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                   A D VA N T A G E E L I T E C L U B N E W S L E T T E R I S S U E 4

Niagara Falls Office:                                                         Barrie Office:
4529 Kent Ave, Niagara Falls, ON                                             3-33 Alliance Blvd, Barrie, ON
Phone: (905)356-1152                                                         Phone: (705)792-6789
Showroom Hrs: Mon - Fri: 9-5, Sat: 10-3                                      Showroom Hrs: Mon - Fri: 8-5

                               Cooking with the Stars!                              z

                    Sue C Life”                                                         What’s Coo
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                                                            Receive “The Main Course” by mail.
                            Chef Chris Begin
                              “NCDSB”                    Log on to
                                                         or come into the store and sign up today!
Two Branches for all your culinary needs!

          he weather is heating up, the barbecue is
          ready, the kids are almost finished school,
          summer is coming and Canadians are heading
          up north to their cottage! This year Advantage
          is following. Advantage Restaurant Supply and
Service now has a Barrie branch, so dust off the canoes                                                          Barrie
and wax the water skies because we are off to Cottage
Country this May.
          Along with the same great commercial quality
product lines and knowledgeable staff as Niagara Falls,
Barrie also has a showroom open to the public.                                                Niagara Falls
          Welcome Advantage Barrie! Enjoy “The
Main Course”, the complimentary Advantage news- Our Services Continue to be              •Commercial Quality Cookware
letter filled with tips, tools, exclusive offers, upcom- your Advantage:                 •Official VOSS Dealer
ing events, recipes and informative articles. Pick up •Gift Certificates                 •15% OFF Everything for
your copy in our two showrooms, in Barrie at 3-33        •Unique Bridal Registry         Culinary Students, everyday
Alliance Blvd. or Niagara Falls at 4529 Kent Avenue. •Knowledgeable & Helpful            •Knife Sharpening & Kitchen
Barrie and Niagara please let me know what you           Staff                           Aid Service Centre (NF Only)
think! Email any suggestions and questions to:

        VOSS Water available Exclusively to Advantage Elite
        Members or at fine dining establishments including:
        Carpaccio, Casa Mia, Fallsview Casino, Love Boat,
        The Famous, Treadwell, White Oaks... Your dinner table.

 Search, Learn, Read, and Find new and useful product information

                                                   aking Mom or Dad out for Mother’s or Father’s day? This year,
                                                   why not try something different and extra special: prepare your
             5 Finds for a
                                                   mom and dad an extraordinary meal with a little help from “The
       Better backyard grill out                   Main Course”!
 1.   Meat Thermometers
 2.   Silicone Basting Brush ($4.95)         Right on ‘Cue for a Father’s Day Barbecue June 18th
 3.   “All Fired Up” or “Barbecue Secrets”   Just like the Porsche and the Ferrari, the stainless steel barbecue is any
      (Free Tongs with purchase)             man’s fantasy. Today’s consumer’s want quality and value and know that
 4.   Silicone BBQ Tongs (starting at        doesn’t necessarily mean the least expensive. So what is the best type of
      $12.99)                                barbecue? If you are referring to the materials used in its construction,
 5.   Oil Spray Bottle for                    then stainless steel is the most durable, and long lasting product used in
                                              barbecues, burners and their components. These barbecues offer the best
      marinades ($21.99)
                             Exc  lusive      cooking potential and overall value and a commercial barbecue is the way
                               Elite            to go. Stop by or call and book your free barbecue that suits all your
                               Of fer        needs at advantage.

                   Our Annual Paderno Door Crasher: 3L
                   Factory Sale On Now Dutch Oven$146.00)
                                       $34.99 (reg.
                                                    with Cover
                   50%-75% Off Everything                     Ends June 30th, while quantities last
Let Advantage give you the inside scoop!

      ick of Emeril? Tired of Martha? Love the Food Net-
      work? We have the answer... “Niagara’s Cooking
      with Adriana Vizzari”. Advantage is currently film-       The Chef’s of Season 1 are:
      ing a cooking show for local TV Cogeco. Hosted by          Chris Begin of Notre
      our very own Adriana, featuring all the local chef’s       Dame High School                      Erica working her magic
you know and love all from restaurants serviced by Ad-           Stanley Pockaj of Holy Cross          in the Tv Cogeco Truck.
vantage, in the Niagara Region. The theme of Season 1 is         High School
“Entertaining and Educating”. Each show features a new           Tony Oresta
                                              chef with new      of Pazzo
                                              ways to            Matto
                                              entertain          Vince Sica of
                                              along with tips    Carpaccio
                                              and tools from     Sue Chury of
                                              culinary pro-      Spice of Life
                                              fessionals.        Ronnie Fisher
                                                    Local        of St Ann’s
                                              Chef’s, Great      The Casino
                                              Recipes, tips      Series with
                                              from the pros      Special Guest Michael Heeb:
                                              and more! All                                            Adriana and Tony Or-
                                                                 Frank Selg Executive Chef of          esta (Pazzo Matto)
                                              the recipes        Fallsview Casino Resort
 Pong’s (17 Noir) Carving as Billy(17 Noir)
 and Adriana prepare sushi.                  prepared on the     Jim Duncan of Fallsview Casino        All products seen on
                                             show are avail-     Resort                                the show are avail-
                        able on-line at                          Avi Holo and Joe Fabiano of 17        able in the Advantage
      Tune in:
                          Noir                                  Showrooms. A special
   Wed. @ 6:30
                        The show was filmed at Notre Dame        Billy from the Sushi and Noodle       thanks to everyone
   Thurs.@ 5:00
                        High school in Welland where Ad-         Bar and Pong with Buffet Carv-        who made Season 1 a
   Sun. @ 4:00                                                                                         great success. Thank
  on Channel 10! vantage Restaurant Supply newly                 ings
                        designed, installed and built the                                              you, and I cannot
                        commercial kitchen.                                                            wait for Season 2!

