                  Business Development Resources:
(843) 669-3138
                                                       Small Business Administration
Council of Governments:                                (704) 344-6563 (local office)
Centralina Council of Governments Serving                                     Small Business Technology Development Center
(704) 372-2416                                         (SBTDC)
Western Carolina Council of Governments                (704) 548-1090
(828) 322-9191                                         North Carolina Rural Economic
                                                       Development Center
Isothermal Planning & Development            
Commission                                             (919) 250-4325
(828) 287-2281                                         Charlotte U.S. Export Assistance Center
                                                       (704) 333-4886
Labor Market Information:
NC Labor Market Information                            Foreign Trade Zone Administrator                           
(919) 733-2936                                         (704) 347-8942

SC Labor Market Information                            Charlotte World Trade Center                             
(803) 737-2660                                         (704) 442-5400

              For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |              27
     Workforce & Industry

     Local Economic Development Contacts:                   Gaston County
                                                            Gaston County Economic Development Commission
     Alexander County
                                                            Mr. Donny Hicks
     Alexander County Economic Development Corporation
     Mr. David Icenhour                                     Executive Director
     Executive Director                                     620 N. Main Street
     621 Liledoun Road                                      Belmont, NC 28012
     Taylorsville, NC 28681                                 Phone: (704) 825-4046
     Phone: (828) 632-1161                                  Fax: (704) 825-4066
     Fax: (828) 632-0059                                    E-mail:
                                                            Iredell County – southern
     Anson County                                           Mooresville-South Iredell Chamber
     Anson County Economic Development                      Mr. Russell Rogerson
     Ms. Misty Harris                                       Executive Director
     Executive Director                                     149 East Iredell Avenue
     P.O. Drawer 339                                        Mooresville, NC 28115
     Wadesboro, NC 28170                                    Phone: (704) 664-6922
     Phone: (704) 694-9513                                  Fax: (704) 664-2549
     Fax: (704) 694-3830                                    E-mail:
                                                            Iredell County – northern
     Cabarrus County                                        Greater Statesville Development Corp
     Cabarrus Economic Development                          Mr. Mike Smith
     Mr. Ryan McDaniels                                     Executive Director
     Vice President of Economic Development                 115 E. Front Street
     3003 Dale Earnhardt Boulevard                          Statesville, NC 28677
     Kannapolis, NC 28083                                   Phone: (704) 871-0062
     Phone: (704) 784-4600                                  Fax: (704) 871-0223
     Fax: (704) 784-4603                                    E-mail:
                                                            Lincoln County
     Catawba County                                         Lincoln EDA
     Catawba County EDC                                     Mr. Barry Matherly
     Mr. Scott Millar                                       Executive Director
     President                                              127 E. Congress Street
     100A Southwest Boulevard, Suite 201                    Lincolnton., NC 28093-2050
     Newton, NC 28658                                       Phone: (704) 732-1511
     Phone: (828) 464-7198                                  Fax: (704) 736-8451
     Fax: (828) 465-8150                                    E-mail:
                                                            Mecklenburg County
     Cleveland County                                       Charlotte Chamber of Commerce
     Cleveland County Chamber of Commerce                   Mr. Jeff Edge
     Mrs. Kristin Fletcher                                  Sr. Vice President, Economic Development
     Executive Vice President, Economic Development         330 S. Tryon Street
     200 South Lafayette St.                                Charlotte, NC 28232
     Shelby, NC 28150                                       Phone: (704) 378-1307
     Phone: (704) 487-8521                                  Fax: (704) 374-1903
     Fax: (704) 487-7458                                    E-mail:

28                 For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |
Workforce & Industry

Rowan County                                            Chesterfield County
Salisbury Rowan Economic Development Corp               Chesterfield County ED Board
Mr. Robert Van Geons                                    Ms. Brenda Workman
Executive Director                                      Executive Director
204 East Innes Street                                   105 Green Street
Salisbury, NC 28144                                     Chesterfield, SC 29709
Phone: (704) 637-5526                                   Phone: (843) 623-6500
Fax: (704) 637-0173                                     Fax: (843) 623-3167
E-mail:                           E-mail:
Stanly County                                           Lancaster County
Stanly County Economic Development Corp                 Lancaster County EDC
Kevin Gullette                                          Mr. Keith Tunnell
Executive Director                                      President
201 South 2nd Street, Room 103                          210 West Gay Street
Albemarle, NC 28001                                     Lancaster, SC 29721
Phone: (704) 986-3683                                   Phone: (803) 285-9471
Fax: (704) 986-3685                                     Fax: (803) 285-9472
E-mail: kgullette@                                      E-mail:

Union County – city                                     York County
City of Monroe Economic Development                     York County Economic Development Board
Mr. Christopher Platé                                   Mr. Mark Farris
Director of Economic Development                        Director
3900 Paul J. Helms Drive                                1830 Second Baxter Crossing
Monroe, NC 28110                                        Fort Mill, SC 29708
Phone: (704) 282-5780                                   Phone: (803) 802-4300
Fax: (704) 282-5788                                     Fax: (803) 802-4299
Union County – county                                   State of North Carolina
Union County Partners for Progress                      NC Department of Commerce
Mr. Maurice Ewing                                       Mr. Ron Leitch
Executive Director                                      Charlotte, NC
P. O. Box 292                                           Phone: (704) 547-5750
Monroe, NC 28111                                        E-mail:
Phone: (704) 283-3592                                    
Fax: (704) 283-3861
                                                        International Business Organizations

Chester County Economic Development                     African Chamber of Commerce
Ms. Karlisa Parker                                      Contact: Mr. Chris A. Ogunrinde
Director                                                P.O. Box 546, Midwood Station
PO Drawer 580                                           Charlotte, NC 28299-5466
Chester, SC 29706                                       Tel.: (704) 374-0916
Phone: (803) 377-1216                                   Fax: (704) 374-0898
Fax: (803) 377-2102                                     E-mail:

               For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |           29
     Workforce & Industry

     Arab Chamber of Commerce                                 French-American Chamber of Commerce
     Contact: Mr. Malek Jandali                               Contact: Ms. Gretchen Carson
     1410 Market Square Drive                                 P.O. Box 12328
     Suite F-1                                                Charlotte, NC 28220
     Huntersville, NC 28078                                   Tel.: (704) 841-0506
     Tel: (704) 281-0254                                      Fax: (801) 846-0506
     Fax: (704) 947-0380                                      E-mail:
                                                              German-American Chamber of Commerce
     British American Business Council of NC                  Contact: Mr. Klaus E. Becker
     Contact: Mr. John Snyder                                 c/o AMS Specialty Steel
     13325 South Point Boulevard                              P.O. Box 1021
     Suite 215                                                Waxhaw, NC 28173\
     Charlotte, NC 28272                                      Tel.: (704) 843-9350
     Tel.: (704) 372-2322                                     Fax: (704) 843-7172
     E-mail:                             E-mail:
     Brazil Carolinas Network                                 International House
     Contact: George Karski                                   322 Hawthorne Lane
     Charlotte, NC                                            Charlotte, NC 28204
     Tel: (407) 234-4690                                      Contact: Ms. Adele Daniels
     Website:                         Tel: (704) 333-8099
                                                              Fax: (704) 334-2423
     Carolinas Asian American Chamber                         E-mail:
     of Commerce                                               
     Contact: Dr. John Chen                                   Latin American Chamber of Commerce
     1339 Baxter Street, Suite 200                            Contact: Ms. Cecy Ramirez
     Charlotte, NC 28204                                      124 E. Independence Blvd.
     Tel: (704) 332-5656                                      Charlotte, NC 28204
     Fax: (704) 332-9373                                      Tel: (704) 343-2525
     E-mail:                                 Fax: (704) 343-0245
     Charlotte World Affairs Council                           
     201 S. Tryon Street, Suite 1125                          Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce
     Charlotte, NC 28202                                      Contact: Daniel Lindberg
     Contact: Ms. Sally Billington                            c/o Watson Insurance Agency, inc.
     Tel: (704) 335-4101                                      P.O. Box 879
     Fax: (704) 335-4098                                      Gastonia, NC 28053
     E-mail:                      Tel: (704) 854-4610
                                                              Fax: (704) 866-9866
     European-American Business Forum                         E-mail:
     c/o Charlotte World Trade Association
     Concord, NC 28027                                        International Cultural Organizations:
     Contact: Sarah Peeler
                                                              Alemannia Society of Charlotte
     Tel: (704) 968-3166
                                                              P.O. Box 11932
                                                              Charlotte, NC 28220-1932
                                                              Tel. (704) 541-2611

