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					                                                                     SPRING/SUMMER                               HIGHLIGHTS

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                                                                     >   STARLIGHT THEATRE                  P.     4
                                                                     >   SUMMER CAMP UPDATE                 P.     6

W I L M E T T E   P A R K   D I S T R I C T                          >   FALL SOCCER: NEW FORMAT            P. 103

LEISURE                                                             TIME GUIDE

                              R E G I S T R AT I O N P R O C E D U R E S H AV E C H A N G E D . { S E E   PAGE 1}


                          CALENDAR OF EVENTS                                                            { Spring/Summer 2009 }

                          March 2009           Weekends:       Wilmette Children’s Theatre Presents: Fiddler on the Roof
                                                       1       Tennis Pro Shop Sale Begins
                                                       7       Sailing Lottery, Resident and Non-Resident
                                                      10       On-Line Resident Registration Begins at 9 a.m. for Spring/Summer Classes
                                                      13       Meskill Center St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon
                                                      13       TGIF Centennial Ice Rinks 7:30-9:30 p.m.
                                                      17       On-Line Non-Resident Registration Begins at 9 a.m. for Spring/Summer Classes
                                                      22       Mid-Winter Session Classes End
                                                   23-29       No Class: Spring Break
                                                   23-27       Spring Break Camps in Session
                                                      30       Spring Session Classes Begin

                          April 2009           Weekends:       North Shore Theater of Wilmette Presents: Forever Plaid
                                                       6       Tennis Reserved Court Time Lottery Deadline
                                                 20 & 22       Starlight Theatre Auditions for: Beauty & the Beast
                                                      25       Girls’ Softball Season Begins
                                                      25       Spring Soccer Season Begins
                                                      28       Men’s Softball Season Begins
                                                      30       Early Bird Deadline for Beach & Pool Season Passes

                          May 2009             Weekends:       North Shore Theater of Wilmette Presents: Forever Plaid
                                                       1       Adult Co-Ed Softball League Season Begins
                                                       2       Sailing Beach Opens
                                                       5       Summer Tennis Lesson Resident Registration begins at 9 a.m.
                                                       9       Spring Dance Recitals
                                                   15-17       Spring Ice Show at Centennial Ice Rinks
                                                      23       Gillson Beach Opens
                                                      23       Centennial Family Aquatics Center Opens WEEKENDS ONLY
                                                      23       Outdoor Tennis Courts Open for Reservations
                                                      25       Memorial Day Holiday: No Classes
                                                      26       Fall Soccer Registration Deadline at 10 p.m.
                                                      31       Adult Co-Rec Beach Volleyball Season Begins

                          June 2009                        6   Centennial Family Aquatic Center Regular Season Begins
                                                           8   Spring Session Classes End
                                                          10   Al McLean Junior Golf Championship
                                                          15   Summer Camps and Summer Session Classes Begin
                                                          15   Summer Girls’ Softball Leagues Begin: Grades 4-9
                                                          16   Boys & Girls Summer Basketball Leagues Begin: Ages 9-14
                                                          28   Mallinckrodt Concert in the Park at 2 p.m.

                          July 2009                        3   Morning Fun Run/Walk For Fun/Youth Run/Pee Wee Run in Gillson Park
                                                           3   Independence Day Family Celebration and Fireworks at Lakefront
                                                        9-25   Starlight Theatre at Wallace Bowl presents: Beauty & the Beast (Th-F-Sa shows)
                                                          12   Mallinckrodt Concert in the Park at 2 p.m.
                                                          26   Mallinckrodt Concert in the Park at 2 p.m.

                          August 2009                      7   Summer Camps End
                                                           9   Summer Session Classes End
                                                           9   Mallinckrodt Concert in the Park at 2 p.m.
                                                          10   Two-week Summer Camp Extension Begins
                                                          10   Tackle Football Begins: Grades 6-7-8
                                                          11   On-Line Resident Registration Begins at 9 a.m. for Fall Classes
                                                          18   On-Line Non-Resident Registration Begins at 9 a.m. for Fall Classes
                                                          24   Fall Session Classes Begin
                                                          27   After School Recreation Begins 2009-2010 School Year
                                                          29   Fall Soccer Season Begins
                                                          31   Kindergarten Enrichment Begins 2009-2010 School Year

Board of Park Commissioners           Administrative Staff
James P. Crowley, President           Thomas L. Grisamore,     Executive Director     Looking for answers?                Kathy C. Bingham, CPRP,                         If you have a question about the Wilmette Park District, the staff
James L. Brault                         Superintendent of Recreation                  and the Board of Park Commissioners would like to hear from                 Jeffery Bowen,    Superintendent of             you. You can:
Diana G. Cohen                          Facilities                                                                  • Write us at 1200 Wilmette Avenue
                                                    Superintendent of Parks
                                      Bill Lambrecht,
Darrell Graham                          and Planning                                  • Call us at 847/256-6100                 Steve Wilson,Superintendent of Finance          • E-mail us at
David G. Miller                         & Personnel                 Shelagh Donoghue,     Communications            • Attend a monthly board meeting at 1200 Wilmette Avenue on the second
Dennis G. O’Malley                      Manager                                         Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m.                Amy Schmit Lambrecht, Office     Services       Visit our website at this address:
Henry P. Wolff                          Manager
Administrative Office               FUN & GAMES: RECREATION PROGRAMS                                        NEW REGISTRATION PROCEDURES
1200 Wilmette Avenue,               At Centennial Recreation Complex                                        Registration is now first come,
Wilmette, IL 60091
                                    Centennial Family Aquatic Center                             15-22      first serve. Registration for Wilmette
Monday through Friday.
                                    Wilmette Tennis Club                                         23-29      Residents begins at 9 a.m. Tuesday,
Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
                                    Centennial Ice Skating                                       30-39      March 10. Non-Resident registration
                                    At Community Recreation Center                                          begins at 9 a.m., Tuesday, March 17.
                                    Art—Youth & Adult                                            60-65      N OT E :   Classes are no longer being filled

Quick Reference                     Center Fitness Club                                          44-45      by a computerized lottery.

Centennial Family Aquatic Center    Dance—Youth & Adult                                          66-69
  847-256-9680                      Early Childhood                                              70-75      HERE’S HOW TO REGISTER:
Centennial Ice Rinks                Etc., Etc.                                                   76-80
                                                                                                            Online Registration: Log onto
  847-256-9666                      Gymnastics                                                   81-85
                                                                                                   and register for
Centennial Facility Office          Parties                                                          59
                                                                                                            almost any course. You must have your
  847-256-9670                      Performing Arts                                              86-90
                                                                                                            user ID and password to gain access to
Center Fitness Club                 Special Events                                                    5
                                                                                                            the registration system. If you have not
  847-256-9117                      Sports—Youth & Adult                                       91-106
                                                                                                            created a Household Account and
Community Recreation Center         Summer Camp Update                                              6-9
  847-256-9686                      The Workout Zone                                             46-51      received a user ID and password, please
                                                                                                            contact the Park District at 847-256-6100.
Early Childhood Center
                                    At The Mallinckrodt Center
  847-256-9119                                                                                              N OT E :   You will be asked to provide
                                    Adults 50 plus                                               52-58
Gillson Beach House                                                                                         proof of Wilmette residency when your
  847-256-9660                      At the Lakefront                                                        Household Account is created. This
Gillson Sailing                     Gillson Sailing                                              10-11      proof of residency is required even if
  847-256-9662                      Wilmette Beaches                                             12-14      you have a family registration account in
Lakeview Center                     July 3rd Activities                                               3     our former E-mail registration system.
  847-256-9656                      Starlight Theatre                                                 4
Meskill Center                      Wilmette Golf Club                                           40-43      In Person Registration: In person
 847-256-9623                                                                                               registration is processed while you wait.
North Shore Theater of Wilmette     NUTS & BOLTS: NEWS FOR YOU                                              Enrollment will be confirmed with a
  847-256-9787                      Board of Park Commissioners                                       2     receipt. Resident In Person registrations
The Mallinckrodt Center             Board Meetings                                                    2     will be processed on Tuesday, March 10,
  847-256-9623                      Facilities                                                     117      beginning at 9 a.m. Non-Resident In
Wilmette Golf Club Pro Shop         General Information & Policies                                 108      Person registrations will be processed
                                    Northern Suburban Special Recreation (NSSRA)                   107      on Tuesday, March 17, beginning at
Wilmette Golf Club Restaurant       President’s Message                                               2     9 a.m. N OT E : In person registrations
                                    Program Index                                             114-115       cannot be accepted prior to the registra-
Wilmette Tennis Club                Registration Forms                                        109-113       tion start dates.
                                    The Parks of Wilmette                                     116-117
                                                                                                            Mail-In and Fax Registration:
                                    Benefits of the online registration system                              Mail-in and fax registrations will be
M I S S I O N S TAT M E N T         • Register online for Park District activities and know immediately
                                                                                                            processed randomly following the
To enrich the quality of              if you are enrolled in a class.
                                                                                                            registration start dates. You will receive
community life and promote          • Go online after registration begins and find out what classes still
                                      have openings.                                                        a confirmation by mail. Complete and
wholesome activities through                                                                                sign a program registration form.
                                    • Track your family’s registration history and expenses and print
creative programming for                                                                                    Include proof of residency and payment
                                      out reports showing child care costs at tax time.
people of all ages and abilities,                                                                           by check or credit card. Mail to Wilmette
                                    • Print out a calendar showing all the Park District activities your
while protecting open space           family members have registered for in the current class session.      Park District, 1200 Wilmette Avenue,
and natural resources for future                                                                            Wilmette, IL 60091. Fax to: 847-256-0739.
generations.                        Tennis and Ice Skating registrations are handled separately.
                                    Summer Tennis Basic Level Class registration begins Tuesday,
                                    May 5 at 9 a.m. Non-Resident registration begins Wednesday, May 6
                                    at 9 a.m. For information call 847-256-9676. New Ice Skating
                                    students can register for Spring/Summer classes beginning at
                                    9 a.m. on Tuesday, April 7. Non-Resident New Students may
                                    registers beginning at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, April 14. For Ice Skating
  Printed on Recycled paper         information call 847-256-9666.
                                                                                                                         Spring/Summer 2009                 1
                                  PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                                                                            {   SPRING / SUMMER 2009      }

                                  As the weather begins to warm up, and you start to look ahead at vacation plans, I want you to know this:You don’t
                                  have to leave town to get away this summer.
                                      One of the best things about living in Wilmette is the topnotch recreation facilities and the variety of opportunities
                                  we have to get outdoors and enjoy nature. I’m not saying this because I’m President of the Board of Park
                                  Commissioners—I’m saying it as a long-time resident and active participant in several Park District programs.
                                      What do you like to do for fun in the summer? Do you golf, swim, play tennis, relax at the beach? You don’t have
                                  to leave town to do any of these things.
                                      The Wilmette Golf Club’s friendly atmosphere and spectacularly maintained 18-hole course has won great reviews
                                  from golfers all over Chicagoland. Centennial Family Aquatic Center offers swimming and diving lessons as well as
                                  water park fun for all ages.Tennis is available at six different outdoor locations around town, or indoors at the
                                  Wilmette Tennis Club. Gillson Park’s sailing and swimming beaches, as well as the beach at Langdon Park, form the
                                  largest public lakefront park between Chicago and the Illinois State Beach in Zion.You don’t have to leave town to
                                  find these amenities—as a matter of fact, you can enjoy many of them at a discounted rate because you are a resident.
                                      School might be on vacation, but Park District summer camps offer wholesome activities to children between the
                                  ages of 3 and pre-teen. Kids can feel comfortable attending daily activities with their classmates. Many of our college-
                                  age camp counselors are former campers.
                                      Since our ice rinks operate year-round, you can even skate in July. Check out the public skating hours at
                                  Centennial Ice Rinks and then go cool off.At the end of the day take the kids over to your local tot lot—we have 12
                                  playgrounds in different neighbors.You can take a quiet stroll through Keay Nature Center and sit near the waterfall.
                                  This summer we are introducing a series of Sunday Concerts in Mallinckrodt Park, under the Centennial Gazebo.
                                  Check the schedule in this Leisure Time Guide for dates and more information. I’ll run out of space before I run out
                                  of ideas for how you can enjoy summer in Wilmette.
                                      This will be my last President’s Message and I want to thank you for the opportunity to serve this community for
                                  the past two years as head of the Board. I have also decided that when my current term expires in 2011, I will retire
                                  from the Board after 20 years of service. It has been an honor to help guide the development of a great parks and
                                  recreation resource that you and your families can enjoy for many years to come. I hope to see you around town this

                                  James P. Crowley, President
                                  Board of Park Commissioners

Board of Park Commissioners

James P. Crowley        James Brault            Diana G. Cohen        Darrell Graham          David G. Miller        Dennis G. O’Malley     Henry P. Wolff

Meetings                                                    televised the following day (Tuesday) at 1 p.m. and at     The Wilmette Park District is com-
The Wilmette Park District’s Board of Park                  other times listed on the Community Calendar               mitted to providing a safe environ-
Commissioners meets on the second Monday evening            broadcast regularly by WCTV-6. Call 847/256-6100           ment for our participants and staff.
of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers          for additional information or to confirm times and         We welcome suggestions and urge
of the Village Hall. Board meetings are broadcast live      dates of meetings.All meetings are open to the public.     you to contact us at any time with
on WCTV-6. Rebroadcasts of the meetings are                                                                            recommendations.

                     F R I D A Y, J U L Y 3                              ENTERTAINMENT SCHEDULE
         E N T E RTA I N M E N T S C H E D U L E                         Festival Stage
                                                                         5:15 p.m.-9:15 p.m.             Emcee: Ken Schultz, The Flying Fool
                 Wilmette Park District                                  5:30 p.m.-6:15 p.m.             Dave Rudolf, Interactive Music for
                                                                         6:30 p.m.-7:15 p.m.             Amazing Animals by Samantha, Adorable

I NDEPENDENCE DAY                                                        7:30 p.m.-8 p.m.
                                                                                                         Animal Variety Acts
                                                                                                         The Jesse White Tumblers, Sponsored by
                                                                                                         the Wilmette Community Relations

   C ELEBRATION                                                          8:15 p.m. – 9 p.m.

                                                                         10 p.m.- 10:45 p.m.
                                                                                                         Be the Groove, Rhythmic Percussion
                                                                                                         The Dooleys, Folk, Irish, Swing &
                                                                                                         Good Old Rock & Roll

                                                                         Roving Entertainers
                                                                         6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.             Dennis DeBondt, Very Funny Magic
                                                                         6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.             Frank Birdsall, Uncle Sam on Stilts
                                                                         6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.             John Scheurich, Juggler

         2009                                                            Sports, Games & Rides
                                                                         4 p.m.- 6:30 p.m.

                                                                         4 p.m.-7 p.m.

                                                                         4 p.m.- 7:30 p.m.

                                                                         4:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.
                                                                                                         Games and Races (in the main game
                                                                                                         area), Preschool-Adult
                                                                                                         Free Throws (south of Big Tent),
                                                                                                         Grades 2-3 & 4-8. Final rounds: 7 p.m.
                                                                                                         Carnival Games (in the Big Tent),
                                                                                                         Preschool through 8 years old
                                                                                                         Face Painting (tent near Moonwalk)
                                                                                                         All Ages
                                                                         4:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.             Moonwalk
                                                                                                         Speed Pitch (south of softball field)
                                                                         4:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.             Giant Slide, Mini Golf,
                                                                                                         Obstacle Course

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
                                                                         4 p.m. until closing            Taste-Fest, featuring some of your
2009 Fun Run and Walk in Gillson Park                                                                    favorite restaurants
Friday, July 3
7 a.m.      O P E N R E G I S T R AT I O N at the Big Tent
                                                                         July 3 rd
7:30 a.m.   RUNNERS      WA R M U P

8 a.m.      A D U LT F U N R U N , Men and Women, 13 and Up
                                                                         Independence Day
8 a.m.      A D U LT W A L K F O R F U N , (recreational only) Men and   Concert at Wallace Bowl
            Women, 13 and Up
                                                                         7:15 p.m.            Broadway Show Sneak Preview:
9 a.m.      Y O U T H R U N , ages 6-7                                                        Beauty & the Beast
9:15 a.m.   Y O U T H R U N , ages 8-9                                                        Palatine Concert Band
9:30 a.m.   Y O U T H R U N , ages 10-13
9:45 a.m.   P E E W E E R U N , 5 and under, no registration required
                                                                         July 3 rd
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★                                              Grand Fireworks Display
                                                                         9:30 p.m.            Shot over Lake Michigan between the Pier and
                                                                                              Wilmette Harbor
                                                                                              In case of rain, fireworks will be rescheduled to a later date
    A PROGRAM OF THE                 Wilmette Park District                                                                        OG
                                             Theatre                 a t t h e Wa l l a c e B o w l
    S C H E D U L E

                                                                                                           Performers subject to change based on availability.
    June 27, SATURDAY, 7 P.M.*                                   August 1, SATURDAY, 7 P.M.*
              A Tribute to ABBA                                            Night at the Opera              The Wallace Bowl has been designated “No
              ABBA Salute                                                  DaCorneto Opera Company         Smoking” for Starlight Theatre performances.

    July 3, FRIDAY, 7:15 P.M.                                    August 7, FRIDAY, 8 P.M.*
              Followed by giant fireworks display                          Blue Grass Night                           U N C E R TA I N ? Call 847/256-9787
                                                                                                           W E AT H E R
              Independence Day Concert                                     Special Consensus               after 6 p.m. the day of the performance.
              Broadway Show Preview
              Palatine Concert Band                              August 8, SATURDAY, 7 P.M.*               S E AT I N G : In the interest of safety, fairness
                                                                           Country Western Night           and maintenance, seating areas in the
    July 9,10,11, THURSDAY, FRIDAY,                                        White Saddle Band               Bowl will not be reserved before
              SATURDAY, 8 P.M.                                                                             6 p.m. Items left earlier will be removed.
              Broadway Musical:                                  August 11, TUESDAY, 7 P.M.                Blankets are not permitted in the main
              Beauty and the Beast                                        Aloha Night                      seating grass area and may not be used
              Ty Perry, Director                                          The Barefoot Hawaiian            to reserve space for chairs. Lawn chairs
                                                                 Rain date:Thursday,August 13              (no recliners) may be used only in the
    July 16, 17, 18 THURSDAY, FRIDAY,                                                                      grass; wooden benches are provided on
              SATURDAY, 8 P.M.                                   August 14, FRIDAY, 7 P.M.*                the stone terracing.
              Broadway Musical:                                            A Cappella Night
              Beauty and the Beast                                         AC Rock                         P A R K I N G : Unrestricted parking in the
              Kirsten Markham, Choreographer                                                               Gillson Beach Parking lot begins at 6:30
                                                                 August 15, SATURDAY, 7 P.M.*              p.m. for all Wallace Bowl events. Before
    July 23, 24, 25, THURSDAY, FRIDAY,                                     Starlight Concert               6:30 p.m., you must display a 2009
              SATURDAY, 8 P.M.                                             U.S.Air Force                   Lakefront Parking decal ($14 Resident, $95
              Broadway Musical:                                            Military Command Band           Non-Resident) or purchase a Daily Parking
              Beauty and the Beast                                                                         Permit which is available Monday through
              Kory Hetzig, Music Director                                                                  Friday from 9 a.m.-8 p.m. for $8; or week-
                                                                                                           ends between 9 a.m.–Noon for $10.
    July 31, FRIDAY 7 P.M.*
              Jamaican, Calypso Night                                                                      S TA R L I G H T P AT I O : For picnicking
              Mr. Meyers                                                                                   pleasure in the park, food and beverages
                                                                                                           are available at the Starlight Patio. The
    *In case of inclement weather, these performances will be held in the Auditorium of the Community      concession stand opens at 5:30 p.m.
    Recreation Center with seating on a first come, first served basis.                                    Full food services begins at 6 p.m.


    MALLINCKRODT CONCERTS IN THE PARK Under the Centennial Gazebo
    June 28, Sunday, 2 p.m.                 July 12, Sunday, 2 p.m.                  July 26, Sunday, 2 p.m.              August 9, Sunday, 2 p.m.
           Jazz in the Park                         Brass in The Park                        An Afternoon with a                 Sinatra, Swing
           Breeze                                   Illinois Brass Band                      President                           Bopology
                                                                                             President Lincoln
                                                                                             and Mary Todd

4        Wilmette Park District
GOing GREEN Matters                           SAV E T H E DAT E
Don’t miss the Third Annual commu-
nity-wide dialogue on environmental           GUIDED BIRD WALK                                  GUIDED NATURE WALK
         awareness sponsored by Go            Saturday, May 16, at 7 a.m.                       Saturday, May 16, from 9:50-10:50 a.m.
              Green Wilmette and the          Join fellow bird enthusiasts for a guided         Come explore Gillson Park with the
                 Wilmette Park District.      spring migration bird walk in Gillson             help of local naturalists.Visit the
                  The event will be           Park. New birders can learn to identify           gardens, dunes, harbor, lakefront and
                   held at the                common birds in the park while more               woods and learn about the plants and
                  Community                   experienced birders will gather data              animals that share our park.The tour
                  Recreation Center,          for the Bird Conservation Network’s               will include a brief history of the park

                3000 Glenview Road.           census. Experience is not necessary and           Bring binoculars and cameras, if you
             Vendor displays and infor-       all ages are welcome. Don’t forget your           wish.All ages welcome. Meet at the
mation booths on environmental topics         binoculars and bird books, if you have            entrance to Wallace Bowl near the
such as home energy conservation,             them. Meet at the entrance to Wallace             Lakeview Center.

renewable energy sources, green               Bowl near the Lakeview Center.
cleaning products, organic food choices
will be on hand. Bring your batteries
and electronic items to recycle.
Refreshments will be served.                     NEW DATE
In-depth seminars will include:
• Greening Wilmette
                                                 FUN RUN AND WALK • FRIDAY, JULY 3, in Gillson Park
• Transportation of Tomorrow                              7 a.m.       Open Registration               9 a.m.    Youth Run 6-7 years old
• Edible Yards                                         7:30 a.m.       Runners Warm-Ups             9:15 a.m.    Youth Run 8-9 years old

   Go Green Wilmette is a group of                        8 a.m.       Adult Fun Run                9:30 a.m.    Youth Run 10-13 years old
Wilmette residents working to raise                       8 a.m.       Adult Walk for Fun           9:45 a.m.    Pee Wee Run
environmental awareness to help make
Wilmette a “greener” community in                The Fun Run, Walk For Fun and Youth Run are among the most popular events during
which to live, work, and play.                   our Independence Day Celebration. The contests begin in Gillson Park at 8 a.m.; 9 a.m.;
                                                 9:15 a.m.; 9:30 and 9:45 a.m. respectively. There are six categories for men and women in
                                                 the Fun Run contest, with awards presented in all categories. The Walk for Fun is for
                                                 recreation only—no awards are presented. The Youth Run has three age groups—6-7, 8-9
                                                 and 10-13—to accommodate the large number of entrants. Pee Wee runners are age 5 and
COMMUNITY                                        under. Awards are given in each of the children’s categories.

SPRING RECITAL                                      Early adult registrations are $20, the day of the event the adult fee is $25. Registration
                                                 for children is $10. Note: Pee Wees (5 & under) run for free and registration is not required.
Sunday, May 17, at 3 p.m.
                                                 Early registrants will receive a T-shirt. Register in person at the Community Recreation
The Wilmette Fine Arts Commission and            Center, 3000 Glenview Rd., or at the Administrative Offices in Village Hall, 1200 Wilmette
the Wilmette Park District are pleased to        Ave. Registration will also be available in Gillson Park on the morning of the race.
present a Spring Recital featuring the
                                                 All Ages
Lincolnwood Chamber Orchestra with
                                                 Early Registration: Adult/$20  Child/$10
Wilmette soloists Natalie Nedvetsky and
                                                 Day of the Event: Adult/$25   Child/$10
Leo Radosavljevic. The recital will be held
at 3 p.m. on Sunday, May 17, in the
                                                 528020-01         F          8 am          Jul 3       Adult Run
Auditorium of the Community Recreation           528021-01         F          8 am          Jul 3       Adult Walk
Center, 3000 Glenview Road. It is free of
                                                 528022-01         F          9 am          Jul 3       Youth Run (6-7)
charge. This recital is the last in a three
part series that has featured community
                                                 528022-02         F          9:15 am       Jul 3       Youth Run (8-9)
artists. For more information about the          528022-03         F          9:30 am       Jul 3       Youth Run (10-13)
Wilmette Fine Arts Commission call 847-
                                                 FREE              F          9:45 am       Jul 3       PeeWee (5 & under)
920-9569 or visit

                                                                                    Spring/Summer 2009              5
    Please contact the supervisors listed below with questions regarding specific camps.

    T I N Y T O T S , T I N Y T O T S A F T E R C A M P, S U P E R T O T S ,                GYM NASTICS JAM BOR E E CAM P
    S U P E R T O T S A F T E R C A M P, D I S C O V E R Y C A M P, A F T E R C A M P       Jim Scully, Gymnastics Supervisor                                  847/256-9695
                                                                                            B R O A D W AY B O U N D C A M P
    Wendy Caspersen                                                    847/256-9119
                                                                                            Bob Bierie, Performing Arts Supervisor                             847/256-9694
    C A M P W I G G L E W O R M S , J U N I O R D AY, G R E AT G I L L S O N ,
                                                                                            A Q U AT I C S C A M P
    C H A M B E R M U S I C C A M P, A F T E R C A M P R E C R E A T I O N &
                                                                                            Holly Specht, Lakefront Manager                                    847/256-9656
    Shelli Mata, General Recreation Supervisor                         847/256-9692         P I R A T E T E N N I S C A M P, P I R A T E T E N N I S / C O M B O C A M P S ,
                                                                                            EXCELLENCE CAMP
    A RT S I N T H E PA R K S C A M P S & D A N C E C A M P
                                                                                            Barb Jenkins, Assistant Tennis Manager                             847/256-9679
    Sarah Heston, Cultural Arts Supervisor                             847/256-9114
                                                                                            JUNIOR GOLF ACADEMY
                                                                                            Dennis Callaghan, Wilmette Golf Club Manager                       847/256-9652
    Tricia Leaks, Center Fitness Club Manager                          847/256-9113
                                                                                            I C E S K AT I N G C A M P S
    S P O R T S C A M P, S U M M E R B A S K E T B A L L , S U M M E R H O O P S
                                                                                            Vickie Tassone, Skating Program Director                           847/256-9684
    C A M P, F O O T B A L L C A M P S , P E E W E E / Y O U N G S P O R T S T E R S
    Jason Pilecki, Sports Supervisor                                   847/256-9690                                    N OT E : Summer camp locations and closing
                                                                                                                       dates are subject to change due to the
    A F T E R N O O N A D V E N T U R E , A D V E N T U R E E X T E N S I O N C A M P,
                                                                                                                       programming needs of Wilmette Public
    I L L I N O I S B A S E B A L L A C A D E M Y C A M P, F I E L D H O C K E Y C A M P,
                                                                                                                       Schools District 39.
    Y O R K S H I R E S O C C E R C A M P, B R I T I S H C H A L L E N G E R S O C C E R
    C A M P, L A C R O S S E C A M P & C O U N S E L O R S – I N -T R A I N I N G
    Sara Hilby, Sports Supervisor                                      847/256-9689

    Registered and ready for camp? Come and meet the directors and assistant directors of your child’s camp.Ask questions
    and turn in your camp forms. Find your camp below and save the date.

    Camp F.U.S.I.O.N.
    Wednesday, June 10, from 6-8 p.m. at
    Mallinckrodt Center

    Great Gillson Camp
                                                                        Junior Day and Wiggleworms
                                                                        Saturday, June 13, from 10 a.m. to Noon at the
                                                                        Central School

                                                                        Tiny Tots (Harper School) & Super Tots
                                                                                                                                             For a complete camp
    Thursday, June 11, from 6-7:30 p.m. at the                          Camp
                                                                                                                                             list and activity
    Lakeview Center in Gillson Park                                     Saturday, June 13, from 10 a.m. to Noon at
                                                                        Harper School                                                        descriptions please
    Sports Camp                                                                                                                              consult our Summer
    Thursday, June 11, from 6-8 p.m. at the                             Afternoon Adventure Camp                                             Camp 2009 brochure
    Community Recreation Center                                         Thursday, June 18, from 6-8 p.m. at the
                                                                                                                                             which is available in
                                                                        Community Recreation Center
                                                                                                                                             all our facilities and
    Arts in the Parks, Dance Camp, Broadway
                                                                                                                                             on-line at
    Bound, Tiny Tots (CRC), Discovery, After
    Camp Recreation, 2-Week Camp Extension                                                                                         
    & Gymnastics
    Saturday, June 13, from 10 a.m. to Noon at the
    Community Recreation Center

     *Non resident fee. See “Fair -Share” information page 108.

6   Wilmette Park District
T R A N S P O RTAT I O N P R O C E D U R E S                                                    Chess Camp
District 39 Summer Enrichment & Camp Participants:
                                                                                                HEY KIDS: Take up the game of chess
If your child will attend District 39 Summer Enrichment programs and one of the follow-
                                                                                                and learn cool openings, mid-game
ing camps: Afternoon Adventure, Junior Day, Great Gillson, Sports, Arts in the Parks or
                                                                                                strategies and compete in chess tourna-
Broadway Bound please note this information. Regardless of the time students leave the
                                                                                                ments. Parents: Did you know that
Summer Enrichment programs they will only be bussed by District 39 to their camps at
                                                                                                chess enhances cognitive development
11:30 a.m. or after Third Period classes. If your camper only attends the First or Second
                                                                                                and improves both verbal and mathe-
Period of Summer Enrichment you will be responsible for transporting your camper to
                                                                                                matical skills as well as increases acade-
camp. For more information contact District 39 Director of Transportation Barbara Bocage
                                                                                                mic performance? Chess can help your
at 847-256-2450.
                                                                                                child focus, visualize, think abstractly
                                NEW                                                             and form concrete opinions. No
Camp Refund Policy
                                                                                                experience needed for beginning class.
Refunds requested prior to 10 p.m. Friday, April 17, are subject to a service charge of
                                                                                                Intermediate players should be able to
10% of the total camp fee to a maximum of $50. After Friday, April 17, which is the
                                                                                                play a complete game before enrolling.
“Payment in Full Due Date” for all camps, refunds are subject to a service charge of 10%
                                                                                                Advanced players should know some
of the total camp fee. No refunds will be given after Friday, May 15. This policy is
                                                                                                mid-game strategy: fork, pin, discov-
strictly enforced to allow completion of camp preparations ranging from staff hiring,
                                                                                                ered attack, two move checkmate, and

camper groupings and supply purchasing to informational mailings. Your understanding
                                                                                                chess notation.
and cooperation is greatly appreciated.
                                                                                                Age 6-14

                                                                                                R-$190/NR-$237                  1 week
                                                                                                625022-01 M-F 9 am-12 pm    8/10-8/14
         LATE SUMMER CAMPS                                                                      625022-02 M-F 12:30-3:30 pm 8/10-8/14

Mad Science Moving                      NEW                                                     Chemical Magic            NEW

with Science                                                                                    Magical Microscopes, Rocks and
                                                                                                Minerals. Make a crystal tree, work
Each day will focus on a different
                                                                                                with invisible ink, look at our prepared
scientific theme including:                                                                     slides using microscopes and lots more.
Jr. Engineers, Machine Mania, Crazy                                                             You will learn the different types of
Chemistry, the Birds & the Beasts, and                                                          rocks and minerals from our interesting
Shutterbugs. Each young scientist will                                                          collection. Everything will be
create and take home projects includ-                                                           explained in an enjoyable fashion so
ing a cool wooden puzzle, an insect                                                             you can go home having learned some
observer, neat crystals and lots more.                                                          interesting science. Hands-on science is
The cost includes a Mad Science                                            NEW                  the best way to learn! This program meets
                                                    Camp Amigos
Camp T-shirt for each camper, all                                                               at the Community Recreation Center.
                                                    Come join us at Camp Amigos where
materials, and take home projects every                                                         Age 6-11
                                                    everyday feels like a fiesta.There will
day. Instructors are provided by Mad                be five exciting theme days to capture      R-$180/NR-$225                   1 wk
Science of Northern Illinois. N OT E :              your child’s imagination.We will play,      625062-01 M-F 12:30-3:30 pm 8/17-8/21
This program does not duplicate our                 create, sing, run, jump, and discover
regular after school program. This                  great wonders and we will do it all         Rockit Robot
program meets at the Community                      while learning Spanish. Our counselors
                                                    are Spanish speaking early childhood        Hyper Peppy Robotics—take a look
Recreation Center.
                                                    professionals.At Camp Amigos the em-        into the past and future! Build and take
Age 7-12                                            phasis is on fun first and the Spanish is   home your own Rockit Robot. See
R-$200/NR-$250                             1 week   introduced in context. It is amazing        the gears, circuit board, microphone
625061-01 M-F           1-3:30 pm      8/10-8/14    how quickly the children understand         and easy-to-assemble mechanical drive
                                                    and use Spanish. Participants should        system.The completed project will
                                                    bring a lunch and beverage everyday.        help build self-confidence.You will also
                                                    This program meets at the Community         get to build other robots in small groups.
                                                    Recreation Center.                          Be a part of Robotic Technology and
                                                                                                have fun investigating the future effects
                                                    Age 4-6                                     it will have on our lives.
                                                    R-$300/NR-$375                     1 week
                                                                                                Age 7-12
                                                    625021-01 M-F 9 am-1 pm        8/10-8/14
                                                                                                R-$180/NR-$225                      1 week
                                                                                                625023-01 M-F 9 am-12 pm        8/17-8/21

                                                                                    Spring/Summer 2009         7
                                                                                                       { On-The-Go Sports, Inc. }
      E A R LY C H I L D H O O D D AY C A M P S
                                                     Super Tots
                                                     An exciting camp for children entering            Tackle Football Lineman Camp
    Tiny Tots-Harper                                 Kindergarten, Super Tots aims to be               If you are planning to play Wilmette Park
                                                     Super Fun. Campers will meet at                   District tackle football this season, here’s
    You will find a lot of exciting things           Harper School for three hours a day               an opportunity to learn and perfect line-
    happening in our Tiny Tots Camp dur-             taking part in games, arts and crafts,            man skills. Beginning, as well as ad-
    ing Summer 2009. Campers 3 & 4-                  water fun and more. Super Tots will               vanced, players will learn the football
    years-old will participate in a variety of       participate in all the Tiny Tots special          techniques and agility of being a line-
    activities such as circle time, small and        activities, as well as travel by bus for          man.A call from the coaching staff will
    large muscle activities, story time,             field trips to Gillson Beach, the                 be made the week before camp begins.
    snack, art and gymnastics. Other special         Wilmette Library, Kohl Children’s                 This program is endorsed by the
    activities include water playtime and            Museum, Earlywine Park, Maple Park,               Wilmette Park District’s Eagles Parents
    special theme Day including Pajama               Lovelace Park and West Park                       Boosters Club. Registration is limited.
    Day,Teddy Bear Picnic, Ice Cream                 Playground.The campers will also                  This camp meets at the Community
    Social, Halloween in the summer and              travel to the CRC for one gymnastics              Recreation Center.
    visits from the Wilmette Police and              class per session. Both 8-week session            R-$120/NR-$150                      1 week
    Fire Departments.                                and 4-week sessions are available.
        New this summer: Tiny Tots After             Camp Orientation to meet your                     Grade 4-5 as of the 2009-2010 school year
    Camp, extended day care for children             counselors will be held Saturday,                 627016-01 M-F 6:30-8 pm          7/13-7/17
    who need a full day program.Tiny Tots            June 13. This camp meets at Harper                Grade 6-8 as of the 2009-2010 school year
    Camp is offered in four-week or eight-           School. Contact Wendy Caspersen at                627016-02 M-F 6:30-8 pm          7/13-7/17
    week sessions, with options for two,             847-256-9119 for after camp options.
    three or five Day per week. P L E A S E          NO   CAMP:   F R I DAY, J U LY 3 .                { On-The-Go Sports, Inc. }
    N OT E : Children must be toilet
    trained prior to camp attendance.                Age 5                                             Football Skill Position Camp
    Diapers and Pull-ups are not permitted.          R-$476/NR-$596              4 weeks
                                                     629010-02 M-F 9 am-12 pm 6/15-7/10                Learn from the professionals at the
    Registrants may be required to provide
                                                     629010-03 M-F 9 am-12 pm 7/13-8/7                 hottest new football skill camp in the
    verification of child’s birth date. Camp
                                                                                                       area.This camp will be broken down by
    Orientation to meet your counselors              Grade K as of the 2009-2010 school year           individual positions to maximize
    will be held Saturday, June 13.This              R-$865/NR-$1,1838 weeks                           individual instruction and proficiency.We
    camp meets at Harper School.                     629010-01 M-F 9 am-12 pm 6/15-8/7                 will focus on individual techniques and
    NO   CAMP:   F R I DAY, J U LY 3 .
                                                                                                       skill development while being coached
    Age 3-4                                                       SPORTS CAMPS                         by current and former players (college
    5-Day at Harper                                                                                    and pro) who have started at these re-
    R-$678/NR-$848                         8 weeks
                                                     ONE ON ONE BASKETBALL                             spective positions including Chris Martin
    629001-10 M-F 9:15-11:45 am          6/15-8/7    Summer Hoops Camp                                 – former Northwestern University
                                                     These week-long basketball camps                  (N.U.) All-American Defensive Back
    R-$373/NR-$467                 4 weeks
                                                     provide a unique, fun and educational             who played with the Chicago Bears;
    629001-13 M-F 9:15-11:45 am 6/15-7/10
                                                     experience for all participants.                  Darnell Autry – former N.U.All-
    629001-16 M-F 9:15-11:45 am 7/13-8/7
                                                     Campers will be divided into age and              American Running Back and Heisman
    3-Day at Harper                                  skill appropriate divisions and will be           Trophy runner-up who played with the
    R-$407/NR-$510                   8 weeks         offered a chance to improve in all skill          Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles;
    629001-11 M,W,F 9:15-11:45 am 6/15-8/7           components of the game. Individual                and Steve King – former Michigan
    R-$224/NR-$281                   4 weeks         and team concepts will get attention.             Wolverine All-Big-Ten Defensive Back
    629001-14 M,W,F 9:15-11:45 am 6/15-7/10          Games and contests will be held daily             who played with the New York Jets.
    629001-17 M,W,F 9:15-11:45 am 7/13-8/7           to provide an enjoyable experience.               Coaches participation is dependent on sched-
                                                     Campers should bring a lunch and a                ule availability. This program is endorsed
    2-Day at Harper
                                                     beverage. For more information about              by the Wilmette Park District’s Eagles
    R-$272/NR-$341                  8 weeks
                                                     One on One Basketball visit                       Parents Boosters club.A call from the
    629001-12 Tu,Th 9:15-11:45 am 6/16-8/6
                                            or call                    coaching staff will be made the week
    R-$150/NR-$188                   4 weeks                                                           before camp starts. The camp meets at the
                                                     773-588-BALL. This camp meets at the
    629001-15 Tu,Th 9:15-11:45 am 6/16-7/10                                                            Community Recreation Center.
                                                     Community Recreation Center.
    629001-18 Tu,Th 9:15-11:45 am 7/14-8/6                                                             R-$137/NR-$171                      2 days
                                                     Age 6-12
                                                     R-$210/NR-$263                           1 week   Grade 4-5 as of the 2009-2010 school year
                                                     627015-01 M-F 10 am-2 pm             8/10-8/14    627017-01 Sa,Su 9 am-12 pm         8/22-23
                                                     627015-02 M-F 10 am-2 pm             8/17-8/21    Grade 6-8 as of the 2009-2010 school year
                                                                                                       627017-02 Sa,Su 9 am-12 pm 8/22-23

8   Wilmette Park District
Trevians Jr.Stickers Camp                                 AFTER CAMP CARE                                  EXTENSION CAMP
Join the New Trier Field Hockey
coaching staff and players for a two            After-Camp Recreation                            Two Week Camp Extension
week clinic designed to develop and
                                                This program offers parents the oppor-           Although our regular camp sessions
maintain field hockey skills.This clinic,
                                                tunity to enroll their children in an            end August 7, we offer a two-week
geared for incoming 5-8th graders, will
                                                after-camp activity that meets each day          camp extension at Gillson Park open
accommodate all levels of experience
                                                after other camp sessions end. It in-            to all campers going into Grade K-8.
with skill development and game play
                                                cludes arts and crafts, games,                   A wide variety of activities, including
on a daily basis. Coaches include New
                                                indoor/outdoor activities and other ac-          swimming, sports, and arts and crafts
Trier’s Head Coach Stephanie Nykaza
                                                tivities around the Community                    will be offered.All drop-offs will take
and NTHS alum and collegiate player
                                                Recreation Center. Bus transportation            place at the Wallace Bowl. Pickups will
Melissa Davis.Also on staff will be
                                                to the Community Recreation Center               be at the southwest end of the beach
current New Trier players. Participants
                                                is provided for campers in Great                 parking lot. On rain Day, camp will
receive a T-shirt. Stick, shin guards and
                                                Gillson Day Camp, Sports Camp and                meet at the Lakeview Center. Campers
mouth guards are mandatory. Loaner
                                                Junior Day Camp. Children may be                 should bring lunch and a beverage.
sticks are available on the field. This
                                                registered for three or five days per
camp meets at Community Playfields.                                                              Grade K-8 as of the 2009-2010 school year
                                                week. Parents may choose the three
Fridays are used as rain dates.                                                                  R-$349/NR-$436                      2 weeks
                                                days they prefer, however, the days
R-$196/NR-$245                        2 weeks                                                    627020-01 M-F 9 am-2:30 pm 8/10-8/21
                                                must remain the same throughout the
Grade 5-6 as of the 2009-2010 school year       8-week camp.                                     Early Bird Two Week Camp Extension
628005-01 M-Th 3-5 pm            7/13-7/23      NO   CAMP:   F R I DAY, J U LY 3 .               R-$40/NR-$50                  2 weeks
                                                                                                 627021-01 M-F 8-9 am       8/10-8/21
Grade 7-8 as of the 2009-2010 school year       Grade K-8 as of the 2009-2010 school year
628005-02 M-Th 3-5 pm            7/13-7/23      5-Day                                            Two Week After Camp Recreation
                                                R-$571/NR-$713         8 weeks                   Extension
Challenger Sports                               625001-01 M-F           2:30-6 pm    6/15-8/7    Grade K-8 as of the 2009-2010 school year
British Soccer Camps                                                                             R-$176/NR-$220                     2 weeks
Experience a week of expert coaching                                                             627021-02 M-F 2:30-6 pm         8/10-8/21
                                                R-$393/NR-$491                         8 weeks
and confidence building from a staff of         625001-02 M,W,F 2:30-6 pm            6/15-8/7
specially trained British soccer athletes.      625001-03 Tu,Th,F 2:30-6 pm          6/16-8/7
There are separate programs for all
levels and ages. Every day includes foot
skills, technical drills, tactical practices,
small-sided games, coached scrimmages
and a daily tournament. Each child re-
ceives a Challenger soccer ball, British
Soccer Camp T-shirt, a camp award
and an individual skills evaluation.
British Soccer Camps teach kids confi-
dence, self-discipline, good sportsman-
ship and most importantly respect for
yourself, other players and the game.
Partial scholarships are available for
families willing to host the British
coaches. This camp meets at Community
Age 10-14
R-$133/NR-$166                         1 week
628012-01 M-F        9 am-noon       6/22-26
628012-02 M-F        9 am-noon       8/10-14
628012-03 M-F        1-4 pm          6/22-26
628012-04 M-F        1-4 pm          8/10-14

                                                                                     Spring/Summer 2009          9
     Lake Avenue at Lake Michigan

                                                                              847/256-9656            SAILING BEACH
                                                                                                      Opening Date: Saturday, May 2
     DURING SAILING SEASON                                                    847/256-9662

                                                                                                      Gillson Youth Aquatics
         GILLSON PARK STAFF                                                                           Camp
         Lakefront Manager:  Holly Specht, CPRP                                                       Campers will gain experience using
         Assistant Lakefront Manager: Tim Amorella                                                    equipment in a safe, enjoyable environ-
                                                                                                      ment.Activities will include water and
                                                                                                      boating safety instruction, Junior
     RENTALS                                                                                          Lifeguard instruction, kayaking, sailing
                                                                                                      on Sunfish and Hobie Waves, beach
     { May 23-September 13 }
                                                                                                      volleyball, and motor boating with
     Our Wilmette Park District fleet of Sunfish, Hobie Waves, and Hobie Getaways are                 banana boat rides. N OT E : Water skiing
     available for rental whenever the boats are not being used for instruction. Kayaks               is not included in this camp.All partici-
     are also available for rental. Sailors may rent boats when their experience matches              pants must be able to swim 50 feet
     weather conditions on the day of rental. Staff is on hand to help sailors evaluate               before enrolling. Life jackets will be
     their skills and to assess weather conditions. Interested persons with no experience             worn when children are taking part in
     on the waters should consider our beginner’s instructional program before renting                ALL water activities. Camp meets on
     boats. For safety, staff reserves the right to refuse rentals at anytime.                        the beach at the south end of Gillson
                                                                                                      Park between the pier and the harbor
     Rental Times:                                                                                    wall during and after summer camp
     • Weekdays: After 5 p.m. (in by 7 p.m.)                                                          hours Monday through Friday. During
     • Saturday-Sunday: 9:30 a.m.-5:45 p.m. (in by 7:15 p.m.)                                         inclement weather or rough surf con-
                                                                                                      ditions, campers will be taught boaters
     Reservations and Payment: Reservations may be made at 847/256-9662, not                          safety, along with instructional videos,
     more than 48 hours in advance. Reservations for weekend times may be made at                     and various activities on the beach, in
     9 a.m., Thursday (for Saturday) and Friday (for Sunday). All non-refundable rental               the park and in the Lakeview Center.
     fees are paid immediately before the rental. A refundable $50 damage deposit also                NO   CAMP:    F R I DAY, J U LY 3 .
     must be paid before rental. MasterCard, Visa, and Discover are accepted for Sailing
     Classes and Rental Fees.                                                                         Grade 4-8 as of the 2009-2010 school year
                                                                                                      Session I
                                                                                                      R-$205/NR-$256                            3 weeks
                                               Weekday              Weekends &                        614001-01 M-F 12:30-2:30 pm             6/15-7/2
                                               Rates                Holidays Rates                    614001-02 M-F 3-5 pm                    6/15-7/2
        HOBIE GETAWAYS                         $57/hr.              $79/hr.                           Session II
                                               $74/2 hrs.           $95/2 hrs.                        R-$205/NR-$256                            3 weeks
        HOBIE WAVES                            $47/hr.              $68/hr.                           614001-03 M-F 12:30-2:30 pm             7/6-7/24
                                               $63/2 hrs.           $84/2 hrs.                        614001-04 M-F 3-5 pm                    7/6-7/24

        HOBIE BRAVO                            $37/hr.              $58/hr.                           Session III
                                               $53/2 hrs.           $74/2 hrs.                        R-$168/NR-$210                            2 weeks
                                                                                                      614001-05 M-F 12:30-2:30 pm             7/27-8/7
        SUNFISH                                $37/hr.              $58/hr.                           614001-06 M-F 3-5 pm                    7/27-8/7
                                               $53/2 hrs.           $74/2 hrs.

        SINGLE SEAT KAYAK                      $37/hr.              $47/hr.

        DOUBLE SEAT KAYAK                      $47/hr.              $58/hr.

                                                                                             *Non resident fee. See “Fair -Share” information page 108.

10   Wilmette Park District
Group Sailing Lessons
All students must be able to swim 50
feet. Classes will meet regardless of
weather—there are no make-up classes
or adjustments. Beginner lessons are for
those who cannot sail a basic boat by
themselves, even in good weather.
Classes are limited to 20 students.
Instruction is given on Sunfish
sailboats. Lessons include the use of the
boat, life preserver and instruction.
NO   CLASS:   F R I DAY, J U LY 3 .               Small Group Sailing Lessons
Age 9-15                                          Small group sailing lessons, conducted
R-$163/NR-$204                                    by private instructors, can be taken by
Beginner                                          up to three individuals.This flexible
514001-01 M,W,F 9:30-11:30 am 6/15-7/10           and constructive learning approach is

514001-02 M,W,F 9:30-11:30 am 7/13-8/7            convenient for families wishing to
514001-03 Tu,Th 1-3 pm        6/16-7/23           learn together and groups of friends
                                                  seeking a similar experience. Small
                                                  group lessons enable the instructor to

514001-04 M,W,F 9:30-11:30 am 6/15-7/10
                                                  adjust to the group’s schedule and
514001-05 M,W,F 9:30-11:30 am 7/13-8/7
                                                  comfort level with the sport. Lessons
                                                  are given in sets of four one-hour
Private Sailing Lessons                           sessions.
Individual instruction by Park District           Age 9 & up
staff provides a flexible and constructive        R-$331/NR-$414
learning format.This approach is                  514003-01 M-F   5-7 pm         6/15-8/14
particularly appreciated by adults.               514003-02 Sa,Su 9 am-6 pm      6/13-8/16
Private lessons enable the instructor to
adjust to the individual student’s sched-
ule and rate of adaptation to the sport.
One-to-one lessons are given in sets of
four one-hour sessions. Beginning
private students must be able to swim
50 feet. Consult the Sailing Supervisor
if circumstances require exception to
these rules. Upon completion of
beginning lessons, students will be able
to sail a basic sailboat confidently in
good weather.
Age 9 & up
514002-01 M-F         5-7 pm          6/15-8/14
514002-02 Sa,Su       9 am-7 pm       6/13-8/16
514002-03 M-F         5-7 pm          6/15-8/14
514002-04 Sa,Su       9 am-6 pm       6/13-8/16

                                                               Spring/Summer 2009   11
     Gillson Beach                                                                                       WILMETTE BEACHES
     Lake Avenue at Lake Michigan                                                                        Opening Date: Saturday, May 23
     Langdon Beach                                                                                       Closing Date: Monday, September 7
     Chestnut Avenue & Sheridan Road
                                                                                                         BEACH SCHEDULE
     LAKEVIEW CENTER IN GILLSON PARK                                         847-256-9656                Beach Hours Daily: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
                                                                                                         (or as daylight permits)
     BEACH HOUSE                                                             847-256-9660
                                                                                                         Beach Office Hours Daily: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

     SAILING                                                                 847-256-9662                Concession Hours Daily: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
                                                                                                         (or as conditions permit)
     RECORDED BEACH &                                                                                    Lakeview Center Hours Daily:
     WALLAC E BOWL I N FOR MATION                                            847-256-0333                Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

                                                                                                         D A I LY B E A C H A D M I S S I O N

         GILLSON PARK STAFF                                                                              { Between 9 a.m.-6 p.m. }
                                                                                                         R E S I D E N T : $4        N O N - R E S I D E N T : $8
         Lakefront Manager:  Holly Specht, CPRP
         Assistant Lakefront Manager: Tim Amorella                                                       { Between 6-8 p.m. }
                                                                                                         R E S I D E N T : $1.50     N O N - R E S I D E N T : $3

     • Gillson Park offers 60 acres of beautiful lakefront property, ideal     • Langdon Park Beach is open for swimming and operates under
       for picnics, bicycling, volleyball, soccer, tennis, and many other        the same rules as Gillson Beach. Season Passes or a Daily
       spring and summer outdoor activities.                                     Admission fee are required for admission.

     • Dogs on leash are allowed in Gillson Park EXCEPT during spe-            • No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the park or on the
       cial events such as Independence Day. Leashes must not exceed             beaches.
       10 feet in length and owners are responsible for clean-up. Dogs
                                                                               • When safety hazards are present, the beach and water may be
       wearing Beach Permit tags are allowed off-leash in the fenced
                                                                                 closed temporarily at the discretion of the Lakefront Manager.
       Dog Beach area located between the pier and the harbor mouth
       at the south end of Gillson Park. Dogs are NOT allowed on the           • Flotation devices are not allowed in the water except Coast
       public swimming and sailing beaches.                                      Guard approved life jackets when worn properly.

     • Public swimming and wading are allowed in the buoyed
       swimming area only.

     • Grilling permits are available at Lakeview Center during regular        • Non-Resident picnic permits are $10.
       office hours (Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.) or at the Beach
                                                                               • Permit are issued in three hour increments: 11 a.m.-2 p.m.;
       House Office, Saturdays and Sundays, May 23-September 7,
                                                                                 2-5 p.m.; 5-8 p.m.
       from 9 a.m.-8 p.m.
                                                                               • All grilling must be done on existing Park District grills.
     • Pre-reservations for picnic areas are available to Wilmette
       residents only.                                                         • A “Picnic Patrol” will issue permits on weekends.

     • No charge for RESIDENT picnic permits.

                                                                                                *Non resident fee. See “Fair -Share” information page 108.

12   Wilmette Park District
   2009 BEACH & CENTENNIAL FAMILY AQUATIC CENTER                                               EARLY BIRD SEASON PASS DISCOUNT
                                                                                               { Now through April 30 }
                                                                                               Buy a Pool or Beach Season Pass before
   Early Bird Fees are in color. { Good through April 30 }
                                                                                               May 1 and receive an Early Bird
   TYPE OF PASS           Pool Photo ID            Beach Patch        Beach & Pool             Discount. Beginning May 1 regular
                                   Only                  Only        when purchased            season rates apply. During regular business
                                                                            together           hours you may drop off your Season Pass
                                                                                               application, with payment, at these Park
   RESIDENT                                                                                    District facilities: Centennial Recreation
   Individual Pass            $ 68    62            $35     32           $ 93     84           Complex, Community Recreation
   2 Person Pass              112    101             51     46           147    133            Center, Lakeview Center in Gillson Park
   3 Person Pass              128    116             69     63           178    161            or the Administrative Office in Village
                                                                                               Hall.You may also Fax your order to
   4 Person Pass              144    131             87     80           209    189
                                                                                               847-256-8776 or mail it to Centennial
   5 Person Pass              160    146            105     97           240    217            Family Aquatics Center, 2300 Old
   Each Additional              16    15             18     17            31      28           Glenview Rd.,Wilmette, IL 60091. Beach
   Senior Citizen               37    33             19     18            50      45           passes can be picked up immediately at
   In-Home Child              125    113             72     65           177    159            Centennial, Lakeview Center and the

   Care Provider                                                                               Administrative Office. Passes ordered via
                                                                                               Fax, the mail, or through the Community
   NON-RESIDENT                                                                                Recreation Center will be mailed to you.
   Individual Pass          $ 160    144             91     82          $226    203
   2 Person Pass              269    242            138    124           366    329

   3 Person Pass              304    274            175    159           431    388
   4 Person Pass              339    306            212    194           496    447
   5 Person Pass              374    338            249    229           561    506
   Each Additional             35     32             37     35            65     59

The Wilmette Park District issues separate season passes for the beaches at Gillson and
Langdon Parks and Centennial Family Aquatic Center. The Beach Season Passes are a
cloth patch which must be sewn onto a swimming suit or permanently affixed to
a swimming article available for inspection upon request by the cashier or checker.

The Centennial Family Aquatic Center season passes are Photo ID cards. For details see
page 18-19.

Season Pass Guidelines
• Season Passes are to be used only by the person to whom they are issued and are not
• Anyone two years or older must have a Beach Season Pass or pay a daily fee to enter              G U E S T             P A S S
  the beach.
• Wilmette resident senior citizens 65 and older, with proper identification (i.e., driver’s
                                                                                                      Ticket Book
  license, state-issued ID, passport), applying in person, receive a discount off the price         RESIDENT        PURCHASE

  of individual pool, beach or both when purchased together.                                                    O N LY

• Season Pass refunds are not given for any reason after Opening Day.                           Bring your out-of-town guests
                                                                                                to Wilmette’s beaches at a
HOW TO PURCHASE BEACH SEASON PASSES                                                             reduced rate. Guest pass ticket
The 2009 Beach season passes will be available for purchase at the Wilmette Park District       books are available to resident
Administrative Office, Centennial Recreation Complex office, Community Recreation               season pass holders.The cost of
Center, or the Lakeview Center in Gillson Park between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays.              the 12-ticket book is $48 with a
Beginning May 23, they may also be purchased at Gillson Beach House between 9 a.m.              maximum of one ticket book
and 8 p.m. daily.                                                                               per family for the season. Guest
   When purchasing your Beach season pass you will be asked to provide proof of                 pass books can be purchased at
Wilmette residency. Please see “Proof of Residency Requirements” for more details.              the Administrative Offices in the
                                                                                                Village Hall. Purchaser must
IN-HOME CHILD CARE PROVIDER SEASON PASS                                                         provide Proof of Residency
The Wilmette Park District offers an In-Home Child Care Provider Season Pass for individ-       when purchasing the ticket book.
uals employed by Wilmette residents. These passes are not renewable. N OT E : In Home
Child Care Providers may not be counted as a family member on a family pass. In-Home
Child Care Providers must apply in person with a letter from their employer to serve as
proof of employment in order to purchase this discounted season pass.
                                                                                   Spring/Summer 2009          13
                                            GILLSON PARK LAKEFRONT PARKING INFORMATION

     General Parking Areas                                                     Gillson Park Lakefront Parking Decals
     The upper road located between the south park entrance and the            Wilmette Park District 2009 Lakefront Parking decals are color-
     Washington Street exit is open for parking to all automobiles—            coded to designate Resident and Non-Resident users. Resident
     resident and non-resident.                                                Lakefront Parking decals can only be used on vehicles displaying
                                                                               a Village of Wilmette sticker. Residents with leased or company
     Overlook Drive Parking Area                                               vehicles should inquire about proper procedures when purchasing
     Cars displaying a 2009 Village of Wilmette vehicle sticker, or a          a Lakefront Parking decal. N OT E : Lakefront Parking decals
     2009 Lakefront Parking decal, may park on the Overlook Drive              must be permanently affixed to the lower driver’s side
     area, which is located closest to the lake within the confines of         front windshield. Tickets will be issued by the Wilmette Police
     Gillson Park. All other cars are subject to ticketing by the Wilmette     Department for those who fail to display the decal properly. The
     Police Department.                                                        2009 Lakefront Parking decals expire March 31, 2010.