                                                                Adriana cooking with Avi Holo (left) and Joe      Exclusive
                                                                Fabiano (right) of 17 Noir.                         Elite
Chef Frank Selg (right) and Chef Jim Duncan (left) from            Chef ’s Favorite Tool (Right)
Casino Falls View, chat while using an immersion blender.         Microplane at Advantage $19.99
Barbecue Secrets; Unbeatable Recipes,Tips, and Tricks from a Barbecue Champion

        arbecue Evangelist Rockin’ Ronnie Shewchuk has             competitive barbecue circuit
        written a red-hot guide to grilling and a must have      • A list of the best music to listen
        for the upcoming season. Barbecue is not just a            to while you barbecue!
        way to cook; it’s a way of life. It’s about good times            Loaded with tips on buy-
 with family and friends enhanced by fresh air, warm             ing the best barbecue gear, grill-
 temperatures, smoke and mouth-wateringly delicious              ing techniques, ingredients and
 food.                                                           seasonings, Barbecue Secrets will
          International barbecue champion Ron “Rockin’           help you (and your friends and
 Ronnie” Shewchuk shares:                                        family) enjoy cooking delicious, healthy foods outdoors.
 • More than 100 recipes for marinades, rubs, sauces,            So, get a jump on the season, fire up the grill and get
   side dishes, and drinks. Try the classic Real Barbecues          ready to become a champion in your own backyard!
   Ribs, or surprise your guests with creative yet simple                   Pick up your copy of Barbecue Secrets at
   Asian, Mediterranean or Southwestern style dishes                            Advantage Restaurant Supply for
 • Hilarious anecdotes, historical facts and the in-           Exclusive
                                                                               $24.99 and as a member of the Elite
                                              side scoop         Elite         Club you will receive a free pair of
F         F T
   OOD OR HOUGHT on the                                         Offer!          Barbecue Tongs.
Ask the Experts at Advantage all your Culinary and                           Entertaining Questions
                     I enjoy making pizza at home but need          the average bakery or super market. Regardless, a great
  QUESTION           some advice on how to stretch the              pizza can be made from almost any type of dough. Do not
dough to fit the pan. Also, is the pizza dough I buy the            be afraid to try making your favorite pizza with different
same type used in pizzerias? We asked Pat from Thorow-              dough types like multigrain or whole wheat. Thorowest
est Bakery in Niagara Falls.                                        Bakery carries a variety of dough types, stop by and enjoy!
                    There are two agents that can help
  ANSWER stretch the dough to fit your pan, flour                   Advantage has knowledgeable staff eager to an-
or oil. Flour is more commonly used and is the healthier            swer any questions you have. Our contacts in the
choice and a lot less messy. Put a dusting of floor on your         restaurant industry allow us to have insight into
workspace, drop the dough on it and flip it over a few              all food, entertaining and restaurant related
times for total coverage, the dough then becomes easier to          questions. Ever wonder how to set a proper ta-
stretch. If the dough is still resistant, leave it to relax for 4   ble? How to choose the correct wine glass for a
to 5 minutes, and then complete the stretch. Dough made             specific wine? How do restaurant’s keep their
specifically for pizzerias often contains additional ingre-         food warm before they take it to the table?
dients that are not typically used in pizza dough sold in
                                                                    Please Email all your questions to
NEW AND NOTEWORTHY                                         or stop by
What’s Hot in Today’s Kitchens                                      the store, we are here to help!
• New and improved Advantage Kitchen Supply website up and running! You can find past issues of “The Main
  Course”, more pictures from “Niagara’s cooking with Adriana Vizzari”, new product information, a place to “Join
  the Elite Club” and much more! You will also find a a commercial page where you can learn more about Advantage
  Restaurant Supply and Service
• Also as we are getting more comfortable in our new homes in Niagara Falls and Barrie we are continuously bring-
  ing in great new products for your home. If you have not been around in awhile here are some of the names we
    now carry:

  Elite                                                                       20% Off         $10.00 Off any Cucina
 Offers!                                                                     All Knives       purchase of $40.00 or
                                                                             in June!         more

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