30                   For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |
Workforce & Industry

Alliance Française de Charlotte                          Japanese Association in Charlotte
PO Box 220106                                            Contact: Mr. Hiroei Uchida
Charlotte, NC 28222-0106                                 C/o International House
Tel: (704) 543-7076                                      322 Hawthorne Lane
E-mail:                                   Charlotte, NC 27204
                                                         Tel.: (704) 333-2775
Austrian Cultural Society of Charlotte                   Fax: (704) 333-0862
Contact: Mr. Hans Plotsenader                            E-mail:
6810 Alanbrook Drive                                      
Charlotte, NC 28215                                      Korean Association of Charlotte
Website:                  Contact: Mr. Yol Mun Sung, President
                                                         3900 Cambridge Hill Lane
AustroAmerican Council of North                          Charlotte, NC 28270
& South Carolina                                         Tel: (704) 839-1023
Contact: Mr. Robert Friedl                               Fax: (704) 342-1149
250 N. Main Street                                        
Mount Holly, NC 28120                                    Suomi-Finland Club of Charlotte
Tel: (704) 827-7246                                      Contact: Mr. Seppo Laaksonen
Fax: (704) 827-7248                                      6528 Highwood Place
E-mail:                                Charlotte, NC 28210
                                                         Tel: (704) 552-6067
Friends of Scandinavia                                   Fax: (704) 552-6067
Contact: Mr. Seppo Laaksonen                              
6528 Highwood Place                                      South Africans in Charlotte
Charlotte, NC 28210                            
Tel: (704) 552-6067                                      5675 Providence Glen Road
Fax: (704) 552-6067                                      Charlotte, NC 28270
                                                         Tel: (704) 844-1064
German-American Club of Charlotte                        E-mail:
Contact: Ms. Angie Adams                                  
P.O. Box 470421                                          Swiss Society of Charlotte
Charlotte, NC 28247                                      Contact: Mr. Karl Ruedisser
Tel: (704) 458-6396                                      PO Box 473681
E-mail:                       Charlotte, NC 28247-3681
Irish Society of Charlotte
Contact: Ms. Breda Dunne                                 Honorary Consuls:
3044 Hawick Commons Drive
                                                         Honorary Consul, Mr. Wayne Cooper, Mexico
Concord, NC 28027
                                                         Honorary Consul, Mr. Dana M. Hicks III, Canada
Tel: (704) 720-0963
                                                         Honorary Consul, Mr. Kurt Waldhausen, Germany
                                                         Honorary Consul, Ms. Millie Cox. France
                                                         Honorary Consul, Mr. Bill Fenn, Japan
Japan American Society of Charlotte
                                                         Honorary Consul, Mr. Robert Friedl, Austria
Contact: Ms. Maria Domoto, Director
                                                         Honorary Consul, Mr. Michael D. Teden, Britain
105 W. Morehead Street
                                                         Honorary Consul, Mr. Steven Cropp, Guatemala
Charlotte, NC 28202
                                                         Honorary Consul, Mr. Florin Pindic Blaj, Moldova
Tel: (704) 332-3800
                                                         Honorary Consul, Mr. Gilberto Bergman, Nicaragua
                                                         Honorary Consul, Mr. Heinz Roth, Switzerland

                For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |                  31
     Workforce & Industry


     Largest Headquarters                                    Largest Manufacturers
      1       Carolinas Healthcare                            1       Parkdale Mills
      2       Delhaize America                                2       Hickory Springs
      3       Wells Fargo/Wachovia                            3       Commscope
      4       Bank of America                                 4       IBM Corp
      5       Presbyterian Healthcare                         5       Century Furniture
      6       Duke Energy                                     6       Pharr Yarns
      7       US Airways                                      7       Freightliner
      8       Lowe’s Companies Inc                            8       Invista
      9       Adecco                                          9       INA USA Corp
     10       Harris Teeter Inc                              10       Lance Inc

     Source: Charlotte Business Journal 2008                 Source: Major Employers List,
     Book of Lists, County EDC websites                      Charlotte Chamber 2008

     Largest Distribution Facilities
     Target                                    Newton, NC                   1,500,000 sf
     Lowe’s Cos. Inc.                          Mooresville, NC                  1,474,000
     Black & Decker                            Fort Mill, SC                    1,365,000
     Ross Stores                               Fort Mill, SC                    1,200,000
     Wal-Mart Stores Inc.                      Shelby, NC                       1,200,000
     Family Dollar Stores Inc.                 Charlotte, NC                    1,135,261
     Stanley Logistics                         Concord, NC                        925,000
     Wal-Mart Stores Inc.                      Pageland, SC                       830,000
     Saddle Creek Corp.                        Harrisburg, NC                     756,000
     Lance Inc.                                Charlotte, NC                      739,086
     RSI Home Products Inc.                    Lincolnton, NC                     720,000
     Northern Tool &Equipment Co.              Fort Mill, NC                      715,000

     Source: Charlotte Business Journal Book of Lists 2009

32                      For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |
Workforce & Industry

Largest Back Office Operations                                         Fortune 1000 Companies
TIAA-CREF                           Finance                                11     Bank of America
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage           Mortgage                              47      Lowe’s
IBM Global Services                 Mortgage                             106      Nucor
Wells Fargo/Wachovia                IT/Customer Support                  204      Duke Energy
Microsoft Corporation               IT Support                           337      Sonic Automotive
Sprint PCS                          Telecommunications                   354      Goodrich
Allstate Insurance Co               Insurance                            359      Family Dollar Stores
Connextions                         Client Fulfillment                   402      SPX
Convergys                           Customer Service                     554      Commscope
Hewitt & Associates                 Human Resources                      555      Ruddick
CitiFinancial                       Finance                              613      Belk
Alltel Communications               Telecommunications                   633      Carlisle
Telerx                              Healthcare                           881      Piedmont Natural Gas

Source: Compiled from news sources and company representatives          Source: Fortune magazine 2009

          “We believe it will continue to be a great place to have a major financial services operation
                                          because of the skill set here.”
         - Roger Ferguson, chief executive of retirement services, TIAA-CREF, when asked how Charlotte will fare during
                                                     the economic recovery.

                  For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |                              33
     Workforce & Industry


     Health / Life Sciences: Targets
     Manufacturing                                Logistics
      •   Medical Device Technologies               •    Growing Retailers
       •   Food and Beverage                      Technology
                                                    •  Nutrition / Food Science /
     Headquarters / Back Office
      •   Corporate Headquarters
                                                     •    Optics / Photonics
       •   Customer Service Centers
                                                                                                Health / Life Sciences:
                                                                                                Major Employers
     Charlotte USA Fast Facts: Health / Life Sciences
                                                                                                BSN Jobst.
       •   Largest concentration of medical device manufacturers in the Carolinas
                                                                                                Greiner One Bio
       •   Over 40,000 degrees awarded in science, engineering and technology                   Groninger USA
           disciplines in North and South Carolina’s public universities, including             Pelican Life Sciences
           UNC Charlotte, University of South Carolina, Duke University and                     Chelsea Therapeutics
           Clemson University, among others                                                     Microban Products Company
       •   More than 10,000 workers employed in the region in health & life sciences sector     Fleming Laboratories
       •   Home to third largest public healthcare system in the U.S. – Carolinas               3D Systems
           Healthcare System                                                                    Transworld Med Group
       •   North Carolina Research Campus, a $1 billion 350-acre biotech campus in
                                                                                                Kyphon Inc
           Kannapolis, NC, home to research programs of private biotechnology companies,
           healthcare companies and all research universities in the UNC system
       •   UNC at Charlotte’s Bioinformatics Research Center $35 million, 75,000-sf facility housing wet/dry laboratories
           and core facilities for gene expression, proteomics, microscopy, crystallography and computing
       •   Community College workforce training programs in health/life sciences offered at Gaston College, Cleveland
           Community College, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College and Central Piedmont Community College in
           Charlotte, NC

     Recent Announcements:
       •   Diagnostics Devices Inc adding 100 jobs to its medical device manufacturing facility; company relocated
           headquarters from Miami to Charlotte three years ago
       •   BSN Jobst invests $2 million in expansion of manufacturing capabilities for their orthopedic and bracing
           products, adding 25 jobs and 50,000-sf of space
       •   Premier Inc is making Charlotte its new headquaters, and will add 300jobs. Premier Inc is the largest health-
           care alliance in the country, currently employs 750 person in Charlotte.
       •   Lovelance Respiratory Research Institute, PPD Inc., Sensory Spectrum, Anatomics and Angiogen are the
           latest private companies to join the NC Research Campus in Kannapolis, NC
       •   Solectron Corp.’s decision to refocus its strategy on medical device manufacturing resulted in a recent deal
           with CSA Medical Inc. to produce a device that cryogenically freezes and kills cancer tissue in airways and the
           digestive tract. Production at the 1,000-employee facility started in summer 2007
       •   Lash Group plans are to add 500 jobs, including 150 permanent positions. Charlotte is the largest office in the
           United-States for this health-care consulting firm