     Beach Parking Lot                                                         How to Purchase Lakefront Parking Decals
     The parking lot adjacent to the swimming and sailing beach is             The 2009 Lakefront Parking Decals will be on sale at the
     reserved for cars displaying a 2009 Lakefront Parking decal or            Administrative Office in the Village Hall, 1200 Wilmette Avenue or
     Daily Parking Permit which is available Monday through Friday             the Lakeview Center in Gillson Park. Fees are $14 for residents
     for $8 between the hours of 9 a.m.-8 p.m. Limited Daily Parking           and $95 for Non-Residents.
     Permits are also available on weekends for $10 between 9 a.m.
     and noon. Cars without parking decals or permits are sub-
     ject to ticketing by the Wilmette Police Department.

       Proof of Residency Requirements                                         LAKEVIEW OUTDOOR SHELTER
       When applying for season passes, club memberships, or register-         RENTALS
       ing for a class you will be asked for identification and proof of
       residency by showing either a current drivers license or State of       { Available May 1-September 30 }
       Illinois ID. If you do not have one of these documents you will
                                                                               R E S I D E N T S : May make reservations up to one year in advance.
       need to show another photo ID along with one of the following
                                                                               Rental is available to Wilmette residents at no charge.
       items displaying a Wilmette address:
                                                                               N O N - R E S I D E N T S : Reservations are accepted on same day rental
       • Voter’s registration card
                                                                               as desired. Cost is $25 for half of the shelter; $50 for entire shelter.
       • Utility bill with owner’s name                                        Parties of 35 people or less receive rental of half of the shelter.
                                                                               Parties of 36 or more must rent the entire shelter.
       • Current automobile registration with owner’s name
                                                                               T I M E S AVA I L A B L E I N F O U R - H O U R I N C R E M E N T S : 7-11 a.m.;
       • Copy of a real estate contract stating a closing date                 11 a.m.-4 p.m.; and 4-8 p.m.

                                             LAKEFRONT PARKING

                                             A FRIENDLY REMINDER
                                             Lakefront Parking decals must be                        Tickets will be issued by the Wilmette Police
                                             permanently affixed to the lower driver’s               Department for those who fail to display the
                                             side front windshield. The decals are color-            decal properly. Decals can be purchased at
                                             coded to designate Resident and                         the Administrative Office in Village Hall and at
                                             Non-Resident users. Resident Lakefront                  the Lakeview Center in Gillson Park.
                                             Parking decals can only be used on vehicles
                                             displaying a Village of Wilmette sticker.

14   Wilmette Park District
Centennial Family Aquatic Center                                         847/256-9680               AQUATIC C E NTE R SEASON
2300 Old Glenview Road                                                                              Opening Date: May 23*
                                                                                                    Closing Date: September 7**
• 50-Meter pool, 8 lanes • Leisure pool with zero depth edge and water slides
                                                                                                    *The Aquatic Center will be open WEEK-
• Wading pool with tot slide • Diving pool with 2 boards and 2 drop slides                          ENDS ONLY between May 23-May 31
• Locker room facilities • Party room • Concession stand • Party rentals                            between 1-6 p.m. Regular season hours will
                                                                                                    begin Saturday, June 6.
                                                                                                    **A reduced public swim schedule will be in
   CENTENNIAL FAMILY AQUATIC CENTER STAFF                                                           effect weekends beginning August 8 and daily
                                                                                                    after August 15. Hours will be posted at the
    General Manager: Terry Juliar                                                                   Aquatic Center and on the Park District
    Pool Manager:  Brian Udany                                                                      website. Portions of the facility may be closed

    Assistant Pool Manager: David Johnson                                                           each day in order to operate safely when a
                                                                                                    reduced schedule is in effect. Please call ahead
                                                                                                    to find out which pools are open each day.

                                                 PUBLIC FITNESS

  PUBLIC SWIM HOURS                              SWIM HOURS
                                                                                                                 JULY 4TH
  50 METER POOL                                  50 METER POOL                                              PUBLIC SWIM HOURS

  Monday-Friday                       1-5 p.m.   Monday-Friday              6:30-9:30 am               On Saturday, July 4, the Aquatic Center
                                  7:15-9 p.m.                                      1-9 pm                   will be open 11 a.m.-9 p.m. for
  Saturday                    11 a.m.-9 p.m.                 1 slow, 1 medium, 1 fast lanes                    Public Swim. There will be
  Sunday                      11 a.m.-9 p.m.                                                             NO morning lap swim on this date.

                                                                            8:30-9:30 am
  LEISURE POOL                                                              2 therapy lanes
  Monday-Friday                       1-9 p.m.
  Saturday                    11 a.m.-9 p.m.                                   9:45-1 pm                   C E N T E N N I A L F A M I LY
  Sunday                      11 a.m.-9 p.m.                       1 slow, 1 medium lanes                     A Q U AT I C C E N T E R

  DIVING POOL                                    Saturday                    11 am-9 pm
                                                                                                    Daily Fees
  Monday-Friday                       1-5 p.m.               1 slow, 1 medium, 1 fast lanes
                                  7:15-9 p.m.                                                       Resident                                     $7.50
  Saturday                    11 a.m.-9 p.m.     Sunday                     6:45-8:45 am
                                                                                                    Non-Resident                                $13.75
  Sunday                      11 a.m.-9 p.m.         2 slow, 2 medium, 2 fast, 2 walk lanes         *Guest of Resident                           $8.50
                                                                             11 am-9 pm
                                                                                                    Wading Pool Only (9 a.m.-noon)
  Monday-Friday                 9 a.m.-Noon                  1 slow, 1 medium, 1 fast lanes
                                      1-9 p.m.                                                      Resident                                      $5.25
  Saturday                    11 a.m.-9 p.m.                                                        Non-Resident                                  $9.50
  Sunday                      11 a.m.-9 p.m.
                                                                                                    * N O T E : Proof of residency must be provided each
                                                                                                    time a resident daily fee is purchased.Without
                                                                                                    proper identification, patrons are charged non-
                  Swim Meet                               New Trier Swim Club                       resident fees. Children under two are admitted free.
                     TBD                                     Swim Meets                             Wilmette residents who do not hold a Family
             N O E ARLY B IRD L AP S WIM .                                                          Aquatic Center season pass may bring out of town
           P UBLIC S WIM BEGINS AT 1 P. M .                    Wednesday, July 1                    guests to the pools at a Guest of Resident rate.
                                                               Tuesday, July 21                     Residents must accompany their guest to the facility,
                                                        THE 50-METER           POOL AND             show proof of residency with a photo ID, and their
  Safety Breaks
                                                     DIVING POOL WILL          B E C L O S E D TO   guests will be admitted at this special daily rate.
  Centennial Family Aquatic Center will be
                                                                    THE PUBLIC
  conducting two 15 minute Safety Breaks
  daily. The breaks will take place at 3 p.m.
                                                               BETWEEN      3 - 9 P. M .
  and 7 p.m. Everyone, including adults,
  will be required to leave the pools during
  the safety breaks. It is recommended that
  parents of young children use this opportu-
  nity to take their children to the washroom.

                                                                                            Spring/Summer 2009                15

     • Whether swimming for enjoyment or exercise, lap swimming is a great way to stay in
      shape while
      enjoying the water around you.

     • Admittance to the public Fitness Swim hours is by a photo ID season pass or daily fee.

     • Three lanes are guaranteed during most pool hours. Schedule changes will be posted at
      the facility or you may call 847/256-9680 for lap swimming status.

     • Swimmers may determine their own speed lane, however, if you are constantly being
      passed, please move to a slower speed lane.

     • Swimmers are expected to circle swim to the right when there are more than two swim-
      mers per lane.

     Please pick up a copy of our “Lap Swim Etiquette 101” flyer for more information.

     Whether you are new to lap swimming or a dedicated fitness swimmer, the Wilmette Park
     District requests that everyone observe a few common courtesies and basic rules to make
     lap swimming safer, more pleasant, and more productive for all participants. Our number
     one rule is that you do not inhibit the workout of others sharing the same lane as you.          G U E S T           P A S S
     Here are some guidelines to follow when using our lap lanes:

     MINIMUM AGE: Lap lane swimmers must be 18 years of age or older. Swimmers
                                                                                                         Ticket Book
     between the ages of 12 and 18 years, who can swim 100 meters of freestyle unassisted.             RESIDENT      PURCHASE

     (two lengths of the pool), may request permission to use the lap lanes from a pool                          O N LY

     supervisor. The supervisor will assess a swimmer’s abilities on a case by case basis.          Bring your out-of-town guests
     LANE DESIGNATIONS: Lanes are designated as slow, medium, or fast. Choose a lane com-           to Centennial Family Aquatic
     patible with your speed.
                                                                                                    Center at a reduced rate. Guest
                                                                                                    pass ticket books are available
     ENTERING THE WATER: No diving allowed. When you enter the water, never jump, or                for purchase only by resident
     push off into oncoming swimmers. Wait until they have made the turn and pushed off.            season pass holders.The cost of
     CIRCLE SWIMMING: If there are more than two swimmers in your lane you must circle              the 12-ticket book is $90 with a
     swim. In the United States, the custom is to stay to the right—which is to swim counter-
                                                                                                    maximum of one ticket book
                                                                                                    per family for the season. Proof
                                                                                                    of Residency must be provided
     SPEED: Slower swimmers must yield to faster swimmers. If you slow your pace, please            when purchasing the ticket
     change to the appropriate lane. Consider the faster swimmer who is at your feet and offer      book.These coupon books will
     them a chance to go ahead when you reach the wall, or let them pass you.                       be available for sale at the
     PASSING: Pass on the left. Tap the foot of the person in front of you before passing. If you   Centennial facility office during
     are being overtaken at the turn, stop, and wait until the other swimmer has pushed off.
                                                                                                    the business hours. Guest tickets
                                                                                                    are valid only in the season
     STOPPING: If you need to stop, squeeze into the corner to the right of oncoming                purchased.There are no refunds
     swimmers, so they will have sufficient room to turn.                                           for unused tickets. Call
     COMPLETE LAPS: Swim complete laps to avoid confusion with others in your lane.                 847-256-9670 for more
        Lifeguards may ask swimmers to switch lanes. Please follow their requests. Swimmers
     will be reminded of the rules as needed and supervisors will provide a means for media-
     tion when a dispute arises. Patrons who are involved in the repeated disruptions of lap
     swimming will be asked to leave the facility and could be subject to consequences up to
     and including revocation of season pass privileges and facility use for the remainder of
     the summer.
        By adhering to these conventions, and applying common sense, you and your fellow
     fitness swimmers can get the most out of your swimming experience.

16   Wilmette Park District
POOL CLOSINGS                         • If the air temperature reaches 66 degrees            ning and/or thunder has cleared. If condi-
                                          or below—or there are fewer than                   tions force two consecutive 30-minute
The Pool Manager is authorized            25 swimmers in the facility—the Leisure            closures during the day, the pools will be
to close the pools during any             Pool, Wading Pool and Diving Pool will             closed until 5 p.m. The weather will be
swim session under the following          be closed. The 50-meter pool will remain           re-evaluated at 5 p.m. to determine
conditions:                               open at the discretion of the Pool                 whether the facility will reopen for the
                                          Manager if thunder, lightning or rain is           evening session.
                                          not present.
                                                                                            • The pools will be closed when a
                                      • If lightning and/or thunder is in the area,          situation arises that would jeopardize
                                          swimmers will not be permitted in the              the public health or safety of people in
                                          water for at least 30 minutes after light-         attendance.

GENERAL INFORMATION AND POOL RULES                                    • Street shoes are not allowed on the pool decks.
• Admittance is by photo ID season pass or daily fee. All
                                                                      • All swimmers are encouraged to take a shower before
 persons entering the pool deck must pay a fee.
                                                                       entering the pool.
• Certain pool areas may be closed for programming during
                                                                      • All other state and local health codes apply.
  public swim hours.
                                                                      • While in the pool, all children who are not toilet trained
• Children 7 years and under must be accompanied by an
                                                                       must wear a swimming diaper with plastic pants that seal
  individual 13 years of age or older at all times.
                                                                       at the legs and waist. These are available for sale at the
• Proper bathing attire is required to enter pools. Unlined and        front desk.
  cut-off shorts or leotards are not allowed.
                                                                      • Parents or guardians are responsible for the supervision
• Flotation devices/swimming aids are not allowed in the               of their children. Aquatic staff members are on duty to
  Leisure Pool.                                                        enforce rules and to respond in the event of an emergency.

• Outside food and beverages are not permitted.

   2009 BEACH & CENTENNIAL FAMILY AQUATIC CENTER                                                        Important Health Notice

   SEASON PASS FEES                                                                                     Children who are not toilet trained
                                                                                                        must wear a swim diaper with
   Early Bird Fees are in color. { Good through April 30 }
                                                                                                        plastic pants while in the pool.
   TYPE OF PASS           Pool Photo ID            Beach Patch         Beach & Pool                     Admission to the facility will be
                                   Only                  Only         when purchased                    denied to anyone not following
                                                                                                        this Health Department regulation.
   RESIDENT                                                                                             Rubber/plastic pants are available
   Individual Pass           $ 68    62             $35      32          $ 93     84                    for sale from the pool staff.
   2 Person Pass              112   101              51      46           147    133
   3 Person Pass              128   116              69      63           178    161
   4 Person Pass              144   131              87      80           209    189
   5 Person Pass              160   146             105      97           240    217                   Healthy Choices at
   Each Additional             16    15              18      17            31     28                   the Concession Stand
   Senior Citizen              37    33              19      18            50     45
   In-Home Child              125   113              72      65           177    159                   Look for our “Healthy Choices”
   Care Provider                                                                                       menu at the Concession Stand this
                                                                                                       season.A selection of items will be
   Individual Pass          $ 160   144              91      82         $226     203
                                                                                                       listed on a separate board for easy
   2 Person Pass              269   242             138     124          366     329                   distinction.We will also be using a
   3 Person Pass              304   274             175     159          431     388                   healthier oil in our fryers. Stop by
   4 Person Pass              339   306             212     194          496     447                   the Concession Stand to get more
   5 Person Pass              374   338             249     229          561     506                   details and a list of our Healthy
   Each Additional             35    32              37      35           65      59

                                                                                          Spring/Summer 2009    17
     { Now through April 30 }
                                                     CENTENNIAL FAMILY AQUATIC CENTER
     Early Bird Season Pass
     Discount                                        SEASON PASS 2009
     Buy a Pool or Beach Season Pass
     before May 1 and receive an Early Bird          Season Pass Guidelines
     Discount. Beginning May 1 regular               • The Centennial Family Aquatic Center season passes are Photo ID cards which are re-
     season rates apply. During regular                newable from season to season. Centennial photo ID cards are to be used only by the
     business hours you may drop off your              person to whom they are issued and are not transferable.
     Season Pass application, with payment,          • All family members age 2 and older by May 23, 2009, must have their own photo ID pass
     at these Park District facilities: Centennial     or pay a daily fee to enter the pool.
     Recreation Complex, Community
                                                     • Wilmette resident senior citizens 65 and older, with proper identification (i.e., driver’s li-
     Recreation Center, Lakeview Center in
                                                       cense, state-issued ID, passport), applying in person, receive a 50% discount off the
     Gillson Park or the Administrative Office
                                                       price of a season pass for individual pool, beach or both when purchased together.
     in Village Hall. You may also Fax your
     order to 847-256-8776 or mail it to             • The replacement fee for lost or damaged photo ID passes is $5.50.
     Centennial Family Aquatics Center, 2300         • In-Home Child Care Provider passes from 2008 are not renewable. Child care providers
     Old Glenview Rd., Wilmette, IL 60091.              must apply in person with a letter from their employer to prove employment before
     Beach passes can be picked up immedi-              they can purchase a 2009 photo ID pass. N OT E : In-Home Child Care Providers may
     ately at Centennial, Lakeview Center and           not be counted as a family member on a family pass.
     the Administrative Office. Passes
                                                     • The Wilmette Park District issues a separate season pass for the beaches at Gillson and
     ordered via Fax, the mail, or through the         Langdon Parks. It is a cloth patch which must be sewn onto a swimming suit or perma-
     Community Recreation Center will be               nently affixed to a swimming article available for inspection upon request by the cashier
     mailed to you.                                    or checker.

                                                     • Application forms for Centennial Photo ID Season Passes, as well as beach patches, are
                                                       available at the Wilmette Park District Administrative Office, Community Recreation
       REMEMBER YOUR PASS!                             Center, Centennial Recreation Complex office, and Lakeview Center in Gillson Park.

       Admission to the Centennial Family            • Season pass refunds are not given for any reason after Opening Day.
       Aquatic Center is by photo ID season
       pass or daily fee. EVERYONE                   To RENEW your 2008 Photo ID Pass:
       entering the facility must show a
                                                     • Renewal application forms were mailed in February to everyone who purchased a
       valid season pass or pay the daily              Centennial Family Aquatic Center Pass in 2008. If you did not receive a renewal
       admission fee. If you do not have               application form please contact the Park District at 847-256-9670.
       your pass, a valid photo ID with
                                                     • The Wilmette Park District has updated its registration software and is creating new
       current address will be required to
                                                       Household Accounts for all facility users. New Photo ID Cards are being issued to
       show proof of identity in order to
                                                       everyone who holds a Photo ID membership pass to any Park District facility.
       verify the status of your season pass.
       Without a valid season pass or                • Before the 2009 Aquatic Center Season begins you may come in person to Centennial
       proof of ID, you will be charged                Recreation Complex, the Community Recreation Center or the Administrative Office in
                                                       Village Hall during regular business hours to have your picture taken for your new
       the regular daily NON-RESIDENT
                                                       Photo ID card. Identification establishing your residency will be requested.
       fee of $13.75 per person.
                                                     • Wilmette Beach patches and Lakefront Parking decals purchased with the renewal forms
                                                       are mailed separately.

     USE YOUR SEASON PASS AS A DEBIT CARD AT THE CONCESSION                   Please note the following rules when using your season
     STAND OR ADMISSIONS BOOTH                                                pass to make purchases:
     Here’s how it works:                                                     • Season pass photo ID’s may only be used by the cardholder
     • Bring your season pass photo ID and your payment (the amount
                                                                              • Account balances cannot be accessed or looked up without the
      you would like to credit to the card) to the Admissions Booth
                                                                                card and cardholder present
     • Once you have completed the payment, your season pass can be
                                                                              • Attempted use of a card by anyone other than the cardholder will
      used to buy food and drinks at the Concession Stand or to pay
                                                                                result in the card being confiscated and returned to the card-
      for daily fees, goggles, or anything else from the admissions
                                                                              • Each card balance stands alone. Money is not transferable from
     • Season Pass Photo ID card and cardholder must be present for             card to card within a family membership.
      every purchase. Family members may not use each other’s
      cards without the cardholder being present.                             • At the end of the pool season you may carry your balance over
                                                                                to the next year, or you may request a refund at the Centennial
                                                                                Facility Office located in the Ice Rinks
18   Wilmette Park District
  Proof of Residency Requirements
  When applying for season passes, club memberships, or register-

  ing for a class you will be asked for identification and proof of
  residency by showing either a current drivers license or State of
  Illinois ID. If you do not have one of these documents you will
  need to show another photo ID along with one of the following
  items displaying a Wilmette address:
  • Voter’s registration card

  • Utility bill with owner’s name

  • Current automobile registration with owner’s name

  • Copy of a real estate contract stating a closing date

To Apply for a NEW Photo ID Pass:

• Submit an application form, all appropriate fees and identifica-
 tion establishing your residency at the Centennial Recreation
 Complex, Community Recreation Center or Administrative
 Office in Village Hall.

• ID photos can be taken at the Community Recreation Center,
 Administrative Offices in Village Hall and the Centennial
 Recreation Complex from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday
 through April 10. For your convenience, beginning April 13, the
 Centennial facility office hours will be 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday
 through Friday and 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday.

• Plan ahead and avoid the last minute rush: Early Birds save
 when you buy Season Passes before May 1. Beginning May 1,
 regular season pass rates will be in effect.

• Please DO NOT throw away your new photo ID card. The cards
 are reusable and will also serve as membership cards to the
 Center Fitness Club, Wilmette Tennis Club and the Wilmette Golf
 Club if you have joined these facilities separately. There will be a
 $5.50 charge for lost or damaged cards.

                                                SPECIAL ACTIVITIES AND GROUP RATES

                                                  you must pick up a Birthday Party        pick up a Group Reservation Packet
BIRTHDAY PARTIES                                  Rental Packet from Centennial and fill   from Centennial and fill out the
                                                  out the reservation form to guarantee    reservation form to guarantee your date
Celebrate your birthday party at                  your party date and arrangements.        and arrangements.
Centennial Family Aquatic Center. No
                                                  New and improved party packages
matter what your age, you’ll have fun                                                      Camp Admissions
                                                  will be available after April 1.
speeding down the water slides; free                                                       Private camps must make arrangements
falling from the drop slide, or just                                                       in advance to use the pools. To make
                                                  Group Admissions
relaxing on the deck. Season passes are                                                    reservations you must pick up a Group
                                                  If you have a group of 20 or more
not valid. For information about fees,                                                     Reservation Packet from Centennial
                                                  you can visit Centennial Pools at a
available dates, and to make reservations,                                                 and fill out the reservation form to
                                                  discounted rate during public swim
call 847-256-9685.To make reservations                                                     guarantee your date and arrangements.
                                                  times.To make reservations you must

                                                                              Spring/Summer 2009       19
                                                     SWIMMING & DIVING INSTRUCTION

     Level I - Water Exploration                                                 Level IV - Stroke Development
     This class will familiarize the student with the aquatic                    New strokes include breaststroke, sidestroke, and the intro-
     environment and will focus on supported floating, water                     duction of competitive turns.The students will increase their
     entry and exit, and beginning kicking and arms.                             confidence with the knowledge of all of the basic strokes.
     Level II - Primary Skills                                                   Level V - Stroke Refinement
     Unsupported floating with kicks and arms are the primary                    A review of front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke, and side-
     skills you will learn at this level.There is also an emphasis on            stroke. Introduction of butterfly stroke and springboard
     fundamental locomotion skills used in the front and back                    diving safety.
                                                                                 Level VI - Skill Proficiency
     Level III - Stroke Readiness                                                Continued review of all strokes with introduction of flip turn
     Improving previous skills and breath control are emphasized                 for front crawl is the objective of this level. Pike and tuck
     at this level. New skills include elementary backstroke, intro-             surface dive introduced.
     duction to diving, and treading water.
                                                                                 Level VII - Advanced Skills
                                                                                 Continued review of all strokes and turns.Tread water five
                                                                                 minutes, retrieve diving brick, springboard front dive in tuck
                                                                                 and pike position, and introduction of back stroke flip turn.

                                                                                                                The Park District reserves
     • Eight lessons in each two week program are guaranteed                                                          the right to
     • Make ups due to vacation of illness cannot be arranged                                                       C A N C E L     O R

                                                                                                             C O M B I N E      C L A S S E S
     • If three classes are cancelled due to weather conditions a make-up lesson will be offered
      the Saturday immediately following the third cancelled class. We cannot guarantee your                            when there is
      child’s assigned teacher will conduct the make-up class.                                                    insufficient enrollment.
                                                                                                                  All children must be the
     • If inclement weather prohibits Saturday/Sunday make ups the make up lesson will be                       required age for class by the
      moved to the following weekend
                                                                                                                  first day of the session.
     • Diving class make ups will be scheduled as needed with our diving instructor

     • Swimming class make up times will be as follows:
         • If your scheduled class time is 9:45-10:25 a.m., the make up is at
          8:45-9:25 a.m. Saturday
         • If your scheduled class time is 10:30-11:10 a.m., the make up is at
          9:30-10:10 a.m. Saturday
         • If your scheduled class time is 11:15-11:55 a.m., the make up is at
          9:30-10:10 a.m. Saturday
         • If your scheduled class time is Noon-12:40 p.m., the make up is at
          10:15-10:55 a.m. Saturday

        Parents and spectators are allowed to watch the swim
        lessons from the concessions areas. Parents will be
        allowed on deck to take pictures of swim lessons on the
        last day of class. Due to state health codes and safety, no
        one is allowed on the deck with shoes. Children who wear
        diapers must also wear tight fitting plastic pants.

20   Wilmette Park District
Parent/Tot Swim                                Session 1                                          Session 2
                                               315003-01 M-F        9:45-10:25 am     6/15-26     315005-05 M-F       9:45-10:25 am 6/29-7/10
Weekend Classes
                                               315003-02 M-F        10:30-11:10 am    6/15-26     315005-06 M-F       10:30-11:10 am 6/29-7/10
The Wilmette Park District Water
                                               315003-03 M-F        11:15 am-11:55 am 6/15-26     315005-07 M-F       11:15 am-11:55 am6/29-7/10
Safety program will help your child
                                               315003-04 M-F        Noon-12:40 pm 6/15-26         315005-08 M-F       Noon-12:40 pm 6/29-7/10
develop a comfort level around water
and readiness for learning to swim.This        Session 2                                          Session 3
is a one-on-one learning experience for        315003-05 M-F        9:45-10:25 am 6/29-7/10       315005-09 M-F       9:45-10:25 am     7/13-24
the parent and child.Water enjoyment is        315003-06 M-F        10:30-11:10 am 6/29-7/10      315005-10 M-F       10:30-11:10 am    7/13-24
foremost. Structure is kept to a mini-         315003-07 M-F        11:15 am-11:55 am 6/29-7/10   315005-11 M-F       11:15 am-11:55 am 7/13-24
mum.The goals of this aquatics program         315003-08 M-F        Noon-12:40 pm 6/29-7/10       315005-12 M-F       Noon-12:40 pm 7/13-24
for infants, toddlers and preschoolers is      Session 3                                          Levels 3 & 4
to promote the following: water safety         315003-09 M-F        9:45-10:25 am     7/13-24     R-$79/NR*-$114                                2 wks
and practices; aquatic adjustment and          315003-10 M-F        10:30-11:10 am    7/13-24
                                                                                                  Session 1
swimming readiness skills; fun and             315003-11 M-F        11:15 am-11:55 am 7/13-24
                                                                                                  315006-01 M-F       9:45-10:25 am     6/15-26
enjoyment in the water; participant            315003-12 M-F        Noon-12:40 pm 7/13-24
                                                                                                  315006-02 M-F       10:30-11:10 am    6/15-26
socialization; parent involvement and          Levels 3 & 4                                       315006-03 M-F       11:15 am-11:55 am 6/15-26
preparation for a lifetime of aquatic          R-$79/NR*-$114                            2 wks    315006-04 M-F       Noon-12:40 pm 6/15-26
                                               Session 1                                          Session 2
NO   CLASS:    J U LY 4 - 5 .
                                               315004-01 M-F        9:45-10:25 am     6/15-26     315006-05 M-F       9:45-10:25 am 6/29-7/10
Age 6 months-18 months                         315004-02 M-F        10:30-11:10 am    6/15-26     315006-06 M-F       10:30-11:10 am 6/29-7/10
R-$46/NR*-$66                          6 wks   315004-03 M-F        11:15 am-11:55 am 6/15-26     315006-07 M-F       11:15 am-11:55 am6/29-7/10
315001-01 Sa 9:10-9:40 am          6/13-7/25   315004-04 M-F        Noon-12:40 pm 6/15-26         315006-08 M-F       Noon-12:40 pm 6/29-7/10
315001-02 Sa 9:45-10:15 am         6/13-7/25   Session 2                                          Session 3
315001-03 Sa 10:20-10:50 am        6/13-7/25   315004-05 M-F        9:45-10:25 am 6/29-7/10       315006-09 M-F       9:45-10:25 am     7/13-24
315001-04 Su 9:10-9:40 am          6/14-7/26   315004-06 M-F        10:30-11:10 am 6/29-7/10      315006-10 M-F       10:30-11:10 am    7/13-24
315001-05 Su 9:45-10:15 am         6/14-7/26   315004-07 M-F        11:15 am-11:55 am6/29-7/10    315006-11 M-F       11:15 am-11:55 am 7/13-24
315001-06 Su 10:20-10:50 am        6/14-7/26   315004-08 M-F        Noon-12:40 pm 6/29-7/10       315006-12 M-F       Noon-12:40 pm 7/13-24
Age 18 months-4 years                          Session 3                                          Levels 5, 6 & 7
R-$46/NR*-$66                          6 wks   315004-09 M-F        9:45-10:25 am     7/13-24     N OT E : A swim test is required prior to registering
315002-01 Sa 9:10-9:40 am          6/13-7/25   315004-10 M-F        10:30-11:10 am    7/13-24     for these classes.
315002-02 Sa 9:45-10:15 am         6/13-7/25   315004-11 M-F        11:15 am-11:55 am 7/13-24     R-$79/NR*-$114                                  2 wks
315002-03 Sa 10:20-10:50 am        6/13-7/25   315004-12 M-F        Noon-12:40 pm 7/13-24
                                                                                                  Session 1
315002-04 Su 9:10-9:40 am          6/14-7/26
                                                                                                  315007-01 M-F 9:45-10:25 am                6/15-26
315002-05 Su 9:45-10:15 am         6/14-7/26
                                               Youth Learn-to-Swim                                315007-02 M-F 10:30-11:10 am               6/15-26
315002-06 Su 10:20-10:50 am        6/14-7/26
                                                                                                  315007-03 M-F 11:15 am-11:55 am            6/15-26
                                               The Wilmette Park District Water
                                                                                                  315007-04 M-F Noon-12:40 pm                6/15-26
                                               Safety program will help children learn
Tot Learn-to-Swim                              to be safe when they are in, on, or                Session 2
The Wilmette Park District Water               around water.The program covers skills             315007-05 M-F       9:45-10:25 am 6/29-7/10
Safety program will help children learn        and knowledge in a logical progression             315007-06 M-F       10:30-11:10 am 6/29-7/10
to be safe when they are in, on, or            for aquatic skill development. As par-             315007-07 M-F       11:15 am-11:55 am 6/29-7/10
around water.The program covers skills         ticipants develop these skills, they will          315007-08 M-F       Noon-12:40 pm 6/29-7/10
and knowledge in a logical progression         become safer and better swimmers.                  Session 3
for aquatic skill development. As              Eight lessons in each two-week session are         315007-09 M-F       9:45-10:25 am     7/13-24
participants develop these skills, they        guaranteed. On the first day of class              315007-10 M-F       10:30-11:10 am    7/13-24
will become safer and better swim-             children will be evaluated to determine            315007-11 M-F       11:15 am-11:55 am 7/13-24
mers. On the first day of class children       their correct placement in the swim                315007-12 M-F       Noon-12:40 pm 7/13-24
will be evaluated to determine their           program.
correct placement in the swim program.         Age 6 & Up
Eight lessons in each two-week session         Must be 6 by first day of class.
are guaranteed.
                                               Levels 1 & 2
Age 4-5                                        R-$79/NR*-$114                            2 wks
Must be 4 by first day of class.               Session 1
Levels 1 & 2                                   315005-01 M-F        9:45-10:25 am     6/15-26
R-$79/NR*-$114                         2 wks   315005-02 M-F        10:30-11:10 am    6/15-26
                                               315005-03 M-F        11:15 am-11:55 am 6/15-26
                                               315005-04 M-F        Noon-12:40 pm 6/15-26

                                                                                          Spring/Summer 2009                21
                              DIVING CLASS DESCRIPTIONS
                              BEGINNING DIVING I
                              Class pre-requisites and goals: Little/no experience, water safe, able to listen and follow
                              directions. Goals: Three-step approach/hurdle and jump into the water on 1m, back jump
                              on 1m, front dive on 1m, back dive on 1 m, inward drive on 1m, front somersault on 1m,
                              front jump on 3m, back jump on 3m, front line-up on 3m. Eight lessons in each two-week
                              session are guaranteed.

                              BEGINNING DIVING II
                              Class pre-requisites: Limited experience, ability to perform the dives listed as goals for the
                              Beginning Diving I class. Goals: Reverse dive on 1m, front 1? on 1`m, back somersault on
                              1m, reverse somersault on 1m, inward somersault on 1m, back line-up on 3m, front dive
                              on 3m, inward dive on 3m. Eight lessons in each two-week session are guaranteed.

                              ADVANCED DIVING
                              Class prerequisites: Previous experience, ability to perform the dives listed as goals for
                              the Beginning Diving II class. Goals: Add basic dives in several different positions, add
                              twisting dives, add more 3m dives, and improve entries into the water in all directions.
                              Eight lessons in each two-week session are guaranteed.

                              Diving Instruction                                Session II
                              Diving classes are taught by Bruce                R-$101/NR*-$142                         2 wks
                              Kimball whose coaching experience                 Beginning Diving I
                              includes serving as assistant coach for           315010-04 M-F 9:05-9:40 am 6/29-7/10
                              the Kimball Divers in Ann Arbor, MI;              315010-05 M-F 10:15-10:50 am 6/29-7/10
                              head age group coach for Hurricane                Beginning Diving II
                              Division in Miami, FL; assistant coach            315011-02 M-F 9:40-10:15 am 6/29-7/10
                              for the Ft. Lauderdale Diving Team,               315011-03 M-F 10:50-11:30 am 6/29-7/10
                              and head girls and assistant boys coach           Advanced Diving
                              for New Trier High School. Kimball is             315012-02 M-F 11:30 am-12:05 pm 6/29-7/10
                              a National Champion, Pan American
                              Silver Medalist,World Championships               Session III
                              Bronze Medalist and Olympic Silver                R-$101/NR*-$142                         2 wks
                              Medalist. N OT E : Enrollment is limited          Beginning Diving I
                              to 10 in each class. Please register for          315010-06 M-F 9:05-9:40 am           7/13-24
                              the proper level class.Attendance at all          315010-07 M-F 10:15-10:50 am         7/13-24
                              sessions is strongly encouraged so all            Beginning Diving II
                              students are learning the same skills at          315011-04 M-F 9:40-10:15 am          7/13-24
                              the same time.                                    315011-05 M-F 10:50-11:30 am         7/13-24

                              Age 7-14                                          Advanced Diving
                                                                                315012-03 M-F 11:30 am-12:05 pm 7/13-24
                              Session I
                              R-$101/NR*-$142                        2 wks
                              Beginning Diving I
                              315010-01 M-F 9:05-9:40 am   6/15-26
                              315010-02 M-F 9:40-10:15 am 6/15-26
                              315010-03 M-F 10:15-10:50 am 6/15-26
                              Beginning Diving II
                              315011-01 M-F 10:50-11:30 am 6/15-26
                              Advanced Diving
                              315012-01 M-F 11:30 am-12:05 pm 6/15-26

22   Wilmette Park District
Wimette Tennis Club                                                  847/256-9676   REGULAR SEASON HOURS
2300 Old Glenview Road                                                              M-Th 7 a.m.-10:30 p.m.
                                                                                    F 7 a.m.-8:30 p.m.
Serving Tennis Enthusiasts Since 1972                                               Sa 7 a.m.-7 p.m.
• 8 indoor courts • Locker rooms            • Pro Shop                              Su 8 a.m.-10:30 p.m.
                                                                                    The facility will close 30 minutes
                                                                                    after the final court change

   WILMETTE TENNIS CLUB STAFF                                                       SUMMER HOURS

                                                                                    { May 23-September 12 }
   Tennis Manager/Head Professional:    Darrell Smith, U.S.P.T.A.
                                                                                    M-Th 8:30 a.m.-8:30 p.m.
   Assistant Tennis Manager/Program Coordinator: Barbara Jenkins
                                                                                    F , Sa & Su 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

   Program Administrator: Melanie Taylor
                                                                                    The facility will close 30 minutes
   Desk Receptionists: Barbara Richmond and Carrie Kolles                           after the final court change
   Centennial Office Administrators: Charlotte Hoffman and Ann Olson
   Teaching Professionals: Alan Allred; Mike Reyes, P.T.R., U.S.T.A.;

   Doug Hawthorne; John Arima, P.T.R.; Patti Greenberg; Bill Kearns; Kathy White;
   Will Ferguson; John Amato; Rob Casey, U.S.P.T.A.; Patrick Sullivan; Marcus
   Plonus; Randel Enario, U.S.P.T.A; Barbara Jenkins; Roger Junge, U.S.P.T.A.;

   Melanie Taylor, Graham Thompson and Rob Gurolnick.

The Wilmette Tennis Club has been serving tennis enthusiasts—since October          T E N N I S D AT E S A N D N O T E S
1972. The eight indoor courts, locker rooms and Pro Shop are open Monday
                                                                                    Monday-Sunday, March 23-29
through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.; Friday from 7 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.;
                                                                                    No classes - Spring Break
Saturday from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Play is by
reservation and can be booked as a Tennis Club Member or non-member.                Monday, April 6
Permanent court times are selected through a Permanent Court Time Lottery.          Reserved Court Application Deadline

                                                                                    Friday, April 10
                                                                                    Court Lottery Draw
                                                                                    Sunday, April 12
                                                                                    No class: Easter Sunday
                                                                                    Saturday, April 25
                                                                                    Reserved Time and Court Selection

                                                                                    Tuesday, May 5
                                                                                    Resident Basic Level Summer Registration
                                                                                    Begins at 9 a.m.
                                                                                    Wednesday, May 6
                                                                                    Non-Resident Basic Level Summer
                                                                                    Registration Begins at 9 a.m.

                                                                                    Monday, June 8
                                                                                    Advanced Women’s Summer Drills Begin
                                                                                    Monday, June 15
                                                                                    Summer Basic Level Classes Begin

*Non resident fee. See “Fair -Share” information page 108.

                                                                           Spring/Summer 2009    23
     ADVANTAGES OF MEMBERSHIP                                          SPECIAL MEMBERSHIP NOTES:
     • Resident and Non-Resident adult members may participate         Residents: Those living in Wilmette may purchase a member-
      in the annual Permanent Court Time Lottery to select a           ship and apply for Permanent Court time. Proof of residency for
      permanent court time for the 2009-2010 Indoor Season.            each member is required to receive Resident rates.
     • Members may reserve open court time, either in person or        Non-Residents: Those living outside of Wilmette may purchase
      by phone, eight (8) days in advance of play.                     a membership and apply for Permanent Court Time. Non-Resident
     • Members have use of locker rooms and lounges.                   members may also play on a Permanent Court Time basis with a
                                                                       group of residents.
     • Members have charge privileges in the Tennis Pro Shop
      and at the facility. Member charges are payable in full upon     Member Reservations: Members are entitled to reserve 11/2
      receipt of statement. Failure to pay before the end of the       hours of open court time eight (8) days in advance. Persons
      month will result in suspension of charge privileges.            reserving open court time are responsible for the cost of the court
      Accounts 60 days delinquent will be subject to                   unless canceled at least 24 hours in advance of play.
      suspension of playing privileges.                                Non-Member Reservations:A non-member may reserve open
     • Members enjoy Pro Shop discounts of 10% on racquet              court time 24 hours in advance of play. Non-members pay the
      purchases and 20 % on shoes and clothing purchases               court fee and an additional surcharge when reserving time. The
      (miscellaneous items not included). These discounts apply        non-member adult surcharge is $10 per 11/2 hours and $7 per
      only to those items not already on sale.                         hour. The non-member junior surcharge is $4 per 11/2 hours and
                                                                       $3 per hour. Payment must be made in full at the time the
     • Members may also receive additional benefits during the         reservation is made.
      season, such as guest passes and demo racquet discounts.
                                                                       Guest Policy: A non-member (Adult or Junior) may play as
     Refunds                                                           a guest ten (10) times during the Indoor Season, paying a
     • Membership privileges remain in effect until a refund           $7 guest fee each time of play (Juniors $5). Fifty percent of
      request is submitted. Refunds will be granted based upon         all registered guest fees may be applied toward a half-year mem-
      the following schedule:                                          bership (second half of season). Guest fees after January 1, 2010
     • Requests received by September 1: Refund is the fee less 20%.   will not be applied toward half-season memberships. All Non-
                                                                       Members must pay guest fees when playing on Permanent Court
     • Requests received after September 1, and before October 1:      Time. Guest fees will be charged to a member reserving a court if a guest,
      Refund is 50% of fee.                                            who plays in their group, fails to pay a guest fee or a member fails to
     • No refunds will be issued after October 1.                      present their membership card.

                                                                       2009-2010 MEMBERSHIP FEES

        HOW TO JOIN                                                    Wilmette Tennis Club Memberships for the 2009-2010 season
                                                                       are now available to Resident and Non-Resident players.
        THE WILMETTE TENNIS CLUB:                                      Current 2008-2009 Memberships expire May 31, 2009.

        Fill out the 2009-2010 Wilmette Tennis Club                    Adults: $126, Resident
        Membership Application and include the appropriate             $210, Non-Resident
        membership fee. Checks should be made payable to the           Juniors (under age 18 as of June 1)
        Wilmette Park District.You may send your application           $50, Resident
        form to:Wilmette Tennis Club, 2300 Old Glenview                $103, Non-Resident
        Rd.,Wilmette, IL 60091.When paying with cash
        payment must be made in person—please bring your               Family (Husband and wife and 1 junior; 2nd junior, $10)
        membership application and payment to the Wilmette             $273, Resident
        Tennis Club. N OT E : Residents should also bring proof of     Non-Resident unavailable.
        residency. Applications for family membership should be        Senior Citizen 65 years or older
        submitted on one application form. Membership may              $102, Resident
        not be charged to tennis accounts. Non-Resident users          $180, Non-Resident
        playing in resident groups do not qualify for member-
        ship discounts.                                                Memberships are valid from June 1, 2009 - May 31, 2010

24   Wilmette Park District

Women’s Travel Teams
Wilmette Tennis Club sponsors travel                NEED TO SPICE UP
teams for women on the A,A/B, B and                   YOUR TENNIS?               DID YOU KNOW
C levels during the indoor season start-            MISSING A PLAYER?            THAT WEIGHT
ing in September. For more informa-                      WE CAN PUT A PRO        TRAINING CAN…
tion about Travel Teams please call:                     ON YOUR COURT.
                                                                                  Increase your serve S P E E D by 10 mph
Women’s A, A/B, B & C:
                                                           LESSONS                    Make you F A S T E R on the court
Barbara Jenkins 847/256-9679.
                                                    CAN BE ARRANGED WEEKLY OR

                                                                                   Improve your B A L A N C E and A G I L I T Y
Women’s Summer                                       CONTACT DARRELL SMITH AT           Increase the P O W E R in your
Supervised Leagues                                         847-256-9682.
                                                                                              ground strokes

For players at the Int. I, II, III Levels, and                                   Increase the L O N G E V I T Y of your game
Lower Drill Level                                                                      PREVENT     back, shoulder and
The league will meet outdoors at a                                                              elbow injuries
designated site.A Wilmette Tennis Club
teaching professional will run the pro-                                                To learn the direct benefits of
gram and supervise play each session.                                            weight training and how it relates to your
Tryouts are required to place students                                                      tennis game, contact:
in appropriate groups. Contact
Wilmette Tennis Club, 847/256-9676,                                              Barb Jenkins at Wilmette Tennis Club
to register for an assigned time.                                                           847-256-9679
Summer Session tryouts are scheduled
between 9:30-11 a.m. on Thursday,                   PERMANENT COURT
May 14.                                               TIME LESSONS
NO   CLASS:   J U LY 4 .                                 can be arranged
                                                      by calling Darrell Smith
Summer outdoors
                                                         at 847/256-9682.
$12 Daily Drop in
F         9:30-11 am           6/19-8/7

                                                                   Spring/Summer 2009               25
     The following are guidelines to help determine your level of
     tennis ability when registering for tennis instruction.
     { Basic Levels }

     Tiny Hitters I: For 4-year-olds with minimal tennis
                                                                                SUMMER TENNIS INSTRUCTION
     Little Hitters I: For 5 to 6-year-olds with minimal tennis
     experience.                                                              { General Information }

     Little Hitters II: For 5 to 6-year-olds who have been in the             • Resident registration for Basic Level classes begins Tuesday,
     program before and who have been promoted by the                          May 5, at 9 a.m.
     Tennis Club Staff.                                                       • Non-resident Basic Level registration begins Wednesday, May 6,
     Novice: For 7 to 9-year-olds beginning to learn racquet skills            at 9 a.m.
     with minimal tennis experience.                                          • Register in-person only at Wilmette Tennis Club.
     Junior and Adult Beginner: Individual with limited tennis                • Residents have priority.
     experience.Wants to learn the fundamentals of tennis.
                                                                              • Summer basic level classes begin Monday, June 15.
     Junior and Adult Intermediate I: Individual with developing
     skills.Wants to improve fundamental strokes. Requires                    • Advanced Women’s Summer Drills begin Monday, June 8.
     additional work on service motion and complete review of                 • Regulation tennis shoes must be worn.
     basic strokes.
                                                                              • Tennis apparel is requested.
     Junior and Adult Intermediate II: Individual should be able
     to serve and hit ground strokes with moderate success.                   • Balls are supplied, but racquets are not.
     Consistency and competition is emphasized. Baseline game                 • Group instruction with individual attention emphasized.
     strategy is drilled.
                                                                              • Supervisory instructor on each court.
     Junior and Adult Intermediate III: Individual with consistent
     strokes. Students develop net play and drill baseline game.              • Private instruction is available from the Wilmette Tennis Club
                                                                               professional staff.
     { Advanced Levels }
     Advanced Level programs require a tryout. Call Wilmette Tennis Club at
     847/256-9676 for tryout dates and times.

     Junior Excellence Program: Advanced junior players who
     have mastered the fundamentals. Program includes
     Excellence 1 hour and 11/2 hours.
     Women’s Drill, Play and Strategy: Intermediate to advanced
     level students drill on all strokes and play competitively under
     the supervision of their instructor.
     Mixed Adult Pro-Amateur Drill: Advanced players with a
     firm command of basic strokes drill on advanced strokes and
     Instructional Leagues: For intermediate and advanced
     players, conducted under professional supervision.

26   Wilmette Park District
         JUNIOR INSTRUCTION                            ADULT INSTRUCTION

Junior Instruction (Indoors)                  Adult Beginner (Outdoors)
Classes begin the week of June 15 and         Students must wear tennis shoes and
meet at Wilmette Tennis Club. Students        provide their own racquets.Tennis
must wear tennis shoes and provide            apparel is requested. Beginner classes
their own racquets.Tennis apparel is          are perfect for the first time player. Get
requested.Alternative times may be            started in the sport of a lifetime!
arranged by contacting Darrell Smith          R-$314/NR-$393                          8 weeks
at 847/256-9682.                              516027-01 M-W 9:30-10:30 am           6/15-8/5

Basic Levels                                  Weeknight Indoors
Little Hitters I                              These classes meet at Wilmette Tennis Club.
                                              R-$314/NR-$393                        8 weeks
Age 5-6
R-$212/NR-$265                 8 weeks        Beginner
516002-01 M,W 11:30 am-12 pm 6/15-8/5         516015-01 M,W 6:30-7:30 pm            6/15-8/5

Little Hitters II                             Intermediate I
Age 5-6                                       516018-01 Tu,Th 6:30-7:30 pm          6/16-8/6
R-$212/NR-$265                   8 weeks                                                             ADULT ADVANCED LEVELS
                                              Intermediate II
516003-01 Tu,Th 11:30 am-12 pm 6/16-8/6       516019-01 M,W 7:30-8:30 pm            6/15-8/5
Novice                                                                                          Adult Professional
                                              Intermediate III
Age 7-9                                                                                         Amateur Drill
                                              516020-01 Tu,Th 7:30-8:30 pm          6/16-8/6
R-$314/NR-$393                   8 weeks                                                        Evenings Outdoors
516007-01 M,W 11:30 am-12:30 pm 6/15-8/5                                                        These classes are for the advanced
                                              Adult Advanced Levels                             player who has a firm command of
Beginner                                      Women’s Drill, Play and                           basic strokes and strategy. Candidates
Age 7-9                                       Strategy                                          are grouped according to their playing
R-$314/NR-$393                     8 weeks                                                      ability.A 4:1 student/pro ratio provides
516008-01 Tu,Th 11:30 am-12:30 pm 6/16-8/6                                                      an excellent playing and instructional
                                              Tryouts are required to place new
Intermediate I                                students in appropriate groups. Contact           opportunity for each student.Tryouts
R-$314/NR-$393                      8 weeks   Wilmette Tennis Club, 847/256-9676,               are required to place new students in
Age 9-11                                      to register for an assigned tryout time.          appropriate groups. Contact Wilmette
516009-01 M,W 12:30-1:30 pm       6/15-8/5    Tryouts will be held between 9:30-                Tennis Club, 847/256-9676, to register
                                              11 a.m.Thursday, May 14.                          for an assigned time.Tryouts are
Age 12-14
                                              NO   CLASS:   F R I DAY, J U LY 3 .               scheduled between 7-8:30 p.m.
516009-02 M,W 12:30-1:30 pm       6/15-8/5
                                                                                                Thursday, May 14.
Intermediate II                               Age 18 & up
                                              R-$316/NR-$395                          9 weeks   Age 18 & up
Age 10-11                                                                                       R-$316/NR-$395                    9 weeks
                                              516025-01 M    9:30-11 am              6/8-8/3
R-$314/NR-$393                      8 weeks                                                     516026-01 Tu   7-8:30 pm         6/9-8/4
                                              516025-02 M    11 am-12:30 pm          6/8-8/3
516010-01 Tu,Th 12:30-1:30 pm     6/16-8/6                                                      516026-02 Th 7-8:30 pm          6/11-8/6
                                              516025-03 Tu   9:30-11 am              6/9-8/4
Intermediate III                              516025-04 Tu   11 am-12:30 pm          6/9-8/4
Age 10-12                                     516025-05 W    9:30-11 am             6/10-8/5
R-$314/NR-$393                      8 weeks   516025-06 W    11 am-12:30 pm         6/10-8/5
516011-01 Tu,Th 12:30-1:30 pm     6/16-8/6    516025-07 Th 9:30-11 am               6/11-8/6
                                              516025-08 Th 11 am-12:30 pm           6/11-8/6
                                              R-$281/NR-$351                  8 weeks
                                              516025-09 F    9:30-11 am     6/12-8/7
                                              516025-10 F    11 am-12:30 pm 6/12-8/7
  Your child is enjoying tennis lessons.
  How about you? Learn the sport of a
  lifetime. Check out our Adult classes.

                                                                                   Spring/Summer 2009         27
     Court Reservations                                                                        WILMETTE TENNIS ASSOCIATION
     May 23 - September 7
                                                                                        The Wilmette Women’s and Men’s Tennis
     • Residents may reserve outdoor courts by calling 847-256-9676 up to 25
      hours in advance. Reservations for 8 a.m. will be taken 24 hours in advance.      Associations are independent of the Wilmette Tennis
      Reservations for 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. courts at Gillson Park will be taken at       Club. Summer activities include competitive travel
      6 p.m. Same day reservations cannot be taken because court reservations           teams. For information about teams please contact:
      are posted at each court by 8 a.m. daily.                                         Women’s Association
                                                                                        Cory Conti, 847/256-5303 or
     • Non-residents may play on open courts or by “racking-up.”
                                                                                        Vanessa Gilvarg, 847/853-1934
     • When making reservations by telephone, please give your name, phone              Men’s Association
      number and name of one other player in your group.
                                                                                        Tom Rebarchak, 847/256-8880
     • Please review the Outdoor Court Regulations. Following posted rules and
      observing court reservation is vital to the continued enjoyment of the out-
      door courts by all players.
                                                                                          Outdoor Tennis Courts

     Court Regulations                                                                                               No. of    Time
                                                                                          Locations:                 Courts    Allotment
     • All players may “rack-up” when no reservation sheet is posted or if open
      court time appears on the reservation sheet.
                                                                                          Community Playfield           3       1 hr.
     • No one may rack-up more than two hours in advance.                                 702 Locust Rd.                3       11/2 hrs.

     • Please arrive for your reservation promptly; court reservations will be held       Gillson Park (lights)         4       1 hr.
      for five minutes. After five minutes, courts may be claimed by waiting players.     Washington St. and
                                                                                          Michigan Ave.
     • Reserved court time is restricted to the time allotment on each court, 1 hour
      or 11/2 hours, depending on court location. However, players may rack-up for
                                                                                          Hibbard Park                  2       1 hr.
      an additional, non-consecutive hour of play.
                                                                                          Glenview Rd. and
     • Play begins on the hour or as indicated for the 11/2 hour courts. Please           Skokie Blvd.
      respect other players and vacate your court promptly.
                                                                                          Thornwood Park                2       1 hr.
     • To accommodate working adults, outdoor courts are reserved for adult play          Dartmouth and                 2       11/2 hrs.
      (18 and over) after 5 p.m. weekdays and all day weekends. However, juniors          Thornwood Sts.
      may play if adults are not waiting. Juniors employed full-time weekdays
      should contact Darrell Smith, 847/256-9682, to arrange for evening and              Maple Park                    1       1 hr.
      weekend court time.                                                                 4th St. and Maple Ave.

     • Only regulation tennis shoes are permitted in the court area.                      Vattmann Park                 2       11/2 hrs.
                                                                                          15th and Lake Ave.            1       1 hr.
     • Shirts must be worn at all times during play.

     • Littering the courts is subject to a fine.

     • Players serving or playing alone must give way to two or more players.

     • Private and Group Lessons are taught by Wilmette Park District
      staff ONLY.

     • Non-tennis activities are prohibited on the tennis courts.

     • Only players are allowed on the tennis courts.

     • Vulgarity and/or rude behavior is prohibited.

28   Wilmette Park District
Pirate Tennis Camp                                a high school tennis team or those try-           Age 7-11
                                                  ing out for a team in 2009. Players               R-$496/NR-$620                2 weeks
This camp is designed for players who
                                                  who want to work hard to improve                  616003-01 M-F 9 am-2:30 pm 6/29-7/10
would participate in Wilmette Tennis
                                                  their game are welcome.This program
Club’s Novice to Intermediate III basic
                                                  meets indoors at Wilmette Tennis Club.
level classes. Beginners with no tennis                                                             Pirate Tennis/Free Swim
                                                  Contact Darrell Smith for more infor-
experience are welcome. Pirate Camp
                                                  mation, 847-256-9682.                             Spend the afternoon at Centennial
emphasizes team building, sportsman-
                                                  NO   CAMP:   F R I DAY, J U LY 3 .                Family Aquatic Center. Campers
ship and cooperation through fun and
                                                  All Players $42/day                               interested in free swim at the Aquatic
outrageous individual and all-court
                                                  M-F            1:30-3:30 pm           6/15-8/7    Center must have basic level swimming
challenges. Campers will learn tennis
                                                                                                    skills. Campers will attend free swim
fundamentals: ground strokes, volleys,
                                                                                                    with the Pirate Camp staff. N OT E : Pick
lobs and serving. Footwork and                    Pirate Tennis/Combo Camps
                                                                                                    up is at Centennial Family Aquatic
hand-eye coordination will be taught              For a full day of sports activities, try a        Center.
through creative use of footballs,                combination of our two week Pirate
Frisbees, whiffed bats, targets, cones,           Tennis Camp session with basketball,              Age 7-11
ladders and jump ropes. Call                      golf, free swim or skating in the after-          R-$486/NR-$608                          2 weeks
Barb Jenkins for information at                   noons. Campers attend Pirate Camp                 NO   CAMP:   F R I DAY, J U LY 3 .
847-256-9679.                                     from 9-11:30 a.m. Campers should                  616004-01 M-F 9 am-2:30 pm           6/29-7/10

Age 7-11                                          bring a sack lunch and drink or money             R-$540/NR-$675                          2 weeks
R-$401/NR-$501                          2 weeks   for the concession stand.They will                616004-02 M-F 9 am-2:30 pm           7/13-7/24
616001-01 M-F 9-11:30 am             6/15-6/26    have lunch with the Pirate Camp staff             616004-03 M-F 9 am-2:30 pm            7/27-8/7
616001-03 M-F 9-11:30 am             7/13-7/24    before being transported to their
616001-04 M-F 9-11:30 am              7/27-8/7    afternoon activity. Basketball meets at
                                                                                                    Pirate Tennis/Ice Skating
R-$361/NR-$451                          2 weeks   McKenzie School; golf meets at
NO   CAMP:   F R I DAY, J U LY 3 .                Wilmette Golf Club; free swim meets               Spend the afternoon at Centennial Ice
616001-02     M-F 9-11:30 am         6/29-7/10    at the Centennial Family Aquatic                  Rinks enjoying a variety of activities
                                                  Center; skating meets at Centennial Ice           including figure and hockey instruction
                                                  Rinks. Campers should be picked up                with free skate time. Broomball (a game
Excellence Tennis Camp                            at their afternoon site. Specific details         similar to hockey using rubber-soled
Excellence Camp requires a tryout or              will be mailed to the participants                shoes), off-ice sports conditioning clinic,
participation in Wilmette Tennis Club’s           before camp begins.                               arts/crafts and games are part of the skat-
Junior Excellence Program. Students                                                                 ing camp. Equipment will be available.
currently in Intermediate III are eligi-                                                            All skating levels are welcome. N OT E :
                                                  Pirate Tennis/Golf Camp                           Pick up is at Centennial Ice Rinks.
ble to participate.Tennis fundamentals
and match skills are featured through             Spend the afternoon at the Wilmette               NO   CAMP:   F R I DAY, J U LY 3 .
the use of drills and games. Campers              Golf club learning golf basics.Tee off at
                                                                                                    Age 7-11
may sign up for one or two week ses-              the driving range and see how far you
                                                                                                    R-$593/NR-$741                2 weeks
sions. Call Darrell Smith at 847-256-             can hit the ball! Campers will practice
                                                                                                    616005-01 M-F 9 am-2:30 pm 6/29-7/10
9682 to reserve a tryout time. This               beginning fundamentals including chip-
camp meets at Community Playfield’s out-          ping and putting. Golfers must be
door courts.                                      8-years-old to participate. NOTE: Pick            Gillson Tennis/Aquatics Camp
                                                  up is at the Wilmette Golf Club.                  Tennis fundamentals, hand-eye coordina-
Age 10-14
R-$435/NR-$543                          2 weeks   Age 8-11                                          tion and footwork will be the focus.
616007-01 M-F 1-4 pm                 6/15-6/26    R-$639/NR-$799                          2 weeks   Beginner through intermediate level
616007-03 M-F 1-4 pm                 7/13-7/24    616002-01 M-F 9 am-2 pm              6/15-6/26    students are welcome.Tennis will be held
616007-04 M-F 1-4 pm                  7/27-8/7    616002-02 M-F 9 am-2 pm              7/13-7/24    from 9 a.m. to noon outdoors at Gillson
                                                                                                    Park Tennis Courts. Supervision will be
R-$392/NR-$490                          2 weeks
                                                                                                    by Wilmette Tennis Club staff. Camp
NO   CAMP:   F R I DAY, J U LY 3 .                Pirate Tennis/Basketball                          will be moved indoors to the Wilmette
616007-02     M-F 1-4 pm             6/29-7/10
                                                  Spend the afternoon playing basketball            Tennis Club in the event of rain.
                                                  at McKenzie School. Free throws, lay              Aquatics will be held from noon to 2:30
Special Effects Summer                            ups, scoring will all be part of the bas-         p.m. at Gillson Beach and will be super-
Program                                           ketball portion of camp. Campers will             vised by the Aquatics staff.Activities may
                                                  play games, run drills, and learn the             include sailing, swimming, kayaking,
High School Team Players
                                                  fundamentals of the game of basketball.           banana boat rides and beach activities.
Darrell Smith, tennis professional and
                                                  N OT E : Pick up is at McKenzie School.
former world-ranked player, leads this                                                              Age 7-11
                                                  NO   CAMP:   F R I DAY, J U LY 3 .
group of players who are currently on                                                               R-$296/NR-$370                           1 week
                                                                                                    616006-01 M-F 9 am-2:30 pm           8/10-8/14

                                                                                          Spring/Summer 2009            29
     Centennial Indoor Ice Rinks                                                 847/256-9666     34TH SEASON
     2300 Old Glenview Road                                                                       • ISI class programs instructing over 3,000
     Welcome to Centennial Ice Rinks, the ISI National award-winning facility in management and     skaters a year.
     ice-skating programs. Named the #1 Ice Rink by the readers of North Shore Magazine.          • ISI hockey class programs instructing over
                                                                                                    500 skaters a year.

