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Sherri Hawley


									                                         Sherri D. Hawley
                                  WALLING, BERG & DEBELE, P.A.
                                  121 South Eighth Street, Suite 1100
                                    Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402
                                             (612) 335-4292
                                          (612) 340-1154 (fax)
                                        Web Site:


         Walling, Berg & Debele, P.A. Minneapolis, Minnesota
         Associate Attorney. December 2003 to Present

               Practice devoted to all aspects of adoption, custody, dissolution, paternity, and juvenile law,
               including delinquency, child protection and domestic abuse matters. Appellate practice in
               same areas with emphasis on termination of parental rights appeals by court appointment.
               Motion practice, including petitions, affidavits, memoranda of law, and proposed orders in
               district court. Drafting and filing of notices of appeal, motions, and appellate briefs at Court
               of Appeals and Supreme Court. Oral argument in all levels of State courts. Settlement
               negotiations with opposing counsel and pro se litigants.

               Qualified family facilitative neutral under Rule 114 of the Minnesota General Rules of

               Special skills: Strong analytical abilities and communication skills; very self-sufficient;
               creative problem-solver; active leader; prompt; respectful; fair; committed to the ethical and
               courteous practice of law; experienced trial attorney.

         North Central University Minneapolis, Minnesota
         Adjunct Professor. 2006 Spring Semester (January through April)

               Responsible for teaching all aspects of The American Political System, including choosing
               course content, teaching 2 ½ hours per week for 14 weeks, creating exams and assignments,
               grading, and arranging guest speakers and field trips.

         Solo Practice St. Paul, Minnesota
         Attorney. November 1998 –December 2003

               Appellate and writing practice. Wrote more than 30 appellate briefs in Minnesota and
               Eighth Circuit Courts of Appeal, on criminal, child protection, and family matters. Wrote
               petitions for review to Minnesota Supreme Court. Drafted appellate briefs, pleadings, and
               memoranda for other attorneys in areas of consumer fraud, personal injury, criminal law,
               child custody, insurance coverage, and bankruptcy. Attorney of record in estate planning,
               adoption, residential real estate, and juvenile delinquency matters. Also served as counsel
               for Tenth Judicial District guardian ad litem in child protection matter.
           Juvenile public defender in Tenth Judicial District. Spent four years representing parents or
           children in child protection and termination of parental rights matters in Anoka County, from
           first appearance through trial. Represented juveniles charged with delinquency matters from
           detention or initial hearing through trial. Represented juveniles in hearings regarding
           certification to adult court and extended juvenile jurisdiction status.
                    Negotiated plea agreements in delinquency matters and agreements with regard to
           permanency in child protection matters. Developed a reputation for being an effective
           problem-solver without sacrificing client advocacy.
                    Typically had 75 to 100 open cases as ¾-time public defender. Developed reputation
           for handling matters thoroughly but efficiently.

           Misdemeanor public defender in Tenth Judicial District. During the maternity leave of a
           full-time public defender in Anoka County, represented adults charged with misdemeanor

    Meshbesher & Associates, P.A.. Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Associate Attorney. October 1997 to November 1998

           Handled all appeals for the firm in Minnesota and Eighth Circuit courts. Primary writer on
           all cases in firm, both civil and criminal. Shared responsibility for maintaining firm’s
           availability to clients 24 hours a day.

    Kanabec County Attorney. Mora, Minnesota
    Acting County Attorney. May 1997 – October 1997
    Assistant County Attorney. January 1995 – May 1997

           As acting county attorney, was responsible for all criminal prosecutions, advising county
           board, and handling all civil matters, including sale of forfeited real estate and claims against
           estates for funds the county had expended on behalf of decedent. As assistant county
           attorney, had sole responsibility for all misdemeanor, juvenile delinquency, child protection,
           and child support collection prosecutions.

    Solo Practice. St. Paul, Minnesota
    General and contract attorney. May 1994 – November 1994

           Handled or worked on cases involving civil rights; personal injury, and debt collection.
           Drafted wills and articles of incorporation. Did research and drafting for other attorneys in
           suite of offices.