34                   For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |
Workforce & Industry


Defense & Security: Targets
Manufacturing                          Headquarters / Back Office
 •   Advanced textiles                  •   Business process
  •   Military vehicles /                   outsourcing
      components                       Technology
  •   Light armaments                    •  Data centers / Mission
                                            critical facilities
  •   Military / aerospace                                                   Defense & Security:
      components manufacturing            •   Optics / Photonics             Major Employers
                                          •   Defense technologies           Goodrich Corporation
                                                                             General Dynamics Arm & Technical
Charlotte USA Fast Facts: Defense & Security
                                                                             BAE Systems
  •   More than 1000 defense contractors within 16-county region,            Michelin Aircraft Tire Corporation
      awarded more than $3.2 billion in DoD contracts since 2000
                                                                             Defense Technologies
  •   Over 40,000 degrees awarded in science, engineering and                Northrup Grumman Space & Technology
      technology disciplines in North and South Carolina’s public            Turbomeca
      universities, including UNC Charlotte, University of South             Curtiss-Wright Flight Systems
      Carolina, Duke University and Clemson University among others
                                                                             Ultra Machine & Fabrication
  •   8,000+ engineers employed in the region                                DSM Desotech
  •   Center of “Carolina’s MicroOptics Triangle”— formed by UNC Charlotte,
      Western Carolina University and Clemson University to integrate specialized R&D programs focusing on new
      optoelectronics, precision metrology, and nanotechnology applications for the defense and aerospace industry
  •   Defense and Security Technology Accelerator located at UNC Charlotte’s Ben Craig Center focuses
      on collaborative efforts, leveraging regional strengths and building connections between the military
      establishments, higher learning and centers of innovation
  •   15 military installations within the Carolinas
  •   Collaborative research and development facilities located at Charlotte Research Institute campus which houses
      centers for precision metrology, optoelectronics, bioinformatics and ebusiness technology

Recent Announcements:
  •   Turbomeca, a French-owed helicopter manufacturer whose clients include Sikorsky and Boeing, opens its first
      U.S. Facility in Union Country, NC in June 2008. The comapny, operating out of a new $50 million facility, is
      expected to grow to 180 employees by 2010. (October 2008)
  •   Michelin announces $11.3 milion investment in their plant expansion in Stanly, NC and the creation of 74 jobs
  •   ATI Allvac announces $210 million expansion, adding 125 jobs to the 1,100 employees working at two
      Monroe,NC facilites. Follows $28 million expansion in 2005
  •   Defense Venture Group, a supplier of armored vehicles and security products, creates 160 new jobes and
      moves its manufacturing, research and development and headquaters operations to Lancaster Country, SC
  •   North Carolina Military Foundation recently released study estimating statewide economic impact of military
      installations and related industry to be more than $23 billion annually

                For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |                            35
     Workforce & Industry


     Energy & Environment: Targets
     Manufacturing                                Headquarters / Back Office                Technology
      •   Alternative energy components            •   Corporate headquarters                 •  Power generation & storage
       •   Advanced construction                     •   Customer service centers             •      Data centers
           materials                                                                          •      Vehicle technologies

     Charlotte USA Fast Facts: Energy & Environment                    Energy & Environment: Major Employers
       •   Headquarters of Fortune 500 Duke Energy, one of             Duke Energy                      Conbraco Industries
           the largest utilities in the U.S.                           Siemens                          FMC Lithium
       •   Large engineering firms including Shaw Power                Shaw Power Group                 Mar Mac protective
           Group, Parson’s AREVA, URS/Washington Group,                URS/Washington Group             Rollcast Energy
           Fluor Corp, Stantec Consulting Services and                 Sencera International Group      US Greenfiber Inc
           Perigon International Inc.                                  Ingersoll rand Co.               Sunlife Systems International
       •   First Renewable Energy Certificates market in               John Deere Southeastern          Toshiba
           the Southeast U.S.; state incentives specific               PPG Industries
           to alternative energy sector production and
           implementation to reach required measures by 2021
       •   39 power plants currently operating in the region, and 12 nuclear reactors operating in
           the Carolinas, with six new potential units in the application process
       •   EPIC - Energy Production Infrastructure Center at UNC Charlotte housing a
           department of electrical and civil engineering and is designed to address the shortfall
           of trained engineers capable of servicing and replacing an aging fossil fuel and
           nuclear infrastructure
       •   Over 40,000 degrees awarded in science, engineering and technology disciplines
           in North and South Carolina’s public universities including UNC Charlotte, University
           of South Carolina, Duke University and Clemson University, among others
       •   Home to Electric Power Research Institute’s R&D headquarters facility

     Recent Announcements:
       •   Toshiba America Nuclear Energy opening national project management and engineering center in Charlotte,
           adding nearly 200 jobs
       •   Siemens constructing additional 75,000-sf office complex adjacent to existing facility to house engineering
           operations that will support company’s design, manufacture and service of power generation units
       •   Electrolux AB will establish their american HQ’s in Charlotte, which will bring 738 new jobs in the region, they
           invest $8.3 million and, will lease and likely buy the 225,000 square foot building.
       •   Finland-based Metso Power, building $13.2 million boiler manufacturing plant
       •   Shaw Power Group’s 556-job unit relocating to Uptown Charlotte office tower; Fluor Corp. adding 100 jobs
       •   URS/Washington Group opening nuclear center bringing 400 jobs and $6.5 million in investment
       •   Charlotte Douglas Int’l Airport planning $13 million solar farm on airport property, inspired by Denver Int’l Airport
       •   Duke Energy to build 100-400 electricity-generating mini solar power plants throughout North Carolina,
           the first large scale initiative of its kind in the U.S.

36                   For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |
Workforce & Industry


Financial Services & Insurance: Targets                                                     Financial Services & Insurance:
Headquarters / Back Office                                                                  Major Employers
 •   Financial services corporate headquarters                                              Bank of America

  •     Financial services customer service centers                                         Wells Fargo/Wachovia Corporation
                                                                                            Transamerica Insurance
  •     Insurance back office operations
                                                                                            Lending Tree
Technology                                                                                  Microsoft
  •  Information technology / Security IT                                                   IBM
                                                                                            Vanguard Group

Charlotte USA Fast Facts: Financial Services & Insurance                                    TIAA-CREF
                                                                                            Hewitt Associates
  •     Second-largest banking center in U.S.
  •     Eight Fortune 500 headquarters
  •     350+ mortgage banking companies have operations in the Charlotte region
  •     More than 11,000 residents registered with Series 27, 53, 6, 62, 63, 65, 66 or 7 licenses
  •     Recent structuring in the financial services and insurance sector providing new opportunities for employers
        looking for skilled workers
  •     25,000 IT workers in metro area; roughly one out of every four IT workers in Carolinas is employed in Charlotte
        metro area
  •     More than 25 call centers operating locally; 10+ centers employ more than 500 workers
  •     UNC Charlotte’s Belk College of Business has graduated more than 16,000 students with degrees in
        accounting, business information systems, economics, finance, management and marketing 

      “We’ve chosen Charlotte because it makes good business sense... Charlotte is the financial center of
       the Southeast. It has an attractive cost of living and offers a high quality of life for our employees.”
         - Arlene Falk Withers, former president of the living-benefits division at Transamerica Life Insurance and Annuity Co.
           which moved its reinsurance division to uptown Charlotte from San Francisco in 1992, and subsequently moved
                                               two more divisions to the city thereafter.

Recent Announcements:
  •     Citco Fund Services announces the establishment of its first Charlotte office, adding 258 jobs over the next five
        years, and investing $3 million in its new uptown location
  •     Morgan Stanly announces the addition of 50 new employees to its Charlotte office
  •     Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) announces 1,000+ new jobs in its mortgage
        processing division
  •     Hewitt Associates will expand their facilites and add 463 positions mainly in Charlotte, NC (March 2010)
  •     Zenta Mortgage Services are investing $2 million in their expansion and add 1000 jobs in Mecklenburg country
  •     Fiserv opens a new facility in Catawba Country, by investing $12.8 million and adding 419 jobs
  •     Convergys Corp expand their plant in Catawaba Country, 120 new position (January 2010)

                   For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |                                     37
     Workforce & Industry

     CHARLOTTE USA WORKFORCE & INDUSTRY: MOTORSPORTS                                         Major Employers
     Motorsports: Targets
                                                                                             Chip Gnassi Racing
     Manufacturing                                                                           Rousch Racing
      •   Motorsports component manufacturing                                                Toyota Racing Development
      •   Vehicle manufacturing                                                              Lowe’s Motor Speedway
                                                                                             NASCAR Media Group
      •   Energy storage / battery technology
                                                                                             Dale Earnhardt Inc
                                                                                             Penske Racing
       •  Race teams
                                                                                             JR Motorsports
      •   R&D facilities                                                                     Speed Channel
     Charlotte USA Fast Facts: Motorsports
      •   90% of all NASCAR Teams headquartered within 50 miles
          of Charlotte, NC
      •   Home of NASCAR Hall of Fame, opening 2010, which will include an exhibition hall, convention center
          and adjacent office tower
      •   Three state-of-the-art wind tunnels in the region
      •   Racing venues include NASCAR’s Lowe’s Motor Speedway and zMAX Dragway
      •   Motorsports industry contributes more than $5 billion in annual economic impact to the regional economy
      •   Sports marketing programs geared specifically to motorsports teams offered at local universities
      •   North Carolina Motorsports and Automotive Research Center at University of North Carolina at Charlotte is a
          resource for workforce training and providing research infrastructure
          to service the local and national motorsports and automotive
     Recent Announcements:
      •   Charlotte wins bid for NASCAR Hall of Fame facility, exhibition hall
          and conference center, beating competitor cities such as Atlanta
          and Daytona Beach, FL
      •   A consortium of auto and motorsports companies has committed
          to finance a tire testing facility called Camber Ridge, a R&D project
          that serve the needs of industry as new federal electronic stability
          control requirements hit in 2011
      •   Toyota Racing Development purchases a site in 2007 to construct
          its 35,000 square foot NASCAR support facility and a chassis
          engineering operations center
      •   USF1, the first U.S.-based Formula 1 racing team, recently unveiled
          in Charlotte, is readying plans for the 2010 racing season
      •   zMAX Dragway, announced they will host two NHRA Full Throttle
          Drag Racing Series next year, adding to an already robust
          motorsports lineup at Lowe’s Motor Speedway

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     Cost Of Doing Business


     North Carolina Taxes

     Corporate Income Tax
     Flat rate of 6.9% of net income allocable to the state.