                                                                                                  • Home of the Skokie Valley Skating Club

          ICE RINK STAFF                                                                          • Member of the United States Figure Skating
          Manager: Terry    Juliar                                                                • Wilmette Hockey Association
          Assistant Managers: Brian Udany and David Johnson
                                                                                                  • Loyola Academy Hockey Club
          Skating Program Director: Vickie Tassone
          Skating Program Coordinator: Cydele Fadeeva
                                                                                                  • Annual Spring Ice Show
          Administrative Assistants: Charlotte Hoffman and Ann Olson
          Head Maintenance: Mark Sak                                                              SPECIAL EVENTS
          Head Building Supervisor: Michael Gregor                                                • Loyola Academy Thanksgiving High School
                                                                                                    Hockey Invitational Tournament

                                                                                                  • Skokie Valley Dance Weekend
                                                                                                  • Summer Figure Skating Camp
          Molly Anderson                      Jennifer Paske
                                                                                                  • Summer Blackhawk Hockey Camp
          Fay Andreas                         Lisa Paul
          Rafe Aybar                          Angela Pereira                                      • TGIF Skate Specials
          Elizabeth Beberdick                 Oleg Podvalny
          Rosalind Druce Evanson              Caitlin Ramsey
          Alexandre Fadeev                    Mike Ruley
          Cydele Fadeeva                      Conor Sedam
          Andria Kelling                      Sharon Seiden
          Rafe Kelling                        Aoi Shimomura
          Jennifer Carruth-Multra             Marlee Stein
          Jennifer Myzia                      Cathleen Bentley-Sweder

                                            T. G . I . F.
                         All T.G.I.F. Friday sessions are from 7:30-9:30 p.m.
                              You won’t want to miss any of the action!
                  Call the Ice Rink Office at 847-256-9666 for more information.

                             Last T.G.I.F. of the season: March 13.

      *Non resident fee. See “Fair -Share” information page 108.

30   Wilmette Park District
                                                                       P U B L I C S K AT I N G S C H E D U L E
                                               {Through June 14, 2009 }

                                               This schedule is subject to change at the discretion of management. Changes will be posted as needed.
GOING TO THE ICE                               N O P U B L I C S E S S I O N S M AY 1 1 T H RO U G H M AY 1 7 .
RINKS? Remember Your Pass!                                 Monday              10-11:30 am                4-5:15 pm
Admission to the Centennial Ice Rinks is                   Tuesday             10-11:30 am                7:30-9 pm
by photo ID season pass or daily fee.

Everyone entering the facility must show
                                                       Wednesday               10-11:30 am               *4-5:15 pm                  *Studio Rink
a valid 2008-2009 season pass or pay the                  Thursday             10-11:30 am                                           Special events may make

daily admission fee. If, for any reason,                                                                                             it necessary to cancel or
                                                              Friday           10-11:30 am                7:30-9:30 pm
you do not have your pass, a valid photo                                                                                             move public skating to
                                                          Saturday             1-2:30 pm                 *7-9 pm
ID with current address will be required                                                                                             the Studio Rink.
to show proof of identity in order to verify                Sunday             1-2:30 pm
the status of your season pass. Without
proof of ID, you will be charged the
                                                                            SUMMER PUBLIC SKATING SCHEDULE
regular daily fee of $6.50 for student or
$7.50 for adult. Children 5 and under pay      { June 15-August 23 }
a $3.50 daily fee.                                                            Monday                  7:30-9 pm
                                                                             Saturday                 1-3 pm
                                                                               Sunday                 1-3 pm

                                                                                          D A I LY A D M I S S I O N

                                                                                                      Student                        Adult
                                                                        All Sessions                  $6.50                          $7.50
                                                                Friday Night Skate                    $7.50                          $7.50
                                                    Children 5 years and under                        $3.50
                                                                        Skate Rental                  $3.75 (public skate)           $3.25 (lessons)

                                                                                    SEASON SKATING PASSES                      (Half-Season Rates)
                                               { Valid through August 23, 2009 }

                                                                                                      Resident                       Non-Resident

                                                                     Individual Pass                  $38                            $54
                                                                   2 Person Family                    $58                            $82
                                                                   3 Person Family                    $60                            $91
                                                                   4 Person Family                    $66                            $100
                                                                    Each Additional                   $6                             $9
                                                                      Senior Citizen                  $22                            N/A
                                                    In-home Childcare Provider                        $49                            N/A
                                               A Family is considered up to two adults and dependent children through the age of 23 who reside at the same address.

                                                                                                     Spring/Summer 2009                 31
        2009 SPRING ICE SHOW
        “ L E T T H E G O O D T I M E S R O L L”
        Performance Dates: May 15, 16 & 17
        Ticket sales: Beginning April 20 at Centennial Ice Rinks.
        General seating is $6.50 and Reserved seats are $8.

        I C E S H O W PA RT I C I PA N T S
        Regular Rehearsals: April 20 – May 13. Attendance is
        Full Cast Dress Rehearsal: Wednesday, May 13 at 5:30 p.m.
        Technical Rehearsal: (All Special Numbers and Soloists)
        Tuesday, May 12 at 6:45 p.m.

     Quality hockey and figure skates are available in children’s size 8   RENTALS:
     through adults’ size 12 during public skating and lessons. Skate      Rent-a-Rink at Centennial for broomball, hockey and other skating
     Rental fees: $3.75 for public skating, $3.25 for lessons.             party events. Ice is available on a limited basis. If the date and
                                                                           time you wish is previously booked, we suggest a party during
     SKATE SHARPENING                                                      one of our public skating sessions in conjunction with a Multi-
     $9.50 While You Wait                     $7.25 Overnight
                                                                           Purpose Party Room rental. Call 847/256-9666 for more informa-
     Skate sharpening available by the Dupliskate Automatic Skate
                                                                           tion or ask at the Ice Rink office.
     Sharpener located in our Skate Rental Shop. Features include:
     Automatic Pass Control, High Edge Control, Pre-Set Hollow
                                                                           Main Rink: $335 per hour
     Grinds, Custom Radius Profiling, Adjustable Spring Tension, and
     Superior Control, so less blade is removed during sharpening. Call
                                                                           Studio Rink for:
     Centennial Ice Rinks, 847/256-9666, for more specific information.
                                                                           SKATING PARTY: $140 per hour for 1-40 participants;
     GUIDE TO CENTENNIAL ICE RINKS                                         additional $1.50 per person for 41-60 participants; skate rental
     A complete guidebook for Centennial Ice Rinks entitled On the         special rate of $3.25.
     Cutting Edge is available in the Ice Rink Office. This informative
                                                                           BROOMBALL: $160 per hour (studio rink) or $325 per hour (main
     handbook answers pertinent questions you may have about our
                                                                           rink), equipment included. This is a fun, action-packed game for both
     programs and policies at Centennial along with helpful tips such
                                                                           children and adults, played on rough ice while wearing sneakers, rubber-
     as how to properly fit and lace your skates.
                                                                           soled shoes or boots. It is similar to hockey using nets for goals.
                                                                           Additional broomball equipment may be rented for $20/set.
     The concession stand serves a variety of refreshments                 HOCKEY: $145 per hour (studio rink), goal nets included.
     during skating lessons, public skating sessions, scheduled hockey
     games and private ice rentals.                                        Rent-A-Room at Centennial for meetings, birthday parties or
                                                                           other special events held either in conjunction with a skating party
                                                                           or separately. There are two Multi-Purpose Rooms in the facility—
                                                                           one is located in the lower level of the Ice Rink. Attractively car-
                                                                           peted, paneled and mirrored with ample outlets, tables and
                   I C E          S K A T I N G                            chairs, the room is located to the right of the concession area and
                   PARTY PACKAGES                                          accommodates up to 75 people. The second room is located off
                                                                           the main building entrance, down the hall from Centennial Tennis.
                              ARE AVAILABLE.                               This room is equipped with a sink and full-size refrigerator and is
        Call the Ice Rink Office at 847/256-9666 for details & fees        perfect for smaller groups of no more than 20 people. Rental rates
                                                                           are: $30 per hour, with skating or broomball party; $40 per hour,
                                                                           meeting only.

32   Wilmette Park District
New Information

{ 2008-2009 }
Season Pass Guidelines                                                 • In-Home Child Care Provider passes from the 2087 swimming
• Centennial Ice Rinks season passes are Photo ID cards which are       season are not valid for the Ice Rinks. Child care providers must
 renewable from season to season. The photo ID cards are to be          apply in person with a letter from their employer to prove
 used only by the person to whom they are issued and are not            employment before they can purchase a 2008-2009 Ice Rinks
 transferable.                                                          season pass. P L E A S E N OT E : In-Home Child Care Providers
                                                                        may not be counted as a family member on a family pass.
• Current Ice Rink season pass holders will continue to use their
 photo ID cards through August 23. Beginning August 24, season         • Application forms for Centennial Ice Rinks Photo ID Season
 passes for the 2009-2010 skating season will utilize the new           Passes are available at the Wilmette Park District Administrative
 membership program currently being introduced in other                 Office, Community Recreation Center and Centennial Recreation
 Wilmette Park District facilities. This new universal photo ID         Complex office.
 membership card will link the Ice Rink to Wilmette Golf Club,
                                                                       • Season pass refunds are not given for any reason after the
 Center Fitness Club and Centennial Family Aquatics Center.
                                                                        season begins.
• Beginning August 24, your current ice photo ID card will be no       To Apply for a NEW Centennial Ice Rinks Photo ID Pass:
 longer be valid. If you don’t hold one of the memberships listed
                                                                       • Submit an application form and all appropriate fees for your
 above, you will need to have a new membership card processed
                                                                         photo ID season pass. In a few days you will receive a postcard
 for your Ice Rink Season Pass.
                                                                         letting you know we are ready to take your picture.
• All family members age 2 and older by January 2009, must have
                                                                       • ID photos are taken at Centennial Recreation Complex during
 their own photo ID pass or pay a daily fee to skate at the Ice
                                                                        regular business hours and at designated times during evening
                                                                        and weekend public skating sessions.
• Wilmette resident senior citizens 65 and older, with proper
                                                                       • If you have purchased a resident season pass, please bring the
 identification (i.e., driver’s license, state-issued ID, passport),
                                                                        appropriate proof of residency documents when you go to have
 applying in person, receive a 50% discount off the price of a
                                                                        your ID picture (s) taken.
 season pass for ice skating.

• The replacement fee for lost or damaged photo ID passes
 is $5.


   When applying for season passes, club memberships, or
   registering for a class you will be asked for identification and
   proof of residency by showing either a current drivers license
   or State of Illinois ID. If you do not have one of these
   documents you will need to show another photo ID along
   with one of the following items displaying a Wilmette
   • Voter’s registration card
   • Utility bill with owner’s name
   • Current automobile registration with owner’s name
   • Copy of a real estate contract stating a closing date

                                                                                   Spring/Summer 2009         33
                                                                   SUMMER CAMP 2009
     Priority registration for Current Students
     Students currently enrolled in skating classes are given      35 TH A NNUAL
     the opportunity to register for the next session of classes   Figure Skating Camp
     prior to the general registration of any new residents or     Centennial Ice Rinks offers a Figure Skating Camp designed to
     non-residents. Priority registration takes place during the   accommodate skaters who have passed the USFS or ISI Basic Skill
     next to last week of classes during the Fall,Winter,          levels.We offer High and Open level practice ice and specialty
     Mid-Winter and Spring sessions. Skaters in these sessions     classes tailor-made to help skaters make the most of their summer
     will receive a class recommendation card from their in-       skating experience. Ice will be sold on a first come, first served basis
     structor indicating the class in which they should enroll.    with discounts for advance purchases. Complete information and
     You may take advantage of priority registration               registration forms are available in the Centennial Ice Rink office.
     immediately after you receive this recommenda-
     tion card. Priority registration guarantees student
     placement in a class for the next session.                    Pirate Tennis/Ice Skating

     Resident New Students
                                                                   Campers attend Pirate Tennis Camp from 9-11:30 a.m. at the
     Registration begins at 9 a.m. on Tuesday,April 7.
                                                                   Wilmette Tennis Club. Campers should bring a sack lunch and drink
     Registration is on a first come, first serve basis and will
                                                                   or money for the concession stand.They will have lunch with the
     NOT be accepted prior to April 7. P L E A S E N OT E :
                                                                   Pirate Camp staff. Campers will enjoy a variety of activities including
     Ice Skating classes will no longer be filled by lottery.You
                                                                   figure and hockey instruction with free skate time. Broomball
     may register on-line at , via fax
                                                                   (a game similar to hockey using rubber-soled shoes), off-ice sports
     at 847-256-0739, by mail, or in person at the Centennial
                                                                   conditioning clinic, arts/crafts and games are part of the skating
     Ice Rinks office, Community Recreation Center or
                                                                   camp. Equipment will be available.All skating levels are welcome.
     the Wilmette Park District’s Administrative Office in
                                                                   Specific details will be mailed to the participants before camp begins.
                                                                   NO   CAMP:   F R I DAY, J U LY 3 .
     Village Hall.
                                                                   Age 7-11
     Non-Resident New Students                                     R-$593/NR-$741                                              2 weeks
     Registration begins at 9 a.m. on Tuesday,April 14.            616005-01             M-F            9 am-2:30 pm        6/29-7/10
     Registration is on a first come, first serve basis and will
     NOT be accepted prior to April 14. P L E A S E N OT E :
     Ice Skating classes will no longer be filled by lottery.You   Ice Skating/Gymnastics Camp
     may register on-line at , via fax        Back by popular demand, this exciting multi-sport camp emphasizes
     at 847-256-0739, by mail, or in person at the Centennial      the fundamental skills of skating and gymnastics.Additional activities
     Ice Rinks office, Community Recreation Center or              such as broomball, arts and crafts, and games are offered for variety
     the Wilmette Park District’s Administrative Office in         and fun. It is designed for the recreational skater and gymnast—no
     Village Hall.                                                 prior experience is necessary. Campers should bring a bag lunch
                                                                   with a beverage and will receive a T-shirt. More details will be
     Waiting List                                                  mailed to participants before camp begins. N OT E : Drop off will be
     If you receive a postcard stating that your child is on a     at the Centennial Park Complex and pick up is at the Community
     waiting list, please call the Ice Rink to arrange an          Recreation Center gym. Five year olds who have completed Tot I
     alternate class.                                              levels may also participate in this camp.

     Make-up Policy                                                Age 6-12
     Make-up lessons will be given only when management            2-Day
     cancels classes. Classes will be combined when there is       R-$528/NR-$661                                        4 weeks
     insufficient enrollment.                                      620001-01   Tu,Th            9 am-1 pm              6/16-7/9

                                                                   R-$660/NR-$826                                     2 weeks
     See page 108.
                                                                   620001-02   M-F              9 am-1 pm          8/10-8/21
     ISI Evaluation: Evaluations are offered before the end        3-Day
     of each session. Instructors will determine whether a         R-$395/NR-$494                                     2 weeks
     student is ready for evaluation one week prior to testing.    620001-03   M,W,F             9 am-1 pm         8/10-8/21
     Evaluation is optional for all students in Pre-Alpha
     through Freestyle VI.Tot Beginner, Basic, Intermediate
                                                                   R-$264/NR-$331                                     2 weeks
     and Advanced students receive a patch upon completion
                                                                   620001-04   Tu,Th            9 am-1 pm          8/11-8/20
     of their specific level as deemed by the instructors.
     Skaters ready to test will be notified by their class
     instructor or the Skating Director.
34   Wilmette Park District
2008-2009 CLASS SCHEDULE                                                                           SKATE RENTAL COUPONS
                                                                                                                 for use with
SPRING SESSION:                                  8 WEEKS                                                     LESSONS ONLY
{ April 20 – June 13 }                                                                                      are now available for
Spring Ice Show:                                 May 15, 16, & 17                                              purchase at the
                                                                                                        Ice Rink information desk.
SUMMER SESSION:                                  10 WEEKS
{ June 15- August 21 }

                                                                                                Centennial Learn-to-Skate
                                                                                                Spring Session: 8 weeks
                                                                                                April 21-June 13
                                                                                                Summer Session: 10 weeks
                                                                                                June 15-August 21

                                                                                                Toddler Age 3
                                                                                                Children must be 3 years old by April 20. N OT E :
                                                                                                Bike helmets are encouraged and preferred, but not

                                                                                                Toddler I
                                                                                                Toddlers begin by learning to fall
                                                                                                correctly and get up alone. Balance and
                                  Current students                                              self-confidence are stressed. Forward
                must have a recommendation card from their instructor                           skills are introduced.
                     to receive priority status in the class lottery.                           R-$71/NR-$89                   8 weeks
                                   Do not register                                              420001-01 Tu 9:30-10 am      4/21-6/9
                     a currently enrolled student until you receive a                           420001-02 Sa 11:15-11:45 am 4/25-6/13
                       recommendation card from your instructor.
                                                                                                Toddler II
                                                                                                Students in these classes must have
                                                                                                completed Toddler I.
    ATTIRE                                                                                      R-$71/NR-$89                   8 weeks
                                                                                                420002-01 Tu 9:30-10 am      4/21-6/9
APPROPRIATE DRESS FOR CLASS                                                                     420002-02 F 10-10:30 am     4/24-6/12
                                                                                                420002-03 Sa 11:15-11:45 am 4/25-6/13
TODDLERS THROUGH D ELTA : Slacks, heavy sweater or jacket, mittens or gloves. Skating
dresses and tights are encouraged.

F REESTYLE I-X: Skating dresses, unitards or similar attire are encouraged. Long sweat-
shirts or jackets and jeans restrict the movement of skaters.

S KATES : When renting skates, sizes run the same as street shoes or a size smaller. The foot
should fit snugly in the boot. Double runner skates are not permitted for classes.

                                                                                       Spring/Summer 2009              35
     Preschool Age 4-5
     Spring classes: Children must be 4 years old by
     April 20. Summer classes: Children must be 4 by
     June 15.

     Tot I Beginner
     Beginners with no previous instruction
     or experience will be introduced to
     forward basic skills.
     R-$71/NR-$89                            8 weeks
     420003-01 Tu 10-10:30 am              4/21-6/9
     420003-02 F 9:30-10 am               4/24-6/12
     420003-03 F 1-1:30 pm                4/24-6/12
     420003-04 Sa 11:45 am-12:15 pm       4/25-6/13

     R-$89/NR-$111                          10 weeks
     520003-01 Th 4:15-4:45 pm            6/18-8/20

     Tot II Basic
     Students in these classes must have
     passed Tot Beginner I. Forward                    Ready, Set, Compete!                       Youth Age 6-11
     stroking, forward and backward
                                                       This 15-minute workshop is offered to      Pre-Alpha
     swizzles, dips, and two-foot jumps are
                                                       help skaters learn basic choreography      Focus of this entry-level class will be
     included in the program.
                                                       and how to perform their skating skills    on two-foot and one-foot forward
     Spring                                            in creative ways to pieces of music.The    glides, forward and backward swizzles
     R-$71/NR-$89                      8 weeks         goal is to prepare our young skaters for   and general balancing techniques.This
     420004-01 Tu 10-10:30 am        4/21-6/9          future solo programs and for recre-        class is tailored for skaters with no
     420004-02 F 9:30-10 am         4/24-6/12          ational competitions. Solos are a re-      or limited skating experience and is
     420004-03 F 1-1:30 pm          4/24-6/12          quired part of the ISI Freestyle I         designed to teach the basics of skating
     420004-04 Sa 11:45 am-12:15 pm 4/25-6/13          through X levels. Instructors will en-     in a safe and encouraging fashion.
                                                       courage the skater use arm and body
     Summer                                                                                       Spring
                                                       movements thereby increasing their
     R-$89/NR-$111                          10 weeks                                              R-$105/NR-$131                 8 weeks
                                                       awareness and appreciation of different
     520004-01 Th 4:15-4:45 pm            6/18-8/20                                               420007-01 Tu 4:45-5:30 pm    4/21-6/9
                                                       styles of music.
                                                           Skaters must have passed the Tot I &   420007-02 F 4-4:45 pm       4/24-6/12
     Tot Elite                                         II levels.                                 420007-03 Sa 10:30-11:15 am 4/25-6/13
     Children who have passed Tot I and                                                           Summer
                                                       Age 4-6
     Tot II or who have equivalent skating                                                        R-$131/NR-$164                    10 weeks
     ability are eligible for these classes.                                                      520007-01 M 4:15-5 pm           6/15-8/17
                                                       R-$35/NR-$44                  8 weeks
     Forward crossovers, two-foot spins, and
                                                       420006-01 Tu 11-11:15 am    4/21-6/9       Alpha
     forward spirals will be introduced.
                                                       420006-02 F 10:30-10:45 am 4/24-6/12       Skills taught at this level are controlled
     Spring                                            420006-03 F 2-2:15 pm      4/24-6/12       forward stroking, forward left and right
     R-$71/NR-$89                   8 weeks                                                       crossovers and snowplow stops. Skaters
     420005-01 Tu 10:30-11 am     4/21-6/9                                                        must have passed the Pre-Alpha level.
                                                       R-$44/NR-$55                    10 weeks
     420005-02 F 10-10:30 am     4/24-6/12
                                                       520006-01 W 4:45-5 pm         6/17-8/19    Spring
     420005-03 F 1:30-2 pm       4/24-6/12
     45 minutes class                                                                             R-$105/NR-$131                     8 weeks
     R-$105/NR-$131                 8 weeks                                                       420008-01 Tu 4:45-5:30 pm        4/21-6/9
     420005-04 Sa 10:30-11:15 am 4/25-6/13                                                        420008-02 F 4-4:45 pm           4/24-6/12
                                                                                                  420008-03 Sa 9-9:45 am          4/25-6/13
     R-$89/NR-$111                          10 weeks                                              Summer
     520005-01 W 4:15-4:45 pm             6/17-8/19                                               R-$131/NR-$164                    10 weeks
                                                                                                  520008-01 M 4:15-5 pm           6/15-8/17

36   Wilmette Park District
                               Current students
               must have a recommendation card from their instructor
                    to receive priority status in the class lottery.
                                 Do not register
                   a currently enrolled student until you receive a
                     recommendation card from your instructor.

Backward stroking, right and left back-        Practice Guidelines for Skaters
ward crossovers, left and right T-stops
are taught in this level.                      Practice is essential to learning and gaining confidence as well as helping you
                                               reach your skating goals.
                                               The following guidelines for weekly practice are offered for your planning purposes.
R-$107/NR-$134                    8 weeks
420010-01 Tu 4-4:45 pm          4/21-6/9       • Pre-Alpha through Beta: 1 hour to 11/2 hours
420010-02 Sa 9-9:45 am         4/25-6/13       • Gamma through Delta: 11/2 to 2 hours
                                               • Freestyle I through Freestyle III: 2 to 21/2 hours
R-$134/NR-$166                   10 weeks      • Freestyle IV & Up: 21/2 to 3 hours or more
520010-01 Tu 4:15-5 pm         6/16-8/18       Pre-Alpha through Delta skaters can sharpen their skills by attending one of the
                                               public skate sessions that are offered during the week.The Freestyle I and higher
                                               skaters might want to consider a Freestyle Practice Ice session.
Forward outside three turns, mohawks
and hockey stops are skills taught in
this level.
                                               Prime-Time Thursday                                   FREESTYLE PRACTICE ICE
Spring                                         Open Freestyle Practice Ice
R-$110/NR-$138                    8 weeks                                                      To qualify for Freestyle Practice Ice
420012-01 Tu 5:30-6:15 pm       4/21-6/9
                                               Limit: 28 skaters
                                                                                               you must have passed ISI Delta test by
420012-02 Sa 9:45-10:30 am     4/25-6/13
                                               Enroll for this 8 week session and ice
                                                                                               April 20, 2009.
                                               time will only cost you $13 per 11/4
Summer                                         hours. If space permits, drop-ins will          Days & times good through June 15.
R-$137/NR-$171                   10 weeks      be allowed to buy on in a first-come,           Monday through Friday
520012-01 Tu 4:15-5 pm         6/16-8/18       first-served manner.The drop-in fee
                                                                                               6-6:30 am            Moves in the Field
                                               is $15 per session.
                                                                                               6:30-9:30 am         Open Freestyle
Skills taught in this level are forward        Age 6-16
edges, forward inside three turns,             R-$104/NR-$104                     8 weeks
lunges, shoot-the-duck and the bunny                                                           1:30-3:45 pm         Open Freestyle
                                               420018-01 Th 4-5:15 pm          4/23-6/11
hop.This completes the basic skills                                                            Tuesday & Thursday
program.                                                                                       11:30 am-3:45 pm Open Freestyle
Spring                                                                                         Wednesday
R-$112/NR-$140                    8 weeks
                                                                                               11:30 am-3:45 pm Open Freestyle
420014-01 Tu 5:30-6:15 pm       4/21-6/9
420014-02 Sa 9:45-10:30 am     4/25-6/13                                                       Friday

                                                                                               1:30-3:45 pm         Open Freestyle
R-$140/NR-$175                   10 weeks
                                                                                               Fees: 1 hour         $8.50
520014-01 Tu 4:15-5 pm         6/16-8/18
                                                                                                     45 minutes     $7.75
                                                                                                     40 minutes     $7.50
                                                                                                     30 minutes     $7.25
                                                                                                     Drop ins       add .25 to listed fees

                                                                                    Spring/Summer 2009         37
     Freestyle I-X                                     Teen/Adult Daytime and
     To qualify for testing and/or competi-            Evening
     tions students must be individual                 Beginner
     members of the Ice Skating Institute.             Beginners with no previous experience
     To Join:  Ask at the rink office or any           or instruction. Basic forward and back-
     instructor for the ISI Individual                 ward skills are taught.
     Membership Form.                                  NO   CLASS:   M O N DAY, M AY 2 5 .               Ladies Hockey
     Evaluation: Evaluations are given the             Age 15 & up                                       Open to all ability levels, this class will
     last two weeks of each session.                   R-$112/NR-$140                          8 weeks   focus on entry level and intermediate
                                                       420022-01 M 1:30-2:15 pm              4/20-6/8    hockey skills such as basic skating and
     First Session Evaluations                         420022-02 Tu 6:30-7:15 pm             4/21-6/9    stick handling.The fundamentals of
     Maneuvers: Week of June 1                                                                           passing, catching and shooting will also
     Solos: Week of June 8                             Basic
                                                                                                         be taught. If you want to experience
                                                       Skater must have knowledge of begin-
                                                                                                         the fastest growing women’s sport,
                                                       ner maneuvers. Forward and backward
     Freestyle I, II, III , IV & V                                                                       don’t miss the chance to enjoy this
                                                       crossovers, backward stroking, three
                                                                                                         challenging offering.
                                                       turns and mohawks are introduced.
     Age 6-17                                          NO   CLASS:   M O N DAY, M AY 2 5 .               Age 18 & up
     NO   CLASS:   W E D N E S DAY, M AY 1 3 .
     Spring: Main Rink                                 Age 15 & up
                                                                                                         R-$122/NR-$153                           8 weeks
     R-$117/NR-$146                          7 weeks   R-$112/NR-$140                          8 weeks
                                                                                                         420025-01 Th 8:50-9:50 pm             4/23-6/11
     420015-01 W 4:30-5:15 pm             4/22-6/10    420023-01 M 1:30-2:15 pm              4/20-6/8
                                                       420023-02 Tu 6:30-7:15 pm             4/21-6/9    Summer
     Summer: Studio Rink
                                                                                                         R-$153/NR-$191                          10 weeks
     R-$167/NR-$209                         10 weeks   Intermediate
                                                                                                         520025-01 Tu 8:10-9:10 pm             6/16-8/18
     520015-01 Tu 5-6 pm                  6/16-8/18    Skater must be able to do all the
                                                       maneuvers from Alpha-Delta. Freestyle
                                                       jumps, spins and footwork are taught.             Men’s Hockey Skills and
                                                       NO   CLASS:   M O N DAY, M AY 2 5 .               Drills
                                                       Age 15 & up                                       Don’t miss this opportunity to improve
                                                       R-$112/NR-$140                          8 weeks   your game! Good skating skills are a
                                                       420024-01 M 1:30-2:15 pm              4/20-6/8    major key to successful play. Inside and
                                                       420024-02 Tu 6:30-7:15 pm             4/21-6/9    outside edge balance for turns and
                                                                                                         stops will be one of the objectives of
                                                                                                         this class. Puck control such as stick
                                                                                                         handling, catching, passing, faking, and
                                                                                                         shooting will be strengthened.
                                                                                                         Combining the above skills will be the
                                                                                                         focus of this new offering.
                                                                                                         NO   CLASS:   M O N DAY, M AY 2 5 .

                                                                                                         Teen & Adult
                                                                                                         R-$122/NR*-$153                          8 weeks
                                                                                                         420026-01 M 7:40-8:40 pm               4/20-6/8

                                                                                                         R-$153/NR*-$191                         10 weeks
                                                                                                         520026-01 M 7:40-8:40 pm              6/15-8/17

38   Wilmette Park District
                                                                                                   Mite/Squirt Intermediate
                                       Current students                                            Hockey
                   must have a recommendation card from their instructor
                        to receive priority status in the class lottery.                           Intermediate hockey skills needed for
                                                                                                   House and Travel League play will be
                                         Do not register
                           a currently enrolled student until you receive a
                                                                                                   taught. Proficiency in transitions (for-
                             recommendation card from your instructor.                             ward to backward turning), faking, and
                                                                                                   more advanced shooting.
Hockey Classes                                                                                     R-$107/NR-$134                      8 weeks
                                                                                                   420031-01 F 5:30-6:15 pm         4/24-6/12
“Development for Excellence” Hockey
specialist, Rafe Aybar, teaches this                                                               Summer
expanded program at Centennial Ice                                                                 R-$131/NR-$164                     10 weeks
Rinks. Rafe’s more than 30 years of                                                                520031-01 F 5-5:45 pm            6/19-8/21
teaching experience have been in all
                                                                                                   Advanced Power Hockey
hockey-playing levels. He has served
on school and clinic staffs throughout                                                             Studio Rink
the United States, Canada and Sweden.                                                              This program includes power skating
The Wilmette Park District will not                                                                and edgework geared for hockey speed
allow anyone to participate in a hockey                                                            and agility, with and without the puck.
class without the following mandatory                                                              The class will concentrate on forward
equipment:                                                                                         and backward skating and crossovers
                                                                                                   along with major technical hockey
• Helmet and face mask               $1.50
                                                                                                   skills. These classes are designed for
• Elbow pads                         $1.50                                                         hockey players who wish to improve
• Shin pads                          $1.50                                                         their competitive skills. Full equipment is
• Hockey skates                      $3.25                                                         required.
                                                     Tot Hockey II
• Stick                              $1.50           Forward stroking, forward crossovers          Mites Age 6-13
TOTAL PACKAGE (all above items)      $9.25           right and left, one foot snowplow stop        R-$123/NR-$154                      8 weeks
                                                     are taught.                                   420032-01 Th 5-6 pm              4/23-6/11
The listed equipment is available from the
Skate Rental ONLY to students enrolled               Spring
in Centennial Ice Rinks hockey programs.             R-$105/NR-$131                      8 weeks   Offensive/Defensive Hockey
                                                     420029-01 Th 10:15-11 am         4/23-6/11    Clinic
                                                     420029-02 Th 2:30-3:15 pm        4/23-6/11
Preschool Hockey Age 4-5                                                                           This program is designed to focus on
                                                     420029-03 Sa 8:15-9 am           4/25-6/13
                                                                                                   such offensive skills as passing, catch-
Spring classes: Must be 4 years old by April 20.
                                                     Summer                                        ing, shooting, and faking. Defensive
Summer classes: Must be 4 by June 15.
                                                     NO   CLASS:   J U LY 4 .                      skills such as backward positions,
Tot Hockey I                                         R-$131/NR-$164                     10 weeks   man-to-man coverage, and two-on-
Two foot glide, one foot glide right                 520029-01 F 4:15-5 pm            6/19-8/21    two coverage will be strengthened.
and left, forward swizzle, backward                                                                Participants must be at the Power Hockey
wiggles and backward swizzles are                                                                  level.
taught.                                              Youth Hockey Age 6-13
                                                                                                   Age 6-13
Spring                                               Intro to Team Hockey Skills                   R-$123/NR-$154                      8 weeks
R-$105/NR-$131                           8 weeks     Entry level hockey skills including all       420033-01 Th 4-5 pm              4/23-6/11
420028-01 Th 9:30-10:15 am            4/23-6/11      skating skills, basic stick handling, pass-
420028-02 Th 1:45-2:30 pm             4/23-6/11      ing, catching and shooting will be the
420028-03 Sa 8:15-9 am                4/25-6/13      focus of this introductory class.

Summer                                               Spring
NO   CLASS:   J U LY 4 .                             R-$105/NR-$131                      8 weeks
R-$131/NR-$164                          10 weeks     420030-01 F 4:45-5:30 pm         4/24-6/12
520028-01 F 4:15-5 pm                 6/19-8/21      Summer
                                                     R-$131/NR-$164                     10 weeks
                                                     520030-01 F 5-5:45 pm            6/19-8/21

                                                                                       Spring/Summer 2009          39
     Wimette Golf Club                                                       847/256-9777                                                847/256-9777
                                                                                                       GOLF R ESE RVATIONS
     3900 Fairway Drive                                                                              PRO SHOP                          847/256-9777

     • 18-Hole Course • Practice Range • Practice Greens • Pro Shop • Restaurant                       GOLF C LU B R ESTAU RANT           847/256-9626

         General Manager/Golf Club Superintendent:Mike Matchen
         Golf Club Manager/Head PGA Golf Professional:  Dennis R. Callaghan
         Assistant Golf Club Manager/PGA Professional: Jamie Locke
         Assistant Golf Professional: Kim McCombs
         Administrative Assistant: Jean Winikates

     Situated on 106 acres, the 18-hole, par 70 course, stretches over 6,400 beautiful and
     challenging yards. The Wilmette Golf Club has four different sets of tees on each
     hole that offer a challenging and enjoyable experience for golfers of all skill levels.
     All tees have a U.S.G.A. course rating and slope for both men and women.

     Members and non-members are welcome to use the practice range which features
     a fairway that is 260 yards long—enabling golfers to practice with every club. Five                   The Wilmette Golf Club is a
     full-size bent grass target greens are located on the practice fairway to simulate               S O F T S P I K E O N LY F A C I L I T Y
     on-course situations as closely as possible. When accompanied and supervised by
     an adult, children under age 11 may use the practice range. The practice facilities
     are available to members and non-members at no charge. The practice range
     charges a fee for practice balls. Golfers of all skill levels are encouraged to use
     these facilities. Call for more details at 847-256-9777.

                                                          2009 SPECIAL EVENTS

     Tournament entry forms and                          Saturday, August 1 & Sunday, August 2          Saturday, September 12 & Sunday,
     information for all tournaments are                                                                September 13
                                                         O.G.C. Club Championship
     available for download on our web site
                                                         Morning Tee Times                              Men’s Wilmette Amateur
                                                         No Lottery Times This Weekend                  Morning Tee Times
                                                         This two-day tournament is open to             This tournament will determine the best
     Wednesday, June 10
                                                         Ouilmette Golf Club members and                Men’s amateur player in the Village of
     Al McLean Junior Open                               should be a highlight of their competitive     Wilmette.This tournament is open to
     Championship                                        schedules.                                     members of the Wilmette Golf Club or
     Morning & Afternoon Tee Times                                                                      Wilmette residents.
     Course will be closed to the public all day         Tuesday, September 8 & Thursday,
     This will be the 45th year for the Al               September 10                                   Monday, September 14 & Tueday,
     McLean Junior Open Championship                     W.G.A. Club Championship                       September 15
     which attracts players from around the              Morning Tee Times                              Women’s Wilmette Amateur
     country and is considered one of the                                                               Morning Tee Times
                                                         This two-day tournament is open to
     finest junior golf tournaments in the
                                                         Women’s Golf Association members and           This tournament will determine the best
     state of Illinois.
                                                         should be a highlight of their competitive     Women’s amateur player in the Village of
                                                         schedules.                                     Wilmette.This tournament is open to
                                                                                                        members of the Wilmette Golf Club or
                                                                                                        Wilmette residents.
40   Wilmette Park District

 Ouilmette Men’s Club                           Wilmette Golf Club 2009 Membership Options
 If you enjoy golf, good fellowship and         Resident Member Options:
 sporting competition, the Ouilmette Golf       Regular       $235   Ages 18-64                                 Member Greens fee each round
 Club (OGC) invites you to become a             Senior        $205   Age 65 as of March 31                      Member Greens fee each round
 member for the 2009 season. Members            Gold          $1,130 Ages 18-64                                 70-round cap May 1-Sept. 30
 receive a USGA handicap and can                Gold Sr.      $1,100 Age 65 as of March 31                      70-round cap May 1-Sept. 30
 participate in members-only tournaments        Platinum      $1,450 Ages 18-64                                 No round cap
 including Match Play, Club Championship,       Platinum Sr. $1,425 Age 65 as of March 31                       No round cap
 Twilight League Match Play, Early Bird         Junior Gold $600     Ages 11-17 as of March 31                  70-round cap May 1-Sept. 30
 and Full Day/Dinner golfing events.            Junior Silver $310*  Ages 11-17 as of March 31                  70-round cap May 1-Sept. 30
 Members are also eligible to play in the
 Wil-Glen Cup, our annual Ryder Cup style

                                                Non-Resident Member Options:
 tournament with the Glenview Park              Regular       $395   18 and older                               Member Greens fee each round
 District Golf Club. For more information,      Gold          $1,725 18 and older                               70-round cap May 1-Sept. 30
 visit                    Platinum      $2,050 18 and older                               No round cap
                                                Junior Gold $800     Ages 11-17 as of March 31                  70-round cap May 1-Sept. 30

 Women’s Golf Association                       Junior Silver $415*  Ages 11-17 as of March 31                  70-round cap May 1-Sept. 30

 Wilmette has five women’s golf leagues.
                                                All member rates apply only when the course is open to the general public.After 70 rounds of play
 There are three 18-hole leagues that play
                                                Gold members will be charged a $14 greens fee per round. Memberships do not apply when using the
 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and           course as participants in outings sponsored by an organization or group that is not affiliated with the
 two 9-hole leagues that play on Monday         Wilmette Golf Club. Memberships expire December 31, 2009.
 and Tuesday. The season begins at the
 end of April and runs through the last
                                                *Junior Silver Membership – Play after 1 p.m. 7 days a week.
 week of August. For more information,
 call Dennis Callaghan, Head PGA Golf
 Professional, at 847-256-9652.
                                              ADVANTAGES OF MEMBERSHIP
                                              • Priority making tee time reservations.

                                              • Reduced golf car and practice range fees.

                                              • Members can purchase items in the Golf Pro Shop at a discounted price.

                                              • Members have charge account privileges in the Golf Pro Shop.

                                              • Member charges are payable in full upon receipt of statement. Failure to pay before the end
                                               of the month will result in suspension of charge privileges. Accounts 60 days delinquent
                                               will subject the member to suspension of playing privileges. Members whose charge
                                               accounts are past due on March 11 will not be allowed to participate in the Season
         HITTING THE LINKS                     Reserved Time Lottery.
 Golfers and the general public can
 enjoy daily food service at the              SPECIAL NOTES
 Wilmette Golf Club’s restaurant which        • All members must have a Wilmette Park District photo ID card; cards are issued at the
                                               Centennial Family Aquatic Center, Wilmette Tennis Club, Center Fitness Club, and Wilmette
 is now operated by Open Kitchens,
                                               Golf Club Pro Shop.
 Inc. Indoor seating is available along
 with an outdoor patio overlooking the        • Wilmette Park District photo ID cards are valid at facilities where a corresponding seasonal
 golf course. During the regular golf          membership has been purchased.
 season the restaurant will be open           • All players will be required to sign-in at the Golf Pro Shop and display their membership
 Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. to sunset           identification card each time they play.
 and weekends from 5:30 a.m. to sunset.
 For information about hosting special
 events and off-season hours please call
 contact 847-256-9626.

                                                                                          Spring/Summer 2009                41
                                                                            KEEP PACE 2009 GUIDELINES
        2009 GREENS FEES                                                    • The Wilmette Golf Club Keep Pace play policy is based on a 4 hour and
                                                                             10 minute round. Keep Pace clocks are positioned throughout the course
                                                                             to make you aware of your pace of play.
                                               Friday, Saturday,
                                                        Sunday              • All groups must report to the Starter at least 15 minutes before their
                                       Weekday      & Holidays               tee time. Groups failing to do so will loose their tee time and revert to
        18 Holes                                                             standby status.
        Member                               $28                     $32    • Starting intervals will be nine minutes and will be strictly enforced.
        Non-Member                           $45                     $49
        Resident                             $40                     $45    • Maintain pace with the group ahead by playing “ready” golf.
        Junior                               $20                     $25    • A group that is failing to Keep Pace, after being warned, may be required
        9 Holes                                                              to pick up on a hole and proceed directly to the green.
        Member                               $22                    N/A
                                                                            • Rangers are on the course to help players enjoy their round of golf. Ask
        Non-Member                           $26                    N/A      them for assistance at any time.
        Resident                             $24                    N/A

        Twilight                                                            CANCELLATION POLICY
        Member                               $22                     $25    Groups that reserve a Tee Time during Open Play must notify the Wilmette
        Non-Member                           $26                     $29    Golf Club 24 hours in advance if they will be unable to play at their
        Resident                              $24                    $26    reserved time. This can be done by using our online tee-time reservation
        Junior                                $16                    $20    system. Failure to cancel in a timely fashion will result in a $10 per player
        Super Twilight                                                      charge to the account of the member who booked the Tee Time unless the
        Member                               $15                     $16    time can be resold.
        Non-Member                           $15                     $16
        Resident                             $15                     $16    RAIN CHECK POLICY
        Junior                             $7.50                      $8    If a golfer is directed to cease play by Wilmette Golf Club personnel due to
                                                                            inclement weather, a rain check will be issued for an identical round upon
        GOLF CARS                       9 Holes               18 Holes      presentation of the day’s receipt. Rain checks include golf car if purchased.
        Single Car Member                       $9                    $14   Rain checks will be good for any time other than reserved lottery times.
        Single Car Res.                         $9                    $14
        Golf Cars Non-Mem                     $10                     $16   JUNIOR PLAY AND PRACTICE REGULATIONS
        Pull Carts                          $4.75                  $4.75    • Jr. Silver can play 7 days a week after 1 p.m.

        DRIVING RANGE                                                       • Jr. Gold may play Monday through Thursday with NO Time Restrictions
        Member                                  $5
                                                                            • Juniors may NOT play until after 1 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays
        Non-Member                              $6
                                                                             and Holidays

                                                                            • A Junior is defined as anyone between the ages of 11-17 as of
                                                                             March 31, 2009
       TEE TIME RESERVATIONS                           847-256-9777          • Juniors under the age of 11 must be accompanied by an adult to play or
       Online booking of tee times is available and                          use the practice facility.
       encouraged for Members and Non-members.
       Telephone reservations for members are avail-                        • Junior Members must have written permission to charge expenses to
       able seven (7) days in advance. Non-Members,                          their house accounts.
       six (6) days in advance.
                                                                            • Junior Members cannot be a member of a Reserved Time Lottery

                     Private Golf Lessons                                   • Junior golfers are expected to show proper etiquette and to obey the
                                                                             rules and policies of the Wilmette Golf Club.
       The Wilmette Golf Club offers private instruction
       by our staff of PGA professionals.Whether you are                    • The Wilmette Golf Club reserves the right to suspend playing privileges
       a beginner or a seasoned player, we encourage                         of any junior who does not obey the rules and policies of the Wilmette
       everyone to take advantage of our experienced                         Golf Club.
       teaching staff. Fees include range balls.
                  W W W. G O L F W I L M E T T E . C O M O R
         C A L L T H E G O L F P R O S H O P AT 8 4 7 / 2 5 6 - 9 7 7 7 .

42   Wilmette Park District
Group Lessons                                 Summer                              4 wks
                                              517002-01    W     5-6 pm          6/3-24
Group lessons offer maximum expo-             517002-02    Th    5-6 pm          6/4-25
sure to the game at reasonable prices         517002-03    F     6-7 pm          6/5-26
and are available to Juniors ages 11-17,      517002-04    Sa    8-9 am          6/6-27
and Adult Novice and Intermediate             517002-05    Sa    10-11 am        6/6-27
players. Classes include swing theory as      517002-06    W     5-6 pm          7/8-29
well as practical application designed to     517002-07    F     6-7 pm         7/10-31
each student’s ability level. If classes      517002-08    Sa    10-11 am      7/11-8/1
must be cancelled because of inclement        517002-09    W     5-6 pm          8/5-26
weather, they will be extended to the                                                       V IDEO G OLF S WING A NALYSIS
                                              517002-10    F     6-7 pm          8/7-28
following weeks. Fees include range balls.    517002-11    Sa    10-11 am        8/8-29     Indoor Winter Golf Instruction
Junior              (max. 12 students)        517002-12    Sa    10-11 am        9/5-26
                                                                                            Improve your swing this winter by working with
Age 11-17                                     Intermediate (max.10 students)                our PGA Professionals and the V1 Coaching
R-$70/NR-$87                                  Students with moderate ability and            System in a series of private indoor lessons.
Spring                               4 wks.   some knowledge of the game.                   Students hit into an indoor net while their swing
417001-01  Tu       4-5 pm       4/28-5/19                                                  is being recorded.This system gives our PGA
417001-02  W        4-5 pm       4/29-5/20    Age 17 & up
                                                                                            Professionals the chance to analyze your swing on
417001-03  Th       4-5 pm       4/30-5/21    R-$85/NR-$105
                                                                                            a frame-by-frame basis and students with a
417001-04  F        4-5 pm          5/1-22    Spring                            4 wks.
                                                                                            computer can view a copy of the lesson on their
417001-05  Su       10-11 am        5/3-24    417003-01   Tu     5-6 pm     4/28-5/19
                                                                                            home computer by logging on to the V1 Home
                                              417003-02   W      6-7 pm     4/29-5/20
Summer                                4 wks
                                                                                            website.You can learn the correct positions that
                                              417003-03   Th     5-6 pm     4/30-5/21
517001-01     Tu    4-5 pm           6/2-23
                                                                                            make a great golf swing.You also have the
                                              417003-04   Sa     9-10 am       5/2-23
                                                                                            opportunity to compare your swing to your
517001-02     W     4-5 pm           6/3-24   417003-05   Sa     11 am-noon    5/2-23
                                                                                            favorite touring professional. Lessons are offered
517001-03     Th    4-5 pm           6/4-25
                                              Summer                           4 wks        by the half hour for one or more students.A
517001-04     F     4-5 pm           6/5-26
                                              517003-01    W     6-7 pm       6/3-24        discount is offered for a six-lesson series.
517001-05     Su    10-11 am         6/7-28
517001-06     W     4-5 pm           7/8-29   517003-02    Th    6-7 pm       6/4-25               TO SCHEDULE LESSONS LOG ON TO

517001-07     Fr    4-5 pm          7/10-31   517003-03    Sa    9-10 am      6/6-27                   W W W. G O L F W I L M E T T E . C O M O R

517001-08     Su    10-11 am       7/12-8/2   517003-04    Sa    11 am-noon   6/6-27          C A L L T H E G O L F P R O S H O P AT 8 4 7 / 2 5 6 - 9 7 7 7 .

517001-09     W     4-5 pm           8/5-26   517003-05    W     6-7 pm       7/8-29
                                                                                            One Student
517001-10     F     4-5 pm           8/7-28   517003-06    F     5-6 pm      7/10-31
                                              517003-07    Sa    9-10 am    7/11-8/1        Half Hour Lesson                                          $50
517001-11     Su    10-11 am         8/9-30
                                              517003-08    W     6-7 pm       8/5-26        Hour Lesson                                             $100
517001-12     W     4-5 pm           9/2-23
                                              517003-09    F     5-6 pm       8/7-28        Three 1 Hour Lesson Series                              $250
517001-13     F     4-5 pm           9/4-25
                                              517003-10    Sa    11 am-noon   8/8-29        Six Half Hour Lesson Series                             $250
517001-14     Su    10-11 am         9/6-27
                                              517003-11    Sa    9-10 am      9/5-26
                                                                                            Two Students
Novice              (max. 12 students)                                                      Half Hour Lesson                                          $55
Novice Students with limited golf             Junior Golf Academy                           Three 1 Hour Lesson Series                              $275
exposure.                                     The Junior Golf Academy offers young          Six Half Hour Lesson Series                             $275
                                              golfers the chance to learn the swing
Age 17 & up                                                                                 Private Group Lessons (Min. 3 – Max. 8)
                                              basics and proper golf etiquette from
R-$85/NR-$105                                                                               Hour Lesson                                             $120
                                              our professional staff.There are eight
Spring                               4 wks.                                                 Six 1 Hour Lesson Series                                $500
                                              instructional sessions of 1? hours each
417002-01   Tu      10-11 am     4/28-5/19
                                              in a two-week time frame will be fea-
417002-02   Tu      6-7 pm       4/28-5/19
                                              tured.All cadets accompanied by an
417002-03   W       10-11 am     4/29-5/20                                                Age 8-10
                                              adult may play golf free-of-charge after
417002-04   Th      10-11 am     4/30-5/21                                                R-$270/NR-$315                                2 wks
                                              7 p.m. through the duration of the golf
417002-05   Th      6-7 pm       4/30-5/21                                                617001-01  Tu-F 7-8:30 am                 6/16-6/26
                                              season.All cadets receive a FREE 30
417002-06   F       10-11 am        5/1-22                                                617001-02  Tu-F 7-8:30 am                 7/14-7/24
                                              minute golf lesson from Dennis
417002-07   F       6-7 pm          5/1-22
                                              Callaghan, Head PGA Golf Professional.      Age 11-13
417002-08   Sa      8-9 am          5/2-23
                                              Two golf tournaments are offered for        R-$270/NR-$315                 2 wks
417002-09   Sa      10-11 am        5/2-23
                                              interested participants. Extra charges      617001-03  Tu-F 9-10:30 am 6/16-6/26
                                              apply for golf tournaments. This camp       617001-04  Tu-F 9-10:30 am 7/14-7/24
                                              meets at the Wilmette Golf Club.

                                                                                  Spring/Summer 2009                        43
Center Fitness Club                                                       847/256-9117
Community Recreation Center
                                                                                                            M-Th      5:30 a.m.-10 p.m.
3000 Glenview Road
                                                                                                            F         5:30 a.m.-8 p.m.
                                                                                                            Sa        7 a.m.-6 p.m.
                                                                                                            Su        8 a.m.-5 p.m.

     CENTER FITNESS CLUB STAFF                                                                              Special holiday hours will be posted

     Manager:    Tricia Leaks
     Assistant Manager:     Michelle Sandstrom
     Personal Trainers                                        ARE YOU READY TO FIND YOUR CENTER?
     Leslie Cohen, ACE                                        Since we’ve opened our doors, the Center Fitness Club has helped countless
     Karen Delmonico, ACE
                                                              neighbors and friends take steps toward a healthier lifestyle. Located in the
     Audrey Fields, ACE
     Ivy Kwielford, B.S. Exercise Science $ Wellness          Community Recreation Center, we offer dedicated service, individualized attention
     Rob Maibuecher, ACE
                                                              and state-of-the-art equipment. Our professional, certified staff create safe,
     Cynthia Spina, ACE
     Kim Zamudio, ACE                                         effective, individualized programs and a positive experience for all fitness levels.
                                                              We strive to be the best part of your day: everyday!

                                                              CARDIOVASCULAR                                          STRENGTH
                                                              • 10 Precor Treadmills®                                 • Complete line of Cybex® and
                                                              • 4 Precor Climber/Steppers                                Paramount® Selective Resistance
              GYM SHOES                                       •   2 Stairmaster® Stepmill                                strength equipment for full-body circuit
     are required in the Fitness area                         • 4 Precor Upright Bikes                                   workout
                                                              • 4 Precor Recumbent Bikes®                             • Complete free weight strength training
         YOUTH AGES 11-13
                                                              • 9 Precor Ellipticals®                                    area - equipment by Paramount® and
       must be accompanied by
                                                              •   2 Schwinn Evolution Airdyne® Bikes                     Ivanko®
     an adult member when using
     Center Fitness Club facilities.                          • 1 Rowing Machine

                                                              AMENITIES AND SERVICES
                                                              • 4500 Square Foot Fitness Facility                     • Certified, professional staff
                                                              • Full-service locker rooms                             *Fitness assessment consists of: medical history
Babysitting (by appointment)                                  • 3 lane running track (1 lap = 1/12 mile)              and evaluation of personal goals; body composition
At the Community Recreation Center                            • 2 group exercise studios with spring-                 analysis; blood pressure reading; strength and flex-
$6/hr for Wilmette residents                                      suspension wood flooring                            ibility measurements; cardiovascular endurance
$7/hr for Non-residents                                       • 10 individual 15” Cardio Theater TV                   testing, posture analysis, and one free personal
questions: 847/256-9119                                           screens                                             training session.With any history of medical con-
RESERVATIONS : 847/256-9633                                   • Complimentary towel service                           ditions/
See page 74 for Babysitting details                           • Computerized fitness assessment/con-                  problems, a signed release from a physician may be
                                                                  sultation program* and follow up                    required.
                                                              • Individual orientation to equipment

                                                              ALL ADDITIONAL SERVICES BY APPOINTMENT
                                                              • Personal Trainers                                      $55/hr; $150 for 3 sessions,
                                                                                                                       $275 for 6 sessions
                                                              • Private Pilates Session                                $55/hr; $150 for 3 sessions,
                                                                                                                       $275 for 6 sessions
                                                              • Fitness Assessments                                    $45/assessment
                                                              • Massage                                                Members $60/hr; $35 for 30 minutes
                                                                                                                       Non-members $70/hr; $40 for 30 minutes

 *Non resident fee. See “Fair -Share” information page 108.   N OT E :   All Fitness Services for Personal Training expire six months from purchase date.