    Ken Jacobs, Attorney at Law. Forest Lake, Minnesota
    Contract attorney in family and juvenile law matters in Tenth Judicial District.
    Summer 1993 – May 1994


    Minnesota Supreme Court, October 23, 1992
    Wisconsin Supreme Court, March 15, 2005
    United States District Court, District of Minnesota, August 6, 1998
    United States Court of Appeals, Eighth Circuit, August 6, 1998

                                   Sherri D. Hawley Resume – Page 2

    University of California, Hastings College of the Law, San Francisco, California
           Juris Doctorate, May 24, 1992
                   Moot Court
                   Clinical internship: Alameda County District Attorney’s Office, Oakland, CA
    North Central University, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Bachelor of Arts, December 20, 1988
                  Major: Communications and Bible
                  Dean’s List 1984-1988
                  Honor Society, Newspaper, Yearbook, Choir


    Minnesota State Bar Association
          Appellate Practice Section Advisory Council
                   Secretary/Treasurer – 2006 to 2007
          Professionalism Committee
          Children and the Law Section
                   Vice Chair – 2005 to 2006
                   Chair – 2006 to 2007
          Past member, Rules of Professional Conduct Committee

    Minnesota Women Lawyers
          Community Action Committee –
                  Co-Chair 2005 to present
          Social Committee for Midwest Regional Conference on Women in the Law

    Minnesota Christian Lawyers
    American Bar Association
           Family Law Section
    Hennepin County Bar Association
           Family Law Section
    Anoka County Bar Association
    Wisconsin Bar Association
           Family Law Section


    Habitat for Humanity – family selection committee
    Volunteer judge, MSBA Mock Trial Program, 2004 to present
    Volunteer mediator, Washington County Volunteer Mediation Program (2002-2003)
    Volunteer attorney, KidsCall (project of the Children’s Justice Initiative) (2002-present)
    Volunteer attorney with Minnesota YMCA Youth in Government (2003 to present)
    I.S.D. 622 Parent Communication Committee, Literacy Program, and Community Task Force
    Provider of free legal advice to residents of Teen Challenge treatment program in Minneapolis
    Pro Bono family law representation for residents of a battered women’s shelter
    Sunday School teacher, choir member, worship leader, AWANA volunteer
                                  Sherri D. Hawley Resume – Page 3

    Presenter, Family Law Appellate Practice, Minnesota State Bar Association, (November 2,

    Planning Committee Member and Presenter, 2006 Family Law Institute, Ethics and
    Professionalism in Family Law

    Panel Member, University of St. Thomas Law School, Non-Traditional Family Law (March 6,

    Presenter, Tenth District Public Defender Quarterly Training. Reasonable efforts at
    reunification, as found by Minnesota Appellate Courts. (October 6, 2005)

    Presenter, Eastview High School, Business Law Class (as well as other high school classes).
    An overview of the legal profession and law for juveniles. (Annually since 2004)

    Presenter, University of St. Thomas Law School Adoption Project Training Session. Consents
    and termination of parental rights in adoption proceedings. (August 2, 2004)

    Presenter, School Counselor Licensing Program, University of Minnesota. Juvenile law for
    school counselors. (October 2003)

    Presenter, Children’s Justice Initiative Kid’s Call Training. The role of the child’s attorney in
    child protection actions (September 11, 2002)


    MSBA (2005), compiler of Juvenile Rules regarding appellate practice

    Motor Vehicle Accident Deskbook (2003), contributor


    In re Children of R.W., 678 N.W.2d 49 (Minn. 2004) (Supreme Court agreed that Court of
    Appeals decision upheld termination of parental rights based solely on best interests of the
    children and that such a holding is not allowed pursuant to statute)

    In re Children of T.A.A., 702 N.W.2d 703 (Minn. 2005)


    United States v. Vong, 171 F.3d 648 (8th Cir. 1999) (criminal appeal from jury trial conviction in
    Federal District Court)


    In the Matter of the Children of Richard Wildey, 669 N.W.2d 408 (Minn. App. 2003), rev.
    granted December 19, 2003 (termination of parental rights based solely upon best interests of the

                                   Sherri D. Hawley Resume – Page 4
    In re Child of W.L.P., 678 N.W.2d 703 (Minn.App. 2004) (termination of parental rights
    following prior involuntary termination)

    State v. McKinney, 575 N.W.2d 841 (Minn.App. 1998) (criminal appeal regarding double


    In re Child of P.B., 2006 WL 91820 (Minn. App. January 9, 2006) (reversal of trial court’s order
    requiring adoptive parents to contribute more than adoption assistance funds to pay for adopted
    child’s out-of-home placement), wrote amicus brief for North American Council on Adoptable

    Luger v. Luger, 2003 WL 22332791 (Minn. App. October 14, 2003) (reversal of trial court’s
    calculation of marital equity)

    In re the Matter of the Children of N.R.M. And J.S.H., 2001 WL 569030 (Minn. App. May 29,
    2001) (reversal of termination of parental rights based on failure to find reasonable efforts)

    State v. Davisson, 1998 WL 747135 (Minn. App. Oct. 27, 1998) (reversal of trial court
    revocation based on failure to comply with statutory requirements)


    Married since 1993; two children
    Honors graduate of Osseo High School, Osseo, Minnesota
           Varsity tennis, speech team, select choir, newspaper, National Honor Society

                                  Sherri D. Hawley Resume – Page 5

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