     Sales and Use Tax
     5.75% statewide with a local rate of 2.0% to 2.5%

     Franchise Tax
     $1.50 per $1,000 and is applied to the greatest base determined
     as set forth in the law. Minimum franchise tax is $35.

     Inventory Tax
     North Carolina does not impose an inventory tax.

     Property Tax
     North Carolina does not impose a state property tax.
     Rates assessed per $100 of 100% assessed valuation
     Property Tax Example
     $1,000,000 property in North Carolina:
     ($1,000,000 / 100) * Combined Tax Rate = Annual City/County Tax Bill
     [Combined Tax rates range from .42 - 1.433 per $100 of 100%
     assessed value]

     Manufacturing Fuels
     1% on fuel for agricultural or manufacturing use or to commercial
     laundries other than electricity or piped natural gas.

     Manufacturing Equipment                                                North Carolina Individual
     1% on farm machinery, mill machinery, parts and                        Income Tax Rates
     accessories sold to manufacturing industries and plants                Federal Deductibility
     1.4%. Beginning July 1, 2009 the rate will decrease to 0.8%,           Marginal Rates and Taxes
     and on July 1, 2010 a full exemption on sales and use tax              6% > $0
     for fuel and electricity sold to a manufacturer for use in             7% > $12,750
     connection with the operation of a manufacturing facility.             7.75% > $60,000
                                                                            8.00% > $120,000
     Natural Gas                                                            Standard Deduction
     2.83%                                                                  Single
     Telephone Service
     3% local
     6% intrastate
     $50,000 cap applies for call center operations                         Personal Exemptions
     Unemployment Insurance Rate                                            $1,200
     Average Tax Rate $200.40                                               Dependents
     Employers rate 0% to 6.84%                                             $1,200
     Taxable base $19,300

39                    For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |
Cost Of Doing Business

North Carolina Incentives                            Charlotte Region NC Finance Tiers
Job Creation Tax Credit
  •  Credit amount per job dependent on
     Tier designation for County.                                     Alexander

  •   Urban Progress Zones (UPZ) and                                              Iredell
      Agrarian Growth Zones (AGZ) bring
      additional $1,000 incentive per job / five                     Catawba
      job requirement. If job is filled by zone
      resident, add additional $1,000 per job                         Lincoln
  •   Job creation threshold applicable as
                                                         Cleveland     Gaston
      Tier 1                                                                                           Stanly

Jobs Tax Credit Example
Company A with 20 jobs relocating to City X                                                  Union          Anson
within UPZ
County X - Tier 2
City X - Urban Progress Zone
                                                        Charlotte Region Designations
Requirements: Minimum 10 jobs created &
meets county wage standard                                 Tier 1    $12,500      Tier 1 (threshold - min 5 jobs created)
County X Tier 2 Job Tax Credit…………...10 jobs               Tier 2    $5,000       Tier 2 (threshold - min 10 jobs created)
x $ 5,000 per job = $ 50,000                               Tier 3      $750       Tier 3 (threshold - min 15 jobs created)
City X Development Zone Job Tax Credit...15
jobs x $ 1,000 per job = $15,000
Total Jobs Tax Credit for Company A locating
within City X = $ 65,000

Investment Tax Credit
  •   Tier 1: 7% tax credit for Machinery & Equipment expenditures (any amount)
  •   Tier 2: 5% tax credit for Machinery & Equipment expenditures over $1MM
  •   Tier 3: 3.5% tax credit for Machinery & Equipment expenditures over $2MM

Investment Tax Credit Example
Company A with $4 million in eligible M & E relocating to County X
County X - Tier 3
Requirements: Meets county wage standard
County X $ 4MM - $2,000,000 threshold = $ 2,000,000 x 3.5% Credit = $ 70,000
Total Investment Tax Credit for Company A locating in County X = $ 70,000

                For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |                                   40
     Cost Of Doing Business

     Sustainability Incentives
       •   Renewable Energy Tax Credit
       •   Renewable Fuels Tax Credit
       •   Recycling Facility Tax Credit
       •   Recycling Assistance Business
           Assistance Program

     Green Business Fund
       •  Businesses with less than 100 people
          are eligible
       •   Maximum grant amount is $100,000
       •   Focus on developing biofuels, the
           green building industry, and clean
           energy/renewable energy projects

     R & D Tax Credit
       •   Credit equal to a percentage of those qualified NC R&D expenses
           – Small Business 3.25%
           – Tier 1 County 3.25%
           – Other 1.25% - 3.25% depending on investment level
       •   Company that has NC university expenses is allowed a 20% tax credit
       •   May be used to offset up to 50% of state income tax or franchise tax
           after all other credits are applied
       •   Carry forwards up to 15 years

     Sales Tax Exemption for Large Scale Data Centers
       •   Qualified large data center projects investing in real/personal property
           exempt from sales and use taxes on machinery and equipment. 1%
           privilege tax will be imposed on eligible data center purchases (max
           $80 per article)
       •   Qualified data center projects must be designated as Tier 4
           classification as designated by the Uptime Institute and make minimum
           real/personal property investment levels based on NC Development Tier
           structure as follows:
           – Tier 1 county: a minimum of $150 million investment in real and/or
             personal property within five years after start of construction
           – Tier 2&3 counties: a minimum of $300 million investment in real and/
             or personal property within five years after start of construction

41                   For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |
Cost Of Doing Business

North Carolina Financial Assistance Programs

Industrial Revenue Bonds
  •   Maximum $20 million per project, $40 million per company

Business Energy Improvement Program
 •   Low interest rates for energy conservation measures
  •      Loans ranging from $100,000 to $500,000

Industrial Development Fund
  •   Grants or loans for infrastructure related to job creation
  •      Max amount of $5,000 per job or $500,000 per project

Road Access Funds
 •   State will provide assistance on the construction of access
     roads to a site
  •      Improvements to existing road infrastructure that are required
         due to the scope of the project area also available
  •      Road improvements must have approval of local officials

Rail Industrial Access Program
 •     Extensions or renovations of existing rail spurs may be
       possible through state funding
  •      Local governments may provide other improvements that
         reduce rail costs, such as the relocation of streets
  •      State’s portion of assistance cannot exceed 50% of the total
         project cost
  •      Approval of funds based on new jobs created, capital
         investment of project, amount of rail use and general impact of
         project on community and state

Industrial Extension Service
  •   Services include training, lean manufacturing assistance,
      energy savings analysis, environmental/health/safety analysis,

NC Port Users Tax Credit
 •   Companies that utilize the NC ports in Wilmington or
     Morehead City can become eligible for significant tax credits

        “North Carolina, specifically this greater Charlotte metropolitan area, we have just found to be a
      wonderful home, and we continue to look for opportunities where again building, location, and quality
                             of hire continue to fit within the purpose of growing.”
                                                 - Tracy Ayers, Connextions

                  For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |                  42
     Cost Of Doing Business

     South Carolina Taxes

     Corporate Income Tax
     Flat rate of 5% of net income allocable to the state

     Sales & Use Tax
     6% statewide with a local rate of 1% or 2% on transactions

     Franchise Tax
     South Carolina does not impose a franchise tax

     Inventory Tax
     South Carolina does not impose an inventory tax

     Property Tax
     South Carolina does not impose a state property tax.
     Tax rates based on millage rate multiplied by assessment
     ratio (4-10.5%):
     Manufacturing real & personal property - 10.5%
     Commercial real property - 6%