44                Wilmette Park District
                                                                      MEMBERSHIP FEES

                                                                                                               ( 6 5 & ove r )
                                             I n d iv i d u a l

                                                                                                                                                     C o r p o rat e

                                                                                                                                                     (min 5)

                                                                                   Fa m i ly


Initiation Fee                              $67                        $98        $131          $67             $67                   $98             $67
Annual Fee (Paid in full)                   $366                       $552       $759          $284           $280                  $408            $321
Annual Fee (Paid monthly)                   $425                       $659       $906          $344          $330                  $494            $385

                (12 month minimum)         $36/mo                     $55/mo     $76/mo        $29/mo        $28/mo                $42/mo          $33/mo
Preferred-2 year (Paid in full)             $677                      $1,058     $1,472         $510           $491                  $758            $593
Daily                                       $16

Summer                                      $164                        na         na           $164           $174                   na                na
Summer Plus                                 $208                        na         na           $208           $208                   na                na
Monthly Membership                          $63

Initiation Fee                              $67                        $98        $131          $67             $67                   $98             $67
Annual Fee (Paid in full)                   $473                       $717       $981          $284           $335                  $491            $423
Annual Fee (Paid monthly)                   $562                       $850       $1,165        $344          $398                  $577            $494
                (12 month minimum)         $47/mo                     $71/mo     $98/mo        $29/mo        $34/mo                $49/mo          $42/mo
Preferred-2 year (Paid in full)             $878                      $1,266     $1,914         $510           $604                  $884            $772
Daily                                       $16
Summer                                      $244                        na         na           $164           $244                   na                na
Summer Plus                                 $314                        na         na           $208           $314                   na                na
Monthly Membership                          $79

                                                                                                                                 Prices effective January 1, 2009

P L E A S E N OT E :                                    • All “Dailies” must be 18 years of               • Monthly Payment Plan is
                                                          age or older. Under 18 must be ac-                available through Electronic
• The Center Fitness Club may be
                                                          companied by an adult.                            Transfer of funds only from
  closed for up to six days per year for
                                                                                                            Checking accounts.
  cleaning and repairs —membership                      • A “Family” is defined as adult(s)
                                                                                                                It is a 12-month minimum
  prices reflect these “no business”                      and unmarried children, age 11-23,
                                                                                                            commitment which then
  days.                                                   residing with adult(s). Young adults
                                                                                                            continues monthly until
                                                          24 and older, other relatives and/or
• Initiation Fee is waived for Preferred                                                                    30-day written notification is
                                                          individuals living in the same house-
  Members.                                                                                                  received to stop membership.
                                                          hold are not included in Family
• Memberships are non-transferable.                       Memberships.

• All members must be 11 years of                       • A “Couple” is defined as 2 adults, or
  age or older. Youth 11-13                               1 adult and 1 youth, 11-23, residing
   may use select strength and cardio                     in the same household.
   equipment if accompanied and su-
                                                        • Seniors are adults age 65 or older.
   pervised by an adult member. They
   must be part of a Family or Couple                   • Summer Pass 5/1-9/1; Summer
   Membership.                                            “Plus” 5/1-9/1 plus 12/1-1/31.

                                                                                                                Spring/Summer 2009       45

          Our Workout Zone Passport system is tailor-made to meet your exact class attendance needs. Purchase the
          5 punch card or the unlimited punch card—it is all based on your schedule and your class attendance. Your
          passport will be punched each time you attend a class. Senior discounts are not given on the purchase of
          passports, but discounts will be honored on non-passport classes.

          The Spring/Summer Workout Zone Passport will be honored through the Fall session—from
          March 30 through October 18.

                                                              WORKOUT ZONE PASSPORT GUIDELINES

     { Spring/Summer }                                        • Workout Zone Passports may be purchased ONLY at the Center Fitness Club in the
                                                                Community Recreation Center, 3000 Glenview Road, Wilmette, IL. Workout Zone
                                Resident      Non-Resident      Passports are non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be shared with others.
     Daily Class                    $13               $17
     5 Class                        $53               $67     • Senior discounts are not given on the purchase of passports, but discounts will be
     10 Class                     $103              $130        honored on non-passport classes.
     20 Class                     $177              $222      • The Spring/Summer Workout Zone Passport will be honored through the Fall
     30 Class                     $240              $253        session—from March 30 through October 18.
     * Unlimited                  $459              $575
                                                              • Prior to the start of each class, participants will be required to sign in on the class
                          CFC Member                            attendance sheet. We take care of everything from there. We will punch your card,
     Daily Class                $13                             re-file it, and notify you when your last “punch” has been used.
     5 Class                    $44                           • The Wilmette Park District reserves the right to cancel classes with continued low
     10 Class                   $76                             attendance and class schedule may be subject to change. The Center Fitness Club
     20 Class                  $136                             front desk has the latest information on any class cancellations.
     30 Class                  $169
                                                              P L E A S E N OT E
     Unlimited                 $427
                                                              Entry to Workout Zone Passport Classes will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Maximum

     (* good for 1 year from purchase)                        capacity is 30 for Studio A; and 25 for Studio B. Please arrive for class on time. Instructors are
                                                              subject to change and will substitute from time to time.

     N OT E : Workout  Zone Passports may be purchased
     ONLY at The Workout Zone in the Community
     Recreation Center, 3000 Glenview Road,Wilmette, IL.
     The Unlimited pass is available to members only. It is
     non-transferable and non-refundable, and cannot be
     shared with others..

                                                                                                      *Non resident fee. See “Fair -Share” information page 108.

46   Wilmette Park District
The Wilmette Park District is proud to offer a variety of fitness classes to benefit your body and       Reap the benefits of
mind. Our classes are designed to provide workouts based on the latest fitness trends and research.
All of our staff are professional, nationally certified, experienced instructors.We suggest you cross-
train within our program by regularly attending a mixture of classes taught by different instructors.    Center Fitness Club members,
The benefits received from a consistent routine (3-4 times per week) are as follows:                     receive a discount on 5-class;
                                                                                                         10-class; 20-class and 30-class
• Improved cardio-respiratory health                  • Increased flexibility
                                                                                                         Workout Zone Passports. Center
• Reduced body fat                                    • Reduced stress
                                                                                                         Fitness Club members must
• Increased muscular endurance                        • Improved self-esteem
                                                                                                         show proof of membership to
• Increased metabolic rate                            • Improved mind/body connection
                                                                                                         qualify for this discount. Senior
• Increased bone density                              • Improved skin health
                                                                                                         discounts are not given on the
• Reduced blood pressure
                                                                                                         purchase of passports, but
                                                                                                         discounts will be honored on
CLASS GUIDELINES                                                                                         non-passport classes.

To help prevent injury and achieve a safe and effective workout:

• Arrive for class on time and remain until the end to ensure proper warm-up, cool-down
 and stretch. If you must leave early, please inform the instructor.

• Please inform the instructor of any special considerations (pregnancy, medical                          GROUP EXERCISE STAFF
 conditions, history of injuries, etc.). We recommend a physical exam and medical
 clearance before starting any exercise program. Inform the instructor immediately if you                Charlotte Carter       Julie Mantice

 are feeling light-headed, dizzy, short of breath or pain of any kind.                                   Cindy Clohesy          Christina Persico
                                                                                                         Leslie Cohen           Cynthia Spina
• Modify the workout for your own particular needs. Learning to modify movements is                      Audrey Fields          Evelyn Thompson
 essential in today’s multi-level, multi-faceted fitness classes. Our instructors will
                                                                                                         Nancy Kwo              Jody Warner
 demonstrate options for certain movements. If necessary, feel free to ask the instructor
                                                                                                         Pam Leventis           Kate Weitergren
 for an option if one is not offered.
                                                                                                         Kira Maar
• We strongly advise against the use of wrist weights, hand-held weights or ankle weights
 during the cardiovascular portion of class. Research shows the risk of injury far
 outweighs the minimal benefits. Only classes designed with slow and controlled
 movement are appropriate for use of weights.
                                                                                                         Custom Sport Training
• Our instructors are trained and certified to provide safe and effective routines. Please               Whether you are an athlete or just a
 follow their routine. As previously noted, modifications are encouraged. However, if
                                                                                                         recreational player, in order to meet
 you feel the need to significantly alter the routine, we ask you remain in the back of the
                                                                                                         the demands of your sport you must
                                                                                                         do more that just practice.The Center
• Proper footwear must be worn in every class. Street shoes or bare feet are not allowed                 Fitness Club’s private sport specific
 for any class that involves impacting movement. Aerobics or cross-training shoes are                    training program will prepare your
 appropriate for our classes. Ask your instructor for footwear suggestions and length of                 body to perform at optimal levels and
 wear guidelines.                                                                                        will strengthen your body to prevent
                                                                                                         injury. Working one-on-one with a
• Please refrain from chewing gum, eating candy or lengthy conversations during class.                   certified personal trainer and using a
• Please wear comfortable, breathable, non-restrictive clothing. It is important to drink                combination of polymeric, core, stability
 water before, during and after class - by the time you feel thirsty, you are already                    and agility exercises, we will provide
 dehydrated. We recommend you bring covered plastic water bottles into the classroom.                    you with an edge unreachable by basic
                                                                                                         strength training or practice alone. We
• Please note that increased body temperature due to exercise may intensify fragrances                   can develop a program for any sport.
 from scented lotions and perfumes. This may be offensive to others, so please be
                                                                                                         This program meets for 10 one hour
                                                                                                         sessions. Call 847-256-9117 for
• Negative energy must be left outside the classroom! Everyone is required to de-stress,                 training times and dates.
 let loose, enjoy, and have fun!                                                                         R-$500/NR*-$700

AT T E N T I O N P L E A S E : Our insurance coverage does not permit the presence of children under
the age of 14 in Workout Zone classes. Thank you for your cooperation.

                                                                                          Spring/Summer 2009           47
                                                              GROUP EXERCISE-PASSPORT

                                                               Class Name                       Studio        Description
      MONDAY                     8:00 – 9:00 am                Strength Training                B             Weights/Tubes
                                 9:15 – 10:30 am               STEP                             B             High Intensity/ Low Impact
                                 9:15 – 10:30 am               Spin/Ab Lab                      B             Cycle; Core Training
                                 10:30 – 11:30 am              Zumba Gold                       A             Light and Low; Latin Dance Style
                              + *4:30 – 5:30 pm                Fit Ball                         A             Core Strength and Flexibility
                                 7:00 – 8:00 pm                Cardio/Strength                  B             Cardio/Strength/Weights

      TUESDAY                    5:45 – 6:45 am                Spin                             B             Cycle
                                 9:15 – 10:15 am               Cardio Pump                      A             Cardio Free Style
                                 9:15 – 10:15 am               Strength Training                B             Strength
                                * 12:00 – 1 pm                 Ab Lab Plus                      A             Abdominal Workout (Spring only)
                                 5:00 – 6:00 pm                Zumba                            A             Salsa; Latin Dance Style
                                 6:30 – 7:30 pm                STEP                             A             High Intensity/ Low Impact

      WEDNESDAY                  5:45 – 6:45 pm                Spin                             B             Cycle
                                 8:15 – 9:15 am                Cardio Pump                      A             Cardio
                                 9:15 – 10:30 am               Spin Plus                        B             Cycle/ Weights
                              + *6:30 – 7:30 pm                Ab Lab Plus                      A             Abdominal Workout; Strength (Spring only)
                                 7:00 – 8:00 pm                Zumba                            B             Salsa; Latin Dance Style

      THURSDAY                   5:45 – 6:45 am                Spin                             B             Cycle
                              + *8:30 – 9:00 am                Cardio Express                   A             Cardio
                                 9:15 – 10:15 am               Interval Training                A             Strength/ Cardio
                                 6:30 – 7:30 pm                Fit Ball                         A             Core Strength and Flexibility

      FRIDAY                     9:15 – 10:30 am               Step                             A             High Intensity/ Low Impact
                                 9:15 – 10:15 am               Interval Training                B             Step-Strength
                                 10:30 – 11:30 am              Zumba Gold                       A             Light and Low; Latin Dance

      SATURDAY                   7:00 – 8:00 am                Spin                             B             Cycle/Weights
                                 8:15 – 9:15 am                Kickboxing                       A             Cardio Boxing
                                 8:15 – 9:15 am                Zumba                            B             Salsa; Latin Dance Style
                                 9:30 – 10:45 am               Cardio Pump                      A             Cardio/ Muscle Conditioning

      SUNDAY                     9:15 – 10:30 am               Strength Training                A             Weights/Tubes
                                 10:30 - 11:30 am              Spin Plus                        B             Cycle/ Weights

     We reserve the right to cancel classes with continuous low attendance. Please call our front desk at 847/256-9117 for updates to the schedule.

      +* Free to CFC Members or Passport Class

48   Wilmette Park District
                                       GROUP EXERCISE-PASSPORT DESCRIPTIONS

           AB LAB PLUS         Tone and strengthen your core muscles with this 30 minute class designed to tackle abdominal and
                               low back muscles. Free to Members. Wednesday evening class is 1 hour.

  STRENGTH TRAINING            Develop a strong body with this most popular and favored conditioning class designed to increase
                               lean muscle and improve muscular endurance. Equipment includes weights, resistant tubing and
                               floor work exercise.

          CARDIO PUMP          Sweat, burn fat and condition your muscles. This great cardiovascular workout will burn those extra
                               calories. Format may include kick boxing moves.

                FIT BALL       A muscle conditioning class consisting of balance and strength exercises performed in a variety of
                               positions on the exercise balls. Exercises may include weights and resistant tubing, sitting, balancing
                               and lying on balls as well as mats.

   INTERVAL TRAINING           Alternate cardio and strength training.

           KICKBOXING          Punch and kick your way to being fit. A choreographed, non-contact cardiovascular and core
                               workout that incorporates knock punches and power kicks into one great calorie burning workout.

                    SPIN       Stationery cycling, including warm up and cool down.

              SPIN PLUS        Like to cycle but need more? Add weights to your workout with a ride and weight training.

                    STEP       An intense step workout that includes power moves, creative combinations and body shaping
                               segments. This class will send you on your way feeling strong and focused for the day.

  ZUMBA/ZUMBA GOLD             This cardio workout is taking the world by storm. Inspired by Latin rhythms, it burns calories, shapes
                               the body and makes you feel like you’re at a party! Best of all—it is easy to follow. Zumba Gold is
                               ideal for those just beginning an exercise routine!

         NOT SURE
 W H AT C L A S S T O TA K E ?

   Find out which program
    fits your specific needs
by calling our Assistant Fitness
   Center Manager Michelle
 Sandstrom at 847/256-9785.

                                                                                  Spring/Summer 2009       49
                                                      GROUP EXERCISE NON-PASSPORT

                                                          Class Name              Studio                     Description
      MONDAY                     10:30 - NOON             Yoga                    B                          Yoga
                                 6:00 - 7:30 pm           Yoga                    B                          Yoga

      TUESDAY                    10:30 - 11:30 am         Just Back               A                          Core Strength/Flexibility

      WEDNESDAY                  9:00 - 10:00 am          Tai Chi I               Lakeview Center            Mind/Body/Spirit
                                 10:15 - 11:30 am         Tai Chi II              Lakeview Center            Mind/Body/Spirit
                                 10:30 - NOON             Yoga Basics             B                          Yoga

      THURSDAY                   10:30 - 11:30 am         Joints in Motion        A                          Flexibility/Stability/Balance

      FRIDAY                     10:30 - NOON             Yoga                    B                          Yoga

      SATURDAY                   9:30 - 10:30 am          Yoga                    B                          Yoga
                                 11:00 - NOON             Pilates                 A                          Strength/Flexibility

                                                     Yoga II                                    Tai Chi II
                                                     Summer                                     Spring
                                                     R-$86/NR*-$108                             R-$132/NR*-$165                         10 wks
     Yoga I
                                                     CFC Member: $82                 8 wks      CFC Member: $100
     Spring                                          530002-01 M 10:30 am-noon 6/15-8/3         430008-01 W 10:15-11:30 am            4/1-6/3
     R-$108/NR*-$135                                 530002-02 M 6-7:30 pm        6/15-8/3
     CFC Member: $103                       10 wks   530002-03 F    10:30 am-noon 6/19-8/7
     430000-01 W 10:30 am-noon             4/1-6/3                                              Sunrise Summer Tai Chi
                                                     One-Hour Class
     Summer                                                                                     This class meets under the picnic shelter near
                                                     NO   CLASS:   J U LY 4 .
     R-$86/NR*-$108                                                                             Lakeview Center.
     CFC Member: $82              8 wks                                                         R-$105/NR*-$131                           8 wks
                                                     CFC Member: $72                7 wks
     530000-01 W 10:30 am-noon 6/17-8/5                                                         CFC Member: $80
                                                     530002-04 Sa 9:30 -10:30 am 6/20-8/8
                                                                                                530009-01 W 6:00-7:00am              6/17-8/5

     Yoga II                                         Pilates                                    Just Back
     NO   CLASS:   M O N DAY, M AY 2 5 .             Spring
     Spring                                                                                     Spring
     R-$108/NR*-$135                                                                            R-$104/NR*-$130
                                                     CFC Member: $103                  10 wks
     CFC Member: $103              10 wks                                                       CFC Member: $94               10 wks
                                                     430003-01 Sa 11 am-noon          4/4-6/6
     430002-01 M 10:30 am-noon 3/30-6/8                                                         430005-01 Tu 10:30-11:30 am 3/31-6/2
     430002-02 M 6-7:30 pm       3/30-6/8            Summer
     430002-03 F   10:30 am-noon 4/3-6/5             NO   CLASS:   J U LY 4 .
     One-Hour Class                                                                             CFC Member: $76                8 wks
                                                     CFC Member: $72                    7 wks
     R-$79/NR*-$99                                                                              530005-01 Tu 10:30-11:30 am 6/16-8/4
                                                     530003-01 Sa 11 am-noon          4/4-6/6
     CFC Member: $61                        10 wks
     430002-04 Sa 9:30 -10:30 am           4/4-6/6                                              Joints in Motion
                                                     Tai Chi I
                                                     R-$132/NR*-$165                   10 wks
                                                                                                CFC Member: $94                        10 wks
                                                     CFC Member: $100
                                                                                                430006-01 Th 10:30-11:30 am           4/2-6/4
                                                     430007-01 W 9-10 am              4/1-6/3
                                                                                                CFC Member: $76                8 wks
                                                                                                530006-01 Th 10:30-11:30 am 6/20-8/6

50   Wilmette Park District

      JUST BACK       Oh, my aching back! Let’s strengthen your core muscles which are responsible for general
                      back health. A variety of equipment will be included for gains in flexibility and strength.

JOINTS IN MOTION      Reduce the effects of arthritis and osteoporosis. Basic moves are practiced using chairs, hands
                      weights, resistant tubing and stability balls. All levels welcome.

        TAI CHI I     Maintain and improve your health and balance with a class designed to utilize different aspects
                      of Tai Chi; standing and quiet sitting practices to encourage calmness, stretching and
                      bending exercises for flexibility of the joints. Qi Gong for nourishing and promoting energy,
                      and Tai Chi floor movements for balance and coordination.

        TAI CHI II    This class is for those who have had Tai Chi before and are ready to work more independently.
                      You will be working on the same basics as Tai Chi I with more advancement.

         PILATES      The ultimate goal of this class is to integrate core strength with flexible limbs and joints for a
                      balanced full body workout. Pilates is a series of controlled movements performed in a
                      sequence without endless repetitions. Breathing, form and technique are strongly emphasized
                      and are the foundation of all movements.

          YOGA I      Perfect for those new to Yoga and those looking to deepen their understanding of basic postures.
                      This class includes warm-ups to mobilize joints and increase range of motion along with basic
                      yoga postures and fundamental breathing techniques. Wear loose comfortable clothing.

         YOGA II      This class is excellent for the student with some yoga experience or those who are currently
                      active in Yoga. Increase your strength, balance and flexibility while relieving tension in your
                      body and mind by practicing “Vinyasa flow”. Breathing and deep relaxation are included in
                      this format. Wear loose comfortable clothing.

                                                                    Spring/Summer 2009       51
     The Meskill Center in Mallinckrodt Park                       847-256-9623   ACTIVITIES AVAILABLE
     1041A Ridge Road                                                             •   Bowling Club
                                                                                  •   Walking Club
                                                                                  •   Book Groups
         MESKILL CENTER STAFF                                                     •   Bridge Groups
         Meskill Center Manager:        Ruthie Brew                               SERVICES AVAILABLE
         Meskill Center Assistant:      Joan Buchanan                             •   Podiatrist
                                                                                  •   Social Worker available for
                                                                                      consultation: Wednesdays
                                                                                      from Noon-3 p.m.

                                                                                  Call at 847/256-9623 for information.

                                                                                  Meskill Center Programs

                                                                                  The Wilmette Park District offers
                                                                                  many classes that are of particular
                                                                                  interest to adults over 50: health
                                                                                  and fitness, music & memoir
                                                                                  writing, trips and more. If you
                                                                                  have an idea for a program or
                                                                                  need an answer to your questions,
     Membership in the Meskill Center                                             call, Ruthie Brew, Meskill Center
     The Meskill Center is an activity center coordinating programs               Manager, at 847/256-9111.
     exclusively for Adults 50 Plus. In addition to special events, speakers,
     trips and stimulating classes, parties and many more activities are
     offered.Your membership is a direct reflection of your support for the

     Meskill Center. Membership entitles you to a monthly newsletter,
     participation in members-only classes and activities, and priority
     registration on our trips.Although the new membership year began
     September 1, you may register for membership at any time.
                                                                                  A Special Thanks . . .
     Adults 50 plus
     $26 annual membership fee                                                    The Meskill Center extends its
     August 31, 2008 - August 31, 2009                                            thanks and appreciation to the many
     9929    M-F     9 am-5 pm       Ongoing                                      organizations that support and help
                                                                                  fund our special events and programs.

      *Non resident fee. See “Fair -Share” information page 108.

52   Wilmette Park District
• Must be Wilmette resident, age 65 or older, with proper identification
• Tennis Memberships are discounted 25%
• Ice Skating passes are discounted 50%
• Recreation classes at the Community Recreation Center are discounted 25%,
  except those designated for Adults 50 plus—they have already been
• Golf Course memberships are discounted
• Gillson Beach and Centennial Pool passes are discounted 50%
• Summer Boat spaces are discounted 25%

Importance of Early Registration                                                        Reserve a Table for Me:
It is important to register early for the trips and programs offered by the Meskill     Treasures & Trinkets Sale            NEW
Center because all theaters, restaurants and instructors require four weeks or          Now is the time to do some

more prior notice for confirmation. In order to meet these deadlines, decisions         spring cleaning and bring out

must be made well in advance whether or not to cancel programs. We do not               your treasures for a second life in
want to disappoint anyone, so please register early. All trips leave from               someone’s else’s home! Only small
The Meskill Center in Mallinckrodt Park, 1041A Ridge Road.                              household items please – no
                                                                                        clothing or furniture. Knick knacks,
Trip Policy                                                                             jewelry, purses, dishes, artwork, and
Reservations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis payable at the time of       such is most welcome.You will
registration. In case of cancellations, refunds will be issued only if we are able to   work your table and keep your
fill the opening from a wait list. There is a 10% service charge, or a minimum of       profits and have the satisfaction of
$5 on all cancellations.                                                                going home to a cleaner house
                                                                                        with money in your pocket!
                                                                                        Adults 50 plus                    1 day
             WHAT’S NEW
                                             Let’s Bike Together!                       $5 half table/$10 full table
                                             Group Planning Meeting                     431063-01 Sa 10 am-1 pm            5/30
Let’s Walk Outside!                          Monday, April 20, 3 p.m.
Group Planning Meeting                       If you love to bike and would like           SEASONAL SPECIAL PROGRAMS

Monday, April 20, 1:30 p.m.                  to have some cycling companions,
                                             then attend this meeting.We’ll             Picnic at Gillson Park
If you like to walk, we bet you love
to walk outside when the weather’s           discuss great off-road bike paths          Sponsored by ManorCare Wilmette
nice! How about joining a group              and plan a spring/summer ride              Please be our guest in late August
that plans walks on a regular basis          schedule.You must own your own             for an old-fashioned picnic in
to forest preserves, lake front parks,       bike and be in good physical               Gillson Park, sponsored by
botanical gardens, etc.We’ll decide          condition to participate. Please           ManorCare Wilmette.There will be
where we want to go and how                  register by calling 847/256-9111.          hot dogs and hamburgers with all
often to have excursions. If you                                                        the trimmings - including ice
enjoy the great out-of-doors, fresh                                                     cream, entertainment, and more
air, and exercise, then join with                                                       surprises. There is no charge, but
other like-minded people to plan                                                        reservations are required. This event is
for a spring and summer’s worth of                                                      open only to members of the
fun. Please register by calling                                                         Meskill Center.Watch your
847/256-9111.                                                                           newsletter for the date!

                                                                           Spring/Summer 2009        53
                  ODDS ‘N ENDS
                                                     Memoir Writing Class          NEW
                                                                                                       COMPUTERS CLASSES
                                                     This writing class will get you
     Mondays at the Movies                           thinking about things that happened      Computers for Beginners
                                                     years ago! Join us and put your
     Relax and enjoy movies at the                                                            Be afraid of the computer no more!
                                                     stories on paper for your family.
     Meskill Center on the first and                                                          This class will start with how to
                                                     This is not an English class.There
     third Mondays of each month.                                                             turn on the computer and use the
                                                     are no grades and no one corrects
     Films will be shown at l p.m. and                                                        mouse and will advance to creating
                                                     your work.We write every week
     last approximately two hours.                                                            documents and saving files.The
                                                     and read our stories in class the fol-
     Check your monthly newsletter for                                                        teacher is patient and kind and will
                                                     lowing week.This is a safe, stimu-
     listings. Sponsored by Lincolnwood                                                       kindly guide you in this small
                                                     lating, and supportive environment.
     Place. Members only. No fee. No                                                          group.
                                                     Privacy is stressed. It is fun and you
     registration is required.                                                                Adults 50 plus             5 wks
                                                     will get writing ideas from your
     Adults 50 plus                        No fee    instructor and classmates.You don’t      $120 members/$130 non-members
     9915      M                          1-3 pm     need to write like Hemingway to          Spring
     S C R E E N I N G DAT E S :                     join.You just need to write the          431037-01 M 9:30-11:30 am 4/13-5/11
     4/6 & 20        5/4 & 18            6/1 & 15    stories that will become your
     7/6 & 20        8/3 & 17                        legacy to your loved ones.
                                                                                              531037-01 M 9:30-11:30 am     6/8-7/6
                                                     Adults 50 plus             8 wks
     Humanities                                      $125 members/$130 non-members
                                                     431049-01 W 12:30-2 pm 4/15-6/3          Introduction to Email & the
     Join us for an ongoing, free discus-                                                     Internet
     sion course on literature, art, music,
     philosophy, current events, and                                                          This class introduces students to the
                                                     Chef Luncheon
     history, and how they make our                                                           wonders of the world wide web,
                                                     At Lincolnwood Place                     better known as the Internet! You
     lives more meaningful.This course
                                                     Join us for a trip to Lincolnwood        will learn to communicate by using
     is co-sponsored by Oakton
                                                     Place Retirement Community for a         email and to search for limitless
     Community College with Bill
                                                     springtime Chef Luncheon.We will         information on the internet.This
     Neebe as the facilitator.All the
                                                     tour this beautiful community and        class could change your life.
     readings are chosen to evoke
                                                     then be treated to the culinary ex-
     discussion and opportunity for                                                           Adults 50 plus             5 wks
                                                     pertise of a special lunch prepared
     self-discovery and personal growth.                                                      $120 members/$130 non-members
                                                     by executive chef, David Classe.
     Registration is required and
                                                     After lunch Chef Classe will give a      Spring
     ongoing. Open to members only.
                                                     demonstration of how he created          431070-01 M 12:15-2:15 pm 4/13-5/11
     Adults 50 plus            No fee                the lunch.Transportation will be         Summer
     9916    W     10 am-noon Ongoing                provided by Lincolnwood Place’s          531070-01 M 12:30-2:30 pm 6/8-7/6
                                                     bus from the Meskill Center.
     Thumbnail Book Reviews                          Adults 50 plus                   1 day
                                                                                              Microsoft Word
     This informative book review                    $3 members/$8 non-members
                                                     431068-01 Th 11 am-2 pm          4/16    Learn to write and create beautiful
     program features reference librarian                                                     documents using tricks such as the
     Amy Barrow, who provides short                                                           spell and grammar check function
     sketches on a variety of new books,                                                      and the clip art gallery.You will gain
     including best sellers and other                                                         practice with the toolbar buttons,
     timely titles.This program is                                                            working with margins, creating files
     provided courtesy of the Wilmette                                                        and folders, making labels, and
     Public Library. No fee, but registration                                                 saving on disks. Students must have
     is necessary.                                                                            basic computer skills.
     Adults 50 plus                         No fee
                                                                                              Adults 50 plus               5 wks
     9913      F                   10:30-11:30 am
                                                                                              $120 members/$130 non-members
     R E V I E W DAT E S :
                                                                                              431039-01 M 2:30-4:30 pm 4/13-5/11
     4/3         5/1          6/5
     7/3         8/7

54   Wilmette Park District
Digital Cameras
Now that you have taken digital
                                                                                 DRIVING &
photos, learn how to successfully                                                TRANSPORTATION
get them out of your camera so
you can organize, edit, print and                                                PROGRAMS
share them.You will learn to email,
create slideshows and archive your                                               Dial-a-Ride Program
digital photos. Bring your camera’s                                              Dial-A-Ride provides subsidized
memory card to class. Students                                                   taxi service to New Trier Township
must have basic computer skills.      Mah Jongg                                  residents who are 65 or older and
Adults 50 plus             5 wks      Come over and play Mah Jongg, an           to all residents who are mobility
$120 members/$130 non-members         ancient Chinese game played with           limited.A Township contribution of
531038-01 M 2:30-4:30 pm 6/8-7/6      tiles. New players are welcome.            $6 is subtracted from the metered
                                      This program is open to members only.      charge. For more information call
                                      Adults 50 plus                  No fee     847-256-9623.
         CARDS & GAMES
                                      Tu        12:30-4 pm           Ongoing
Open Bridge                                                                      AARP Driver Safety Program
This is an ongoing session, open to   Beginning Canasta                          This two-day refresher-driving
anyone who enjoys playing Bridge.     This card game is once again popu-         course will help you update your
We don’t take it too seriously, we    lar. Dotty Guthmann will teach us          knowledge of age-related changes,
play for the sheer enjoyment of the   the basics of the game and provide         rules of the road and license re-
game. New players are welcome.        written rules as well as play by play      newal requirements. Upon comple-
You do not need a partner. This       assistance. If the class is interested,    tion your automobile insurance
program is open to members only.      we can set-up a regular play date          company may reduce your insur-
Adults 50 plus               No fee   once the class is finished.                ance premiums.Attendance at both
Tu & Th   Noon-4 pm         Ongoing                                              classes is mandatory for the certifi-
                                      Adults 50 plus              6 wks          cate. Pre-registration is required, call
                                      $65 members/$75 non-members                847-256-9623.The fee is $12 for
Duplicate Bridge                      431065-01 W 9-11 am 5/6-6/10               AARP members; $14 for AARP non-
A new group has formd on                                                         members. Please make check out to
Thursday afternoons and welcomes      Pinochle & Scrabble                        AARP (No cash).
new players. Members only.            Come over and play Pinochle or             Adults 50 plus                     2 days
Adults 50 plus               No fee   Scrabble with a friendly group of          Th-F      9 am-1 pm              4/16-17
Th        Noon-4 pm         Ongoing   people. New players are welcome
                                      and add to the fun. This program is        Rules of the Road Review
                                      open to members only.
                                                                                 This two hour session is designed
                                      Adults 50 plus                  No fee     to give drivers, particularly Adults
                                      W         12:30-4 pm           Ongoing     50 plus and disabled citizens, the
                                                                                 knowledge and confidence they
                                      Bunco                                      need to successfully pass driver’s
                                                                                 license renewal examinations.The
                                      Join us for Bunco on the first and
                                                                                 course is taught by employees or
                                      third Fridays of every month.
                                                                                 volunteers trained by the Secretary of
                                      Bunco has been around since the
                                                                                 State’s office. No registration necessary.
                                      1900s. It is a simple dice game and
                                      if you do not know how to play we          Adults 50 plus       No fee         1 day
                                      will teach you. Members only.              F           10 am-noon               5/8
                                                                                 F           10 am-noon              7/10
                                      Adults 50 plus                    No fee
                                      F         1-3 pm
                                      4/3 & 17    5/1 & 15         6/5 & 19
                                      7/3 & 17    8/7 & 21

                                                                     Spring/Summer 2009         55
              HEALTH & WELLBEING
                                            Early Morning Tai Chi                     Adults 50 plus              6 wks
                                            Greet the morning sun in beautiful        $70 members/$80 non-members
                                            Mallinckrodt Park with this standing      431043-01 W 11 am-noon 4/8-5/13
     Walk Your Way to Fitness
     NEW WEEKEND HOURS                      meditation and stretching practice,
                                            known to enhance one’s physical           Easy Strength & Conditioning
     Reap the health benefits of walking    and emotional well-being.The class
                                                                                      This class is designed to tone and
     year-round in the safe, controlled     will move indoors in inclement
                                                                                      strengthen the upper body, lower
     environment of the Center Fitness      weather.
                                                                                      body, and pelvic region using light
     Club at the Community
                                            Adults 50 plus              6 wks         weights, resistance tubing, and a
     Recreation Center. Set your own
                                            $70 members/$80 non-members               variety of exercises.The result will
     pace and walk alone or with your
                                            531064-01 W 7:30-8:30 am 6/3-7/22         be greater balance, flexibility, coor-
     friends.You must be a member of
                                                                                      dination, and muscular strength and
     the Meskill Center to qualify for
                                            Joyful Movement                           endurance.All levels welcome and
     this arrangement. Hours are
                                                                                      you may work out in a chair if
     Monday-Friday between 7 a.m.-          Looking for a new way to get              desired.You may take this class
     4 p.m.; Saturday from 1-6 p.m. and     moving? This class involves gentle        either once or twice a week.
     Sunday from 1-5 p.m.                   movement to music and will
                                            provide a gentle cardio workout.          Adults 50 plus              6 wks
     Adults 50 plus                                                                   $70 members/$80 non-members
                                            Come to laugh, move and stretch
     $21 members                                                                      431069-01 M 6-7 pm      4/6-5/11
                                            while enhancing your balance, flex-
     September 1, 2008- August 31, 2009                                               431069-02 W 6-7 pm      4/8-5/13
                                            ibility, and agility.This class is good
     9930 M-F 7 am-4 pm         Ongoing
                                            for the body and the soul
           Sa     1-6                                                                                                    NEW
           Su     1-5                       Adults 50 plus              6 wks         Self-Hypnosis/Meditation
                                            $70 members/$80 non-members               Medical research has demonstrated
                                            431044-01 W 1:30-2:30 pm 4/1-5/6          the benefits of relaxing the mind,
     Tai Chi
                                                                                      whether it is called self-hypnosis,
     Enjoy learning a basic form of Tai                                               meditation or relaxation.You will
     Chi, as well as other techniques de-   Yoga-Stretch For Life
                                                                                      learn what this state actually is, in
     signed to energize the body, reduce    This gentle and easy form of yoga         physiological and behavioral terms.
     and manage stress, improve balance,    is ideal for beginners or continuing      Shawn Mossell, a certified hypnotist,
     coordination and flexibility.The       students who prefer a gentle              will teach you how to physically and
     regular practice of this system of     stretching program.The class includes     mentally reach this state. Learn how
     movements can facilitate harmo-        warm-ups to mobilize joints and           to achieve your personal goals
     nious energy flow throughout the       increase range of motion, yoga            through your subconscious mind,
     body, enhancing one’s physical and     postures and breathing techniques.        visualization and imagination—
     emotional wellbeing.This course is     The instructor is Karen Castillo,         experiencing relief from anxiety,
     taught by Evelyn Thompson.             trained in Hatha Yoga.                    sleeping disorders, or the manage-
     NO   CLASS:   J U LY 3 .
                                            Adults 50 plus              6 wks         ment of harmful habits such as
     Adults 50 plus              8 wks      $70 members/$80 non-members               overeating or smoking. Each session
     $90 members/$100 non-members           431019-01 M 11 am-noon 3/30-5/4           will include two periods in which
                                            431019-02 M 11 am-noon 5/11-6/15          you will experience a deep state of
                                                                                      self-hypnosis or meditation.
     431007-01 F 11 am-noon 3/6-4/24
     431007-02 F 11 am-noon 5/1-6/19        Strength Training                         Adults 50 plus              2 wks
                                                                                      $30 members/$35 non-members
     Summer                                 Would you like to feel stronger?
                                                                                      431052-01 Tu 7-8:30 pm 5/5-5/12
     531007-01 F 11 am-noon 6/26-8/21       This class is designed to increase
                                            physical strength, using light hand
                                            weights and resistance tubing.
                                            Participants may sit in chairs or
                                            stand.All major muscle groups will
                                            be worked, finishing with stretch-
                                            ing, to increase range of motion
                                            and muscle flexibility.

56   Wilmette Park District
Podiatry Services                                                               are but some of the delights from
                                                 THEATER OUTINGS
                                                                                the beloved score.
Dr. Nick Ivancevic, a licensed podi-
atrist and a graduate of the Scholl     The Taffetas                            Adults 50 plus              1 day
College of Podiatric Medicine,          Pheasant Run Resort Brunch & Show       $36 members/$46 non-members
accepts appointments at the Meskill                                             531059-01 F    12-4 pm      8/14
                                        Celebrate spring with us as we dine
Center. Services provided include
                                        on 100 brunch specialties including
routine diabetic foot care, skin and                                            Cabaret
                                        made-to-order omelets, pasta and
nail disorders, nail cutting, heel
                                        waffle stations, salads, spreads,       Drury Lane Theater
pain, ingrown toenails, wound care,
                                        carved meat, and more.After             Set in the sexy, sultry Kit Kat Klub,
corn and calluses.The cost is covered
                                        brunch, enjoy the show where we         before the Nazis rise to power in
by Medicare and Medicaid. Most
                                        will journey back in time to when       late 1920s Berlin, Cabaret is a
private insurance companies are
                                        hula hoops were hot, angora sweaters    provocative tale of love and war.
accepted, but no HMOs. Please call
                                        were fashionable and poodle skirts      This mesmerizing show depicts the
847/256-9623 for an appointment.
                                        where the talk of the town.A quar-      intertwined stories of an English
Members only.
                                        tet of sisters is determined to sing    cabaret singer, an American writer,
Adults 50 plus                          their way onto national television      a rich German politician, a Jewish
Th              9:15 am-12:45 pm        to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show.      fruit vendor and the denizen of
A P P O I N T M E N T DAT E S :         Hear 1950s favorites including the      Berlin who are caught in a tumul-
4/9 & 23 5/14 & 28                      hits “Johnny Angel,”“Mr. Sandman”       tuous changing society. Lunch will
                                        and “You Belong to Me.”                 be salad and your choice of
       OUT TO LUNCH BUNCH               Adults 50 plus              1 day       Chicken Breast Marsala or Roast
                                        $83 members/$93 non-members             Sirloin of Beef, dessert, rolls and
Grecian Feast                           531062-01 Su 10:30 am-5 pm   4/5        coffee or tea.Transportation will be
                                                                                by coach bus. Registrations must be in
17th Century English Music Concert
                                                                                by August 3.
The day will start with a delicious     The Putnam County
luncheon at the Greek Islands in        Spelling Bee                            Adults 50 plus               1 day
Greek Town.You will be served an        Marriot Theatre in Lincolnshire         $68 members/$78 non-members
appetizer,Athenian salad, an entrée                                             531060-01 W 10:30 am-5:30 pm 8/26
                                        This Tony award winning new
sampler including Chicken Riganati,     musical comedy follows six kids in
Dolmades, Spanakotiropila (Spinach      the throes of puberty, overseen by          ON THE ROAD (DAY TRIPS)
Pie) and Keftedes ( Meatballs), with    grown-ups who barely managed to
rice and Greek potatoes. Dessert        escape childhood themselves! Along      Milwaukee Art Museum
will be Baklava and coffee.After the    the way they learn that winning         Mader’s German Restaurant
feast we will travel to Chrysostom      isn’t everything and losing doesn’t
Church where we will be treated                                                 Join us we travel to the Milwaukee
                                        necessarily make you a loser. Lunch     Art Museum for the special exhibit
to 17th Century English music.          will be on your own at the Fairfield
Transportation will be by coach bus.                                            tour “Art in Bloom.” Exquisite
                                        Inn.We will travel by Park District     floral displays will be featured
Adults 50 plus              1 day       bus.                                    throughout the collection galleries
$55 members/$65 non-members             Adults 50 plus              1 day       for your enjoyment.After the tour
431027-01 Th 11-4 pm        4/30        $45 members/$55 non-members             we will lunch at the famous
                                        531061-01 W 11 am-4 pm      6/24        Mader’s German restaurant. Dine
                                                                                on salad, your choice of Chicken
                                                                                Schnitzel or Rheinischer
     CHICAGO CUBS                       My Fair Lady
                                                                                Sauerbraten (a beef dish) and Apple
        GAMES!                          Cahn Auditorium                         Strudel for dessert. Mader’s also has
                                        Lerner and Loewe’s joyous and           a gift shop selling Hummel fig-
   We’ll be offering several trips.
                                        witty battle of the sexes—this is       urines, beer steins and various other
    Call for details or watch the       one of Broadways’ most dazzling         German items.
        monthly newsletter.             musicals. I Could Have Danced All
                                                                                Adults 50 plus              1 day
                                        Night, I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her
                                                                                $57 members/$67 non-members
                                        Face and On the Street where You Live
                                                                                431067-01 F 8:45 am-3 pm     4/3

                                                                  Spring/Summer 2009       57
                                                                                     Frank Lloyd Wright Home &
                                                                                     Unity Temple Tour
                                                                                     Join us as we travel to Oak Park
                                                                                     where we will tour the historic dis-
                                                                                     trict and the famous Wright family
                                                                                     residence and studio.Wright lived
                                                                                     in this house while he developed
                                                                                     his architectural practice, creating
                                                                                     what became the “Prairie Style” of
                                                                                     architecture. Lunch will be at
                                                                                     Winberie’s, where you will have
                                                                                     your choice of Chopped Salad with
NEW   Cantigny Park & Museum                  Kenosha, WI Sites                      bacon and blue cheese or a
      Wheaton, IL                             Durkee Mansion, Civil War Museum &     Chicken Milanese Sandwich.After
      Put on your walking shoes to tour       Jelly Belly Outlet                     lunch we will tour the Unity
      the beautiful gardens, military         The Durkee Mansion was once            Temple, one of Wright’s most
      museums and the McCormick               home to Wisconsin’s first Senator,     significant projects.Transportation
      mansion at Cantigny.This is a           Charles Durkee.The cream brick         is by Coach Bus. Registrations must
      unique park, blending the beauty of     Italianate Victorian home is fur-      be in by May 18.
      nature, the refinement of mansion       nished with period furniture and       Adults 50 plus              1 day
      life, and the strength of military      fixtures.We will be lunching at the    $85 members/$95 non-members
      operations, with 11 tanks on display    Boat House Pub where you will          531058-01 F 9 am-4:30 pm     6/5
      throughout the park.We will lunch       have your choice of Crispy
      at Le Jardin restaurant in the park     Chicken or Roast Beef .After
      and choices will be a Chicken           lunch we will tour the new Civil        EXTENDED TRIPS (OVERNIGHTS)
      Caesar Salad or Italian Chopped         War Museum.The final stop will be
      Sub.Transportation will be by                                                  Holland Tulip Festival
                                              a tour and tasty treats at the Jelly
      Coach Bus. Registration must be in by                                          May 6-8, 2009
                                              Belly factory on our way home.
      July 1.                                 Transportation is by Coach Bus.        Come tip toe through the tulips
                                              Registration must be in by July 17.    with us this spring! This annual
      Adults 50 plus              1 day
                                                                                     festival in Holland, Michigan show-
      $49 members/$59 non-members             Adults 50 plus              1 day      cases the Dutch culture center of
      531054-01 Th 9 am-3:30 pm 7/24          $55 members/$65 non-members            America.You will see acres upon
                                              531056-01 Th 9 am-6 pm      8/20       acres of colorful blooming tulips.
      A Day at the Races                                                             Enjoy reserved seating for the
      Arlington Park Race Track               Sunset Cruise & Dinner                 grand parade, a guided tour of the
      Join us for a wonderful trip to         Navy Pier & Lake Michigan              Dutch village, a schooner ride over
      Arlington International Race                                                   Lake Michigan dunes, a fruit farm
                                              We start by dining at Capi’s Italian
      Course. Enjoy the pageantry and                                                picnic and tram ride, and two ter-
                                              Kitchen at Navy Pier where dinner
      excitement of thoroughbred racing                                              rific shows, one featuring legendary
                                              will include salad, your choice of
      at one of the country’s most beauti-                                           Bobby Vinton. Contact the Meskill
                                              entrees and Ciao Bela Gelato for
      ful race courses.The trip includes                                             Center office for a flyer with prices.
                                              desert.After dinner we board
      admission, a program and reserved                                              Reservations require a $150
                                              Shoreline Boat Tours where we will
      box seats in the shade near the fin-                                           deposit. Final payment is due
                                              learn about Chicago’s colorful
      ish line. Lunch will be on your                                                April 6.
                                              history and famous landmarks.This
      own.We will leave from and return       will be a memorable summer             Adults 50 plus                  3 days
      to the Meskill Center in the park       evening, enjoying the beautiful        Double: $599 Single: $689
      district bus.                           lakefront, the backdrop of the city    W-F       5/6-8
      Adults 50 plus              1 day       and a front row seat to an amazing
      $25 members/$35 non-members             Chicago sunset.
      531066-01 Th 12-6 pm        7/16        Adults 50 plus              1 day
                                              $55 members/$65 non-members
                                              531057-01 Th 4:30 am-10 pm 6/28

58    Wilmette Park District
Community Recreation Center                            847/256-9686               CENTER FITNESS CLUB                                     847/256-9117
3000 Glenview Road
                                                                                  E A R LY C H I L D H O O D C E N T E R                  847/256-9119

   Manager of Recreation Services:  Jeff Groves                  Performing Arts Supervisor:  Bob Bierie
   Cultural Arts Supervisor:Sarah Heston                         Sports Supervisors: Sara Hilby, PPRP, Jason Pilecki
   Early Childhood Supervisor: Wendy Caspersen                   Office Manager: Liz Manning
   General Recreation Supervisor: Shelli Mata                    Administrative Assistants: Jacque Crane, Antoinette Carson,
   Gymnastics Supervisor: Jim Scully                             Deneen Hill and Angie Woodul

          T H E W I L M E T T E PA R K D I S T R I C T ’ S C O M M U N I T Y R E C R E AT I O N C E N T E R

The Wilmette Park District’s Community Recreation                    Hibbard Park and features workshops; dance and
Center offers 94,000 square feet of recreational                     exercise studios; Early Childhood Center; the
programming space for exercise and health; art and                   Center Fitness Club with running track; gymnastics
ceramics; performing arts; dance; music; gymnastics                  gymnasium; a sports gym; and an Auditorium for the
and sports. The Community Recreation Center is                       performing arts.
located on five acres of land adjacent to the eight-acre

                                          We’ve Got the Room For You at the Community
                                          Recreation Center!
Planning a Party?                         Is your house too small to hold that BIG event? Whatever the occasion—
                                          a birthday, meeting, bazaar or family get-together—you can Rent-a-
                                          Room that meets your space requirements. Our Grosse Pointe Room with
                                          adjacent kitchen facilities is great for a group.We also have activity rooms,
                                          dance and exercise studios; and a sports gymnasium that can be rented.
                                          ☎ C a l l 8 4 7 / 2 5 6 - 9 6 8 6 t o re s e r ve a ro o m a t t h e C o m mu n i t y
                                          R e c re a t i o n C e n t e r o r f o r m o re d e t a i l e d p a r t y a n d m e e t i n g
                                          infor mation.

                                          The following Birthday Parties can be arranged at the Community Recreation Center:

                                          A RT PA RT I E S
                                          DA N C E
                                          S P O RT S
                                          P E R F O R M I N G A RT S

                                          To get an up-to-date list of entertainers or instructors for “theme birthday
                                          party” entertainment, call 847/256-9686 or stop in at the Community
                                          Recreation Center, 3000 Glenview Rd.

                                                                                                 Spring/Summer 2009        59

                                                                                                                      YOUTH ART CLASSES
                                                                                                           Kindergarten Art                  NEW
       JAN BORRE, Art Instructor, has her degree from the Art Institute of Chicago and
       has been teaching art classes at local park districts and nursing homes.
                                                                                                           Your young art lover will enjoy
                                                                                                           exploring paint, drawing, printing and
       KATHLEEN BREJ, Youth Art Instructor, has a degree from the American Academy                         clay. Join Miss Judee for an afternoon
       of Art with an emphasis on drawing and design. She has worked as a graphic                          of creativity and fun!
       illustrator and has done extensive freelance work.
                                                                                                           Age K
       LAURIE PANUCCI, Ceramics Instructor, has a M.A. in elementary education from                        R-$90/NR-$110 10 weeks
       DePaul University and has been teaching art locally for many years. Laurie is also                  424025-01 Th 2:45-3:30 pm                 4/2-6/4
       the owner of a local ceramics studio.

       KATY RUSSELL, Knitting Instructor, learned to knit and crochet as an elementary                     Parent & Tot Artisans
       school student and has become a well-known expert in yarns and technical skills.                    Introduce your child to the wonderful
                                                                                                           world of art. Instructors work with tots
       JUDEE SIMS, Youth Art Instructor, has been teaching art and ceramics classes for                    on a variety of projects as moms or
       the Wilmette Park District for many years.                                                          dads lend a helping hand. Children will
                                                                                                           use clay, paint, glue, tissue-paper and a
       Instructor Identification:
                                                                                                           variety of other media.A maximum of
       B-Borre; B1 -Brej; P- Panucci; R-Russell; S-Sims;W-Willis; X-Staff
                                                                                                           two children may enroll with one
                                                                                                           adult. Children must be two years old
                                                                                                           by start of program. Fee is per child.
                                                                                                           N O C L A S S : S AT U R DAY, M AY 2 3 &
        A   M E S SAG E          TO    PA R E N TS                                                         M O N DAY, M AY 2 5 .

            AGE    REQUIREMENTS                                                                            Age 2-5
        For all programs, age requirements will be as of the date of the first class, unless               R-$87/NR-$109                             10 weeks
        otherwise specified. Please do not request to have your child put in a class he/she does           424010-01 M          9:15-10 am          3/30-6/8
        not belong in. All age requirements are set to benefit the children and make instruction           424010-02 M          10:15-11 am         3/30-6/8
        more consistent for the program leaders. In some instances, the requirements have been             424010-03 Tu         9:15-10 am          3/31-6/2
        set for the child’s safety.                                                                        424010-04 Tu         10:15-11 am         3/31-6/2
                                                                                                           424010-05 Tu         1-1:45 pm           3/31-6/2
                                                                                                           424010-06 W          9:15-10 am           4/1-6/3
                                                                                                           424010-07 W          10:15-11 am          4/1-6/3
                                                            REMINDER: Parent-child classes                 424010-08 Th         9:15-10 am           4/2-6/4
                                                            are designed for you to be an active           424010-09 Th         10:30-11:15 am       4/2-6/4
                                                            participant with your child who is             424010-10 F          10:30-11:15 am       4/3-6/5
                                                            registered in the class. We would
                                                                                                           R-$78/NR-$98         9 weeks
                                                            appreciate that no younger or older            424010-11 Sa         9:15-10 am           4/4-6/6
                                                            siblings attend class with you.
                                                                                                           R-$70/NR-$88                               8 weeks
                                                                                                           524010-01 Tu         9:30-10:15 am       6/16-8/4
                                                                                                           524010-02 Tu         10:30-11:15 am      6/16-8/4
                                                                                                           524010-03 W          9:30-10:15 am       6/17-8/5
                                                                                                           524010-04 W          10:30-11:15 am      6/17-8/5

                                                                                                   *Non resident fee. See “Fair -Share” information page 108.

60   Wilmette Park District
Come Clay With Me                                 Art Sparks                                        Sports ‘n’ Art
Basic ceramic hand building and                   Kindle that spark of art awareness in             Spend 45 minutes in our sports gym-
glazing techniques will be taught to              your child and let imagination fly!               nasium playing recreational games such
youngsters with their parent.Work                 Creativity soar! Come and spend some              as soccer, basketball, kickball and more.
side-by-side with your child as you               time creating wonderful artwork in-               Our goal is to nurture teamwork and
both learn to work in this versatile              cluding sculptures, prints, painting and          sportsmanship. Children will spend
medium. Fee is per child.A maximum                ceramics.A large variety of materials             45 minutes in an art class working on
of two children may enroll with each              will be explored.                                 creative projects using a wide variety of
adult.                                            N O C L A S S : S AT U R DAY, M AY 2 3 &          media.This is a great opportunity to
                                                  M O N DAY, M AY 2 5 .                             develop both large and small motor
Age 3-6
                                                  Spring                                            skills in a fun environment.
R-$99/NR-$124                         10 weeks
424011-01 Th 9:30-10:15 am            4/2-6/4     Age 3-4                                           Grade 1-3
424011-02 F   9:30-10:15 am           4/3-6/5     R-$87/NR-$109                         10 weeks    R-$166/NR*-$208                      10 wks
                                                  424012-01 Tu 9:15-10 am              3/31-6/2     427013-01 Th 3:45-5:15 pm           4/2-6/4
                                                  Age 4-6
Paint and Clayworks
                                                  R-$87/NR-$109                         10 weeks

Does your child love to play with paint                                                             Art Excellence
                                                  424012-02 M 1-1:45 pm                3/30-6/8
and clay? Then give this class a try.             424012-03 Th 3:45-4:30 pm             4/2-6/4     For those with a love of art, this class is
Some weeks will be spent working on                                                                 for you.Time will be spent on unique
                                                  R-$78/NR-$98                            9 weeks
a variety of clay projects, while other                                                             projects including paintings, paper
                                                  424012-04 Sa       10:15-11 am         4/4-6/6

classes will concentrate on painting                                                                crafts, ceramics and more.Art terms
techniques such as sponge, salt and               Age 6-10                                          will also be taught.

sand, finger and brush.                           R-$78/NR-$98                       9 weeks
                                                                                                    Grade 1-4
                                                  424012-05 Sa       11:15 am-12 pm 4/4-6/6
Age 4-6                                                                                             R-$87/NR-$109                       10 weeks
R-$87/NR-$109                          10 weeks   Summer                                            424017-01 Tu 4:45-5:45 pm          3/31-6/2
424013-01 Tu 3:45-4:30 pm             3/31-6/2    Age 4-6
424013-02 W 9:15-10 am                 4/1-6/3    R-$70/NR-$88                           8 weeks    Young Rembrandts
                                                  524012-01 W        4-4:45 pm         6/17-8/5
                                                                                                    Let’s get ready to draw amazing things
Gym ‘n’ Art                                                                                         together.Young Rembrandts’ innova-
Youngsters spend 45 minutes in gym-               Theater and Art                                   tive, step-by-step drawing method can
nastics and 45 minutes in an art class            This class offers your child 45 minutes           teach any child how to draw—regard-
making projects from clay, paint, paper           of creative theater and 45 minutes of             less of artistic ability—giving them
and more. Children must be 4 years old by         art. During the first half of each ses-           skills to express their creativity that will
start of program.                                 sion, a classic children’s book will be           last a lifetime. Children work in a posi-
NO   CLASS:   M O N DAY, M AY 2 5 .               read and acted by the children using              tive, nurturing environment as they
                                                  props and costumes. During the second             learn fundamental drawing techniques.
Age 4-6
                                                  half of the class, children will create an        All materials and brand new subject
R-$166/NR-$208                        10 weeks
                                                  art project related to the story of the           matter are provided each week, ranging
Art First                                                                                           from animals, landscapes, still lives, even
                                                  day. Kathleen Brej is the instructor.
424014-01     M    1-2:30 pm      3/30-6/8                                                          art history. Instructed by staff from
424014-02     Tu   10:15-11:45 am 3/31-6/2        Age 4-6                                           Young Rembrandts.
424014-03     Tu   2:15-3:45 pm   3/31-6/2        R-$166/NR-$208                        10 weeks    Spring
424014-04     W    10:15-11:45 am 4/1-6/3         424015-01 Th 10-11:30 am              4/2-6/4     R-$128/NR-$160                      10 weeks
424014-05     W    1-2:30 pm       4/1-6/3        424015-02 Th 12:30-2 pm               4/2-6/4
                                                                                                    Age 4-6
424014-06     Th   10:15-11:45 am 4/2-6/4
                                                                                                    424019-01   W     3:45-4:30 pm      4/1-6/3
424014-07     Th   1-2:30 pm       4/2-6/4
                                                                                                    Grade 1-5
424014-08     F    10:15-11:45 am 4/3-6/5
                                                                                                    424019-02 W       4:45-5:30 pm      4/1-6/3
424014-09     F    1-2:30 pm       4/3-6/5

Gym First
                                                                                                    R-$102/NR-$128                       8 weeks
424014-10     M    10:15-11:45 am 3/30-6/8
424014-11     M    1-2:30 pm      3/30-6/8                                                          Age 4-6
424014-12     W    1-2:30 pm       4/1-6/3                                                          524019-01   W     3:30-4:15 pm     6/17-8/5
424014-13     Th   10:15-11:45 am 4/2-6/4                                                           Grade 1-5
424014-14     Th   1-2:30 pm       4/2-6/4                                                          524019-02 W       4:30-5:15 pm     6/17-8/5
424014-15     F    10:15-11:45 am 4/3-6/5
424014-16     F    1-2:30 pm       4/3-6/5

                                                                                        Spring/Summer 2009           61
                                                                                                             LATE SUMMER
                                                                                                      YOUTH DRAWING CLASSES

                                                                                                  Cartoon Zoo Camp
                                                                                                  Do you love animals? Join us for a trip
                                                                                                  through the zoo as we learn to cartoon
                                                                                                  a variety of animals found in the zoo.
                                                                                                  We will learn cartoon expressions,
                                                                                                  movement, exaggeration and sequencing
                                                                                                  to tell a joke while drawing giraffes,
     Cartooning                                                                                   elephants, bears, monkeys and more.
     Learning to draw can be lots of fun—                                                         Children will complete several cartoon
     especially when you are creating silly                                                       drawings each day. Materials include
     characters, funny expressions and se-                                                        pencils, color pencils, sharpies, and
     quences that tell jokes.This delightful    Ceramics                                          markers. Materials are provided.
     program combines Young Rembrandts’                                                           Instruction by Young Rembrandts.
     innovative step-by-step drawing meth-      Instructor stresses creative claywork
                                                using coils, slabs, clay sculpting and            Age 6-13
     ods with light-hearted subject matters
                                                glazing techniques. Before enrolling in           R-$65/NR-$81                    3 days
     that engage children, their sense of
                                                a continuing class, participants must             624005-01 M-W 9:15-10:45 am 8/10-8/12
     humor and their vivid imaginations.
     Giggles guaranteed.All materials are       have two sessions of beginning ceramics.
     provided. Instructed by Young              Age 6-9                                           Summer Art Camp
     Rembrandts.All new lessons in each         Spring
                                                R-$93/NR-$116                         10 weeks    Children will learn three different
                                                424020-01 W 3:45-4:45 pm              4/1-6/3     media all in one camp. Day One will
     Grade 1-5                                                                                    emphasize drawing skills while com-
     Spring                                     424020-02 W 4:45-5:45 pm              4/1-6/3
                                                                                                  pleting one large drawing. Day Two
     R-$128/NR-$160                  10 weeks   Summer                                            cartooning techniques will be tackled
     424018-01 W 5:45-6:30 pm        4/1-6/3    R-$82/NR-$103                           8 weeks   and Day Three pastel techniques will
     Summer                                     Age 6-9                                           be taught as children complete a
     R-$102/NR-$128                   8 weeks   524020-01     Th 4-5 pm               6/18-8/6    12 x 18 inch masterpiece. No experi-
     524018-01 W 5:30-6:15 pm       6/17-8/5    Age 9-14                                          ence necessary.This step by step
                                                524020-02     Th 5-6 pm               6/18-8/6    method ensures success for every child.
                                                                                                  New and experienced students
     Spring Break Art Camp                                                                        welcome. Materials are provided.
     Young Rembrandts art instructors will      On the Wheel                                      Instruction by Young Rembrandts.
     introduce children to three different      Here’s an opportunity for beginning               Age 6-13
     media all in one camp. Day One will        and continuing students to learn                  R-$65/NR-$81                     3 days
     emphasize drawing skills while com-        throwing on the potter’s wheel.                   624005-02 M-W 11 am-12:30 pm 8/10-8/12
     pleting one large drawing. Day two         Students concentrate on centering and
     cartooning techniques will be tackled,     throwing various shapes including
     and on day three pastel techniques will    bowls, cups and vases. Some hand
     be taught as children complete a           building techniques will also be
     masterpiece.The step-by-step Young         covered. Continuing students also learn
     Rembrandts’ teaching method insures        techniques of pulling handles and
     success and fun for everyone whether       trimming.
     they are new or experienced in draw-       NO   CLASS:   M O N DAY, M AY 2 5 .
                                                Grade 4-8
     Age 6-12                                   R-$157/NR-$196                         10 weeks
     R-$64/NR-$81                      3 days   424021-01 M 4:30-6 pm                 3/30-6/8
     424026-01 W,Th, F 10:30 am-noon 3/25-27    424021-02 Tu 5-6:30 pm                3/31-6/9
     424026-02 W,Th, F 12:30-2 pm    3/25-27    424021-03 Th 5:45-7:15 pm              4/2-6/4
                                                424021-04 F    4:30-6 pm               4/3-6/5

62   Wilmette Park District
                                                                                                       ADULT ART CLASSES

                                                                                              Adult Ceramics
                                                                                              This Wilmette Park District workshop
                                                                                              is designed to introduce participants to
                                                                                              techniques involved in handbuilding,
                                                                                              throwing on the wheel and glazing a
                                                                                              variety of clay forms. Clay, glaze and
                                                                                              basic tools are provided.The instructor
                                                                                              is Laura Panucci. Students must be 18
                                                                                              years or older.
                                                                                              R-$241/NR-$301             10 weeks
                                                                                              424022-01 Tu 7-9:30 pm    3/31-6/2
                                                                                              424022-02 W 9:30 am-12 pm 4/1-6/3

                                                                                              R-$193/NR-$241              8 weeks
                                                                                              524022-01 Tu 7-9:30 pm    6/16-8/4
Superhero Cartoon Camp                         Pastel Drawing Camp-
                                                                                              524022-02 W 9:30 am-12 pm 6/17-8/5
Pow! Bang! Wow! Now you can learn              The Masters
to draw your own comic book                    This camp will be filled with creative
superhero. Each day we will complete           pieces of work from Master Artists.            Knitting & Crochet
several drawings while we explore a            During these three days we will                In this Wilmette Park District class, stu-
variety of characters. Learn to draw the       recreate our own beautiful drawings of         dents learn the basics of knitting or
basic muscular superhero body and              work from Cezanne,Van Gogh and                 crocheting (stitches, following patterns)
adapt it to the character of your              Matisse. Each day we will create one           while completing at least one project.
choice. Learn to draw action and               drawings in pastel chalks.The results          Beginning knitters can expect to knit a
movement while completing the                  will be truly frameable. No experience         vest or sweater and should bring 5 mm
scenes around the super heroes using           necessary.Wear an old T-shirt or art           needles and light color medium weight
pencils, markers and sharpies.This will        smock on the last day. New and expe-           (4) yarn to class. Crocheters should
be an impressive collection of drawings!       rienced students welcome. Materials are        bring a 4 mm or G crochet hook and
Materials are provided. Instruction by Young   provided. Instruction by Young Rembrandts.     light color medium weight (4) yarn to
Rembrandts.                                                                                   class or a project in progress.
                                               Age 6-13
Age 6-13                                       R-$65/NR-$81                     3 days
                                                                                              Intermediate-level knitters will finish a
R-$65/NR-$81                          3 days   624005-05 M-W 11 am-12:30 pm 8/17-8/19
                                                                                              current project or choose a new
624005-03 M-W 1-2:15 pm           8/10-8/12                                                   challenge.Advanced-level knitters will
                                                                                              design their own sweater or create one
                                               Space Camp                                     with interesting and difficult patterns.
Anime Cartoon Camp                                                                            The instructor is Katy Russell.
                                               Explore the topic of space while work-
Explore the world of Anime spending            ing in three different mediums. Day            Adult
three days learning about and creating         One we draw spaceships and aliens              Spring
your own original Anime characters.            while completing our drawing with              R-$111/NR-$139                    10 weeks
You will learn to use a variety of facial      color pencils. Day Two we learn                424023-01 Tu 1-3 pm              3/31-6/2
expressions, action and movement to            cartoon techniques for our aliens and          424023-02 Tu 7:30-9:30 pm        3/31-6/2
illustrate your scenes. On the final day       their ships using sharpies and markers.        424023-03 W 1-3 pm                4/1-6/3
we will pull from what we have                 Day Three we complete one large                424023-04 W 7:30-9:30 pm          4/1-6/3
learned to draw a large comic book             space piece using pastels.We emphasize         424023-05 Th 9-11 am              4/2-6/4
type scene in Anime style.                     pastel techniques and success.Wear an
                                               old T-shirt or art smock on the last day.      Summer
Age 6-13                                                                                      R-$67/NR-$84                       8 weeks
                                               Materials are provided. Instruction by Young
R-$65/NR-$81                    3 days                                                        524023-01 W 1-3 pm               6/17-8/5
624005-04 M-W 9:15-10:45 am 8/17-8/19                                                         524023-02 W 7:30-9:30 pm         6/17-8/5
                                               Age 6-13                                       524023-03 Th 9-11 am             6/18-8/6
                                               R-$65/NR-$81                         3 days
                                               624005-06 M-W 1-2:30 pm          8/17-8/19

                                                                                  Spring/Summer 2009         63
                                Art Courses                                                        Babysitting       (by appointment)
                                                                                                   At the Community Recreation Center
                                                                                                   $6/hr for Wilmette residents
     The following Art Classes are offered by New Trier Extension (NTX) and are                    $7/hr for Non-residents
     taught by NTX instructors.All classes are held at the Community Recreation                    questions: 847/256-9119
     Center.There is a 20% Senior Citizens discount for those 65 years of age and older.           RESERVATIONS : 847/256-9633
     If no senior fee is shown that course is not subject to a discount. Discounts must be         See page 74 for Babysitting details
     taken at the time of registration, through the mail, by fax, or in person. Please note
     that only one discount is allowed for a class (i.e. you cannot apply both a senior
     discount and the discount for combined registration). Register for NTX classes
     using the separate NTX Registration Form which can be found on page 113.
     For more information call 847/446-6600.

     Beginning Drawing                                                                             Experiential Art Studio
                                                    { Material Lists } will be sent prior
     Learn the basic skills of drawing.A            to the start of all classes. Please consult    This course will introduce participants
     variety of exercises and techniques                                                           to a variety of materials and processes
                                                    with the instructor regarding the
     will be taught.The spring term will                                                           along with different media in order to
                                                    scheduling of the makeup sessions.
     concentrate on learning to draw with                                                          expand each art maker’s skills and
     pen and ink. The summer term will                                                             creative horizons. Projects will be
     focus on drawing the landscape using         Creative Drawing                                 appropriate for all levels of artistic
     different materials including colored        These drawing classes are hands-on               experience and developmental abilities.
     pencils, graphite pencils and oil pastels.   creativity sessions focusing on using            Projects will range from simple art
     This class is taught by Tom James. Class     the imagination more than learning               making techniques to the exploration
     limit is 10.                                 techniques.The spring session will               of drawing, painting, basic sculpture
                                                  feature projects using mixed mediums,            and collage. A materials fee will be col-
     Adult                                                                                         lected by the instructor as projects begin.
     R/NR-$190 Seniors-$152              10 wks
                                                  collage and drawing with emphasis on
                                                  individual expression.The summer                 This class is taught by Bob Ryan. Class
     Spring                                                                                        limit is 10.
     091-131   Th 10 am-noon           4/2-6/4
                                                  session will involve interpreting the
                                                  landscape in different art styles—               Adult
     Summer                                       expressionism, abstract, impressionism—          R/NR-$114 Seniors-$91                     8 wks
     092-130   Th 10 am-noon         6/18-8/20    using different materials including oil          091-138 Th 1-2:30 pm                   4/16-6/4
                                                  pastels, mixed media and water-based
                                                  paint.This class is taught by Tom James.
     Beginning/Intermediate                                                                        Beginning/Continuing
                                                  Class limit is 10.
     Drawing                                                                                       Painting
                                                  NO   CLASS:   M AY 2 5 .
     This course is for everyone interested                                                        This class is for the beginner or inter-
     in learning how to draw as well as                                                            mediate painter who wants to learn
     those who would like to improve their                                                         more about color mixing, brushes and
                                                  R/NR-$171 Seniors-$137                   9 wks
     drawing abilities. During the spring                                                          application techniques.The class will
                                                  091-135 M 10 am-noon                  3/30-6/1
     term we will be working with                                                                  include painting demonstrations by the
     cartooning and illustration.We will          Summer                                           instructor and discussion of painting
     learn about illustration from basic          R/NR-$190        Seniors-$152          10 wks    techniques.The class will be structured
     concepts through thumbnail sketches          092-134 M        10 am-noon         6/15-8/17    around everyone working from the
     to final drawing using a variety of                                                           same source material with step-by-step
     exercises.The summer will focus on a                                                          instruction.This class is taught by Tom
     different aspect of drawing.This class is    Abstract Drawing
                                                                                                   James. Class limit is 10.
     taught by Tom James. Class limit is 10.      Each week, through lecture, demon-
     NO   CLASS:   M AY 2 5 .                     stration and exercises, we will study            Adult
                                                  an aspect of abstract art and examine            Spring
     Adult                                                                                         R/NR-$190 Seniors-$152                   10 wks
                                                  artists who work in this genre.A
     Spring                                                                                        091-141 Tu 12:30-2:30 pm               3/31-6/2
                                                  variety of art material will be used
     R/NR-$171 Seniors-$137              9 wks                                                     091-143 W 7-9 pm                        4/1-6/3
                                                  including colored pencils, pastels, oil
     091-133 M 7-9 pm                 3/30-6/1
                                                  pastels and ink.This class is taught by          Summer
     Summer                                       Tom James. Class limit is 10.                    R/NR-$190         Seniors-$152           10 wks
     R/NR-$190 Seniors-$152             10 wks                                                     092-140 Tu         12:30-2:30 pm      6/16-8/18
     092-132 M 7-9 pm                6/15-8/17                                                     092-142 W          7-9 pm             6/17-8/19
                                                  R/NR-$190 Seniors-$152                  10 wks
                                                  091-137 Th 12:30-2:30 pm               4/2-6/4   092-136 Th         12:30-2:30 pm      6/18-8/20

64   Wilmette Park District
                                                                                             Watercolor Techniques I
                                                                                             For the beginning watercolorist, this
                                                                                             thorough class will focus on learning
                                                                                             basic color theory through an under-
                                                                                             standing of the color wheel.We will
                                                                                             build a sound foundation by examining
                                                                                             the principles involved in choosing
                                                                                             color relationships within a composi-
                                                                                             tion and how these choices affect the
                                                                                             final outcome of a painting.There will
                                                                                             be an emphasis on brush control,
                                                                                             grades and textures of various water-
                                                                                             color papers, and the importance of a
                                                                                             good preliminary sketch. Materials list
                                                                                             will be sent with registration receipt.
                                                                                             This class is taught by Milena Hughes.
                                                                                             Class limit is 12.
Intermediate/Advanced                      Painting:
                                                                                             R/NR-$214 Seniors-$171             9 wks
Painting                                   Intermediate/Advanced
                                                                                             091-170 Tu  9:30 am-Noon        4/7-6/2
In this summer session, students have a    Studios
choice of doing independent work or        These studio class sections are for stu-
learning a new technique.This will be      dents who have experience in painting.            Watercolor Techniques II:
a project in mixed media/paint on          Emphasis will be on personal expres-              Brush Drawing, Line and
canvas or gessoed paper, using black       sion and style, be it representational,           Wash
and white photocopies and working          expressionistic, impressionistic, mixed           With these two approaches you will
color expressionistic interpretations on   media or anything else. In these studio           loosen up and have the ability to work
them. Past class projects have included    classes the teacher will provide individ-         with spontaneity and freshness.
working on landscapes and figures and      ual attention to further each student’s           Drawing directly with a brush allows
guiding our works towards self-expres-     abilities.These classes will also include         several choices for color application:
sion and investigating a less structured   discussions of art history, contemporary          traditional watercolors (tube or pan),
approach to the work.This class is         art and class demonstrations of painting          liquid watercolors, or watercolor inks.
taught by Tom James. Class limit is 10.    techniques. New students must have in-            A variety of effects can be achieved
                                           structor’s permission. This class is              with one brush and several different
                                           taught by Tom James. Class limit is 10.           brushes open up endless possibilities.
R/NR-$190 Seniors-$152            10 wks
                                           N O C L A S S : M O N DAY, M AY 2 5   OR          Both techniques combine easily with a
092-148 Tu 10 am-noon          6/16-8/18
                                           F R I DAY, J U LY 3 .                             traditional approach to watercolor
                                           Adult                                             painting.There will be demonstrations,

                                           Spring                                            set ups for structured compositions and
                                           R/NR-$171 Seniors-$137                    9 wks   special effects plus an emphasis on cor-
                                           091-147 M 12:30-2:30 pm                3/30-6/1   rect use of materials. Prerequisite in
                                                                                             Beginning Watercolor class is strongly
                                           R/NR-$190 Seniors-$152                   10 wks   recommended but not necessary if you
                                           091-149 Tu 10 am-noon                  3/31-6/2   have watercolor experience. Materials
                                           091-151 Tu 7-9 pm                      3/31-6/2   list will be sent with registration re-
                                           091-153 W 10 am-noon                    4/1-6/3   ceipt.This class is taught by Milena
                                           091-155 W 12:30-2:30 pm                 4/1-6/3   Hughes. Class limit is 12.
                                           091-157 Th 7-9 pm                       4/2-6/4   NO   CLASS:   M AY 2 5 .
                                           091-159 F   10 am-noon                  4/3-6/5
                                           Summer                                            R/NR-$190 Seniors-$152             8 wks
                                           R/NR-$190      Seniors-$152              10 wks   091-172 M   9:30 am-Noon         4/6-6/1
                                           092-146 M       12:30-2:30 pm         6/15-8/17
                                           092-150 Tu      7-9 pm                6/16-8/18
                                           092-152 W       10 am-noon            6/17-8/19
                                           092-154 W       12:30-2:30 pm         6/17-8/19
                                           092-156 Th      7-9 pm                6/18-8/20
                                           R/NR-$171 Seniors-$137                    9 wks
                                           092-158 F  10 am-noon                 6/19-8/21

                                                                                   Spring/Summer 2009     65
                                                                                                                        Our philosophy is to
                                                                                                                        teach the artistry and
        KATIE BYRD, Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern, Ballet. She received her training from Joel Hall
        Dance Center and Le Ballet Petit School of Dance. She was a member and captain of her                           proper technique of dance
        school’s dance team, Orchesis. She has performed with numerous dance companies
        throughout the Chicago area. Katie is currently working toward her B.A. at the
                                                                                                                        to all students.
        University of Illinois Chicago.

        SARAH HESTON, Pre-Ballet, Jazz, Dancercise, received her B.A. in modern dance and
        choreography from Simon’s Rock College and is a certified yoga instructor through the
        Temple of Kriya Yoga. Sarah is currently directing and choreographing for the Luna
        Troop. She was the Modern Dance and Jazz specialist for the Chicago Jump Co.

        PAMELA FOX, Ballet and Tap, has been working in the Chicago area as a choreographer,
        actress and cabaret artist for several years. She has choreographed at the Apollo
        Theater and Porchlight, and worked with the Savoy Aires and the North Shore Theater
        of Wilmette. She also teaches voice lessons at the Wilmette Park District. Fox received
        her formal training at the University of Kentucky and the Cincinnati Conservatory of
        Music. She continues her study at Joel Hall.

        WENDY MEYER-GONZALEZ, Pre-Ballet, Ballet, and Princess Ballet, received her B.F.A. from
        Wright State University and a Master’s from Columbia College in Dance/Movement
        Therapy. She has also worked with numerous professional dance companies.

        KIRSTEN MARKHAM, Pre-Ballet, Princess Ballet, Ballet/Tap, Contemporary Dance, received
        her training at Gus Giordano and also has a degree in Early Childhood Education. She is
        a choreographer and has performed in many local theaters.

        LYNN MERRILL, Ballet, has a B.A. in Dance/Theater and Psychology from Barat College.
        She holds a Master’s degree from Loyola University Department of School Psychology.
        She has performed with Gus Giordano, Barat Repertory Theater and the Rocky
        Mountain Dance Theater.

        Instructors are noted by the first initial of their last name: B-Byrd; F-Fox; G-Gonzalez;
        H-Heston; M1-Markham; M-Merrill and X-Staff following class day and time.

         REQUIRED         DANCE       ATTIRE

     STUDENTS MUST WEAR                                                             Oxford/Jazz tap shoes with hard steel toe and full sole (no split sole)
                                                                                    are required for intermediate levels and above. No jeans, hair off neck.
     the following appropriate dance wear so instructors may properly
     observe and teach muscular movement:                                           G IRL’ S J AZZ : Solid colored leotard and tights or stretch jazz pants,
                                                                                    black jazz or ballet shoes and hair off neck.
     G IRL’ S P RINCESS B ALLET AND P RE -B ALLET Any color leotard,
     ballet pink or white tights, pink ballet shoes.                                B OY ’ S - A LL DANCE C LASSES : Comfortable pants or tights, white
                                                                                    shirt and dance shoes (black ballet shoes for Pre-Ballet and Ballet;
     B ALLET: Black leotard, ballet pink or white tights, pink ballet shoes,
                                                                                    black jazz or black ballet shoes for Jazz; black tap shoes for Tap).
     and hair pulled back and off neck. No skirts or tutus will be allowed.
                                                                                    No jeans.
     YOUTH , T EEN AND A DULT TAP : Solid colored dancewear and tights
                                                                                    Please note: Sweat pants and street clothes should not be worn in class.There are
     and/or shorts or stretch pants; black tap shoes. Patent leather tap
                                                                                    cubbies in each dance room for students to store their change of clothes.
     shoes are acceptable for Pre-Tap through Beginner Levels I-III.

                                                                                                          *Non resident fee. See “Fair -Share” information page 108.
66        Wilmette Park District
                                                                                                Intro to Ballet
   A   M E S SAG E        TO     PA R E N TS
                                                                                                This ballet class is a faster paced, begin-
       AGE,   ATTIRE       AND    ATTENDANCE            REQUIREMENTS                            ning level class ideal for gymnasts,
                                                                                                skaters, and students with little to no
  For all programs, age requirements will be as of the date of the first class. Please do not
                                                                                                experience. Join Miss Pamela in learn-
  request to have your child put in a class he/she does not belong in. Girls must wear          ing the basics of ballet and celebrating
  their hair off neck for ALL CLASSES. If dancers are not properly dressed for class or         in the joy of dance.
  come 15 minutes late, they will be asked to observe class and not participate.Warm-up         NO   CLASS:   M AY 2 5 .
  exercises are a very important part of class. All requirements are set to benefit the         Grade 4-8
  children and make instruction more consistent for the program leaders. In some                R-$81/NR-$101                       9 weeks
  instances, the requirements have been set for the child’s safety.                             423021-01 M 4:15-5:15 pm          3/30-6/1

                                                                                                Tap I for                   NEW
  DANCE RECITAL ELIGIBILITY                                                                     New Students
  N OT E : Dancers must have registered in the Winter session to perform in the Spring          Calling all Tappers! Always
  Dance Recitals.                                                                               wanted to try tap, but weren’t

                                                                                                sure where to start? This is your perfect
  SPRING DANCE RECITALS                                                                         opportunity. Join Miss Pamela in
  Our annual Dance Recitals for Pre-Ballet, Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Hip Hop will be               learning the basics and beyond.
  held Saturday, May 9, at Regina Dominican High School. Dancers must have
                                                                                                Grade 1-4
  registered in the Winter Session to participate in the Spring Dance
                                                                                                R-$90/NR-$110                      10 weeks
  Recitals. Recitals give the participants an opportunity to experience on-stage
                                                                                                423006-01 W 3:45-4:30 pm           4/1-6/3
  performance and to show off new skills acquired over the seasons. If you do not
  wish to participate in our recitals, but want to continue in the program, please
  contact Sarah Heston as soon as possible at 847-256-9114. A costume/recital fee has           Pre-Pointe
  been included in the class fee. Recital tickets go on sale April 21 at 6 p.m. All seating     This class is for advanced ballet
  is reserved. We would like everyone to experience performing, however, participation          students ready to take their training to
  is not mandatory.                                                                             the next level.The focus of this class is
                                                                                                conditioning and strength training,
                                                                                                preparing the body for Pointe work.
OUR FULL DANCE SCHEDULE                                                                         Students will advance into Pointe shoes
                                                                                                as strength develops. Admission to class
RETURNS IN THE FALL                                                                             is by invitation only. Students must also
                                                                                                be attending ballet classes.
WILMETTE DANCE FORCE AUDITIONS AUGUST 31, 6:30 PM                                               Grade 1-4
Pre-Ballet & Ballet                                                                             Spring
                                                                                                R-$81/NR-$101 10 weeks
In Pre-Ballet, Preschoolers & Kindergartners develop poise, grace and confidence                423019-01 Tu 7:15-8 pm            3/31-6/2
while learning basic locomotion, ballet positions, ballet steps, jumps and floor
movement. In Ballet, the beauty of this dance form is learned through warm-up
exercises, barre work and floor movement. Instructors teach basic ballet positions as           Ballet Intermediate II –
well as terminology.                                                                            Advanced
                                                                                                Continue to enhance your ballet train-
Tap Dance
                                                                                                ing in our summer intensive. Class will
This dance form develops timing, rhythm and coordination as it builds students’                 cover barre, adage, sautés, petite and
self-confidence. Dance terminology, barre work, technique and dance routines are                gran allegros. Join Pamela Fox in
included.All new students must enroll in a beginning level class.                               working to improve technique, increase
                                                                                                control and speed and spend time with
Jazz Dancing                                                                                    your friends as you dance through the
Dancers develop a variety of dance steps and routines to the tune of contemporary               summer.
music in these popular classes. Included will be warm-up exercises, stretching, jazz
                                                                                                Grade 6-12
steps and dance combinations.
                                                                                                R-$72/NR-$90                        8 weeks
Hip Hop Dance                                                                                   523003-01 W 5-6:30 pm             6/17-8/5

Fun, energetic and expressive, Hip Hop blends the styles of funk and modern jazz
dance that can only be described as creative freestyle with an attitude.Warm-ups
include isometrics, flexibility and abdominal control.

                                                                                      Spring/Summer 2009        67
                                                                                                       This program begins the basic funda-
                                                                                                       mentals of dance. Large motor skills,
                                                                                                       coordination, rhythm, spatial awareness,
                                                                                                       introductory positions, steps and dance
                                                                                                       vocabulary will be taught to young
                                                                                                       dancers.Teachers stress fun in learning
                                                                                                       this graceful art form. Ballet attire and
                                                                                                       shoes are required.
                                                                                                       Age 4-6
                                                                                                       R-$90/NR-$113                             10 weeks
                                                                                                       423002-01 W 1-1:45 pm                   4/1-6/3 G
                                                                                                       423002-02 F 9:15-10 am                  4/3-6/5 H

                                                                                                       N O C L A S S : F R I DAY, J U LY 3 &
                                                                                                       S AT U R DAY, J U LY 4 .
                                                                                                       R-$63/NR-$79                   7 weeks
                                                                                                       523002-01 F 10:15-11 am 6/19-8/7 G
                                                                                                       523002-02 Sa 9:45-10:30 am 6/20-8/8 G

                                                                                                       A uniquely American dance form, tap
                                                                                                       dance is high energy and exciting,
                                                                                                       where the emphasis is on making
                                                                                                       music with your feet.Tap dance instills
     Little Mermaid Dance Party                    Princess Ballet
                                                                                                       a sense of rhythm, builds muscle
     Dress in your dance attire and join           The stories of our favorite princesses              strength, and greatly increases coordi-
     Miss Wendy for a magical Little               will be the starting point as young                 nation.As students progress through
     Mermaid adventure.We will read the            dancers learn to express themselves                 the syllabus, emphasis on musicality
     story of The Little Mermaid and then          while learning the basic principles of              and more intricate rhythms are intro-
     act it out through dance with the use         dance.We’ll dress up to play our parts              duced. Pamela Sue Fox is the instructor.
     of costumes and props. A light snack          and use props to make the experience
     will also be provided.                        complete. Princes are needed too! Not               Summer
                                                   a recital class.                                    R-$72/NR-$90                               8 weeks
     Age 4-6                                                                                           Age 4-6 Pre Tap
                                                   N O C L A S S : S AT U R DAY, M AY 2 3 &
     R-$22/NR-$27                          1 day                                                       523006-01 Tu 4-4:45 pm                   6/16-8/4
                                                   M O N DAY, M AY 2 5 .
     423020-01 Sa      2-3:30 pm           4/25
                                                                                                       Age 6-9 Tap I
     423020-02 Sa      2-3:30 pm           5/16    Age 3-4
                                                                                                       523006-02 Tu         4:45-5:30 pm        6/16-8/4
                                                   R-$90/NR-$113                 10 weeks              Age 9-14 Intermediate Tap I & II
                                                   423001-01 M 9:45-10:30 am 3/30-6/8 H                523006-03 W 4-5 pm             6/17-8/5
       PRIVATE                                     423001-02 Tu 1-1:45 pm     3/31-6/2 G               Age 10-14 Advanced Tap III

       CHILDREN’S                                  423001-03 Th 9:30-10:15 am 4/2-6/4 G
                                                   423001-04 F 9:30-10:15 am 4/3-6/5 G
                                                                                                       523006-04 Th 4:15-5:45 pm
                                                                                                                                                  8 weeks
       DANCE LESSONS                               423001-05 F 1-1:45 pm       4/3-6/5 G
                                                   R-$81/NR-$101                             9 weeks
       Private and Semi-Private lessons            423001-06 Sa 9:15-10 am                4/4-6/6 G
       in Tap and Ballet are also available.       Summer
       The fee is per lesson. Call Holly           N O C L A S S : F R I DAY J U LY 3 &
       Specht at 847-256-9114 for more             S AT U R DAY, J U LY 4 .
       information and to arrange times.           R-$63/NR-$79 7 weeks
       Age 7 & Up                                  523001-01 F 9:30-10:15 am 6/19-8/7 G
       R-$40/NR*-$40                               523001-02 Sa 9-9:45 am    6/20-8/8 G
       323020-01 M-Sa       On-going

68   Wilmette Park District
                                            Belly Dancing                                  Dancer-cise
                                            Learn one of the oldest dance forms in         An exciting class that begins with a
Contemporary Dance for                      the world.Anyone can learn to belly            jazz warm up and ballet barre exercises
                                            dance, no previous experience is               to get your blood circulating and lungs
                                            necessary, and all levels are welcome.         expanded. Dance combinations pull
This class was created just for you.We      Have fun learning belly dance moves            from all styles, from ballet to salsa to
will learn the basics of Jazz, Modern       and a cabaret style choreography, while        Tae Kwon Do for a great cardio work-
and Street Dance.Warm-ups, body             developing muscle tone, boosting               out.We focus on core strength through
placement, center technique and             confidence, and getting a great                a series of abdominals and Pilates work
combinations across the floor will be       cardiovascular workout.                        on the mat, then cool down with yoga.
taught. No previous experience re-                                                         This class is for dancers of all levels -
quired.Wear shorts or jazz pants with       Level I (Beginner/Technique): Learn
                                                                                           no prior experience is needed.You
jazz shoes—no jeans please. Kristen         Belly Dance movements and put them
                                                                                           can’t help but have a great time in our
Markham is the instructor.                  together in combinations or a short
                                                                                           comfortable and accepting atmosphere!
R-$62/NR*-$79                       7 wks   choreography.
                                                                                           Comfortable clothing, dance shoes or
Grade 4-6                                   Level II (Intermediate/Choreography):          inside only gym shoes and a great
423008-01 M     5-6 pm         3/30-5/11    Instructor approval required. Familiarity      attitude are a must! Sarah Heston is the
                                            with belly dance moves is necessary.           instructor.
Grade 7-9                                   NO   CLASS:   M AY 2 5 .
423008-02 M     6-7 pm         3/30-5/11                                                   Adult
                                            Age 18 & up                                    R-$104/NR-$130                   10 weeks
                                            Spring                                         423009-01 W 10:15-11:15 am       4/1-6/3
Adult Tap                                   R-$119/NR-$149                      10 weeks   423009-02 F 10:15-11:15 am       4/3-6/5
Took tap as a child and forgot it all?      Level I
Always wanted to tap but never had          425004-01     M      7:45-8:45 pm 3/30-6/8
                                                                                           Salsa & Latin Dance
the time to try? Each class will cover      Level II
the basics of tap, focusing on steps,                                                      Learn the basics of the three most pop-
                                            425004-02     M      6:30-7:30 pm 3/30-6/8
rhythms, combinations and style.Tap                                                        ular and energizing Latin dances—
shoes must be worn to the first class.      Summer                                         Salsa, Merengue and Cha-Cha.
Pamela Fox is the instructor.               R-$95/NR-$119                        8 weeks   Students will learn several combina-
                                            Level I                                        tions as well as how to create patterns
Adult                                       525004-01     M      7:45-8:45 pm 6/15-8/3     in each dance. Fee is per participant.
R-$104/NR*-$131                   10 wks                                                   Partners are required.The instructor
                                            Level II
423012-01 Th 1-1 :45 pm          4/2-6/4                                                   is Yahna Awazu.
                                            525004-02     M      6:30-7:30 pm 6/15-8/3
                                                                                           R-$94/NR-$118                    9 weeks
                                                                                           423010-01 Th      8:30-9:30 pm 4/2-5/28

                                                                                           Ballroom Dance
                                                                                           Beginners will build self confidence on
                                                                                           the dance floor by learning the basic
                                                                                           techniques of ballroom etiquette, waltz,
                                                                                           fox trot and rhumba. Other dances will
                                                                                           be introduced. Fee is per participant.
                                                                                           Partners are required. The instructor
                                                                                           is Yahna Awazu.
                                                                                           R-$94/NR-$118                    9 weeks
                                                                                           423011-01 Th      7:30-8:30 pm 4/2-5/28

                                                                              Spring/Summer 2009         69

        ABOUT THE EARLY CHILDHOOD CENTER                                                     { The 2009-2010 School Year }
                                                                            WE HAVE OPENINGS IN ALL PRESCHOOL SECTIONS.

     PRESCHOOL                                                                             Call to tour our facility, 847-256-9119

     { The 2009-2010 School Year }

     It is the goal of the Wilmette Park District’s Early Childhood

     Center to provide a program for three and four-year-olds

     that is nurturing, allows the child to grow through their

     natural instinct to explore, lays a solid foundation of self-

     confidence and prepares a child for elementary school.
                                                                            PRESCHOOL         FOR    THE     2009-2010        SCHOOL   YEAR

                                                                        3-year old Mornings
        Our program, licensed by the Department of Children             TWO-DAY         Age 3 by 9/1/09                R-$1,147/NR*-$1,435
     and Family Services, is based on the philosophy that children      929001-09       Tu,Th      9-11:30 am          9/8-5/27/10
     learn through play and experience.When given the opportu-
                                                                        THREE-DAY       Age 3 by 9/1/09                R-$1,610/NR*-$2,013
     nity, children will naturally explore, discover, learn to coop-    929002-09       M,W,F      9-11:30 am          9/9-5/28/10
     erate with others, and develop a strong self-esteem.Through
     a wide variety of experiences, children develop their social,      FOUR-DAY        Age 3 by 3/1/09                R-$2,222/NR*-$2,778
                                                                        929003-09       M-Th       9-11:30 am          9/8-5/27/10
     emotional and physical skills as well.
        At the Early Childhood Center children are offered a            4-year old Mornings
     chance to learn in a place where each child meets with             THREE-DAY       Age 4 by 9/1/09                R-$1,610/NR*-$2,013
     approval and success. Our teachers offer children a variety of     929004-09       M,W,F      9-11:30 am          9/9-5/28/10
     individual, small and large group activities.We do this
                                                                        FIVE-DAY        Age 4 by 9/1/09                R-$2,724/NR*-$3,406
     because we believe it is important that every child have a         929005-09       M-F        9-11:30 am          9/8-5/28/10
     positive learning experience. Each classroom offers an area
     for blocks, small and large motor activities, quiet time and
     dramatic play, as well as areas for music, art, literacy and
     science/discovery.                                                 that combines the older 3-year-olds with 4-year-olds for a unique
        While our Early Childhood staff offers each class an            classroom experience with many learning opportunities available
     environment that gives children the opportunity to grow to         to the children. Children must be 3-years-old by March 1, 2009
     their fullest potential, we also serve as a support system,        to enroll in this program.A non-refundable deposit of $200 is
     helping to meet each individual family’s needs. Our teachers       required at registration. Fees are paid in nine equal payments with
     are Nancy Benton,A.A., ECE; Jan Cain, B.A., Ed.; Carol             the first payment due August 1. Please contact Wendy Caspersen at
     Heredia,A.S., ECD; Sharon Kaplan, B.A., Ed.; Barb Maloney,         847-256-9119 for information.
     B.A., Ed.; Barb Rushmeyer,A.A., Ed. and assistants Jennifer
     Bolich, Karen Funari and Deena Uzzell.
        The Early Childhood Center follows the Wilmette Public
     Schools District 39 calendar of full days off, as well as two            LOOKING FOR A LONGER DAY FOR YOUR CHILD?
     Park District staff in-service days. Children must be 3-years-                    W E H AV E L O T S O F O P T I O N S .
     old by September 1, 2009 and toilet trained. Pull-Ups and di-                    SEE “FULL DAY PRESCHOOL” AND
     apers are not permitted. The Early Childhood Center offers a
                                                                              “LUNCH BUNCH” INFORMATION ON P. 71, AND
     special 4-day morning program for older 3-year-olds to
                                                                                   “EARLY BIRD BABYSITTING” ON PAGE 74.
     accommodate the rapid development of fine motor and
     cognitive skills within this age group.This is a multi age class

      *Non resident fee. See “Fair -Share” information page 108.

70   Wilmette Park District
                                                                                                        Ready, Set, GO!
EARLY BIRD Babysitting is available before Preschool. Please see “B A B Y S I T T I N G                 { For the 2009-2010 School Year }

OPTIONS“      on page 74 for more information                                                           If your child is ready for Preschool, but
                                                                                                        misses the birth date deadline, this class
                                                                                                        is for you. Class time is filled with a
                                                                                                        wide variety of activities: circle time,
Full-Day Preschool                                 months with days off and holiday                     free play, music, movement, story time,
                                                   breaks.The deposit will be applied                   snack, cooking projects and more.Two
{2009-2010}                                        towards the May payment, and is non-                 of our Early Childhood teachers will
                                                   refundable in the event of early with-               provide a rich environment in which
The Wilmette Park District Early
                                                   drawal from the program.This program                 the children will be encouraged to ex-
Childhood Center offers high quality
                                                   is licensed by the Department of                     plore and begin learning the skills they
preschool education with extended
                                                   Children and Family Services. Please                 will need for Preschool. This 26-week
coverage to provide a full-day program
                                                   contact Wendy Caspersen at                           class follows the Wilmette School District
option. Children may join us for 2, 3, 4
                                                   847-256-9119 for more information.                   39 days off schedule. The program starts
or 5 days at 11:30 a.m., after their
                                                   P L E A S E N OT E : Schedules other than            with the children participating 11/2
preschool day ends, for a hot catered

                                                   the days offered below must be                       hours per day, and expands to a 2 hour
lunch and extended playtime.Activities
                                                   pre-approved by the Early                            program in February. Children must be
will include art, music, science, litera-
                                                   Childhood Supervisor in advance                      3 by January 1, 2010 and toilet trained.

ture, outdoor playtime and free
                                                   of registering.                                      Pull-Ups and diapers are not permitted.
exploration.The afternoon will also in-
                                                                                                        Please contact Wendy Caspersen at
clude a rest/naptime. N OT E : Children            Two-Day         Age 3 by 9/1/09                      847/256-9119 for tuition and additional
must be enrolled in the Wilmette                   R-$252 per month/NR*-$316 per month                  program information.
Park District Preschool program,                   929007-09 Tu,Th 11:30 am-6 pm 9/8-5/27/10
and must be toilet trained. In                                                                          Age 3 by Jan. 1, 2010
addition to closures on Thanksgiving,              Three-Day       Age 3 by 9/1/09                      R-$899/NR*-$1,111                   26 wks
the Friday after Thanksgiving and                  R-$390 per month/NR*-$488 per month                  929012-09 Tu,Th 9:30-11 am 11/3/09-5/27/10
Memorial Day, the Full-Day Preschool               929008-09 M,W, F11:30 am-6 pm 9/9-5/28/10
program will be closed for two weeks               Four-Day        Age 3 by 9/1/09
over Winter break, one week for                    R-$503 per month/NR*-$629 per month
Spring break and during summer                     929009-09 M-Th 11:30 am-6 pm 9/8-5/27/10
vacation.A non-refundable $200
deposit is required at registration. Fees          Five-Day        Age 3 by 9/1/09
are paid monthly and averaged into                 R-$629 per month/NR*-$787 per month
nine equal payments. Full monthly                  929010-09 M-F 11:30 am-6 pm 9/8-5/28/10
tuition is due for all months, including

                       Preschool Wing is a
                       NUT FREE

                                                    Children will be served a hot lunch                    Fees are paid in nine equal payments with
Lunch Bunch                                         (as required by DCFS) and then                         the first payment due August 1. Please call
{ The 2009-2010 School Year }                       enjoy a variety of activities                          847-256-9119 for more information.
                                                    such as music, gymnastics, art,
A nice opportunity to extend a child’s time at                                                             Age 4 by 9/1/09
                                                    drama, and science. Lunch Bunch
school through the lunch hour, this program is a                                                           R-$1,235/NR*-$1,545
                                                    will follow the Wilmette Public Schools District
great option for children who are ready for a                                                              929011-09 M,W,F 11:30 am-1 pm 9/14-5/21/10
                                                    39 calendar of full days off, as well as two Park
fuller and more enriching Preschool experience.
                                                    District staff in-service days. A non-refundable
Lunch Bunch is open to children participating in
                                                    deposit of $200 is due upon registration.
our four-year-old morning Preschool program.

                                                                                               Spring/Summer 2009          71
     New Information for 2009-2010
                                                                                                  Please join us for the
     KINDERGARTEN                                                                KINDERGARTEN ENRICHMENT OPEN HOUSE
                                                                                    ON SATURDAY, MAY 2 FROM 10-11 a.m.
     ENRICHMENT                                                               Meet the teachers and get all your questions answered.

     { For the 2009-2010 School Year } Registration Deadline: May 8

     The Wilmette Park District offers a quality enrichment           Kindergarten Enrichment
     experience for kindergarten-age children attending the           (Age 5 by 9/1/09 and participating in Kindergarten)
     Wilmette Public Schools in District 39. Our purpose is to        Two-Day Program
     provide a unique and multifaceted program designed to            929021-09         Tu,Th        9 am-12:30 pm          R-$1,998/NR*-$2,498
     spark children’s interest in a variety of activities such as                                                           9/1/09-6/3/10
     art, music, movement, science, and more.                         929022-09         Tu,Th        11:30 am-3 pm          R-$1,998/NR*-$2,498
     Our program offers a variety of new experiences, both in
                                                                      Three-Day Program
     the classroom and through numerous field trips to places
     such as the library, theaters, animal hospital, museums, local   929023-09         M,W, F       11:30 am-3 pm          R-$2,998/NR*-$3,748
     businesses, and nature centers to name a few. Classes offer a                                                          8/31/09-6/4/10
     balance of both structured and unstructured activities.
     Activity areas to choose from include blocks, quiet time,        Five-Day Program
     dramatic play, small and large motor activities as well as       929024-09         M-F          9 am-12:30 pm          R-$4,163/NR*-$5,204
     areas for music, art, literacy and science/discovery.                                                                  8/31/09-6/4/10
                                                                      929025-09         M-F          11:30 am-3 pm          R-$4,163/NR*-$5,204
     Two Day Program: The      two-day program spends a large
     portion of its time on a variety of field trips that give the
     children hands-on experience both in Wilmette and
     surrounding communities.                                         residents and non-residents. A $200 deposit, per class, is
                                                                      required at registration, and is non-refundable after May 31, 2009.
     Three/Five Day Program: The three-day and five-day pro-          Fees are paid in nine equal payments with the first payment due
     grams also take part in special art activities, drama, music     August 1. It is no longer recommended that families register
     and cooking in addition to a variety of field trips.             into multiple classes, as you should know your child’s
        All Kindergarten Enrichment classes include a hot             kindergarten placement before the registration deadline.
     catered lunch, as required by the Department of Children         Families registered in multiple classes must notify the Kindergarten
     and Family Services (DCFS). Busing to or from Central,           Enrichment program in writing of their choice by May 31, 2009,
     Harper and McKenzie schools is provided by the Wilmette          or jeopardize one or more of their deposits.
     Park District for a separate fee (see Kindergarten                  Contact Dale Crystal, Kindergarten Enrichment Coordinator, at
     Enrichment Busing). Busing to or from Romona school is           847-256-9115 or Wendy Caspersen, Early Childhood Supervisor, at
     provided by Wilmette Public Schools District 39. Please          847-256-9119 for additional program information.
     contact their Transportation Department to arrange for           Kindergarten Enrichment follows the District #39 School Calendar.
     your child’s transportation.                                     Dates may change when the final approved calendar becomes available.
        This program follows the Wilmette Public Schools
     District 39 calendar of full days off, as well as two Park
     District staff in-service days.Working parents who desire          KINDERGARTEN ENRICHMENT
     extended hours for their child can enroll in an “Early bird
     Babysitting” program beginning at 8 a.m. (see Babysitting
     Service) and/or the After School Recreation program that
                                                                        { The 2009-2010 School Year }
     goes from 3-6 p.m.There is an additional fee for each
     program.                                                           The Wilmette Park District provides busing to and from the
        Our Kindergarten Enrichment teachers are Nancy                  Community Recreation Center for morning and afternoon kinder-
     Benton,A.A.,ECE; Karen Bronski, B.A., Ed.; Dale Crystal,           garten children who attend Central, Harper or McKenzie Schools and
     B.A., Ed.; Sharon Kaplan, B.A., Ed.; Catherine Knobel,             participate in the Kindergarten Enrichment program. Fees will be
     B.A.,Ed.; Barb Maloney, B.A., Ed.; Barb Rushmeyer,                 $120 for two days of bus service, $180 for 3 days and $300 for five days.
     A.A.Ed.; Becky Skordalos, B.A., Ed.; Jill Tingle, B.S. C.D.;       Contact Dale Crystal at 847-256-9115 for additional information.
     and assistant Karen Funari.                                        P L E A S E N OT E : Children attending Romona School sign-up for
        Registration will remain open until 5 p.m. Friday,              busing through Wilmette Public School District 39. Please call their
     May 8, at which time the classes will be selected by               Transportation Department at 847/256-2450 for more information.
     lottery. Wilmette Park District Preschool children                      Busing registration information will be mailed to enrolled families
     will have priority in the lottery, followed by                     in the summer along with other enrollment forms and program
72       Wilmette Park District
EARLY BIRD Babysitting is available before
Kindergarten Enrichment. Please see “B A B Y S I T T I N G
OPTIONS      on page 74 for more information”

New Information for 2009-2010

The Wilmette Park District offers the After-
School Recreation program for students in
grades K-6 whose parents are not home after
school. Our qualified, caring staff not only pro-
vides group attention, but also gives time to chil-
dren on an individualized basis. Families are of-
fered the option of registering children for three
or five days a week.The three-day participants
may choose which three days they prefer, based
on space availability according to DCFS licens-                            AFTER         SCHOOL    RECREATION        2009-2010
ing standards, but the three days must remain
constant throughout the year. Children will meet               Three-day Program
from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays and from 8 a.m.
to 6 p.m. on Wilmette Public Schools District 39               929040-09   GRADE   K      3-6 pm    8/27/09-6/9/10      R-$1,899/NR*-$2,374
days off.There is no program on Labor Day,
Thanksgiving Day, Friday after Thanksgiving, the               929041-09   GRADE   1      3-6 pm    8/27/09-6/9/10      R-$1,899/NR*-$2,374
two weeks of Winter Break, the week of Spring
Break or Memorial Day. Winter Break Camp and                   929042-09   GRADE   2      3-6 pm    8/27/09-6/9/10      R-$1,899/NR*-$2,374
Spring Break Camp require separate sign-ups.
   The Park District provides bus service for                  929043-09   GRADE   3      3-6 pm    8/27/09-6/9/10      R-$1,899/NR*-$2,374
students from Wilmette public and parochial
schools. District 39 buses children attending                  929044-09   GRADE   4      3-6 pm    8/27/09-6/9/10      R-$1,899/NR*-$2,374
Romona School. Please contact their
Transportation Department to arrange for bus                   929045-09   GRADE   5-6    3-6 pm    8/27/09-6/9/10      R-$1,899/NR*-$2,374
service. Parents of Romona students eligible for
reduced tuition must provide verification of paid
bus service from Romona School to the CRC.                     Five-day Program
   A deposit of $200 is required at registration
and is non-refundable after May 31. Fees are                   929046-09   GRADE   K      3-6 pm    8/27/09-6/9/10      R-$3,165/NR*-$3,956
paid in nine equal payments with the first
payment due on August 1. Contact Anna                          929047-09   GRADE   1      3-6 pm    8/27/09-6/9/10      R-$3,165/NR*-$3,956
Nguyen at 847/251-6599 or Wendy Caspersen
at 847/256-9119 for more information regard-                   929048-09   GRADE   2      3-6 pm    8/27/09-6/9/10      R-$3,165/NR*-$3,956
ing the program. After School Recreation follows
the District #39 School Calendar. Dates may                    929049-09   GRADE   3      3-6 pm    8/27/09-6/9/10      R-$3,165/NR*-$3,956
change when the final approved calendar becomes
available.                                                     929050-09   GRADE   4      3-6 pm    8/27/09-6/9/10      R-$3,165/NR*-$3,956

                                                               929051-09   GRADE   5-6    3-6 pm    8/27/09-6/9/10      R-$3,165/NR*-$3,956

                                                                                  Spring/Summer 2009            73

     New Information for 2009-2010

     EARLY BIRD Babysitting
     { for School Year 2009-2010 }

     Early Bird Babysitting is available
     during the school year from 8-9 am
     for Preschoolers and Kindergarten
     Enrichment students registered in
     morning classes. There is a $50
     non-refundable registration deposit      TOTS      PLAYTIME
     for Early Bird Babysitting. Fees are                                                    session on the first scheduled day.
     paid in nine equal payments with the
     first payment due August 1. For more
                                            Babysitting                                      Participants are limited to two hours of

     information call 847/256-9119 or       Service                                          babysitting per day up to a maximum of
                                                                                             eight hours per week. N OT E : We cannot
     847/256-9633.                          Spring/Summer Registration                       accept children under the age of six
                                            Resident:   Tuesday, March 10                    weeks. The Park District reserves the right
     Kindergarten Enrichment
                                            Non-Resident:    Tuesday, March 17               to cancel your space for the session after
     Grade K
                                            Let our caring, highly qualified and well-       three no-shows, or for non-payment of
                                            trained babysitters care for your children       fees. For more information contact
     929027-01 M-F 8-9 am 9/1/09-6/4/10
                                            ages six weeks and up in our fully               Babysitting at 847/256-9633.
     Preschool Age 3-4 by 9/1/09            equipped and comfortable babysitting
                                                                                             Spring Babysitting
     R-$1065/NR*-$1,331                     room while you participate in our pro-
                                                                                             March 30-June 12
     929013-01 M-F 8-9 am 9/9/09-5/28/10    grams. A variety of recreation activities,
                                                                                             C L O S E D : F R I DAY, A P R I L 1 0 & M O N DAY,
                                            along with loads of toys and books are
                                                                                             M AY 2 5
                                            available for playtime fun and ensures
                                                                                             Hours are subject to change
                                            your children a safe and happy stay.
                                                                                             M-F          9 am-noon
                                               Reservations can be made at least 24
                                                                                             $10 Registration Deposit
                                            hours in advance, between 8 a.m.-noon,
                                                                                             Hourly fees: R-$6/NR-$7
                                            Monday through Friday, subject to space
                                                                                             429001-01 M-F 9 am-12 pm              3/30-6/12
                                            availability. You can also register for a
                                            standing time slot for an entire session.        Summer Babysitting
                                            When signing up for a standing time slot,        June 15-August 7
                                            participants must register the child (or         C L O S E D : F R I DAY, J U LY 3
                                            youngest child if more than one child            Hours are subject to change
                                            needs babysitting service) with a $10 reg-       M-F          9 am-noon
                                            istration fee, which will be applied toward      $10 Registration Deposit
                                            the total fee. Participants will be billed for   Hourly fees: R-$6/NR-$7
                                            the session based on their needs and             529001-01 M-F 9 am-12 pm               6/15-8/7
                                            availability, and must pay for the entire

74   Wilmette Park District
                                                                                          Terrific Times for Toddlers
                                                Tap into your child’s creative
                                                                                          This fast-paced class combines free
                                                   abilities with one of our
                                                                                          exploration of a variety of educational
                                               additional programs for young              toys with structured art and musical
Baby ‘N’ Me                                     children in { Performing Arts,            activities organized around learning
                                                   Art, Dance, and ETC. }                 concepts. Lots of movement, music, art,
Please join other first time parents and
                                                                                          and fun make this toddler/adult inter-
infants for a group led by the infant
                                                                                          action an exciting, magical experience.
specialists from The Family Room, a
                                                                                          The instructors are Chris
parent support and education program,
                                                                                          Kostuchowski and Sofiya Angelova.
located in Evanston. Get together          Rock-a-Babies
                                                                                          P L E A S E N OT E : Every child must be
with other parents to talk about issues    In this warm and tender class, the             accompanied by a responsible adult
important to you and your family, learn    instructor incorporates interactive            with whom the child is familiar. No
about infant development, share            songs, baby exercise, massage, and a           siblings please.
challenges of new parenthood, and          variety of movement and musical
make new friends! Timely topics are        experiences. Baby’s natural curiosity          Age 18-36 mos.
introduced while you spend time with       and development are encouraged                 R-$100/NR-$125                     10 weeks
your baby in a warm and inviting           through exploration of toys and each           429003-01 Tu 10:15-11:15 am       3/31-6/2
setting. Instructors are Dr. Lenore        other during a free play period while          429003-02 W 10:15-11:15 am         4/1-6/3
Weissmann and other staff of The           parents share ideas and discoveries.           429003-03 Th 9:30-10:30 am         4/2-6/4
Family Room. A light lunch will be         P L E A S E N OT E : Every child must be
                                                                                          429003-04 F 10:15-11:15 am         4/3-6/5
provided.                                  accompanied by a responsible adult
Birth to 9 mos.                            with whom the child is familiar. No            Just Me Alone
R-$125/NR-$157                   5 weeks   siblings please.
                                                                                          Just Me Alone is full of fun music,
429006-01 Th 11:30 am-1 pm     4/2-4/30
                                           Age 6-12 mos.                                  games, storytelling and art projects.
429006-02 Th 11:30 am-1 pm      5/7-6/4
                                           R-$100/NR-$125                      10 weeks   Designed for the child who is ready to
                                           429002-01 W 9-9:45 am               4/1-6/3    say good-bye to Mommy and Daddy,
                                                                                          but not quite ready for a full morning
                                                                                          class. Children must be 21/2 years-old
                                                                                          by first day of class.The instructor is
                                                                                          Judee Sims. A parent is required to attend
                                                                                          first class with their child, or longer if
                                                                                          instructor requests. No siblings, please.
                                                                                          No class: May 25.
                                                                                          Age 21/2 -31/2
                                                                                          R-$140/NR-$175                     10 weeks
                                                                                          429004-01 M 9:15-10:15 am         3/30-6/8
                                                                                          429004-02 M 10:30-11:30 am        3/30-6/8

                                                                                          Mommy/Daddy & Me
                                                                                          Children and parents grow together
                                                                                          using songs, games and play areas to
                                                                                          develop fine and gross motor skills,
                                                                                          imagination and socialization.This
                                                                                          is a great opportunity to meet other
                                                                                          Moms/Dads with children the same
                                                                                          age as yours. Gain valuable skills while
                                                                                          having fun together and making friends.
                                                                                          Chris Kostuchowski is the instructor.
                                                                                          Age 12-18 mos.
                                                                                          R-$100/NR-$125                     10 weeks
                                                                                          425023-01 W 9:15-10 am             4/1-6/3

                                                                                          Age 18-26 mos.
                                                                                          R-$100/NR-$125                     10 weeks
                                                                                          425023-02 W 10:15-11 am            4/1-6/3

                                                                              Spring/Summer 2009          75

     Family Dynamics
     This workshop series for adults will provide insight into
     common family dilemmas and personal growth topics.
     The series is presented by qualified specialists from the
     Family Service Center of Wilmette, Glenview,
     Kenilworth and Northbrook.Workshops will meet at the
     Community Recreation Center. Fee is per workshop.
     Age 18 & up
     R-$20/NR*-$26                       1 day
     Parental Anxiety: It Goes with the Territory
     425030-01 Th 9:30-11 am               4/2
     425030-02 Th 9:30-11 am               5/7

               SPECIAL EVENTS
                                                    Mom/Daughter:                  NEW              Mommy & Me for Tea
                                                    BFF Jewelry Event                               Girls, wear your favorite party dress or
                                   NEW              Join Glitzy Girlz for a treasured time          school outfit and bring your mommy
     Girl Power Mania
                                                    with your daughter(s). In this unique           or favorite adult for an enjoyable after-
     Hey Girls! Get with your friends to            jewelry class each pair will design             noon of games, special party favors,
     attend this awesome class, no boys             beautiful jewelry pieces for each other,        crafts and a sweet treat.The afternoon
     allowed! We’re all about make-up, hair,        including a necklace/bracelet ensemble          highlight will be a fashion show featur-
     nails, fashion, jewelry, dancing and           along with a pair of zipper pulls.We            ing all our guests.Adults will be asked
     food.You will get a way-cool make-             will be providing faceted glass crystals,       to write a description of their child’s
     over with fun hair extensions and              beads and meaningful silver charms/             outfit upon arriving at the party.
     glitter, incredible make-up with lots of       dangles. Each pair will also receive a          Tea will be held at the Community
     sparkle and pretty nail polish.We’ll           two-piece Best Friend charm; a great            Recreation Center. Fee includes
     make a fashion marabou neon duffle             way to exchange your love and friend-           admission for one child and one adult.
     bag and decorate it with girl power            ship in a fun and meaningful class to
     stamps, paints, jewels and embellish-                                                          Age 3-6
                                                    last a lifetime.A pastry treat is also
     ments.Then you’ll dance the night                                                              R-$22/NR-$28         1 day
                                                    provided. No nut products will be
     away, doing the Limbo, a Hula compe-                                                           425055-01 Sa         1:30-3 pm               4/25
                                                    served. Fee includes admission for one
     tition, Cha-Cha Slide and karaoke              child and one adult.
     Freeze Dance. Snacks and refreshments
     are provided.A must attend for all rock        Age 4-11
     stars and diva darlings!                       R-$36/NR-$45                         1 day
                                                    425054-01 Th 6-7:30 pm                4/2
     Age 5-11
     R-$36/NR-$45                        1 day
     425053-01 F      6:30-8 pm          5/29

                                                                                           *Non resident fee. See “Fair -Share” information page 108.