     Property Tax Example
     $1,000,000 mfg property in South Carolina:
     $1,000,000 * 10.5% * Millage Rate =
     Annual City/County Tax Bill
     One mill = $ .001                                               South Carolina Individual
     10.5% = assessment ratio of manufacturing property valuation    Income Tax Rates
     Millage rates range from .228 - .422                            Federal Deductibility
                                                                     Marginal Rates and Taxes
     Manufacturing Fuels                                             2.5% > $0
     South Carolina does not impose a manufacturing                  3% > $2,530
     fuels tax                                                       4% > $5,060
     Manufacturing Equipment                                         5% > $7,590
     South Carolina does not impose a manufacturing                  6% > $10,120
     equipment tax                                                   7% > $12,650
                                                                     Standard Deduction
     Electricity                                                     Single
     South Carolina does not impose an electricity tax               $5,000
     Natural Gas
     South Carolina does not impose a natural gas tax
                                                                     Personal Exemptions
     Unemployment Insurance                                          Single
     Average tax rate of $234.00                                     $3,200
     Employers rate 2.7% (new) to 5.4% (max)                         Dependents
     Taxable base $7,000                                             $3,200

     Workers Compensation
     Workers Compensation Rate .630

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Cost Of Doing Business

South Carolina Incentives
                                                        Jobs Tax Credit Example
Jobs Tax Credit Program                                 Company A moves to “Least Developed County”
  •   Credit per job depending on county
                                                        Year      Credit per Job            No. of Jobs       Annual Credit
                                                         1         Establish Qualifications for Credit
  •     Additional $1,000 per net new job, if located
                                                         2               $4,500                 100                 $450,000
        in “Multi-County Industrial Park”
                                                         3               $4,500                 100                 $450,000
Corporate Headquarters Credit Program                    4               $4,500                 100                 $450,000
 •   Standard Credit: 20% for headquarters               5               $3,500                 100                 $450,000
     related real property                               6               $3,500                 100                 $450,000

        – 40 new jobs minimum, 20 at                                                           Five Year value: $2,250,000
          staff level                                   Source: Team South Carolina, 2003

        – Can be used to offset remaining
          corporate income tax with 10-yr
          carry-forward                                 SC Finance Tiers
  •     Enhanced Credit: 20% credit for
        headquarters-related personal property
        – Minimum 75 new HQ or R&D jobs
        – Average wage 1.5 times the state
          average wage                                               York
        – Can be used to offset remaining
          corporate income tax with 15-yearr
          carry-forward                                            Chester
                                                                                         Lancaster         Chesterfield

      Corporate Headquarters Tax Credit Example
      Company B constructs $10 million facility,
      including headquarters office
      Value of total facility ($10,000,000)
      x Percentage of facility dedicated                     SC County Designations
      to HQ (.25) = $2,500,000
                                                                Tier 1      Distressed                Lancaster County
      $2,500,000 x 20% credit (.20)
      = $500,000 Total Credit Value                             Tier 2      Least Developed           Chesterfield County
      Source: Team South Carolina, 2003                         Tier 3      Under Developed           Chester County
                                                                Tier 4      Moderately Developed      York County
                                                                Tier 5      Developed                 None in Charlotte region
Local Property Tax Incentives
  •   Property Tax Abatements
        – $50,000 minimum investment required
                                                             Tax Credit per Job Creation
        – Abates county’s operating millage for
          first five years                                    $8,000        Tier 1 County (min 10 jobs)
        – Generally saves 20%-25%                             $4,500        Tier 2 County (min 10 jobs)

  •     Fee-in-Lieu of property taxes                         $3,500        Tier 3 County (min 10 jobs)
                                                              $2,500        Tier 4 County (min 10 jobs)
        – Property tax reduction of 30%-45%
                                                               $1,500       Tier 5 County (min 10 jobs)
        – Assessment rate as low as 6%

                    For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |                                   44
     Cost Of Doing Business

     Enterprise Program Job Development Credit
       •   Value based on individual employee wage rates
           and development designation of county
       •   Value ranges from 2%-5% of actual payroll
       •   Minimum 10 net new jobs with healthcare benefits
       •   Technology Intensive Sales Tax Exemption
       •   “Technology Intensive” new and/or expanding
           facilities in South Carolina may be exempt from
           some sales and use taxes when the new and/or
           expanding facility meets certain investment and
           job creation requirements
           – Qualify as a “technology intensive facility”
           according to SC statute; invest min $300 million in
           property over 5 years; min 100 new jobs and above average wages
       •   Items exempt from sales and use tax include computer equipment, electricity used by the facility, and
           equipment and raw materials
       •   Once qualified for this exemption, all future computer equipment purchases are exempt

     South Carolina Financial Assistance Programs

     Tax-Increment Financing For Redevelopment Areas
       •   Firms can benefit by using the financing authorized for municipalities to improve areas within their boundaries.
       •   Incorporated municipalities are authorized to issue obligations for redevelopment of their blighted areas or
           threatened blighted areas.
       •   Obligations must mature within 30 years, and interest rates are determined by the governing body of the
       •   Eligible projects are buildings; improvements to streets, water, or sewer; parking.

     Supplemental Economic Development Fund
       •  Access to highway funds specifically designated for economic development.
       •   $18 million set aside, annually, to be used exclusively for the improvement of highway essential to economic
           development projects.
       •   Fund can be used for the construction of new or improved roads for the benefit of new or expanding

     South Carolina Resources Authority
       •  Created to assist local governments in financing water and sewer projects in rural South Carolina.
       •   Benefits businesses by enabling the local governments to provide the utility structure needed for the operation
           of business and industrial facilities.
       •   The Authority acts as an infrastructure bank for composite revenue bonds, loans or grants to any county,
           municipality, special purpose/service district, commission of public works and any private nonprofit water and/
           or sewer company.

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Cost Of Doing Business


 •     Duke Energy’s miniature “smart grid” to start test run in Charlotte, NC. Program will establish smart grid
       involving 200 customers, combining 50 kilowatts of solar capacity, smart meters and storage batteries to
       determine how to use new technology to save energy and improve service reliability. Program implementation
       to start fall 2009.
 •     Catawba County’s EcoComplex is a Renewable Energy Industrial Park combining energy production, business
       and waste management systems. Capturing the gases generated from the natural process of bacterial
       decomposition, the county sells the electricity to Duke Energy with annual sales averaging $550,000.
 •     Catawba County’s Building Services Division has implemented the Green Building Incentives fee structure for
       home and commercial buildings. This provides the New Structure Owner/Builder a limited 25% reimbursement
       (not to exceed $500) on their permit(s) ensuing a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) issuance and with approved
       Green Building certification. It also provides Existing Structure Owner a 50% permit(s) reimbursement with an
       approved Green Building certification. The Green Building Incentives fee structure will also provide the New
       Structure Builder/Owner a 50% reimbursement of all fees related to plan review or express plan review for
       commercial buildings ensuing an approved Green Building certification by a third party inspection agency.
 •     Mecklenburg County, NC offers an incentive for new homes and businesses to be constructed in a sustainable
       manner. For new projects completed after January 1, 2008, which are certified under LEED* or Green
       Globes**, the county will issue a rebate of up to 25% (up to $100,000) for the cost of a permit. LEED is a
       certification program for sustainably designed homes and commercial buildings, and Green Globes certifies
       commercial buildings.

CHARLOTTE USA COST                   OF     DOING BUSINESS: UTILITIES                                                                            79



Sales Tax, Special Provisions (NC/SC)                                                                                                                                  85
                                                                                    Average Electricity
Electricity                                     1.4%/none
                                                                                    Rates for All Sectors,                            40
Natural Gas                                   2.83%/none                            by Southeastern
Manufacturing Fuels                             1.0%/none                                                                   85         26            8.26¢

Manufacturing Equipment                         1.0%/none                           Source: Energy                          20
Telecommunications Service (intrastate)                 7.0%                        Information
                                                                                    Administration,           8.64¢              16
                                                                                    January 2009


Electricity Rates for Selected States
Electric Rates        North       South                              New                New                                            4
(per kWh)            Carolina    Carolina    Oregon     California   York    Ohio      Mexico     Massachusets
Commercial             8.05        8.68       7.09        11.49      14.36   9.39       8.05          16.05
Industrial             5.69        5.73       5.18        9.40       11.17   6.48       5.29          13.64

Source: Energy Information Association, December 2008

                  For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |                                                                                 46
     Cost Of Doing Business


      Average Regional Weekly Wage
      Construction                                         $834
      Manufacturing                                        $854
      Wholesale Trade                                     $1,022
      Retail Trade                                          $497
      Transportation & Warehousing                         $840
      Information                                         $1,139
      Finance & Insurance                                 $1,357
      Real Estate & Rental & Leasing                        $812
      Professional & Technical Services                   $1,181
      Management of Companies & Enterprises               $1,663
      Administrative & Waste Services                       $573
      Educational Services                                 $659
      Health Care & Social Assistance                       $818
      Accommodation & Food Services                         $278

     Source: North Carolina Employment Security Commission, 2008;
     South Carolina Employment Security Commission, 2008

                                                            Unemployment Insurance                     Average Workers
                                                                                                       Compensation, 2008:
                                                            Florida                    $106.57
                                                            Georgia                    $133.54         North Carolina             $2.17

                                                            South Carolina             $151.00         South Carolina            $2.50

                                                            Ohio                       $227.12         Georgia                   $2.02

                                                            New York                   $299.64         Florida                   $3.32

                                                            North Carolina             $350.94         New York                   $3.15

                                                            Pennsylvania               $402.99         Florida                   $3.32

                                                            Michigan                   $424.87         California                 $4.13

                                                            Illinois                   $455.68        Source: Oregon Workers Compensation
                                                            Massachusetts              $502.60        Study, January 2007

                                                            Source: US Average = $281.41;
                                                            American Institute for Full Employment,
                                                            November 2008

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Cost Of Doing Business


Specially Designated Incentives Zones:

  State Development Zones                                            77
  HUBZone counties and tracts


                 74                            Gastonia

                             Kings Mountain

                                               Rock Hill                                            74


Cost per SF: Downtown Office Space
Washington, DC          $49.13         Los Angeles, CA       $31.20
Boston, MA              $47.09         Miami, FL             $30.67
New York, NY           $42.95          Houston, TX           $23.63
San Francisco, CA      $35.91          Charlotte, NC         $23.27
Chicago, IL            $32.64          Dallas, TX            $19.18

Source: CB Richard Ellis, 2009 Q 1

                   For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |            48
     Cost Of Doing Business


     Business Climate Rankings
     #1, #14 North Carolina and South Carolina rank first and 14th, respectively, in “Top 10 State Business Climate”
             rankings. Source: Site Selection Magazine, November 2008
         #3 North Carolina ranked 3rd, South Carolina ranked 5th for “Top Pro-Business States” Source: Pollina Corporate
              Top 10 Pro-Business States 2009

         #2 North Carolina ranked 2nd, South Carolina ranked 9th for “Best States to Conduct Business”
              Source: Chief Executive Magazine 2009

         #2 Charlotte metro area ranked No. 2 as “Best place to start a small business” Source: American Bizjournals 2009
        #18 The Charlotte metro area ranked 18th among U.S. cities cited as “Best Cities for Job Growth”
              Source: New Geography 2009

         #8 Charlotte MSA ranks 8th on list of 100 best places to live and launch a business Source: 2008
        #12 City of Charlotte ranked 12th among large U.S. markets for “Hotspots for Young Professionals”
              Source: Next generation Consulting 2009

       “…county and state officials demonstrated that not only a large pool of qualified workforce was readily
         available, but they also offered incentives for additional training. This type of commitment is very
                    important to our company and very much in line with our strategic drivers…”
         - R. Panico Peres, director of operations, Sabo USA, Inc, which opened its first North American facility in Lincoln County
                   in 2007, adding 100 employees to its 30,000sf plant and investing $10 million over a 3-5 year period.

                                       Top 10                                  Top 10
                                       Pro-Business States                     Competitive States
                                         1      Virginia                        1       Ohio
                                         2      Utah                            2       North Carolina
                                         3      North Carolina                  3       Michigan
                                         4      Wyoming                         4       Pennsylvania
                                         5      South Carolina                 T5       Kentucky
                                         6      South Dakota                   T5       Texas
                                         7      Kansas                         T7       Tennessee
                                         8      Georgia                        T7       Alabama
                                         9      Florida                         9       Indiana
                                       10       Nebraska                       10       South Carolina

                                      Source: Pollina Corporate Top 10       Source: Site Selection,
                                      Pro-Business States 2009               November 2008

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For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |   50

     Charlotte USa’S aCCeSSible, reliable infraStrUCtUre network

     The Charlotte region provides quick, reliable access to your
     customers, suppliers and workforce.
         •	   Centrally	located	along	the	Eastern	U.S.	coast
         •	   Able	to	reach	62%	of	the	U.S.	population	(130+	million	
              people)	within	one	day’s	drive
         •	   Heart	of	the	Southeastern	U.S.,	the	fastest	growing	region	
              in	the	country
         •	   110+	distribution	centers	located	throughout	the	Charlotte	
         •	   Foreign	Trade	Zone	#57,	located	in	Charlotte	USA,	
              includes	16	subzones	and	two	general	purpose	zones
         •	   Logistics	hub	for	companies	such	as	Target,	Rack	Room	
              Shoes,	Black	&	Decker,	Ross	Stores,	TJ	Maxx,	Spencer	
              Gifts,	Crate	&	Barrel,	Family	Dollar,	Frito	Lay,	Food	Lion	
              and	Lowe’s.

         “We are pleased to expand our presence in South Carolina and move our headquarters to York County.
            The Palmetto State is just the right fit for our company and provides us with a positive business
         environment and a strong workforce. We appreciate all the support we’ve received from state and local
                          officials and look forward to continued success in South Carolina.”
                - Chris Thompson, president of C.M. Steel Inc, upon announcement of the company’s $7 million relocation of its
                                                   corporate headquarters to York County.

         •	   Over	57%	of	U.S.	population	(more	than	130	million	
                                                                                   Driving Times (Charlotte to listed city)
              people)	can	be	reached	within	one	day	car/truck	drive
                                                                                                                          DRIVING TIME
         •	   Charlotte	Douglas	International	Airport	is	the	nation’s	             CITY               MILES        KM            (HRS)
              ninth	busiest	international	airport                                  Atlanta, GA          243       391             3:57

         •	   Norfolk	Southern	and	CSX	are	the	primary	rail	                       Chicago, IL          765      1231            12:13
              providers	in	the	Charlotte	region                                    Jacksonville, FL     384       618             6:17
                                                                                   Memphis, TN          620       998             9:22
         •	   Three	interstates	intersect	the	16-county	Charlotte	
                                                                                   Miami, FL            735      1183            11:39
              region	—	I-85,	I-77,	I-40	—	and	I-95	lies	110	miles	to	
                                                                                   Nashville, TN        422       679             6:59
              the	east
                                                                                   Orlando, FL          524       843             8:13
         •	   Wilmington,	Morehead	City	and	Charleston	ports	
                                                                                   New York, NY         646      1039            10:27
              serve	the	area;	Port	of	Savannah	located	just	over	the	
                                                                                   Richmond, VA         293       471             4:54
              Georgia/SC	state	line
                                                                                   Savannah, GA         252       405             4:17


51                      For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |


       •	     I-485	Beltway	around	Charlotte	¾	complete
              Northwest	section	still	under	construction
              Expected	completion	date	—	December	2012
       •	     Over	300+	trucking	firms	in	the	Charlotte		
              USA	region
       •	     Distribution	hub	for	the	sixth	largest	urban	region		
              in	the	U.S.
       •	     Intersection	of	3	major	interstates	–	I-77,	I-85	and	I-40

    Proximity            to   major market CenterS                 in the       U.S.


                                                                                                          Detroit                   New York City

                                                                                                                         Washington, D.C.
                                             Denver                                                    Cincinatti
            2000 Miles
                                     1500 Miles
                                                               1000 Miles
                                                                                           500 Miles

Los Angeles
                    Phoenix                                                                                 Atlanta

                                                                  Dallas                                              Savannah



                         For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |                                                   52


     Charlotte Douglas International (CLT) Airport:                                                      Top International
     Nonstop International Destinations                                                                  Business Destinations
         •	    Nonstop	service	to	120+	destinations                                                      Frankfurt, Germany
                                                                                                         London, UK
         •	    CLT	640+	daily	departures
                                                                                                         Munich, Germany
         •	    CLT	is	largest	US	Airways	hub                                                             Paris, France
         •	    Safety	net	–	even	if	flights	are	missed;	hub	status	ensures		                             Toronto, Canada
               additional	flight	options	available                                                       Rio De Janiero, Brazil (starting Dec ‘09)
         •	    Less	than	10	minute	security	clearance	wait                                               Mexico City, Mexico
                                                                                                         Sao Paulo, Brazil (starting late 2010)
         •	    $325	million	intermodal	facility	under	construction
         •	    On-site	air	cargo	facilities	constructed	by	UPS,	FedEx,	Emory	
               Worldwide	and	DHL
         •	    Parking,	ticketing	areas	and	baggage	claim	undergoing	
               significant	renovations	to	accommodate	increase		                                                               Largest Regional Airports

               in	traffic                                                                                       77
         •	    Charlotte’s	fourth	9,000	sf	runway	nearly	complete                                  Airport
                                                                                     Hickory                     Statesville
         •	    Business	valet	parking	service	provides	VIP	                                                                      Salisbury
                                                                          Hickory          Newton
               treatment	for	business	travelers                           Regional
                                                                           Airport                               Mooresville
         •	    Construction	of	new	$200	million	                                       321
               international	terminal	to	meet	needs	of	                                                             Airport        Kannapolis

               growing	international	service                                                    Huntersville
         •	    Wireless	Internet	areas	offered	                           Shelby
                                                                     74                      Gastonia
               throughout	airport                                                     85                     Charlotte