76   Wilmette Park District
                                                                                             Wilton Method-Cake               NEW
First Aid for Little People                                                                  Try your hand at Course I of the
This American Red Cross program will provide children with the skills and technical          Wilton Method of Cake Decorating.
procedures that will enable them to act calmly and correctly in an emergency                 Participants will learn the basic
situation.They will learn how to get help and what to do until help arrives, basic           techniques of icing, borders, flowers
first aid skills, and what to do in case of a fire.This class is taught by American Red      and piping. Course books are included
Cross certified instructor Connie Gately.                                                    in the registration fee. Participants must
                                                                                             register no later than one week before
Age 5-8                                                                                      start of class to ensure receipt of class
R-$36/NR-$46                          1 day                                                  supply list before the first day.
425015-01  Sa        11 am-12 pm       4/4
425015-02  Sa        10-11 am          5/9                                                   Age 16 & up
525015-01  Sa        11 am-12 pm      6/20                                                   Spring
525015-02  Sa        10-11 am         7/18                                                   R-$38/NR-$48                       4 weeks
                                                                                             425060-01 W      6-8 pm          4/1-4/22

Home Alone                                                                                   Summer

This American Red Cross program will provide children with simple rules and in-              R-$38/NR-$48                       4 weeks
formation for responsible self-care. Children will learn how to properly use a house         525060-01 W      6-8 pm          6/3-6/24
key, how to use important phone numbers, how to answer the phone, and how to
use the phone in an emergency.They will also learn the importance of checking a              Redecorate in a Day             NEW
house before entering, answering the door properly, and dealing with strangers.
Safety precautions that will help prevent fires and what to do in case of a fire will        Want a new look but don’t have a
be reviewed as well.This class is taught by American Red Cross certified instructor          fortune to spend? Learn the easy, af-
Connie Gately.                                                                               fordable way to transform your rooms
R-$37/NR-$47                          1 day                                                  using what you already have on hand.
                                                                                             Anne West of Redesign Doctor will
Age 5-9                                                                                      explain basic design principles and
425019-01     Sa     10-11 am           4/4                                                  show you how to avoid the top ten
525019-01     Sa     10-11 am          6/20                                                  decorating mistakes most people make.
Age 9-12                                                                                     Using before and after photos she will
425019-02     Sa     10-11 am           5/9                                                  lead an interactive discussion about
525019-02     Sa     10-11 am          7/18                                                  balance and flow, finding a room’s focal
                                                                                             point, proper furniture arrangement,
                                                                                             placement of wall art, displaying acces-
Babysitting Training
                                                                                             sories and using lighting correctly.You
Learn the information and skills necessary to provide safe and responsible care for          will be able to apply what you learn to
children in the absence of parents or adult guardians.This American Red Cross                achieve a functional, comfortable and
course will teach five critical areas: leadership, safety and safe play, basic care, first   inviting space that you will love to call
aid, and professionalism.This class is taught by American Red Cross certified                home.
instructor Connie Gately. Participants should bring a lunch.
                                                                                             Age 18 & up
Age 11-15                                                                                    R-$35/NR-$44                          1 day
R-$100/NR-$125                        1 day                                                  425061-01 Th 9:30-11:30 am            4/30
425003-01  Sa        12-6 pm           4/4
425003-02  Sa        12-6 pm           5/9
525003-01  Sa        12-6 pm          6/20
525003-02  Sa        12-6 pm          7/18

                                                                                 Spring/Summer 2009          77
                                                                     MUSICAL NOTES
                                                                                                            Musikgarten Cycles of
                 FOR MUSIC                                                                                  Seasons
              INSTRUCTION IN                                                                                Celebrate your child’s love of nature
                                                       Musikgarten Family Music
               GUITAR, PIANO                           for Babies
                                                                                                            and growing independence through
                AND VIOLIN                                                                                  activities involving the four seasons.
                                                       Bouncing and rocking songs, wiggle                   Nurture your child’s ability to use lan-
       please see the Performing Arts section          and peek-a-boo games, dancing,                       guage and participate in dramatic play
                      on pages 89                      moving and singing allow you to play                 within a musical context.We will ex-
                                                       musically with your baby.Activities are              plore various instruments, creative
                                                       designed to increase your child’s                    movement and storytelling.Your child
                                                       curiosity about music, to develop                    will develop listening, focused atten-
                                                       listening skills and a sense of beat, and            tion, imagination and self expression
                                                       to establish the foundation for singing              when we work with CD and instru-
                    FA M I LY T I M E
                                                       and musical thought. Families will                   ments as we sing, chant, move, listen
                                                       receive a CD and parent booklet.                     and play fun musical games.This class is
     Dog Training                                                                                           taught by Wendy Morgan.
                                                       Age Newborn-18 mos
     Our professional dog trainer has over             Spring                                               Age 3-5
     20 years of experience and is offering a          R-$197/NR-$246                            10 weeks   Spring
     positive reinforcement class for your             425024-01 Tu 9:30-10:15 am               3/31-6/2    R-$246/NR-$308                  10 weeks
     dog or puppy, minimum 3 months old.               425024-02 W 9:30-10:15 am                 4/1-6/3    425025-01 Th 12:30-1:15 pm      4/2-6/4
     Learn to motivate your dog to provide
                                                       Summer                                               Summer
     desired behavior without causing
                                                       R-$158/NR-$198                             8 weeks   R-$197/NR-$246                   8 weeks
     confusion or stress. Learning is based
                                                       525024-01 Tu 9:30-10:15 am               6/16-8/4    525025-01 Th 12:30-1:15 pm     6/18-8/6
     on earning rewards as opposed to
                                                       525024-02 W 9:30-10:15 am                6/17-8/5
     avoiding punishment. Each dog is
     trained according to age and level of
     current skills.A $10 materials fee along          Musikgarten Family Music                                       LANGUAGE AMIGOS
     with vaccinations record, including               for Toddlers
     Bordatella, must be up to date and                                                                     Café Amigos
     brought to the first class. Please note the       Play musically with your toddler in
     first class will be 11/2 hours; all other         singing, chanting, moving, dancing,
     classes are 1 hour.                               listening and playing simple instru-
     N O C L A S S : S AT U R DAYS , M AY 2 3 &
                                                       ments.Through activities that bridge
     J U N E 1 3 ; T H U R S DAY, J U N . 1 1 .
                                                       the natural connection between music
                                                       and movement, your child’s musical                   Café Amigos is open for business!
     All Ages                                          aptitude and listening abilities are                 Children bring a lunch with a beverage
     Spring                                            enhanced and developed. Families will                and learn Spanish while lunching with
     R-$95/NR-$120                           6 weeks   receive a CD and parent booklet.                     friends.There will be exciting theme
     Thursday Classes                                  Wendy Morgan and Caroline Sheaffer                   days, songs, art, games, and more. From
     425048-03 Th 6:30-7:30 pm            4/16-5/21    are the instructors.                                 the creators of Camp Amigos, Café
     425048-04 Th 8-9 pm                   5/7-6/18    NO   CLASS:   S AT U R DAY, J U LY 4 .               Amigos is the perfect setting for chil-
     Saturday Classes                                  Age 18-36 mos                                        dren to learn Spanish.All instructors
     425048-01 Sa 2:30-3:30 pm            4/18-5/30    Spring                                               are experienced early childhood edu-
     425048-02 Sa 4-5 pm                  5/9-6/27     R-$197/NR-$246               10 weeks                cators and at least one instructor will
                                                       425026-01 Tu 10:30-11:15 am 3/31-6/2                 be a native speaker.
                                                       425026-02 W 10:30-11:15 am 4/1-6/3                   R-$220/NR-$275                  10 weeks
     Thursday Classes
                                                       425026-03 Sa 10:30-11:15 am 4/4-6/6                  Age 3-5
     525048-05 Th 8-9 pm                   6/25-8/6
     525048-06 Th 6:30-7:30 pm            7/23-8/27    Summer                                               425001-01 Tu 11:45 am-1:15 pm 3/31-6/2
     525048-07 Th 8-9 pm                  8/13-9/17    R-$158/NR-$198                8 weeks                Age 5-6
     Saturday Classes                                  525026-01 Tu 10:30-11:15 am 6/16-8/4                 425001-02 Th 10:45 am-12:15 pm 4/2-6/4
     525048-01 Sa 2:30-3:30 pm             6/6-7/25    525026-02 W 10:30-11:15 am 6/17-8/5
     525048-02 Sa 4-5 pm                  7/11-8/15    R-$138/NR-$172                7 weeks
     525048-03 Sa 2:30-3:30 pm              8/1-9/5    525026-03 Sa 10:30-11:15 am 6/20-8/8

78   Wilmette Park District
Fun with Amigos
Everyday will be a special day at Fun
with Amigos.We will laugh, play,
create, sing, paint, cook, and discover
great wonders—and we will do it all
while learning Spanish. From the
creators of Camp Amigos, Fun with
Amigos uses a highly controlled vocab-                                                       Mad Science for Young
ulary introduced in conjunction with         G OOD I NTENTIONS . . .                         Scientists
fun theme days.All instructors are           You know where they lead. When a                Join Mad Science for loads of hands-
experienced early childhood educators        class cancellation has disappointed             on science fun. Each week will involve
and at least one instructor is a native      you, the culprit is usually insufficient        experiments and exploration designed
speaker.                                     enrollment. If you are stimulated by            just for younger scientists. Lots of fun
R-$220/NR-$275                  10 weeks     our creative classes, transfer that en-         and exciting science topics to investi-
Age 3-5                                      ergy into action, come over and sign            gate and things to take home.Anyone
425002-01   Tu 10-11:30 am     3/31-6/2      up. We’re waiting for you . . . but we          can be a scientist! All children must be
425002-02   Tu 1:30-3 pm       3/31-6/2      can’t wait too long!                            4 years old by September 1, 2008. All
                                                                                             materials are included and instructors are
Age 5-6
                                                                                             provided by Mad Science of Northern
425002-03   Th 9-10:30 am       4/2-6/4
425002-04   Th 12:30-2 pm       4/2-6/4
                                                                                             N O C L A S S : F R I DAY, A P R I L 1 0 &
                                           Chess Wizards
                                                                                             M O N DAY, M AY 2 5 .
                                           Take up the game of chess and learn
Yoga for Tots                                                                                Age 4-5
                                           cool openings, mid-game strategies and
Children of all ages can benefit from      compete in chess tournaments. Parents:            R-$142/NR-$178                                 9 weeks
the rewards of a yoga practice! Your       Did you know that chess enhances                  425022-01 M 3:30-4:15 pm                     3/30-6/1
child will learn basic yoga poses          cognitive development and improves                425022-02 F 9-9:45 am                         4/3-6/5
through singing songs, learning            both verbal and mathematical skills as            425022-03 F 10-10:45 am                       4/3-6/5
movements, hearing stories, and            well as increases academic perfor-                425022-04 F 11-11:45 am                       4/3-6/5
playing games. Children will also be       mance? Chess can help your child                  425022-05 F 1-1:45 pm                         4/3-6/5
introduced to the concepts of medita-      focus, visualize, think abstractly and
tive breathing and relaxation. Please      form concrete opinions. No experi-                Mad Science - System 2
note this is NOT a parent/child class.     ence needed for beginning class.
                                           Intermediate players should be able to            Mad Science is back with one of our
Age 3-5
                                           play a complete game before enrolling.            most popular course systems. Some
R-$105/NR-$131                  10 weeks
                                           Advanced players should know some                 of the spectacular, hands-on science
425029-01 Th 10-10:45 am        4/2-6/4
                                           mid-game strategy: fork, pin, discov-             program topics we will explore include
                                           ered attack, two move checkmate, and              Magnetic Magic, Sonic Sounds, Slime
Yoga for Kids                              chess notation.                                   and more. Each young Mad Scientist
                                           NO   CLASS:   M AY 2 5 .                          will be making some great take-home
A fun-filled after school yoga class is
                                                                                             projects too, including slime, a magnet
waiting for you.We will stretch,           Grade 1-8                                         game, a periscope and more. All materi-
breathe, relax, and enjoy the many         R-$164/NR-$205                         10 weeks   als are included and instructors are provided
benefits of yoga in fun and playful
                                           Beginner                                          by Mad Science of Northern Illinois.
ways. Not only will we stretch our
                                           425009-01     M    4-5:15 pm         3/30-6/8     R-$186/NR*-$232                                10 wks
bodies, but we will tone our minds
too! Reading, storytelling, math and       Intermediate/Advanced                             Grade 1-2
science concepts, music, creative arts,    425009-02 M 4-5:15 pm                3/30-6/8     425021-01 Tu 4-5 pm                          3/31-6/2
and earth care will be blended with
                                                                                             Grade 3-5
yoga to educate the “whole” child. Not
                                                                                             425021-02 Th 4-5 pm                           4/2-6/4
your mom or dad’s yoga class!
Age 6-11
R-$105/NR-$131                  10 weeks
425027-01 W 4-5 pm              4/1-6/3

                                                                                     Spring/Summer 2009                 79

     School Day Off
     No school? We have it covered.
     Participants should bring a lunch each
     day of attendance. Children may not
     participate in all activities if not regis-
     tered for all available dates. N OT E :                                                                       TEENS
     The extended day program is for these
     specific program dates only. After
     School Recreation Parents: Please call                                                    Junior High and Senior High
     Dale Crystal at 847-256-9115 for your                                                     Drop-In Gym
     full-day registration codes.
                                                                                               Come and check out our gymnasium
     Kindergarten –Grade 5                                                                     and bring along your friends for a
     Students our program will include                                                         pick-up game or two or three.
     indoor and outdoor activities at the                                                      Basketballs are available. Fee is per use.
     Community Recreation Center, arts                                                         GYMNASIUM      IS CLOSED       F R I DAY,
     and crafts, trips and more. N OT E :                                                      MARCH 27.
     Students in K-5 will not go on field                                                      R-$4 /NR*-$6                                  9 wks
     trips every day.                                                                          Grade 6-12
     Grade K-5                                                                                 F          4-9 pm
     R-$45/NR*-$56                          1 day
     325047-05 F 8 am-3:30 pm               4/10                                               Yoga for Teens
     Full Day                                                                                  Through yoga, teens can develop better
     R-$56/NR*-$70                          1 day                                              body awareness, self-control, flexibility
     325047-06 F 8 am-6 pm                  4/10                                               and coordination.You will use the basic
                                                                                               postures to examine your breathing,
                                                                                               and to cultivate confidence, calmness,
     Grade 6-8
                                                                                               and balance.
     We will venture to area recreational
     facilities on different trips that will                                                   Age 12-17
     make your day away from school a                                                          R-$100/NR-$125                              10 weeks
     mini-vacation.                                                                            425028-01 W 5:15-6:15 pm                    4/1-6/3

     Grade 6-8                                      Spring Break Camp
     R-$45/NR*-$56                          1 day   Spring Break Camp is offered during
     325047-11 F 8 am-3:30 pm               4/10    the Wilmette Public Schools District
     Full Day
                                                    39 Spring Break for children currently              Teen Email List
                                                    enrolled in Kindergarten through
     R-$56/NR*-$70                          1 day                                                Keep up-to-date on programs and events
                                                    Grade 8. Children are offered a variety
     325047-12 F 8 am-6 pm                  4/10                                                   offered for your age group, Grades 6-8
                                                    of activities such as arts and crafts,
                                                                                                                   or 9-12.
                                                    group games, gymnastics and a pizza
                                                                                                       It’s completely free and easy!
                                                    party. Campers will participate in field
                                                    trips during this camp.This program                    Send an email to
                                                    meets at the Community Recreation           
                                                    Center.                                            and include: Name (first & last),
                                                                                                   current grade in school, school name, and
                                                    Grade K-8
                                                                                                              your E-mail address.
                                                    R-$188/NR*-$263                     1 wk
                                                                                                      We’ll send you regular updates,
                                                    325046-01 M-F 8 am-6 pm          3/23-27
                                                                                                   reminders, registration deadlines and
                                                                                                          more for your age group.

80   Wilmette Park District
                                                                                              WHAT’S I N A GYM NASTICS
    GYMNASTICS STAFF                                                                          CLASS?

    Supervisor and Head Gymnastics Coach:             Jim Scully                              In addition to training on various pieces
    Head Boys’ Team Coach:       Dick Kaziny                                                  of equipment, all classes will include:
    Girls’ Team Coaches:      Debbie Hugelier, Jennifer Pistorius, Mike Kharpak, and
                                                                                              • Flexibility and stretching exercises
    Kathy Nitch.
    Gymnastics Instructors: Judith Tedeschi, Laura Krohm, Larene O’Connell,                   • A tumbling segment
    Karen Ott, Robin Pierson, Rick Nixon, Kelly Purdy, Alison Kool,                           • A trampoline segment
    Jennifer Pistorious, Jessica Scully, Jill Roberts,Tom Malewicke, Margaret Kohler,
    Jamie Serritella, Chris Garces and Adrienne Putrow.                                       • Pit training
                                                                                              • Conditioning exercises

     ATTIRE                                                                                   All children are encouraged to try each activity and
                                                                                              to progress at their own individual pace.

participants are requested to dress in the following attire:
G IRLS : Gymnastics leotard or shorts, T-shirt, and bare feet. No tights with feet.               Special Events
B OYS : Shorts or sweatpants, T-shirt, and bare feet. No blue jeans.                              Out of town guests? Girl scout
                                                                                                  or cub scout activities? Family
                                                                                                  gathering? School field trip?
           ASK ABOUT “WILMETTE GYMNASTICS” APPAREL                                                Call Jim Scully at 847-256-9695
                                                                                                  to set up a gymnastics lesson or
The Wilmette Park District has one of the finest gymnastics
                                                                                                  lessons for your group. Lessons
                                                                                                  are also available for ice skaters
facilities in Illinois. A 10,000+ square foot, state-of-the-art gymnasium is                      and cheer leaders.And while
located at the Community Recreation Center. In addition to the standard                           you’re calling, ask about our
Olympic events for men and women, the gymnastics program features an                              party rooms.
enlarged pit area and two in-ground trampolines that allow beginning through
advanced students to train in the safest possible manner. The gym also fea-
tures a padded and carpeted area for preschool children ages 1 to 5 years.
Located near the pit and trampolines, this area is filled with colorful octagons
and pie-shaped mats for play. The gym has a glass-enclosed viewing and                        GYMNASTICS
changing area so parents and friends can easily see the children during class.
                                                                                              For birthdays or other special events, how
    A    M E S SAG E          TO      PA R E N TS                                             about a gymnastics lesson for your group? The
                                                                                              Wilmette Park District gymnastics staff will
        ABOUT      AGE      REQUIREMENTS               AND    SIBLINGS:
                                                                                              take a group of children ages 4 and up through
                                                                                              a one-hour class which includes activities on
   For all programs, age requirements will be as of the date of the first class, unless
                                                                                              bars, beams, rings and the ever-popular foam-
   otherwise specified. Please do not request to have your child put in a class he/she        filled pit. All activities are geared toward the
   does not belong in.All age requirements are set to benefit the children and make           ages and abilities of your children, so that
   instruction more consistent for the program leaders. In some instances, the requirements   everyone has a fantastic, safe time. In addition,
                                                                                              a room is available for one hour following
   have been set for the child’s safety.
                                                                                              gymnastics for the party celebration. Call Jim
       Also, due to insurance regulations, siblings may not be on the floor during class.     Scully at 847/256-9695 for Gymnastic
   We invite the children to sit at our “Table of Champions” where we have magazines,         Birthday Party information.
   crayons and coloring books for them to enjoy.Thank you for your cooperation.

 *Non resident fee. See “Fair -Share” information page 108.

                                                                                      Spring/Summer 2009               81
              MAKE-UP CLASSES FOR                                A     M E S SAG E          TO      PA R E N TS
           “MOMS AND TOTS” ONLY!
                                                                      OF   THREE-YEARS-OLDS:

                                                                One of our main goals is to help children develop a feeling of self-confidence.“I can do it all
     Moms/Dads/Tots Gymnastics                                  by myself!” is the best thing a child can say to a parent or teacher.This program may be the
                                                                first time your child is in a class independently from you. Since not all three-year-olds are
     Moms and/or Dads, with the help of
                                                                emotionally prepared to separate from Mom or Dad, this can be a difficult transition for
     instructors, assist children in the devel-
                                                                both child and parent.
     opment of physical skills including
                                                                     If a child cannot separate on the first day of class, we ask that the parent and child sit
     flexibility, body awareness and strength.
                                                                against the brick wall and watch the class.When the child is ready to join the class they
     Tots must have reached the walking
                                                                may do so, however, the parent must remain at the brick wall. Parents may not be part of
     stage before enrollment.
                                                                these classes. If a child cannot separate we suggest you return to the Moms/Dads/Tots
     Age 1-2                                                    program or request a refund for the remaining classes.This allows children to separate at
     Spring                                                     their own level of comfort.
     N O C L A S S : S U N DAY, A P R I L 1 2 &                      Our only requirement of parents with children in this program is to wait in the
     M O N DAY, M AY 2 5 .                                      viewing area during class. Parents should bring their child into the gym for each class
     R-$91/NR-$114                             10 weeks         and, after making sure the child is comfortable, go to the viewing area and remain there for
     426001-01 M           9:15-10 am         3/30-6/8          the entire class in case of bathroom calls.With your cooperation, we will keep these programs
     426001-02 M           10:15-11 am        3/30-6/8          fun for our littlest gymnasts.
     426001-03 M           11-11:45 am        3/30-6/8
     426001-04 M           1-1:45 pm          3/30-6/8
     426001-05 Tu          9:15-10 am         3/31-6/2
     426001-06 Tu          10:15-11 am        3/31-6/2       Preschool Rambling Tots                              426002-20      Th    2-2:45 pm           4/2-6/4
     426001-07 Tu          11-11:45 am        3/31-6/2       Gymnastics                                           426002-21      F     9:15-10 am          4/3-6/5
     426001-08 Tu          1-1:45 pm          3/31-6/2                                                            426002-22      F     10:15-11 am         4/3-6/5
                                                             The Wilmette Park District’s gymnas-
     426001-09 W           9:15-10 am          4/1-6/3                                                            426002-23      F     11-11:45 am         4/3-6/5
                                                             tics staff emphasizes self-confidence
     426001-10 W           10:15-11 am         4/1-6/3                                                            426002-24      F     1-1:45 pm           4/3-6/5
                                                             rather than competition.Tots are
     426001-11 W           11-11:45 am         4/1-6/3                                                            426002-25      F     2-2:45 pm           4/3-6/5
                                                             encouraged to develop new physical
     426001-12 W           1-1:45 pm           4/1-6/3                                                            426002-26      Sa    8-8:45 am           4/4-6/6
                                                             skills while gaining strength, flexibility
     426001-13 Th          9:15-10 am          4/2-6/4                                                            426002-27      Sa    9-9:45 am           4/4-6/6
                                                             and muscular coordination. Students
     426001-14 Th          10:15-11 am         4/2-6/4                                                            R-$82/NR-$103                             9 weeks
                                                             should wear shorts or warm-ups to class.
     426001-15 Th          11-11:45 am         4/2-6/4                                                            426002-28 Su 9-9:45 am                   4/5-6/7
                                                             N O C L A S S : S U N DAY, A P R I L 1 2 &
     426001-16 Th          1-1:45 pm           4/2-6/4                                                            426002-29 Su 10-10:45 am                 4/5-6/7
                                                             M O N DAY, M AY 2 5 .
     426001-17 F           9:15-10 am          4/3-6/5
     426001-18 F           10:15-11 am         4/3-6/5       Age 3                                                Summer
     426001-19 F           11-11:45 am         4/3-6/5       Spring                                               N O C L A S S : F R I DAY, J U LY 3 &
     426001-20 F           1-1:45 pm           4/3-6/5       R-$91/NR-$114                             10 weeks   S AT U R DAY, J U LY 4 .
     426001-21 Sa          8-8:45 am           4/4-6/6       426002-01 M           9:15-10 am         3/30-6/8    R-$73/NR-$92                              8 weeks
     426001-22 Sa          9-9:45 am           4/4-6/6       426002-02 M           10:15-11 am        3/30-6/8    526002-01 M          9-9:45 am          6/15-8/3
                                                             426002-03 M           11-11:45 am        3/30-6/8    526002-02 M          1-1:45 pm          6/15-8/3
     R-$82/NR-$103                                 9 weeks
                                                             426002-04 M           1-1:45 pm          3/30-6/8    526002-03 Tu         9-9:45 am          6/16-8/4
     426001-23 Su 9-9:45 am                       4/5-6/7
                                                             426002-05 M           2-2:45 pm          3/30-6/8    526002-04 Tu         10-10:45 am        6/16-8/4
     426001-24 Su 10-10:45 am                     4/5-6/7
                                                             426002-06 Tu          9:15-10 am         3/31-6/2    526002-05 Tu         1-1:45 pm          6/16-8/4
     Summer                                                  426002-07 Tu          10:15-11 am        3/31-6/2    526002-06 W          9-9:45 am          6/17-8/5
     N O C L A S S : F R I DAY, J U LY 3 &                   426002-08 Tu          11-11:45 am        3/31-6/2    526002-07 Th         9-9:45 am          6/18-8/6
     S AT U R DAY, J U LY 4 .                                426002-09 Tu          1-1:45 pm          3/31-6/2    526002-08 Th         10-10:45 am        6/18-8/6
     R-$73/NR-$92                               8 weeks      426002-10 Tu          2-2:45 pm          3/31-6/2    526002-09 Th         1-1:45 pm          6/18-8/6
     526001-01 M           9-9:45 am          6/15-8/3       426002-11 W           9:15-10 am          4/1-6/3    526002-12 Su         9-9:45 am          6/21-8/9
     526001-02 Tu          9-9:45 am          6/16-8/4       426002-12 W           10:15-11 am         4/1-6/3    526002-13 Su         10-10:45 am        6/21-8/9
     526001-03 W           9-9:45 am          6/17-8/5       426002-13 W           11-11:45 am         4/1-6/3    R-64/NR-$80                               7 weeks
     526001-04 Th          9-9:45 am          6/18-8/6       426002-14 W           1-1:45 pm           4/1-6/3    526002-10 F          9-9:45 am          6/19-8/7
     526001-07 Su          9-9:45 am          6/21-8/9       426002-15 W           2-2:45 pm           4/1-6/3    526002-11 Sa         9-9:45 am          6/20-8/8
     526001-08 Su          10-10:45 am        6/21-8/9       426002-16 Th          9:15-10 am          4/2-6/4
     R-$64/NR-$80                               7 weeks      426002-17 Th          10:15-11 am         4/2-6/4
     526001-05 F           9-9:45 am          6/19-8/7       426002-18 Th          11-11:45 am         4/2-6/4
     526001-06 Sa          9-9:45 am          6/20-8/8       426002-19 Th          1-1:45 pm           4/2-6/4

82   Wilmette Park District
Preschool Rambling Tots                                 Age 4-6                                                 Girls Grade 3-4
Gymnastics                                              Summer                                                  Spring
                                                        N O C L A S S : F R I DAY, J U LY 3 &                   R-$91/NR-$114                             10 weeks
Age 4-6 including K                                     S AT U R DAY, J U LY 4 .                                426005-01 Tu         4-5 pm              3/31-6/2
Children must be 4 years old at the                     R-$76/NR-$92                               8 weeks      426005-02 Th         4-5 pm               4/2-6/4
start of the program. Kindergarten age                  526003-01 M           9-10 am            6/15-8/3       426005-03 F          5-6 pm               4/3-6/5
children should enroll in these classes.                526003-02 M           1-2 pm             6/15-8/3       426005-04 Sa         11 am-12 pm          4/4-6/6
All children will be grouped according                  526003-03 Tu          9-10 am            6/16-8/4       426005-05 Sa         12-1 pm              4/4-6/6
to age and ability.                                     526003-04 Tu          10-11 am           6/16-8/4       R-$82/NR-$103                              9 weeks
N O C L A S S : S U N DAY, A P R I L 1 2 &              526003-05 Tu          1-2 pm             6/16-8/4       426005-06 Su 11 am-12 pm                  4/5-6/7
M O N DAY, M AY 2 5 .                                   526003-06 W           9-10 am            6/17-8/5
Age 4-6                                                 526003-07 Th          9-10 am            6/18-8/6       Summer
                                                        526003-08 Th          10-11 am           6/18-8/6       NO   CLASS:   S AT U R DAY, J U LY 4 .
                                                        526003-09 Th          1-2 pm             6/18-8/6       R-$73/NR-$92                               8 weeks
R-$91/NR-$114         10 weeks
                                                        526003-13 Su          9-10 am            6/21-8/9       526005-01 Tu         4-5 pm              6/16-8/4
426003-01 M           9:15-10:15 am      3/30-6/8
                                                        526003-14 Su          10-11 am           6/21-8/9       526005-02 Th         4-5 pm              6/18-8/6
426003-02 M           10:15-11:15 am     3/30-6/8
                                                        526003-15 Su          11 am-12 pm        6/21-8/9       526005-04 Su         11 am-12 pm         6/21-8/9
426003-03 M           11 am-12 pm        3/30-6/8
426003-04 M           1-2 pm             3/30-6/8       R-$64/NR-$80                               7 weeks      R-$64/NR-$80                               7 weeks
426003-05 M           2-3 pm             3/30-6/8       526003-10 F           9-10 am            6/19-8/7       526005-03 Sa         11 am-12 pm         6/20-8/8
426003-06 M           3-4 pm             3/30-6/8       526003-11 Sa          9-10 am            6/20-8/8       Girls Grade 5-8
426003-07 Tu          9:15-10:15 am      3/31-6/2       526003-12 Sa          10-11 am           6/20-8/8       Spring
426003-08 Tu          10:15-11:15 am     3/31-6/2
                                                                                                                R-$91/NR-$114                             10 weeks
426003-09 Tu          11 am-12 pm        3/31-6/2
                                                        Recreational Gymnastics                                 426006-01 M 5-6 pm                       3/30-6/8
426003-10 Tu          1-2 pm             3/31-6/2
                                                                                                                426006-02 W 5-6 pm                        4/1-6/3
426003-11 Tu          2-3 pm             3/31-6/2       The Gymnastics staff teaches funda-
                                                                                                                426006-03 Sa 12-1 pm                      4/4-6/6
426003-12 Tu          3-4 pm             3/31-6/2       mental gymnastics for all Olympic
426003-13 W           9:15-10:15 am       4/1-6/3       events. Students progress at their own                  R-$82/NR-$103                              9 weeks
426003-14 W           10:15-11:15 am      4/1-6/3       pace and are grouped according to age                   426006-04 Su 11 am-12 pm                  4/5-6/7
426003-15 W           11 am-12 pm         4/1-6/3       and ability.                                            Summer
426003-16 W           1-2 pm              4/1-6/3       N O C L A S S : S U N DAY, A P R I L 1 2 &              NO   CLASS:   S AT U R DAY, J U LY 4 .
426003-17 W           2-3 pm              4/1-6/3       M O N DAY, M AY 2 5 .                                   R-$73/NR-$92                               8 weeks
426003-18 W           3-4 pm              4/1-6/3                                                               526006-01 M          5-6 pm              6/15-8/3
                                                        Grade 1-2
426003-19 Th          9:15-10:15 am       4/2-6/4                                                               526006-02 W          5-6 pm              6/17-8/8
426003-20 Th          10:15-11:15 am      4/2-6/4                                                               526006-04 Su         11 am-12 pm         6/21-8/9
                                                        R-$91/NR-$114                             10 weeks
426003-21 Th          11 am-12 pm         4/2-6/4
                                                        426004-01 M           4-5 pm             3/30-6/8       R-$64/NR-$80                               7 weeks
426003-22 Th          1-2 pm              4/2-6/4
                                                        426004-02 M           5-6 pm             3/30-6/8       526006-03 Sa         11 am-12 pm         6/20-8/8
426003-23 Th          2-3 pm              4/2-6/4
                                                        426004-03 W           4-5 pm              4/1-6/3
426003-24 Th          3-4 pm              4/2-6/4
                                                        426004-04 W           5-6 pm              4/1-6/3
426003-25 F           9:15-10:15 am       4/3-6/5                                                               Advanced Girls’ Gymnastics
                                                        426004-05 F           4-5 pm              4/3-6/5
426003-26 F           10:15-11:15 am      4/3-6/5
                                                        426004-06 Sa          10-11 am            4/4-6/6       Permission required from gymnastics staff
426003-27 F           11 am-12 pm         4/3-6/5
                                                        426004-07 Sa          11 am-12 pm         4/4-6/6       before registration
426003-28 F           1-2 pm              4/3-6/5
                                                        R-$82/NR-$103                                 9 weeks   These classes are for serious students
426003-29 F           2-3 pm              4/3-6/5
                                                        426004-08 Su 11 am-12 pm                     4/5-6/7    who want to compete on a gymnastics
426003-30 F           3-4 pm              4/3-6/5
                                                                                                                squad.Workouts are run in the same
426003-31 Sa          8-9 am              4/4-6/6
                                                        Summer                                                  manner as practice sessions for the
426003-32 Sa          9-10 am             4/4-6/6
                                                        NO   CLASS:   S AT U R DAY, J U LY 4 .                  Aerials, the Wilmette Park District’s
426003-33 Sa          10-11 am            4/4-6/6
                                                        R-$73/NR-$92                               8 weeks      gymnastics team.
R-$82/NR-$103                                 9 weeks   526004-01 M           4-5 pm             6/15-8/3
426003-34 Su 9-10 am                         4/5-6/7    526004-02 W           4-5 pm             6/17-8/5       Age 8-14
426003-35 Su 10-11 am                        4/5-6/7    526004-04 Su          11 am-12 pm        6/21-8/9       Spring
426003-36 Su 11 am-12 pm                     4/5-6/7                                                            R-$91/NR-$114                             10 weeks
                                                        R-$64/NR-$80                               7 weeks      426007-01 Tu 5-6 pm                      3/31-6/2
                                                        526004-03 Sa          10-11 am           6/20-8/8       426007-02 Th 5-6 pm                       4/2-6/4
                                                                                                                426007-03 F   5-6 pm                      4/3-6/5

                                                                                                       Spring/Summer 2009              83
     Advanced Girls’ Gymnastics                                                            Team Gymnastics
                                                 Boys Grade 1-2
     Clinic                                                                                The Wilmette Park District boasts one
     Looking to move up in the gymnastics        NO   CLASS:   M O N DAY, M AY 2 5 .
                                                                                           of the finest gymnastic team programs
     world? Do you want to be on a gym-          R-$91/NR-$114                  10 weeks   in the state, having produced many
     nastics team? The Wilmette Park             426008-01 M         4-5 pm    3/30-6/8    state- and national-level gymnasts over
     District is now offering a summer           426008-02 W         4-5 pm     4/1-6/3    the years.The Wilmette Gymnastics
     gymnastics program for intermediate         426008-03 Th        4-5 pm     4/2-6/4    Team competes in USA Gymnastics
     to advanced gymnasts.This four-hour         426008-04 F         4-5 pm     4/3-6/5    competitions across Illinois. Many top
     program will be run by the Wilmette                                                   local high school gymnasts also train at
     Park District Gymnastics staff and will     Summer                                    Wilmette. Call Girls’ Coach Jim Scully
     provide gymnasts the best opportunity       R-$73/NR-$92                    8 weeks   at 847-256-9695 or Boys’ Coach Dick
     to improve their skills. You must be a      526008-01 M         4-5 pm    6/15-8/3    Kaziny at 847-256-9621 for more
     current Wilmette Park District              526008-02 W         4-5 pm    6/17-8/5    information.
     Advanced Gymnastics class participant       526008-03 Th        4-5 pm    6/18-8/6
                                                                                           Age 10-18
     to enroll in this program. If you are not   Boys Grade 3-8                            Spring: March-April-May
     a current member or you are from a          Spring                                    426018-01       1 day               $158
     different gym program, contact Jim          NO   CLASS:   M O N DAY, M AY 2 5 .       426018-02       2 days              $237
     Scully, Gymnastics Supervisor at 847-       R-$91/NR-$114                  10 weeks   426018-03       3 days              $320
     256-9696 for an evaluation.                 426009-01 M         5-6 pm    3/30-6/8    426018-04       Advanced            $383
     Grade 3-8                                   426009-02 Tu        5-6 pm    3/31-6/2
                                                 426009-03 W         5-6 pm     4/1-6/3    Summer: June-July-August
                                                 426009-04 F         5-6 pm     4/3-6/5    526018-01       1 day               $158
     R-$291/NR-$363                    8 weeks
                                                                                           526018-02       2 days              $237
     526012-01 Tu,Th       4-6 pm    6/16-8/6    Summer                                    526018-03       3 days              $320
                                                 R-$73/NR-$92                    8 weeks   526018-04       Advanced            $383
                                                 526009-01 M         5-6 pm    6/15-8/3
                                                 526009-02 Tu        5-6 pm    6/16-8/4
                                                 526009-03 W         5-6 pm    6/17-8/5

84   Wilmette Park District
                      NEW                 Age 3                              526027-12   M    10-11 am       8/17
Beat the Heat!
                                          R-$10/NR-$12               1 day   526027-13   Tu   9-10 am        8/18
Nothing to do at the end of the                                              526027-14   Tu   10-11 am       8/18
                                          526026-01 M    9-9:45 am   8/10
summer? How about some summer                                                526027-15   W    9-10 am        8/19
                                          526026-02 Tu   9-9:45 am   8/11
gymnastics in the air-conditioned                                            526027-16   W    10-11 am       8/19
                                          526026-03 W    9-9:45 am   8/12
gymnasium at the Community                                                   526027-17   Th   9-10 am        8/20
                                          526026-04 Th   9-9:45 am   8/13
Recreation Center? Moms and Tots,                                            526027-18   Th   10-11 am       8/20
                                          526026-05 F    9-9:45 am   8/14
and children age 3-6 can sign up for                                         526027-19   F    9-10 am        8/21
                                          526026-06 M    9-9:45 am   8/17
single classes—as many as you want!                                          526027-20   F    10-11 am       8/21
                                          526026-07 Tu   9-9:45 am   8/18
Boys and girls in Grades 1-8 can enjoy
                                          526026-08 W    9-9:45 am   8/19    Grade 1-8 Boys & Girls
a gymnastics “mini-camp” experience.
                                          526026-09 Th   9-9:45 am   8/20    R-$92/NR-$114                 1 week
Call Jim Scully at 847/256-9695 for
                                          526026-10 F    9-9:45 am   8/21    526028-01 M-F 10 am-12 pm 8/10-8/14
                                          Age 4-6 + K                        526028-02 M-F 10 am-12 pm 8/17-8/21
Moms & Tots Age 1-2
                                          R-$10/NR-$12               1 day
R-$10/NR-$12                      1 day
                                          526027-01 M    9-10 am     8/10
526025-01 M 9-9:45 am             8/10
                                          526027-02 M    10-11 am    8/10
526025-02 Tu 9-9:45 am            8/11
                                          526027-03 Tu   9-10 am     8/11
526025-03 W 9-9:45 am             8/12
                                          526027-04 Tu   10-11 am    8/11
526025-04 Th 9-9:45 am            8/13
                                          526027-05 W    9-10 am     8/12
526025-05 F   9-9:45 am           8/14
                                          526027-06 W    10-11 am    8/12
526025-06 M 9-9:45 am             8/17
                                          526027-07 Th   9-10 am     8/13
526025-07 Tu 9-9:45 am            8/18
                                          526027-08 Th   10-11 am    8/13
526025-08 W 9-9:45 am             8/19
                                          526027-09 F    9-10 am     8/14
526025-09 Th 9-9:45 am            8/20
                                          526027-10 F    10-11 am    8/14
526025-10 F   9-9:45 am           8/21
                                          526027-11 M    9-10 am     8/17

                                                                Spring/Summer 2009    85

       WENDY AVON has been teaching the performing arts to children for more than
       10 years. She is a graduate of Columbia College, where she studied theater and
       dance. Wendy has acted in many recent theatrical productions in Chicago. She
       has also performed in professional films and commercials, and brings enthusiasm
       and a variety of creative skills to her teaching.

       PAMELA FOX has been working in the Chicago area as a choreographer, actress
       and cabaret artist for several years. She has choreographed at the Apollo
                                                                                            Preschool Dance Through
       Theater and Porchlight, and worked with the Savoy Aires and the North Shore
                                                                                            Exploration in Theater
       Theater of Wilmette. She also teaches voice lessons at the Wilmette Park
       District. Fox received her formal training at the University of Kentucky and the
                                                                                            Children will be given the freedom to
                                                                                            explore their imagination through
       Cincinnati Conservatory of Music.
                                                                                            movement and stories as they portray
       CHRISTINE KOSTUCHOWSKI received her bachelor’s degree in Speech and                  their favorite animals, princesses and
       Performing Arts from Northeastern Illinois University. As an accomplished actress    princes, mermaids, unicorns, dolphins,
       she has appeared in many local community theater productions. She has an             and various imaginary people, places
       extensive background in technical theater as a director, costumer, stage manager,    and adventures.The class concludes
       and make-up consultant. She interned with the Illinois Theatre Association and
                                                                                            with a free dance, dressing up in cos-
                                                                                            tumes and using various props. Kirsten
       was the costumer for the opening ceremonies of the World Cup Soccer games.
                                                                                            Markham is the instructor. N OT E : This
       KIRSTEN MARKHAM has extensive background in dance, singing and acting.               is NOT a Moms/Tots class.
       She is a professional choreographer and dance instructor. She has studied with       NO   CLASS:   M O N DAY, M AY 2 5 .
       Gus Giordano and Second City, Chicago, and appeared in local theatrical              Age 21/2 -31/2
       productions. She received a degree in Early Childhood Education and taught           R-$122/NR-$152              10 weeks
       kindergarten before returning to adult and children’s theater.                       413003-01 M 11:15 am-12 pm 3/30-6/8
                                                                                            413003-02 W 9:45-10:30 am   4/1-6/3
                                                                                            413003-03 W 10:30-11:15 am  4/1-6/3
                                                                                            413003-04 W 11:15 am-12 pm 4/1-6/3

       HILEL KAGAN, conductor and artistic director of Canzonetta. Founder, conduc-         Music and Movement in
       tor, and artistic director of Concertante di Chicago, a chamber orchestra that has   Theater
       gained critical acclaim. He has conducted orchestras in Hungary, Norway and          Creative dramatics, story-telling,
       France, and has led violin and chamber music master classes in Roubaix               pantomime, puppets, listening to a
       Conservatory, France. He was Principal 2nd violin, 30 years, Lyric Opera             wide variety of music, exploring move-
       Orchestra of Chicago, former professor of violin and chamber music, De Paul          ment, dancing and singing in different
       University and Music Institute of Chicago.                                           styles are all part of this class. Please
                                                                                            send a snack with your child.This class
       HELIA SCHRAMM, co-artistic director of Canzonetta, she appeared twice as             can be taken more than once without
       soloist with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Youth Series. Concertmistress of         repeating material, because many ideas
       Civic Orchestra; 1st violinist of Arcturus String Quartet, performing concerts in    come from the children. Chris
       Chicago and the Midwest. Principal 2nd violin of Philharmonic Orchestra,             Kostuchowski is the instructor.
       Aspen Music Festival. On the faculty of the Suzuki Institute, Stevens Point, WI,
                                                                                            Age 3-5
       and Music Institute of Chicago. Founder, Lincolnwood School of Music. Visiting       R-$134/NR-$167                        10 weeks
       violin instructor, Roubaix Conservatory, Roubaix, France.                            413005-01 F   3-4 pm                  4/3-6/5

     *Non resident fee. See “Fair -Share” information page 108.

86   Wilmette Park District
                                                                                               Lunch Time Little Theatre
                                                                                               Come join us for lunch and activities.
                                                                                               Bring a lunch, and after we eat together
                                                                                               we will sing songs, compose our own
                                                                                               music and movement, make art projects
                                                                                               and use our imaginations to create many
                                                                                               characters and stories that will come
                                                                                               from all the children’s ideas.This
                                                                                               class establishes an environment of
                                                                                               teamwork while also maintaining
                                                                                               each child’s individuality. Chris
                                                                                               Kostuchowski is the instructor.
                                                                                               Age 3-5
                                                                                               R-$178/NR-$222                         10 weeks
                                                                                               413001-01 Tu 12-1:30 pm               3/31-6/2
                                                                                               413001-02 W 12-1:30 pm                 4/1-6/3

                                                                                               413001-03 F   12-1:30 pm               4/3-6/5

Storybook Theatre
                                                      Look for related programs
                                                                                               Dramatic Play
Come join us as we read and act out
our favorite storybook characters such                       in D A N C E ,                    Students in this class will learn the fun-

as Cinderella, Beauty & the Beast, Jack               E A R LY C H I L D H O O D
                                                                                               damentals of theater.They will learn
& the Beanstalk, and many others.                                                              how to cooperate and compromise in
                                                              and E T C .
Drawing, storytelling and free play will                                                       order to create skits and improvisa-
be part of the weekly story theme.                                                             tional scenes with each other. Children
Ideas will come from the children.                                                             will also be introduced to theater
Each week we will dress up to com-           Adventures in Imagination                         games, stage movements, character
plete our Storybook Theatre.This class                                                         development and performance skills to
                                             Visit the magical castle! Hike through
helps children gain self-confidence and                                                        enhance their presence and self-confi-
                                             an overgrown jungle, journey into
discipline while working with others.                                                          dence.A presentation of our writing
                                             outer space, dig for buried treasure—
                                                                                               and acting skills will be held at the end
Chris Kostuchowski is the instructor.        your child’s imagination will be safely
                                                                                               of the session with family and friends.
                                             engaged in pretend adventures and
Age 3-5                                                                                        Please send a snack with your child for
                                             characters that are created from their
R-$134/NR-$167                    10 weeks                                                     our “production meeting” breaks.
                                             own suggestions and ideas in class.
413002-01  Tu       2-3 pm       3/31-6/2                                                      Chris Kostuchowski is the instructor.
                                             Specific activities include making props
413002-02  F        2-3 pm        4/3-6/5                                                      NO   CLASS:   M O N DAY, M AY 2 5 .
                                             and artwork for creative dramatics,
                                             storytelling, music and creative free-            Age 5-8
Once Upon a Fairy Tale                       play all centered on the week’s adven-            R-$149/NR-$186                         10 weeks
                                             ture or theme. Bring a snack/lunch                413007-01 M 3:30-4:45 pm              3/30-6/8
Cinderella, Rapunzel,The Little
                                             and we will eat together.This class can           413007-02 Tu 3:45-5 pm                3/31-6/2
Mermaid—each week students will
                                             be repeated. Chris Kostuchowski and
enjoy entering the world of a different
                                             Wendy Avon are the instructors.
fairytale as they begin class by acting                                                        Beginning Acting
                                             NO   CLASS:   M O N DAY, M AY 2 5 .
out the week’s themed fairytale.They
                                                                                               This class includes storytelling, intro-
will also color a different picture of the   Age 3-5
                                                                                               duction to the stage, learning how to
favorite princess of the week, followed      Spring
                                                                                               warm-up your body and voice theatri-
by a royal tea party complete with           R-$170/NR-$213                         10 weeks
                                                                                               cally, and simple improvisation.This
snack. Class will end with fun theatri-      413006-04 M 9:15-11:15 am             3/30-6/8
                                                                                               basic class is designed for beginning
cal and musical games. Students are          413006-01 M 1-3 pm                    3/30-6/8
welcome to come to class already                                                               students who want to learn theater.
                                             413006-02 W 3:30-5:30 pm               4/1-6/3
dressed-up, or there will be dress-up                                                          Chris Kostuchowski is the instructor.
                                             413006-03 Th 1-3 pm                    4/2-6/4
provided. Students must bring their                                                            Age 8-11
own snack each week.Wendy Avon is                                                              R-$170/NR-$213                         10 weeks
                                             R-$136/NR-$170                          8 weeks
the instructor.                                                                                413008-01 Tu 5-6:30 pm                3/31-6/2
                                             513006-01 Tu 9:30-11:30 am            6/16-8/4
                                                                                               413008-02 F    4:30-6 pm               4/3-6/5
Age 4-6                                      513006-02 W 3:30-5:30 pm              6/17-8/5
R-$134/NR-$167                    10 weeks
413012-01 Tu 9:15-10:15 am       3/31-6/2
413012-02 Tu 10:15-11:15 am      3/31-6/2

                                                                                     Spring/Summer 2009            87
      Acting I                                                                                   Theatre Fun 101
      An introduction to the study and craft                                                     Come one, come all! Continue your
      of acting. Includes theater games, imag-                                                   love of acting and practice your craft
      ination exercises, improvisation and                                                       throughout the summer.We will focus
      discussion of character development.                                                       on improvisation through theater
      New material is introduced each session                                                    games, monologues, scene study and
      so classes may be taken more than once.                                                    rehearsal with partners.We will also
      Chris Kostuchowski is the instructor.                                                      work on character development and
      NO   CLASS:   M AY 2 5 .                                                                   direct each other in scenes.This class
                                                                                                 helps to create an ensemble environ-
      Age 10-13
                                                                                                 ment, Chris Kostuchowski is the
      R-$170/NR-$213                       10 weeks
      413009-01 M 6:45-8:15 pm            3/30-6/8
                                                                                                 Age 9-14
                                                                                                 R-$136/NR-$170                   8 weeks
      Scene Study
                                                                                                 513016-01 Tu 3:30-5 pm         6/16-8/4
      Continuing from Acting I. Students
      will further their ability to create            Spotlight on Broadway
      strong characters. Our focus will be on                                                    Summer Technical Theatre
      creating an ensemble, monologues,               Does your child love to perform? This      This program will train you in all
      writing scripts, scene assignments and          class is designed to perfect his/her       aspects of the “backstage” work which
      improvisation. Each student will also           vocal skills through vocal and breathing   is an important part of theatrical pro-
      explore how to lead the class through           techniques. Movement to songs will be      ductions.This will be accomplished by
      warm-ups and theater games. Chris               included.Your child’s self-esteem and      actually working on this summer’s
      Kostuchowski is the instructor.                 self-confidence will be built in “show-    Starlight Theatre production at the
                                                      biz” style through the unique teaching     Wallace Bowl: Beauty and the Beast.
      Grade 6-8                                       methods of instructor Chris                Hours and dates of class to be deter-
      R-$170/NR*-$213                      10 weeks   Kostuchowski.                              mined with rehearsal schedule.
      413010-01 Tu 6:30-8 pm              3/31-6/3
                                                      Grade 3-7
                                                                                                 Age 14-15
                                                      R-$110/NR*-$138                  10 wks
                                                                                                 R-$10/NR-$13                     6 weeks
      Dramatic Theatrical Studies                     413013-01 W     5:45-6:45 pm    4/1-6/3
NEW                                                                                              513017-01 Tu 4-10 pm          6/16-7/27
      Students will learn several different
      methods of theatrical techniques to
      help better prepare them for the vari-
      ous roles of theater.They will intensely
      study character development through
      improvisational games and sketch
      comedy. Students will also get an
      opportunity to sharpen their audition
      skills through practicing cold readings
      and monologues from several scripted
      shows.The session will conclude with
      a short observational performance to
      showcase what they have learned.
      N OT E : This is an advanced theater class,
      prior theater experience or instructor
      approval is required for enrollment.
      Grade 5-8
      R-$229/NR*-$286                       10 wks
      413018-01   W              4-6 pm    4/1-6/3

      R-$184/NR*-$230                        8 wks
      513018-01   W              4-6 pm   6/17-8/5

88    Wilmette Park District

Private Voice Lessons
Sing freely, without pain, strain, or
discomfort—just like a professional.
This private course covers the basics of
breathing, focus, intonation, vowels,
and vocal expression, as well as music
reading and rhythmic practice.A
variety of music styles will be covered.
Time slots are 30 minutes per session.
Instruction is by Pamela Sue Fox.
Students must be 13 years old or have in-
structor approval. Instructor will contact you
individually to schedule lessons.
Age 13 & up
R-$350/NR-$438                           10 weeks
413011-01 W 9 am-9 pm                    4/1-6/3
413011-02 Sa 12-5 pm                     4/4-6/6

R-$245/NR-$310                             8 weeks
513011-01 M 5-9 pm                       6/15-8/3

                                                     Private Piano Lessons                                 Violin Lessons
Private Guitar Lessons
                                                     Open to all ages, private piano lessons               Helia Schramm teaches beginning
Learn the basics of guitar with instruc-             are available for beginner through ad-                semi-private violin lessons in 30-
tion on chords, songs, how to read                   vanced students. Parents, this class gives            minute sessions using a combined
notes, time signatures and scales.These              you the opportunity to determine your                 Suzuki and Traditional method.
30 minute lessons are designed for the               child’s interest and ability to continue              Students will be paired according to
individual student from beginners to                 further music education. Private lessons              age.Violins are required for this class
advanced levels. Children and adults are             are available in 20 minute or 30 minute               and parents must be present at all
welcome. Styles include rock, alterna-               lengths and parents may be present in                 lessons.The teacher will schedule
tive, blues, folk, jazz and classical.               class.The instructor, Eva Naftali, will               times with parents.
Students will be contacted by the in-                contact you to set up lesson times.
structor to arrange a time. Guitar rental                                                                  Age 4 & up
                                                     Thursday lessons will take place during
is available through the Ultimate                                                                          R-$188/NR-$235                    10 weeks
                                                     the hours of 2-7 p.m. and Saturday
School of Guitar at 773-508-9443.                                                                          425016-01 Sa 9:30 am-12 pm        4/4-6/6
                                                     lessons will be 9 a.m.-2 p.m.
Classes will meet at the Community
Recreation Center. Instruction is pro-               Age 5 & up
vided by the Ultimate School of Guitar.              (Instructor permission required for younger ages)
NO   CLASS:   S AT U R DAY, M AY 3 0 .               20 minutes
                                                     R-$230/NR-$288                             10 weeks
Age 8 & up                                           425017-01 Th TBD                           4/2-6/4
Spring                                               425017-02 Sa TBD                           4/4-6/6
R-$250/NR-$312                            10 weeks
                                                     30 minutes
425018-01 Tu 12-12 am                    3/31-6/2
                                                     R-$310/NR-$425                             10 weeks
425018-02 Th 12-12 am                     4/2-6/4
                                                     425017-03 Th TBD                           4/2-6/4
R-$225/NR-$281                             9 weeks   425017-04 Sa TBD                           4/4-6/6
425018-03 Sa 12-12 am                     4/4-6/6

NO   CLASS:   S AT U R DAY, J U LY 4 .
R-$200/NR-$250                             8 weeks
525018-01 Tu 12-12 am                    6/16-8/4
525018-02 Th 12-12 am                    6/18-8/6
R-$175/NR-$219                             8 weeks
525018-03 Sa 12-12 am                    6/20-8/8

                                                                                               Spring/Summer 2009         89
                                                                                             59TH SEASON
       { 2009 Schedule }
                                                                              N ORTH S HORE
                                                                             THEATER OF WILMETTE
       Spring Show: Fiddler on the Roof

       Performance Times & Dates:                    Forever Plaid (Musical)
                                                     They’re back for the one concert they were heaven-sent to give! Literally! The Four Plaids
       7 p.m. Fridays, March 6 & 13
                                                     are indeed a gift from above, with their angelic harmonies and out-of-this world vocal
       2 p.m. Saturdays, March 7 & 14                styling. You see, they were on the brink of being one of the most popular groups of the

       2 p.m. Sundays, March 8 & 15                  ‘60s ‘til they ran into that group of nuns (literally). Now they’re ready to finish what they
                                                     set out to do that fateful night: present their breakout concert that’s sure to be one,
       Where: Auditorium of the                      HEAVEN of a show! Take a nostalgic trip back to the days of intricate vocalese on such
       Community Recreation Center,                  songs as “Three Coins in a Fountain,” “Shangri-la,” “Perfidia,” and other favorites. Enjoy
       3000 Glenview Rd., Wilmette.                  rousing humor, including an hysterical re-creation of years and years and YEARS of the

       Tickets: Ticket price is $8 per person.
                                                     “Ed Sullivan Show” all in less than five minutes! You’ll want The Four Plaids to stay on

       Tickets are available at the Front Desk
                                                     for eternity!

       of the Community Recreation Center.           Performances: Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m.: April 17, 18, 24, 25, May 1, 2, 2009
                                                                   Sundays at 2 p.m.: April 19, 26, May 3, 2009
       For information contact
       Bob Bierie at 847-256-9694.                   For more information call: Bob Bierie at 847/256-9694.

                                                                                             60TH SEASON

                                                         THE   N ORTH S HORE THEATER OF WILMETTE                             2009-2010 SEASON

                                                     Start planning now to attend a North Shore Theater of Wilmette performance during the
                                                     2009-2010 season. All shows are performed in the Auditorium of the Community
                                                     Recreation Center, 3000 Glenview Rd., Wilmette. (Corner of Skokie Boulevard and
                                                     Glenview Road). Subscription sales orders are accepted at the front desk of the
                                                     Community Recreation Center, 3000 Glenview Road, Wilmette, IL or by calling 847-256-
                                                     9686. For more information contact Bob Bierie at 847-256-9694. Schedule subject to
                                                     change. The North Shore Theater of Wilmette is a program of the Wilmette Park District.