                                                                                   Municipal           485                     Mint Hill
                                                                                    Airport                     Matthews
                                                                                                                           Indian Trail
                                                                                     Bryant Field
                                                                                       Airpark            Fort Mill
                                                                                           Rock Hill             Monroe                      74
                                                                                                                 Regional Monroe


53                      For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |

                                           General Aviation in Charlotte USA
                                               •	   Charlotte	USA	region	includes	17	general	aviation	airports	that	
                                                    range	in	capacity	from	20-150+	aircraft	per	day
                                               •	   Every	county	in	the	16-county	region	includes	at	least	one	
                                                    municipal	airport
                                               •	   Five	regional	airports	serve	more	than	100+	aircraft	per	day
                                               •	   Top	five	largest	regional	airports	include:
                                                    –	Concord	Regional	Airport	in	Cabarrus	County	
                                                    –	Monroe	Regional	Airport	in	Union	County
                                                    –	Gastonia	Municipal	Airport	in	Gaston	County
                                                    –	Hickory	Regional	Airport	in	Catawba	County
                                                    –	Bryant	Field	Airpark	in	York	County


Daily Non-stop and Single Plane Air Service from Charlotte

              For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |                               54

     rail aCCeSS           in   Charlotte USa                   Charlotte USA’s status as an inland port:
                                                                Charlotte USA is served by the largest consolidated rail system in the country
      •	    Charlotte	USA	region	has	extensive		
                                                                Links to 22 states in the eastern half of the U.S.
            rail	network
                                                                Rail connections to the Carolina coast give the region the status of an inland port
      •	    Status	as	inland	port	due	to	foreign		              Access to a Foreign Trade Zone
            trade	zone	status,	direct	rail	access		
            and	intermodal	capability	within	the	region	
      •	    Daily	express	service                                                                                                                  Norfolk	Southern
      •	    600	trains	run	through	the	region	weekly                     Hickory
                                                                                       40             Statesville

                                                                              Newton                                  Salisbury                    Lancaster	and	Chester	(L&C)

                                                                                                     Mooresville                                   Alexander	Railroad	Company
     Support services:                                                                 Cornelius
     Brokers                                                                                                           Concord
     Off-line railroad sales offices                       74
                                                                         85                       Charlotte
     Freight consolidators
                                                                                            485                     Mint Hill
     Custom house brokers                                                                           Matthews
                                                                                                                Indian Trail
     Logistics consulting
                                                                                              Fort Mill
                                                                                Rock Hill                                         74


                                       Rail Connection
                                        •	   CSX	and	Norfolk	Southern	both	operate	large,	well-equipped	rail	yards	in	Charleston
                                        •	   Daily	express	services	inbound	and	outbound
                                        •	   Double	stack	trains
                                        •	   Exceptionally	high	and	wide	rail	clearances
                                        •	   Intermodal	service	provided	to	Wando	Welch	Terminal	via	direct	dray	to	the	
                                             railhead,	allowing	for	more	generous	cutoff	times	

                                       CSX Transportation
                                        •	   Provides	rail	transportation	and	distribution	services	over	18,759	route	miles	and	
                                             32,462	track	miles	in	20	states	in	the	East,	Midwest,	and	South;	the	District	of	
                                             Columbia;	and	Ontario,	Canada.	

                                       Norfolk Southern Railway
                                        •	   Rail	lines	extend	over	14,300	miles	of	road	in	20	states,	primarily	in	the	Southeast	
                                             and	Midwest,	and	the	Province	of	Ontario,	Canada.	

                                       L&C Railway
                                        •	   Privately	owned,	well-capitalized;	financially	strong;	short	line	railroad	based	in	
                                             Lancaster,	SC	(35	miles	south	of	Charlotte,	NC).
                                        •	   Connects	to	the	national	rail	network	through	both	CSX	and	Norfolk	Southern.

55                       For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |

Port aCCeSS           in   Charlotte USa
Port of Charleston
    •	   Busiest	container	port	along	the	Southeast	and	Gulf	coasts
    •	   Ranks	fourth	nationally
    •	   Access	to	13	of	the	top	15	carriers	in	the	U.S.		
         container	trade
    •	   Intermodal	access	via	rail	and	highways	to	the		
         Charlotte	region
                                                                                                                  Distances to Carolina Ports
                                                                                                                      PORT                               MILES/ KM                   TIME
Port of Savannah
                                                                                                                  Wilmington                      196 mi/315 km                   3.7 hours
    •	   Features	the	largest	single-terminal	complex	with	the	                                                   Charleston                      208 mi/335 km                   3.5 hours
         longest	contiguous	dock	on	the	east	coast                                                                Savannah                        250 mi/402 km                    4 hours
    •	   Terminal	offers	7,617	linear	feet	of	docking	space	at	even	                                              Morehead City                   316 mi/508 km                   5.5 hours
    •	   Rail	access	to	the	Charlotte	region	via	Norfolk	Southern	and	CSX	Transportation

Port of Wilmington
    •	   Full	service	deepwater	port	and	marine	terminal
    •	   Rail	access	to	the	Charlotte	region	via	Norfolk	Southern	and	CSX	
    •	   Deck	height	averages	12	ft.	above	mean	low	water	
    •	   Facility	can	outload	over	800	tons	per	hour	with	a	70,000	ton	storage	capacity

Port of Morehead City                                                                           77                                                 85
                                                                                                    Winston-Salem Greensboro
    •	   Ranks	second	in	U.S.		                                                                                                                 Durham      95
                                                                                 Statesville           High Point
         rubber	imports,	second		                      26
                                                            Asheville       40                                                                                    Greenville
         to	New	Orleans,	LA                                    CLT Intermodal

                                                                       Facility                       Charlotte
    •	   Direct	highway		                                                                                                    Fayetteville
                                                                                                                                                                       New Bern

         access	–	I-95,	I-40,		                      Greenville                                          Rockingham
                                                                        Spartenburg                                                                             Jacksonville
         US	Hwy	17
                                                      85                                  77                                                                             Morehead City
    •	   Direct	rail	access	via		                                        26

         Norfolk	Southern                                                                                   20
                                                                                                                      Florence                     Wilmington

                                                                                                                                 Myrtle Beach

                                                                                                                                                          Major	cities

                                                                                                                                                          CLT	Intermodal	Facility


                   For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |                                                                                                 56

     foreign trade Zone #57
     Foreign Trade Zones
         •	   Designated	site	licensed	by	the	Foreign-Trade	Zones	(FTZ)	Board	at	which	special	customs	procedures		
              may	be	used	
         •	   Allow	domestic	activity	involving	foreign	items	to	take	place	prior	to	formal	customs	entry	
         •	   Duty-free	treatment	is	accorded	to	items	that	are	re-exported	and	duty	payment	is	deferred	on	items	sold		
              in	the	U.S.	market	
         •	   Intermodal	access	via	rail	and	highways	to	the	Charlotte	region

     General Purpose Zones
         •	   Open	to	multiple	users
         •	   Manufacturing	permitted	but	most	common	use	is	warehouse	and	distribution	activity

         •	   16	subzones	located	throughout	Charlotte	USA
         •	   Special-purpose	zones,	typically	designated	at	manufacturing	plants	
         •	   Approved	for	use	by	one	company	for	a	specific	activity	
                                                                                                             Foriegn Trade Zones

     Benefits                                                                                                   General	Purpose
         •	   Merchandise	may	be	manipulated,	used		
                                                                                                                Green	denotes	an	
              in	a	manufacturing	process,	inspected,		                                                          active	location
              combined	with	other	domestic	or	foreign		
              materials,	displayed	for	sale	and/or		
              re-exported	without	payment	of	duty
         •	   Savings	on	personal	property,	sales		
              and	use	taxes
         •	   Savings	on	interest,	labor	and		
              shipping	costs

                                                   INFO	TO	COME

57                     For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |
For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |   58
     About Us


     The Charlotte USA Economic Development services team provides a central location for your site selection needs
     when considering our 16-county region for a business location. We offer custom real estate searches and site tours,
     custom market research, contacts to regional organizations, and an objective perspective for incentive negotiations.
     We navigate the way for you or your client to fully understand the dynamics of our region, the market potential for
     various industries and the site selection process.

     We are a nonprofit agency, funded by the public and private sector from around the Charlotte USA region charged
     with the mission to market collectively Charlotte USA to the world as a premier place to do business. Our services
     are free of charge to our clients.

         “Charlotte and its sister communities are one region, one economy, one environmental area, one society”
                      - The “simple premise” for the foundation of Charlotte’s regional success. The Pierce Report, 1995.

     Our services include:
         •   Site selection consulting
             – Reliable, objective advisors to guide you through real estate options among 16-counties
             – Arrange visits to the region to tour commercial properties, residential neighborhoods, meet with other
               employers or staffing agencies, community colleges/universities and other assets around the region
             – Provide descriptions and answer questions regarding tax and incentive programs applicable to properties
               in North and South Carolina

         •   Custom research
             –   National cost of living comparisons
             –   National tax and incentive comparisons
             –   Regional labor market statistics
             –   Regional demographic reports
             –   Regional market profiles by industry
             –   Mapping to show proximity to markets, customers, suppliers, other assets in region

         •   Regional Resource
             – Liaison to contacts around the 16-county region
             – Legal, accounting, logistics advice to introductions to K-12 school administrators, state training
               program coordinators, university research professors, and residential and commercial real estate agents,
               to name a few

59                      For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |
About Us


Collectively, our team has more than 50 years experience in economic development, and has extensive experience
advising companies large and small, that are based overseas or in the U.S., with needs for manufacturing facilities,
R&D operations, corporate headquarters campuses and beyond.

Ronnie Bryant                                                 David Swenson
CEcD, FM, HLM, President & CEO                                CEcD, Senior Vice President, Economic
As President and CEO of the Charlotte Regional                Development Services
Partnership, Ronnie Bryant promotes the 16-county             David serves as Vice President of Economic
Charlotte USA region as a premier location for                Development Services for the CRP for which he
expanding and relocating businesses. With more                executes business development initiatives. Swenson
than 30 years of technical, managerial and economic           joined the CRP team in 2006 after working for 11
development expertise, Bryant is nationally known for         years in local and regional economic development
establishing and implementing successful economic             and site location consulting. He is a Certified
development programs, with a strong emphasis on               Economic Developer since 2005.
existing industry expansion and retention, regionalism        Contact:
and marketing.

                                                              Juawana Colbert
                                                              Project Manager
Vanessa Goeschl
CEcD, Vice President, Research                                Juawana is responsible for managing the Partnership’s
                                                              business development initiatives, and is, in many
Vanessa manages economic and demographic
                                                              cases, the first point of contact for clients. Juawana
data for 16 counties within the Charlotte
                                                              joined the CRP in 2006, after working for The Indy
region, conducting custom research upon request
                                                              Partnership in Indianapolis, IN.
and assisting with related economic development
projects. She has previous experience as                      Contact:
an economic development specialist at the local level          
and has worked for the USDA Rural Development                 Dianna Whisnant
State Office in Jackson, MS, as a community                   Research & Marketing Associate
development specialist. She is a Certified Economic
                                                              Dianna is responsible for conducting custom research
Developer since 2009.
                                                              upon request for internal and external recipients.
Contact:                            She was previously a project manager with a small
                                                              commissioning firm in the Washington, D.C., metro area.

                                                              Laura Foor
                                                              FTZ Administrator
                                                              Laura serves as the Foreign Trade Zone Administrator for
                                                              Foreign Trade Zone #57. She has previous experience in
                                                              managing business retention and expansion programs,
                                                              at the community level, as well as project management
                                                              experience at the at the regional level within the CRP.

                For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |                               60
     About Us


     Japan-based Toshiba America Nuclear Energy located in Mecklenburg County, NC after a competitive search to
     locate their new nuclear power construction management center in North America. As an
     emerging concentration of energy-related firms evolves in the Charlotte region, companies
     are taking notice and choosing to site engineering and R&D operations near major players
     in their field. The facility will be relocating many key executives directly from Japan,
     and hiring an additional 190+ local employees to fill highly skilled engineering positions. A robust international
     community, hospitable to the Japanese culture, was a key factor in their decision to locate in Charlotte USA.

       •   Located in Mecklenburg County, NC
       •   Japan-based nuclear power engineering facility
       •   Investing $13.5 million in capital and hiring 190+ local employees
       •   Cited depth and commitment of international community, as well as proximity to major engineering universities
           in the southeastern U.S. as major factors in final decision

            “Charlotte’s cutting-edge nuclear engineering community was a major draw for the company.”
                                                - Fuyuki Saito, Chief Executive, TANE

     Metso Power
     Finland-based Metso Power located in Lancaster County, SC after a two-year search during which the company
     considered multiple locations along the eastern U.S. seaboard. Ultimately, the CRP
     economic development services team helped the company understand the best place to
     manufacture energy components is in Charlotte USA, where an emerging energy sector
     is taking root, and easy access to their customers as well as the opportunity to build new
     relationships relative to their field became an important selling point for the region.

       •   Located in 2007 to Lancaster County, SC
       •   Finland-based manufacturer of energy components
       •   Investing $13.5 million in capital and hiring 50 local employees

61                   For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |
About Us

Toyota Racing Development
Toyota Racing Development located an R&D and manufacturing facility in the heart of
NASCAR country, citing proximity to R&D assets closely aligned with the motorsports
community as a driving factor in their decision. The company initially invested $28
million in the plant, which employs 50 highly skilled workers. The 35,000 sf engineering
facility also includes chassis manufacturing.

  •   Located in 2007 to Rowan County, NC
  •   Motorsports industry
  •   Investing $28 million in capital investment and hiring 50 local employees
  •   CRP initially led the site selection

                “When it comes to NASCAR, we wanted a location accessible to all our teams,
                     and the Rowan County property provided the best opportunity.”
                                                 - Jim Austin, President

IBM Lender Business Process Services Inc announced the expansion of their existing back office operations
in south Charlotte, NC to include additional capacity for 600 employees in the mortgage processing field. The
company cited the quality of available workforce in the region with the necessary credentials
to work in a fast-paced financial services back office facility, as well as the presence of a
business-friendly environment. The 40,000 sf operations center includes services such as
lean application processing, underwriting, vendor management, document preparation and
loan closings.

  •   Announced in 2008 in Mecklenburg County, NC
  •   Adding 600 employees to expanded facility over four years
  •   $2.4 million in capital investment

       “The strong business climate of North Carolina and a talent pool rich in the skills that we require
            make Charlotte a natural location as we grow our Lender Business Process Services.”
                                             - Greg Sullins, Executive Director

                For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |                      62
     About Us

     Apple Inc has chosen Catawba County for the location of its only East Coast data center that will be operational
     by late 2010. The 500,000 sf facility is located along the “technology corridor” that is emerging in
     the Hickory metro area, and has been touted as the largest capital investment project in the history
     of the state. A recent change in state tax law affecting corporate income tax calculations, as well as
     existing infrastructure such as redundant power, water and fiber-optics capabilities factored heavily into
     the company’s final location decision. The Apple data center sits just 30 miles down the road from a
     Google data center that opened in 2008.

       •     Located in 2009 to Maiden, NC
       •     500,000 sf data center facility on 183 acres hiring 50 Apple-badged employees, and additional 250-300 local
             workers to maintain the site
       •     Investing $1 billion over ten years
       •     Largest capital investment project in North Carolina history

                  “Strong and redundant power, water and fiber optics were the primary characteristics
                                           that made this a special site.”
                    - Scott Millar, president of Catawba County Economic Development Corporation, on landing the new
                                        Apple data center that will be constructed in Maiden, NC

     Siemens Energy Inc announced the expansion of its existing operations in Charlotte, NC to add a 75,000 sf facility
     for 226 new engineering positions. The plant, which manufactures and services steam turbines and electric
     generators, realized the proximity to companies also in the energy sector and the unique
     cluster of local engineers was a strong influence on their decision to expand in Charlotte, NC.
     The company is expected to invest $50 million over the next five years in the expansion.

       •     Announced expansion in 2008 to its 740-employee, 550,000 sf manufacturing facility in
             Charlotte, NC
       •     Germany-based manufacturer of energy components
       •     Investing $50 million in capital and hiring 226 local engineering jobs over the next five years
       •     New 75,000 sf office facility to be built adjacent to existing manufacturing plant

             “...staying in Charlotte was an easy decision given the workforce to draw upon for employees.”
                                                   - Mark Pringle, Director of Operations

63                     For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |
About Us

Daimler Trucks North America
In 2007, Daimler Trucks North America announced roughly 340 corporate marketing, sales and customer support
positions would be transferred to Rock Hill, SC from Portland, OR to be
closer to the majority of their customers in the Southeastern U.S. A newly
constructed 100,000 sf building was able to accommodate the move. In
2008, the purchase of an additional 396 acres to develop an expanded
campus was announced, which will increase the current capacity to a
150,000-200,000 sf office campus.

  •   Located in 2007 to York County, SC
  •   German-based truck manufacturer
  •   Hiring 340 corporate employees; total investment not disclosed
  •   Recently purchased additional acreage to construct office campus

Big Dogs/The Walking Company
Retail manufacturer Big Dog Holdings, Inc, also known as The Walking Company, announced
in 2006 it would relocated its 143,000 sf distribution center from Santa Fe Springs, CA to
Lincoln County, NC. The region’s pro-business attitude and overall quality of life aspects were
cited as key factors that ultimately influenced their decision to relocate to Charlotte USA. The
company invested $10.5 million and brought 100 new jobs to the new location.

  •   Located in 2005 to Lincoln County, NC
  •   Nationwide retail distributor
  •   Investing $12.5 million in capital and hiring 100 local employees

                For more information, call 800.544.4373 or 704.347.8942 |                    64

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