           Starlight Theatre                         FALL 2009
                                                     Chess: Here the ancient game becomes a metaphor for romantic rivalries, competitive
             in the Wallace Bowl Presents
                                                     gamesmanship, super powered politics and international intrigues. Lyrics by Tim Rice and
              Beauty and the Beast                   Music by Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson from the famed rock group ABBA. With
              Open auditions for:                    such hits as “One Night in Bangkok” and “Heaven Help My Heart.” One of the best rock
             Beauty and the Beast                    scores ever produced in theatre.
                                                     Performances: Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m.: November 6&7; 13&14, 20&21
      W H E N : Monday & Wednesday,                                Sundays at 2 p.m.: November 8, 15 & 22.
      April 20 & 22 from 7-9:30 p.m.
      C A L L B AC K S : will be held Thursday,      WINTER 2010
      April 23 from 7-9:30 p.m.                      Crimes of the Heart: Winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the New York Drama Critics
      W H E R E : Community Recreation               Circle Award, this play overflows with infectious high spirits. It is also the tale of a very
      Center, 3000 Glenview Road,                    troubled family focusing on the three Magrath sisters who have gathered to await news of
      Wilmette                                       the family patriarch, their grandfather, who is living out his last hours in the local hospital.
      P E R F O R M A N C E S : Thursdays, Fridays
                                                     Performances: Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m.: February 5&6; 12&13; 19&20
      & Saturdays July 9-25 in the Wallace                         Sundays at 2 p.m.: February 7, 14 & 21.
      Bowl at Gillson Park.
      M O R E I N F O R M AT I O N : Bob Bierie at
                                                     SPRING 2010
      847-256-9694                                   Thoroughly Modern Millie: Taking place in New York city in 1922, this musical tells
                                                     the story of young Millie Dillmount, who has just moved to the city in search of a new life
                                                     for herself. It’s a New York filled with jazz and intrigue a time when women were entering
                                                     the workforce and the rules of love and social behavior were changing forever.
                                                     Performances: Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m.: April 16&17; 23&24; 30 & May 1.
                                                                   Sundays at 2 p.m.: April 18, 25, May 2.
90   Wilmette Park District

 Cancellations On the Web                              VOLUNTEER COACHES NEEDED
 Weather in question? Check our
                                                       Coaches are needed in the Wilmette Park District’s leagues for soccer, T-ball,
 website at                       softball, football and basketball. Without our volunteers, these programs
 and click on “Cancellations” or                       would be unable to continue serving Wilmette children as successfully as
 “Sportsline.”You can also call the                    they do. Anyone interested in coaching should call Sara Hilby at 847/256-9689,
                                                       or Jason Pilecki at 847-256-9690.
 Wilmette Park District sports
 information line at 847-256-7133,                     A Special Note of Thanks

 Option 4.                                             A special thank you to Avoca School District 37 and Wilmette Public Schools District 39
                                                       for providing the Wilmette Park District with school facilities and support in many, many
                                                       ways.Their continuing efforts in assisting the Wilmette Park District help us to provide
                                                       quality programming.We are proud of our association and greatly appreciative.

          Sports Party!                                                                 SPORTS INFORMATION

  What are you doing for your                          The Wilmette Park District assigns program coordinators to the soccer, softball and
  child’s next birthday or special                     basketball programs. These coordinators are available to answer questions during their
  occasion? Consider a sports                          sport season. If you have a specific question please check the supervisor list below and
  lesson for your group.The                            call the person in charge. If you have further questions, or during off-seasons, please
  Wilmette Park District sports                        call 847/256-9686.
  staff will take a group of
  children age 5 and up through a                      { Sports Supervisors }
  one-hour class—you can choose                        CONTACT SARA HILBY at 847/256-9689 with questions about: Lacrosse; Field Hockey;
  from a variety of sports and                         Cheerleading; Soccer Camps; Youth Volleyball classes; Yorkshire Soccer programs;
  activities.All activities are geared                 Illinois Baseball Academy programs, Counselors in Training; Afternoon Adventure Camp;
  towards the ages and abilities                       Summer Lacrosse Camp; Soccer Leagues Spring and Fall; Sunday Youth Basketball;
  of your children, so that every-                     T-Ball; Adult Softball; Adult Volleyball; Beach Volleyball; Adult Basketball Leagues Fall,
  one has a fantastic, safe time. In                   Winter and Summer.
  addition, a room is available for
  one hour following your sport                        CONTACT JASON PILECKI 847/256-9690 with questions about: Hot Shots Girls Softball &
  event for party celebrations.                        Basketball; On-The-Go Sports programs; Young Tigers Pre-Taekwondo; Football; Saturday
  For more information about                           Youth Basketball; Girls Softball; After School Sports; SportsKids Pee Wee Sportsters;
  scheduling a sports party, call the                  SportsKids Young Sportsters, Karate; Judo; Open Gyms; Sport Camps; Baseball and
  Community Recreation Center,                         Basketball Camps.

*Non resident fee. See “Fair -Share” information page 108.

                                                                                             Spring/Summer 2009       91
     Open Family Gym
     Here’s a time to get your family
     together and enjoy the gymnasium at
     the Community Recreation Center.
     Children must be accompanied by an adult.
     Fee is per use.
     NO    GYM:   MARCH 23-27

     Adults 18-Up
     Children 4-Up
     Sa          4-6 pm                    10/25-1/17

     Junior High and Senior High
     Drop-In Gym
     Come and check out our gymnasium
     and bring along your friends for a
     pick-up game or two or three.
     Basketballs are available. Fee is per use.
     THE   GYM IS CLOSED        MARCH 23-27.              NEW DATE
     R-$4 /NR*-$6

     Grade 6-12
                                                          FUN RUN AND WALK • FRIDAY, JULY 3, in Gillson Park
     F          4-8 pm
                                                                   7 a.m.       Open Registration                9 a.m.   Youth Run 6-7 years old
                                                                7:30 a.m.       Runners Warm-Ups              9:15 a.m.   Youth Run 8-9 years old
     Adult Drop-In Basketball                                      8 a.m.       Adult Fun Run                 9:30 a.m.   Youth Run 10-13 years old

     Open to all adults, ages 18 and over.                         8 a.m.       Adult Walk for Fun            9:45 a.m.   Pee Wee Run

     Fee is per use.
     NO    GYM:   DEC. 22, 24, 29 & 31.                   The Fun Run, Walk For Fun and Youth Run are among the most popular events

     Adult                                                during our Independence Day Celebration. The contests begin in Gillson Park at 8

     R-$4/NR*-$6   11 wks                                 a.m.; 9 a.m.; 9:15 a.m.; 9:30 and 9:45 a.m. respectively. There are six categories for

     M         8-10 pm                     10/20-1/12     men and women in the Fun Run contest, with awards presented in all categories.
                                                          The Walk for Fun is for recreation only—no awards are presented. The Youth Run
                                                          has three age groups—6-7, 8-9 and 10-13—to accommodate the large number of
     R-$4/NR*-$6    11 wks
                                                          entrants. Pee Wee runners are age 5 and under. Awards are given in each of the
     W         7-9 pm                      10/22-1/14
                                                          children’s categories.
                                                             Early adult registrations are $20, the day of the event the adult fee is $25.
                                                          Registration for children is $10. Note: Pee Wees (5 & under) run for free and
                                                          registration is not required. Early registrants will receive a T-shirt. Register in
                                                          person at the Community Recreation Center, 3000 Glenview Rd., or at the
                                                          Administrative Offices in Village Hall, 1200 Wilmette Ave. Registration will also be
                                                          available in Gillson Park on the morning of the race.

                                                          All Ages
                                                          Early Registration: Adult/$20  Child/$10
     The Wilmette Park District does not tolerate         Day of the Event: Adult/$25   Child/$10
     fighting, abusive/offensive language, and            528020-01         F          8 am           Jul 3         Adult Run
     drug/alcohol usage in the sports gymnasium.
     Violation of our policy will result in loss of gym   528021-01         F          8 am           Jul 3         Adult Walk
     privileges. Please respect our facility and those    528022-01         F          9 am           Jul 3         Youth Run (6-7)
     who use it.                                          528022-02         F          9:15 am        Jul 3         Youth Run (8-9)
                                                          528022-03         F          9:30 am        Jul 3         Youth Run (10-13)
                                                          FREE              F          9:45 am        Jul 3         PeeWee (5 & under)

92   Wilmette Park District
SPRING BREAK CAMPS                                           NEW

N OT E :   No refunds are issued two days prior to start of Spring Break camps.

{ SportsKids }                                          { SportsKids }                                { SportsKids }

Spring Break Sports Camps                               Spring Break Baseball Camp                    Spring Break Baseball
Boys and girls will play soccer, floor                  Get a jump start on your baseball             Pitcher/Catcher
hockey, kickball, basketball, whiffleball               season with this chance to brush up           Development Camp
and more. Camps are geared towards                      your skills.All positions will be             Learn the correct form of pitching
sportsmanship and fun. Instructors are                  covered—many techniques used by               and catching. Drills are designed to
from the staff of Pee Wee/Young                         professionals can be simply applied to        enhance ability. Proper form will be
Sportsters. Camps will meet at the                      enhance your performance.Work on a            stressed. Enjoy a camp that will be
Community Recreation Center.                            step-by-step approach to learning how         tailored to just pitching and catching.
                                                        to be a better ballplayer. Games will be      This camp meets at the Community
Pee Wee Sportsters
                                                        played every day. Ken Fontana is the          Recreation Center.
Age 4-6                                                 program director. This camp will meet at      R-$74/NR*-$125                         1 wk
R-$38/NR*-$73                 2 days                    the Community Recreation Center.
327046-01 M,Tu Noon-1:30 pm 3/23-24                     R-$109/NR*-$136                        1 wk   Age 7-8
327046-02 W,Th Noon-1:30 pm 3/25-26                                                                   327049-01 M-F      2-3 pm          3/23-27
                                                        Age 7-9
R-$77/NR*-$145 1 wk                                                                                   Age 9-11
                                                        327047-01 M-F         9-10:30 am    3/23-27
327046-03 M-F Noon-1:30 pm 3/23-27                                                                    327049-02 M-F      3-4 pm          3/23-27
                                                        Age 10-11
Young Sportsters                                                                                      Age 12-14
                                                        327047-02 M-F         10:30 am-noon 3/23-27
Age 7-9                                                                                               327049-03 M-F      4-5 pm          3/23-27
R-$38/NR*-$73                               2 days      Age 12-14
327046-04 M,Tu 1:30-3 pm                  3/23-24       327047-03 M-F         10:30 am-noon 3/23-27   { Hot Shots Sports }
327046-05 W,Th 1:30-3 pm                  3/25-26
                                                        { SportsKids }                                Spring Break Multi-Sports:
R-$77/NR*-$145                               1 wk                                                     Girls Can Do It Too!
327046-06 M-F 1:30-3 pm                   3/23-27       Spring Break Hitting Camp
                                                                                                      This program allows girls to try new
                                                        Learn the new power techniques that           skills and achieve goals in an environ-
{ Hot Shots Sports }
                                                        allow you to hit the ball a great             ment tailored just for them.Active,
Spring Break Basketball                                 distance.Also work on bat control to          athletic girls have been found to have
Camp                                                    reduce your strikeouts in Little League       higher self-esteem, higher achievement
                                                        and Pony League. Participants will hit        test scores and a positive body image.
Focus on the basic fundamentals of                      from a pitching machine, soft-toss            We encourage parents to see sports,
basketball including shooting, ball                     machines, and live pitching.This camp         movement and physical activity as a
handling, dribbling, passing and more.                  is designed to help beginner, intermedi-      vital part of their daughters’ daily lives.
The camp will feature a 3-on-3 and                      ate and advanced hitters. Ken Fontana         Sports taught and played include
1-on-1 tournament, Hot Shots Shoot-                     is the program director. This camp will       soccer, kickball, softball, floor hockey,
Out and other great games. Each                         meet at the Community Recreation Center.      basketball, football and more. This class
camper will receive a camp T-shirt.                     R-$74/NR*-$125                         1 wk   meets at Central School.
This camp will meet at Central School.
R-$125/NR*-$156                               1 wk      Age 7-8                                       R-$90/NR*-$113                         1 wk
                                                        327048-01 M-F         2-3 pm        3/23-27   Age 4-6
Girls 8-13
327060-01 M-F           9:30-noon         3/23-27       Age 9-11                                      327059-01 M-F      12:30-2 pm      3/23-27
                                                        327048-02 M-F         3-4 pm        3/23-27   Age 7-9
Boys 8-13
327060-02 M-F           9:30-noon         3/23-27       Age 12-14                                     327059-02 M-F      12:30-2 pm      3/23-27
                                                        327048-03 M-F         4-5 pm        3/23-27

                                                                                          Spring/Summer 2009          93
                                                       { SportsKids }                                    { Hot Shots Sports }
                   SPORTS MEDLEY
                                                       Sporting Encounters                               Multi-Sports:
     { SportsKids }                                    A medley of sports skills will be cov-            Girls Can Do It Too!
     Parent/Tot Sports Time                            ered as children attempt the techniques           This program allows girls to try new
                                                       of sports movement. Individual skills             skills and achieve goals in an environ-
     Parents are an integral part of helping           for soccer, basketball, baseball, floor           ment tailored just for them.Active,
     their tots participate in basic sports            hockey and more will be included in               athletic girls have been found to have
     movement. Sports equipment and                    this class. This program meets at the             higher self-esteem, higher achievement
     instruction will be provided to help              Community Recreation Center.                      test scores and a positive body image.
     guide your tot through an introduction                                                              We encourage parents to see sports,
     to organized sports movement. This                Age 4-K
                                                                                                         movement and physical activity as a
     program meets at the Community                    Spring
                                                                                                         vital part of their daughters’ daily lives.
     Recreation Center.                                R-$126/NR-$158                        10 weeks
                                                                                                         Sports taught and played include
     NO   CLASS:   M O N DAY, M AY 2 5 .               427008-01 W 1-1:40 pm                 4/1-6/3
                                                                                                         soccer, kickball, softball, floor hockey,
                                                       427008-02 Sa 10:15-11 am              4/4-6/6
     Age 3 w/parent                                                                                      basketball, football and more. This class
     Spring                                            Summer                                            meets at Central School on Monday &
     R-$126/NR-$158                                    NO   CLASS:   J U LY 4 .                          Tuesday; McKenzie School on Thursday.
     10 weeks                                          R-$88/NR-$110                           7 weeks   NO   CLASS:   M O N DAY, M AY 2 5 .
     427006-01 M 11:15 am-12 pm 3/30-6/8               527008-01 Sa 10:15-11 am              6/20-8/8    R-$138/NR-$173                        10 weeks
     427006-02 W 9-9:45 am          4/1-6/3                                                              Age 4-6
     427006-03 Sa 11:45 am-12:30 pm 4/4-6/6            { SportsKids }
                                                                                                         427032-01 M       4:30-5:30 pm        3/30-6/8
     Summer                                            Nothing But Net                                   427032-02 Tu      4:30-5:30 pm        3/31-6/2
     NO   CLASS:   J U LY 4 .                          Any sport that has a net is fair game in          Age 6-8
     R-$110/NR-$138                   7 weeks          this class.Think volleyball (with a               427032-03 Th 5:30-6:30 pm              4/2-6/4
     527006-01 Sa 11:45 am-12:30 pm 6/20-8/8           beach ball), lacrosse drills, floor hockey,
                                                       and more. Enjoyment of these sports               { Hot Shots Sports }
     { SportsKids }                                    can last a lifetime. This program meets at
     Pee Wee Sportsters                                the Community Recreation Center.
                                                       NO   CLASS:   M AY 2 5 .                          This class gives participants an oppor-
     Pee Wee Sportsters will introduce chil-                                                             tunity to play the popular game in a
     dren to soccer, floor hockey, kickball,           Age 4-6
                                                                                                         safe and supervised environment.The
     baseball, basketball, tennis and more.            R-$126/NR-$158                         10 weeks
                                                                                                         program uses super-soft balls. Safety
     Our goal is to provide the opportunity            427009-01 M 12:15-1 pm                3/30-6/8
                                                                                                         will be stressed. Each week different
     for each child to develop both fine and                                                             teams will be formed and a different
     large motor skills and nurture his/her            { SportsKids }
                                                                                                         style of dodgeball will be played. This
     growth socially and emotionally                   PeeWee Start Smart Golf                           class meets at McKenzie School.
     through teamwork and good sports-
     manship. Children bring their own                 Tots learn the basics of golf using               Age 7-10
     lunch to the 11:30 a.m. classes. This             colorful equipment. Putting, chipping             R-$138/NR-$173                        10 weeks
     program meets at the Community                    and tee work will be mixed with easy              427033-01 Th 4:30-5:30 pm             4/2-6/4
     Recreation Center.                                instruction for proper form. This
     NO   CLASS:   M O N DAY, M AY 2 5 .               program meets at the Community
                                                       Recreation Center.
     Age 4-K                                           NO   CLASS:   M O N DAY, M AY 2 5 .
     R-$143/NR-$179                10 weeks
     427007-01 M 9:45-11:15 am    3/30-6/8             Age 5-6
     427007-02 M 2-3:30 pm        3/30-6/8             Spring
     427007-03 W 9:45-11:15 am     4/1-6/3             R-$126/NR-$158                         10 weeks
     427007-04 W 2-3:30 pm         4/1-6/3             427010-01 M 9-9:40 pm                 3/30-6/8
     427007-05 F 9:45 am-11:15 pm 4/3-6/5              427010-02 M 1-1:40 pm                 3/30-6/8
                                                       427010-03 Sa 11-11:45 pm               4/4-6/6
     45-minute class
     R-$126/NR-$158                        10 weeks    Summer
     427007-06 Sa 9:30-10:15 am            4/4-6/6     NO   CLASS:   J U LY 4 .
                                                       R-$88/NR-$110                           7 weeks
                                                       527010-01 Sa 11-11:45 am              6/20-8/8
     NO   CLASS:   J U LY 4 .
     R-$88/NR-$110                           7 weeks
     527007-01 Sa 9:30-10:15 am            6/20-8/8

94   Wilmette Park District
{ SportsKids }                                    NO   CLASS:   M O N DAY, M AY 2 5 .
                                                                                                             B A S E B A L L / T- B A L L
Young Sportsters                                  Age 6-8
                                                  R-$203/NR-$254                        10 weeks
Young Sportsters participate in recre-                                                             { Illinois Baseball Association }
ational games such as kickball, baseball,         Sports/Guitar
                                                  427012-01 M 4:15-5:45 pm              3/30-6/8   Mini-Majors T-Ball League
floor hockey, soccer and more.
                                                  Basketball/Guitar                                NEW FORMAT
Children act as captains and have the
responsibility of picking their own               427012-02 W 5:15-6:45 pm               4/1-6/3   The “Mini-Majors”T-Ball League is a
teams. Sportsmanship is stressed. This                                                             fun-filled way for 4-6 year olds to learn
program meets at the Community                    { SportsKids }                                   the fundamentals of throwing, fielding,
Recreation Center.                                                                                 and hitting. Our goal is to help young
NO   CLASS:   M O N DAY, M AY 2 5 .                                                                players gain confidence, improve coor-
                                                  Learn the basics of using a recurve bow          dination, and appreciate the joys of
Grade 1-3                                         in a safe environment.Targets and                teamwork and sportsmanship. In order
Spring                                            blunt-tipped arrows will be used.A               to maintain the players’ focus, a variety
R-$126/NR-$158                         10 weeks   nationally recognized nine-step                  of drills and activities will be sandwiched
427011-01 M 4-5 pm                    3/30-6/8    progression is taught. Bows, arrows, and         between 2 one-inning games each
427011-02 Th 4-5 pm                    4/2-6/4    targets are provided.                            Sunday.
427011-03 Sa 11-11:45 pm               4/4-6/6
                                                  Age 7-13
                                                                                                       Two volunteer parent coaches will
Summer                                            R-$105/NR-$131                        10 weeks
                                                                                                   assist IBA instructors in managing the
NO   CLASS:   J U LY 4 .                          427062-01 Th   3:45-4:30 pm           4/2-6/4
                                                                                                   game and practice portion of the
R-$88/NR-$110                           7 weeks                                                    program.The commitment is minimal
527011-01 Sa 11-11:45 am              6/20-8/8                                                     and the reward is great! Illinois Baseball
                                                  Sports ‘n’ Art                                   Academy will host a brief pre-season
{ SportsKids }                                    Spend 45 minutes in our sports                   clinic where we will introduce all
                                                  gymnasium playing recreational games             coaches to the drills and expectations
Strum ‘n’ Sports                                                                                   for the “Mini-Majors” Program.
                                                  such as soccer, basketball, kickball and
Spend 45 minutes playing sports such              more. Our goal is to nurture teamwork            Submit your request to coach when
as soccer, basketball, gym skills and             and sportsmanship. Children will spend           you register your child.
more (Wednesday’s are Basketball only)            45 minutes in an art class working on                With our new “Buddy System,”
and then 45 minutes learning to play              creative projects using a wide variety of        teams will be created based on your
the guitar by learning chords, scales,            media.This is a great opportunity to             child’s elementary school.Additionally,
rhythm and tuning—maybe even mas-                 develop both large and small motor               you may sign up with a friend, a small
ter a song! Putting guitar and sports to-         skills in a fun environment.                     group – or feel free to create your own
gether we will be working on many                                                                  team (up to 10 players). Simply submit
large and small motor skills and best of          Grade 1-3                                        your request to the Park District when
all—having fun. Chad Berardi is the               R-$166/NR-$208                        10 weeks   you register.
instructor. This program meets at the             427013-01 Th   3:45-5:15 pm           4/2-6/4        Chris Beacom is the President of
Community Recreation Center.                                                                       IBA.As the former New Trier Head
                                                                                                   Coach, Chris has been teaching kids of
                                                                                                   all ages and ability levels how to play
                                                                                                   baseball for the past 19 years. Prior to
                                                                                                   becoming a coach, Chris captained the
                                                                                                   Northwestern University team and
                                                                                                   then played professionally in the
                                                                                                   Toronto Blue Jays organization. Coach
                                                                                                   Beacom will be joined by a staff of
                                                                                                   talented instructors, each of whom has
                                                                                                   been trained in the IBA methods and
                                                                                                   NO   CLASS:   M AY 2 4 .
                                                                                                   R-$150/NR-$188                            6 weeks

                                                                                                   Age 4-5
                                                                                                   428023-01 Su       12-1 pm               4/26-6/7

                                                                                                   Age 5-6
                                                                                                   428023-02 Su       1-2 pm                4/26-6/7

                                                                                         Spring/Summer 2009              95
     { Illinois Baseball Academy }                 { SportsKids }
     Mini-Majors Baseball                          Baseball Hitting Visual
     This introductory clinic is a fun-filled      Reality                                        Little Dribblers
     way to learn the baseball fundamentals        Join a special hitting class that uses a       Even future stars have to learn the
     of throwing, fielding and hitting. Gain       video camera and monitor for first-            basics of dribbling, passing, shooting,
     confidence, improve coordination and          hand visual learning.A student can see         and rebounding. Participants will also
     appreciate the joys of teamwork and           if the hip releases at the power posi-         experience defensive drills as they learn
     sportsmanship. Skill development is           tion, hands stay back, front shoulder          the game of basketball. This program
     part of the program and we also set           stays in and other important aspects of        will meet at the Community Recreation
     aside time each week for children to          proper techniques in hitting.The               Center.
     participate in an indoor baseball game.       chance for improvement will be greatly
     Instruction is by Chris Beacom, a                                                            Age 4-6
                                                   enhanced when you can watch your
     former New Trier head coach, who has                                                         R-$126/NR*-$158                       10 weeks
                                                   progress. This program meets at the
     been teaching kids of all ages and abil-                                                     427018-01 W 11:15 am-noon             4/1-6/3
                                                   Community Recreation Center.
     ity levels to play baseball for the past 18
                                                   Age 10-14                                      { SportsKids }
     years. He will be joined by a staff of
     talented local college players who have                                                      Youth Basketball
                                                   R-$139/NR-$174                      10 weeks
     been trained in the Illinois Baseball
     Academy methods of instruction.               427016-01 Sa 3-3:45 pm              4/4-6/6    Learn the basic skills of dribbling,
     R-$273/NR-$341                     10 weeks
                                                                                                  passing, shooting and rebounding, and
                                                                                                  then play a game in each class. This
                                                   NO   CLASS:   J U LY 4 .
     Age 4-5                                                                                      program meets at the Community
                                                   R-$97/NR-$121                        7 weeks
     428001-01 F 12:30-1:30 pm          4/3-6/5                                                   Recreation Center.
                                                   527016-01 Sa 3-3:45 pm             6/20-8/8
     Age 5-6                                                                                      Spring
     428001-02 Th 5-6 pm                4/2-6/4    { SportsKids }                                 R-$126/NR-$158                        10 weeks
     428001-03 F 1:30-2:30 pm           4/3-6/5                                                   Age 5-K
                                                   Baseball Pitcher Catcher
                                                                                                  427019-01     W 3:45-4:30 pm           4/1-6/3
     { SportsKids }                                Clinic
                                                                                                  427019-02     F 2:30-3:15 pm           4/3-6/5
                                                   Practice the correct form of pitching          Grade 1-2
     Baseball Hitting Techniques
                                                   and catching. Pitchers will be taught          427019-03 W 4:30-5:15 pm               4/1-6/3
     Sports Kids coaches will instruct             how to increase the speed of their fast-       427019-04 W 6-6:45 pm                  4/1-6/3
     baseball players in the fundamentals of       ball. Catchers will try to frame pitches
     hitting.A pitching machine and a                                                             Grade 3-4
                                                   and throw to bases. Participants will be
     soft-toss machine will be used. Swing                                                        427019-05 W 5:15-6 pm                  4/1-6/3
                                                   taught to field their positions. This clinic
     analysis will be a part of this class. Get    will meet at the Community Recreation          Summer
     the extra hitting time to improve your        Center.                                        NO   CLASS:   F R I DAY, J U LY 3 .
     game. This program meets at the                                                              Age 5-K
     Community Recreation Center.                  Spring
                                                   R-$126/NR-$158                      10 weeks   R-$101/NR-$126                          8 weeks
     Spring                                                                                       527019-01 W 3:45-4:30 pm              6/17-8/5
                                                   Age 7-9
     R-$126/NR-$158                     10 weeks   427017-01 Sa 2:15-3 pm              4/4-6/6    R-$88/NR-$110                           7 weeks
     Grade 2-3                                     Age 10-13                                      527019-02 F 2:30-3:15 pm              6/19-8/7
     427015-01 Sa 12:45-1:30 pm         4/4-6/6    427017-02 Sa 3-3:45 pm              4/4-6/6    Grade 1-2
     Grade 4-5                                                                                    R-$101/NR-$126                          8 weeks
     427015-02 Sa 1:30-2:15 pm          4/4-6/6    Summer                                         527019-03 W 4:30-5:15 pm              6/17-8/5
                                                   NO   CLASS:   J U LY 4 .
     Grade 6-8                                                                                    527019-04 W 6-6:45 pm                 6/17-8/5
                                                   R-$88/NR-$110                        7 weeks
     427015-03 Sa 2:15-3 pm             4/4-6/6                                                   Grade 3-4
                                                   Age 7-9
                                                                                                  R-$101/NR-$126                          8 weeks
     Summer                                        527017-01 Sa 2:15-3 pm             6/20-8/8
                                                                                                  527019-05 W 5:15-6 pm                 6/17-8/5
     NO   CLASS:   J U LY 4 .
                                                   Age 10-13
     R-$88/NR-$110                       7 weeks   527017-02 Sa 3-3:45 pm             6/20-8/8
     Grade 2-3
     527015-01 Sa 12:45-1:30 pm        6/20-8/8
     Grade 4-5
     527015-02 Sa 1:30-2:15 pm         6/20-8/8
     Grade 6-8
     527015-03 Sa 2:15-3 pm            6/20-8/8

96   Wilmette Park District
{ SportsKids }                               { Hot Shots Sports }
                                                                                           BOYS BASKETBALL CLINICS
Basketball Shooting                          Girls Basketball Clinic
                                                                                           { Hot Shots Sports }
Boys and girls learn jump shots, shots       Level II
off the glass, lay-ups, shooting from a      Players will take their current shooting      Boys Basketball Skills
pass and shooting off the dribble.           and dribbling skills and work them            Clinic 101
Shooting games will also be a part of        into offensive points of the game such        Develop early basketball skills such as
this class. This program meets at the        as setting screens and moving without         shooting, dribbling, and passing along
Community Recreation Center.                 the ball. Participants will also be intro-    with the basic rules of the game. Each
                                             duced to defense.They will learn              class includes instruction as well as
                                             proper defensive stance and concepts          structured games.This class is for the
R-$126/NR-$158                   10 weeks
                                             such as zone and man-to-man defense.          basketball beginner looking to under-
Grade 1-3
                                             Players will spend time developing            stand the game, learn new skills, and
427020-01 Sa 9:30-10:15 am        4/4-6/6
                                             their shot, using proper mechanics to         have a ball.The coaching staff of Hot
Grade 4-6                                    be effective further away from the            Shots Sports will direct this program.
427020-02 Sa 10:15-11 am          4/4-6/6    basket. This program meets at McKenzie        Monday classes meet at Central School;
Summer                                       School.                                       Wednesday classes meet at McKenzie
NO   CLASS:   J U LY 4 .                     Age 7-10                                      School.
R-$88/NR-$110                      7 weeks   R-$138/NR-$173                     10 weeks   NO   CLASS:   M O N DAY, M AY 2 5 .
Grade 1-3                                    427023-01 Tu 5:30-6:30 pm         3/31-6/2    Age 8-11
527020-01 Sa 9:30-10:15 am      6/20-8/8                                                   R-$138/NR-$173                         10 weeks
Grade 4-6                                    { Hot Shots Sports }                          427024-01 M 5:30-6:30 pm              3/30-6/8
527020-02 Sa 10:15-11 am        6/20-8/8                                                   427024-02 W 4:30-5:30 pm               4/1-6/3
                                             Girls Basketball Clinic
                                             Level III
                                                                                           { Hot Shots Sports }
GIRLS BASKETBALL CLINICS                     Class will be conducted with various
                                             guard/post-work to develop passing,           Boys Basketball Skills
{ Hot Shots Sports }                         shooting and dribbling in game situa-         Clinic 202
Girls Basketball Clinic Level I              tions. Defense instruction will include       This is the perfect class for young
                                             man-to-man defense such as denying            athletes looking to take their current
Develop basketball skills such as shoot-     the ball, help-line, and boxing out.
ing, dribbling and passing, along with                                                     shooting and dribbling skills and work
                                             Athletes qualified for Basketball III         them into offensive points of the game
the basic rules of the game. Each class      should possess a basic understanding of
will include instruction as well as                                                        such as setting screens and moving
                                             the sport, shooting and dribbling skills,     without the ball. Participants are
structured games.This class is for the       along with a desire for a more compet-
basketball beginner looking to under-                                                      introduced to defense including proper
                                             itive basketball experience. This program     defensive stance and understanding
stand the game, learn new skills, and        meets at McKenzie School.
have a ball! This program meets at                                                         concepts such as zone and man-to-
McKenzie School.                             Age 10-14                                     man defense. Players will spend time
                                             R-$138/NR-$173                     10 weeks   developing their shot using proper
Age 5-7                                                                                    mechanics to be effective at further
                                             427044-01 Tu 5:30-6:30 pm         3/31-6/2
R-$138/NR-$173                   10 weeks                                                  distances from the basket.All instruc-
427022-01 Tu 4:30-5:30 pm       3/31-6/2                                                   tion will be game/drill-oriented with
                                                                                           full court games everyday.The coach-
                                                                                           ing staff of Hot Shots Sports will direct
                                                                                           the program. This program meets at
                                                                                           Central School.
                                                                                           Age 9-13
                                                                                           R-$138/NR-$173                         10 weeks
                                                                                           427025-01 Tu 5:30-6:30 pm             3/31-6/2
                                                                                           427025-02 F 4:30-5:30 pm               4/3-6/5

                                                                                 Spring/Summer 2009            97
                                                   { Hot Shots Sports }                         Boys’ Evaluations
                                                                                                10 and Under 5:15-5:45 pm
     BASKETBALL CLINICS                            SPRING BOYS & GIRLS                          12 and Under 5:45-6:30 pm
     { Hot Shots Sports }                          BASKETBALL LEAGUE                            14 and Under 6:30-7:15 pm

                                                                                                Girls’ Evaluations
     All Around Basketball                         3 on 3 Spring
                                                                                 NEW            10 and Under 5-5:30 pm
     Players                                       Basketball League                            12 and Under 5:30-6:15 pm
     This class recognizes the changing            Hot Shots Sports will facilitate this        14 and Under 6:15-7:30 pm
     trend in basketball from designated           new fast paced league. Enter your own
     position players (1-5) to players that                                                     Boys
                                                   team of five or sign up as an individual     R-$116/NR*-$145                      8 wks
     can do it all. Guards posting up and          to meet new players. Each team plays a
     forwards shooting 3’s are common at                                                        Age 9-10
                                                   minimum of two half court games
     the college level.This high intensity                                                      327057-01   Tu/W     6-9 pm       6/16-8/5
                                                   each week.This league gives players an
     class will prepare the participant to         opportunity to practice their team           Age 11-12
     compete against more competitive              skills while still getting plenty of ball    327057-02 Tu/W       6-9 pm       6/16-8/5
     players. Experienced, advanced players        touches. Referees will monitor game          Age 13-14
     only. This program meets at Central School.   play and have all final decisions.Team       327057-03 Tu/W       6-9 pm       6/16-8/5
     Age 10-14 Boys & Girls                        work and sportsmanship will be em-           Girls
     R-$138/NR-$173                     10 weeks   phasized. This program meets at Central      R-$116/NR*-$145                      8 wks
     427026-01 F 5:30-6:30 pm           4/3-6/5    School.
                                                                                                Age 9-10
                                                   R-$138/NR-$173                    10 weeks
                                                                                                327057-04   Tu/W     6-9 pm       6/16-8/5
     { Hot Shots Sports }
                                                   Division I Age 8-10                          Age 11-12
     Small Group Basketball                        427066-01 Th 6-7:30 pm            4/2-6/4    327057-05 Tu/W       6-9 pm       6/16-8/5
     Clinic                                        Division II Age 11-13                        Age 13-14
     Boys and girls can sign up as a group         427066-02 Th 6-7:30 pm            4/2-6/4    327057-06 Tu/W       6-9 pm       6/16-8/5
     or be placed into training groups for
     this one hour work out. Small group           { Hot Shots Sports }                         Summer League Basketball Coaches
     instruction is an extremely effective                                                      Meeting
     way to improve basketball skills.The          SUMMER BOYS & GIRLS                          Monday, June 22, 7-8 p.m.
     coaching environment allows for the           BASKETBALL LEAGUE                            Community Recreation Center
     tailoring of drills and techniques to suit                                                 There will be a coaches meeting on
     the individual’s goals whether they           Player Evaluations: Tuesday, June 16
                                                                                                Monday, June 22, from 7-8 p.m., at the
     want to make a team, have more play-          Games Begin: Wednesday, June 24              Community Recreation Center.You
     ing time, or develop basic fundamen-                                                       will receive rules, schedules and practice
                                                   Boys & Girls Divisions
     tals.The coaching staff of Hot Shots                                                       sign-ups.All coaches are encouraged to
                                                   10 and Under:Ages 9-10
     Sports will facilitate the program. Once                                                   attend.
                                                   12 and Under:Ages 11-12
     you are registered you will be con-
                                                   14 and Under:Ages 13-14
     tacted to set up a day, time and location
     for your class. Each class will meet four     Games will be played on Tuesday
     times for one hour between 4:30-              and/or Wednesday evenings between
     6:30 p.m. N OT E : Fee is per participant.    6-9 p.m. at Highcrest Middle School.
                                                   Each team will have one practice and
     Age 8-14 Boys & Girls                         one game per week. On Tuesday, June
     Spring                                        16, player evaluations will be held at
     R-$72/NR-$90                       10 weeks   Highcrest Middle School to determine
     427028-01  M-F         TBA        3/30-6/5    team placement and provide balanced
     Summer                                        teams Attendance by all players is
     R-$72/NR-$90                        8 weeks
                                                   required. Once rosters are put to-
     527028-01  M-F         TBA        6/15-8/7
                                                   gether they are final. Practice days and
                                                   times vary according to coaches’ sched-
                                                   ules.The program depends on parents
                                                   and friends to volunteer for coaching
                                                   duties. Each team will have a maxi-
                                                   mum of three coaches.Those interested
                                                   may call 847-256-9690.

98   Wilmette Park District
                                                                                                         FIELD HOCKEY

                                                                                            { Hot Shots Sports }

                                                                                            Trevian Field Hockey Spring
                                                                                            Girls of all levels will learn the funda-
                                                                                            mentals and techniques of what it takes
                                                                                            to be a field hockey player. Basic skills
                                                                                            will be taught, as well as offensive and
                                                                                            defensive strategies.A field hockey
                                                                                            stick, shin guards and mouth guard are
                                                                                            mandatory equipment.This clinic
                                                                                            meets at Community Playfields.
                                                                                            R-$138/NR-$173                     10 weeks

                                                                                            Grade 2-4
                                                                                            428012-01 Tu 4:30-5:30 pm         3/31-6/2

                                                                                            Grade 5-8
                                                                                            428012-02 Tu 5:30-6:30 pm         3/31-6/2
                                         SIDELINE NOTES                                     428012-03 Th 4:30-5:30 pm          4/2-6/4

I S   W I N N I N G         T H E    M O S T   I M P O R T A N T   T H I N G   ?                             FOOTBALL

Support your child—win or lose—and support your child’s teammates. Have patience            { SportsKids }
with your child. Parental support is great, but interference can be counterproductive.
It is the philosophy of the Wilmette Park District to provide team sports programs in       Fun With Football
soccer, softball, football and basketball where the emphasis is on the development of the   Are you ready for some football? This
child as an individual, an athlete and where they can learn respect and sportsmanship in    class will cover passing, catching, team
a safe atmosphere.                                                                          offense/defense in a safe and fun envi-
                                                                                            ronment. Nerf footballs will be used.
                                                                                            Controlled scrimmages will be played
W H O   ’   S    T H E   C O A C H   ?                                                      once the basic skills have been taught.
Soccer, softball, football and basketball rely on volunteers to coach the teams.The         This program meets at the Community
coaches are trained by the Wilmette Park District and the emphasis is placed on the         Recreation Center.
child, development, learning and having fun. Consider the coaches’ feelings before
                                                                                            Age 4-6
being critical. Remember our coaches are unpaid volunteers who already have full-time
                                                                                            R-$126/NR*-$158                     10 wks
employment.The coaches control the athletes—not the parents. Please do not argue
                                                                                            427021-01 W 1-1:45 pm              4/1-6/3
with or try to undermine officials and coaches.
                                                                                            { On-The-Go Sports, Inc. }
W H A T         E Q U I P M E N T     I S   N E E D E D   ?
                                                                                            Non-Contact Football
Equipment requirements differ with each sport. For example, team shirts, shorts and
socks are provided by the Wilmette Park District for soccer, softball and basketball.       This high energy non-contact football
Jerseys are provided for football. Basketball teams provide their own uniforms. Further     clinic teaches the fundamentals of the
equipment needs such as shoes, shin guards, helmets and specialized padding are             sport, including passing, receiving,
                                                                                            blocking, routes and more. Participants
provided by players. Equipment lists are distributed by team coaches.
                                                                                            receive top-notch instruction from
                                                                                            coaches who have played the sport on
D O   Y O U       H A V E    Q U E S T I O N S   ?                                          a collegiate or professional level. Classes
Ask your coach first. If he/she is unable to answer your questions, please contact          will also include scrimmages and occa-
Sara Hilby at 847/256-9689 or Jason Pilecki at 847/256-9690. See the box marked             sional guest speakers. Registration is
“Sports Supervisors” to determine the best person to answer your question.                  limited, so sign up early. This program
Remember:Youth sports are not designed to compete with college or professional              meets at the Community Recreation Center.
athletics. Let the kids have fun.                                                           R-$105/NR-$131                      6 weeks

                                                                                            Grade 1-2
                                                                                            427034-01 M 5-6 pm                3/30-5/4

                                                                                            Grade 3-6
                                                                                            427034-02 M 6-7 pm                3/30-5/4
                                                                                Spring/Summer 2009          99
      { On-The-Go Sports, Inc. }                    youngsters to proper techniques; stress
                                                    proper conditioning of athletes; teach
      Football Skill Position Clinic
                                                    football skills and instill a spirit of
      Learn from the professionals. Player posi-    sportsmanship and teamwork among                       Girls Spring Lacrosse
      tions covered will be both running back       players.The season wraps up with                       Teams play in the Illinois Girls Lacrosse
      and defensive back which gives the stu-       Football Banquets in the Cafeteria                     Association (IGLA).Weekly games are
      dent heads-up on both sides of the ball.      of the Wilmette Junior High School on                  against teams from nearby communities.
      During the clinic you will be exposed to      Wednesday, October 28 and November                     The league is open to girls in 3rd-8th
      many facts and skills.And this is just the    4. More details will be distributed at a               grades (3rd/4th, 5th/6th, & 7th/8th
      beginning—more advanced classes will          later date.                                            will play together).Teams will be
      be offered in the future. This program                                                               formed after one week of practice to
      meets at the Community Recreation Center.     Grade 4-5 Boys
                                                                                                           achieve a balance of playing ability.All
      Age 8-10                                                                                             skill levels are welcome. Our goal is to
                                                    427067-01                               9/1-10/24
      R-$105/NR-$131                     6 weeks                                                           teach girls the game of lacrosse in an
      427035-01 M 7-8 pm               3/30-5/4     Grade 6-8 Boys                                         environment that fosters personal de-
                                                    R-$312/NR*-$390                                        velopment, provides positive coaching
      { SportsKids }                                427067-02                               8/10-11/1      and emphasizes teamwork and sports-
                                                                                                           manship.The seven week playing
      House League Flag Football                                                                           season will consist of one weekday
                                                    Times subject to change
      Player safety will be a priority as we                                                               practice and one weekend game per
      focus on the fundamentals of football.        Grades 4 & 5                                           week. Protective eyewear (goggles) and
      Players will learn to throw, catch, and       First practice is a Tuesday                            mouth guards are mandatory equip-
      run basic plays with an emphasis on fun       Tu,W,Th                             Sep 1-Oct 24       ment for girls’ lacrosse.All players must
      and teamwork. Coaching information,                                               6:30-7:30 pm       also have a girls’ lacrosse stick.The
      league plays, and rules will be distrib-      Sa                                Starting Sept. 5     coaching staff will be directed by New
      uted.The first Saturday will be a skill                                         10:30 am-noon        Trier coaches Pete Collins and Kristen
      session run by the Park District with                                                                Murray.Teams will be coached by NT
                                                    Grades 6, 7 & 8                                        coaches and players, other area coaches
      coaches’ help.Week two will consist of
                                                    M-F                                Aug 10-Sept 3       and parent volunteers. Parents who are
      controlled scrimmages working on
                                                                                             6-8 pm        interested in helping to coach should
      defense and offense and learning the plays.
      The remaining five Saturdays will be          Tu,W,Th                             Sept. 8, 9, 10     contact Kristen Murray at trevian-
      games overseen by Park District officials                                     Sep 29, 30, Oct 1 Practices are
      and parent coaches. Rain date: 10/17.                                           Oct. 13, 14, 15      on Wednesdays from 6-7:30 p.m.
                                                                                          6-7:30 pm        Games are played on Sundays. Game
      Grade 2-3                                                                                            schedules will be posted on the
      R-$114/NR-$143                    7 weeks     M,W,Th                             Starting Sept. 1
                                                                                                  website once teams are
      427063-01 Sa   1:30-3 pm      8/29-10/10                                              6-7:30 pm
                                                                                                           formed.After registering with the Park
                                                    Sa                                 Aug 15, 22, 29      District, please register at
                                                                                            8-11 am for uniform sizing and
      Tackle Football
                                                    Sa                               Starting Sept. 12     participant information. Further ques-
      Registration deadline: Monday,August                                                                 tions can be directed to trevianlacrosse-
                                                                                             8-10 am
      31                                                                                          This program meets at
      Season begins: Monday,August 10               Games                                                  Gillson Park.
      (Grades 6, 7 & 8)                             Sa,Su                         TBA after registration   NO   CLASS:   S U N DAY, M AY 2 4 .
       Tuesday, Sept. 1 (Grades 4 & 5)                                                                     R-$155/NR-$194                          7 weeks
      The importance of instruction, the
      development of skills and the fun of          Pre-Season Tackle Football                             Grade 3-4
      playing the game are emphasized in this       Parents Meeting                                        428025-01 W,Su        TBA             4/29-6/14
      closely supervised program. Players,          Wednesday, May 27 at 7 p.m.                            Grade 5-6
      grades 4-8, will be divided into groups       Community Recreation Center Auditorium                 428025-02 W,Su        TBA             4/29-6/14
      according to age, height and weight and       An overview of the Wilmette Park
      skill to minimize the possibility of          District Eagles Tackle Football program                Grade 7-8
      injuries. Participants must provide their     will be presented, covering our philos-                428025-03 W,Su        TBA             4/29-6/14
      own equipment except for team jerseys         ophy, the responsibilities of coaches,
      which are provided by the Park District.      players and parents.We will also talk
          Practices are held Monday through         about player conditioning.Attendance
      Friday. Games are Saturdays and/or            is strongly recommended for all new
      Sundays at Howard Park and other              and returning families. Regularly visit
      locations.The objectives of the Tackle for the
      Football program are to introduce             latest information on Eagle’s football.
100   Wilmette Park District
Boys Spring Lacrosse League                   Grade 2-3                                     Summer
                                              R-$195/NR-$244                     9 weeks    NO   CLASS:   F R I DAY, J U LY 3 .
Teams will be grouped by grade and                                                          R-$70/NR-$88                              7 weeks
                                              428024-01 Su   12-1:15 pm       4/19-6/14
ability level. Beginning and experienced
                                                        Tu   6:45-8 pm                      Age 6-12
players will learn about the game and
develop skills through drills, team           Grade 4-5                                     Beginning
building activities, scrimmages and           R-$225/NR-$281 10 weeks                       527036-01 F         6:15-7 pm           6/19-8/7
games. Emphasis in games will be on           428024-02 Su   12-1:30 pm         4/5-6/14
                                                                                            Age 7-18
skill development, teamwork, sports-                    M,W 6:45-8 pm
manship and equal playing time                                                              Continuing/Intermediate & Advanced
                                              Grade 6-7                                     527036-02 F 7:05-7:50 pm    6/19-8/7
(provided there has been good practice
                                              R-$240/NR-$300 10 weeks                       Continuing/Advanced Special
attendance).All players receive custom
                                              428024-03 Su   1:45-3 pm          4/5-6/14    R-$79/NR-$99                  8 weeks
shorts and jerseys. Each participant will
                                                        M,W 6:45-8 pm                       527036-03 W 7-7:45 pm       6/17-8/5
need all necessary equipment on the
first day of the program. Equipment           Grade 8
can be rented or purchased through            R-$240/NR-$300 10 weeks
Lacrosse America. N OT E : Equipment          428024-04 Su   1:45-3 pm          4/5-6/14
will not be available at the field. Players             M,W 6:45-8 pm                       Through a variety of fun and creative
are grouped as follows:                                                                     activities, young children will develop
                                                                                            coordination, strength and personal
Bantams (Grades 2-3) and Lightning                        MARTIAL ARTS
                                                                                            safety skills in a well-supervised setting.
(Grades 4-5) Lightning will practice                                                        All classes are taught by instructors of
twice a week. Bantams once a week.            Young Tigers Taekwondo                        the Illinois Shotokan Karate Club
Both divisions will play games on the                                                       under the direction of John
                                              The class instructor, Grand Master
weekend.                                                                                    DiPasquale, four-time national cham-
                                              Kim, has more than 40 years of martial
Juniors (Grades 6-7) and Seniors              arts training.This program was devel-         pion, U.S. Karate national coach and
(Grade 8):Two weeknight practices and         oped by Oriental Martial Arts College         national faculty member of ACEP
games each weekend.These programs             and places emphasis on developing             (American Coaching Effectiveness
will have upper and lower divisions,          essential skills for good physical fitness    Program). The program meets at the
players will be placed depending on           through martial arts training. Basic          Community Recreation Center.
skill, attitude and knowledge of the          techniques of Taekwondo, combined             Age 5-7
game.                                         with deep breathing exercises, help           R-$99/NR-$124                            10 weeks
                                              children develop proper posture, con-         Spring
Playing up a level: Please register and
                                              centration, and coordination. Practice
attend practice for your actual grade                                                       Beginner
                                              of proper manner helps to develop
level.You may request an evaluation                                                         427042-01 Tu 4-4:45 pm                  3/31-6/2
                                              courtesy, self-esteem, and self-control.
from your coach during the first                                                            Continuer
                                              Class is taught in a relaxed and fun
practice if you feel you have the ability                                                   427042-02 Tu 4:50-5:35 pm               3/31-6/2
                                              environment. Students should wear
to play up a level.                                                                         Intermediate/Advanced
                                              martial arts uniform during class
Game schedules: All schedules and             (white taekwondo uniform-dobock               Instructor’s permission required
information will be posted at                 which can be ordered at the class).           427042-03 Tu 5:40-6:25 pm               3/31-6/2 Games will            More information on this program is           Summer
be scheduled after the second week of         available at              R-$81/NR-$101                             8 weeks
practice (third week for Bantams)             website. This program meets at the
Games will replace the weekend                Community Recreation Center.
                                                                                            527042-01 Tu 4-4:45 pm                  6/16-8/4
practice times. Some game will be             R-$99/NR-$124                      10 weeks
away—game times will vary.                    Spring                                        Continuer
                                                                                            527042-02 Tu 4:50-5:35 pm               6/16-8/4
                                              Age 6-12
Volunteer coaches are needed. See                                                           Intermediate/Advanced or contact            Beginning
                                                                                            Instructor’s permission required
Gary Hoppe at gary.h@lacrosseamer-            427036-01 F 6:15-7 pm              4/3-6/5
                                                                                            527042-03 Tu 5:40-6:25 pm             6/16-8/4 for details. Each participant is      Age 7-18
required to use protective equipment.                                                       Martial Arts participants should note that belt
                                              Continuing/Intermediate & Advanced
Weeknight practices will be held at                                                         promotions are optional and may incur addi-
                                              427036-02 F 7:05-7:50 pm     4/3-6/5
Romona School. Games will be played at                                                      tional expense, as well as the purchase of martial
                                              Continuing/Advanced Special
Howard Park.                                                                                arts uniforms and safety equipment.Testing for
                                              427036-03 W 7-7:45 pm       4/1-6/3
NO   CLASS:   S U N DAY, A P R I L 1 2 .                                                    belt promotion may require traveling to other

                                                                                   Spring/Summer 2009              101
      Youth Karate/Safety                           Age 7 & up
      Karate skills put children in touch with
                                                    R-$99/NR-$124                      10 weeks
      their bodies and help build coordina-                                                       Coach Abe’s Soccer
      tion, agility, strength and poise as well     Beginner/Continuer
                                                    (white-orange belt)                           (formerly Yorkshire Mini Soccer with
      as personal safety skills in a well super-                                                  Coach Abe)
      vised setting.All classes are taught by       427041-01 Tu 7:30-8:30 pm          3/31-6/2
                                                                                                  Coach Abe has taught thousands of
      instructors of the Illinois Shotokan          Summer                                        boys and girls the skills necessary to
      Karate Club under the direction of            R-$81/NR-$101                       8 weeks   play recreational and travel soccer.
      John DiPasquale, four-time national           Beginner/Continuer                            Coach Abe’s love and passion for the
      champion, U.S. Karate national coach          (white-orange belt)                           game of soccer was born in the streets
      and national faculty member of ACEP           527041-01 Tu 7:30-8:30 pm          6/16-8/4   of Buenos Aires,Argentina. Abe is a
      (American Coaching Effectiveness                                                            head trainer with the Wilmette Wings
      Program). The program meets at the                                                          and regarded as one of the best youth
      Community Recreation Center.                  Adult Karate
                                                                                                  coaches in the Chicago-land area. Each
      Age 8-14                                      This program is ideal for releasing           class has a fun-filled environment while
      R-$99/NR-$124                      10 weeks   tension and developing cardiovascular         focusing on coordination, skills, team-
      Spring                                        fitness. Karate movements develop             work, tactics and sportsmanship.
                                                    poise and agility while improving over-       N O C L A S S : M O N DAY, M AY 2 5 &
      (white-orange belt)
                                                    all muscle tone.All classes are taught by     S U N DAY, A P R I L 1 2 .
      427039-01 Tu 7:30-8:30 pm          3/31-6/2
                                                    instructors of the Illinois Shotokan
                                                                                                  Age 4 at Community Recreation Center
                                                    Karate Club, under the direction of
      Intermediate/Advanced                                                                       R-$131/NR-$164                   10 weeks
                                                    John DiPasquale, four-time National
      (yellow belt & up)                                                                          428008-01 Tu 9:15-10 am         3/31-6/2
                                                    Champion, U.S. Karate National
      Instructor’s permission required                                                            428008-02 Tu 12:15-1 pm         3/31-6/2
                                                    Coach and National Faculty Member
      427039-02 Tu 6:30-7:30 pm          3/31-6/2                                                 428008-03 Tu 2-2:45 pm          3/31-6/2
                                                    of American Coaching Effectiveness
                                                                                                  428008-04 Th 9:15-10 am          4/2-6/4
      Summer                                        Program (ACEP). This program meets at
                                                                                                  428008-05 Th 12:15-1 pm          4/2-6/4
      R-$81/NR-$101                       8 weeks   the Community Recreation Center.
                                                                                                  428008-06 Th 2-2:45 pm           4/2-6/4
      Beginner/Continuer                            Age 15 & up
      (white-orange belt)                                                                         Age 4 at McKenzie School
      527039-01 Tu 7:30-8:30 pm          6/16-8/4                                                 R-$118/NR-$1489 weeks
                                                    R-$99/NR-$124                      10 weeks
      Intermediate/Advanced                                                                       428008-17 Su 1:15-2 pm                  4/5-6/7
      (yellow belt & up)                            (white-orange belt)                           Age 5-6 at Community Recreation Center
      Instructor’s permission required              427037-01 Tu 7:30-8:30 pm          3/31-6/2   R-$131/NR-$16410 weeks
      527039-02 Tu 6:30-7:30 pm          6/16-8/4                                                 428008-07 Tu 10-11 am           3/31-6/2
                                                    (yellow belt & up)                            428008-08 Tu 1-2 pm             3/31-6/2
      Parent/Child Karate                           Instructor’s permission required              428008-09 Tu 2:45-3:45 pm       3/31-6/2
                                                    427037-02 Tu 6:30-7:30 pm          3/31-6/2   428008-10 Th 10-11 am            4/2-6/4
      Share time with your child while de-                                                        428008-11 Th 1-2 pm              4/2-6/4
      veloping muscle tone, coordination,           Summer                                        428008-12 Th 2:45-3:45 pm        4/2-6/4
      cardiovascular fitness and karate skills.     R-$81/NR-$101                       8 weeks
      All classes are taught by instructors of                                                    Age 5-6 at McKenzie School
      the Illinois Shotokan Karate Club                                                           R-$131/NR-$16410 weeks
                                                    (white-orange belt)
      (ISKC) under the direction of John                                                          428008-13 M 4:30-5:30 pm            3/30-6/8
                                                    527037-01 Tu 7:30-8:30 pm          6/16-8/4
      DiPasquale, four time National                                                              428008-14 W 4-5 pm                   4/1-6/3
      Champion, U.S. Karate National                (yellow belt & up)                            R-$118/NR-$1489 weeks
      Coach and National Faculty Member             Instructor’s permission required              428008-18 Su 2-3 pm                     4/5-6/7
      of ACEP (American Coaching                    527037-02 Tu 6:30-7:30 pm          6/16-8/4
      Effectiveness Program). The program                                                         Age 7-8 at Community Playfields
      meets at the Community Recreation                                                           R-$131/NR-$16410 weeks
      Center. Fee is for each participant.                                                        428008-15 M 5:30-6:30 pm        3/30-6/8
                                                                                                  428008-16 W 5-6 pm               4/1-6/3

                                                                                                  Age 7-8 at McKenzie School
                                                                                                  R-$118/NR-$1489 weeks
                                                                                                  428008-19 Su 3-4 pm                     4/5-6/7

102   Wilmette Park District
                                                                                      Fall Soccer
                                                                                      At Community Playfield
                                                                                      Saturdays:August 29-October 17
                                                                                      8 a.m.-4 p.m.
                                                                                      NO   GAMES:   SEPTEMBER 19.
                                                                                      R-$109/NR-$131                       8 weeks

                                                                                      428010-00       Kindergarten
                                                                                      428010-01       1st Grade
                                                                                      428010-02       2nd Grade
                                                                                      428010-03       3rd Grade
                                                                                      428010-04       4th Grade
                                                                                      428010-05       5th Grade
                                                                                      428010-06       6th Grade
                                                                                      428010-07       7th Grade
                                                                                      428010-08       8th Grade

                                                                                      428011-00       Kindergarten
                                                                                      428011-01       1st Grade
Fall Soccer                                Refunds: A 10 % service charge will be
                                                                                      428011-02       2nd Grade
                                           added to all refund requests before the
NEW GAME FORMAT FOR GRADES K-3                                                        428011-03       3rd Grade
                                           coaches meetings.After the coaches
Registration Deadline:                                                                428011-04       4th Grade
                                           meeting a 50% service charge will be
Tuesday, May 26, at 10 p.m.                added to all refund requests. NO           428011-05       5th Grade
A $20 late fee will be charged after the   refunds will be given after the season     428011-06       6th Grade
Soccer Registration Deadline.              begins on August 29.                       428011-07       7th Grade
Season begins: August 29                                                              428011-08       8th Grade
                                           Games: All games will be played on
Rain-Out Date: October 24 (if needed)                                                 Soccer Coaches Organization
                                           Saturdays at the Community Playfields
Boys and girls play in separate leagues                                               Meetings
                                           located between Highcrest Middle
which are divided into grade levels        School and Wilmette Junior High            At the Community Recreation Center
depending on the number of registered      School.The games will take place be-       Due to the new format of the league
players. Grades K-4 players are divided    tween 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.                    we will be having multiple meetings
into teams based on the school they                                                   for the different grade levels.All meet-
attend.All NEW teams will be formed        New Game Format for Grades K-3:            ings will be held at the Community
for the Fall season—these teams stay       Grade K-1: Field size is 30 X 25 yards
                                                                                      Recreation Center. Coaches will re-
together for the Spring 2010 season.       and participants will play 4 vs 4 with a   ceive team rosters, game schedules, and
                                           maximum of 8 on a team.                    team uniforms will be distributed at
Uniforms & Equipment: Team
                                                                                      the meetings.
uniforms consisting of jersey, shorts      Grade 2: Field size is 50 X 30 yards and
and socks are provided by the Park                                                    Grades K-1: Saturday,August 8,
                                           participants will play 6 vs 6 with a
District and should be worn to all         maximum of 12 on a team.                   at 10 a.m.
games.These uniforms are for both
                                           Grade 3: Field size is 60 X 45 yards and   Grade 2: Saturday,August 8, at 2 p.m.
the Fall and Spring 2010 season.
                                           participants will play 7 vs 7 with a
Participants need to provide their own                                                Grade 3: Wednesday,August 5,
                                           maximum of 12 on a team.
rubber cleats and shin guards.                                                        at 7 p.m.
                                           Grade 4 & 5: Field size is 80 X 50 yards
Coaches: We rely on parents and                                                       Grades 4-8: Thursday,August 6,
                                           and participants will play 8 vs 8 with a
friends to handle coaching duties.                                                    at 7 p.m.
                                           maximum of 14 players on a team.
Anyone interested in volunteering may
call Bobbie Kramer or Judy Ross at         Grade 6-7-8: Field size is 100 X 60
847-256-7133.There will be a               yards and participants will play 11 vs
Maximum of two coaches for                 11 with a maximum of 16 players on a
Grades K-2 and a Maximum of four           team.
coaches for Grades 3-8.

                                                                           Spring/Summer 2009          103
                                                     { Hot Shots Sports }
                  GIRLS SOFTBALL
                                                     Girls Softball Summer
      Girls’ Softball Pitching
                                                     League Divisions: Grades 4/5, Grades
      Private Lessons                                6/7, Grades 8/9 (as of Fall 2009)
      Become the best pitcher on your team,          Season Begins: Monday, June 15
      in your school and in your league. If          Games: Mondays at Howard Park
      you are playing house league or travel         Practices: Thursdays at Howard Park
      fast pitch softball you will learn the
                                                     Evaluations for all Players:
      correct pitching mechanics from the
                                                     Monday, June 15
      top pitching coach in the North Shore
      area. Five one-on-one 30-minute                Games will be played once a week at
      lessons. This program meets at Harper          Howard Park on Mondays. Practices
      School.                                        will be held on Thursdays.All activity
                                                     takes place between 6-9 p.m.
      Age 8-16                                       Evaluations for all girls who wish to
      R-$94/NR*-$118                    5 sessions   participate will be held at Howard Park
      327043-01 M-F Times TBA         1/19-3/20      on Monday, June 15 (see schedule
      Advanced                                       below). Evaluations will be used to
      R-$105/NR*-$131 5 sessions                     determine team placement and provide
      327043-02 M-F Times TBA         1/19-3/20      balanced teams.There will be no re-                          VOLLEYBALL
                                                     funds after evaluations. Once rosters are
                                                     completed, they are final. Practice days
                                                                                                    { On-The-Go Sports, Inc. }
               GIRLS SOFTBALL LEAGUE                 and times vary according to coaches’
                                                     schedules.The program depends on               Volleyball Clinic
      { Hot Shots Sports Instructional League }      parents and friends to volunteer for           Learn the basics of volleyball: Passing,
                                                     coaching duties. Each team will have a         setting, spiking, serving and blocking
      Girls’ Coach Pitch Softball                    maximum of three coaches.Those                 will be taught by a former collegiate
      Participants learn the basics of softball      interested may call 847-256-9690.              volleyball star.This clinic will stress the
      in a fun and non-competitive environ-          Evaluations for All Players                    importance of discipline and teamwork
      ment.The season starts off with a two-         Grades 4/5: 5-6:15 pm                          as it equates to success on the court.
      week clinic and teams will then be             Grades 6/7: 6:15-7:30 pm                       Participants will be grouped according
      formed.The coaches pitch at this level         Grades 8/9: 7:30-8:45 pm                       to playing skill and instruction will be
      with more emphasis placed on how to                                                           built around the abilities of those
      field, hit, run the bases and the basic        Girls Summer Softball                          involved.The clinic is open to boys and
      rules of the game. Score will not be           Played at Howard Park                          girls. This program meets at the
      kept.An 11-inch “softie” softball will         Games: Mondays, 6-9 p.m.                       Community Recreation Center.
      be used. Parents and friends interested        Practices:Thursdays, 6-9 p.m.
      in becoming volunteer coaches may                                                             Grade 4-8
                                                     Grade 4-9 as of Fall 2009                      R-$105/NR-$131                      6 weeks
      call 847-256-9690. This program meets          R-$120/NR*-$150                        8 wks
      at Central School in the Spring and                                                           Spring
                                                     327056-01       Grade 4         Jun 15-Aug 3   428006-01   Th   6:30-7:30 pm      4/2-5/7
      Howard Park in the Summer.                     327056-02       Grade 5         Jun 15-Aug 3   428006-02   Th   7:30-8:30 pm      4/2-5/7
      Grade K-2                                      327056-03       Grade 6         Jun 15-Aug 3
      Spring                                         327056-04       Grade 7         Jun 15-Aug 3   Summer
      R-$101/NR*-$126                     7 wks      327056-05       Grade 8         Jun 15-Aug 3   528006-01   Th   6:30-7:30 pm    6/18-7/23
      327055-01 Th 4:30-5:45 pm        4/23-6/4      327056-06       Grade 9         Jun 15-Aug 3   528006-02   Th   7:30-8:30 pm    6/18-7/23

      Grade 1-3 (as of Fall 2009)
      R-$116/NR*-$145                     8 wks
      327055-02 Th 4:30-5:45 pm        6/18-8/6

104   Wilmette Park District
           ADULT LEAGUES                                                               SPORTS INSTRUCTORS

Softball                                            { SportsKids }
Men’s Season Begins:                                KEN FONTANA, Manager. Ken has managed SportsKids for 14 years—providing youth
Tuesday,April 28                                    sports programming to the north and northwest suburbs. Ken attended Iowa State
Co-Ed Season Begins: Friday, May 1                  University majoring in physical education. He has been sought after as a public speaker
NO   GAMES:   M AY 2 2 & J U LY 3                   on the topic of youth sports and has designed, coached and supervised many sports
                                                    programs; served as an associate scout in baseball; researched youth sports and con-
Softball league play for adults 18 and
                                                    ducted numerous training programs for teachers.
older is scheduled to begin the week of
April 28. Men can compete in a                      CHAD BERARDI, Instructor. Chad is a native of Wilmette who attended New Trier High
Tuesday night 16” slow-pitch league.                School and graduated from the University of Cincinnati where he played baseball for the
The Men’s season begins on April 29.                Division I Bearcats. He currently teaches children’s sports classes including baseball, bas-
Men and women can compete in a                      ketball, football, gymnastics and soccer. He has also been playing the guitar for 15 years
Friday night 14” Co-Rec. league. Co-                and teaching the instrument for four.
Rec games begin on May 2.All games
are played at Howard Park. All teams will           { Hot Shots Sports }
qualify for the post-season tourna-
                                                    STEVE DUMAN, Director. Steve has been developing youth athletic programming since
ment. For information call Sara Hilby
                                                    1994 and continues to provide classes and clinics in Chicago and Denver. The Girls Sports
at 847/256-9689. Entry fees are due
                                                    programs developed by Hot Shots Sports offers girls specialized training through clinics
by April 21 for Men’s Teams and
                                                    and camps in basketball and softball in a exclusively female environment. In addition to
April 24 for Co-Ed Teams. Fee is
                                                    his own clinics and camps, Steve has coached varsity basketball and softball and has
per team.
                                                    been involved with many traveling teams.
16” Men’s 18 & up
Entry Fee: $800/team                     16 weeks   { Mini-Soccer Staff }
528026-01 Tu 6 -10 pm                  4/28-8/11
                                                    ABE STUMME, Mini-Soccer. Abe is a head trainer for the Wilmette Wings soccer club and
Co-Ed 14” 18 & up                                   is a USSF nationally licensed coach. He has been instrumental in the growth of the
NO   GAMES:   M AY 2 2 , J U LY 3                   Wilmette Wings and is highly respected as a youth coach. He helped develop the soccer
Entry Fee: $680/team                     15 weeks   curriculum for the Mini-Soccer program.
528027-01 F     6 -10 pm                 5/1-8/7
                                                    { Illinois Baseball Academy }

Volleyball                                          ROSS BAUMGARTEN, The Bullpen Program, is one of the area’s foremost pitching in-
                                                    structors. A former Chicago White Sox pitcher, Baumgarten has worked with some of the
Adult Co-Rec Beach Volleyball                       most accomplished young arms on the North Shore for the past 16 years, assisting them
Season Begins: Sunday, May 31                       in realizing their dreams of performing at the collegiate and professional level. His unique
NO   GAMES:   J U N E 2 1 & J U LY 5                training approach addresses the physical and mental demands placed on pitchers.

Enjoy the beauty of Gillson Park and
                                                    CHRIS BEACOM, The Complete Player Program, is a former New Trier High School head
the lake breezes while you play
                                                    coach and has been teaching kids of all ages and ability levels how to play baseball for
Co-Rec Beach Volleyball on Sundays.
                                                    the past 16 years. Prior to becoming a coach, Chris captained the Northwestern University
League play is followed by a tourna-
                                                    team and then played professionally in the Toronto Blue Jays organization.
ment. Game times are from 4-8 p.m.
You may register for volleyball at the              { Girls’ Softball }
Community Recreation Center. Call
Sara Hilby at 847/256-9689 for infor-               BILL WOZNY, Girls’ Fast pitch Softball, was one of the founding members of Trevians Girls
                                                    Travel Softball in the later 80s. He has managed several Trevians teams to regional and
mation. Fees are due May 22. Fee is
                                                    national competitions over the years. His pitching clinics have helped players master the
per team.
                                                    “windmill” fast pitch motion and achieve success as players at every level—from Park
18 & up                                             District to college competition.
Entry Fee: $425/team                     11 weeks
528028-01 Su 4-8 pm                     5/31-8/9

                                                                                         Spring/Summer 2009          105
                                                                SPORTS INSTRUCTORS

                               { On-the-Go Sports }

                               CHRIS MARTIN, Non-contact football and sports conditioning. During his high school years,
                               Martin was ranked in the top 100 prospects in Florida. In his senior year he was recruited
                               by Northwestern University’s football coach Gary Barnett and received a full athletic
                               scholarship. Lettering all four years at college, Chris was recognized as first team All-Big
                               Ten by area media and coaches and as one of the top ten defensive backs entering the
                               NFL Draft. Chris signed as a free agent with the Chicago Bears in 1996 where he worked
                               his way from the practice squad to the active roster. His career with the Bears ended two
                               years later.

                               MIKE NELSON, Non-contact football and sports conditioning. Mike, a former four-sport letter-
                               man in high school, left his hometown of Plano, Texas in 1994 to join the Northwestern
                               Wildcats as a defensive back. He played for Northwestern from 1994-1998 including the
                               Rose Bowl run in 1995 and the consecutive Big Ten titles in 1995 and 1996. He lettered
                               four times while starting 45 consecutive games and ended his career in the school’s Top
                               Ten past break-up list. Currently, he coaches varsity football at an Illinois high school.

                               LIZ RENIUS, Volleyball, Liz is a Northwestern University graduate and former volleyball
                               player for the Wildcats. She was a three-year All State Player in high school and was
                               awarded a scholarship to Northwestern University. While at Northwestern, she was a
                               four-year starter as a Setter. She holds the NU record for Most Assists in a Match, Season
                               and Career. Liz was also ranked among the Top Ten in the Big Ten Career Assist Leaders.

                               JENNIFER ZAGORSKI, Volleyball. Jennifer was a three-time All-State volleyball player at
                               Batavia High School and was a starter on the conference co-championship basketball team
                               two years in a row. In 2001, Jennifer was only the third athlete in the history of BHS to
                               receive the honor of having her jersey retired. Number 9 sits in Batavia’s hallway, next to
                               Carrie Leonard and Dan Issel, former coach of the Denver Nuggets. At her tenure at
                               Northwestern University, Jennifer was a four-year starter and earned All Academic-All-Big
                               Ten honors three years in a row as well as receiving several All-Tournament accolades as
                               captain her senior year.

                               { Girls Lacrosse Coaches }

                               PETE COLLINS, Lacrosse, Pete is currently head coach of girls’ lacrosse at New Trier High
                               School. He has been teaching and coaching at New Trier for 10 years and was named
                               2005 Illinois High School Lacrosse Coach of the Year. He serves as president of the Illinois
                               High School Girls Lacrosse Association. Pete has coached with the Great Lakes National
                               Team, Wildcat Elite Club and Northwestern Summer Camps. He has experience coaching
                               all levels from beginners to high school elite players.

                               KRISTEN MURRAY, Lacrosse, Kristin is the assistant girls’ lacrosse coach at New Trier High
                               School. She has 10 years of coaching experience at the high school, middle school and
                               youth levels and is a certified Level 1 trainer for US Lacrosse. Kristen played lacrosse at
                               Brown University, earning all-American and All-Ivy honors.

                               { Lacrosse America }

                               RICH MARTIN, Lacrosse,has directed Lacrosse America since 1991 and has been a High
                               School coach since 1990. Well over 15,000 players have learned and competed in Lacrosse
                               America programs, including many who are now coaching the programs they grew up
                               with. Lacrosse America has been a driving force in popularizing the sport in the Chicago
                               suburbs by running learn-to-play clinics for players, coaches’ clinics, training camps and
                               leagues for more experienced players and traveling all-star teams. The Lacrosse America
                               staff of professional and trained volunteer coaches bring experience and enthusiasm to
                               all levels of programs. For more information visit

106   Wilmette Park District
The Wilmette Park District is a partner       modations, or other services necessary        programming and successful recreation
in the Northern Suburban Special              to include people with disabilities in        experiences are also utilized.
Recreation Association (NSSRA). Our           community recreation.                         For preschool-age children with
residents with disabilities can take ad-                                                    disabilities: NSSRA offers parent-tot
vantage of a wide variety of programs         Cooperative Programs:                         swim, karate, ice-skating and more.
and services offered through NSSRA.           NSSRA offers Cooperative Programs             Youth and teens with disabilities
Listed below are some of the programs         with its partner park districts.              can register for sports, cooking, swim-
and services available to adults and          Cooperate Programs can provide skill-         ming and other activities. Adults with
children with disabilities in our area.       based programs, vacation and holiday          disabilities can participate in Friday
NSSRA also provides In-Home                   programming, camps, school day off            and Saturday night social clubs,
Programming for residents unable to           events, and more. NSSRA provides              back-to-back Saturday programs, and a
leave their home, Leisure Skill               assistance, based upon participation          variety of other programs and special
Development, Birthday Party assistance,       numbers and needs. Day Camps are              events.
Sign Language Interpreters and                offered cooperatively with special               Aquacise,Total Exercise and other
Assistants, 1/2 Hour Private Leisure          education and other agencies for              programs are ideal for individuals
Consultations, provision of Professional      children with developmental and other         with a physical disability or visual
Speakers, and more. For more                  disabilities, as well as camps for children   impairment. NSSRA Gator Athletic
programming information please                who are deaf and hard of hearing.             Programs, which provide training for
NSSRA’s website at: .           Cooperative Programs include                  and participation in Special Olympics
                                              Adaptive Sports, Movement and                 competitions for individuals eight years
Inclusion Programs:                           Dance, BlazeSports®                           and up with cognitive disabilities, are
Some people with disabilities choose                                                        offered throughout the year.Accessible
to participate in park district programs      Traditional NSSRA Programs:                   door-to-door and standard transporta-
with people without disabilities.             NSSRA offers more than 150 traditional        tion from pick up points is offered for
NSSRA provides training, support staff        programs and events locally each season.      certain programs.
and assistance to partner park districts      The Association utilizes Therapeutic             For details about NSSRA programs
and local recreation departments so           Recreation professional staff members         and services, to volunteer, to make a
Inclusive Recreation can be enjoyed by        and other staff with specialized training     donation, become a sponsor, or to
all. NSSRA support can be in the form         and certifications, along with part-time      receive other information, contact
of extra staff, sign language interpreters,   leaders and volunteers. Staff members         NSSRA by phone at 847 509-9400;
adapting rules and policies, behavior         work closely with participants, families,     by fax at 847 509-1177 or in person at
management support, disability aware-         schools and others, to ensure quality         3105 MacArthur Boulevard in
ness training, accessibility and accom-                                                     Northbrook.You can also email
                                                                                            NSSRA at

                                                                                              LAKEVIEW CENTER ,
                                                                                              set in Wilmette’s scenic Gillson Park, is
                                                                                              available for rental nine months of the
                                                                                              year—from Labor Day to Memorial Day.
                                                                                              With a beautiful view of Lake Michigan,
                                                                                              this lovely party/meeting room with a
                                                                                              fireplace offers a perfect setting for
                                                                                              business functions and special events.
                                                                                              For more information, call 847/256-9656.

                                                                                 Spring/Summer 2009         107
                                                    Definition of Residency/The Fair-Share* Concept
        Proof of Residency                          Anyone living within the geographic boundaries of the Wilmette Park District is
                                                    considered a resident. Outside of the Wilmette geographic boundaries, this privilege is
                                                    also extended to Kindergarten through Grade 8 students living in the geographic
        When applying for season passes, club       boundaries of Wilmette Public Schools District 39 or Avoca School District 37. Parents
        memberships, or registering for a class     of these children are not eligible for resident fees. Wilmette residents, via property
        you will be asked for identification        taxes, make financial contributions to the operation of the park system. A “Fair-Share”
        and proof of residency by showing           policy has been adopted to apportion an equalizing user fee to our non-resident
        either a current drivers license or State   participants so they contribute to the overall financing of the park system on an
        of Illinois ID. If you do not have one      equitable basis.
        of these documents you will need to
        show another photo ID along with            Individuals with Disabilities
        one of the following items displaying       The Wilmette Park District is committed to providing recreation in the most integrated
        a Wilmette address:                         setting possible. If you, a family member or friend has a disability and are interested in
        • Voter’s registration card                 participating in or attending Wilmette Park District programs or activities, we will make
        • Utility bill with owner’s name            reasonable accommodations to facilitate that opportunity. We urge you to contact us
                                                    in advance of program participation to arrange accommodations. For information call,
        • Current automobile registration
                                                    847/256-6100. The Wilmette Park District also provides specialized services through
          with owner’s name
                                                    North Suburban Special Recreation Association (NSSRA). For the hearing impaired
        • Copy of a real estate contract            needing assistance, call 847/256-9091 TTD.
          stating a closing date
                                                    Refunds, Cancellations
                                                    The Wilmette Park District reserves the right to cancel, postpone or combine classes,
                                                    or change instructors. If insufficient enrollment causes a class to be canceled,
                                                    notification will be given and full tuition refunded. With the exception of our
                                                    Commitment to Quality policy, no refund will be made for withdrawal after the start of
                                                    a program. Cancellations by registrants are accepted up to 24 hours prior to the start
                                                    of a program. A 10% service charge of the total fee ($2 minimum) will be assessed for
                                                    all program cancellations. Please allow 10 business days for processing.

                                                    Commitment to Quality
                                                    The Wilmette Park District is committed to providing quality recreation programs to
                                                    the public. If you feel our programs did not meet your expectations due to the quality
                                                    of instruction or program content we will refund your money 100 percent. Because we
                                                    want to catch and correct problems as soon as possible, we ask your cooperation in
                                                    this manner:

                                                    1) Attend at least two classes in a session of four weeks or more; one week of camp;
                                                    or three swimming classes before requesting your refund. You must inform us prior
                                                    to the third class (fourth for swimming) or second week of camp that you would like
                                                    a refund.

                                                    2) Complete the Commitment to Quality form. Your input is vital to us as we determine
                                                    what improvements are needed to maintain the quality of our recreation programs.
                                                    The Commitment to Quality form is available at our Administrative Offices, Centennial
                                                    Recreation Complex and the Community Recreation Center. Our Commitment to
                                                    Quality applies to recreation programs, including camps, where park district personnel
                                                    instruct or supervise an activity. The policy excludes trips, special events, rentals,
                                                    leagues, memberships and season passes.

                                                    Financial Assistance
                                                    The Wilmette Park District recognizes there are community residents who may suffer
                                                    from economic setbacks that might preclude their participation in Wilmette Park District
                                                    programs. If such a need exists, please contact the director’s office at the Park District
                                                    Administrative Office in the Village Hall prior to registration by calling 847/256-9616.

108   Wilmette Park District
                                          REGISTRATION FORM
                              Online Registration: Fax Registration: 847-256-0739
                                            Mail Registration: Wilmette Park District
    Park district
                                        1200 Wilmette Avenue, Wilmette, Illinois 60091
         founded 1908                             Questions? 847-256-6100

     t          t r                n    e
 Adult Registrant or Parent/Guardian Name ____________________________________________________________________________
                                                                         H e
 Address_________________________________________________________________Home Phone (                                )___________________________
                                      p                              s
 City______________________________ Zip Code_____________ Day/Business Phone (                            )___________________________________
 E-mail address ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

                                 Program Name                      Participant's First &               School           Fee         Birthdate          M/F
Activity # --section                                                                                                                                  Circle
                                                                       Last Name
                  __                                                                                                                                M F

                  __                                                                                                                                M F

                  __                                                                                                                                M F

                  __                                                                                                                                M F

                  __                                                                                                                                M F

                  __                                                                                                                                M F

                  __                                                                                                                                M F

                                                                                       Total Fees:
 Waiver & Release of All Claims and Assumption of Risk
       Please read this form carefully and be aware that by registering and participating in Park District programs, you will be waiving and releasing
 all claims for injuries you or your child/ward might sustain from programs/activities.
        I recognize and acknowledge that there are certain risks of physical injury to participants in these programs/activities, and I voluntarily agree to
 assume the full risk of any and all injuries, damages or loss, regardless of severity, that my minor child/ward or I may sustain as a result of said
 participation. I further agree to waive and relinquish all claims I or my minor child/ward may have (or accrue to me or my child/ward) as a result of
 participating in these programs/activities against the Wilmette Park District, including its officials, agents, volunteers and employees.
       I do hereby fully release and forever discharge the Wilmette Park District from any and all claims for injuries, damages or loss, including
 transportation services when provided, that my minor child/ward or I may have or which may accrue to me or my minor child/ward and arising out
 of, connected with, or in any way associated with these programs/activities.
       I have read and fully understand the above waiver and release of all claims. If registering on-line or via fax, my on-line or facsimile signature
 shall substitute for and have the same legal effect as an original form signature.

 ____________________________________________________________                      _________________________________________________________
                 Authorized Signature                                                                        Date

Method of Payment:                                                                               Americans With Disabilities Act
  Cash                     Check            Other                                       Please check here if you need any accommodation, in
Charge:                 MC     Visa         Discover                                 accordance with the ADA, to effectively participate in an
                                                                                     activity or at a facility. A staff member will contact you for
Card #___________________________________________                                    more information. If you do not hear from us prior to the
                                                                                     start date of a program, please call to confirm your
Expiration Date ____________________________________                                 accommodations.
Card Holder Signature_______________________________

                                                                                             Spring/Summer 2009            109
                     New Registration Procedures

                     Registration is now first come, first serve. Registration for Wilmette Residents
                     begins at 9 a.m. Tuesday, March 10. Non-Resident registration begins at 9 a.m.,
                     Tuesday, March 17.
                     NOTE :    Classes are no longer being filled by a computerized lottery.

                     HERE’S HOW TO REGISTER

                     Online Registration: Log onto and register for almost any
                     course. You must have your user ID and password to gain access to the registration
                     system. If you have not created a Household Account and received a user ID and
                     password, please contact the Park District at 847-256-6100. NOTE : You will be asked
                     to provide proof of Wilmette residency when your Household Account is created.
                     This proof of residency is required even if you have a family registration account in
                     our former E-mail registration system.

                     In Person Registration: In person registration is processed while you wait.
                     Enrollment will be confirmed with a receipt. Resident In Person registrations will be
                     processed on Tuesday, March 10, beginning at 9 a.m. Non-Resident In Person
                     registrations will be processed on Tuesday, March 17, beginning at 9 a.m. NOTE : In
                     person registrations cannot be accepted prior to the registration start dates.

                     Mail-In and Fax Registration: Mail-in and fax registrations will be processed ran-
                     domly following the registration start dates. You will receive a confirmation by mail.
                     Complete and sign a program registration form. Include proof of residency and
                     payment by check or credit card. Mail to Wilmette Park District, 1200 Wilmette
                     Avenue, Wilmette, IL 60091. Fax to: 847-256-0739.

                     Tennis and Ice Skating registrations are handled separately.
                     Summer Tennis Basic Level Class registration begins Tuesday, May 5, at 9 a.m.
                     Non-Resident registration begins Wednesday, May 6, at 9 a.m. For information
                     call 847-256-9676. New Ice Skating students can register for Spring/Summer classes
                     beginning at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, April 7. Non-Resident New Students may registers
                     beginning at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, April 14. For Ice Skating information call

                     Online Registration is easy. Benefits to you include:
                     • Register online for Park District activities and know immediately if you are
                       enrolled in a class.
                     • Go online after registration begins and find out what classes still have openings.
                     • Track your family’s registration history and expenses and print out reports
                       showing child care costs at tax time.
                     • Print out a calendar showing all the Park District activities your family members
                       have registered for in the current class session.

110   Wilmette Park District
                 Centennial Family Aquatic Center & Beach/Lakefront Parking Decal
                                                              2009 Season Pass Application

Name             (last)                                                                                  (first)
                                             (Please Print)                                                                     (Please Print)

City, State                                                                                                               Zip Code
Phone (Home/Emergency):                                                                    E-mail address:___________________________
Gillson Park Lakefront Parking Decal
Check One                 Resident ($14 per decal)               No. of Decals                                Total Decal Fee:            $

                          Non-Resident ($95 per decal)           No. of Decals                                Total Decal Fee:            $

Season Pass Options:

Check Option:                                                    Pass Description:*                                                               Fee:
                 Pool Only
                 Pool & Beach
                 Beach Only

                 *Example: Indicate Individual Pass, 2 Person Pass, 3 Person Pass, etc.                            Total Fee:             $

Passes issued to: (indicate type of pass: P (Pool); P/B (Both); B (Beach)

                             Name (First, Last)                                 Gender (M/F)               Birthdate        P      P/B        B
                 A family consists of up to two adults and dependent children through the age of 23 who reside at the same address.

I declare the above information to be true and correct. I understand that passes are non-transferable and non-refundable. I will
provide proof of age and residency upon request. I agree to abide by all rules and present my pass when entering the facility
I have read and fully understand the waiver and release of all claims and assumption of risk on the other side of this form

Applicant's Signature                                                                                                              Date

Payment may be made by check payable to Wilmette Park District or by Credit Card.
Method of Payment: (Circle one)                 Cash            Check           Discover                 Visa              Mastercard

Credit Card #                                                                                                      Parking Decal: $
                                                                                                                      Pool Pass:          $
Exp Date:                                                                                                           Beach Pass:           $

Authorized Signature                                                                                     Total Amount Due:                $

                 Mail or Fax to: Wilmette Park District, Centennial Family Aquatic Center
                                    2300 Old Glenview Road, Wilmette, IL 60091
                                      Fax: 847-256-8776 / Phone: 847-256-9685

                                                                                                  Spring/Summer 2009       111
               2009 Wilmette Beaches & Family Aquatic Center Season Pass Fees
                                        Early Bird Discount Rates                                      Regular Season Rates
                                        Good through April 30, 2009                                     Beginning May 1, 2009
                                                      Pool & Beach                                                  Pool & Beach
                                       Pool        (When Purchased              Beach                Pool        (When Purchased            Beach
                                       Only             Together)                Only                Only             Together)             Only
 Individual Pass                       $62                  $84                   $32                 $68                 $93                $35
 2 Person Pass                         $101                $133                   $46                $112                $147                $51
 3 Person Pass                         $116                $161                   $63                $128                $178                $69
 4 Person Pass                         $131                $189                   $80                $144                $209                $87
 5 Person Pass                         $146                $217                   $97                $160                $240               $105
 Each Additional                       $15                  $28                   $17                 $16                 $31                $18
 Senior Citizen                        $33                  $45                   $18                 $37                 $50                $19
 In-Home Childcare Provider            $113                $159                   $65                $125                $177                $72
 Individual Pass                       $144                $203                   $82                $160                $226                $91
 2 Person Pass                         $242                $329                  $124                $269                $366               $138
 3 Person Pass                         $274                $388                  $159                $304                $431               $175
 4 Person Pass                         $306                $447                  $194                $339                $496               $212
 5 Person Pass                         $338                $506                  $229                $374                $561               $249
 Each Additional                       $32                  $59                   $35                 $35                 $65                $37

 Please Note:
 *A family consists of up to two adults and dependent children through the age of 23 who reside at the same address.
 *Children, age 2 or older by May 23, must have their own photo ID pass.
 * Resident seniors65 and older must apply in person with proper identification to receive the senior rate.
 * In-Home Child Care Providers       employed by Wilmette residents must apply in person on a separate application with a
   letter from their employer in order to purchase a pool pass at a reduced rate.
 *Beach season passes will continue to be cloth patches that must be sewn on or affixed to a swimming article. Beach
   patches are required for children age 2 or older.
 *Resident Lakefront Parking decals can only be used on vehicles displaying a Village of Wilmette sticker. Lakefront Parking Decals
  must be permanently affixed to the lower driver’s side front windshield. Lakefront 2009 parking decals expire March 31, 2010. Residents
  with leased or company vehicles should inquire about proper procedures when purchasing a Lakefront Parking decal.

                                                WILMETTE PARK DISTRICT AQUATIC
                   Please read this form carefully and be aware that in signing up and participating in activities at the Wilmette
       Park District’s Centennial Family Aquatic Center and/or Gillson and Langdon Park Swimming Beaches you will be
       expressly assuming the risk and legal liability and waiving and releasing all claims for injuries, damages or loss which
       you or your minor child/ward might sustain as a result of participating in any and all activities connected with and
       associated with the Centennial Family Aquatic Center and/or Gillson and Langdon Park Swimming Beaches.
                   I recognize and acknowledge that there are certain risks of physical injury to participants who use aquatic
       facilities, and I voluntarily agree to assume the full risk of any injuries, damages or loss, regardless of severity that my
       minor child/ward or I may sustain as a result of participating in any and all activities connected with or associated with
       the Centennial Family Aquatic Center and/or Gillson and Langdon Park Swimming Beaches. I further agree to waive
       and relinquish all claims I or my minor child/ward may have as a result of participating in aquatic activities against the
       Wilmette Park District, including its officials, agents, volunteers and employees.
                   I do hereby fully release and forever discharge the Wilmette Park District from any and all claims for injuries,
       damages or loss that my minor child/ward or I may have or which may accrue to me or my minor child/ward and
       arising out of, connected with, or in any way associated with the Centennial Family Aquatic Center and/or Gillson and
       Langdon Park Swimming Beaches. I have read and fully understand the above important information, warning
       of risk, assumption of risk and waiver and release of all claims. If registering on-line or via fax, your on-line
       or facsimile signature shall substitute for and have the same legal effect as an original form signature.

112   Wilmette Park District
                                                                                               D A I LY H O U R S AT G I L L S O N PA R K D O G B E A C H
    Wilmette’s Dog Beach, located at the south end of Gillson Park, is a popular off
                                                                                             { 2009-2010 }
    leash destination for many four-footed friends and their owners. Dogs are also
    welcome to play off leash in the large open area adjacent to West Park located           May 23 to September 6
    south of Lake Avenue and west of Laramie Avenue.                                         Monday-Friday                              6 a.m.-11 a.m.
        In all other Wilmette parks, dogs must be on leash at all times, and owners                                                   5 p.m.-9:30 p.m.
    are expected to clean up after their pet. Dogs are not permitted in tot lots; at the     Saturday-Sunday                          6 a.m.-9:30 p.m.
    Wilmette Golf Club; in building interiors; the outdoor pools; the public swimming
    or sailing beaches; or in Gillson Park during special events.                            September 8, 2009 to May 28, 2010
        To use the Dog Beach owners must purchase a tag for their dog—fees are               Seven days a week                        6 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.
    $25 for residents and $150 for non-residents. Tags may be purchased at the Park
    District Administrative Office in Village Hall. The Cook County Animal and Rabies
    Control Ordinance requires written proof of current vaccinations and an examina-
    tion within the past year for any communicable diseases. Proof of a current rabies
    certificate is also required for permit purchase.
        The Gillson Park Dog Beach has specific hours and will be closed on Memorial
    Day, May 25; July 3 & 4; and Labor Day, September 7. The 2008-2009 tags expire
    April 30, 2009.

    New Trier Extension Registration Form                                                             Mail/Fax Registration Form (Please Print)

    Student’s Name

    Address                                                                      City                                      Zip

    Business Phone (              )                                              Home Phone (             )

    Age (Check one) ❍ Jr. High & Under ❍ H.S. ❍ Adult ❍ Senior (65 or over) use “Senior Fee”

    Course Number                         –                       Course Title                                            Tuition

    Course Number                         –                       Course Title                                            Tuition

    Course Number                         –                       Course Title                                            Tuition

      Be sure to include your phone number in case of any discrepancies.


    Credit Card No.                                                              Exp. Date


       COURSE WITHDRAWAL POLICY All student withdrawals must be requested at least 3 full working days prior to the start of the
       class. No refunds are given after a course begins. Where there is a registration deadline, no refunds are given after that date. Students
       withdrawing at least 3 full working days prior to the first class session or the registration deadline may receive a refund minus a $15
       withdrawal fee or a full credit, which may be applied towards tuition for any NTX class for one year after the date of issue. In case of
       course cancellation, a full refund will be issued automatically (please allow 3-4 weeks for the issue of a refund).

                                                                                         Spring/Summer 2009              113
                                                                                       Swim Lessons                   Age 4-5                21
                   Program Index                                                       T-Ball League NEW              Age 4-6                95
                                                                                       Tap Dance                      Age 4-6                68
                   Tot (Newborn to 3 yrs)
                                                                                       Tennis                         Age 4-6                27
                   Program name                       age range          page number
                                                                                       Theater and Art                Age 4-6                61
                   Baby N Me                          Birth-9 mos                75    Violin Lessons                 All Ages               89
                   Babysitting Service                Age 6 wks & up             74    Yoga for Tots                  Age 3-5                79
                   Gymnastics                         Age 1-2                 82/85    Young Rembrandts               Age 4-Gr 5             61
                   Just Me Alone                      Age 21/2 - 31/2            75    Young Tigers Taekwondo         Age 6-18              101
                   Mommy/Daddy and Me                 Age 12 mo -26 mo           75
                   Musikgarten Babies                 Newborn-18 mos.            78    Elementary/Jr. High (Gr 1-8)
                   Musikgarten Toddlers               Age 18-36 mo               78    Program name                   age range      page number
                   Parent & Tot Artisans              Age 2-5                    60    Acting                         Age 8-13            87-88
                   Preschool Dance/Theater            Age 21/2 to 31/2           86    After School Recreation        Gr K-6                 73
                   Rock-a-Babies                      Age 6-12 mos.              75    Archery                        Age 7-13               95
                   Swim Lessons                       6 mos-4 yrs                21    Art Camps NEW                  Age 6-13            62-63
                   Terrific Times Toddlers            Age 18-36 mos.             75    Art Excellence                 Gr 1-4                 61
                                                                                       Art Sparks                     Age 3-10               61
                   Preschool & Kindergarten (3-6 yrs)
                                                                                       Babysitting Training           Age 11-15              77
                   Program name                       age range          page number
                                                                                       Ballet                         Gr K-8              67-68
                   Adventures in Imagination          Age 3-5                    87    Baseball                       Gr 1-8                 96
                   After School Recreation            Gr K-6                     73    Basketball                     Age 5-Teen          96-98
                   Art Sparks                         Age 3-10                   61    Basketball Leagues             Age 8-14               98
                   Babysitting Service                Preschool-K                74    Cartooning                     Gr 1-5                 62
                   Ballet                             Age 4-6                    68    Center Fitness Club            Age 11-Adult        44-45
                   Basketball                         Age 5-K                    96    Ceramics                       Gr 1-3                 62
                   Café Amigos                        Age 3-K                    78    Chess Wizards                  Gr 1-8                 79
                   Come Clay with Me                  Age 3-6                    61    Contemporary Dance             Gr 4-9                 69
                   Dance Parties                      Age 4-6                    68    Diving Lessons                 Age 7-14               22
                   Dramatic Play                      Age 5-8                    87    Dodgeball                      Age 7-10               94
                   Early Childhood Center Preschool   Age 3-4                 70-71    Field Hockey                   Gr 2-8                 99
                   First Aid for Little People        Age 5-8                    77    First Aid for Little People    Age 5-8                77
                   Football                           Age 4-6                    99    Football (Flag) NEW            Gr 2-3                100
                   Fun with Amigos                    Age 3-K                    79    Football (Tackle) NEW          Gr 4-8                100
                   Girl Power Mania NEW               Age 5-11                   76    Football (Non-Contact)         Gr 1-6                 99
                   Gym ‘n’Art                         Age 4-6                    61    Golf Lessons NEW               Age 11 & up            43
                   Gymnastics                         Age 3-K                 82/85    Girl Power Mania NEW           Age 5-11               76
                   Hockey                             Age 4-6                    39    Guitar Lessons                 Age 8-Adult            89
                   Home Alone                         Gr K- 6                    77    Gymnastics                     Gr 1-8              83-85
                   Ice Skating                        Age 3-5                 35-36    Gymnastics Clinic (Adv.)       Gr 3-8              83-84
                   Karate                             Age 5-7                   101    Hockey                         Age 6-Teen             39
                   Kindergarten Art NEW               Age K                      60    Home Alone                     Gr K- 6                77
                   Kindergarten Enrichment            Age 5-6                    72    Ice Skating                    Age 6-16            36-37
                   Little Dribblers                   Age 4-6                    96    Ice Skating Camps              Age 6-12               34
                   Lunch Bunch                        Age 4                      71    Jr/Sr High Drop-In Gym         Gr 6-12                80
                   Lunch Time Little Theatre          Age 3-5                    87    Karate                         Age 8-Adult       101-102
                   Mad Science Young                  Age 4-6                    79    Lacrosse (Boys)                Gr 2-8                100
                   Mini-Majors Baseball               Age 4-6                    96    Lacrosse (Girls)               Gr 3-8                100
                   Mom/Daughter Jewelry NEW           Age 4-11                   76    Mad Science                    Gr 1-5                 79
                   Mommy & Me Tea NEW                 Age 3-6                    76    Mom/Daughter Jewelry NEW       Age 4-11               76
                   Multi Sports for Girls             Age 4-6                    94    Multi-Sports for Girls         Age 6-8                94
                   Music & Movement in Theater        Age 3-5                    86    On the Wheel                   Gr 4-8                 62
                   Musikgarten Seasons                Age 3-5                    78    Open Family Gym                Gr 1-Adult             92
                   Nothing But Net                    Age 4-6                    94    Piano Lessons                  Age 6 & Up             89
                   Once Upon a Fairy Tale             Age 4-6                    87    Sailing Lessons NEW            Age 9 & up             11
                   Paint and Clayworks                Age 4-6                    61    School Day Off                 Gr K-8                 80
                   Parent & Tot Artisans              Age 2-5                    60    Soccer Leagues (Fall) NEW      Gr K-8                103
                   Parent/Tot Sports Time             Age 3 w/parents            94    Softball Leagues (Girls) NEW   Gr K-9                104
                   Pee Wee Sportsters                 Age 4-K                    94    Softball Pitching              Age 8-16              104
                   Pee Wee Start Smart Golf           Age 5-6                    94    Spotlight on Broadway          Gr 3-7                 88
                   Princess Ballet                    Age 3-4                    68    Sports & Art                   Gr 1-3                 61
                   Ready, Set, Go! NEW                Age 3                      71    Spring Break Art Camp NEW      Age 6-12               62
                   School Day Off                     Gr K-5                     80    Spring Break Camp              Gr K-8                 80
                   Soccer (Coach Abe)                 Age 4-8                   102    Spring Break Sports            Age 4-14               93
                   Spring Break Camp                  Gr K-8                     80    Strum N Sports                 Age 6-8                95
                   Spring Break Sports                Age 4-14                   93    Swim Lessons                   Age 6 & Up             21
                   Sporting Encounters                Age 4-K                    94    Tap Dance                      Age 4-14            67-68
                   Storybook Theatre                  Age 3-5                    87    Technical Theater NEW          Age 14-15              88

114   Wilmette Park District
Tennis                            Age 4-16               27    Adults 50 Plus
Tennis Camps                      Age 7-11               29    Program name                      age range        page number
Theatre Fun 101 NEW               Age 9-14               88
                                                               AARP Driver Safety                Adults 50 Plus           55
Violin Lessons                    All Ages               89
                                                               Bike Riding NEW                   Adults 50 Plus           53
Volleyball                        Gr 4-8                104
                                                               Bridge                            Adults 50 Plus           55
Wilmette Children’s Theatre       Age 6-Adult            90
                                                               Bunco                             Adults 50 Plus           55
Yoga for Kids                     Age 6-11               79
                                                               Canasta                           Adults 50 Plus           55
Young Rembrandts                  Gr 1-5                 61
                                                               Center Fitness Club               Age 11-Adult          44-45
Young Sportsters                  Gr 1-3                 95
                                                               Chef Luncheon NEW                 Adults 50 Plus           54
Young Tigers Taekwondo            Age 6-18              101
                                                               Computers for Beginners           Adults 50 Plus           54
High School                                                    Dial-a-Ride Program               Adults 50 Plus           55
Program name                      age range      page number   Digital Cameras                   Adults 50 Plus           55
                                                               E-mail & Internet NEW             Adults 50 Plus           54
Cake Decorating NEW               Age 16 & up            77
                                                               Humanities                        Adults 50 Plus           54
Center Fitness Club               Age 11-Adult        44-45
                                                               Hypnosis/Meditation NEW           Adults 50 Plus           56
Golf Lessons NEW                  Age 11 & up            43
                                                               Joints in Motion                  Adult                    50
Guitar Lessons                    Age 8 & up             89
                                                               Joyful Movement                   Adults 50 Plus           56
Hockey (Ladies)                   Teen/Adult             38
                                                               Just Back                         Adult                    50
Hockey (Mens)                     Teen/Adult             38
                                                               Mah Jongg                         Adults 50 Plus           55
Ice Skating                       Age 6-16            37-38
                                                               Memoir Writing                    Adults 50 Plus           54

Jr/Sr High Drop-In Gym            Gr 6-12                80
                                                               Meskill Center                    Adults 50 Plus           52
Karate                            Age 15 & Up           102
                                                               Microsoft Word                    Adults 50 Plus           54
Piano Lessons                     Age 5 & Up             89
                                                               Mondays at the Movies             Adults 50 Plus           54
Sailing Lessons NEW               Age 9 & up             11
                                                               North Shore Theater of Wilmette   Adult                    90
Team Gymnastics                   Age 10-18              84

                                                               Out to Lunch Bunch NEW            Adults 50 Plus           57
Tennis                            Age 9-18               27
                                                               Pinochle/Scrabble Etc.            Adults 50 Plus           55
The Workout Zone                  Age 14 & Up         46-51
                                                               Podiatry Services                 Adults 50 Plus           57
Voice Lessons                     Age 13-Adult           89
                                                               Road Trips NEW                    Adults 50 Plus        57-58
Wilmette Children’s Theatre       Age 6-Adult            90
                                                               Rules of the Road Review          Adults 50 Plus           55
Yoga for Teens                    Age 12-17              80
                                                               Strength Training NEW             Adults 50 Plus           56
Adult (18 & Up)                                                Tai Chi                           Adults 50 Plus           56
Program name                      age range      page number   Tennis                            Adult                    27
Ballroom Dance                    Adult                  69    The Workout Zone                  Age 14 & Up           46-51
Basketball Drop-In                Adult                  92    Theater Outings NEW               Adults 50 Plus           57
Beach Volleyball League NEW       Adult                 105    Thumbnail Book Reviews            Adults 50 Plus           54
Belly Dancing                     Adult                  69    Treasures & Trinkets Sale NEW     Adults 50 Plus           53
Cake Decorating NEW               Age 16 & up            77    Walk Outdoors NEW                 Adults 50 Plus           53
Center Fitness Club               Age 11-Adult        44-45    Walk Your Way to Fitness          Adults 50 Plus           56
Ceramics                          Adult                  63    Yoga Stretch for Life             Adults 50 Plus           56
Dancer-cise                       Adult                  69
Drawing                           Adult                  64
                                                               Program name                      age range        page number
Experiential Art Studio           Adult                  64
                                                               Centennial Ice Skating            Age 3-Adult           30-39
Family Dynamics                   Adult                  76
                                                               Center Fitness Club               Age 11-Adult          44-45
Golf Lessons NEW                  Age 11 & up            43
                                                               Dog Training                      All Ages                 78
Guitar Lessons                    Age 8 & up             89
                                                               Family Aquatics Center NEW        All Ages              15-22
Hockey (Ladies)                   Teen/Adult             38
                                                               Family Dynamics                   Adults                   76
Hockey (Mens)                     Teen/Adult             38
                                                               Fun Run & Walk NEW                All ages                 92
Ice Skating                       Adult                  38
                                                               Gillson Beach NEW                 All Ages              12-14
Joints in Motion                  Adult                  50
                                                               July 3 Activities NEW             All Ages                  3
Just Back                         Adult                  50
                                                               North Shore Theater of Wilmette   All Ages                 90
Karate                            Adult                 102
                                                               Open Family Gym                   All Ages                 92
Knitting & Crochet                Adult                  63
                                                               Parent/Child Karate               Age 7-Adult             102
North Shore Theater of Wilmette   Adult                  90
                                                               Sailing Lessons NEW               Age 9 & up               11
Painting                          Adult               64-65
                                                               Starlight Theatre NEW             All ages                  4
Pilates                           Adult                  50
                                                               The Workout Zone                  Age 14 & Up           46-51
Redecorate in a Day NEW           Adults                 77
                                                               Wilmette Children’s Theatre       Age 6-Adult              90
Sailing Lessons NEW               Age 9 & up             11
                                                               Wilmette Golf Club NEW            Age 11 & up           40-43
Salsa & Latin Dance               Adult                  69
                                                               Wilmette Tennis Club              Age 4 & Up            23-29
Softball Leagues (Men) NEW        Adult                 105
Softball Leagues (Co-Ed) NEW      Adult                 105
Tai Chi                           Adult                  50
Tap Dance                         Adult                  69
Tennis                            Adult                  27
The Workout Zone                  Age 14 & Up         46-51
Voice Lessons                     Age 13-Adult           89
Yoga I & II                       Adult                  50
Watercolor Painting NEW           Adult                  65

                                                                                     Spring/Summer 2009   115
                                                                                                                                                                            15                                                                                            4

                                 Wilmette Golf Course







                                                                                                                                                                                                                             11                                                            er

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             7                                     n

                                                                                                               Hibbard Rd.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Lake Ave.                                                                                        Rd
                                                                      21                                                                                                                                                   12                9

Wilmette Park District
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 5                                                   2

                                                                                                                                                                                     Hunter Rd.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Ridge Rd.

                                                                                                                             ie B

                                                                                                                                                       Wilmette Ave.
                                                                                                                                                             R   d.           14                                                                                 6
                                                                                                                                17                                   w Rd.                                                                                                                                      23
                                                                                                                                                          Old G













                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              MM L








                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           G B nd



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          RA ONA


                                                                                                                                         EN Y





                                                                                          BA /

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        IN NG a



                                                                                                                                                                                                                 In S


                                                                                                                                                                                              CC LL
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      OG TI



                                                                                                                                       RD NIT
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     In E


                                                                                       FT LL
                                                                                                                                                                                                                )O r
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ) O oor


                                                                                                                                                                                                                )G R

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    )O r


                                                                                                                                                                                                              S) rill A
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   TH doo


                                                                                                                                                                                                             (I) RINK
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (I) NIS


                                                                                                                                                                                                            (O doo
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (O d

                                                                                                                                                                                            SO TBA
                                                                                                                                                                                                            (G IC A
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  PR REA



                                                                                                                                     GA MU
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 (I) ATR

                                                                                    SO EBA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 SA MMI


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 (O doo

                            Michigan Ave.
                          1 Gillson Park and Sheridan Rd.              59.2         1                                                                                                                                  O                G/S                                   4 (O)            O                2
                          2 BatemanAve. and Sheridan Rd.                .5
                            Maple Park
                          3 4th St. and Maple Ave.                     2.1                                                                                                                                                                                                    1 (O)
                          4 LangdonAve. and Sheridan Rd.               3.4
                            Wilmette Park Distict Office
                          5 1200 Wilmette Ave.
                                       Park                             .3
                          6 WheelerAve. and Catalpa Pl.
                            Shorewood Park
                          7 Elmwood Ave. and Green Bay Rd.             1.7

                            14th St. and Wilmette
                          8 Earlywine Park Ave.                         .7

                            15th St. and Lake
                          9 Vattmann Park Ave.                         4.1                                                                                                                                                                                                    4 (O)
                                         Bike Trail
                         10 Green BayPark-Kenilworth Border            1.3
                            Forest Park                                 .5
                         11 Forest Ave. and 18th St.
                            Ridge Rd. South
                         12 Howard Park of Lake Ave.                   8.7          4                                                                                                       F/S
                             Ridge Rd. and
                         13 MallinckrodtElmwood Ave.                   17
                            Centennial Park-Complex
                         14 2300 Old Glenview Rd.                      16.5                                                                                                                                            2 (I)                                                  8 (I)

                            Dartmouth and Thornwood
                         15 Thornwood Park Aves.                       8.2          2                                                                                                                                                                                         4 (O)

                            702 Locust Rd.
                         16 Community Playfield                        39           4                                                                                                             S                                                                           6 (O)
                                            Center/Hibbard             8.3          2                                                                                                                                                                                         2 (O)                1
                            Glenview Rd.
                         17 Comm. Rec.and Skokie Blvd. Park
                            Avoca Park                                                                                                                                                            S
                         18 Iroquois Ave. West of Romona Rd.               8
                                                     Center            4.6
                            Hibbard Rd. and Skokie
                         19 Keay Nature LearningBlvd.
                            Lockerbie Park                              .3
                         20 Lockerbie Ln. and Frontage Rd.
                                   Park                                    7        1                                                                                                                                  O
                         21 West of Lake Ave., West of Laramie Ave.
                            Wilmette Golf Course
                         22 3900 Fairway Dr.                           106
                                   Jans        Course
                            1030          St.,
                         23 PeterCentralGolfEvanston                   23.3
                                            Howard Park, 8.7 acres
    Safety Hotline: 847/256-3830            17th Street and Lake Avenue
                                            Lighted Softball, Football
                                                                                         Centennial Recreation Complex, 2300 Old Glenview
                                            Stephen R. Keay Nature
Avoca Park, 8 acres                                                                      Road. Ice Rinks: 847/256-9666;Tennis: 847/256-9676;
                                            Learning Center, 4.6 acres
Iroquois Avenue,                                                                         Pools: 847/256-9680 .
                                            Hibbard Road and
West of Romona Road                                                                      Indoor tennis, indoor ice skating, outdoor swimming
                                            Skokie Boulevard
Soccer                                                                                   pools, pro shop. Available for rental: Main ice rink,
                                            Lockerbie Park, .3 acres                     studio ice rink, tennis courts, pool, and two multi-
Bateman Park, .5 acres
                                            Lockerbie Lane at Frontage Road
Sheridan Road and                                                                        purpose party and meeting rooms.
Michigan Avenue                             Langdon Park, 3.4 acres
                                                                                         Community Recreation Center, 3000 Glenview Road,
                                            Chestnut Avenue and
Centennial Park, 16.5 acres                                                              847/256-9686. Center Fitness Club: 847/256-9117.
                                            Sheridan Road
2300 Old Glenview Road                                                                   Situated on five acres of land, and adjacent to the eight-
                                            Tot Lot
Centennial Recreation Complex,                                                           acre Hibbard Park, the Community Recreation Center
Community Gardens                                                                        offers classrooms and workshops; dance and exercise
                                            Mallinckrodt Park, 13.9 acres
Community Playfield, 39 acres               Ridge Road and Elmwood Avenue                studios; Early Childhood Center; gymnastics gymnasium;
702 Locust Road                             The Mallinckrodt Center, The Meskill         sports gymnasium; running track, the Center Fitness
Baseball, Tot Lot, Tennis Courts,           Center, Passive Park, Walkways               Club, and an Auditorium. Available for rental: Grosse
Par-Course Fitness, Soccer                                                               Pointe Room with adjacent kitchen facilities; activity
                                            Maple Park, 2.1 acres
Earlywine Park, .7 acres                    4th Street and Maple Avenue                  rooms; dance or exercise studios; and sports gymnasium.
14th Street and Wilmette Avenue             Tennis, Tot Lot, Basketball
                                                                                         Lakeview Center in Gillson Park, Michigan and
Tot Lot
                                            Shorewood Park, 1.7 acres                    Washington Avenues, 847/256-9656.
Forest Park, .5 acres                       Elmwood Avenue and                           Starlight Patio, washrooms. Available for rental: Lakeview
Forest Avenue and 18th Street               Green Bay Road                               Room with kitchen facilities, from Labor Day to
Tot Lot                                     Tot Lot, Bike Trail                          Memorial Day Weekend. It is not available during the
Green Bay Bike Trail, 1.3 acres             Thornwood Park, 8.2 acres                    summer months.
From Shorewood Park to                      Dartmouth and
                                                                                         The Mallinckrodt Center, 1041A Ridge Road,
Wilmette-Kenilworth border                  Thornwood Avenues
                                            Tennis Courts, Baseball, Tot Lot
Gillson Park, 59.2 acres                                                                 The Meskill Center for Adults 50 Plus, Community
Sheridan Road and                           Vattmann Park, 4.1 acres                     Center. Available for rental: Multipurpose party and
Michigan Avenue                             15th Street and Lake Avenue                  meeting rooms with kitchen facilities.
Gillson Beach, Swimming,                    Tennis Courts, Tot Lot
Lakeview Center,                                                                         Wilmette Beach at Gillson Park, Lake and Michigan
                                            West Park, 7 acres
Sailing, Sailboat Rentals,                                                               Avenues, 847/256-9660. Swimming, concessions, locker
                                            South of Lake Avenue,
Lighted Tennis Courts,                                                                   rooms, sailing. Swimming also at Langdon Beach,
                                            West of Laramie Avenue
Softball, Fitness Course,                                                                Chestnut Avenue and Sheridan Road. Recorded beach
                                            Baseball, Tot Lot, Dog Play Area
Picnic Areas, Picnic Shelter,                                                            information: 847/256-0333 .
                                            Outdoor Lighted Ice Rink
Tot Lot, Wallace Bowl, Outdoor
                                            Community Gardens
Lighted Ice Rink, Dog Beach                                                              Wilmette Golf Club, 3900 Fairway Dr.
                                            Wheeler Park, .3 acres                       Lake Avenue and Harms Road.
Hibbard Park, 8.3 acres
                                            Oakwood Avenue and                           Golf Reservations: 847/256-9777;
Glenview Road and
                                            Catalpa Place                                Restaurant: 847/256-9626.
Skokie Boulevard
                                            Tot Lot                                      An 18-hole golf course set on 106 acres with a practice
Tennis Courts, Baseball, Tot Lot
                                                                                         range, golf pro shop and restaurant operated by Open

                            PARK WATCH
                           We need your help keeping the            District at 847-256-3830. If you see      would prefer to enhance the quality
                           parks of Wilmette clean, safe, and       vandalism occurring in the parks,         of the parks rather than replace
                           free of vandalism. If you find any       please contact the Wilmette Police        vandalized equipment. Thank you
                           broken equipment, or have other          Department by calling 911. The            for your support in our efforts to
                           safety concerns about the facilities,    Park District is committed to provid-     provide the residents of Wilmette
                           please contact the Wilmette Park         ing a safe place for recreation and       with quality park sites and facilities.

    Park district
          founded 1908

Questions? Call 847/256-6100
The “Leisure Time Guide” is                                   BEACH/POOL
published four times a year by the                              PASSES
Wilmette Park District. Issues                                                              SPRING
are released in the Fall, Winter,                         Early Bird Discounts
Mid-Winter and Spring/Summer.
                                                                                           ICE SHOW
                                                                 P. 13
A separate “Golf and Tennis                                                             Let the Good Times Roll
Lottery Guide” is published in
February. Please retain this copy                                                               P. 32
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Leisure Time Guide
Editor: Shelagh Donoghue
Designer: Angela Kokes
                                         FUN RUN &
Cover photo by Alison Rodes
Inside photos by Linda Eckhoff ,
                                         New Date: July 3rd
Jan Loew, Shelagh Donoghue,                    P. 5
and Alison Rodes.                                                                                   HIT THE
Photo policy                                                                                    Wilmette Golf Club
Photos and videos are periodically
taken of participants in a class,                                                                       P. 40
during a special event or at the
Wilmette Park District’s parks and
facilities. Please be aware that these                                TENNIS
photos and videos are for Wilmette
Park District use only and may be                                  Court Reservations
used in brochures, pamphlets, flyers,
                                                                         P. 28
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                                                 POSTAL CUSTOMER
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